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  1. Australia and NZ

    I live in Australia and as a result had to learn about geography 24/7 from K – 10 (dropped geography for me senior years). I remember from my childhood that new zealand was not so low and more level with the centre of australia as well as being a little further away. I remember because I used to wonder why people form America thought NZ was apart of Australia (because if its quite far away theres no way it even looks like a part of AUS). Really confused! I also remember the Bernstein bears even though I was born in the 90s and obviously not from America (never even read a single book but remember the name looking that way) and I also remember it being Charles Schultz with a ‘t’, so does my mum who grew up reading them cover to cover.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    1. (I may have already commented this on a previous comment but I meant to put it here)
      To anyone who reads this,
      I cannot believe the fact that Shirley Temple died recently. I have a vivid memory of her being a child star who passed away at n extremely young age. I do remember watching a collection of movies and things she starred in that was ‘The Best Of Shirley Temple’ made in honor of her death. I remember my mother and her female friends and I (at a young age) at a restaurant and her death was the topic. I don’t know what to believe at this point. Also, I recall my teacher speaking of Tank Boy dying and she showed our class an image of him in front of the tank before his death. I can definitely say that I know he died. Also, I do remember it being Mirror, Mirror, and I know for a FACT that it was Berenstein and not Berenstain. This whole Shirley Temple thing is really messing with me though.

      1. I remember Ed Harris dying! It was in a Time magazine article and on the news many places! But he is now alive apparently! What the heck!

  2. I remember chartreuse being a magenta.

    I live in NZ and I know the maps have changed but it is lower than Australia, but I also wondered why the maps now show it as though it has drifted away from it. By the way NZ is 3 main islands but a lot of maps don’t show that.

    I remember the volvo icon being something more to do with the v, like an oversized v with wings? (found this in google).

    I also remember ABBA being interviewed after their helicopter crash, then later it became an impersonating band singing ABBA in their memory, then later.. they had always been dead in the crash and had not come back.. now it is a rumour with most of them alive? I specifically remember them being interviewed about how they all survived the crash with amnesia.

    1. Sharon: Perhaps I can offer, if not an explanation, some insight on this one:

      As far as I know, ABBA (I may spell it as “Abba throughout, laziness, not a ME ;)) has never been involved with a plane crash or helicopter crash of any sort (Please, others corrected me if Im wrong.).

      However, it seems a few people DO seem to recall them dying in a plane crash (Or a bush crash with a sole survivor.) sometime in 1976-77 (As evidenced in this fan discussion.):

      Please note the talk of a turbulent air plane ride during an American tour in 1979, more on that later. Remember the bus crash reports from the 70s as well (They come up again!)

      Now, what makes this interesting to me is that while the plane crash of 76-77 never occurred, THIS article was published in 76-77:

      In this interview, Anna (Agnetha) of ABBA fame discusses she and Bjorn’s intense fear of flying and plane crashes. She recounts horrible nightmares of dying in a plane crash.

      Anna had extremely terrifying nightmares and developed a phobia of planes in the same period as others have reported believing ABBA to have died in a plane crash, which never occurred.

      Interesting, no?

      Now, fast forward to 1979: ABBA is on tour of America, when their plane encounters tremendous turbulence and a torndao(!), and nearly crashes. The pilot attempts to land once, and they nearly die, but then he manages a second landing attempt and saves them all. This was in 1979, and Anna speaks about this particular crash here:

      Now, remember the people in the very first link they remembered ABBA dying not in a plane crash, but a bus crash? At the bottom of the last article I link, we find:

      “For eight years after the plane incident, Fältskog traveled by road, taking a private coach to tour. In 1983 that proved to be just as dangerous — her private bus overturned on a highway in Sweden and she was thrown out of the window, but survived.”

      Granted this was Anna, and she did this out of her own fear of flying, but it seems like death just has it out for her. Yet she continues to miraculously survive at the last second.

      Finally, the helicopter crash and the tribute band:,7915440&hl=en

      This article is an interview with the ABBA tribute band “Bjorn Again”. And what is their gimmick? That they had a helicopter crash and spent several years on an island. With amnesia.

      I couldn’t find more to this particular one, but it seems deeply connected with what you said about a tribute band and the original members having amnesia, so I put it forth for consideration.

      Weird stuff going on with ABBA and particularly poor Anna.

  3. Collaterels are the key to clinch the principals of ME memory.I have a knack to squeeze all that is relevant,out of a given situation,not that it’s very profitable policy in current world,but just for the principle of it.

  4. Sex IN the City is another one. It is now Sex AND the City. It definitely was originally Sex IN the City. And to support Mr,. Stone’s second theory on the Rio Jesus Statue….I have an Encyclopedia Britannica from the 1940s that shows a picture of the Statue and Says that it is 300 something (I don’t recall the exact figure) feet tall. Now they’re saying it is 98 feet tall and photos back that up.

    The information below is from Jim Stone who is a Former NSA Agent and is now a Freelance Journalist. His website is: Go about half way down on this page to see the Photographic Evidence he has provided.

    I am now confident I am not living in my original timeline.
    And I got strong evidence that millions of people, if not all people, are not living in their original timelines. I think something happened.

    The very first thing I noticed was that 20 years or so ago, Nelson Mandela died in prison, only to discover 20 years later he was still alive with no record of any prison. The second thing I noticed a few years ago was that the Berenstein bears were suddenly the Berenstain bears, which hit my gut odd, and I wondered why they changed it. As it turns out, in this timeline it was never changed. All the books, going all the way back say Berenstain. This was successfully talked down But there are now TWO NEW ENORMOUS NUKES THAT ARE NOT GOING AWAY, AND THEY ARE SEX IN THE CITY IS NOW SEX AND THE CITY, AND THE GIANT JESUS STATUES OF PERU AND BRAZIL.

    Ok, now I have cold hard proof of Sex in the City, in the form of intrinsic evidence which proves that EVERYONE LIVING thinks it is supposed to be “Sex in the City”. A simple google search that does the search in a way that denies Google the ability to correct the search results in a unanimous public consensus that YES, it always was “sex in the city”:

    Note the locations of the publications listed here: We have publications in America, airline blogs, and publications in Israel that say it was sex in the city, and ADDITIONALLY, a pirate perfume company in China that thought it was sex in the city. This proves that this phenomenon was global, and not just a local glitch at the local station, where someone there titled it wrong. Yet when you do an uncorrected search on Google, all Google will say is that it is and always was “sex and the city” and when you do a google image search titled “SEX IN THE CITY” it autocorrects and only puts up graphics of “Sex and the City” even if you try to force it to only give results for “sex in the city” because in this timeline, only the public conscience has it remembered as “sex in the city” which will show up in text people have written, while the hard physical reality has it as “sex and the city”.

    How big was the Rio Jesus anyway?
    You know, that GIANT Jesus statue they have down there in Brazil, that in (at least my) original timeline dwarfed the entire town? I specifically remember that particular Jesus was over 300 feet tall, and that there was another giant Jesus in Peru that was just under 400 feet tall. How tall are they now? GET THIS: Neither are as tall as a 10 story building now! They look like ordinary large statues a big church might put up! And as it turns out, there is not a single Jesus statue anywhere in the world now that is over 120 feet tall when the base is subtracted!

    And I do not know what to make of this.
    All I can do is guess either something happened in our original timeline and a new one was created with errors in the details (which would pretty much prove we live in a simulation and not a real universe) or someone gained the ability to mess with the timeline and unwittingly change certain details in the recent past (which is as far back as they can go without risking their own time travel technology messing up their prospects of return.) It would make sense then that if they messed up the past, that would be our reality, but it did not go that way, something is seriously messed up.

    One thing is certain, my memory is not messed up, “Sex in the city” proves it!

    I can only hope it is the white hats messing with the timeline to give us a chance, like in the latest Terminator movie. I can only hope . . . . . because if it is the bad guys doing this, they already won and if no one is messing with the timeline, we might be living as a simulation in a CPU that had a crash, and merged us with a different but very similar parallel database.

    1. I want to address this too Fiona and Chimera. First off great post ! Lots of good topics there.

      And Fiona, all I can do anymore is nod my head in agreement. So many of these posts lately are really adding to the discussions. The simulation theory is really starting to resonate with me. Mike H.

    2. I have been to the Christ statue Rio in 1998, and would swear it is much larger than 98 feet. It was absolutely massive. Looking at pictures on Google, I don’t recognize the black stone base the statue is sitting on. I clearly remember standing at the bottom and seeing the statue’s toes and the folds of the robes. Aside from the gargantuan size, the toes are my most clear memory from visiting the statue and made the most lasting impression in my mind. The way the statue looks now, there is no way I could have seen the toes at all because the base is 26 feet tall. I also read that elevators were installed in 2002, and previous visitors had to climb 200 steps up to the statue. I have no memory of climbing those steps either.

      Another strange thing is, when you look at pictures of the Cristo de la Concordia statue in Bolivia (137 feet), the people standing at the bottom of the statue look pretty big. People standing at the bottom of the Christ statue in Rio look dwarfed, but the statue in Bolivia is supposedly larger.

      1. The Christ the Redeemer statue is actually 130 feet tall .. The arm length is 98 feet across .. A lot of web sites get the height wrong .

        I read another post somewhere on this forum where someone else had visited the statue and claimed that it was shockingly small compared to what she assumed it would be from looking at the pictures of it .. I have looked at many pictures of it and find them to be rather disconcerting .. I assume it’s the perspective but in some pictures the statue looks massive and in other pictures it appears to be much smaller. . Last night I found a few pictures where people were standing right up next to the base and it looked way too small.. I looked for those pictures again tonight but they seem to have disappeared.

      2. I asked my friend from Rio to tell me how tall the statue is, without looking it up. He said 75 meters (about 130 feet). So we’re from different time streams, or my memory is wrong. I’m starting to doubt myself, but Why do I have such a clear memory of the toes? It was the first mental image I had when thinking of the statue, BEFORE looking it up the other day to find out they’re not there.
        Interestingly, my first alternate memory is jiffy turning to jif, which happened right after I got back from Brazil. Now I also believe I saw a different Christ statue than what is there now. Maybe I slid around that time.

        1. FJ,
          I’m not sure why but I get a rather uneasy feeling when looking at photos of the Christ statue in Rio .. It appears to be much larger than 130 feet, including the base! .. The fact that I can no longer find the pictures showing it looking too small is strange.

          It’s also strange that your memory of it doesn’t include the base or the stairs leading up to it.

          As for Jiffy peanut butter becoming Jif, I thought that was a recent change until I looked up images of the product and found that it had never been called Jiffy… That was as mind blowing as FRUIT LOOPS changing into FROOT!

          1. Curious you can’t find the same pictures as before, but nothing truly surprises me these days 🙂
            I agree that the pictures out there make it appear larger than 130 feet when you compare the scale of people, stairs, etc surrounding it.

            I can’t stop obsessing about that statue, but specifically the toes. I found some images online where I could zoom in and see the toes, albeit blurry. Still, I got chills. They are just how I remember them with the folds of the robe, except that in my memory there was NO base, the toes were at ground level, and a popular spot to have a picture taken. I’m almost certain I took a picture in that spot…I will be searching my photos. Although if I’m in a different time stream, the photos will likely show me standing in front of the base, which appears to be black granite or something similar. So different from my memory.

          2. Hasn’t the fruit/froot loops thing been solved? Someone showed how it was originally fruit loops, but the company got in legal trouble because the product doesn’t actually contain fruit, so they had to change the name to Froot.

            1. IJC, someone said it was a legal issue, but I don’t think I’ve seen a link that verifies it. (If I’ve forgotten that link, please remind me. Even I am willing to admit that I forget and mis-remember things, now and then. LOL)

              Also, when I search the US Trademark database, I don’t see that “Fruit Loops” was ever trademarked, except as an air freshener (by a NJ company that’s abandoned the trademark), and for “Hood River County Fruit Loop,” an Oregon brand of pears, abandoned in 2009, shortly after it was registered.

          1. I didn’t check his conversion from metric, just copied what he wrote. I wonder if his metric measurement is what he leaned in school in Brazil… Interesting!

    3. Hi there!
      Guess what, in my reality it has ALWAYS been Sex and the City! And I would now, I have it on DVD and’ve watched like three times!
      This thing with the statue of Christ – that’s scary! Wow, I didn’t feel good yesterday when I found this out – it feels like ANYTHING can happen now!
      Best wishes, Catharina!

    4. I definitely remember The BERENSTEIN Bears — and I was not a big fan of Sex In The City, but one of my good friends was a big fan. She even had a girls night for the Sex IN The City movie! This is wild.

    5. Chimera: Keep they encyclopedia! Keep it safe! Check the rest of its set if you have them!

      1. Also, Chimera, please take another look at that encyclopedia. We need its copyright date, the page number and heading for the reference, and the exact number of feet they reported there.

  5. Ok for me it all started with one question. Billy Graham is still alive? Than who did they bury at his funeral?! As I searched for info to prove my friend wrong I stumbled on the Mandela effect and this site and eureka! This explains so much and here I thought I was just absentminded. All through the years as far back as I can remember (I’m 40) I have noticed changes but I always felt that either others or myself just got their information differently on certain events. But in the last 15 years some of the changes have really been drastic.

    Almost everyone here who was alive in the 80’s remembers Stein not Stain. That’s me.

    I have heard about THREE versions of Tank man and seen two of them. The version I remember is the one where he walks out with a bag and blocks a column of tanks, he is than pulled away by one man who approaches him from the left a pulls him away to the left. I saw this version when it happened in 1989. Decades later I saw a video where he got on the tank itself! I was like when did that happen?! Also he was pulled away by several people in that version. I don’t remember the he gets run over version.

    Also I remember the Midwest heat wave of 1995 being a massive disaster where almost ten thousand died and it was a major news story for weeks. Now when I look it up fewer then 800 died and very few people remember it when the version that I remember it was bigger news story then the Oklahoma City bombing.

    I don’t remember the apple being teleported but I do remember in the late 1990’s where a scientist had found a process that would replenish the ozone layer over Antartica. I saw him on the Today show talking about it and read about it in the L.A. Times. There was even talk that he was going to get the Nobel Prize. Years later I thought what ever happened to that guy? Now I can’t find any trace of him anywhere on the Internet.

    Nobody does it like Sarah Lee…I remember this as a jingle.

    Jiffy peanut butter

    Fruit loops

    Snap, Krackle and pop. With a k.

    Not sure if this counts but the switch of the word ‘normality’ to the word ‘normalcy’

    I remember seeing crime photos of the dead Lindbergh Baby.
    Geez I have more to write down but I’ll end it here.
    Question—would Deja Vu be part of this phenomenon?

    1. Rob, I absolutely loved your thought about Billy Graham, “who did they bury at his funeral?” That kind of response indicates a powerful alternate memory!

    2. Rob,
      Great post! I’m glad that you brought up the 1995 heat wave. i was living in Chicago at the time (had just graduated from college, so I was an adult and had the mental capacity to remember accurately) and I remember that over 800 people died in Chicago alone. It was so bad that Mayor Daley ordered grocery stores, movie theaters, and malls to allow people to linger–what amounted to loitering. The city started sending out task forces to go door to door in some of poorer neighborhoods (where people likely didn’t have air conditioning) and senior living areas to do welfare checks to make sure people were okay and could get to the newly ordered “cooling centers”. There was even a couple of times where the power grid was so maxed out it failed. It was, as you describe, a very big deal. I never realized that it’s no longer a big deal until you post. Wow! I’ve even brought up this event to some of my friends at various times throughout the years and no one has ever seemed alarmed at my version of the story, it’s as if my version is similar to or the same as their memory of that summer.

