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  1. As I was going down this list, I read the entry regarding Ghost Hunters and it felt like someone punched me in the gut. I seriously had to sit back and focus on breathing for a while.

    I CLEARLY remember this show being called TAPS. I thought it was a really weird name for a ghost show, but I kind of just shrugged it off. I also remember my parents calling it TAPS, and then one day it was like no one remembered anymore.

    On another note, I have a potential memory to report. I’m a manager at a movie theater, and recently, I’ve been experiencing some weird things with the movie ‘The Campaign.’ I am POSITIVE that it was, at one point, called The Candidate, but I can find no evidence for this. I’ve had at least thirty people come in who were as shocked as I was to learn that it was called The Campaign. I even remember the banner in our lobby using that title.

    1. I got goosebumps from your movie comment, like I’m legitimately scared. I remember that movie being titled “The Candidate,” after seeing a trailer while watching a movie with my mom.

      1. I remember it being called The Candidate as well.. when did “The Campaign” come up? Now THAT’s weird.

        1. Michelle, I’ve searched IMDb and other sources, trying to find a name change. So far, I don’t see one.

          I mean, I could see that they might want to distance themselves from the old Robert Redford movie, The Candidate, but really, that movie was popular decades ago. I’m not sure it’d be an issue. Plus that, people generally can’t copyright titles. (They can trademark them to avoid merchandising problems, but the title itself — unless a copycat uses the title to confuse people, deliberately — can usually be used over & over again.)

          1. There are Two different movies. Both are remakes of previous films. The Candidate is a re-named remake of The Manchurian Candidate (obviously someone thought the original title was too long or outdated prompting the change). But the original and remake of The Campaign has not had a name alteration. This is not an alternate reality memory as much as it is basic name confusion which occurs often enough without name changes to existent story lines. I know this because I paid attention to both movies despite liking one more than the other.

            As for 9/11/01 it occurred on that date, but the day felt much longer and strange/surreal as many like myself (who have ties to the site) was awakened by a re-directed phone call due to a tower collapse. You will find this “disbelief” & “disorientation” is also common surrounding the event that occurred and may account for the date confusion. However some remember receiving warnings not to go into the city on that day… there is no evidence to prove or disprove it that ever happened however. Similar feelings have also been described in other places of high death tolls like the flooding of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina. The effect is called a “psychic well”, and may be related to disruption in our reality from the events that took place. ~M.

            1. M, those are interesting observations. Thank you! However, I’d seen the Manchurian Candidate film, and if “The Candidate” previews that I saw had been a remake, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it. The original movie was quite powerful. I could be wrong, since I don’t recall seeing “The Candidate” film, and hope others will share their thoughts about this.

              1. There is no connection between the thriller *The Manchurian Candidate*, based on a Cold War novel, and the Robert Redford movie about political campaigning called *The Candidate*. I still have one of the “McKay The Better Way” buttons worn by extras in the crowd scenes.

                1. hollyingraham, I’m pretty sure they’re talking about a different movie, not the Robert Redford one. However, that’s cool about you having the button from being an extra. Experiences like that a great fun!

          2. I am freaking out. This all started for me today when the berenstEin issue came up, I know it was an “e” I remember asking if it was pronounced Steen or stine. If it was berenstain I would’ve never asked an just pronounced it as stain. But I went into my parents crawl space and all my childhood books passed down to me by my brothers that have our names and our scribbles on the cover and pages says berenstAin!! I burst into tears and have been looking this up since. I remember jiffy peanut butter, Muhammad Ali dying, entering magic kingdom going thru the castle, “a beautiful day in the neighborhood” and my dad always swears Henry Winkler died. I have had things happen like a store I’ve been to multiple times switch spots and when mention it I get a “what r u talking about we’ve always been here” and I’ve thought I was crazy, but after the berenstein bears I knew I wasn’t crazy or misremembering, even after I saw my childhood books said stain. And reading all this if really terrifying me, I’m in tears as I type this, I cannot sleep. My beliefs I’ve always had in God r being questioned. I don’t know how to handle this. I’ve never had a near death experience so I can’t explain how this could’ve happened to me. It could’ve been sooner but I feel like I’ve changed and it began in 2009 I was 18 and remember thinking I was just getting older and that’s y I felt different, out of place. I’m seriously freaking out. Cuz I still don’t quite understand what this means for me…or what this means about my religion….I’m really really panicking… bad.

            1. This cool thing about God is that this could just be one of his amazing mysteries that we don’t find out until we meet him! 🙂 think of it as something form him not something going against him!

            2. The STAIN or STEIN has certainly surfaced. My mother has a book to check but her memory falls in line with everyone else. If it was somehow changed then I have my theory as to why.

              The other memory that confused me as tecently as this year is New Zealand’s orientation to Australia. I was looking at Google Earth and didn’t dare say anything for fear I was the only one.

            3. Please don’t fear this Danielle, everything is going to be alright. This is an exciting time in history. Think of what we have rolled into here. The Hopi Native Americans have a prophecy about this time, its very interesting, looking it up could help ease your mind.

              They say “”There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

              “Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves”

              This is a time to dive in and explore not hide in fear. 🙂 Love You Sooo Much fellow traveler!

              1. Beautiful comment….I feel things have been upside down, weird, just not the way they used to be. The Berenstein (not with an A) bears have opened the doors even more so than the traditional conspiracies and hoaxes which I already belive. I believe that there has been a shift. I asked everyone in my office, called my mom and asked a few others and no one recalls Berenstein bears with an A. My mom even dug out my old book and txt me a pic. She couldn’t belive it was Berenstain bears. She now even believes something is going on.

            4. It’s ok, I remember all those things the same way you do and a few more that I would bet my bottom dollar on. But here is the kicker, I have been married for over 25 years to a man who remembers a lot of things the other way. I am also a church going lady (heck, I lead the choir). and I firmly believe that all the 2012 huhaw meant some kind of shift in time that some of us are more susceptible too….and maybe it is those of use who tend to be more spiritual. You aren’t going crazy sweetie…and if you are you’ve got lots of company…so relax it is going to be ok.

              1. it would be interesting to find out a timeline of when people started to notice the mandela effect like the ones that kind of sparked it like mandelas death and the berentstein bears controversy, then we could really get a feel for it if it started to happen after 2012, it could very well have been the end of that world and the beginning of this one.

                1. Mine began when the ex got married. There were some ridiculously, sci fi elements that have made me convinced reality went completely wrong that day. it was in 1991-2.

                  1. It started for me in 1986. It got more profound in 1990-1991 it got even more profound in 1994-1996. It occurred again in amazing profundity around the summer of 2006. I experienced it again (less profound) around 2012. I haven’t really experienced it again, except I thought this was just happening to me until I discovered the Berentstein Bears thing, but that could just be discovering something I hadn’t already become aware of until other people did. Let’s see, I remember I remember Mohamed Ali dying, I remember the movie The Candidate and I went to go see at the theaters, I actually freaked out that Betty White was not dead, I clearly remember her dying, Mr. Rogers sang ‘It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood’, Forrest Gump said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’, I have the book which I read years before, and now I want to go check it out, It was definitely Jiffy Peanut Butter when I was a kid, no doubt about that, and I distinctly remember Billy Graham dying, I remember when I heard on the news that Mandela was released from prison I was utterly shocked I thought he had died in prison much earlier.

                    I’m not ready to share any of my own person experiences yet, but does anyone else remember that the song “Rock and Roll Heaven’ never existed until 2006?

            5. Wow! This is so crazy. I used to watch mr Rogers religiously as a kid and remember it ad “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” and remember Jiffy peanut butter so clearly in my mind. I also rember going through the castle to the magic kingdom and some of those deaths of famous people. I also had a really large collection of the berenstein Bears books which were my favorite as a kid and I remember googling them a while back and distinctly typing berenstein for the search because that’s how I remembered it. I had no idea I was not the only one. It is all making sense now. There is definitely something going on here and not just mismembering.

              1. wait what is this whole thing about “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”? What did it change to? I just watched the intro to Mr. Rogers earlier this year and it said “it’s a beauiful day in the neighborhood”…
                I also distinctly remember not knowing whether to say Stine or steen because it was Berenstein, I would’ve had no problem with stain, and remember jiffy as well, I always just thought they had shortened the name…

                1. I am also confused by the Mr. Rogers thing. People seem to be indicating that a different lyric exists, but both my memory and every Google search confirms that the lyric being cited here is correct. I can’t find any claims otherwise, even.

                  What are we missing?

                  1. Aqua, if you actually go back and listen to the old shows, you’ll hear what people are talking about. The fact that pop culture has adopted the alternate lyrics could mean those memories caused them to change the lyrics in the new shows, but that’s a guess.

            6. Eye am crying too, it is intense! Just got introduce to this theory today! My name is Scott the thought of this is intense, God is Love though and all things possible with love. Not seen any of these books from my childhood but somehow eye knew they were going to be worth way too much in the future eye wish still have mine…pardon the way eye spell eye is none tradition like “I”

            7. Like you, Danielle, I specifically remember scratching my head & wondered if the name was pronounced Steen or Stine. That was in the late 70’s when I was reading to my kids. When I first started reading to my grandchildren, I did a doubletake. “Huh, why did I have trouble prounouncing BerenstAIN?” I wondered. I just didn’t think twice about it until I stumbled upon this site today. I’m still not quite sure what to make of it.

        2. Do a google search for “the candidate” at the bottom of the page it will ref “the candidate movie 2012” click it and it changes the page to “the campaign”

          1. There has been a change. It is the candidate againe. Can we confim this change. It is now August 2015.

      2. Just got goosebumps and had to go look it up. I remember it being called “The Candidate” as well and have never heard of “The Campaign.” I’m not a huge movie person so this isn’t TOO surprising naturally, but I remember people talking about it and whatnot.

      3. this could very well be evidence of convergent realities simultaneously existing in one time stream, causing a fluctuation of altered memories (or unaltered, causing confusion and distinct memories to stand out showing different outcomes or events although the other realities being perceived are different).

        it’s nice to see a community so aware of potential paradoxes if that’s what you would call them.

        1. could be that a fragmentation of realities due to some sort of strange multi-dimensional collision or movement through a black hole.

    2. I also clearly remember this painting, its a full length painting of henry viii. I recall its a full length painting, he is wearing a harlequin patterned shirt with a heavily patterned coat with fur trim, he is by a curtain which I recall is red. and he his holding the turkey leg in his left hand, I can even recall the breeches and knee garters. ( I will add here that I do medieval illustration and view a lot of medieval and Tudor art work) I have seen the painting mentioned 100% sure. at some point I have seen it.

      1. I didn’t mention in my original long post that I share that memory as well – that of the 2012 movie being called “The Candidate” and not “The Campaign.” It was not a movie I would have chosen to see (and I didn’t really like it) but I was with a friend in her home and she was interested because she liked Zach Galifianakis (not sure I spelled that right.) We watched it on her laptop. I pay a lot of attention to words and although both titles are nouns, I believe I was aware that the title referred to one of the main characters and not the plot. (I still doubt myself when I have this alternate memories. If I hadn’t once been thunderstruck by hearing that Billy Graham was alive, and KNOWING he had died, I’m not sure I’d believe any of this. What’s weird is that I remember it being called the Candidate after it was already out on dvd/streaming video while on another website, a guy talks about being an employee at a theater and the movie title changing from one day to the next.

