Las Vegas Anomalies – Late Dec 2015

Las Vegas
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Several odd things happened in Las Vegas in late December 2015. In a city where “odd” is a way of life, anything beyond their “normal” is especially interesting.

This is a good example of data points — a specific location and closely connected events (times) — that are useful for my research. However, this may (or may not) relate to the Mandela Effect, per se.

Two rare events happened on the night of 20 Dec 2015.

Las Vegas Anomaly #1

First, a woman drove her car onto a crowded sidewalk, just outside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Descriptions of the event varied, but many suggested that the driver slowed the car and then hit the accelerator a second time, mowing down nearly 40 people.

At the time, the woman said that she couldn’t explain what happened, and she’d lost control of the car.

  • Per ABC News: “KSNV-TV says the crash occurred in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino on South Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Harmon Avenue. The crash took place about 6 p.m. The Miss Universe pageant was being held at the Planet Hollywood at the time of the crash.”

Later, news reports said she’d tested positive for marijuana, but that’s odd, as well. Per the University of Washington, “Marijuana usually has a sedating effect on most users, making it much less likely to cause violence…” Nevertheless, she described being under stress, and that can be a factor in violent behavior.

Las Vegas Anomaly #2

Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino was hosting the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

In a baffling blunder, Steve Harvey, an experienced entertainer, crowned the wrong contestant. It’s still unclear whether he misread the card — truly odd for someone accustomed to reading from cards — or if the teleprompter script was wrong.

No matter what the explanation, Harvey crowned Miss Colombia… and then had to remove the crown and announce that Miss Philippines was the real winner.

Third Anomaly

Two nights later, Las Vegas was one of the most-reported viewing points for a bright light soaring through the night sky. Officials explained it as space debris from a Russian rocket.

That’s nothing baffling, but it is odd, since the Las Vegas sky is so well-lit by traffic and commercial signs, anything in the sky must be extraordinarily bright.

Not Quite Mandela Effect

On their own, these events are unfortunate. Combined — in time & location — they’re strange enough to note. However, the current facts in this reality don’t point to the Mandela Effect.

A few people have mentioned Columbia/Colombia spellings as possible Mandela Effect issues. Unfortunately, that mix-up is a frequent typo and spelling error. It’s difficult to attribute it to an alternate reality.

Note: I’m not saying it’s only a typo or spelling error. The problem is, very little points to the Columbia/Colombia cross-over spellings as genuine alternate memories. So, for now, it’s something to note but I’d need more data to include it in my immediate research.

It may be something we’ll look at again, later, if this kind of “typo” fits a larger pattern.

The events in Las Vegas are an interesting topic, so I’ve moved related comments here (from the New Alternate Memories page).

However, since — at this time — it has no clear Mandela Effect connections, I’m closing this to further comments.

Is it a paranormal ley line?

It may not be Mandela Effect, but these “coincidences” fit my ley line research. (This is more closely tied to my ghost hunting & paranormal research, but I’m watchful when odd crimes follow a very narrow line.)

  • Same time, same location: within a block or two of these events, between 6 PM and 11 PM on 20 Dec 2016.
  • Same time, different locations: other anomalies that happened between 6 PM and 11 PM (Las Vegas time, or 2 AM GMT to 7 AM GMT).
  • Different time, but at least three consistent, headline-worthy anomalies at a specific location.

UPDATE: I’ve now added the October 2017 shooting tragedy sites (Mandalay Bay Hotel & Route 91 Harvest Festival) to this line. And yes, it does follow a narrow line, less than 1000 feet wide.

But, Las Vegas Blvd is a heavily populated street, and — as the name of that street suggests — it’s the main street through the hotel/casino/entertainment section of Las Vegas.

Odds are (no pun intended) likely that everything of note will happen within feet of Las Vegas Blvd.

That’s why I’m not yet ready to say this is a ley line we can use for paranormal research, especially for Mandela Effect reports.

Also, all the events were within a few blocks of each other, so the line could be horizontal, not vertical.

If any other bizarre events are reported in the area, I’ll continue adding them to the map, looking for patterns.

Mostly, I’d like no further tragedies, not on this line or anywhere else, full stop.