      This web site is wonderful because before this web site I would have never known of all of these anomalies. Thank you, Fiona.

      1. Steve: The phrase “cooling centers” rings a strong bell for me as does the mid-90s timeframe. The memory is vague for me otherwise… This is something I find very plausible in my history. I’m curious now about this!

        The big East Coast snowstorm that left unmelted snow for months last year or so still happened, right?

    3. My immediate response was that you were correct about the rice crispy guys but now I’m second guessing that I’m confusing it with the candy bar Krackel?

    4. *Rob*

      You mentioned a scientist was doing something about the Ozone Layer in Antarctica. I was probably 7 or 8 but I do have a memory of my parents watching the news/ Today show about it. I didn’t play close attention but I remember thinking about how cool it was that a scientist had discovered a way to repair the hole in the Ozone layer. Now that I research it, it seems that Everyone agreed how to fix it and the article I found:

      Says that by 2080, the Ozone layer should be somewhat back to “normal”. But it doesn’t mention anything about one main scientist. Apparently, a Team of scientist made the discovery and the Planet (literally and for once) unanimously agreed to fix the problem. Now if they could agree on everything else….

      1. Wrenlet, I really want to believe National Geographic, but they’ve whitewashed so many “mysteries” in recent years, I don’t trust them now. However, in this case, I’d like to think their article offers genuine hope.

  6. Since I discovered this topic yesterday I really can’t stop obsessing about it and recalling more and more alternate memories.
    A weird instance just happened where I got the strangest feeling while thinking about some of my ME experiences. The TV was on but i wasn’t paying attention to it just zoning out thinking about ME experiences I’ve had when I turned my attention to the TV it was the very end of Mazda commercial and the only words I heard were “remembering when you were you” and then the screen switched to the Mazda logo which for some reason now reminds me of the “old” Volvo logo. I certainly don’t ever remember seeing the “new” Volvo logo til yesterday.
    Another alternate memory I have that I haven’t seen on this site is the death of Jim nabors aka gomer Pyle. I could’ve bet anything that he died of aids several years ago but apparently he’s still alive. Does anyone else remember his death?

    1. Hi, Skepticalbeliever.

      Jim Nabors isn’t dead?! Unfortunately I don’t really remember the details, but he was most definitely dead, so I remember that, too.

      1. I remember having a long conversation with my now deceased Father about Jim Neighbors. We were talking about him because he had just died. My Dad was telling me how he had met him and what a nice guy he had been. This one freaks me out along with many more. I keep adding to my list. Berenstein
        Sex in the City
        Desi Arnez
        If you build it THEY will come
        Mirror Mirror
        A Vampire

      2. Hi, Me. Nothing like replying to yourself on a public forum, but I wanted to expand on my comment. I imagine some people would read it and ask themselves, well if she doesn’t remember the details, why is she so sure he died? Good question, and here’s the answer:

        A few times, when people who were alive in my lifetime died, I later found out that they had some talent that I didn’t know about, which caused me to feel this odd and memorable type of regret, which I always remember when that person is mentioned. Jim Nabors is one of those rare people that this happened with. He died, and then the tributes started. Commenters were talking about how wonderfully he could sing, and how sad it was that we’d never hear that again (except for recordings, or course). My immediate response was, “Jim Nabors could sing?” I was never an actual fan of his – I knew he was an actor, and that he played ‘Gomer Pyle’, and that was about all I knew of him. But curious now, I paid attention when tribute clips were played – and wow! could he sing! And that’s when that weird and specific feeling of regret came on, because I never heard him sing when he was alive. That’s how I always knew that Jim Nabors died, even when I no longer remembered when or how.

        Except now he’s alive. I wonder if that feeling will unattach itself from him now, or always remain. That’ll be interesting to see (or feel) play out.

        1. I recall that Jim Nabors had passed away, in maybe 2005-2007. I learned then that he was gay, but I don’t know if he had aids and if that was the cause of death. I do remember the death and his being gay though and because of where I was living at the time I had the conversation I can pinpoint the time. I had been living in NE and was only there from June 2005 – July 2007 then returned to the east coast.

    2. I do remember Jim Nabors’ death! It was a pretty big deal, too, because of him being a famous person who died of what was then a little understood disease. He was a great singer, something I didn’t know for a long time because I’d only ever seen him a few times as the goofy character, Gomer Pyle. For those who haven’t heard him sing, here’s one video: Enjoy it while he’s still alive…again!

    3. I, too, remember hearing of Jim Nabor’s death from AIDS. I only found out about Mandela Effect last Sunday and only found out he was still alive since then.

      I can narrow down when I heard about it. It wasn’t that long ago. My father and I were living in the house I’m in now, so the earliest it would have been is late October 2012. My father was still alive at the time, so the latest it would have been is late June of this year. I remember the scene clearly, too. I was sitting on the sofa, he was sitting in his chair reading. I was on my iPad and read about it. I then told him about it. I wish I could narrow it down more, but I really have no sense of time anymore. (Odd thought. Could that be ME related? All of the various shifts messing with our sense of time? Or is it just me? That wouldn’t surprise me either, lol!)

  7. Hi there,

    Soooo, I’m going to keep this short…. I share many of the same memories as most people here… There’s one memory I’d like to share that I haven’t seen on here yet and its about the rendition of the song ‘Hey Joe’ by Jimi Hendrix… I am a big Hendrix fan and can play many of his songs, and in Hey Joe I swear he never said “Shoot her one more time again, baby” …… I just found this out because a bro and I jammed it and I had to look at the lyrics… this is something I would remember… the Hendrix I knew of would have NEVER written that… … its weird.

    anyway.. Just had to say that & I LOVE all the comments!


  8. There was a comment about this in Comment Section 2, but I would like to bring it up here. I specifically remember there not being a drop at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland (CA). I went there last summer with my mother and she was talking about the drop, and I was very confused and said something like, “what are you talking about? There’s no drop.” And then we got on the ride, and to my disbelief, there was a drop. I would love to hear some feedback on if anybody else experienced something like this. Thanks.

    1. There was definitely a drop. At least since I started going there as a kid in the early 80’s. I remember it distinctly because I was so afraid of it.

  9. I thought it was Berenstien Bears not Berenstain. I don’t remember Mandela dying. Though that could be because I was born in the nineties. I thought it was Schultz and not Schulz. I always thought it was spelled the Ellis Island way. I think that not all of us feel every shift that happens to our time stream. We even have personal ones. I think that it may even be possible that some people can shift in to another dimension if it is close enough to our own.
    I am an American and I could have sworn that Jeb was George W. cousin. It wasn’t until the last year or so that I heard they were brothers. And I have paid attention to politics since George W. ran the first time.
    I fill like the Mandela effect happened recently to me. I was rewatching the movie the Avengers. I am sure that the movie was shorter and had less Bruce Banner in it. Which is fine I like Bruce Banner. The Hulks my favorite superhero. I feel that somehow the movie became 20 minutes longer my mother agrees with me that it feels longer. My brother says that I just paid really bad attention to the movie. Which is weird because it isn’t like I do anything else but watch the movie while it is on. I am curious if anyone else has watched within the last month and also feels like the movie changed. I have also watch the movie a hundred or so times.

  10. I hadn’t heard of the Lindbergh baby until I came on this site about a month ago after being totally taken aback by the Berenst#in Bears thing. I spent a lot of time looking through all of the comments on these threads, and I learned all about the whole Lindbergh baby situation. But something (maybe in my timeline?) has changed since I started reading these comments. When I started reading them, the Lindbergh baby was found alive after some days or weeks, and I could have sworn it was a girl. Hearing that the Lindbergh baby was found dead completely conflicts with the information (which is still fresh in my mind) I have been reading on this site over the last few weeks.

    I vividly remember a post by somebody talking about a book that the surviving Lindbergh baby (woman?) wrote, and the whole kidnapping fiasco was a very minor portion of her autobiography. They said that this was very odd to them as it was such a big deal in the news. I cannot find this comment anywhere in the forums. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I going insane, or did something actually change? Hearing the baby was found dead is very morbid, and I would have remembered that detail. And again, I thought the baby was a girl (but I suppose I could be wrong on that, it is a minor detail). Let me know if anyone else has experienced this, I’m pretty freaked out!

    1. Matt,
      I never heard of the Lindberg baby either until reading about “her” on this site. I pretty much skimmed over it because it was foreign to me, I couldn’t relate. But it is as you have said. Without concentrating on it, I read by poster that in their timeline “the never found that baby” and now they read that she is alive. However, as of today, search engines are registering that the Lindberg baby did indeed die but it is a boy instead of girl.
      I am not amused and have sighed after reading your comment. It almost as if I a participatory in whats going on but there is something there that is also acting like a countermeasure of sorts. I can not really explain it. However, on dates that I feel/sense a shift, I go looking and sure enough more has changed. Kind of speechless. Perhaps we may all find out soon the dynamics of this reality…or maybe not. I digress.

    2. You might be thinking of Agatha Christie. I know there were comments regarding her disappearance and how it was a small part of her autobiography.

      1. Ox Man, that kind of mix-up seems like a stretch to me, but I suppose it’s possible. However, Ms. Christie never spoke about what happened when she went missing, so that makes a Lindbergh-Christie confusion especially unlikely.

        1. Would be interesting to see those who remember Agatha Christie staying vanished would remember some of the books she wrote after she had returned. that could put another time line to memory when the world changed for them..

    3. I saw that post too! I remember people saying how they thought the baby was dead or hadn’t been found and how weird it was that she was alive and wrote a book. I had barely known about the baby before coming on this sight, but I remember seeing it in a list of unsolved mysteries before.

  11. This is too much now. I found this when a youtuber I follow made a video about the Berenstain/stein glitch. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around ever since. After reading through pages of comments here I’m more lost than ever.
    Flesh crayons is getting me bad as I was an avid crayon user and distinctly using this crayon in the 80’s. Asked my girl if she remembered it and she started to describe it detail and was freaked out when I told her there’s no possible way we could have used that crayon because it didn’t exist after the 60’s.

    The words I’ve seen listed like a lot should be alot. It’s not its. Plead not pleaded, lit not lighted, spelt not spelled. Many others.

    The other real major mind blown one for me is Tank boy. I remember watching him get run over by the tank, it was gruesome, couldn’t believe I saw it on TV, remember everyone talking about it and how bad communist China was.

    For months I’ve been trying to figure this all out. Is it Cern, is it parallel universes, is there a pattern. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern with the memories. My girl remembers Berenstein and Sex and the city. I remember Berenstein and Sex in the city. I could chalk this all up to bad memories or misremembering, but then I saw the flesh colored crayon… There’s no way I misremember using it and my girl describing it in detail, there’s something messing with time and space and altering out reality. I’m sure of it now.

    1. I looked up the word lit because I have always used it. The internet says lit and lighted are interchangeable. I have always been under the impression that lighted was not a real word.
      Also, the flesh colored crayon question. Everyone that I have asked said they used it when they were a kid, It is the only question that they cannot explain away. Most are shocked to find out that they were discontinued so long ago. My mom used crayons to teach us kids how to read, and remembers clearly reading and spelling the flesh colored crayon to us.

      1. I remember lighted specifically not being a real word.

        The flesh coloured crayon thing is kind of weirding me out, to be honest. From what I’ve seen so far people generally remember it being flesh when they were younger, which is why it confuses me so much.

        I don’t remember it being flesh when I was a kid at all, only the peach coloured crayon (was born in 1992, by the way). However, I do remember there being a flesh coloured crayon a couple of years ago, and it was a BIG deal. Social rights activists protested it, I remember signing a petition to have it changed. I remember watch a commercial (that was more like a short film) on YouTube about a black kid asking his white classmate for a skin coloured crayon. Unfortunately, despite my tendency to involve myself in social justice (more so back then, even) I didn’t really get too into it compared to other things, because I remembered using the peach coloured crayon and therefore just assumed it was an American thing (I’m Canadian). I wish I remembered more details.

        Does anyone else remember the flesh coloured crayon being a recent thing?

      2. I too remember the Flesh colored crayon from the 80s. And no way was “lighted” ever a word in modern English.

  12. Has anyone ever wondered that this may or may not have something to do with “the day the world was going to end”?

    If i am not mistaken, I remember the Physic Twins saying that the world wasn’t going to end on December 21, 2012, but there was going to be a very rare alignment and strange solar activities in the universe and an awakening.

    Is it possible that this “glitch” or “change” happened on December 21, 2012? And not the day the world would end?

    1. I have this memory! Seeing your comment has brought it back. I remember during the whole George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin ordeal I thought they had the same last name, so I did a Google search and found it was “Zimmern”. I thought it was weird at the time since I had watched so many episodes! But I just figured I was wrong and shrugged it off.

      1. It is Zimmerman…I just googled it. Which would mean you and I are in different realities. I don’t know, but I just found this site a few days ago, and to be honest, I could totally believe it.

    2. What?? When did it become “Zimmern”? is that even a name? I didn’t even know this happened until now. I’m 100% sure it was Zimmerman, he was in the news so much that name would be pretty hard to miss.

    3. Yes I clearly remember doing searches for andrew ZIMMERMAN as I could never remember how to spell bizarre. That was how I discovered the bizarre world show when it came out.

  13. I live in South Africa, and I clearly remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison. I was shocked years later, to hear that he was coming out of prison. I also remember hearing of John Goodman’s death (after the filming of the 1994 movie the Flintstones) from a heart attack. The man in Tiananmen Square was run over and killed by the tanks. And the painting of Henry 8th holding a large turkey leg. The colour Chartreuse was reddish. As for the Space Shuttle Challenger, that happened in 1983 for me.

  14. Hi Fiona and all,

    I found this site roundabout through a post I found on the Berenstaein Bears…and I felt so odd and I was instantly shocked to find that it was spelled “correctly” with an AIN. Just looking at images of the script on the book cover made me feel eerie, weird, and just not right. My gut felt like it turned over, just like it does with every new dissonant memory I’m finding since then. I know memory is fickle, but this is something that makes my instincts tingle. I am not sure what to make of it all. I feel especially odd in that I remember BERNstein Bears with no extra e between the r and n in the first half of the name. Any rational person has every reason to doubt these theories…but there are too many strange coincidences in my life to ignore this, and too many people having experiences that are too similar.

    I’m in my late 30’s and grew up in California by the way just to give you an idea of my demographic.

    Probably the most disturbing sensation I’ve encountered so far was the placement of Australia on the map. That one really took me off guard. I have always been a geography/cartography nerd. I seem to remember Australia being much further south and quite far from Indonesia/Papua New Guinea. It was way more isolated & closer to New Zealand, which was more due east. The spike on the right edge of the “Gulf of Carpinteria” stands out as off to me as well. I certainly HOPE it’s just me misremembering, especially when it comes to the subject of moving continents & geography changing. It’s hard not to feel like a raving lunatic for even considering the possibility.