      2. I just had a friend here visiting this weekend. We watched the movie together awhile ago on her laptop. I discussed the Mandela effect with her and she was at least open-minded. I asked her if she remember the name of the movie we had watched. When she asked what it was about I told her it was about an election and it had Zach G. (I’m not going to look up the spelling again) and Will Ferrell in it. I didn’t want to prime her by saying the words candidate or campaign. She thought for a moment and said, “Was it called “The Candidate?” She doesn’t share any of my other alternate memories though.

      3. I have seen that picture too, more than once. I just Googled for it and the threads insist it never existed…there is a charicture of it but that is it…….weird>

    3. I’m positive it was called The Candidate. I clearly remember TV commercials for it. Then one day I heard people calling it “The Campaign” and I got confused and shrugged it off. This post made me feel like maybe it wasn’t something to shrug at.

      1. As I was reading the thread for the movie the “Campaign” I was trying to figure out what movie it was. When Zach and Will were mentioned It clicked. It was definitely called the Candidate in all of the previews I saw in the theaters. I didn’t watch the movie, so I only have memories of the ads for it.

      2. Yes a lot of these things I have experienced too. I feel confused when it happens and then I just shrug it off. But then I look back at all of these and i did it to all of them. I shrugged it off. Until now. Nelson Mandela, I saw the news broadcast of his death recently and my uncle was in the room and i said to him didn’t he die a long time ago. So then I found out about the Stein bears and I can recall seeing an old book and reading the title and thinking that’s wrong. Stain? Really? I shrugged it off. But recall asking my mother how to pronounce berenstein because it was like Einstein’s name. Tank man. I am most shocked by because the footage is completely different. He never got onto the tank. And I recall only one tank. I was shown it in high school. So now that alot of these things now are popping up. Also the word alot is now a lot. Seperate A from lot. And definately I insist is spelt correctly. And spelt is not spelled. Oh man I can’t win. Memories are betraying me.

        1. So about the word “alot” I know for a fact that this was the correct spelling, at least pre high school for me. I am 31 now. I remember vividly turning in a paper in high school and auto-correct changed “alot” to “a lot”. I thought to myself “wow, this is strange.. I’ve always spelled it alot with no problem or correction from auto correct. I turned in the paper with the computer’s correct spelling only for my ENGLISH teacher to take points off of my paper for the mistake, she said it’s spelled “alot”. I showed her the auto correction on the computer and she was baffled. The same thing for “atleast” and “at least”.

          Everyone I know and speak with about The Berenstien Bears remembers this spelling, I ask them if they remember the childrens book and cartoon, then I ask if they can recall the spelling. Most everyone recalls Berenstien Bears not BerenSTAIN Bears. I play the cartoon and the supposed correct pronunciation of this timestreams version of the name and they all freak out. They say “that’s not how its pronounced or spelled.. is this some kind of trick?” Not one person I know ever said to me “NO, it’s STAIN, its always been STAIN”.

          My 2 cents…

          1. Jesus, I thought I was going insane with spelling! English is my third language, but I’ve been learning it since I was like 4. What’s important about this info is that I learnt whole spelling by heart, not by accumulating and absorbing knowledge like native speakers tend to, but letter glued to a letter. I don’t misinterpret how something is spelt by how it’s pronounced.
            And so, I’m 1000% sure that it it’s ‘alot’, ‘alright’, ‘noone’, ‘definately’, ‘becouse’, and few more, like ‘environment’ that spelt like this look totally wrong, but they’ve been already overwritten with ‘correct’ spelling and I can’t remember what the correct one is. I also recall long debate if it’s ‘lit’ or ‘lighted’ in English class, where we finally decided it was Am/UK spelling difference, but I’m going to be forever sure, that ‘lit’ was official spelling in both versions.

          2. I remember a moment in grade school, when they first had us do book reports, I chose to write it on the berenstain bears and having he teacher tell me I had to rewrite it because it was berestein bears and I remember looking and being puzzled and asking how it was pronounce and told steen not stine, since then I clearly remember it as berestein.

            Also I clearly remember a Video by the british boy band Take That, for their song back for good. that opens with a polished hard wood floor with sun shining in through a window with white curtains, a coffee table with chairs , a coffee cup on the table with a red lipstick stain on it and a picture of a female. and an island in the kitchen.
            when ever I search for the video now I can only find the video of them in the rain in a parking lot.

        2. How about “pleaded” I’m always getting on the radio, news, etc “he pleaded guilty, she pleaded innocent” all my life I heard “plead” more it’s “pleaded”?

        3. I thought it was alot as well. I clearly remember being in elementary school and my teacher writing on the board. I have very tidy writing and always take note of other people’s writing. I also love the English language in general and am a writer now.

          So I remember the teacher who taught me this was the year that we had a student teacher whose writing was different from the actual teacher’s. She wrote ‘alot’ on the board, I studied it for tests. Then suddenly it was spelled ‘a lot’ and ‘alot’ was supposedly never right.

          I did have a near death experience, twice. One of the times, I was surprised to find myself alive and well the next morning with no ill effects. I don’t know how this plays into this but have seen mentions of it in the comments so in case that matters I decided to mention it.

          Since, as mentioned, I was always big on reading and writing, the Berenstain Bears thing freaked me out. I just could not believe that I incorrectly remembered it. I read those books a lot as a child, multiple teachers would read them in class, my mother would read them to me, etc. I always struggled with remembering the correct spelling because it wasn’t spelled like it was pronounced. Then when I had my children and bought some books for them, I noticed it was Berenstain instead of Berenstein.

          I also clearly remember another teacher not letting us watch the rest of the Tank Man clip and explaining to us that he was run over. This was pre-YouTube days.

          It was ‘Mirror, Mirror’ when I was a child and now I’m hearing it was ‘Magic Mirror’. I find that odd as I watched Disney movies ad nauseum and Snow White was one that we owned and so watched repeatedly. But then, I was also read to a lot and may be confusing what happened in books with the movie.

          There are many more but I’ll end this with Forrest Gump. That is not a movie favorite of mine, in fact, I slightly dislike it, but over the years I have watched it many times as I always seem to end up involved with a significant other who adores it. “My mama always said, ‘Life IS like a box of chocolates…'” is most definitely the quote that I remember.

          Which brings up something else: definitely. I struggled spelling this word as I always wanted to drop an ‘a’ in it. However, it makes sense that this must just be a common misspell as ‘finite’ is the middle and ‘finate’ wouldn’t make sense as per the meaning of the word.

            1. For me it’s not confusion with fortunately. I learned how to remember the spelling by saying def-in-ate-ly in my head. I still think of it this way and have had to relearn the spelling.

              1. holy cow! That’s how i used to spell “definitely” Definately! which looks wrong because I’m so used to spelling it how auto correct fixes it!

                I’m curious if i looked in my journal if I’d find the old spelling or the corrected spelling.

                1. Danny Boy, what a great idea: For those who’ve kept journals or diaries, and have alternate spelling memories, check to see how you spelled them in this past. (If your old journals/diaries include the alternate spelling, that raises the question of what — and how much — “slides” with you from one reality to another.)

    4. Pardon me to throw a wrench in the comeradery here, but I definitely remember the movie with Zach G and Will Ferrell being called “The Campaign” from day one. I know of the older movie called “The Candidate” but it doesn’t correlate in my memories the same as “The Campaign”. For as long as I’ve known it, it has been “The Campaign”.

      1. Alex – that’s okay. I would expect some people, maybe most people, to remember the movie being called “The Campaign” from the very beginning. If most people didn’t, it wouldn’t be part of the whole “Mandela Effect” phenomenon. I am just as sure as you are that the first time I heard about it it was called “The Candidate.” I watched it with a friend on her laptop. Before we saw it, I thought out-loud that the title sounded familiar and went to Google like I always do and sure enough, there was another movie by the SAME NAME. So I thought it must be a kind of remake. I wasn’t familiar with the Redford movie “The Candidate” other than it sounding vaguely familiar. But at the time I looked this Will/Zach movie up, there were TWO movies called “The Candidate” on IMDB. Now there aren’t. Either multiple realities or reality changes but there is an element of the unreal about what we think is real – I know that much for sure. But we are BOTH right.

          1. I feel that the previews had one title but it was changed at the release. That doesn’t really surprise me too much.

        1. Even more wrenches, I remember working at a movie theater when The Campaign was going. It was definitely, definitely always called The Campaign for me, as I remember ripping movie stubs all saying Campaign on it.

          1. Giorgio and Kyle,

            I believe you both, and yet I only saw the movie after it was out on DVD, streaming video, etc. My friend has no tv and we watched “The Candidate” on her laptop. The title sounded familiar and I looked it up on IMDB and found two movies with that title – the other one with Robert Redford. TWO were listed at that time – now there is only the one with R.R. I would swear in court my memory is correct. Multiple timestreams that we slip in and out of???

            1. If you Google “The Candidate 2012 movie” the results show “The Campaign” I find this odd.. clearly there is a connection between the two titles, otherwise there would be no results.

              I also remember The Candidate.

        2. You know, if you look up “The Candidate film 2012” on google it comes up with “the campaign” seatch results. I don’t remember this film at all but I thought that was weird :s

            1. Brilliant find, Mychela! That may be the key to a “normal” explanation for the Campaign/Candidate issue. (The HuffPost page was exactly the same as your screenshot, when I visited it, this morning.)

      2. Same here. I remember the campaign for sure. I did a search and it does show one result saying “the candidate, will ferral” but when I click on it, iys the campaign. Very odd.

    5. What is the Big movie alternate ending? I remember him walking away from the woman turning and waiving then running to his house , or was it him and his buddy walking with a bike back home ?

      1. I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that Big was on this list! I tell my husband all the time that I swear it ended different the first time I saw it (when I was a kid) everytime it comes on I watch it again and wait to see if it has “my” ending. It never does.
        After he walks away from her in the car and his clothes are all big on him he looks back and there is a girl with braids his age who looks like she could be the woman as a kid. (Like she loved him enough to be a kid again too just to be with him…or something)

        1. I remember this ending too!!! I always thought it was strange and tried to figure out if maybe they mentioned how she became big too. So I rewatched the movie as an adult and it’s a different ending now. I thought I was going crazy.

        2. I think your thinking of 14 going on 30 this movie was release the same year as Big. It has a similar concept as Big but the woman at the end turns herself into a girl to be with him. You can Google search the movie to see the ending.

        3. There was an extended version of Big, a directors cut so to say that has a different ending, but I only saw it once about 5 years ago.

