Is Time Travel Part of the Mandela Effect?

Time travel. If it’s real — and many physicists insist that time travel has to be — does it explain some of the Mandela Effect?

Matt Smith quote about time travel


I’m reading The Yoga of Time Travel, by physicist Fred Alan Wolf.  In the Introduction of that book, he reminds us, “… a scientific basis for time travel was established more than a hundred years ago… Albert Einstein and Hermann Minkowski showed how it was theoretically possible in 1905 and 1908.”

In the next paragraph, Wolf said something that startled me. It confirms something we’ve talked about here at

“…let me tell you a secret: Some of the remarkable people you meet in life are time travelers. A few of these people know it; the others time travel without realizing it, but they do it just the same. These are the people who appear older than their years or, yes, often enough considerably younger.” [Emphasis added.]

So, how could this work with the Mandela Effect? As I see it, only for very specific, limited memories. Here’s an example.

Let’s say it’s December 1986 and you’re a teenager. You’re aware of turmoil in South Africa, and — in your reality — Nelson Mandela is taking part in another hunger strike where he’s imprisoned. (A side note for those who are looking at patterns related to 2s and 3s: He was prisoner 46664.)

One morning, you go through your bedroom door and — in another reality where it’s December 2013 (but you’re only half-awake as you shovel in a quick breakfast, and you don’t notice some odd changes) — your mother tells you the sad news that Nelson Mandela has died.

Since your mind is on an upcoming exam, you assume Mandela died from the hunger strike.

And then you go back to your bedroom, through the doorway* …and you’re back in 1986.

That day’s exam (at school) is a disaster. You know you did badly. You scramble to earn some extra credits before school vacation, because you really need a good grade in that class.

And, then it’s the holiday season. You forget all about Mandela’s death… until 2010 or so, when a friend says a few people recall Mandela dying in the late 20th century.

Suddenly, that memory — which you think is from 1986 — comes flooding back. You know Mandela died in 1986, because your mother said so, and she was never, ever wrong about that kind of thing.

Could that explain one kind of Mandela Effect?

Maybe. I think it would only work for specific, isolated memories. And, you’d need to be oblivious to the cues that you’re — at least briefly — in a different time.

But, if time travel is as commonplace as Fred Alan Wolf suggests, it’s something to consider.


*I’ve thrown in a doorway reference, because I think it’s possible that the “doorway effect” doesn’t just wipe some of our memories. In some (rare?) cases, it might be the portal to & from parallel realities.

Yes, I know that’s wild speculation, but — for me, anyway — it’s fun to wonder about this. And that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

— Illustration based on a graphic by Michel Meynsbrughen

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  1. Hey Fiona,
    How are you? This Time Travel topic has me wondering if I time travelled with my FORD EMBLEM experience. As I’m sure you recall, I walked into a cigar shop (with the Mandela Effect on my mind) to sit and watch the end of a Football game, during which I saw a Ford commercial where the curly tip of the F was on top and very gaudy, rather than the middle, as it is now and has always been. After checking the emblem at home, I couldn’t find it on top anywhere. At the time, thinking back, I realized the room was ‘thick’ and I felt everyone’s eyes on me. The only deterrent I can see with this theory, in this case, was that the final score was the same. Which, to me would be a shift in dimensions rather than time travel. This being my own personal definitive answer that something was going on.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      just want to let you know that i had kind of the same experience with the FORD logo as you..
      for me the whole font of the logo changed…same logo but undoubtely a different font..
      i owned a ford 2 years ago..the logo was on the steering wheel…this can’t be due to faulty memory…
      i have a ford dealer next to my workplace…they have a huge ford logo in front of the store…working there for nearly 10 years now…see it all day during smoke break…noticed the change of the font last year…first i thought that they changed the logo…but no…apparently has always been the same logo..(im from europe)
      Looney toons
      Interview with a vampire
      Sex in the city
      Ford Logo change

      1. I do believe that theory postulated by Hugh Everett III and that many worlds in fact exist. I also now believe that that our alleged 3D world is in fact nothing more than a 2D projection from the surface of what is a massive black hole. However, the “projections” are in millions, possibly billions, and that we for lack of ability can only see one of these “projections” which we describe as reality. However, I believe that a shift in consciousness either by individual or group can shift our frequency enough for us to occupy or be present in an alternate timeline where some aspects of our collective memories do not coincide with the present reality.

  2. I dont think that a physical time travel could be the cause, maybe you are sending memories back in time you get a hiccup in time you recall a future

    1. Martin, I agree that — in some cases — we may be sending memories back in time. In some theories, we can influence (or alter) the past the same as we can for the future.

      However, since I believe that the Mandela Effect includes multiple phenomena, I think that an admittedly small (perhaps tiny) number of cases could involve physical time travel.

      For me, it’s a matter of semantics. If I can slide from one reality to another, and not all realities are on the same time track, then I should be able to slide in & out of past and future parallel realities.

      I guess I’m drawing from my ghost hunting experiences… the ones where we “hear” ghosts (psychically or using real-time communication devices like an Ovilus), but they’re clearly in a time that — in this reality — we consider “the past.” In some cases, they seem to think we’re the ghosts, because they know they’re alive & well and living normal lives in their time frame.

      If they, just for a second, slid into our reality, they might return to their reality “remembering” when women wore trousers, or when something in the sky (sonic boom) made a baffling, loud noise.

      But, I also believe that we can send future memories into the past.

      In a way, it’s what I think of as “pretzel logic,” where concepts loop back into themselves… and the whole thing is rather confusing.