    Here are all of my memories that don’t seem match up with reality:

    -Interview With A Vampire
    -Sex In The City
    -Tank guy got killed
    – Australia was much further away from Indonesia. I feel like if Australia were to move south east closer to New Zealand (instead of New Zealand being in the wrong place, I feel like it would be more correct if Australia just moved)
    -Cuba seems much larger
    -Sri Lanka was more directly beneath India
    -Madagascar seemed further south, and I also share memories of it being barely inhabited & hard to visit because it was protected
    -Barbara Streisand
    -The Candidate
    -Mirror Mirror on the wall
    -many other Hollywood/celebrity related confusing memories
    -the color chartreuse has always been weird for me. I always thought it was a limey yellow-green, but people for the longest time have been trying to correct me telling me it was a color like magenta. Puce is a yellowish green w/ brown added
    -the positions of the setting sun & moon have seemed off to me as well as the color of sun/light. (I live within view of the Pacific Ocean, have always been a sky-gazer, and can see the setting sun and moon daily over the ocean. Lucky me, I know!)
    -cousin Jeb Bush
    -Haley’s Comet

    That’s all I can think of now.

    I find it strange that there isn’t more discussion about the similarity of the theories presented here and the show FRINGE, which I have now watched all the way through twice. Perhaps it has been discussed in length on a comments page I haven’t gotten through yet, I’m not sure. In any case, they have an alternate/parallel universe plot line as well as alternate/parallel timelines. All the while, “observers” from the future have mastered time travel and go back to observe 21st century civilization only to accidentally screw up some timelines causing ripple effects and timeline splits. There is also a scientist who is the initial breaker of the barriers between universes (Walter Bishop-favorite character ever!) which then also disturbs futures and timelines in the parallel universe as well as his own. One of the main characters goes through memory implantation, and has alternate timeline/universe doppelgangar’s memories transferred into her brain. The theories in that show fascinate me to no end. There is even a “pocket universe”.

    Another theory I wonder about is the whole Matrix or simulated reality theory and that these Mandela Effect instances are possibly glitches or “easter eggs” to catch our attention. Mind control is clearly something the powers that be have been working for decades. Implanted false memories or mass hypnosis? Who knows, either we are doing this to ourselves accidentally, it is part of a natural quantum immortality, or we are just downright being messed with.

    In any case, it is nice to have a place to discuss these theories and share some of these bizarre experiences we are all having concerning dissonant memories etc.

  15. Hello, Fiona and Friends,
    My name is Bliss and I am new to this community. Since I discovered this site two days ago, I have been ripping through accounts and descriptions of anomolys on this site. I have some thoughts if you don’t mind posting, and I do hope I’m leaving this in the right comment section. Fiona, thank you and please post this in the right place if I am wrong.

    A couple of things here really stand out to me. The first thing I would like to point out is that, of course, what brought me here was the Bernstein Bears anomoly. At first, a few weeks ago, when I heard about it, I quickly corrected the “EI” to an “AI” and didn’t think anything of it. A simple mix up as a child; nothing more. But then I really got into researching this ME situation and when other things started popping up, some of them really hit home.

    1.) I distinctly remember Thanksgiving being the third Thursday of every November. I do not ever remember it being later than that; and I remember always having to ask for confirmation that it was correct, as a child it was hard to remember.

    2.) This one is a little fuzzy for me but my intuition tells me to mention it. The show Ghost Hunters was definitely called “TAPS” in the beginning. I can specifically remember being engulfed in TAPS when it first came out because I have so many personal experiences with what I believe to be the paranormal. It was later changed to Ghost Hunters, and later they created Ghost Hunters: International.

    3.) I can say with 100% certainty that I know it was “A wonderful day in THE neighborhood… wouldn’t you be my neighbor?” Mr. Rogers was like a magical, television god to me. My great-grandmother and I would sing the song together.

    4.) Red color charteuse is a red/purple color. As someone who has delved deeply into the arts and spent hours behind a canvas at art school, I know for a fact that chartreuse has never been a green/yellow color. Chartreuse is a color close to vermillion (which I could SWEAR was spelt “vermilian”; which translates to red.

    5.) The other thing I remember that no one else seems to be able to come up with is a really creepy website from early ’00s. It had a weird set up, I remember black and orange perhaps as the format, and it was this weird underground community of people where you could sign up to join in this underground program. You would sign up and then get directions on what to do next, leave an item somewhere, or show up at a location to find a document or item left by another individual. I to this day cannot remember the name of the site, and I never personally signed up, I was terrified at the secretive operation of the website. Does ANYONE else have ANY idea of what I’m talking about? I remember the person who originally showed me the website but I am too nervous to ask this person about it; what if he says it never existed?

    6.) The Bernstein (that’s how i remember it) Bears situation really freaks me out. Let me explain why; the idea that this author’s last name has changed physically on all the copies of our books is too difficult to wrap my brain around. How could tangible copies of these books all of a sudden have a different spelling? Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe ALL OF YOU when you say it is definitely NOT “AI”; I am a huge grammar and spelling nut and I would have pronounced it correctly. Not to mention I am from German heritage; my mother would have noted the pronounciation. I refuse to allow my mother to send pictures of my copies showing the author’s name; I know it will say “Berenstain”. She says the spelling is “EI” as well but quickly brushed off the change when she looked up the “AI” spelling on Google. This blows my mind and I am still trying to figure out what to ” believe”.

    7.) My two grandmothers raised me on the Peanuts, we watched every holiday special; one would send me newspaper clippings in the mail. It was most definitely Schultz. Again with being German, my grandmothers would have corrected me. I have always had this “condition” in which I HAVE to spell things out in my mind. It happens all day long. For example, if I am having a conversation with you, I am almost certainly spelling out in my own head every third word you say (approximately). I remember clearly sitting at my grandmother’s table reading “Peanuts” and spelling ‘Schultz’ over and over again in my mind; liking the way the letters ‘looked’ in my head. (Please, contact me if someone else here has this ‘condition’ as well; it’s almost like synthestia, but without large amounts of color?)

    Please, I am so new to this, my mind feels like it is playing tricks on me. The “rational” (or “brainwashed”) side of me says I’ve just been mistaken all these years. But the intuitive side of me knows this is all true. Any reply to my comments would be helpful. I do not wish to feel alone with this any longer.
    -Bliss W.

    1. Hi Bliss,
      For some reason it has not stuck out to me until now but your use of “EI” and “AI” I kind of viewed in a different light. I know you mean the “I” to be I but I read it as an L. So for instance, I kept wondering why you were mentioning “EL” and “AL” prepositions used in Hebrew but also used to name God. I had to look it up and still have plenty of reading regarding “AL” and how it used in Hebrew. So far, it is saying they can be substituted for the most part but there are conditions where it can not and should not be. (I had only previously been familiar with “El” as I have highlighted briefly somewhere else here regarding the Ponchatoula Times crossword puzzle.)

      When I came upon the change though I just immediately attributed it to there being a “stain” on history that perhaps like blood could not be easily removed without really thinking bad/good of it at the time.

      Also, I guess some can read “AI” as artificial intelligence. Maybe I am just saying a whole lot of nothing again but it was nice to see your comment.

      1. (Still not sure about the “AI” part of the above message however:) Just like Proctor and Procter have two totally different meanings,
        ברנשטיין and ברנשטן
        mean something entirely different; primary emphasis placed on שטן versus שטיין ,but I am fairly new at looking at Hebrew letters. Insights into this anyone?

        1. Al and El being gods: was one of them represented by Jupiter, the other by Saturn? Al from Ba’al, El from Elohim? Zeux vs. Cronos (Light vs. Time)? Or was AL always just a different version of EL – the name of god?

    2. Hi Bliss! I understand the deep sense of confusion around this. I feel it too. Some memories I can go either way with, but some are so strong and surprising.

      Re that spooky secretive 00s website: it wasn’t Neurocam International by any chance was it?

      Regards Nate

      1. Nate,
        I cannot be one hundred percent sure of the title but THAT CERTAINLY strikes a cord. Could you, please, elaborate on what you remember of the website? Was it a big hoax? Is it still there? I am too afraid to look it up right now; I need some time to process. Thank you for your help! I look forward to hearing your reply!

        1. Hi Bliss. From what I found on the net a few years ago – stories by people who had been involved and then burned out – nobody was ever entirely sure quite what Neurocam was. it seemed to begin as some kind of performance art piece started by art students in Australia around 2005-ish, kind of pretending to be secret agents, but then it sort of took on a cult-ish life of its own, broke up into vague factions and infights. I doubt its still around now. These were the days before anonymouschat and meme boards like 4chan, reddit and Anonymous, but looking back now it feels exactly like a prototype of that kind of “internet troll” community. All “operations” and secret wars and mind games. Probably harmless, but not necessarily so. Today’s trolls have a very dark edge.

          I’d love to know more about the Neurocam experience because I encountered it in New Zealand a couple of years before it existed anywhere else. I want to say about 2001? There was a physical billboard and website advertising a fake brain-recording device. i suspect this may have been an art project / prank and the genesis of the whole thing.

          1. Nate,
            Thank you so much for getting back to me. I ended up doing some research and wanted to pass it along in case you hadn’t seen these links yet.
            If you go to the site it links you to the following:
   Within this site the author recants his supposed involvement with the Neurocam experience. There are six “chapters” starting in 2013 (right hand side of page). If these stories are true, it gives a pretty good insight into what was happening.
            I also found some information regarding neurocam and it’s official “outcome”. If you look through this ( reddit page there is reference to a Robin Hely, who is supposedly the creator and leader of the “Neurocam art project”. His website is www, and you can find reference to neurocam there as well. He has put out a thesis on this ‘art project’ and you can read it here (it’s a download):
            From what I’ve read, these links are just the tip of the ice burg as far as neurocam goes and what people think actually happened; there are even those who are sure this ‘thesis’ is just a part of a ploy to get people off of neurocam’s back. I am still unsure of what to believe.

            Fiona, I appreciate you posting this and passing on the information. It might clarify some things for people who are also looking for some information regarding this “Neurocam International”. I know this is not directly related to ME but I appreciate you posting it.

            Bliss Witton

            1. Thanks Bliss for those Neurocam links! I’ll give them a read. It seems like Neurocam is much the same as I remember it. Regards, Nate.

    3. Bliss. YOU are not alone, We all question ourselves every day with what we remember, We have all gone through this.. dont panic, dont worry, just try to see it as something exciting, we here are on the verge of a brand new thing. we are the pioneers.

    4. Hi Bliss W. 🙂

      I have something similar to the “spelling in my head”. You are the first person I have come across that has the same “condition”. It’s not just spelling with me either. A lot of repeating words and phrases. I would like to learn more about this. I am curious to see if anyone else has this as well.

      I also have most of the ME experiences that everyone has talked about. I would say I’m at 95% and the other things I just never had knowledge of.

      1. Yes to the spelling in my head. Usually not during convos with other people but if I am listening to my own train of thought I will see it as a stream of words. I have dreamed “data downloads”. Words have to “look right” internally before I am satisfied with their spelling on paper. As a child, I would scan and read all signs/billboards, memorized the little paragraph on automatic hand dryers that talked about automatic hand dryers saving trees etc, stuff like that. My tenuous theory was/is that we are training ourselves to notice, even scrutinize our surroundings and that helps us detect these changes.

  16. Didn’t know where to put this question: when “sliding” between alternate realities, do our physical bodies slide or are we “soul hopping” into alternate versions of ourselves? This came up when we are trying to decide if boyfriend’s birth mark has disappeared.

    1. Interesting question. I’ve been picturing time as sort of like a stream in which we are all rocks. We more-or-less stay put, but the time-stream sort of moves around us.

      Or maybe we get replicated somehow, so that one version keeps going in the original time line while the other takes a slightly different path, while still retaining a few of the original memories. Occasionally, the paths might meet at some point further along, which maybe accounts for reports of doppelgangers (people who look like exact replicas of yourself).

  17. I’ve been addicted to this website since I discovered the “Mandela Effect” a couple of months ago, and have many of the same major alternate memories (specifically those that I am old enough to remember). I wanted to get in on the conversation for some time, but refrained as I didn’t feel I had anything profound, or any new evidence to support any of the alternate memories. Actually, I’ve been hoping that I would stumble across something that I would be able to share. As with most things in my life, ask and I shall receive!

    I was watching the Big Bang Theory last night, specifically Season 3, Episode 4 (no. 44 in the series) “The Pirate Solution”. Howard enters Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment and joins Leonard and Penny in front of the TV. He says something along the lines of, “what are we watching? oh Sex in the City!”. This episode originally aired in October 2009. My apologies if this evidence has already been shared in a previous discussion.

    I will also share with you that upon first learning of the major memories I immediately called my Dad and Stepmom to quiz them, and did not tell them anything about what was “correct”. They agreed with NONE of the alternate memories, claiming Berenstain, Looney Tunes, Jif Peanut Butter, Sex and the City, etc. They were born in the late 1950’s. Conversely, my boyfriend and I remember all of the alternate memories. We were born in the late 1980’s.

    The universe is dynamic and I believe it is important to consider all the possibilities no matter how absurd they seem. All concepts that pushed the envelope and made us question what we thought we knew as true would have seemed absurd at the time. Thank you for hosting this forum Fiona, as there is nothing better than being able to share experiences in a positive environment that’s free of judgment!

    1. There was just a BBT marathon last week. A friend told me he caught 4 different MEs from episodes. I wondered what the odds are of that. That show seems loaded with all kinds of stuff.
      1. episode “The Precious Fragmentation”, ’09 – Leonard (Leo?) whining re: having to watch all 5 seasons of SexIn..City. (more interesting with an additional episode you mentioned, Stefanie)
      2. Fruit Loops – what the other astronauts gave Howard for a nickname (he ate them every a.m.)
      3. Curious George – the episode where Sheldon meets a little girl reading Curious George. She tells him “I’m reading Curious George. He’s a monkey”.
      Sheldon’s gf has a cartoon framed print of a monkey that kind of looks like him, hanging on her apt wall (she works with them).
      4. he said he thought it odd in another episode (season 3?) when they were standing in line at the theatre, going to see Raiders of the Lost Ark how there were 4 posters clearly in the background with Bernstein’s Dept Store on them.. he related it maybe to the Bernstein effect mentioned somewhere else on this site?

  18. I wanted to leave this comment on Page 10, but it seems that the comments are closed.

    Does anyone else remember Nichelle Nichols, Uhura from the original Star Trek, dying a year or two ago? I swear I saw George Takei post on Facebook about her dying, and saying that she was a pioneer who paved the way for other minorities in television. When I looked her up now though, it says she’s still very much alive.

    1. Christine and others, thanks for the alert about Comments Page 10 (where I’ve moved this). Now and then, a comment page seems to block comments. I’m not sure why that happens. Generally, it just once per page and — after I’ve manually changed the settings back to “allow comments” — it’s fine again. It’s odd, and I’m not sure if it’s a plugin conflict, an odd little glitch in my WP install, or something else.

      If you see this happen again, post immediately (anywhere at this site – all comments are on the same screen until I approve them) and I’ll correct the problem.

      1. Hi, I am kind of new here, and I as well left a significantly long comment on page 9, not knowing there was a page 10. Was it not approved? Or did it get lost because it wasn’t on the right page?