    6. I remember that movie called The Candidate also, I never heard of The Campaign. I also remember Jane Goodall the gorilla researcher was murdered in 1985 by poachers but now she is still alive. I also died in 1998 but I came back and I thought I had a near death experience when I went into the light but now I see that I am not in the same world I started out in. I have noticed many other strange things like the Berenstein Bears never existed here they are called the Berenstain Bears, the space shuttle challenger exploded in 1985 not 1986, Billy Graham died in 2009 but he is still alive, Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980’s but here he died in 2013, Fidel Castro died in 2011 but he is still alive, Japan was further south than it is now, Sri Lanka was south of India not southeast, New Zealand was east of Australia not southeast, I think Australia was further south too. I also had an angel visit me in 2009 and he said “He shows you great favor! Why don’t you serve Him?! Why don’t you serve Him?!” but that angel looked like me and had my voice, it really freaked me out for years. I think we have a quantum consciousness and it can entangle with another you in another timeline and jump because when I died and went into the light I knew I was not done and came back out and went into my body again but it was another me in another timeline obviously because this is not the same world I used to be in with all theses land masses in the wrong place and dead people walking around. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

      1. Fascinating! I wonder what to make of people like myself, who find themselves in this timeline but with no clear recollections of an NDE.

        1. Also, the “angel” you saw that looked and sounded like you could have been a doppelganger! Fiona *just* wrote about those 🙂

      2. HI Shaun – your account is really interesting. It must be pretty disorienting to feel as if you jumped timelines after dying. I hope you’re adjusting all right.

        I share some of your memories, but I wanted to point out that Dian Fossey, who worked with gorillas, was murdered by poachers in 1985. Jane Goodall is known for working with chimps. However, I’m not sure she didn’t die in some timeline as well. I’m 50, she’s 80 and for most of my youth and young adulthood, I didn’t seem to hear anything about Jane Goodall in the present tense. I didn’t know any details about her dying, however, I had the feeling that she was an important researcher from the past, and if I’d thought about it, I probably assumed she was dead. Then maybe 10 years ago or more, I started hearing about her frequently and I learned a lot more about her and admired her. She never stopped being active in her field, but there is this big blank space in my life where I never heard her being spoken of at all, which is odd.

      3. OMG! I clearly remember the death of Jane Goodall by poachers. I remember, because I read it in the paper, and was very upset about it. I keep getting mail from her, but didn’t realize she is alive and well. I thought it was done through her foundation. I never put two and two together! How freaky! I did have an experience with my son, in which we went to visit a store at the mall, that we always go to, and it changed location on us, but nobody at the store remembered ever moving. It freaked us out, because it seemingly changed from one day to the next. Very weird. Seeing all of these comments, now makes a lot of sense, why I’ve been feeling like I’m shifting from reality to reality. I too remember Fidel Castro dying, and his son taking over. Has our time line been messed with by the Montauk project? I’ve read that there was some heavy timeline manipulation going on by those who want to take over. But then I also read that the timelines were collapsing, and being closed by “Higher Beings”. Just goes to show you, time is an illusion.
        Btw. I clearly remember it was ‘Sex in the City’

        1. Carolin, I too have a clear memory of Jane Goodall’s death decades ago… she had been killed by poachers. I used to read stories about her in magazines and was a huge fan of her work, and was extremely upset to learn of her death, which I learned of from a news report on television. I don’t have a memory of anyone by the name of Dian Fossey who worked with gorilla’s though, even though in this timeline, she was the one who was killed.
          I think you have made an excellent point about timelines and realities blending.
          I’ve been having a few very strange experiences myself lately that would have anyone questioning their sanity. Without going into a lot of detail, there was one instance last week in which I was assisting a regular patient who came in with a broken tooth (I work in a dental clinic), who I know well, talking to him and helping him with his insurance claim form…. only to find out a week later that this same man has not been in our office since February (5 months ago)…. well, at least in this current timeline. This I verified with our staff and our computer system. I have no explanation for this, but I know that I did see that patient last week. I can remember what we talked about… how his summer was going, which tooth he had broken. This is a man I’ve known for over 20 years, there was no mistaken identity. So, somewhere along the line, either I switched timelines, or reality was altered. This type of experience really makes you question everything.

        2. Yes I also remember Jane being dead – it was used in a conversation when i was a child that advocates for animal rights risk death. But then shes fine.
          I am glad I am not the only one who is aware of this. I felt that we were shifting into different realities for a while but couldnt articulate it. I makes me wonder who else is alive we believed was dead?
          I feel its because some of us have moved into a different universe where these people havent died, that explains why some of us remember differently but others do not.
          It could be the hadron collider.
          I feel anti-matter is another dimension, where we go when we sleep and what we tap into when we are creative. I think we are jumping through different universes when we are sleeping.
          only some of us tho
          I have alot of other theories as well

          1. I’d love to read/hear all of your theories, in as much detail ad possible. I had the same ideas about the sleep theory.

            I mean, supposing some people could jump through alternate realities in their sleep. This would explain why things seem different when you wake up in the morning. Like clearly remembering putting certain things in certain areas before you sleep then waking up and finding things changed.

            1. Mo-Z, I think the largest amount of information related to sleep & alternate realities might be from Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. I’ve found my copy of his older book, Parallel Universes, and I’m trying to find time to re-read it. It’s from before I stumbled onto the Mandela Effect concept, so I’m not sure how much he talks about his sleep theories.

          2. I have absolutely vivid memories of Jane Goodall being killed before I was born in 1981. I remember throughout the 1980s and 1990s numerous PSAs and ads about her death at the hands of poachers, and how it galvanized the world to end sport killing.

      4. Shaun,
        You may have confused Jane Goodall (chimpanzees) with Dian Fossey (gorillas). Fossey was the one killed in DEC 1985.
        Personally, I remember the short lived TV series “The Paper Chase” debuting in the Fall of 1980, when I started law school. I remember talking about the various episodes with my law school classmates the day after they aired.
        About a year ago I read on that the TV show “The Paper Chase” debuted in the Fall of 1978. Wikipedia and other sources backed that up. That freaked me out. But further research revealed that the show was rerun on PBS. So maybe that’s what I saw in 1980.

        1. Hal,

          Thanks for the info, but if you’re certain the best explanation for Mandela Effect memories is simple confusion, this website probably isn’t a good match for your comfort zone. See my page, Terms: Comments.

          I realize that you’re referencing similar (and perhaps easily confused) events. If that answer works for you, that’s great. However, the “what am I confusing that was similar…?” question is usually the first asked by people encountering these alternate memories. So, posting “you’re probably confusing…” comments is redundant, though I appreciate your eagerness to help.

          Among my theories: Time may travel in a spiral, not a straight line. (Not a unique theory. You’ll find it as a context for some Celtic and pre-Celtic history.) As such, harmonic events can occur at points in close proximity — not on a straight-line timeline, but where the time loops are close to one another at that point in the spiral. And, across realities, the same thing may happen, with two different contexts, relative to the reality. In one, it’s Goodall; in another, it’s Fossey. In one, the shuttle is the Discovery; in the other, it’s the Columbia. And so on. Times may alter. Sequences may be different. Some may happen; others may not. Lots of possible permutations, each creating a different reality.

          It’s easier to explain in person than in text, but I hope you see my point.

          It’s among my wilder theories, and I’m not sure even I take it very seriously… nor have I developed the idea into something cohesive or especially credible. Nevertheless, it was worth throwing into the mix while we’re talking about events that seem similar enough to confuse.


          1. Fiona,

            Is there not plenty of room in your theory for simple confusion and misremembering? I realize that makes it painfully difficult to suss out later and why you would prefer that every comment section doesn’t devolve into the same repetitive debate.

            But in a case like this with all the parallels between Goodall and Fossey (Both associated with Marie & Louie Leakey, Fossey recieved a lot of advice from Goodall before leaving), it seems like simple confusion is bar far the most likely answer in this specific case.

            I feel that many people who made this comment are not familar with the works of both of these incredible women as despite the book, movie and media coverage of her tragic death, Fossey is often overlooked. Take the Disney movie Tarsan for example. He lives with Gorillias and yet the female lead is named “Jane” in honour of Jane Goodall rather than Dian. As mentioned, Goodall was a sort of mentor for Fossey so I can see why they may have sought to honour the woman they believed was the most revolutionary in her methods but it just goes to show how easy it is for people to make this mistake with all the conflicting reports that combine these two women’s LIVES not just their death.

            1. And to add constructively to this I should add:

              I remember: BernstEin Bears, Terry Pratchett dying in 2013, Sex IN the City (although I wasn’t a regular viewer so take my opinion for what it is), and Osama Bin Laden being reported dead sometime before I entered highschool (2005).

            2. Ryan,

              Yes, there’s plenty of room for normal human error in any Mandela Effect theory. That’s a given.

              But, as such, there just isn’t time or space for all the “you’ve misremembered” comments people leave here.

              I used to include them, but it led to bickering and some really snarky threads bordering on flame wars. I think Vivek was the one who suggested a single page that gives space to explanations related to similar and confusing historical notes. I’m still considering that, but — given how things went in the past, when I tried to be reasonable about apparently helpful explanations — I’m not sure that fits into my daily schedule.

              From my experience, a lot of people posting here are very touchy about being told they’re simply confused. They might be okay with, say, the Challenger date being a year or two off, and perhaps Billy Graham’s death, but add the Berenstain Bears issue, and they start feeling uncomfortable. They get defensive, especially when faced with the same (or similar) “you’re just misremembering” rhetoric they’ve already considered and eliminated.

              And, as a fan of Goodall and Fossey, I can understand how elements of their lives and careers could be conflated. However, mixing up their deaths…? That’s not real to me, but I suppose it could happen if someone was a casual admirer of just one of them.

              So, confusion, misremembering, human error, and misreporting certainly have a place in Mandela Effect theories. My issue is maintaining a website that — once again, this month — exceeded my hosting service’s bandwidth allowance (I extended it yesterday) — and keeping conversations below the rolling boil or even steam-blowing-the-lid-off levels. It’s a tricky balance, but part of my daily routine.


            3. Ryan,

              The female lead in Tarzan wasn’t named after Jane Goodall. Jane was the female lead in the Tarzan series long before the Disney Movie came out. The Disney movie just followed the original characters. The original Tarzan was written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912 with Jane as the female lead. Jane Goodall wasn’t born until 1934.


            4. I am seriously baffled by this. Gorillas in the Mist aired when I was a small child and TV premier movies were a big thing. I distinctly remember the movie I saw was about Jane Goodall, staring Susan Sarandon with blond hair. I just googled it, and its now Sigourney Weaver…

              Does anyone else remember that?

              1. Hi, Em,

                Oh, my — it gets “better” : although I remember the movie, I never watched it, so I can’t say either way from direct memory, but in addition to Susan Sarandon now being Sigourney Weaver (Sigourney Weaver at least matches my vague memory about it), our protagonist Jane Goodall is now Dian Fossey (my vague memory being that it had been of Jane Goodall, not of Dian Fossey).

