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To meet privacy requirements, we offer the following per GDPR.

At, we are mindful of the sensitive nature of this topic. So, we’re cautious about removing any comments, though we’re in the process of changing anything that could be personal, identifying information associated with the comment.

Effective 16 October 2020, we’ve also asked the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive) to remove copies of this website.

Your privacy is important to us. We never share your private information with anyone for any reason, short of a verified court order.  We use a hosting service that is especially careful about security issues. We do not accept advertising on So, this site is more private than most, and takes all reasonable precautions to protect your identity.

To request immediate removal of identifying information from your previous comments at this website, leave a comment* at this page. (To avoid it being discarded, begin your comment with the name of the person who started this site.) We will do so as quickly as possible.

*This is not an invitation for more Mandela Effect memories. They will not be published and our team cannot reply to you, personally. Please share your memories with others at existing, related forums.


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