      2. People in this forum seem to be decent sort,where i live it’s more practical to shove away the,’stop’ or other inhibiting signs or simply ignore.

        1. Thanks, Vivek! I always appreciate your comments. And you’re right: people in this forum do seem to be decent sorts, in general. I’m very grateful for these conversations.

          1. I think most of us who experienced the Mandela effect feel slightly lost, what we knew to be real isn’t, want Isn’t real, is real.. and so because of this shared feeling we tend to gather together. It’s nice to know there are others who are as lost as me, makes the wobbling of the world less..

            1. Thanks, Martin Williams! I try to be mindful of the fact that I became aware of these time glitches and alternate memories, one at a time, over a period of years.

              However, I know that I haven’t a clue how overwhelming this must seem, to see one “everyone knows” memory after another appear changed, at best, in the space of minutes.

              I like to think this site connects people who are unsettled by these discoveries, and helps everyone see that they’re far from alone. In fact, this “sliding” effect may have been going on for centuries or longer, and — until now — people just came up with more dismissive explanations for it.

              I believe we’re all very normal. What makes us different is that we’ve reached a tipping point where the dismissive explanations — such as “just confused” — aren’t enough for us any more. And, as a result, we’re adjusting to a slightly new outlook on our experiences and memories.

              It helps to connect with others at sites like this. I’m grateful for your comments and the many others’ who visit this site and take time to share questions, theories, insights, and a general understanding of how very odd the Mandela Effect can seem.

              1. I think in part its information overload, without all this knowledge we have at our fingertips, we wouldnt really know anything. Am sure like me you remember pre internet days where all you had to go off is written words. reality then was Pinned down and static, and books didnt change that much over the decades, today when we have information flying around us, we notice that things are changing because of the information flow rather than having to rely on pinned static history. I do think that sliding, shifting altering of reality has happened since as far back as we can remember, there have been myths and legends from everywhere, and most myths have a small kernel of truth. I

              2. Hi, Fiona.

                While it’s wonderful to have this site, and be able to read other people’s comments, I found I really wanted someone in real life to talk about it with, too. I’ve spent at least a month contemplating the people I know, and trying to decide who would listen to me without it precipitating a mental health crisis. Or not dismiss me as a raving lunatic even if they refused to believe what I was saying. The ideal person would also be able to recognize some ME moments as well.

                I finally picked one of my friends, and bit the bullet Thursday night, and broached the conversation. I already knew she remembered Tank Man, while I remembered Tank Boy. It turned out she had the current memories on a few things that I had the alternates for. Not an auspicious beginning. Finally it turned out she remembered The Bernstein Bears (Berenstein for me), “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.” and “Mirror, mirror . . .” She wasn’t terribly receptive to the whole concept, though, until we got on the topic of geography (and there’s a lot to say on that one). I ended up printing out a one page map of the world, and we sat discussing the various points of “wrongness” of the whole thing. She really got into the concept after that, and we ended up talking about it for a solid 4 hours.

                I love this website, and I come here every day, but it really is a relief to have a friend I can talk to about it now. When I see her, and the first thing out of my mouth is, “Is So-and-So dead or alive?”, she’ll know why I’m asking and we can talk about it, and anything else new I’ve read here. But I’m in no hurry to mention the ME concept to anyone else I know, at the moment!

                (Oh, speaking of geography, so far I had just been looking at maps online. Then I remembered I have an atlas sitting on one of my bookshelves, so I hauled it out tonight. Yeah, it’s totally messed up too.)

        2. I agree Vivek, decent indeed. It does seem that the folks here have a certain combination of qualities (those who can remember other timelines, not second-guess themselves about it, and then also be proactive/brave/helpful enough to share) that make them…well…awesome lol I think that we can also attribute this atmosphere to Fiona’s skillful filtering; but then, she’s ONE OF US *que the Twilight Zone theme music* (please excuse ironic Rod S#erling reference).

            1. Whenever there is mention of twilight zone,i remember boris karloff comics and their surreal atmosphere.The day may not be far when we will be living in sci fi age,food joints churning out smacks from 3d printers,cars powered by ultra capacitors,shirts made up of solar cells,paper thin phones,super sanitized roads,linear cities with countryside within walking distance, etc.

    2. I never really got into Star Trek, but I absolutely without question remember the death of an older African-American actress from dying. It was a big deal. The character names sounds right. We’re there any other black actresses in the original series?

      1. I’ve always been a major fan of Star Trek, all the way back to the original series. When I was part of Bjo Trimble’s Star Trek conventions, I didn’t know Nichelle Nichols ( well, but I had met her. She’s a warm, funny, bright and caring person. As far as I can recall, she was the only regular female cast member with African ancestry.

    3. Christine: Yes! I’m sure I have a memory of tributes to Nichols about a year ago too! I had to go Wikipedia that and I’m stunned and delighted that Lt Uhura is apparently still alive now! Best ME ever!

      .. I suppose it would be weird and creepy to send someone a fan letter saying “So glad you’re not dead yet” wouldn’t it. but, I am.

      1. I am not dismissing any alternate memories but in my time line. I do know Nichelle nicols brother died a few years ago, via the heavens gate cult.. but she did have a health scare in 2015.. I think a lot of these effects are based on chance.. someone going in because of a health scare, they either survive or die.. and its a purely random chance.. thats the whole thing for me while i have valid memories of one reality, others have valid memories of their reality. how am i to say they are wrong when even my own memories are different from others and i KNOW they are correct. Part of me does say no no its wrong.. but then the rational side comes in and says their timeline is equally valid as mine

        1. That’s awful about Nichelle’s brother. I didn’t know about it until you posted. However, I doubt that many people would confuse those two events. In private comments, I’m seeing people describe the TV coverage of her death, and they recall the news reporters using photos from the space shuttle Enterprise rollout ceremony as they described Nichelle’s life. When I see other points of reference like that, I tend to take those posts seriously.

          1. I know but that was my first thought at hearing, I did hear that her brother wanted Nichelle to join the heavens gate.. it was on a crime and investigation episode. as i said i am not dismissing their memories as not being real.. thought it was interesting, I dont know if in one timeline she did join .. I know alternate history/realities exist and i think i have been in at least 4 mergers. so if someone believes she died then she died in their timeline..I cannot will not say someone is wrong because i know how it feels to feel lost and wrong.. when you KNOW for a fact you are right..their memory of that reality is equally valid as any other..

    4. Wow! She isn’t dead? This is so eerie. I have such vivid memories of her passing with in the last year or so. I remember watching my favorite Youtube channel that covers Nerd News and they discussed in detail how it was a great loss since she was such a pioneer for African American females in television. They showed various photos of her younger self in the enterprise. I searched their channel and that video is all but gone.

      This is absolutely the strangest to me since I feel this has happened so recently.

  19. Got another freaky one!

    Finding Nemo – of course one of the most quotable scenes in the movie was when Nemo was trying to pronounce the house he lived in. Anemonemene, anenonmone, anemonemene. how do you spell it? Anenome, right?


    Anenome is actually anemone. It doesn’t even feel right coming out of m mouth. Anybody else?

      1. At first I would have said, no, it’s Anemone. But…. didn’t the dad tell the joke, “with friends like these, who needs Anenome?”

        And, I never used to have problems pronouncing this word before. But now, it is quite the tongue twister. Anenome is what naturally wants to flow off the tongue. And the more I look at it, the more Anenome looks correct.

    1. George Mpouras, that’s clearly a mashup. As hoaxes go, it’s sort of clever but not especially convincing. It might be fun for some people, but it’s not part of what we’re discussing at this site.

  20. Had a random thought while reading through here the other day and it’s kind of just been floating through my head ever since, now keep in mind I have absolutely no understanding of quantum physics or multi dimensional theory, this is just a random thought, basically i had experienced a bit of deja vu recently and it got me thinking, could the experience of deja vu or what we call deja vu actually be a symtom of two or more universe’s or dimensions crossing paths or converging? Again I have little understanding of what I’m actually talking about its more of a curious inquiry than anything.

    1. There is also Deja vu is mostly i have been here before, which could be different universes with a slightly different time running a little faster or slower, but theres also Alter vu. which is more to do with parallel universes. where things are changing like locations. and the A/E worlds. But as a “sufferer” of Deja vu, I always try to break the deja vu by doing something completely out of the blue I get scared after a time i would be stuck in a few second future view.. (Seeing the future/deja vu its never enough to be truly useful just enough to be annoying LOL )

  21. California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and the Papas. I remember, “And I began to pray”, but now it’s
    “And I pretend to pray “. Someone else sent in this changed memory in 2009 on another site.

  22. I’d like to comment on a few things. specifically about WDW (Walt Disney World,Orlando.) I worked there for five years. I visited the parks before hand a few times but didn’t otherwise know much about Disney’s history.

    When I started working there (Hollywood Studios ’08) I was surprised at the amount of people that thought (and I guess still think) that the property has a dome that “comes up when there’s bad weather” My initial reaction when the guest asked me about the dome, was a blank stare. And I was really confused about it. Then one of my coworkers explained that the “Disney Dome” is a myth. Someone somewhere started a rumor about it, and now people think its true. Which btw it isn’t. The Disney World property doesn’t have walls or a fence for that matter (might have secure walkways/rails in certain areas but no real fence. Just lost of trees, rivers/lakes, gators and snakes)

    Secondly, I’ve had people ask me about the non existing monorail from the airport to WDW. I also met that with a blank stare. That one stumped a lot of the CMs. We have no clue where that started or why. The usual reaction the CMs have is “here we go again” but we do kindly explain that there was never a monorail form the airport to WDW. Some look confuse and keep going about their day and others swear up and down that at one point it does exist and that they want to talk to manager about it so that they could take it back to the airport. Only to be told the same thing again. We know that in Japan, they do have a sheltered area in their version of Main Street but it doesn’t cover the property. Its just that one area.

    Also, Cinderella’s Castle is the center of the park. No way any one can enter the park thru there. You can enter Fantasyland through the castle if you wanted, but not the park.

    Someone mentioned the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I worked it at WDW but I’ve never been to DisneyLand (That’s the one in California for those who are confused about which park is which) but as far as I’ve understood it, both rides (WDW and DL versions) have a drop. Never heard anything different until it was mentioned here.

    Side note, Yes the Magic Kingdom has tunnels under the park. No, trucks/cars can’t go in, tunnels are too small for that.


    1. Great CM insights, Wrenlet, thanks! This helps establish what’s true about WDW in this reality.

      In public and private comments, the airport-to-WDW monorail and the concept of entering WDW (or Disneyland) through the castle are the predominant other-reality memories related to Disney theme parks. Some of those comments are remarkably detailed and consistent with one another.

      I’ve been to both Disneyland and WDW and, as I recall, Disneyland’s “Pirates…” attraction has a lesser drop than the WDW one, and it’s shortly after going past the Blue Bayou restaurant (similar to the Mexico attraction at Epcot, where guests cruise past the dining area). The Mexico attraction has no drop at the entrance to the attraction-specific part of the journey. Still, I don’t think anyone’s likely to confuse the Mexico attraction at WDW (FL) and the Pirates attraction at Disneyland (CA). So, I’m chalking this up to a reality shift.

      1. I live near Anaheim and used to work for Disney, though not at the park. Pirates of the Caribbean actually has two drops – one a little steeper than the other. I don’t even remember how old I was the first time I rode it, but have been riding it for years. I even rode it for charity multiple times in a row on a cast member night years ago.

  23. Dont know how accurate this is, but Someone who has experienced a few mandela effects, has created a video on youtube about these effects but at the end of it she said something interesting dont know how accurate but according to her and some of the people who live in new york there wasnt a bridge to staten island she does swear a bit, but you can see she is disturbed with about it.. and apparently other people are confused..

    1. Weird! I just looked up the bridge, and it’s called the Verrezano bridge. I have never heard of or seen this bridge before in my life. I visited New York as a teenager and I remember that you had to take a ferry to get to Staten Island.

      1. I have spent a lot of time in NY.
        Today, following a tube link to a conspiracy video, I heard of the Verrezano Bridge for the first time. (I am in my forties) While the video mused about manipulation of the image of the bridge behind the WTC, all I could think was, “What bridge?” The weird thing is though, as with many of such instances, I kind of shrugged it off – until I came upon this reference here at TME. Also weird is that, unfamiliar as this bridge/name is, the longer it sits on my screen, here, the more “normal” it starts to appear.
        For me however, this is a NEW bridge and the Ferry has always been the only way to Staten Island.

        1. The really weird thing is that Wikipedia assures us that the Staten Island end of the bridge has served as the starting point for the NYC Marathon race since 1976. I wonder how many marathoners remember running the race elsewhere–say, directly through New York City, and not across a bridge from Staten Island?

  24. Hello Fiona,

    Not sure if I am posting at the right place…

    Been browsing your site since 2 weeks already and found many intriguing things that prompted me to do some research. I am a 60 years old man, from Montréal, Canada.
    At first, I thought we might be moving between realities or dealing with time travel related manipulation of the past, that is, until the Maps situation came up. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Madagascar locations looked quite wrong to me. I

    always enjoyed looking at maps as a kid and I still have a 1959 edition of the Rand McNally Space Age Atlas. So, needless to say that I was quite puzzled to see, in the 1959 Atlas, these Countries as they are today, even the Arctic Ice

    cap isn’t there, and get this, Mongolia shows up as a Country !
    I now question myself about the possibility that our consciousness may have been “Sliding” between parallel worlds.

    While many people have speculated that CERN might be involved, which is a possibility, I tend to regard the situation as part of the Frequency shift that we are actually going through, (Wave X ?).
    A bit like what was mentioned in another post on this site, one can change the radio station and hear the same song playing but with a different announcer.

    Indeed, it is being reported that our solar system is apparently gaining in vibrations frequency, also known as the Schumann Resonance (SR). The Earth has been “breathing” at a rate of 7.83 Hz for thousands of years, but since the early

    80s, it went up gradually to reach 16.5 Hz now, which is in harmony with the Solfeggio 528 or DNA repair frequencies. Higher vibration rates usually generates more heat therefore, more crazy weather patterns, more seismic activities as

    The sun is also affected by this raising frequency shift, could that explain why the sun seems whiter ?

    So many questions with no real answers for now, so, instead of going crazy over this, I just sit back and enjoy the ride…

    I was 13 when John and Yoko and a bunch of journalists recorded Give Peace a Chance, here in Montréal at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel !
    I was not aware of the Amsterdam bed in.
    I do remember Looney Tunes and Toons,
    Mandela died in the 80s and in 2013,
    For me, it was Alec Trebek, Pete Townsend, Smokey the Bear, Desi Arnez, Proctor & Gamble, JC Penny, Beam me up Scotty, Henry the VIII with a turkey leg, MLK shot with a long rifle (Sniper?), Sex IN the City, Interview with A Vampire,

    Nobody does it like Sara Lee, Mirror Mirror, Chartreuse as a dark purplish red color, the Tiananmen Square boy stopping the tanks, but never heard he had been ran over.

    Best regards,

    1. Oops, forgot to mention this when I was referring to the radio station change and frequency shift analogy…

      Considering that we seem to be changing frequency, would it be possible that our consciousness is able to see bits and pieces from a parallel world operating on another frequency ?