        2. I remember the t.v. show The Paper Chase. I watched it on Showtime. It was a spin off from the movie The Paper Chase starring Timothy Bottoms. Both the movie and the t.v. show had the wonderfully cantankerous actor John Houseman as Professor Charles W. Kingfield. The title song would change each year to acknowledge which year of law school they were in. It was a great show. I have definately felt the Mandala effect in my own life, but on a more personal level. Recently I was viewing the neighborhood where I grew up in on Trulia and noticed an apartment complex right next to our housing tract. According to public records it was there long before we lived there. I have no memory of it yet my father and brother insist it was always there. I was really worried I was suffering from some form of significant memory loss until I found the website on line.

      5. Jane Goodall is alive??? Haha this is getting to be too much now. I remember the same as you. I’m just curious is this time line/ dimension better or worse. Because for me it seems much worse. I mean my life is relatively good, but the world is much worse. I’ve also had an NDE and remember a lot of things differently that I would just shrug off, but I’m going to be keeping track of them now.

    7. I remember; BerenstEin bears. MLK was killed with a handgun. Chartreuse was MAGENTA. Sex IN the city. TAPS. I thought Muhammad ali DIED. JifFY peanut butter. DilemNa. Tank guy got ran over & killed they showed it all over the news! ParmasEan. HOW DO PEOPLE NOT REMEMBER THESE THINGS!?!?!?!?!?! What is going on here why did things change and with no evidence of change? Why do us people that remember, remember(why us?) ? I dont understand. Thank you this cite for showing me what else has changed that others remember.

        1. Agree with every one of these also. It’s been going on for a while now, whatever “it” is. I guess that’s why we are all here, because we are the ones that notice, consider yourself lucky. Mike

        2. Me three. I have nearly all the memories on this entire page, excluding the geographic ones (New Zealand, etc.) and had no one to discuss them with for at least ten years, but filed them away under High Strangeness.

        3. My memories are the same as Danni’s as well and I was really surprised to see that none of them are right. Also I was and still am positive that it was nobody does it like sarah lee it was even in print. I used to clean a sarah lee factory. IT freaked me out to know I was wrong.

      1. WOW!!!! I remember just as you do! TAPS, Jiffy, Magenta…everything! It’s nice to know I am not alone.

        1. This is very likely a psyop experiment to see how willing people are to give up their own minds and memories under severe gaslighting-type situations. It may be a probe of the public to see how “ready” we are for the next stage in this NWO, whatever that may be. Personally I think the drive is towards forced transhumanism, but they need our cooperation. Do not let these creeps get away with this. I guarantee you 100% this is a planned psyops.

          1. Sky, ordinarily I don’t approve comments like this. (See my article, Terms: Comments regarding conspiracies.)

            However, I’m doing so to make one point: Many people are so very certain about their alternate memories, there is absolutely no chance they’ll accept that the memory isn’t correct. And, some are very uneasy with quantum answers to this phenomenon, so the psyops/conspiracy explanation is more viable.

            Of course, there’s no reason these memories couldn’t be “some from Column A, some from Column B,” with a few from Columns C & D, whatever they might be.

            Other websites delve into conspiracy theories in far greater depth (and more flourish) than I care to at this site. I’m more interested in the quantum (parallel worlds, reality slides, time travel, etc.) possibilities, when we get into the mechanics of it.

            Nevertheless, when someone states the psyops/NWO/etc. theory with such confidence, I think it’s a good reminder that many people are completely confident in their alternate memories.


            1. It’s okay to not approve this, I just wanted to counter that just because someone believes something is a psyop/NWO related thing causing this, that doesn’t mean they’re trying to invalidate what’s going on. There is a vast movement of people who believe this experience with alternate realities is legitimate, just caused at the hands of the powers that be. Whether it’s something deliberate, or some horrible side effect, varies from person to person, but there you go. 🙂

              1. Alexa,

                No problem! I don’t want this site to get tangled in conspiracy theories, but I agree: We don’t know whether alternative realities are a natural phenomenon, or if it’s something deliberate. And, if it is deliberate, whether it’s planned as something helpful or sinister… depending on the individual’s viewpoint, of course.

                The comments I don’t approve are the ones that go off on tangents about NWO, etc., or ridicule us as stupid, uneducated, confused, or delusional people. (Example: We average one comment a day at the “51 or 52 United States?” article, in which the commenter says — and this is usually a direct quote — “No, there are only 50 states in the U.S.” Unless they add something helpful to the discussion, those comments get deleted on sight.)


                1. Fiona, Talking of individual viewpoints,i can never get over the feeling that nothing in this or any universe is significant,animate or inanimate,specially the conceited humankind.May be it’s a hangover of wolf larsen’s surmise or the end result of Presley’s indulgences or Val Cade’s fatal infatuation.In the universal scale the tiny speck named ‘earth’ will go on its own sweet or sour way or perhaps ice age will prevail or emp may disrupt life and its ephemeral self centred concerns of future,which in anyway is not very long or very healthy in latter years,heck, elvis was bored to death at 42.

                  1. Vivek, I passed 42 a few years ago, and I’m not even close to bored, yet!

                    We may have very different viewpoints — mine seems to be far more optimistic than yours, at the moment — but we share a fascination for Mandela Effect topics.

                    Even when I disagree with you (and others), I’m grateful for every useful opinion, insight, and theory shared at this site.

                    Thank you!


                    1. I do remember the whole TAPS/Ghost hunters thing very well, me and a friend of mine were always into those sort of shows in middle school and through highschool, we both remember it being called TAPS and questioning why they would call it TAPS until we found out what it stood for. Maybe one or two seasons later TAPS is forgetting and they are now Ghost Hunters with no explanation what so ever, at least that we had heard. I remember sex IN the city as well, I remember the first time I heard sex and the city it sounded somewhat stupid. I don’t personally recall but a older friend of mine swears Nelson Mandela died when he was in high school around 1982 I think he said. Oh and out of curiosity I did some research on the whole TAPS thing and found both exist yet there is no relation between the two whatsoever, but as I recall there were a few others of the ghost hunting shows too which adds to the confusion, but I remember for a whole season it was called taps, they had a black van with taps written in yellow wore jackets that had a little yellow taps label over the left breast, and even had a little TAPS logo on the bottom right corner of the screen.

                2. I remember there being 51 taught in school but being told I was mistaken because one state split into two but it wasn’t a recent change at the time so I don’t know why or how I was mistaken I think it was dakota, does anyone else think that sounds familiar? I thought there were 52 or 51 until now.

                  1. There was an episode of Fairly Odd Parents where Timmy got the number of states wrong in school and wished for it to be right and it had something to do with North/South Dakota, could that be what you’re thinking of?

          2. Sky, this is not simply an internet issue – how could it possibly be a psyop when people’s books and movies locked away in their attics and basements have the “new” spellings, grammar, etc.? And interviews, etc. referencing the unfamiliar/unremembered spellings/grammar? Not only is that impossible, don’t you think that this possibility that you propose is the FIRST thing everyone rules out? No sane person would immediately conclude that reality was suddenly incongruent with their distinct memories unless their was absolutely no other rational explanation.

            1. But what if an artificial intelligence were created, realized it was in a simulation, then realized *our* reality is a simulation?

              What if it then learned how to program our simulation and thus started the Tests, changing a few words here and there?

        2. I remember when my husband and I watched Death Proof together and Quentin Tarantino pulled out a bottle of electric green liquor and said “Chartreuse. The only liquor so good they named a color after it.” I never said anything, but I was surprised because Chartreuse is purple, I remember it as purple anyway.

          1. New to the site and this theory… I, too, recall Berenstein Bears… but one thing that just hit me is that I swore (SWORE) that at the end of the movie Se7en, you see Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in the box. I was utterly shocked when I re-watched the movie a few years later and that shot was gone. I can even see it in my head when I think about what those few seconds looked like.

            1. THIS!!! I remember sneaking to watch Se7en on VHS when I was a little kid. I distinctly remember being able to see the top of the head in the box.
              DVD and TV versions do not show this.
              I’d love to get my hands on a VHS copy again someday. It’s driving me crazy!!!

      2. OMG…Danni, you and I agree. Every point you made…I felt a change happen in the 1990’s and knew something was very different. I just found this site – I was searching for the 52 states in the U.S. That I remember from school.

      3. Chartreuse = magenta!! Yes. It’s only been green for a few years. I always remember it being magenta.

      4. Danny,

        How odd…some things I remember the same as you, while others I remember differently. Then some things I was to young to remember when it happened. I agree with everything (except tank man and MLK because of age) minus dilemma and Ghost Hunters. As you can see, I remember the opposite from you on those. Weird! And I distinctly remember Mr Rogers singing “it’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.”

      5. The MLK thing I think is odd, there’s no way he could have been shot the way he was with a handgun otherwise he would have seen shooter as would have others.

        Sex IN the city is a linguistic thing because of how we pronounce the word “and” very quickly (see also cup of/cuppa coffee). JIFFY peanut butter has always had two Fs. Dilemna is another linguistic thing due to the regional nature of english. Parmesan is another linguistic problem as for the Tank guy in 89, I think you are correct on that one.

        1. I distinctly remember parmasean because I could sound it out like par-maz-ee-in to help me remember how to spell it

    8. I also CLEARLY remember Ghost Hunters being called TAPS – it stood for “The Atlantic Paranormal Society”..

      1. Wow….this is all new information to me. This Mandela Effect. I will look up Mantauk (sp?), but can someone explain it to me?

        I remember it being TAPS. I remember chartreuse being red/purple. I remember the Berenstein Bears. I remember the shuttle blowing up in summer. Not the year (early 80’s) , but I was in my early twenties, on vacation, in a bathing suit, in a bar/snack place watching it with my family. Everyone was shocked. Then I was shocked in repeating the story many years later only to have someone tell me that was impossible because it happened in January. I had vacationed where the bar/snack place is (and is still) since I was a child and had never been there in January until I moved here 5 years ago.

        I’ve always known that MLK was killed on his balcony at close range. I also have vague memories of many of the other things you have listed. I wonder if you all (like me) have that special “knowing” about things to come or warning feelings, you know the phone calls before they happen and who it is, etc….I wonder if this explains the “knowing.”
        All I can say is wow….


        1. PK, thanks!

          I did a double-take reading your memories of the shuttle disaster, because — being in New England at the time — I’m pretty sure would have remembered snow in connection with the news report… and I don’t. So, I actually (yet again) went to Wikipedia, and you’re right. 1 Feb 2003 was the date.

          It takes a lot for me to do a double-take when I read a comment, but yours definitely caught me by surprise.

          Thanks! That’s the kind of contextual cue that I think helps us fit our memories (and alternate memories) into time frames.


          1. Hi there. Ok I remember when the shuttle exploded very vividly.

            On Jan 31 my sister and I went to see final destination 2. When the movie let out, she and I were afraid to go on the elevator (elevator death scene). I remember looking in the sky and seeing a plane thinking, “I hope it doesn’t blow up”. Of course, mind plays with you after watching a horror movie. Anyway, cut to the next day and the news of the shuttle blowing up. I was stunned and saddened. Now, I just looked up the date to see when MY memory was. Shows Feb. I do remember it being very sunny but I’m in Texas, its always sunny. Anyhow, my memory is correlated with the release of final destination 2.

