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Mandela Effect - Major Memories - comments 1
All 244 of the comments from Page 1 are in this book. It’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Below, you can read part of the first page of over 4,000 general comments related to the Mandela Effect and known Major Memories.

This page includes several threads started 13 Sep 2012 or later. (Comments are organized by when the original thread started.)

Reading them, it’s as if you’re an observer of startling conversations, as – in the early days of Mandela Effect research – this site was where people discussed their own, alternate memories and the evidence that supported them.

But then, when the topic went viral, this website crashed. Sometimes several times a day.

There were two causes:

  • Traffic spikes due to enthusiasm by those who wanted to read – or even join – those conversations, and…
  • DDoS attacks by people aggressively trying to prevent people from reading what’s said here.

To keep this website from crashing, I had to remove most of the content.

It was better than the alternatives.

That’s why only the first few comments are shown on this page.

However, I refuse to let this history be lost. People should be able to read these conversations and decide for themselves which memories are real, and which can be explained logically.

If you want to read the entire 244 comments that were on this page, they’re in The Mandela Effect – Major Memories, Book 1. (It’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited, and – like the 15 ebooks in this series – it can be borrowed from some public libraries, friends, etc..)



12 thoughts on “Readers Share Their Mandela Effect Memories – Page 1”

  1. As I was going down this list, I read the entry regarding Ghost Hunters and it felt like someone punched me in the gut. I seriously had to sit back and focus on breathing for a while.

    I CLEARLY remember this show being called TAPS. I thought it was a really weird name for a ghost show, but I kind of just shrugged it off. I also remember my parents calling it TAPS, and then one day it was like no one remembered anymore.

    On another note, I have a potential memory to report. I’m a manager at a movie theater, and recently, I’ve been experiencing some weird things with the movie ‘The Campaign.’ I am POSITIVE that it was, at one point, called The Candidate, but I can find no evidence for this. I’ve had at least thirty people come in who were as shocked as I was to learn that it was called The Campaign. I even remember the banner in our lobby using that title.

    1. I got goosebumps from your movie comment, like I’m legitimately scared. I remember that movie being titled “The Candidate,” after seeing a trailer while watching a movie with my mom.

      1. I remember it being called The Candidate as well.. when did “The Campaign” come up? Now THAT’s weird.

        1. Michelle, I’ve searched IMDb and other sources, trying to find a name change. So far, I don’t see one.

          I mean, I could see that they might want to distance themselves from the old Robert Redford movie, The Candidate, but really, that movie was popular decades ago. I’m not sure it’d be an issue. Plus that, people generally can’t copyright titles. (They can trademark them to avoid merchandising problems, but the title itself — unless a copycat uses the title to confuse people, deliberately — can usually be used over & over again.)

          1. There are Two different movies. Both are remakes of previous films. The Candidate is a re-named remake of The Manchurian Candidate (obviously someone thought the original title was too long or outdated prompting the change). But the original and remake of The Campaign has not had a name alteration. This is not an alternate reality memory as much as it is basic name confusion which occurs often enough without name changes to existent story lines. I know this because I paid attention to both movies despite liking one more than the other.

            As for 9/11/01 it occurred on that date, but the day felt much longer and strange/surreal as many like myself (who have ties to the site) was awakened by a re-directed phone call due to a tower collapse. You will find this “disbelief” & “disorientation” is also common surrounding the event that occurred and may account for the date confusion. However some remember receiving warnings not to go into the city on that day… there is no evidence to prove or disprove it that ever happened however. Similar feelings have also been described in other places of high death tolls like the flooding of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina. The effect is called a “psychic well”, and may be related to disruption in our reality from the events that took place. ~M.

            1. M, those are interesting observations. Thank you! However, I’d seen the Manchurian Candidate film, and if “The Candidate” previews that I saw had been a remake, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it. The original movie was quite powerful. I could be wrong, since I don’t recall seeing “The Candidate” film, and hope others will share their thoughts about this.

          2. I am freaking out. This all started for me today when the berenstEin issue came up, I know it was an “e” I remember asking if it was pronounced Steen or stine. If it was berenstain I would’ve never asked an just pronounced it as stain. But I went into my parents crawl space and all my childhood books passed down to me by my brothers that have our names and our scribbles on the cover and pages says berenstAin!! I burst into tears and have been looking this up since. I remember jiffy peanut butter, Muhammad Ali dying, entering magic kingdom going thru the castle, “a beautiful day in the neighborhood” and my dad always swears Henry Winkler died. I have had things happen like a store I’ve been to multiple times switch spots and when mention it I get a “what r u talking about we’ve always been here” and I’ve thought I was crazy, but after the berenstein bears I knew I wasn’t crazy or misremembering, even after I saw my childhood books said stain. And reading all this if really terrifying me, I’m in tears as I type this, I cannot sleep. My beliefs I’ve always had in God r being questioned. I don’t know how to handle this. I’ve never had a near death experience so I can’t explain how this could’ve happened to me. It could’ve been sooner but I feel like I’ve changed and it began in 2009 I was 18 and remember thinking I was just getting older and that’s y I felt different, out of place. I’m seriously freaking out. Cuz I still don’t quite understand what this means for me…or what this means about my religion….I’m really really panicking… bad.

            1. This cool thing about God is that this could just be one of his amazing mysteries that we don’t find out until we meet him! 🙂 think of it as something form him not something going against him!

            2. Eye am crying too, it is intense! Just got introduce to this theory today! My name is Scott the thought of this is intense, God is Love though and all things possible with love. Not seen any of these books from my childhood but somehow eye knew they were going to be worth way too much in the future eye wish still have mine…pardon the way eye spell eye is none tradition like “I”

      2. Just got goosebumps and had to go look it up. I remember it being called “The Candidate” as well and have never heard of “The Campaign.” I’m not a huge movie person so this isn’t TOO surprising naturally, but I remember people talking about it and whatnot.

    2. I also clearly remember this painting, its a full length painting of henry viii. I recall its a full length painting, he is wearing a harlequin patterned shirt with a heavily patterned coat with fur trim, he is by a curtain which I recall is red. and he his holding the turkey leg in his left hand, I can even recall the breeches and knee garters. ( I will add here that I do medieval illustration and view a lot of medieval and Tudor art work) I have seen the painting mentioned 100% sure. at some point I have seen it.

  2. The comments on this page gives you an idea of the scope of the discussion that followed. If you’d like to read all 244 comments that were originally here – approximate 30,000 words of text – they’re in The Mandela Effect – Major Memories, Book 1. It’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited, or you may be able to borrow it from a friend or your public library. (I’ve set the book’s permissions so people can borrow it at no charge.)

    That’s the first of 15 books that include ALL the uncategorized comments and conversations from the original Mandela Effect website.

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