    2. The Sarah Lee thing is really bugging me… every year at Thanksgiving (which I always remember as the third Thursday in November) I make the same lame joke about my family putting me in charge of pie even though I’m the worse baker in the family, when I tell people about me having to make the pie I always add in a terrible baker & I’m not crazy enough to try a home made pie, but “Nobody does it like Sarah Lee”… nobody has ever corrected me…. some of my friends & family are definitely the type to say “don’t you mean…”

  25. Does anybody else recall the film Flight Plan with Jodie Foster? A wonderful movie about a mother who loses her child at an airport, then everybody around her tries to convince her that her child never existed in the first place. Was her child a daughter or son? Both my mom and I recall her having a son, but the movie actually shows her with a daughter. We’ve seen the movie multiple times so this would be a very significant change to not notice.

    1. If you’ve seen Flight Plan multiple times, I’m sure you know what you saw. I saw it and liked it – but it was the current reality – pretty little girl with longish hair. Also, she was lost while the plane was in flight, not at the airport.

    2. Wait so you had a Mandela Effect while watching a movie about a person who might have the Mandela Effect?

    3. While reading your post I was remembering a son, but when I read the word daughter, I suddenly felt… a strange sense of confusion. By the end of your post I was left *knowing* on the one hand that it was a son, but *remembering* it being a daughter. I can feel the knowledge of some scenes in which it’s a son, but I have the memories of it being a daughter. This is a strange one for me!

    4. There was a movie called “The Forgotten” which had that premise–the child got on a plane (to go to some kind of camp or something?) and then everyone tried to convince the mom that the child never existed. It was a son in that movie (although she teamed up with a man who’d lost a daughter in similar fashion). Could it be that movie that you’re remembering?

  26. Suffice to say, my weekend has been very difficult. A favorite YouTuber of mine referenced the whole Berenstein/Berenstain phenomena in a recent video, and while I don’t remember that one in particular, I couldn’t help but make an inquiry into the phenomenon, which inevitably led me — here. I have since found multiple examples of the Mandela Effect that definately make me wonder if something deeper is going on here. I will go into much more depth on all the various examples that I’ve identified at a later date, but I will just list 20 with brief descriptions for the sake of not taking up too much space in one post.

    1. Alaska — where on earth did those two large water indentations on the West coast of Alaska come from? Please tell me that I’m not the only one that doesn’t recall them being here. I lived in Alaska for 5 years, I saw the Alaskan map all the time, and just… yeah. In fairness, I haven’t looked at the map of Alaska specifically in awhile, but the second I pulled up the Alaskan map (someone mentioned Alaska on some forum), I immediately noticed the discrepancy, and I joke not, my whole body turned red and I walked out of my bedroom into my yard, sat down, and nearly broke down.

    2. Australia — Almost positive that it wasn’t that close to Indonesia.

    3. New Zealand — I recall it being NW of Australia, and one island, not two. The majority on this website seem to think that it was NE or E rather than SE of Australia. SE, to me, is the farthest from my mind.

    4. Svalbard — that land is huge! Where did it come from?? There’s no possible way that I wouldn’t have noticed it. Norway looks normal, but apparently Svalbard (north of Norway) is apart of it.

    5. Madagascar — much smaller and further south. I don’t recall there being an established government there, let alone 22 MILLION people. Hmmmm.

    6. Sri Lanka — another hot topic, but strangely enough I don’t recall exactly where it was (south of india, south west of India, ect).

    7. Interview with “A” Vampire, not Interview with “THE” Vampire. I honestly never read the book, or watched the movie, but for some weird reason I recall A instead of THE. Plus… THE just doesn’t sound right.

    8. Sex IN the City, not Sex AND the City. Never watched the TV series or movie, but my mom sure did! 100% Sex IN the CITY, because I heard about it ALL THE TIME from her and her friends.

    9. “21”, not “19” Kids and Counting. Also never saw the show, but I saw advertisements for it constantly when it was a “thing”.

    10. Sally Ride — apparently she was the first woman in space. I recall her being the teacher who died on the Columbia shuttle disaster. I know lots of people have different views of when the disaster actually occurred, but unfortunately I don’t recall any one date, but I absolutely recall what it was and who was on board.

    11. Mexican Flag — another revelation that almost made me break down last night. I recall red, white and orange (I think), but definitely not green, red and white and that symbol in the middle.

    12. Charles Lindbergh baby — I very much recall the baby never being found.

    13. Jiffy Peanut Butter. Not much else to say. I’m very sure of this, and I think the multiple online examples of people completely unfamiliar with the Mandela Effect still calling it JIFFY instead of JIF is proof of that.

    14. Mirror Mirror on the Wall, not Magic Mirror on the Wall. However, I could simply be remembering Lord Farquad’s rendition in the first Shrek film.

    15. Berenstein bears, but to be quite honest, I don’t remember hearing much about the show. I will however say that when you put into consideration that Stan BerenSTAIN was Jewish, BerenSTEIN just makes much more sense when you put into consideration the cultural aspect.

    16. Ghost Hunters, for me, was always the name of the show.

    17. All these claims of celebrity deaths having already occurred – in all honesty, I don’t really recall many of the deaths that people claim on this website having occurred earlier. This is probably because I didn’t really know many of these people to begin with. HOWEVER… Neil Armstrong, dead in 2012? Doesn’t sit well at all. 2013 sounds much better from my mind.

    18. Tank man — the only thing I remember is a still image of the event with the guy standing in front of the tanks. Therefore, I can’t be for certain if in my original timeline he was run over or not.

    19. Definately/Definitely — I have ALWAYS spelled it “definately” (def-in-ate-ly). Was I wrong all of these years? I can’t be for sure, because I honestly never paid much attention in English class. I can however say that I was awesome at spelling/vocabulary tests, so maybe I was in a previous timeline correct (no longer).

    20. Dilemma/Dilemna — I know it as Dilemma, but I have frequently seen people spell it Dilemna. I wish I could be more certain, but I never really used the word.

    In conclusion… I don’t know what to think right now. I’m still just blown away by the West coast of Alaska. I don’t understand how I can’t find more than 1 person who sees what I’m seeing. So again, if anyone here will please open up a map of Alaska, take a good look at the West coast, and tell me if that looks the way it used to. Anyways, I need to get back to working on my history paper and get it turned in before Napoleon changes to Napolean and I lose points for spelling and grammar.

    – Valaren

    1. Valaren,

      You are not crazy about Alaska. I watched it change in my timestream (or whatever this is) about a month ago. All kinds of geography is screwed up and I thought Alaska was the best evidence I had to prove to my family that things are changing and that I am not crazy. (Family is leaning towards crazy, unfortunately.)

      So here’s what happened. I learned about the Mandela effect several months ago and was blown away. I have an excellent memory and I am very literal and anal at times. I read the book Interview with a Vampire and loved it, saw the movie too. I am 100% certain of the title. Also 100% certain that it was Desi Arnez. Also Hitler had brown eyes. There are many, many more, but I would bet my life on those 3.

      But when I started looking at a map….I got vertigo. Since when is Alaska almost the size of the continental US all by itself? Answer: never. In fact, there used to be a trick question we had in school. What is the largest state in the union? Everybody would say Texas. But the answer was Alaska. So you’d go and look it up and see that yes, Alaska seems to be a bit bigger than Texas. A BIT bigger. Now, there is no comparison in size and that question would not even exist because it would be stupid. Alaska is ENORMOUS. So anyway, I got in the habit of looking at Alaska everyday. I was going to print out a map, cut out Alaska, and lay it over the west coast of the US because I saw that Alaska’s western coastline was very similar to the coast of California, so it would lay on top very nicely. Until one day I looked at Google Maps and suddenly the west coast of Alaska LOOKED NOTHING LIKE the west coast of California. Those two indents showed up out of the blue, presto. And they have been getting deeper too.

      You are not wrong. Your memory is correct. I saw it happen.

      Take a good look at Google Maps. Russia is 10 times bigger than any other country on the entire planet? Really? China is about the size of the Continental US? Is that the way you remember it? (China has always been larger than the US. Not anymore.) Cuba also had a growth spurt. The whole Delaware area is messed up. Of course Australia was never that close to Papua New Guinea. You could practically build a bridge between them. Who thinks that? WTF???

      1. It’s not even really so much the size of Alaska that I’m blown away by, but rather the geography itself. I lived in Alaska, there were maps of Alaska in all of my classrooms in elementary school, and I very much recall the West coast not having those massive water indentations. At the very least, they were much, much smaller. In fact, I remember being 12 years old bored one day and I decided to draw Alaska with a pencil and paper. I very vividly recall drawing the West side in a relatively straight/slight curvy line up until I got to the bottom left side. Obviously it gets real bumpy on the bottom going across horizontally, and then there’s the strain of islands in the shape of a tusk directly below it going west/south west. Could I have been delusional or ignorant at the time? Perhaps, but that’s a really big mistake to make having the map of Alaska in my face at school on a daily basis.

        Also, look at how close Russia is now to Alaska. 55 MILES separates the two. I always knew that they were somewhat in the vicinity of one another, but 55 MILES!? I think this is a good time to bring up something Sarah Palin once said (I would be glad to call upon her incompetency as a politician, but that’s beside the point), and that was her claim that you can see Russia from Alaska… which you can. Granted, you can only see the island between the two (Diomede island), but it’s still owned by Russia. Overall, however, Russia looks the same to me (at least from what I can remember), other than the fact that it appears to protrude further eastwards. Anyways, I just wanted to bring that up because it really puts into perspective how close Russia and Alaska really are. Was that always the case? Hmmmm.

        1. I too used to live in Alaska and have been watching it for the last month or so since I found ME. You are correct the water has come into the western side…. what bothers me is the eastern side because that’s where I lived. Petersburg, ak. We used to take the ferry to Ketchikan which was a fairly good size town but it’s now Sitka… and where Sitka was is now Ketchikan and it keeps getting smaller in size each week…. this has baffled me but I’ve literally been watching Alaska change daily for a month…. so your not wrong… it’s happening… and tomorrow will be different too.

        2. I completely agree on the alaska thing! Also… Is it just me but when i was little my parents always had me pointing out places on a map… GREENLAND AND ICELAND were not right beside each other? Just me being crazy or does anyone else notice this????

          1. Savannah, that particular geography was never my strong suit, but everything between Newfoundland and Scandinavia has looked a little odd to me, lately. I’d chalked it up to how little I studied it, and that may still explain why it seems odd to me, now, but… yes, that’s one of several things that seem unfamiliar on maps.

      2. I was looking at Google Maps and trying to decide if Alaska really is that huge or it’s just the map projection making it look bigger than it is. But it seems to be gigantic now, no matter what map is used. And the Aleutian Islands don’t look right. Weren’t they more northerly? I’m not real sure on that, though. The west coast is way more jagged than I remember. It’s also REALLY close to Russia now. It was close before–maybe 140 miles?– but now I’m pretty sure you could paddle an inflatable raft across and say hello. I won’t be at all surprised to wake up one day and see that Russia and Alaska have joined together, with millions of people acting like it has always been that way. I’m going to write that down so I’ll have a record that it was different once!

        Does anyone else think the Mediterranean Sea looks different? It looks too narrow to me, and Italy seems to take up more space inside it than it used to. Sicily seems much bigger.

      3. I’ve lived in the tri state (AKA Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) area my whole life and it’s not messed up at all, at least for me. Alaska does look different though. I used to look at Alaska on google earth all the time, I don’t know why but I was always really interested in it, I think it was partly because of all the unusual names, and because my class had a sled dog racing pen pal from Alaska when I was in elementary school. Alaska is also way closer to Russia then it used to be, and Asia looks completely wrong. Also has anyone else noticed the Georgian Bay attached to Lake Huron? There’s no way that was there before because I had to draw out the great lakes in a couple of my history classes in the past and I have never seen or heard of that.

    2. Yes, I remembre Alaska’s westcoast looked differently. It didn’t have these three marked peninsulas. Also Alaska had an overall different shape, it was larger relative to its height. The coastline of Siberia was more symmetrical with the coastline of Alaska. Now Siberia’s edge is very thin and is symmetrical not with Alaska itself but with the middle peninsula of Alaska.
      About ten years ago I had to do with a lot of people from Khabarovsk, at a college in Germany. I looked up where Khabarovsk was. It was ca 900km west of Vladivostok. Now this is no longer true. Vladivostok looks out of place while Khabarovsk is where it seemingly belongs. Now Vladivostok is south of Khabarovsk, not east, and only 756km away.

    3. Valaren,

      I also remember Alaska not having such distinct bodies of water on its West coast .. I was able to find some antique maps showing the peninsula between the water as being much shorter, which made the two bodies of water much less noticeable than now, but like you my memory of the shape of the state is very different from what we see now.

      What has me the most concerned is that I have a distinct memory of Wales being located North East of Scotland, instead of attached to the West coast of England… This was mentioned on another site, so there are other people who also have this memory.

    4. We have all been there my friend. Dont worry you are not alone there probably lots of others who see it but dismiss it as oh a false memory, even if things have changed i feel there is an inertia and a blaming of yourself oh it must be my memory, when it isnt its reality thats changed. and anyone who has ever felt the shock of something like that it is disturbing. but most of us on this board are accepting as we have changes ourselves. So dont worry you are amongst friends here..

    5. Okay, I’m freaked about Alaska, too. :-). Awesome catch.

      For me, Alaska changed sometime after April, because that’s when I spent a lot of time looking at world maps because I was so freaked that Mongolia was its own country and not part of China.

      As I was looking at maps now, does the Baja California area look really strange, too? I can’t say what’s changed, it just looks “off” to me.

      1. YES! Baja California is not right. The whole peninsula of Mexico is leaning towards the Atlantic when it should pretty much run almost south with the US coastline. The Gulf of California was shaped differently. At the bottom it curved before going to the ocean. If you drew a line from Florida going south, you should crash into an area between Sao Luis and Belem. Now you would hit Columbia. There is an island off of Ecuador that wasn’t there before.

        The first thing I did notice with maps was that Mongolia was a country and not part of China. I freaked out over it. Like, anxiety attack freaked out. And Russia is absolutely gigantic! Holy land mass! But it was 200 miles (give or take a few) from Russia.

        Is this world just smaller? Because it really seems like it! We took a trip from Atlanta to So Cal back in 2005 and we often comment on our 3,000 mile trip. Only, now it is a little over 2,100 miles trip. When we planned the trip, we did an over all and broken down from place to place. The overall (counting every stop) was 3,000 miles. When I enter the same route now, it is 2,140 miles. I am so confused. I know that trip was 3,000 miles. I wore it like a metal of honor. “I drove 3,000 miles, in my van, with kids, and no hotels!”

    6. Oh, thank you for mentioning Alaska!! I had a visceral reaction to your post because I’ve been upset for a few days. I’m feeling a little shaken up because not only does Alaska look vastly different in shape, its also shrunk and moved west. “My” Alaska was always directly over Canada. Like you, this ME is the one that has made me really sit down and question my sanity. I’ve been hesitant to post this until I saw your comment.

      I’ve got a whole batch of MEs, most of them the same ones you’ve mentioned, and this topic isn’t new to me. I post frequently on reddit’s ME and Glitch subreddits, but the Alaska thing has just completely stunned me. It has MOVED. How can that be?