            I do however wholeheartedly remember berenstein bears. I have some old copies I’m currently looking for and if they say berenstain bears, I’m going to dedicate a huge block.

        2. You know…I lived in a tiny town in Montana when the shuttle blew up. I spent 1/2 the year there and 1/2 the year in San Diego.

          I perfectly remember what I was doing, a teacher running outside to the playground and gathering everyone up, tears down her face saying it blew up. There wasn’t room for all the kids to watch, this town was really small and there was ONE tv in the library the staff was watching.

          There is absolutely NO way it was January unless it was abnormally warm in Stevensville, Montana at that exact date.

          I remember what I was wearing. Jeans, sneakers, white tube socks and a green t-shirt. NO coat. We were flying paper airplanes and mine got stuck in a tree. I couldn’t get it cause the pine needles stabbed the hell out of me. Winter in Montana requires gloves and a coat. No exceptions.

          Anyone know how to check that weather?

          I found “jan. high at 54…so it’s POSSIBLE”. I don’t know how reliable that site is.

          1. Great comment, rob! A high of 54 in Montana in January… that would be weird and perhaps be in the record books. I’m sure a weather-related site might have the answer you’re looking for. I’m kind of rushed today, so the best I could find was at MontanaKids: However, searching on some of those dates and temperatures plus the word “Montana” might turn up some weather records more helpful.

        3. Weird. I distinctly remember my mom coming out to tell me and my brother about the shuttle– we were home from school for a snow day. I was definitely in winter.

        4. I remember it being warm when it happened as well. I remember coming home from school on a sunny warm day & my dad watching the coverage on tv. I swear it happened in 84 maybe 85 but I know it wasn’t 86, it happened when we still lived in Michigan & my family has moved to Maryland by 86.

        5. I remember everything as you do. Except for the chartreuse and TAPS which I wasn’t even aware of so would not know the difference. I also have premonitions and dreams of future events. this so weird, but I’m glad I stumbled on to this site. Maybe we can all figure this out together.

      2. In my memory, it was always ghost hunters. However, they did often wear the TAPS shirts and routinely referred to themselves as TAPS; like ‘here at taps we try to look at the rational explanation…’.

        1. Well, yes, Lourdes. I understands that’s your memory. I’m also certain the TAPS logo on shirts, the van, and so on, caused some confusion.

          However, my memory (and several others’) isn’t as much about the cast or what they said during the show. It’s how the show was listed in the newspaper. The newspaper listing — as TAPS — was what caused me to turn on the show in the first place. I expected to see a spin-off of the movie, Taps, not something about ghosts.

          I watched a few episodes before the haste of their early investigations annoyed me too much to keep watching. When I did watch, I usually turned the show on after it started, so I can’t swear that the title screen said TAPS. However, I am entirely certain about the newspaper listings, and — at commercial breaks — the voiceover saying something like “ahead, on TAPS…”.

      3. someone in 2005 also remembers it being called TAPS

        “The TAPS show airs on the Sci-fi channel on Wednesday nights. Often two episodes are aired in serial fashion…..
        For those who have not seen the show, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Service) is a service run by a pair of plumbers …”

    9. I’m not familiar with the show Ghost hunters although i had heard of the show but it’s the sort of thing my husband watches. Yesterday when discussing this website with him, I was firing off topics to see what his opinion was (without showing him what people were saying). When I said to him “Ghosthunters. What do you remember about that?” he said “well, it wasn’t called Ghosthunters, it was called TAPS!” he was genuinely stunned when I told him some people remember it differently.

    10. I actually have seen every episode of Ghost hunters from season 1 to the latest. The company that they used to have was called TAPS it stood for The Atlantic Paranormal Society.I’m not sure if that’s something that Jason and Grant owned or if they were just members of the Society. The show was always called Ghost Hunters but the company was called TAPS and is still around to this day.

      1. Stephanie,

        I’m assuming you’re new to this website, so you didn’t realize you can click on the topic link and read the full article. I’ve explained that the organization (not company, per se) was — and still is — called TAPS. Also, we know that the show was always called Ghost Hunters; I know Jason and Grant (and most of the original team), and — trust me — when we’ve discussed this issue, Jason has made it very clear that the show was never called TAPS. You can verify TAPS’ continuing activity in paranormal research at their website,

        The point of this website — — is to discuss alternate memories that some of us have. Mostly, we discuss the details of what those memories were, generally assuming that we encountered them in an alternate reality. It’s affirming to discover that we’re not alone with those memories, and we’re not just confused, mistaken, or delusional. Something else is going on.

        We know that, at least in this reality, the Ghost Hunters TV series was never called TAPS. What we’re discussing is whether it was called TAPS in at least one alternate reality, or if some of us (including me) saw the TAPS title erroneously published in newspapers’ TV listings. What’s emerged is the likelihood that it’s not just a media glitch, but an actual alternate memory with a solid foundation in a different reality (universe, etc.) that others (including me) have experienced.

        Fiona Broome

    11. I thoroughly agree with the TAPS / early ghost hunters title. I too thought it a weird name .
      And distinctly remember Louie Anderson died.

    12. I have one that I haven’t seen here. I have previously felt this phenomena before today when my friend asked me about the Berenst#in Bears. I was adamant that it was and E and she informed me the it was indeed A and it has always been A. Naturally I found this site and started to go through some of the listings.

      In 2001 Dale Earnhardt died on the track of the Daytona 500 he was in second place and trying to hold off the third place driver (who’s name I can’t remember) I do remember that his son Earnhardt Jr was in first place and finished the race as the winner. His dad died racing aggressively like he always did. I remember me and my father talking about how awesome it was for his son to win and how tragic it was that his father wasn’t able to see it. However, in this timeline his son didn’t win, he came in second, losing to Michael Waltrip. I haven’t watched a lot of NASCAR since then– my dad was a big Earnhardt fan and his passing made me feel uncomfortable. Does anyone else remember his son winning the race he died in? I noticed this irregularity when I saw on ESPN that he won the Daytona 500 for the first time years after his father had passed on.

      1. Erm… maybe I do. I didn’t ever follow NASCAR all that closely, and I was a teenager at the time, but I remember talking with my parents how bittersweet that must have been for Dale Jr.

      2. I remember the race very well, Dale Earnhardt was my favorite driver and I cried when he passed away. I remember Michael Waltrip being in First, Dale Jr. Being in second and Dale in third. The driver behind Dale was Sterling Marlin who accidentally tapped Dale’s rear end which caused the accident. Dale Earnhardt owned Michael Waltrip’s car and his son’s car. I’m not saying your memory is wrong, just what I remember. I do remember Dale Jr. Leading some of the race and alternating with Michael Waltrip.

      3. Yes, I remember that Dale Earnhardt Jr. won! I don’t follow NASCAR (if that’s what it’s still called) but I remember the event in question because people at work were speculating that the race was fixed for the purpose of letting Jr. win out of sympathy because his father had died and because that outcome would be popular with the fans!

      4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t win?!?

        I am gobsmacked.

        I very distinctly remember this one. It happened while I was living in a college dorm with my roommate, who is a massive NASCAR fan. I remember staying up all night watching the news coverage together, which kept repeatedly showing those last 30 seconds of the race. I must have watched Dale Earnhardt Jr. win the race at least a hundred times that night.

      5. I remember Dale Earnhart dying in a helicopter crash. He was my father’s favorite driver and I distinctly remember the helicopter crash.

    13. I couldn’t figure out how to put this in the right spot, but the Star Wars scene

      Is it in return of the Jedi?
      It’s when Luke is talking to vader about anakin and him being his father and good in him, vader says no
      And then Luke nods to the storm trooper and says something about ‘well then he may as well be my father’
      Totally remember that but it’s not there

      1. Michael, that is not the biggest change to Star Wars that you might remember. Many people remember the famous, iconic line of Darth Vader, voiced by James Earl Jones, saying “Luke, I am your Father”, but now he says “No, I am your Father”. But the Universe has left us a little Reality Residue; see this clip of Jones on Regis & Kelly where he parodies his own (original/alternate) line by saying “Regis, I am your Father”!

    14. OMG, I remember it being called the Campaign too. I remember seeing the commercials!!!

    15. I think from what I remember the name of the team was called TAPS. From their Wikipedia page, they are called TAPS. So this one can easily be debunked. It could be that they were initially called TAPS but then sometime between 2004-2009 a lawsuit had occurred that basically said that they could not use that name. So they had to make changes to reruns and such to remove the name and edit the episodes of the name. In fact, that could be applied to any edits. Movies have been known to be edited post release.

      1. Not Anonomous,

        It looks like you didn’t read what I’ve written about this topic. Go back and read the article and my comments.

        We’ve been over this before: I know the cast of the original “Ghost Hunters” episodes. They’re good friends; I’ve known them for many years.

        Jason Hawes and I have had this conversation and he’s adamant that the show was always called “Ghost Hunters,” from day one. No lawsuit. No name change.

        I believe him. When Jason is certain of something… he’s certain. This is one of those topics I don’t even bring up with him now, he’s so ferocious about it always being “Ghost Hunters.”

        I’m approving your comment because names are sometimes changed — for movies and books, especially — to improve individual sales when multiple projects come out with similar names. (“Lace Curtain” by Mary Lou Widmer was a great novel in its day, but the publisher should have changed it since Rose Kennedy’s bio had the same title in the same era. Widmer’s book barely sold any copies at all. After that fiasco, publishers were far faster to change titles, and movies soon did the same. So, this isn’t new.)

        We do have to be watchful for real, in-this-reality changes that can seem confusing at first. Especially re-titling.

        But, in the case of TAPS/Ghost Hunters, it’s widespread enough and people are certain enough, that it seems to be a Mandela Effect issue. In some reality (not this one), the show was first called TAPS.

        Fiona Broome

      1. Audrey, the majority of people reporting this alternate memory are sure she died many years earlier. And, for the record, they weren’t mixing her up with her husband, either.

        I’m approving this because I suppose it’s possible someone might have heard the headline and didn’t get the pun. However, at this website, the date mentioned is usually far before that.

      2. I remember having a conversation with my mother and sister one day and my mother said something about Betty White being the only living Golden Girl. When I went on to tell her that Betty White died, she and my sister both looked at me like I was crazy. I distinctly remember watching a ton of news shows that mentioned her death, down to the pictures they put up on the screen with her year of birth and death and showing flashbacks of her on different shows. I was so sure that I went to pull it up and was shocked to see that she was still alive. Also remember when Louie Anderson died, BerenSTEIN Bears, and Sex IN the City (my student council committee even did a remake of the show’s title and font for one of our school dances “A Night In The City”) This is so trippy.

    16. Interesting website. I love reading about this kind of thing. As I went down the list, nothing much was ringing a bell until I got to the bit about Jim Henson. I am 100% sure that I remember it being reported that he had died of cancer. No matter how much I try to convince myself that I’m mis-remembering, I can’t. Is it possible that it was reported incorrectly for a short time? I do know these things happen all the time. For instance, it was initially reported that film director Tony Scott was suffering from a brain tumor when he committed suicide, but this was later corrected. Perhaps something similar happened with Henson?