22 thoughts on “Las Vegas Anomalies – Late Dec 2015”

  1. The Miss Universe 2015 conundrum is coming across as a glitch to me. I saw posts yesterday about the winner ACTUALLY being Miss Columbia. The other big difference was that the person posted as the winner had blonde hair throughout and looked more of European descent than anything else. I remember glancing the picture and thinking…”she doesn’t look South American…”. Nonetheless, I scrolled over it and went to the next story.

    Also, there appeared to be a time glitch last night while I watching streaming of the moon on youtube. I walked out my house to check the moon for a second or two and when I came back those posting on the streaming reported of something coming from the moon (btw I did not see the object while I was outside but that does not say much considering I wasn’t wearing my glasses). I checked it out while the host was still live streaming and it looked like a shooting star of sorts and went on to check the host’s prior video for 12/19/2015 because that day seemed off. Come to find there was something they could not identify and it looks really interesting. So I go back to the live feed and question what I see on the video but my message posts as if I was writing 10 minutes or so earlier and there are comments regarding my question pretty much instantaneously. Like I had posted it already and just caught up with the present. (Here is the video from 12/19- the object is 40 minutes into viewing Last night’s video object around 1:06:13)

    Looking to see more things happen up to 12/25/2015. I think 12/24/2015 may be a big day and interested in seeing how the market plays out around 12/26.

    Just a watcher for now but thought I would post wondering if anyone else noticed something strange.

    1. Daniel, I was going to delay talking about this until after normal emotional responses to these incidents had simmered down.

      However, I’m not surprised that the Miss Universe issue caught your attention as well.

      Here’s what I noticed about the Miss Universe 2015 anomaly: It happened at approximately the same time & place as the bizarre automobile tragedy, just outside.

      “KSNV-TV says the crash occurred in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino on South Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Harmon Avenue. The crash took place about 6 p.m. The Miss Universe pageant was being held at the Planet Hollywood at the time of the crash.” —

      This is exactly the kind of thing I include in my data points when I’m constructing ley lines for paranormal research.

      While it could be just a coincidence, the more these two Las Vegas stories are reported, the more “odd” things seem to be emerging.

      It’s another reason I’m now looking for times & locations of events: They may reveal more “coincidences.”

      1. Fiona and Daniel, I think 12/21 is another one of those dates, strange things seem to happen on or very near. Kind of like 9/22-23. Of course the numbers “mirror” each other. Mike H.

        1. I am very curious as to why bizarre things happen more on certain calendar dates. Calendars and clocks are manmade items that organize the passage of time in ways we can handle. While based initially on natural phenomena, such as moon phases and the sun’s passage through the sky, today’s Gregorian calendar doesn’t strictly conform to these heavenly events anymore. Most people barely pay attention to the sun, moon, and stars. (Bare with me, this is going somewhere…I think!) There is no event in nature that marks, say, Dec. 21 as special in some way. “December 21” is just a human label applied to a random day of the solar year.

          So, does this imply that we humans can somehow (inadvertently) shape events and realities simply giving these labels to things? That because 12/21 looks significant to us, it actually becomes significant and attracts whatever forces cause ME events?

          I don’t know if that makes sense or not. If you don’t want to approve this post, I’ll understand, Fiona, as it is rather random speculation.

            1. No date is simply a label,there is astronomical geometry and gravitational and other forces unique to each date.As to labels,Thru the looking glass,has most interesting interpretations.

          1. That’s not exactly true, Vivienna. December 21 IS a special day in terms of the solar year. I don’t know if you’re just talking about our nomenclature for it, in which case, I’d pretty much agree, but December 21 is the winter solstice. (Longest day of the year) It’s actually one of the most significant dates in terms of the solar year.

            1. Adam, you’re exactly right about December 21st, as the Winter Solstice, most (not all) years. It is one of the most significant days of the year, in astronomical terms, and — for some — in spiritual terms, as well.

              That particular date — along with the Summer Solstice, and the Equinoxes — definitely conforms to “heavenly events.” Pagan celebrations such as Imbolc and Samhain were more linked to agricultural events, though both are given calendar dates in the modern world.

