Latest Memories – 11 Apr 2016

At the start of 2016, I asked people to use the Contact form to let me know about alternate memories they didn’t see in articles or on my Memories list and related Comments pages.

Now, overwhelmed with tens of thousands of reported memories, I refer people to the Reddit community for discussions.

Jonny Quest - first season videos

Memories reported in early 2016

  • Jonny Quest or Johnny Quest? As you can see from the DVD set from the first season — illustrated at right — it’s Jonny. No H. This is one of the first spelling alterations we’ve seen that’s not a vowel. (Note: Johnny Test is a different program.)
  • Oxiclean or Oxyclean? It’s Oxiclean in this reality.
  • Several Australians have reported a strong memory of an alternate Australian flag. The issues seem related to the number of stars and relative sizes of them. Several specifically talk about seeing the “new” flag behind the Australian Prime Minister during a speech in mid-late March 2016.
  • Days of Heaven movie: At the big confrontation, did Sam Shepard hold a pitchfork or a gun? (I haven’t seen the film, but people say it’s a gun in this reality.)
  • This may not be a Mandela Effect issue: A few people are reporting that US Mail (USPS) trucks (jeep style) now have steering wheels on the left side of the car, similar to most US automobiles. I only recall seeing the steering wheel on the right side of USPS vehicles, the same as cars in England. Does anyone have insights about a design change?
  • Not Mandela Effect:  “E.T. phone home” was said in the movie, E.T. I’m not sure who started claiming it was only “E.T. home phone,” but that’s just one line in the film; the rest say “…phone home.”
  • Not Mandela Effect, as far as I know: In at least one episode of Fringe, the New York borough of Manhattan is spelled Manhatan. That’s deliberate, to cue viewers that the show is set in an alternate reality.
  • Those reporting a dual memory of the borough as “Manhatten”… that might be Mandela Effect. (It should be “Manhattan.” According to, 76% of the misspellings are consistently “Manhatten.” Contrast that with the 63% who misspell the word “misspell.”) I’m not sure whether the focused frequency of a misspelled word indicates Mandela Effect, and if we can claim a certain percentage as a marker.
  • Several people think the added forward-slash (/) is part of spelling at this website, and it’s a Mandela Effect. It’s not. The apparent typo is due to a software glitch I haven’t been able to resolve… and I don’t have time to go through comments and delete all those extra characters.
  • Another simple misspelling: the word is “whoa,” not “woah.” The frequency of this misspelling in recent years raises the question of whether it’s based in the Mandela Effect, but I’m not sure. (It shows up 71% of the time, as a misspelling.) If you’re fairly sure it’s a Mandela Effect issue, let me know.
  • Another confusing spelling topic: Several people recall being taught “suprise” instead of “surprise.” says 62% misspell “surprise” without the first R. (That could be a contagion from a typo in a spelling book, or some other teaching-related mistake.) However, that word seems to have a higher-than-average number of variations among misspellings. The number of variations is anomalous.
  • Misquotation or Mandela Effect? It seems as if “Hello, Clarice” doesn’t appear in Silence of the Lambs. It’s “Good evening, Clarice.” (I can’t vouch for this because I’ve never seen the film and never will, on principle. But, enough people have contacted me about the quote, I’m including it in this list.)
  • In the Matrix, when Neo opens his book, does a word appear — probably on the right-side page of the book, opposite the page headed “On Nihilism” — near the top of an otherwise-white page? So far, no one can recall the actual word, but all say it was there when they first saw the movie… and now it’s gone.

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  1. Johnny Quest seems right to me, but I can’t swear to it.

    Oxiclean doesn’t sound right to me at first, but seeing the actual product font, it looks right. People may be confusing it with OXY pads.

    I’ve always been a pretty good speller and rarely ever have the alternate spellings memories that others have (Berenstein being an exception). Some of these words, such as “woah” would have to come from a significantly different reality – for example, I don’t believe “woah” follows any known spelling rule in the English language. Other alternate spellings I’ve seen on here would be a stretch etymologically, as they would require changes in the very root words that modern English is based off of, and we’d likely see a LOT of words that are suddenly spelled strangely. That being said, “suprise” is an exception – it’s derived from superprehendere, so “suprise” would sort of make sense.