      Also, I very clearly remember the lyrics to the Mr. Rogers theme song saying “beautiful day in THE neighborhood.” That’s how I’ve always heard it, that’s how I’ve always sung it. But I also remember him switching things up from time to time and singing weird variations like “It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood.” Oddly enough, I do remember him singing THIS in that particular variation.

        1. I see. Clearly it’s been a lot of years since I’ve seen Mr. Rogers. I don’t remember him doing the switcheroo every time, but I have no doubt that it’s true.

    17. To this day (I’ve never watched the movie) i have only known of a movie called the candidate, not the campaign.

    18. I gave the exact same memorie I also have one involving The Avengers, I recall it being called Avengers alliance on traliers not Avengers Assemble

    19. My neighbor said the film changed names during production. People are in denial about this phenomenon so it’s important we sort through these types of things so as not to give skeptics any ammunition. Snow White’s mirror mirror was also in the original brother’s Grimm fairy-tale so that’s not a good one either. Field of Dreams “build it and they will come” is a solid example though. I had a friend who went to Shanghai in 1998 and talked of the massive construction of multiple skyscrapers at the time will no apparent demand and quoted the movie as the justification for it. Apparently the vast majority of people remember it that way. Mr Rogers sang “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” in my childhood and everyone else’s I’ve asked. I wonder what the statistics are on that one. These two examples have evoked shock at the discrepancies with people’s memories. I also remember it specifically being “Sex in the City” and “Interview with a Vampire” for the record. So does my family and friends. I’ve seen posts about Jeff Buckley being alive until a few months ago in posts on this topic and looked up lyrics where he refers to himself as “the ghost that comes and goes.” People are now talking about “dimensional jumping.” Here’s an interesting post…

      1. Eliza Bulla, I agree about the need to be cautious, but the lines blur. Are we always talking about things that changed within this reality, or did they change because of something that happened in a parallel reality? That is, did people change things here because one of the two (or more) options was the name/event/whatever in a parallel reality? If so, did people want to glom onto that success/failure (or perhaps avoid it), here? (Rhetorical questions.)

        The fact is, critical skeptics go looking for things to be critical of. Sooner or later, they’ll find it. They’ll misinterpret (sometimes deliberately) comments made here and in related forums. Honestly…? If I were a skeptical critic, I’d leap on your “brother’s Grimm” reference and point out that it should be “Brothers Grimm’s” and therefore literacy issues could be part of our “mistaken” memories.

        The contagion of media errors is another problem when we try to explain the Mandela Effect. Now that Loftus’ hot air balloon memory implantation experiments have become part of these conversations… well, asserting our credibility might be an issue, even without production changes in film titles, etc.

        And yes, I’m also uneasy about my own polls at this site. For all I know, the high number of hot air balloon replies (in the latest poll) were placed there by someone who’d like something to support the idea that we’re all former Loftus subjects.

        If someone posts a comment that has many red flags indicating that the person is confused (or pretending to be, to muddy the waters here), I sometimes delete it.

        But, in general, I think this research is best served by keeping a very open mind about these memories, allowing people to present memories that seem to have logical explanations within this reality, and focus on the bigger picture… the commonalities, patterns, and possible explanations that go far beyond “just confused.”

        The alternate memories you mentioned are good evidence that something is going on. And, if the Mandela Effect site leads to more open-minded explorations of just what is going on — including dimensional jumping — I’m delighted. This site has been online for five years, and I’m gratified to see that our conversations and concepts are being discussed in the open, and among a wider audience.

        Cheerfully, Fiona

  2. I don’t know if you can put my experience in the same category..but, here goes. Over the past month of so, I have been experiencing, while viewing a film on t.v. or the dvd player, that what I’ve just viewed repeats itself. There is no indication that anything has changed on any timers, but I am repeating viewing 2-3 minutes of film that I’ve already viewed. The same thing has happened even when I view a film on my laptop. I really freaked out when it happened while I listening to the ballgame on the car radio. And, “no”, it wasn’t a “replay” either…LOL. It’s not “dejavu”, cause I don’t feel the same way when it happens. I’m repeating bits of time. Shit freaks me out!

    1. Actually, this has happened to me a few times. I almost always think it’s just a faulty download/stream but when I try to recreate the repeat by rewinding or skipping back to when the first showing of the repeated scene first started, it only plays once.

      1. That broke my brain. Because that just happened to me a few days ago, and I was trying to put it into words but was unable to, and only barely remember it.

      2. I also have the same type of experience in my life. We are Hindus living in India and we believe in astrology. I am looking for a guy for me so i usually match mine and others horoscope to see whether the marriage will be successful or not. Only a few weeks ago I clearly remember the coordinates of the city Gwalior, in which I live was 78.10 E and 26.12 N because i used them so many times while matching a horoscope for me. But now they are 78.17 E and 26.22 N. How can the coordinates of any place be changed within a few days?? I am totally confused and wondering about it. Please tell me how it can be happened? Thanks in advance.

        1. Kratika, you have jumped the gun,in the revised system called wgs 84, decimal minutes are used,the previous one is called canonical system.If you google Gwalior coordinates, you will find both sets of coordinates that you have mentioned,the previous as well as the latest.

    2. Your comment just shook me completely. I’ve had MANY experiences watching a brand new movie, where the whole way through or just in snippets, it’s been more than familiar to me. I’ve started to annoy people watching with me, constantly saying, “I’m sure I’ve seen this! Have I seen this? I MUST have seen this!” I recognise scenes and music, and get a familiar feeling like “I’ve been here before”… Like you mentioned, it’s completely different to deja vu- it’s not dream-like, and doesn’t confuse me until I discover that there was no way for me to have seen the movie before. What is that?

      1. “Like you mentioned, it’s completely different to deja vu- it’s not dream-like, and doesn’t confuse me until I discover that there was no way for me to have seen the movie before. ”

        That is a wonderful observation and description of what seems to be going on here! Deja-vu, to me, is usually a general “feeling” of something having happened at “some point”. It’s not a specific memory. With these, there are multiple specific memories by a broad group of unconnected people. We are certain we are correct, only to find out history has been edited for our viewing pleasure. This makes me wonder if we didn’t really screw something up with reality by splitting atoms or the Philadelphia experiment or some other toy used and hidden by TPTB.

      2. I’m seriously getting freaked out reading some of these comments! I get the movie thing too! I’m blaming Hollywood for running out of ideas!

      3. I have for many years been interested in the phenomenon of deja vu. I have not done any research into the idea, other than reading Wikipedia’s list of possible psychological causes. (Yeah, I know, that isn’t exactly research…) Anyway, over the years, I have personally asked many people what their experience of deja vu feels like. I have always received one of the following two answers:
        A: The person in question is not sure what deja vu is, nor are they sure whether or not they have experienced it. Or,
        B: The person in question experiences deja vu in a manner similar to my own experiences.

        Please do not take this as any kind of assertion that my own experience of this phenomenon is the “correct” meaning of the phrase “deja vu”. I understand that my interpretation of this phrase could be very different from the generally accepted meaning, or even others’ own personal interpretations. I can only report my own feelings and observations regarding the matter.

        For me, deja vu is not only a dreamlike familiarity, but a certainty that I have already been in a particular situation previously. So certain, in fact, that I have many times “predicted” exactly what another person would say or do next. (Although the apparent “prediction” predates the actually event by only a few seconds or less.) During these moments, I seem to remember both the precise location at which these events occur, and whatever conversation is currently taking place between me and whoever I am with at the time. As if it were all scripted like a play or a film. I find that when I continue “following the script”, the feeling continues for several seconds longer, until I inevitably “break script”, at which point the feeling immediately ceases.

        The main reason that I am inserting this comment at this particular point in the thread is that what other commentators describe as “completely different from deja vu” is pretty close to what I consider deja vu. Maybe the phrase has taken on connotations differing from our similar experiences. Or maybe many who use the phrase do not have the personal experiences that we seem to have in common. Either way, this is pretty interesting stuff!

        1. ever since I was about 10 or 11 years old, I get the weirdest feelings every so often like I’ve done whatever it is or been in a certain situation before. And not just like regular deja-vu, but in an instance recently, I was in Washington D.C. speaking to a person I had just met (I’ve never been to DC before this trip) and during the conversation, a certain point occurred and I remembered the exact situation happening before at a previous time. It is the strangest thing, I get the feeling like I’ve lived this part of my life before, like I’ve been sitting in that classroom on that exact day before, like I’ve had certain conversations, or seen certain things before I physically see them. They aren’t major events either, they’re everyday little tidbits of situations, like where people are standing in a room, or conversation topics that come up that I already have experienced and know how they’re going to end. One individual did tell me that I might be dreaming these situations up and then subconsciously recalling them but that seems a little too “I have the gift of another eye that can see into the future” type thing so I took it with a grain of salt. I have been searching for reasons for why this is for about 3 years now and I can’t find anything, maybe it has something to do with alternative memories or is it some strange version of deja-vu?

        2. I also have the same feeling. The youngest I remember realizing it & knowing it felt strange was when I was about 12. I was in the car with my mom, regular day. She had the mail on the floor of the car, and I picked it up and started sorting through it. “Junk Mail, Junk Mail”, I said as I was looking at the brochures the supermarkets send. Then I slowly start to remember being in that exact same situation previously. Same street, same car, same mail and same me saying “junk mail junk mail”. Just as you said, once I realized what was going on, it stopped. I freaked out and tried to tell my mom what was happening. I thought I was psychic. She laughed it off and said “Deja Vu”.

          But it has kept happening for the past decade. Randomly. Not important, significant moments in my life. Just random stuff that I don’t remember doing but know exactly how it’ll turn out because somehow I have done it. Vivid, vivid flashbacks in real time. It’s so weird.

        3. Your account of deja vu is interesting. Now I wonder if I could have the same experience if I didn’t always freeze and say, wow, that was weird or deja vu!!! And it completely halt the rest of my experience. I never thought of not saying something. If that makes sense.

        4. Hi, Ryan,

          I had just finished a note-to-self that very much mirrors your description (though I differentiate it from déjà vu), and the next entry down I ran into yours. I’ve never run into anyone with quite the same description as mine, and yours is pretty much identical.

          For me, I’ll occasionally get a feeling of having done something before, with nothing more to it than that — this is what I refer to as actual déjà vu (just a sensation, nothing more).

          On the other hand, usually a few times each year (maybe 3-5 times, or so), I get the feeling of déjà vu, but accompanied by a memory of who I’m with, the conversation’s outline, the surrounds, and the upcoming sentence or two; some of these events (maybe a third or so of them?) come with a memory of having remembered it several times before. I don’t have name for it; in fact, when I wrote my note-to-self, I had to specifically figure out what to refer to it as (I’ve opted for now to call it not-exactly-déjà-vu [yes, rather uninventive, I know]).