  27. I’m an 80’s baby and I do remember it being BerensTEIN Bears. Also I was just singing the Mr. Rogers song to my daughter the other day and I said “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.” I used to watch that all the time, I know it was never “THIS”. But CHIC-FIL-A and CHICK-FIL-A is one that baffles me because I always remember it missing a letter which I though was K.

    1. I thought it was Chic-Fil-A, too! I actually had an argument with my husband about it. He said “Trust me, I love it. It’s Chick.” He was right. But it didn’t make sense to me for some reason.

  28. While I continue to think more about this phenomenon, and subsequently, more about my own alternate memories, I continue to remember more and more, and also continue to believe more that something has definetely/definately changed our current timeline. I’m still processing possible theories as to how or why this is happening.
    My most recent alternate memory is extremely vague at the moment, almost as if I don’t believe my own memory. I remember discovering this topic in another reality, except in that reality it was called the “mandel effect”, and had to do with the death of comedian Howie Mandel in the 1980’s. This memory is very faint as I said, but I know I didn’t dream up “mandel effect”. It was stored somewhere in the deep recesses of my memory. I obviously know that Howie Mandel is not dead in this timeline or reality. Does anyone else have any recollection of this besides me?

      1. Mandel
        The A again! Anyone see a pattern?

        I always believed Howie Mandel died, until I saw him on Deal or No Deal and he changed his looks.

        Could we possible wake up and see it’s The Mandel Effect. Since we know about it, we’d notice, right? Fiona I would assume you would have coined it there as well! Interesting.

    1. I remember awhile back someone I worked with made an off-handed flippant comment about the “Berenstein effect” and then said “BOOM! That must it!” I tried not to be nosy and wandered off. I thought they were just being weird. Now I wonder if there is a reality out there with the “Berenstein Effect”. And I wonder if you, Fiona, coined that one too. Or if Boom was an “inside joke” about it that I didn’t get. Or just a comment. Man, I am actually making my head hurt.

  29. WALES HAS MOVED ?!?!

    I was checking out another site of Fiona’s concerning the Mandela Effect and saw a map of the United Kingdom.. It shows Wales now being the on the west coast of England.. I clearly remember it being North East of Scotland.. I looked at maps just a few years ago of the entire area because I was planning a trip there, though I was never able to make the trip due to my Mom’s bad health.

    I was planning to travel to Ireland first and then head over to England.. Then my plan was to go up Scotland but probably not travel as far north as Wales… This memory of where Wales was located is so strong that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the current map!

    The shape and size of Wales looks the same but now Scotland appears to be much larger that what I remember it being and seeing Wales as now part of England’s West coast was pretty shocking to me.

    According to the other site there are people who remember the location of Wales being North East of Scotland.. Is there anyone on this forum who remembers this??? I know a lot of people remember that New Zealand used to be in a different location.

      1. I live in the west of England and I am Welsh. In my experience Wales has always been west of England, the history of Wales would be radically different if not. The Normans planted colonies – Welsh Marcher Lords and new towns – in Wales. One of my ancestors is from such a new town, New Radnor. The west of England also has a lot of Welsh cultural factors – Cumbria had a dialect of Old Welsh (Cumbric), the county of Monmouthshire was ambiguously Welsh and English due to it being in the interior of the Norman Marcher Lordships, the counties of Shropshire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire were highly affected by the Welsh over the centuries. The river Severn – the longest river in the British Isles and the second highest tidal range in the world – was the frontier of Roman Britain and has a Welsh name (Hafren). It rises in Wales.

        Of course if the ME is real your reality might be greatly different. Welsh is the language that would have been spoken in Britain before the antecedent groups that formed the modern English people came. The term Welsh – and Wales – are not Welsh, our native ethnonym is Cymri (cum-ri or coom-ri) and this traditionally signalled kinship with the Cornish, the Bretons and the men of the Old North, a Welsh kingdom that covered the south of Scotland to Cumbria.

        There’s also Northern Ireland. The politics of Ireland are complicated (I am part Irish myself) but theoretically in an alternative history the Welsh of the Old North might have conquered all or part of Ireland or even perhaps the island groups West or Northwest of Scotland? Or even perhaps the Faroes or Iceland (Iceland would certainly fit the idea of much further north)? If history played out differently there’s no reason a Welsh speaking people – called Welsh by the English, Scottish (meaning Southern Scots, who spoke Scots – a dialect of English or some say language closely related to English) – could have a country in a different location to “our Wales” referred to as Wales by such English-speaking people. That version of Welsh history is much less likely to have had Norman Marcher Lords as there would have been no Welsh Marches, no English teachers in Wales imposing the Welsh Not, no Welsh archers at Agincourt or fighting for Edward Longshanks in the attempt to conquer Scotland (almost certainly no William Wallace [William Wallace means William the Welsh, as he was likely descended from Welsh-speaking Cumbric people], no Braveheart movie). Henry VIII was also part Welsh so if – like me – you’re from a Turkey leg painting reality then it makes it less likely that Wales could be elsewhere.

        An interesting one though. I hope Fiona doesn’t mind my overly detailed post on Welsh history and identity, I thought some background would be useful.

        1. Alex (in the UK), thanks for taking the time for that detailed post! I definitely enjoyed reading it. The history and geography of the British Isles fascinate me, so I’ve always wondered how the Formorians fit migration patterns (and where they went), and whether Hy-Brasil is another Mandela Effect issue.

          1. Ah the disappearing islands – definitely an interesting phenomenon around the coasts of many countries and could very well be an ME issue. The Formorians and the Tuath Dé are very mysterious. The mythologies of the Celts mention a great clash between the Nemedians – an ancient mythological Celtic clan – and curiously enough there is also mention of a tidal wave in the same myth that ends the Formorians and spreads the proto-Welsh to the four corners of the ancient world. I’ll stop there to avoid the risk of going ever further off topic!

            1. Alex (in the UK), you’re speaking my language. LOL! The Formorians are such an amazing mystery, and I get caught up in the lore whenever the topic is mentioned. I’ve often wondered if they came from or went to a parallel reality. Few other people (more or less) are described in such vivid terms, and then abruptly near-vanish from storytelling. Odd, and so interesting! (And yes, off-topic, but this is such a curious mystery.)

        2. Alex,

          Thank you so much for that informative reply! .. Since you are from Wales and know the history of your country and surrounding countries, it appears impossible that Wales was ever located anywhere else than where it is now.

          I don’t know why I, or other people, remember seeing Wales located North of Scotland.. I remember seeing maps showing that but now think I must have just imagined it.

          Thanks again for a great history lesson on a region I would love to visit one day.

          1. You are very welcome, and I am glad I did not offend you. As I mentioned in my post if the ME is a real phenomenon the linguistic aspect does open the possibility of another version of Wales.

  30. Ok, so I figured I would just go ahead and make a list of my own ME memories or else I could talk all day.
    A little background on me I was born in 1987 lived all my life in central California.

    “Mirror, mirror” not magic mirror
    “If you build it, THEY will come”
    “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood”
    “LUKE, I am your father”
    Sex IN the City
    Berenstein Bears.
    FRUIT Loops.
    Looney TOONS.
    Andrew ZIMMERMAN, not Zimmern.
    Desi ARNEZ
    I never heard Mandela died in prison.
    Hitler had brown eyes not blue.
    Jeb Bush was the cousin, not brother.
    The heatwave in the 90s killed hundreds not thousands.
    The positions of Japan, New Zealand, and Hawaii feel off.
    Florida looks smaller, Baja California longer, and Cuba shaped different.
    The shape and size of China, almost as if Mongolia was not there in the past.
    Many grammatical changes in English, I assumed they just kept changing the dictionary.

    There may be even more but these are the things that I can say for sure(so far). I feel that reading through the comments here has been healthy for my memory and I am very grateful I found this site! Thank you for creating this forum!

  31. These are just some music related ones.

    I know it was mentioned waaay back in the comments about the Billy Currington video for “Good Directions” not ever being official. However, I swear I saw it on GAC a few months ago as a throwback video. I don’t remember there being a video though when the song was popular.

    Another one is, I swear that the current country song “Buy Me a Boat” by Chris Janson came out about 9 or 10 years ago. When I first heard it a couple months ago I thought it was an old song that I hadn’t heard in a while, just to find out it was brand new this year, came out in March, and it’s an original song and not a remake. On Friday’s we set the TV’s at work to CMT/GAC and I remember it being popular and listening to it then, watching the video and talking to coworkers about it, then the song just stopped being played an I forgot about it. I thought it was just a one hit wonder. Now it’s back. None of my coworkers from that time remember it.

    I also remember Smokey the Bear. Someone mentioned on here that the only mention of Smokey the Bear in this timeline is in some song and that’s where the confusion is. I’ve always believed there were only 50 states, however, I also saw a comment about how 52 states are mentioned in a handful of rap songs in this timeline, I went and checked those lyrics and sure enough, the comment was correct. It could be that whoever wrote those lyrics believed “Smokey the Bear” and “52 States” are in their reality, and the ME effect doesn’t change their lyrics in the timeshifts. I need to check some other genres of music and see if there are any other ME references in music.

  32. Does anyone else remember seeing Bobby McFerrin was dead on Pop up Video? It was during his video for “Dont Worry Be Happy”. I still love pop up video, and I remember seeing it as recently as 3-4 years ago.

    The only thing that comes up now is that it was a hoax.

    1. When something is a hoax — and some hoaxes continue for quite awhile before anyone speaks up to correct impressions — it’s easy to confuse it with a reality shift. In this case, I’m not sure it’s Mandela Effect.

      1. Sometimes in the deepest part of the night, i wonder if some of the hoaxes aren’t sometimes a bleed from another timeline then when this reality that the authors actually remember it and write it as such, then when in this timeline its false, the author then has to find a way to discredit himself and agree as its a save his reputation, of course some will be done maliciously and as a joke but it could be a few are a mandela memory (as i said this is a 3 am thought so could be totally irrational but its a thought)

    2. Yes! I thought he was dead too after watching the pop up video! I thought that’s why we haven’t heard anything about him in years!

  33. Time Magazine reported this year on a long term study of people’s memories of September 11, 2001. The study was led by William Hirst. Apparently 40 percent of these memories have changed in 14 years.

    “Human memory is fallible”, yes. But could Mandela Effect be another possible factor perhaps?

    1. Off topic, but I clicked this link to read the article about people misremembering 9/11 & right in the middle and ad for Smokey Bear…
      (I remember Smokey The Bear) & so must a lot of people if you search Smokey The Bear a lot of results come up.

      1. Ooohh, interesting Stephanie. I just left this thread for a moment to pull up a map of the world, and got a pop-up ad for The Home Depot, which is also discussed on this site. Hmmmm.

  34. I just saw a commercial on the Disney Channel for a new show called “Disney Descendants Wicked World.” In it, one of the main characters says, “Mirror Mirror what does our future hold”.
    If it was historically “Magic mirror…” why are the Disney descendants saying it incorrectly?

    1. Going with a theme here:
      If the parents of the descendants were booted out of the world onto an island where they were no longer able to use their magic then the mirror would not be so magical anymore. I guess the story line is saying they use the ” mirror mirror” reference because of their lost power.
      Almost like hinting that current phenomenon of people remembering “mirror mirror on the wall” were once a part of a family that was booted out. However, if they are no longer confined to the island then their magic can be and has been restored; hence “magic mirror” is the current future and “mirror mirror” a glimme of the past. (It can not be this simple–what is the catch?)

  35. Less Than and Greater than signs have switched…. was less than as I remember until recently. How I always remembered was that my teachers always drew shark teeth on the greater than sign so that we would tell the difference, also the greater than sign would always face the smaller number to indicate that it was “eating” the smaller number. For me 12 is greater than 8 would have been 12<8 now, this reads 12 is less than eight. Thing is before my son finished Kindergarten this past June, this was one of the last units he had, and his then teacher taught the signs the same way I was taught. Either these signs changed sometime between May/April and July of this year or his former teacher still still thinks that's the way these signs are written based on the way she was taught and is/was unaware of the shift.

    Verrazano Bridge:

    First time I've seen it. Interesting enough though there is a video about 9/11 that shows the exact same bridge in back of the towers. The bridge was very holographic looking. The video was actually about holographic projection during 9/11.

    The Christ Statue/Corcovado:

    That statue was HUGE, like towering over the city HUGE, and I had no idea on was in Peru also. Interesting enough last year it was struck by lightening and it was captured on camera. I'm wondering people noticed these changes before or after.

    Andrew Zimmern was indeed Andrew Zimmerman

    I do believe CERN and our shifting/rising has to do with all these changes and for me that's good. I do not see CERN as a threat as many do/ or as it may have been originally created as. I see it now as sort of an assistant to us as Earth and us continue to rise in frequency…No one has to agree, just my view.

    1. A quick check on google shows that the greater and less than signs are still as you’ve described them, but at least you now know your child’s kindergarten teacher is an idiot.

      1. I know what they are now and I was actually stating that FOR ME they were the opposite of what they are now up until recently(meaning that the greater than sign was less than and the less than sign was greater than); and the teacher at that time taught them AS I REMEMBERED them as she must have remembered them the opposite way herself.

        [Edited – Apparently, Tee recalls the greater-than and less-than signs being the opposite of what they are now, and Tee assumes that teacher had a similar, alternate memory or history. And, it seems that Tee is also sensitive to comments about that teacher.]

      2. Hang on, Willam, Tee wrote learning “128). If Tee remembers the opposite, it could be a Mandela effect

        1. I believe that Tee was trying to convey a Mandela Effect experience. (Being dyslexic, I’m glad I’m in the reality where I can recall that “< looks like L, for 'less than'." If it were the other way around, I'd have really struggled with maths.) Tee's context was a little confusing, and William's sarcastic humor seemed to hit a raw nerve, which didn't help. (Since my humor tends to the sarcastic at times, his comment slipped right past me. I didn't realize how annoying it might seem.)

    2. Regarding the “corcovado” in Peru.

      I can assure you is not at ME. Between 2009-2011, the former president Alan García was involved in the proyect of a “replica” of the Corcovado. I think this was a political move he did at the end of his term, so people could remind him.

      Greetings from Perú

    3. Tee, that is an incredibly interesting (and insightful) idea about CERN’s LHD, that, no matter how irresponsible/insidiously influenced/dangerous it may be, on a Cosmic scale (or reality at it’s most irreducible,i.e. energetically) this human meddling may inadvertently assist Us in our collective spiritual evolution. Even if it is through recovering from the damage done to space-time or us understanding quantum mechanics better through trying to cope with an altered reality or from dealing with the negative spiritual ramifications of several pounds of anti-matter being siphoned into this dimension (Google it, this is one of their goals), the end result could be a stronger, or maybe even collectively enlightened, Us. It brings to mind the concept of Man being part of nature and so that our pollution and nuclear detonations are no more unnatural than the destructiveness of a beaver’s habits/instincts. I don’t think that anything, no matter how seemingly destructive or “unnatural”, that is possible within the Cosmos/Multiverse, can bring it any harm. Even if CERN’s LHC, as Stephen Hawking is concerned, will “destroy the universe” ( ), the universe, according to the Big Bang and Big Crunch theories, the universe is continously destroying and recreating itself, so everything will be ok. Things would be even better if someone could explain to me why physics theories always sound children’s breakfast cereals. FrOOt Loops, anyone? 🙂

  36. I specifically remember the episode where Fonzie of Happy Days passes away. I remember how it was broken to Richie, and how he rebelled in frustration and anger in response to his death. I am trying to find other threads regarding this in specifics but can’t.