    1. Ditto. I had a friend who was getting too many telemarketing calls, and set his voicemail to that clip to scare them off.

  2. Out of all of these, all I can comment on for sure is Oxiclean. I remember when it was a new product, my family got a giant tub of it, and I wondered how they got away with having basically the same name and logo look as the Oxy acne products. We have a newer tub of “Oxiclean” in the laundry room right now, and I guess I figured it was a redesign, but I guess not. It’s supposed to be “Oxy” because it “Harnesses the cleaning power of Oxygen” in the words of Billy Mays.

  3. None of these seem familiar to me except “Oxyclean.” I know it should be that way, because of the same thing Emily said–it had something to do with oxygen. Reading it with an i makes my eyes hurt in the same way that seeing “Berenstain”, in the cursive font they use on the books, does.

  4. As far as the mail trucks are concerned the USPS currently uses two sizes of trucks. The larger of the two have the steering wheel on the left instead of right as is usually seen.
    My father has been a mail carrier for over 30 years, I’ll ask if there are any newer different trucks being added

  5. Oxyclean for sure
    Suprise has always been the way I spelled it, until this site 🙂
    Never heard of ‘Home Phone’ for ET
    When I first noticed the spelling on the Fringe episode, for a test, I wrote it down: Manhatten <that's how I wrote it and remembered it. My message to you about Manhatan and not Manhattan on the Fringe episode showed up in both dimensions since I wrote you the first time. I checked this thinking it may have been a way to show the audience they were in another dimension. And I assumed my memory was faulty on the 'e'. Ya'd think I'd know better …

  6. Johnny Quest was the way it was spelled. The name \”Jonny\” would have been weird to me as a child growing up in America. I would have noticed that. I lived in JAnesville, WI growing up in the late 1960\’s and 1970s.
    Oxiclean was OxyClean until 2009. Surprise was suprise until about 1981.
    It\’s a weird feeling but both Johnny and Jonny Quest I have memories of and I sort of flip back and fourth mentally between memories. I must say that it is a strange feeling.

    1. Steven, thanks so much for adding dates & locations to your memories. That helps me expand the database, looking for any patterns to the Mandela Effect. (So far, I’ve seen only a few, but not enough to be entirely useful.)

  7. I’m old enough to remember watching the Jonny Quest series. Though I share many of the alternate memories that have been posted, I distinctly remember the ‘Jonny’ spelling because the main character and I shared the same spelling of our first names.

  8. I sent in one of the Australian flag changes, and I noticed it mid-March, but for me the number and placement of stars was as I’d remembered. The difference was that I’d recalled all of the stars making the Southern Cross with 5 points and the only 7 pointed one was the large ‘Commonwealth’ one.
    People often confused it with New Zealand’s flag, raising the wrong one at sporting events, but it’s quite obviously different ‘now’. (And THAT flag has changed for me too.)

  9. It was “hello Clarice”. It was the strong Familiar Britishness of the greeting with its brevity and lack of formality while still being proper that gave it power. “Good evening, Clarice.” just makes him sound like a tosspot butler. Its too formal and whimpy.
    Ive seen the matrix about a dozen times and I have a vague memory of Neo opening the book and then turning a page to uncover the hollowed out hiding hole in the book. Rather than opening it directly to the hole full of discs oposite the “on nihilism” page. I have it on VHS somewhere so will check it. (while im at it; when did DisK change to Disc???)
    UPSP van always had right side driver position so they were next to the curb. Otherwise they would get out into traffic thousands of times a day with obvious consequences. Also why they had sliding doors, so they could keep it open and get out straight onto the curb without having to open/close the door a million times.
    If they now have lefthand drive vans, then someone needs a slap around the head for putting lives at risk.

    1. AL, I’m chuckling over the “tosspot butler” description. It’s a perfect summary of why that phrase wouldn’t fit the character in the film.

    2. Just a comment on your “disk/disc” thing: I THINK it has to do with the shape. Like, I’d never write “floppy disc,” but I would also never write “compact disk.” The one that’s shaped like a DISCus is spelled with a C.