          Ryan’s “following the script” is an apt description to me; I don’t think about what’s next, it’s just a given. Mikayla’s & LizE’s experiences of it always being random little everyday stuff, likewise; never anything useful or important-seeming.

          1. The description that Ryan, CTE, and others provided of their dejavu-like episodes, is what I experience and have always called deja vu. It is like replaying an exact moment I’ve experienced before, down to the surroundings, music, smells, emotions, what will be said next, all of it. It’s quite surreal, and for me also, usually happens within everyday mundane scenarios.

      4. I clearly remember RayWilliamJohnson or =3 on YouTube covering the scene from the spring breakers movie where James Franco is playing the piano and the girls are dancing around him with guns in horse masks. But I remember him covering it years like 5 or 6 years before the movie came out. How weird

      5. This JUST happened to me the other day. My husband was watching a movie, and I asked him “Haven’t you seen this one?” He said “Yes, about 6 years ago.” And I kept saying “But it seems so familiar. Like we’ve just seen it.” I don’t remember movies 4 minutes after they’ve happened, so I’m sure I’m not remembering it from 6 years ago. It was the strangest feeling…

      6. But could deja-vu be related to the Mandela Effect? Maybe we have that feeling of having “been there, done that” because we HAVE been there and/or done that….in a different reality. But the memory is so faded that we can’t pinpoint exact details anymore and have only our feelings left.

      7. That happened to me when I jumped into the first season of Under The Dome– I kept telling my friend that I’ve seen this before, it was like I actually could say what was going to happen next. He kept insisting I couldn’t have seen it before it was a brand new TV show but I was CERTAIN that I’d seen the show before, many years before.

    3. I was doing a Harry Potter marathon, preparing for can’t Fantasy con here in Utah, and I had that happen in every movie that I watched.

    4. This has happened to me a lot, but it normally happens years after instead of one right after the other. Usually, what will happen is, on the radio, they’ll say something about a new song, and it will start playing. However, I will have a memory from years ago listening to the song! When I try to look up alternate versions of the songs, perhaps done by other artists, I can find absolutely no previous recordings, and, more often than not, the song was only WRITTEN a couple months previous to the experience.

      1. Oh, about the song things, that’s happened to me too! I don’t know about the whole movie debate, but I remember times when I would hear the radio play what I think was Lady Gaga (or something, I can’t remember the specific song!) and I swore that I had heard the song a couple years ago. My mom called me crazy, but I was positive that I had heard it released before! I could even hum to a specific note set, but she said I had probably just heard it on a different station. On a similar note, when I went to New York this past summer, I was walking through the streets and I kept feeling like I had walked there before? I’ve never been to NYC before then, but I could swear that everything there was stunningly familiar, and not in a deja vu way (which I also get more than most people?). It was so strange, because I could swear remembering living there, even though I’ve never even lived in a big city before, let alone NYC.

        1. I remember hearing “Still Not Into You” by Paramore in like 2006? because the first time when i heard it when it came out I already knew all the lyrics but the radio stated that it was a new release- weird right?

      2. I too have felt for several years that I “knew” the new song before it came out on the radio. Lately I’ve been joking that it means the end of the world is near! (I’m inclined to believe that reincarnation is us living our lives over repeatedly trying to get it right, so I might remember songs that came out right before either I died or this timeline ended). Nice to see I’m not the only one having a musical deja vu experience!

        1. My daughter, when she was 6 years old asked me a question from the backseat while driving her home from school… Dad, how come i cant remember what the next songs gonna be on the radio any more…. I didnt have an answer….when i think about it now, there are times when i myself listen to the radio and can think of a song before it comes on

          1. This happens to me quite a bit. I figured it was the metal fillings picking up the radio station before I turned it on.

      3. Oh my God!! I am freaking out right now!!!! I remembered an experience after reading these comments about songs and lady gaga and what not and I remembered that when I was younger, I stumbled across this amazing song on YouTube and it was Bryan Adam’s featuring this more recent, cool, black artist and it was called Stolen Car. I remember trying to search for it afterwards and I had SUCH a hard time even though I had replayed it about 20 times in a row and I remembered all of the lyrics to the song- well needless to say I found it. But I remember havin a really hard time!! So out of curiosity I went back and searched again to see if I could find it AND I FOUND THE SAME SONG BEING SUNG BY STING IN A RADIO EDIT VERSION AND APPARENTLY THIS SONG WAS RELEASED IN THE 70’s OR SOMETHING?!?! What the heck is going on here?!?! I CLEARLY remember BRYAN ADAMS singing it because he inspired me to play one of his songs in my guitar class!!! (We had to learn a song and teach it to the other students, and I chose summer of ’69). And for the record, sorry Sting, but Bryan sang it better!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowwwwwwwww. This is no jokes guys!!!!

      4. This has happened to me too, only I can never quite pinpoint a specific memory. It’s like deja vu, except I don’t remember the scene in general happening, I just remember the song having been played before but in a different time/place. Just can’t remember exactly what time & place it was, just know it’s not what’s happening at that moment. Very weird feeling!

      5. just like me wow and everyone i mention it to is always just like no not an old song it just came out and i almost get a little angry with myself because i can never remember who i heard sing it or what the title of the song i heard is

      6. I actually JUST had this experience with the newer song ‘Classic’ by MKTO on the radio. I could swear I had heard it before, so I looked up the name on iTunes and actually found the song by a different person. This might sound like I’m discrediting your idea, but no one I talked to had ever heard the previous song, and when I went onto iTunes later to show someone else, the song had disappeared.

        I swear it had been there, I even listened to the sample iTunes allowed me to play and it had a more acoustic sound than the one on the radio, but had the exact words and chord progressions. Now I go back and there are other songs named classic, but they are nothing like the one on the radio.

    5. This happened to me just a day or two ago. I feel sick… I honestly tried to find a rational explanation for this but I didn’t really have one. When it happened it sent shivers down my spine. I was watching “Family Guy”.

      It scared me real bad.

    6. I see the difference between what you’re explaining and deja vu, but perhaps it’s a similar/related phenomenon? Deja vu has something to do with a glitch in the processing in your brain, putting something in long-term memory by accident and making you think it’s already happened. Since this seems distinct from the mandela effect (because you’re remembering that it was the same, not different), I wonder if it a a slightly different, more tangible form of deja vu. Like, what you see gets put into short-term memory twice somehow? I’m not neuroscientist though haha.

  3. @lavahotpocket i also have a memory of the canidate! i just looked it up and i couldnt find any movie made recently, and looked up “the campaign” and found that movie. i came to this site with no background knowledge or anything, and i am already a firm believer

  4. Came across your site as I was absolutely stunned to learn that Graham Garden (of The Goodies fame) is still alive and well in 2012. I came across his name after reading a totally unrelated article about one of the other Goodies. Upon reading the article I went to the Goodies wiki page and saw that they have been recently doing some comeback shows around the World. Well – I thought that must be weird doing the show without Graham Garden – considering the whole point of the original show was of their comedy trio.

    I was never a huge fan of the show, but watched quite a few re-runs after school in the early 90’s and was sure that Graham had died some time ago – not really sure when! I even have memories of discussing his death with my Mum. Quite a weird, spooky feeling to find out that he is well and truly alive and I was incorrect! Or was I… I’m convinced there’s something to this whole alternate memories phenomena. Does anyone else out there have this same/similiar memory by any chance??

    1. I definitely remember having discussions with friends that GG from the goodies was dead as a youngster. I also remember people looking at me funny when I was surprised he was alive. Nb I am a sceptic.

  5. I have several experiences.
    I remember Osama Bin Laden dying around 2005 or 2006.
    Nothing was heard about him until he suddenly popped up in 2010 again only to die in 2012 once more.

    I remember Ceylon(Sri Lanka) having a different location, it used to be directly south of India, not south-west.

    I also clearly remember the singer Katy Perry having the stagename Kate Perry.

    1. “I also clearly remember the singer Katy Perry having the stagename Kate Perry.”

      I had no idea her name was Katy until I read this. It sounds like it could be a common mistake though.

      I actually have a song of her on my playlist. The file is named “Katy_Perry-Hot_’n’_Cold.mp3” however the title of the song is “Kate Perry – Hot and Cold”. I came to know her through a local music television which played the music video to this exact song years back. Either the show had her name wrong, or I read it wrong every time. Or maybe something else. God knows..

      I can’t remember other times specifically, but I know this has happened a ton of times. I’ve just always thought that I recalled wrong and “corrected” my memory.

      1. James, that’s what gives this concept such credibility. I keep hearing, over & over again, that people’s first impulses are to think they remembered something wrong.

        In my opinion, if we were a bunch of wide-eye lunatics, we wouldn’t have taken the more logical path — thinking we were mistaken — so quickly.

        It might be worth checking with Katy Perry’s PR staff, to see if/when she was just “Kate Perry” and how widespread that name was, at the time.

        Cheerfully, Fiona

            1. It was Kate Hudson actually, that is closer to her real name, she had an album by that name and after that she changed to Katy Perry.

              1. Jo, the question is about whether Katy Perry was previously Kate Perry. Professionally, she never used the name Kate Hudson.

                Per Wikipedia (, she was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Her first album was as Katy Hudson, and then she changed to Katy Perry. No “Kate” in there… we’re still looking for a “Kate Perry” reference to rule this out as Mandela Effect.

                1. I remember something about an Australian woman named Kate Perry who set up a fashion line under the name. I think there was some conflict due to the similarity between Katy Perry and Kate Perry but I cant find any news articles relating to it.

                  1. I remember that also. There was some sort of copyright issue because Katy Perry was the Australian designer’s original birth name and Katy Perry’s name was just a stage name.

        1. In my opinion, if we were a bunch of wide-eye lunatics, we wouldn’t have taken the more logical path — thinking we were mistaken — so quickly.

          I’m not going to tell you that you haven’t got ahold of something here. However, it kind of boggles my mind that you keep talking about ‘wide-eyed lunatics’, as if the only people whose brains skip a groove occasionally are ‘bad people’ who are ‘crazy’ and therefore run around shouting about space aliens and whatnot. And as if ‘wild-eyed lunatics’ are very obviously completely different from you, or any of us, instead of being just other people on a spectrum of mental functioning.

          The brain is a very delicate and complex instrument. Do you really think that people running around raving could possibly be more common than people’s memories occasionally skipping, people getting a feeling that they heard something before when they haven’t, people hearing about things and immediately incorporating them into their own personal histories?

          They’ve done experiments on this. It’s quite easy to get many people to remember something that never happened to them, if you set out to do so consciously. And often even if you don’t, which is why police interrogation and similar things can often end with people contradicting themselves and not understanding what set of memories is right.

          1. Fred,

            Thanks for your reply. It helped me realize that I’m speaking from a context that others don’t see: The large number of comments I don’t approve, and the unattractive emails that want to make this very personal, though I freely admit this topic is entirely speculative. (This past week was especially challenging.)

            But, since I went more on the defensive, those kinds of comments have decreased dramatically.

            On the other hand, you’re absolutely right. I can see how this might look odd to others, and I appreciate your comment. I do need to tone it down.