    1. Kathryn, most related comments are part of longer lists of anomalies. The best non-anomalous answer to this issue is in this comment: (Basically, Fonzie’s death was a ruse in the show, and resolved in the second of a two-part episode. Anyone who missed the second part was likely to think Fonzie died. If that’s not a reasonable explanation for your memory, let me know in further comments.)

  37. If we declare that 80% of ME topics could be false flags,will it be called a retrograde step ?.I don’t suppose so,even 20% is a huge anomaly,the rest of 80% may be used by Perry Mason to dispense justice or better still as a valid argument to evade confrontation.

  38. Hello everyone! Hope you’re all coming through this. Anyway, reading Timothy Leary’s, Your Brain is God. I’m not a big fan of The Who, but Pete Townshend doesn’t sound right. Still, with the ME, I don’t get too involved with memories that aren’t strongly anchored. I’m not sure if this proves anything, but these anomalies I always find interesting. On page 104 of the book, Leary clearly refers to him as Peter Townsend for what it’s worth. Certainly it could be a typo, but thought I’d throw it out there. Warm regards, Jason

    1. I’ve never seen it spelled Townshend until now. Weird! It doesn’t look right at all.

  39. He was definately Andrew Zimmerman. My ex-wife watched his show religiously. And I remember the Less Than/Greater Than signs the way Tee does, too; our teacher illustrated the Greater Than sign as an “alligator mouth” eating the smaller number. I also remember the HUGE, towering Christ statue as well. When someone mentioned that it appeared to be significantly smaller now, my immediate reaction was to rationalize this by surmising that arial photographs had merely given it the appearance of having been much bigger than it actually was. But when I searched Google images I saw that the current arial shots don’t make it look any bigger; if anything, they make it look even smaller!

  40. Last thought today in regards to the Mandela Effect at the Mandela Effect website. Had several peculiar experiences when I first arrived of posts not appearing and then reappearing. I’m not suggesting anything u towards in regards to you Fiona. I was obsessed with this place until *I* got my Thanksgiving confirmation. I thought it would resonate with more people, but it was always the Third Thursday for Thanksgiving. I remembered using the alliterative tool. At any rate, if I may offer my opinion…a lot of what I’ve been reading since moving away from this site suggests that the world is a digital reality that can be changed based on each persons thoughts, feelings and projections. I know as an athlete that visualization was a powerful tool for me when I competed. Anyway, if you’re like me, you NEED answers. I gather that has something to do with my O- blood type, or I’ve just gone completely insane with YouTube videos. Oh well. It beats the propaganda on television. Many thanks, Fiona, and good luck everyone. This idea helped me find a modicum of peace. I hope it’ll help you. Warm regards, Jason

    1. Per my thoughts yesterday, these two posts were constructed relatively close to one another. There certainly wasn’t a 48 minute delay. When I used to be on Facebook, that’s how I’d post. One thought follows another. It’s just the way my mind works. Time and reality is malleable folks. You’d better believe it. I only wonder if I can close the gap between what I believe and truth before it’s too late. I believe I can and we can. We can collectively change the reality of this world with directed thoughts of love, harmony, acceptance and peace. The powers that be have inundated all of us with ideas of status, wealth and ego. That’s their game to keep you from understanding and overtaking them. IMO, the ME is a very clear clue that yes, the world can change and is changing in flux. Scientifically, the earth is vibrating at a higher frequency. So are all of you. The people who don’t question are ostensibly automated robots conditioned to conform. Sadly, many of my family members are trapped in that same matrix. I can’t save them. You can save yourself. Don’t let them win. Love is the answer. Warmest regards, Jason

  41. Hi Fiona I saw your website thru reddit and found shocking what I’ve been reading I didn’t know there was so many memories out of sync and things that as today don’t make any sense I’ll tell you my experiences with this comment hopefully I’m not the only one that’s freaked out about it, I’m still a bit shocked and freaked out !

    the first thing I noticed was “Sex in the city” although I was never a fan I saw the commercials so many times in tv and my family used to watch it sometimes I’m 80% sure it was called Sex in the city and not Sex and the city like I said I’m not a fan of the show really never watched any episodes but the name I can’t forget the name and since I’m not a fan I say 80% but am pretty sure it did not have “and the city” that’s just wrong

    OK the thing that shocked me the most are these two things because I am 100% that they are wrong I grew up with these things when I was a kid I saw them many times thru my life I’m 100% they are wrong one would be “Looney toons” they’re NOT Looney tunes that’s super messed up ! I watched the cartoons ALOT when I was a kid I know it was toons not tunes also I have a few Looney toons toys from mcdonalds, stuffed animals and some cards that I have not checked if they changed to “tunes” but even if I checked I don’t think this is the original timeline I was born in otherwise they’d be called Looney toons

    the second thing that I am 100% it did change was “Fruit Loops” I ate those most of my life and grew up with them I’m 100% sure they were not called Froot Loops that’s so messed up THESE TWO THINGS HAVE BEEN FREAKING ME OUT the past days because unlike Sex in the city I grew up with Looney toons and Fruit loops I know what they were called am not crazy It’s the way I remember them

    third thing would be the epic “Luke I am your father” from star wars I remember that line all my life after watching the movies I’m not a big fan of star wars but I loved the movies specially the first trilogy it is really messed up it is not the same anymore and people think everyone who say Luke I am your father is wrong or we’re called lunatics/crazy that’s really messed up but we can’t do nothing about it 🙁

    about mandela I really have no idea to be honest I’d be lying if I said I remember him dying in the 80’s my history memories are rusty as hell when it comes to Africa, there’s a few things that I could have had remembered but I’m not 100% sure not even 50% sure that’s why I don’t count them like Sex in the city, Looney toons and Fruit Loops.. this is the list of things that they seem familiar to me but I’m not sure about them

    Jiffy PB
    Barbara Streisand
    Kate Perry
    Muhammad Ali’s Death

    I remember seeing in the news Muhammad Ali had died and remember my uncle talking about it, but I’m not 100% he died, he had medical issues I could make a mistake with these memories same thing with Jiffy I have vague memories of the PB the name is super familiar again am not confusing it with Skippy just feels familiar can’t really say I remember Jiffy while growing up because I’d be lying but they are a bit familiar to me the only things I can confirm 100% are the ones I mentioned first which would be SITC, LT, FL and Star Wars epic line

    I am so freaked out I’m thinking if I should tell my family about it don’t want them to think I’m crazy or a lunatic in fact this is the first time I’m telling this to the public lol but after reading so many comments and so many people thought I’d share my 2 cents about it I don’t even know how I ended in this strange universe though I am not alone! either I jumped into a parallel universe or someone must have changed the past and screwed up things up what do you think?

    1. Julian, it could be a little from Column A and a little from Column B. That is: you may have slid in and out of a few alternate realities (along with a whole lot of other people), and some of our history may have been changed by time travelers.

      I’m pretty much open to any reasonable explanation for why so many people remember things differently.

      Whether you tell your family is up to you. I grew up in a household where this kind of topic was suitable for the dinner table, and friends’ parents were working in theoretical sciences so it was a common topic at their homes, as well. However, at least two close relatives are convinced the rest of us are a bit far out on the scale of eccentricity. We agree to disagree, but — frankly — I think the rest of us are leading far more fun, interesting lives.

      1. My mum in her 80’s i ask her hey heres a question, ask them questions as if you are checking your memory, then say its strange i could have sworn it was x.. then if they have the same memory as you, then you can say how about.. that way you can “blame” your bad memory, its a way to broach the subject just to test the waters

    2. Sex in a city,is a lousy thing.Sex in country could be quite an experience provided it’s not illicit.Sex in suburbs may be the most practical option,even if it’s illicit,lady Chatterley can vouch for that.

  42. I have brought a lot of these changes to some of my coworkers and most have remember a lot of these things that are different in this present reality. Sex in the city, Mr Rogers THE neighborhood and mirror mirror on the wall seem to really hit home with them as does Berenstein. For the record Alaska does look very odd as I don’t remember that peninsula sticking out the West Coast as well as Australia being way to north and New Zealand being on the wrong side of Australia.
    I want to add a strong ME mandella effect experience that I had a couple months ago but prior to learning about this phenomenon (Just the Berensteins was what I was aware of). I was watching Spirit Science to learn more about Atlantis and other topics and he mentioned that in the underground room beneath the Sphinx that some say the capstone of the Great Pyramid may be found. I was thinking, “Say what? What is he talking about? Capstone from the Great Pyramid?!?!” It made little sense to me because I have always been highly interested in the 3 large pyramids in Giza and especially the largest. It was in the reality I was in previously in incredible shape for something of its age. Strong, clean, fortress looking pyramid. It was in almost new condition from what I remember. So I pull up the Great Pyramid online and boom it looks rough…falling apart a bit…not what I remember but I questioned if I didn’t remember it right for some reason. Then I saw the flat top and new I jumped to a parallel reality. No question. The Berenstein Bears changing names and the Pyramid looking rough I could play off to memory mistakes but the top is flat! I also hadn’t ever until my mid 30’s of the words ornery, salty(when used as a adjective), or ginger (to describe a red head). NEVER heard them until about 2011. Oh year I am a read head so yeah.

    1. Shawn, I just searched images for the great pyramid (just now, 9/23/15 4:47 local time), and I didn’t see a flat top in any of the pictures that came up. I believe you though!

        1. Gavin, I did a Google search using one phrase from that article, “this capstone would have been huge and weighed a tremendous amount.” I found pages & pages of articles using the exact same text. That tends to decrease the credibility of the article.

          The information might be true, but I’d want to see it from a more reliable source.

    2. Ginger wasn’t coined until 2005, it was a word that the TV show South Park made up to make fun of red heads. So in 2011, it would have been fairly a new slang term. But ornery has been around in my timeline forever, my great grandpa used to use that word a lot to describe me when I was being bad lol.

      1. I thought Ginger was more of a British thing, originally. I don’t think South Park made it up, but borrowed it. I think I first read it in the Harry Potter books.

        1. I agree, Julia. In my memory, it’s been a British thing for as long as I’ve had auburn hair… meaning my entire life or most of it. (And, since I’m not 10 years old, the expression pre-dates the 2005 South Park reference… or it did in the reality of my childhood.)

      2. “Ginger.” This one is fun. I moved from USA to UK in 70s as a child, so I have seem a lot of language exchange. “Ginger” has been a UK expression for red heads for many years (in this reality!) and I have watched it become popularised via internet and tv in USA over the years. I think South Park in particular enjoyed the quirky British use of the adjective as a noun, too: “He’s a ginger!” (NB I am a ginger and proud!!) Sometimes British people pronounce the word to rhyme with singer – this is always offensive.
        To show you the opposite in action, some years ago on a writing course, I wrote a piece set in the 70s in the USA and used the expression “gross.” I was corrected by someone who said that expression was far too modern for the 70s as it was a recent slang term – as it was still in the UK pre-2010. I love the word “ornery” though, and I wish it would take off here in UK!!!
        Hope you don’t mind me putting in my 2 cents (or tuppence) here – I am fascinated by the ME and I believe I have witnessed a lot of phenomena relating to it, but I think that language (usage, pronunciation, spelling) can definitely be a tricky one due to the way language changes and evolves – and sometimes due to the fact that we as teachers sometimes get it wrong (yes) and pass on our mistakes to the next generation! 🙂 Having said that – DILEMNA for sure, but you never see it anywhere now. Also, recall going into an exam and suddenly seeing that rhythm had become rythm.

        1. The word “gross” in my timeline has been around as far back as I can remember, I’m 32 and live in the U.S. My parents always used that word when I was a small child whenever I did something gross, so I would assume it was around in the U.S. in the 70’s in my timeline, unless it was a new term just around the time I was born, I’ll have to ask my parents and people older than me.

    1. SaLena,
      I thought Yogi Berra died before too .. So I did a little digging and found out that his wife died about a year ago… That might be why we think we remember Yogi dying.

      1. I’m not sure that’s a good explanation, Kathy. It’s possible, but unlikely, unless her death received widespread coverage that people only half listened to. Also, my memory of Mr. Berra’s death is from far earlier than a year ago. I’m not a big baseball fan, so I can’t give a reliable date, but my first guess would be that he’d died around five years ago, and possibly ten or more. When I read about his death, my reaction wasn’t “Didn’t he die just a few years ago?” It was “Didn’t he die at least a decade ago?”

        1. Fiona , right in line with my memory. I would have said 2010. I am a baseball fan. And swear he died about 5 years ago also. I was just waiting to see if other people had the same memory. Mike H.

        2. I have to agree, I thought it was more like 10 years ago. My dad is a pretty big baseball fan, he often quotes Yogi Berra and always in
          the context of “you know Yogi Berea USED to say…” I asked him and dad remembered coverage 8-10 years ago of Yogi’ s death… but he chalked it up to remembering it wrong…

  43. I am having a Mandela Moment?
    The news says Yogi Berra passed away this morning… am I the only one who thought he’d already passed?

  44. I remember watching a documentary about Muhammad Ali a few months ago at a friend’s unit across from mine, and learned, at the end, that he died in 2009. I clearly remembered being impressed with him winning a third championship title before his death.

    Now, I learn that he nevered died?! I also remember “Looney Tunes” being “Looney Toons”.

    I cannot help but refer to the effect as mind-breaking… I have a bad habit of overthinking things, so it really does not help, here…

  45. Hey guys so I wish we could post pics because I found a couple things.

    One: I’m 30 and remember berenstein bears vividly. Knowing I had old copies from childhood, I was going to prove that MY copies had to have the right name. Well,they didn’t. Berenstain right there in front of my face. I showed my grandma whom also remember Stein and she was puzzled too. Showed my best friend yesterday and started singing the song with Stein. She’s kinda ticked. Ha-ha.

    Two: sex in/and the city. This is where I wish we could post pics. Everywhere I see sex and the city but remembered buying a perfume lotion set about 6 years ago. I went looking for it in my closet and found the lotion, it clearly says sex IN the city.

    I told another friend and she said, “nella, you’re such a conspiracy theorist”. Such is life though.

  46. New here, first off thank you Fiona, well done! I have one for everybody, has Sunkist orange soda always been spelled Sinkist? Because it is now and I remember it spelled as it is pronounced, until maybe six months ago when I noticed it is indeed Sinkist. Anyone else? About the Berenstein Bears, my favorite childhood books. I wonder what the hell changed since everyone I ask remembers ei. Did nearly everyone die/shift since it’s so universal? Nuclear war happened in the 80’s? That would leave a serious stain on humanity.

    1. Thanks, Roscoe, and your comment is a very good one. Honestly, it never crossed my mind that something significant (and awful) might have happened in our “old” reality — the Berenstein one — that shuttled us to this reality in such large numbers. That’s definitely food for thought.