    3. “Disk” did not actually change to “disc”. “Disk” is a word while “disc” is not a word in the same way that “fruit” is a word and “froot” is not a word. When Sony invented the compact disk in the 1980s, they wanted to brand it in a way that could be trademarked. Changing the ‘k’ to a ‘c’ was their solution. For the timelines I know as m own personal past, this was the beginning of corporate misspellings for copyright and trademark purposes. Of course, in THIS timeline, such corporate misspellings go much further back, but the ripples of space-time I occupied up to that time did not include intentional misspellings.

  10. Oxiclean is really bugging me. I grew up around the stuff my grandmother used it all the time this was in Rolla Missouri and I remember it well as Oxyclean.

  11. I recall Johnny Quest (with the H), and Oxyclean (with a Y). The new spellings look wrong and disturbing.

    I only saw “The Silence of the Lambs” once, so I remember little about it, but I’ve certainly heard it quoted often enough. In my mind, can hear “Hello, Clarice,” in Anthony Hopkins’ distinctive voice.

  12. My husband would tease me by saying \”Hello Clarice\” and made a slithering sound with his tongue at the end of the quote like he had an appetite for Clarice (me). (Not sure if the slithering sound is done by Anthony Hopkins). He knew it always made me cringe because he sounded just like the character, so it was like an inside joke for us. Another thought, the line \”Hello Clarice\” is in the book \”The Silence of the Lambs\” so why would it be different for the movie.

  13. Oscar Meyer not Oscar Mayer
    I wanted to buy some lunch meat February 2015
    I pulled my hand away thinking it was a knock off product.
    I did not purchase the product.

  14. I just found out about the Mandela effect yesterday because I was at the library and saw the Bearnstein/Bearnstain books and thought that it was mis-spelled. I asked the librarian and she said no it is Bearnstain. I was skeptical because I learned to read with those books and I KNOW it is Bearnstein!! So, I googled it and found this site. I am very freaked out….I have noticed weird things happening but have not been able to put my finger on it. People changing, situations feeling weird, items out of place or just missing….
    I just checked Fresh Prince of Bel- Air and it seems different to me….. I don’t remember the plane ticket and the part where he is “sipping orange juice out of a champagne glass”….am I not remembering it correctly? I used to watch this show twice in a row every day for about 5 years after school. I was trying to sing along like I used to but did not recognize this part. I checked many videos on YouTube searching for “original fresh prince of Bel Air theme song”, they are all the same. I’m confused.

    Also, I have the tinnitus issue daily beginning around 2012. I will start documenting when it happens and what is going on around me. I recognize most of the other examples on the list above and will keep my eyes pealed for more.

    Thank you for this site! It has been a huge help!!!

  15. Suprise – I was extremely surprised when I discovered I had been spelling it incorrectly for my whole life. I can’t recall exactly when that was but it was between about 2007 and 2011. Since then every time I write the word I have to remind myself to add the first ‘r’.

    That is the only one in the list that seems right to me.

  16. So I’m from a younger generation, and thus had a different “Jonny” Quest show (the 1997 reboot), but it was definitely Johnny Quest when I first started watching it. I even remember complaining that the spelling change didn’t make sense, because of the way Hadji said Johnny’s name. Curiously, for me the change happened when a new season brought a new opening animation, and having no experience at the time with how animation worked I assumed someone must have misspelled the logo.

    Also: OxyClean, and whoa. I MIGHT have a source for “woah,” though–when I was a kid I remember seeing it spelled this way in The Babysitters Club books to differentiate Dawn’s California surfer friends (“woah, dude”) from the way the word is used to mean “stop” (“whoa, Claudia, slow down!”). While BSC itself may not be the source, the alternate spelling may have originated as a way to mark the specific surfer-boy dialect.

    1. Replying to myself since I can’t edit–Fiona, I saw upthread your comments on adding dates, so please feel free:

      –The Jo(h)nny Quest logo change would have been during its time as part of the Toonami block in 1999, but before Sailor Moon left the air (I stopped watching Cartoon Network and started watching Nickelodeon at that point, so I can say confidently it happened before then).
      –I started reading BSC when I was six and grew out of it when I was about thirteen, but I’m about 90% sure the point I noticed the “woah” spelling in one of the books that numbered in the 110s–which would mean this spelling crossed paths with me sometime in 1997.
      –It was Oxyclean when I first learned how to do laundry, sometime in early 2002. I don’t know when it changed for me (I can’t say I used it much in college), but I’m sure it was after 2011. Oddly enough, I also remember my mom owning a Clorox product in 2011 that was basically their answer to Oxyclean, but I haven’t seen that product before or since.