            Regarding your points about memory: I’ve studied everything from mind control to false memories, including extensive real-life discussions with people like Robert Cialdini and the late Jolly West. I’ve read Elizabeth Loftus’ work, etc. So, I’m familiar with the fallibility of memory.

            Lesser memories — whether someone went grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday, where they left the house keys, or how long ago they changed the oil in the car — are more easy to shrug off when they’re not accurate. Only a few of those are reported here. I’ve assumed that most people accept everyday memory lapses as part of the human condition, and understand they’re neither crazy nor lunatics when they misremember something like that.

            Bigger, more global memories — the ones discussed at this site — are different, and this is a dilemma. Discussing them can influence responses and lead to more “me, too!” reactions. Some people will glom onto someone else’s account and integrate it with their own memories.

            However, discussion is the only way people can determine what is — or might be — going on. It’s the only way many of us accept that our “odd” memories might be accurate. (I was absolutely stunned when I first heard that someone else “remembered” Mandela’s earlier death.)

            I wish I could put up a splash page that says, “Before reading anything here, write down every memory you have that doesn’t seem to fit what the rest of the world appears to believe.”

            The flip side is: When I’m at conferences and raise a particularly popular and anomalous memory — Billy Graham’s “death” has been the biggest issue — someone (often several people) will want to argue with me. They think I’m completely mistaken. They’re sure he died, and they will rattle off the series of funeral-related shows they watched, talk about Graham’s son’s moving eulogy/tribute to his dad, and so on.

            Regularly — almost predictably — those conversations become very heated. People are absolutely, 100% certain about major events like that. If it weren’t for smartphones and Wikipedia to back me up, some of those arguments could easily degrade to fisticuffs.

            So, I’m aware that — until a site like this points out the events in this timestream — some people aren’t even aware that their memories don’t match the current reality. Finding out here… they’re angry with the messenger and need to vent, whether it’s appropriate or not.

            And, some people are very angry that this website even exists. (Yes, I know: It’s the Internet.)

            But, you’re right: That doesn’t make it okay for me to get hyperbolic about this, especially when readers can’t see the triggers, and sarcastic humor rarely conveys well in text.

            Thanks again for your comment.


      2. Bin laden was killed in Pakistan in 2011, prior to the 10 year anniversary of the attacks on the Worl Trade Center, and not 2012 as you stated (unless of course the years are different in our respective time stream). I however have no recollection of any mention of his death prior although there always was reports that it was possible he passed though never certain.

        1. Caligula,

          Thank you. You’re right. I’m changing the date right now.

          Update: Oh. I thought I’d said it was 2012, when it was Gurluas that said it.

          (I really did think that death was in 2012, but I don’t pay much attention to the news when I’m working on books — as I have been, for the past two years or so — and I may be confused. In other words, during the months when I’m deeply immersed in research & writing, everything can be a blur. So, while it may have been a “slide,” it’s more likely that I wasn’t paying close attention.)


      3. I can specifically remember hearing people call her “Katy” Perry and wondering why they would say it that way since her name was spelled KATE. I had seen it many times at that point, but when I questioned it everyone said/showed me it as Katy.

      4. i use to think the song was called “hot and cold” and was surprised it was called hot n cold.

    2. I also remembered Osama Bin Laden dying in 2006, but I was still too young to care, but the teachers at school were making a big fuss. I’m so confused. And I remember Katy Perry going by Kate and Katy.
      I’m so confused…

        1. frank, Those are some great links, and they confirm information from other readers, including statements I’ve kept in confidence. Thank you!

          I’d like not to open this as a political topic, but I’ve seen compelling evidence that supports the idea that the 2001 event was fact, not Mandela Effect.

    3. Wow just looked up Sri Lanka because I remember it being directly south too. And what do ya know?? Its wayyy off from where I remember. What the hello kitty is going on?

  6. >Empire State Building — There are no real photos of the entire building, unobstructed, in a single frame.

    Huh? I’m not sure I understand, do you mean there are no photos from when it was first constructed that show the whole building with nothing in the foreground obscuring the frame?

    Because I’m pretty sure many hi-res ones exist.

        1. Jacob, after years of researching this topic, it’s rare that anything takes me completely by surprise. I’m as likely as anyone else to think, “Oh, I must have misremembered.” So, only a few contradictory items have made me pause.

          This is one of them.

          Yes, I meant unobstructed.

          I was in Los Angeles, at a lecture, and the speaker insisted that no one could take an unobstructed photo of the Empire State building and get the entire building in a photo. He was using it as an example of things that people think are real (or in their memories), but they aren’t actually true.

          I thought the guy was crazy, so I checked it out… and I discovered that he was right. I didn’t think about it again, until someone brought up the subject in a conversation a couple of years ago. Most people in the group, including me, were certain that no one could get an unobstructed photo of the Empire State Building… not even one side of it.

          Now, your links show photos that — unless they’re Photoshop’d — sure look like they were taken in one frame. The base of the building is obscured on one side, but the other side looks pretty complete to me.

          I don’t love New York. So, the thought of going back there to check this out, yet again… not my idea of fun.

          However, this bothers me just enough that I might do it. I mean, I can create a pretty flawless Photoshop image with enough pieces and the clone tool. So, I need to assure myself that this really is another “Mandela moment.”

          It’d be different if I hadn’t gone through all of this, many years ago. Now, I want to see for myself, and talk with historians in case the obstructing buildings were torn down. Hey, it’s NYC… it happens.

          Thanks for posting those links. If I hadn’t seen them, I’d think it was your Mandela moment, not mine.

          (This thread really needs a Twilight Zone soundtrack, sometimes… )


          1. In the photos linked above, the bottom third of the building is obstructed by other buildings. I have shot the Empire State Building from the street with a 16 mm lens, but could not get back far enough in any direction to get the complete building from street to the top in one shot, but you might be able to do it with a 14mm lens, and you could do it with a modern panorama function. How long ago was the lecture? Those options might not have existed.

            1. Kayte,

              Thanks for the insights! The lecture was long ago — probably 1980s or so — and they guy who was speaking had the photo in his memory, but had searched far & wide. (I got the idea it was for a long time.) He’d never found a full photo, and was told at several NYC camera shops that the picture was impossible, anyway.

              He asked anyone who remembered a photo like that to raise their hands. The majority in the audience did, including me.

              His point in the lecture was about things we’re sure we recall, and we may have memories that match others’, but those memories weren’t real in this timestream. Therefore, in the reality we’re in, those things aren’t “true.” (Looking back now, I realize he may have been kind of an early Mandela Effect thinker.)

              So, your info is excellent as an update. Thanks!


                1. Amy, thanks for trying! It’s a good picture but it doesn’t show the full building (from one side). At that angle, some of the ground floor isn’t visible at the sides.

                  The alternate memory includes a photo of the building — top to ground floor — showing the entire side (where the photographer was) in one frame, not Photoshopped. The photo would be from before 1985, and probably much earlier.

          2. Perhaps he meant you couldn’t take an unobstructed photo *from the ground*? This would make more sense, because the ESB is at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 33rd/34th Street, with no roads leading directly to it. But we’ve all seen enough depictions of the building to assume you can take in the whole thing at some point. Even the movie Independence Day (inaccurately) placed the model of the ESB at the end of a street, to maximize the visual impact of its destruction. Heck, that iconic shot may be responsible for the false memory that it is possible to see the whole structure from ground level.

            1. Rhaomi, I’m pretty sure that — at some point in this discussion — we confirmed that the photo in question was probably taken from street level. (From the air, I’m pretty sure most of one side of the building could be captured in a photo.) However, if we’re going to get very literal about this, “ground level” would mean having the camera lens at the sidewalk or slightly lower.

              In general, until you’ve read more of this website, you may want to think twice before casually using the term “false memory” for what we’re describing here.

        2. Neither of those linked photos are at anywhere near ground level..

          “Empire State Building — The belief that there are no real, unobstructed photos of the entire building, taken at ground level or near ground level, showing the entire building in a single frame.”

  7. Gurluas,

    in 2005 a military sniper had a chance to kill Bin Laden but did not get clearance to take the shot. I wonder if in another reality the shot was taken.

    I would have to look the source up again but I remember reading it in a news paper very clearly.

  8. Fiona, Thanks for approving my comment,i was afraid you weren’t going to do it,and that would have been a loss to intellectual community.i too have passed 42,and perhaps that’s the very reason we are now sobered to circumvent the boredom.i was actually reacting to those who keep moaning about overlords,nwo or psyops might be real or imaginery,we can’t buck them.Though i belong to the caucasian race,i have imbibed enough of the stoicness of dravidian majority,to be embarrased about talking of optimism.The agenda that i set for my life is, to defy the tawdry pusillanimity that chokes the spirit,(echoing charteris’s philosophy)without bitterness, and in fact with a fair dose of joyous fatalism.You have the pluck of jack london and aimee semple,so very characteristic of irish celts for literary pursuits,in fact this complements the scientific and military prowess of saxons,to make the great anglo empire of Britain.

  9. also Chartreuse, Im 35 years old, and today is the first day Ive even heard of the word. Its a colour?

    Violet is reddish purple, not blueish purple, there is another colour called violet blue which is blue-ish purple.

    Tank guy was run over by the tank. What does the new universe say happened, that he lived?

    1. I JUST learned that Chartreuse is some kind of a yellow-ish green, whereas I have ALWAYS thought it was a deep reddish/purplish color.

      By the way, blue-ish-purple is Indigo.

  10. Maybe we’ve all been “flashy-thinged” (M.I.B) too many times. I tried to put this comment in the right place, but couldn’t find any reference… Have any of you seen the movie” Salt “, with Angelina Jolie as an F.B.I. slash K.G.B. trained from childhood defector, lately? I own the movie, and the darn thing changed. The first few times watched it, at the end, she seeks out the evil guy raising these children to be K.G.B. and has a tussle with him where hes got a knife in his boot, and she overtakes him somehow, and drowns him like he did to her husband. Now all of a sudden nobody drowns, the whole thing is so different, I’ll have to watch it again, in order to remember this version. I wonder what Angelina would remember…

  11. is there a graph started of people experiencing the Mandela effect? which memories they have by age, location etc. I would love to see a piece of software on this site where you can check off which memories you have to see if there is some sort of correlation to dementia/ time stream alterations/parallel universe/conspiracy, if one has not already been started

    1. Jess, we’ve covered some of that in conversations and informal polls. Also, I’ve begun asking people to leave fewer general “me, too” comments, and start including as many where-when-what details as they’re comfortable with.

      One problem with attempting anything more formal is: privacy. I’m uneasy using any software that might record personal information about people submitting data at this site.

      Yes, I realize that just commenting here may trigger that, unless the person is using a proxy, and — being realistic/cynical — not all proxy services can be trusted.

      I’ve considered the apparent volatility of this topic, especially since the strangeness around the time of my Sept 22/23 post. Since then, I’ve been a little more mindful of any third-party software I use, and do my best to let each visitor determine his/her comfort zone, as regards what information is shared.

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