              Obviously, I skimmed Vivienne’s comment in haste, and didn’t read it closely enough. (That was before I began redesigning this site, and had been badly overworked for months. Since then, I’ve made sweeping commenting changes, and I’m just beginning to catch up on sleep and enjoy the extra hours in my day.)

              What I took from Vivienne’s comment, in general, is that certain things seem to happen on or near specific days. Some of those days have no apparent significance, and they — and the kinds of events that spike on them — may need closer examination.

              I’m going beyond that to include a broader context — patterns of years (a point raised by Mike H and Daniel), and other calendar aspects, including simple numbers.

              I think we have to explore every possible pattern and connection.

      2. Yeah, that crash was a bit strange but I had not really looked into it. The leylines could be interesting to look at to pinpoint portals of entry and exist. The anomalies seem to reverberate like waves where eventually little quirks are noticed given one’s point closest to the impact…or maybe not.
        Back in hiding for now.

          1. I agree with Fiona, I was starting to think one of the handful of posters who understand me, when I am on a roll was gone! I am glad you posted.

            I was a bit hesitant to post this, but I swear Miss Universe was only about three months ago. I even discussed the winner (Miss Columbia) with a co-worker, he grew up near there. Which is how I tie this to my memory. If you asked me a few days ago when Miss Universe was, I would have said about 3 months ago, yes around that other date/s.
            That’s why I was shocked when to me it seemed like they just had it, I asked my wife, and she thought the same.
            According to Wikipedia (for what it’s worth). There were technically two contests this year.

            Mike H.

      3. That car incident reminds me so much of those stories I told a while back in earlier comment threads when I worked for GDOT. Very eerie. Points don’t match or make sense like the driver and people where on different planes that somehow crossed at certain points in time.

    2. Per my record and recall, country of Columbia has changed to Colombia as of 12/24/2015. Is it possible that the portal has a 3 day window? I specifically looked at the map of Columbia on 12/23/2015 due to this story. There are still some image files of the gaf that Steve Harvey made on his instagram page that were captured by others before being corrected. His initial instagram read the following:

      “I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia. This was a terribly honest human mistake and I am so regretful.”

      Yesterday, Google search engine allowed me to type Miss Columbia although it returned “Colombia”. As of now it offers an auto-correct of ” Miss Colombia”.

      Total approximate time of the change 72 hours.

    1. Mike, this is another anomaly that fits exactly what I’m looking for at I’m eager to find time to build that site, but you’ve hit on the precise kind of “odd” things I look for.

      It’s not that they’re what people claim they are… it’s that these weird, anomalous things are reported in the first place, regardless of their explanations. Those are the “dots” I connect — literally (geographically) and figuratively — to establish patterns.

      Cool info. Thanks!

  2. Maybe a little to more to my previous post is in order. I notice patterns, I can’t help it. Much like Charles Fort and John Keel.
    For those that don’t know who they are.
    Anyway , both talked of time flaps, things seem to happen in clusters or groups around certain areas, in short amounts of time. My previous post was directed at the Las Vegas incidence, and Miss Universe coincidence. And for the record I am NOT comparing myself to those two, just that patterns hold special interest to me. Mike H.

    1. Cindy, I appreciate the link, but I checked the Search form — using “colombia” — and multiple comments turned up. They include the recent discussion on this page, sparked by the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.

      This comment should have been a Reply, not a new thread. Unfortunately, my software doesn’t allow me to move this (or any comment) to a specific thread.

      Whether or not it feels like a Mandela Effect, it’s such a popular misspelling (as your link explains), it’s not something we can include in data analysis at this time.

      1. On a sidenote (sort of), it appears that there are many MEs which have come across as simple misspellings. What I am saying is that when I went to Google maps on 12/23/2015 the spelling was “Columbia” with a U.

        It may be possible that it was spelled with an O before that date, went to U, and then back to O. This seems to have happened with other things as well. This things seem to happen very fast (changes) at times and prolonged at others.

        1. Daniel, I agree. It’s one reason I’m re-thinking which alternate memories are important, and the related data points we need to consider. It may be that the dates are more important than the memories, per se, if we’re looking for patterns to explain (or at least suggest a source for) what’s going on.

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