  17. I remember Jonny Quest without the H. It was one of my favorite tv shows. Plainview, Tx in the early 70’s.
    I’m another Oxyclean, with the same “Harnesses the cleaning power of Oxygen!” tagline memory. I used it because I hate the smell of bleach. Tx Panhandle, early 00’s.

  18. I will try to be brief. It’s not my strong point lol.

    Johnny Quest, the spelling drove me crazy with the two n’s after an h. hnn just looked odd.

    Oxyclean is how I remember it.

    I remember woah. Seeing whoa was very disconcerting to me the first time I saw it.

    I remember “Hello, Clarice.” because I wasn’t supposed to watch the movie. I did and had nightmares for awhile. Those nightmares included his face and him saying “Hello, Clarice”.

  19. My mom always quoted the “Hello, Clarice” line and said Silence of the Lambs was the scariest movie she’d ever seen. By the time I finally watched it for the first time – for a horror fiction class in 2009 in Boston – I remember noting that the line actually *wasn’t* “Hello,” and was “Good evening.” Then I wondered why I’d heard so many people say otherwise.

  20. Him I had to look that up but it says it’s always been Mayer. Ik it hasn’t I memorized the song at a young age and continuously listened to and repeated it for years. It was a favorite among us. The song distinctly says: my bologna has a first name it’s O-S-C-A-R, my bologna has a second name it’s M-E-Y-E-R

  21. I think I\’ve found a new ME. I was born a Libra. Now I\’m a Scorpio. I was born on October 23rd.

    Growing up in the mid to late 70\’s astrology was everywhere, at least as prevalent today. Even for a science nerd kid who doubted astrology (and still does) it was simply impossible not to know or be told my sun sign. The idea of myself as \”well balanced\” because I\’m a Libra became a pretty deeply embedded part of my identity. It still is. It was very easy to remember because my birthday, the second most important present-receiving day of the year, fell on the last day of my sign, and so I am often told I am \”on the cusp\”, \”with aspects of both signs\”. But now, since about the late nineties, I have been a Scorpio. October 23rd is now the first day of Scorpio. For two decades I have just assumed this must have been a \”legitimate change\” in the practice of astrology, that had to have taken place between about 1980 and the late nineties. But, I have not been able to find any mention on the web of any change in the Libra/Scorpio dates during that period.

    Researching this, I have seen hoaxes and \”scares\” from 2011. I have found explanations of differences between the astronomical Zodiac and the traditional Zodiac of western astrology. I have found things about the Precession of the Equinoxes and the \”Age of Acquarius\”. Apparently most of this is considered bunk. But so far absolutely nothing explains a one day shift in the dates of Libra and Scorpio.

    I know within a pretty well defined period when this particular shift happened. Because Sun Si gns had pretty thoroughly disappeared from my life, along with Biorythms, mood rings, pet rocks, disco and other seventies culture. and The Reagan Era and New Wave music and designer jeans had made a whole different world. By then I was a teenager, a high schooler, living in a new state, and astrology moved into the background, for almost twenty years. Then by the mid nineties, I was out of college, into adulthood and more concerned with dating as well as spiritual seeking, and astrology came back into my life. Only now, I was shocked to the core that I had become a Scorpio. I laughed it off and decided it didn\’t matter, since I didn\’t believe it, it was just something you had to go along with in the dating world.

    But recent events, and with ME in my mind, triggered me to look into just when and why the change had happened, and I am not finding anything that says it ever did. In this universe, it seems, I have \”always been\” a Scorpio. Just like in my 1970\’s Thanksgiving used to be the third Thursday, and New Zealand used to be northwest of Australia.

    This also tells me I have been shifting for at least 15 to 20 years. This is not a recent phenomenon.

  22. I remember oxyclean. Wasn’t a fan of Johnny Quest but remember it spelled that way. I was texting “suprise” a couple of years ago, maybe even last year- this memory feels recent, and was SURPRISEd when auto-correct added the “r”. I was much ashamed at my confusion. I literally said, “What?????”. How had I made it to 30 still misspelling surprise?

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