      1. What if the “event” that killed so many of us and realigned our awarenesses with this reality was an accident with CERN’s notoriously volatile LHC? Could this be the “Unified Mandella Theory” synthesizing Quantum Immortality with CERN’s time travel byproducts? In other words, like you said, Fiona, a little from column A, a little from column B…

          1. “Not the killing part” lol

            Another clue to the possible truth of this is that we find ourselves in a reality where people that we knew had died suddenly…had not. So perhaps we’re in the same boat. And what brings CERN to mind is that someone once commented on here that for so many of us to have “migrated” here together may suggest a wide-scale disaster, and the widely held theory/suspicion that CERN’s activities have something to do with all of this makes me wonder if perhaps it has something to do with It in more ways than one. It seems that not much in life is “this” or “that”, but usually, rather, both (think the old “Nature vs. Nurture” debate).

            1. Thanks, Brian S., and I received your private message. I’ll be watching that anomaly closely to see if it continues… but not with wide, red, crazed eyes. (Err… maybe I need to check the mirror? LOL. And, of course, that makes me wonder if Dr. Jekyll was merely swapping places with an alternate-reality counterpart that had a singularly nasty temperament.)

    2. I checked out the website for that soda brand. It is still Sunkist, but it appears the logo has recently undergone an unfortunate redesign. They merged the letters u and n and now it does look like Sinkist.

      I agree with you with you, though. I am an 80s kid, and I do think in some other universe nuclear war did happen in the 80s. It is just a little feeling I have been having for a while, deep in my gut. I, incidentally only found out about the Berlin Wall coming down years after the fact. That’s a pretty huge thing for a 9 year old to completely miss. It is possible that school and my parents both failed to mention it at all, as well as missing all coverage and mentions on tv, radio, and newspaper, which I am assuming would have gone on for a while, but that’s pretty strange.

    3. I just checked (Sept. 24 @ 11:35 AM) about Sunkist. According to Google, it is still called Sunkist, not Sinkist. It may have changed again since you last saw it? That’s pretty upsetting.

    4. That Sunkist logo is definitely weird. The pre 1979 logo is still clearly Sun kist but it looks odd too. One of those things that have changed….good catch.

    5. I’d never noticed this until I read about it in your post. I did a little research and it seems that there’s a Sunkist logo (with the U and N separate) that’s associated with the orange growers’ group that started Sunkist and is still on their fruit and juice products.

      The logo on their soda cans does, as you point out, say, “Sinkist.” In fact all the google images I can find of the Sunkist soda cans have always said, “Sinkist.” Even in the YouTube videos of the first commercials (“Good Vibrations” ca.1980) it can clearly be seen as, “Sinkist.”

      I don’t remember it being that way when I drank the soda growing up in the 80’s, though I suppose it’s possible I never paid attention. However, I did find a blog entry from someone who blogs about unfortunate advertising logos and wrote an article on it in 2005 complaining about the ‘change.’

      Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it!

      And just for the record: BerenstEin, Interview With A (not With The), Yogi Berra died at least a decade ago (if not longer), Nichelle Nichols died about a year and a half ago, Mirror Mirror, and it was, “If you build it THEY will come,”–this ‘new’ version (HE will come) sounds so sinister and had that same feeling of wrongness that I initially felt with the BerestEin effect. Oh, and mentioned it before, but haven’t seen many reference it: Steven Segal is now (and supposedly always has been) Steven Seagal.

      Keep up the great work Fiona! Thank you so much for providing a place where we can all discuss this!

      1. Can confirm, Steven Segal is what I knew growing up. When I see “Seagal” I get a momentary confusion and want to call him “Seagull”.

  47. I am just going to go ahead and ask this, since it has been bothering me for awhile. If Narwhals have always existed for you, where did you hear about them, and if you always knew of them since childhood, can you give me a general timeframe? 80s? 90s? Did you see them in those kids’ Zoobooks magazines, National Geographic, nature programming on tv, or learn about them in school? Was it considered general knowledge or little known fact?

    I ask because Narwhals only entered my consciousness in the 2000s, with the Elf movie, and then it became some kind of trendy hipster thing to put Narwhals on everything. But, I thought Narwhals were mythical creatures. When I found out they were real, as a full grown adult, my mind was completely blown. I was utterly flummoxed. The explanation I found at the time, was that Narwhals were elusive and rarely photographed, so that is how I could have gone my whole life not knowing about them. Now though, I can google and see pictures of narwhals everywhere. Big groups of them, two horned narwhals, no horned narwhals, a polar bear eating a narwhal carcass. That is so crazy to me.

    Was anyone else shocked to discover narwhals? Or have you always known about them?

    1. I first heard of narwhals around 2010. My son kept watching an animated video on YouTube, with a song about how awesome they are. I thought they were some sort of internet meme. Then, someone on a message board commented they just learned narwhals were real that day. I was confused. I asked my son if narwhals were real, and he showed me a national geographic documentary about them. All my friends laughed at me. Apparently everyone I know learned about them in school.

      1. Im aware of many ME’s on here and can agree with a lot but this has been around for a while in pop culture. Theres even an old song about them. Its a funny youtube song. It recently made an appearence on a commercial too. If this is a ME then the change happened years ago, i dont think i learned about them in school but I have vague memories of seeing them in my text book next to whales

    2. I had a similar situation i think their existence is just not largely reported information. Until pop culture took it on.

    3. I was born in 1964. I heard about narwhals as a child, but I can’t remember exactly where or at what age. I loved nature and animals and read loads of books, plus we always watched nature programs on TV–Jacque Cousteau would have covered all things ocean-related, and there was Marlin Perkins, David Attenborough, and others. I remember learning that the myth of the unicorn may have arisen in part because of narwhal tusks washed up on shore, or perhaps traded from the Northern tribes into Europe. But they are rare animals, so is it possible you simply never heard of them because they aren’t talked about often? Still, it is strange that, in the age of the Internet, you never saw a single picture of one until recently. Either you were very recently inserted into their reality, or the narwhals were inserted into yours. I wonder what memories animals could share, if they could talk.

      1. I had also NEVER heard of narwhals or seen a picture of anything looking like that until about 2 weeks ago. I asked my 8 year old son, who knows quite a bit about animals for his age, and he acted like I was crazy, of course he knew what a narwhal was! Then he preceded to tell me what they were, making me feel more crazy.
        I have no clue how I missed these in my 40 years on this planet unless I came from a “no narwhal” reality

    4. Hi, Anne,

      Minority report weighing in: in my memory (timeline / reality / etc.), yes, narwhals have always existed (well, as far back as their speciation, at any rate). Their existence was debated through the 18c or so, but by some point in the late 18c (Wiki indicates their acceptance by 16c).

      I knew of them by age 4 (1976), but didn’t study much about them (more interested in cosmology & paleontology at the time).

    5. I never even heard of Narwhals before I started visiting this site months ago. My husband was shocked when I told him that but although he had always known about them he thought they were extinct.

    6. When I was a child (about 30 years ago) my parents got me mail-order subscription to animal cards. There was a green box and every so often I’d get a new pack of cards to go in the box. I specifically remember the narwhal because it was a painting and not photograph like the rest. I assumed they were aware of its existence, but didn’t have an actual picture to use. As an adult I was excited to see video footage of them, because that card was a favorite and i wondered what they might look like in reality.

  48. This is the most interesting discussion I’ve ever read. I will be checking my parent’s house for my old Berenstein Bear books this weekend. One ME I’ve seen on here a few times is the Verrazano Bridge (people claim they’ve never heard of it and a ferry was needed to get to Staten Island) I’m not from NY, never been, but I’d be interested in asking the people who have never heard of it how they remember the “bridge scene” in Saturday Night Fever.

  49. I Distinctly remember watching the berenstien bears on DVD in class. Also since when has it been “No, I am your father.” I remember a scene from one of the toy story movies referencing the “Luke…” line.

  50. I remember the berenstien bears, also i have also seen the bloomstien bears , when was that a thing?

  51. I also remember a scene from one of the toy story movies where Zerg references the “Luke…” version of the line not the “No…” Version.

  52. OMG, concerning Rosa Parks I have recently shifted reality again. I saw here some weeks or months ago a discussion on the age of Rosa Parks and her story. There were three versions of her life story.
    – In the 1960s she was an elderly lady and she refused to get up in the bus and take another seat because it was physically difficult for her to get up.
    – In the 1960s she was a middle aged woman, but she nontheless refused to give up her seat in the bus.
    – In the 60s she was a schoolchild. The bus story was only the less important part of what she did for the Civil Rights Movement. Her parents attempted to send her to a white school the school rejected. The parents sued her into the school. The court decided in favor of the parks family. That trial served as a precedent to abolish segregation in the schools.

    I grew up only to hear the bus story. I didn’t learn her age, but it sounded as if she was an adult person. I was born in the 70s.
    In 2013 or 2014 I read an article in American Renaissance about her, and I was surprised she was a school child. It was that article that taught me the school story with her suing parents. I found this site late July 2015.
    When I read this month, or last month, about the three version of Rosa Parks` biography, her biography still was, she was a schoolchild. Those who discussed here wrote “Oh I thought she was an adult, but she was a child. – Oh I remember her being elderly.”
    Now she’s middle aged.

      1. Interesting, John O. If a reporter, after some too-hasty research, used the wrong name and the story was picked up by other media, I could see that as an explanation. I’ll be interested in more backstory from others who have multiple or alternate, related memories.

      2. Interesting, I hadn’t heard the name so far. But I remembre the comments here on where some discussed the age of Rosa Parks.
        I just checked the pictures of Ruby Bridges. I remembre a picture in an American Renaissance article of the week of her sitting in the classroom surrounded by white classmates, and that was another face than the face of Ruby Bridges that I find now. But the picture here is strikingly similar to the picture the second picture in the AmRen article. Only the face isn’t the same. Rosa Park’s face was more round.

    1. I’ve always known the story of Rosa Parks as her being a middle aged woman (42) who refused to give up her seat on a bus, and was consequently arrested for doing so as she did not comply with the segregation laws (Jim Crow laws). I have never heard of the 2 other versions.

      1. I always heard she was an elderly lady (in her 70s?) who refused to give up her seat because she was standing up to racist laws. I even remember photographs of her in a brown dress, glasses, and a hat with her purse resting on her chest. Now I’m really disturbed to see the pictures of her as a younger woman.

        1. I remember Rosa Parks as a much older woman, I remember that add part of the story we were taught in school, she was an elderly black woman who refused to give her seat to a young white person… the point wasn’t just about segregation being wrong, but being disrespectful to an elderly person due to the color of their skin, respect for your elders…I remember those cardboard ‘paintings’ the teachers hung up during black history month of an old black lady…

  53. Heres something i remembered finding years ago, its a site that as of September 25, 2015 this website lists 7877 famous (and semi-famous) people from various walks of life – entertainment, politics, sports, music, law, … and others. who are either dead of alive, thought it could be interesting and it has their death dates so it could track down a few changes possibly

  54. Hello,
    I first became aware that something was strange a few years back after finding that the Berenstein bears head change their name. And recently I’ve been made aware Snow White’s, mirror, mirror on the wall. Although very intriguing I allowed myself to feel like there was a possibility my memory was flawed. Last night something happened that completely shook me to the core.

    My grandparents raised me as a small child. My grandfather was a father to me. Long before I came around he was a commercial artist in Michigan. This is before the days of royalties.

    As a child, grandpa would take me in the stores and show me different things that he is done. He was always the most proud of the Kellogg’s logo. And the left hand side of a Kellogg’s cereal box there was an icon that looked a lot like the NBC News logo. It had a tail with a different colors and it was a rooster. As a child I remember thinking how cool it was. And everytime we went in a store grandpa pointed it out. That’s why by the time I was a teenager even though I’d be like, “yes, that’s really cool,” it wasn’t a big of a deal anymore. Until, I had children and as soon as they were old enough to comprehend it. I showed them that logo every time we went in the store!
    Last night, my youngest child was painting and I told her the story of grandpa. I want to go show her grandpa’s pride and joy the, “iconic rooster!” I was completely socked to find it had changed! After searching for about an hour. I was even more shocked to find out it never existed! I immediately went to into my teenagers rooms and ask them to recall the memory. Thank God, they remember it just the same as I do! of course, my husband remembers my bragging rights too! Please tell me someone else has noticed that the Kellogg’s rooster has changed! There used to be a little icon in the left-hand corner on every Kellogg’s box. It is now wiped from the slate of the cosmic memory! Because it was so near and dear to my heart I will never forget the image. It is burned into my memory! Now I know for absolute certain that something is seriously going on! I want answers. I need answers! What am I going to tell my grandchildren? Your grandfather was a commercial artist who designed famous logos that are now missing in space and time and no one remembers them? Does anyone else remember the logo that looked a lot like the NBC News peacock? Thank you for your time, Angela

    1. Angela, i remember the nbc like logo they had a thinner look than the nbc symbol. Its a little foggy but i feel like i could almost draw it. Looking at the box now looks weird.. off… looks like a new brand of cereal

    2. Hey, I remember that logo! I recall seeing it on older boxes ( or “vintage,” as they’d call it on eBay), with the newer version being a later edition. But now I don’t see it anywhere, not even on the oldest cereal boxes. I feel bad that your grandpa’s pride and joy no longer exists in this reality. He must have been an interesting fellow.

      Oh, and apparently the rooster is named Cornelius.

      1. I remember that logo as well. In fact, I’m so sure it existed, I’ve been trying to make time to go through Google images to find it. If that fails, I’d go through some of my vintage magazine collection. Surely, I’ll find it in an advertisement. Also, I’d go through the trademark art filed at the US trademark registry. (The online version may not be complete, but it is searchable. ( — and then click through to work with TESS.) Worst case, I’d sketch it, colorize it in Photoshop, post it in an online file at Flickr or Facebook or something, and then do a reverse image search at Google, perhaps finding it categorized under a different keyword or something.

        Really, I’m that sure about the logo that Angela described, and it’s so familiar to me, I’d have difficulty believing it never existed in this reality.

  55. Fiona,
    You don’t have to approve this comment if you don’t feel it’s a valid observation and I mostly wanted you to hear this and get your thoughts on it.
    I found a link to an online message board from 2001 about an amusement park called cedar point. The discussion on the board was about whether or not the park should bring back berenstein bear land to replace snoopy land. What I found interesting is that every single poster spells it stein. Every one of them. And not once is the spelling questioned. It was obvious from reading the comments that berenstein bear land was once part of the park and most of the responses wanted it brought back. So obviously these people had visited the park probably often and were fans of the berenstein bear land attraction at the park. You would think that they would have noticed if the spelling was stain and.not stein. At least one person!
    Another point of interest is that Charles Schultz is also mentioned in regards to snoopy land. His name is mentioned in two different posts and is spelled Schultz in one post and Schulz in another. Thought you might find this interesting as well. I would send you the link to the message board but I can’t from my phone. You can also find it on google by searching “ 2001 berenstein bear or snoopy land”

  56. Also in regards to the 2001 message board about berenstein bear land. If you google search “cedar point amusement park berenstein bear land” – all the results pull up with berenstain bear land spelled stain

  57. Apparently Kel Mitchell from All That and the Kenan and Kel show is still alive as of 2015. I remember hearing that he died in a car crash in the mid 2000’s. They just reunited during Saturday Night Live.

    1. Majorie, I remember Kel dying sometime between 2004 and 2006. My best friend across the street who i hung out with almost EVERY day told me about Kel dying and she was devastated. At the time i didnt know who that was so then she showed me Keenan and Kel the show, she had it on VHS.

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