  3. My problem is the memory of what I was doing when I found out Mandela”died in 1986″ is so clear that its actually very disturbing to think about it on so many levels. You see I had been dating my then boyfriend, later ex husband, for 6 months and I had just found out that morning that I was pregnant. We were meeting after work at a local bar we frequented to discuss our options. We were sitting at the bar when something came up on the tv over bar about Nelson Mandela having just passed away while still in prison. I recall distinctly we both reacted to the news. Now fast forward to 2013 and I find out that memory is somehow false?! I don’t know what phenomenon this would fall under.

    1. Bel, yours is the kind of in-depth memory that I doubt would be a simple time-travel issue.

      (My own memories of Mandela’s death are similarly detailed, so — to fit that experience into the time-travel model — I’d have to add more complex speculation. I just used the Mandela memory as a convenient example for this article. In my case, and possibly yours, I think we’re remembering something from an alternate reality.)

      Also, because so many people share nearly-identical memories about Mandela’s death in the 20th century, I’m reluctant to label any similar memory as “false.”

      I believe there are many explanations for the Mandela Effect, and propose the time-travel model as one, minor example to consider as part of the general topic.

      However, I think it’s a mistake to attribute all such memories to time travel. I believe that slides into alternate realities are the more likely (and commonplace) reason for many Mandela Effect memories.

  4. Hi Fiona..

    I’ve the exact thinking with your time track dimension theory.. Our reality’s current time is 2016, and there’s a possibility that there’s another reality which their current time is in the 60s , 70s or some future years. It’s like a world clock with different time zone, but things happen at the same time. Anyway, check out the story of Andrei Ponomarenko. It’s quite fascinating with some physical evidence presented in the case. Here’s the link.


  5. I think that if you look too long trying to see something it all of a suden starts to appear, ; or if you look at something and close your eyes then open again it will still be there when really it was moved, . Everyone knows it was “Sex In the City ” everyone has heard of Jiffy now Jif . Everyone know Martin Luther King Jr, was shot from a distance as he was on his motel balcony , . We all know it was “Luke I am your Father” . I’ve never seen Star Wars but remember it being repeated by friends at school .
    I remember thinking once a while ago ,
    “Geez they sure do change a lot of things, now a days , like a cover to a old movie or t.v. Show I figured in this thought that it’s because the world is evolving making things look more better more extravagant more Commercialized. I never once thought people, would forget or act as thoe it did not exsist this way ,ever in history . One question I have is when did t.v. Start becoming digital what year ? And from what point of time did things start changing ? ”
    Im ver interested in the mandela affect because ,for people not to remember our history the right way makes me wonder what that could possibly do for our future , considering ,we now go off of the past like old songs turned into bew ones for example . Well I hope my questions and thoughts made since concidering I did not correct did on my phone before wirk , good luck with the srudy subscribing to this very much so thanks

    1. Taysia, I’m not sure that I agree with your “everyone knows” list, or that there’s a “right way” to remember history (since we may share many different histories), but the weight of covers can be an issue for those who don’t distinguish a cover from an original. (That takes us into “just confused” territory, and that’s not the point of this website. In general, I assume readers have checked for possible confusion, before posting a memory here.)

      The digital switchover began around 2006. (Ref. ) Many of these alternate memories are from before that time. So, I don’t think that digital broadcasting is the answer… not that I think there’s just one answer to the Mandela Effect, anyway.

  6. The only time travel method that is deemed practical and consistent with the ordinary laws of physics is travel into future thru the agency of hibernation,not the Rip Van Winkle type but the Peter Pan type.For all we know Comte de Saint Germain might be using an alchemic method of hibernation(as against cryogenic) to travel thru centuries.

    1. Vivek, you’re correct that — as I understand it, anyway — time travel involves space, and that raises additional questions about the practical mechanics of how it would work within a single universe/reality. However, if my 1986/2013 example involved a slide into a parallel reality running on a different (time) schedule than the one the person left from, I don’t think we’re looking at the same challenges and obstacles.

  7. Hello all,

    How does time travel explain continents shifting 900 miles(South America shifting East)? The only thing I can think of is that if someone went back 200 million years ago and did nothing but look around that that action alone would create an alternative time stream and due to chaos theory the movement of the tectonic plates, etc, would be different. Of all the Mandela effects the geographical ones baffle me the most.

    1. Jeff Miller, time travel doesn’t explain most Mandela Effect pheonomena. (It’s why I said it’s “only for very specific, limited memories.”) That includes geographical changes.

      I can’t think of anything that would explain geographical changes — particularly on a continental scale — except parallel realities… and possibly Expanding Earth Theory. However, as I understand the latter, it’s a very slow process and I’m not sure it applies to what we’re discussing, in any way.

  8. This issue of time travel and possible connections to Mandela Effects got me thinking about the recent Steorn story that has been getting posted about on many alternative news sites, particularly the sites that cover alternative energy. I’m sorry to make this post long, Fiona, but I think that it is important, with a post like this, to give some background. I won’t guarantee that everything that I post, just below, will be right, because it comes from my memory, which is not that great, especially in a Mandela Effect universe. Still, I’ll post it and try to make it to the best of my memory. Here is the Steorn story, as best I can remember it:

    Some dude named Shaun McCarthy created Steorn in Dublin, Ireland back in the year 2000. The tech sector was riding high, at the time, and I think that Shaun said in an interview that his original vision for Steorn was a bit of a fantasy, and that, when the tech sector started sliding downward, he and his people had to “get back to the real world.” So, they started a number of other tech projects, most of which did not reach their goals. Some of their projects involved security and crime, like working with Interpol and testifying in tech-related court cases. I think that one of their security-related projects involved experimenting with possible ways to power security systems when the systems are not connected to a power grid. They experimented with a number of different things, but it was their experiments with spinning magnets that caused them to notice an anomaly.

    This anomaly that they noticed seemed to be putting out more energy than it was taking in, which would be a violation of the laws of physics, at least as they have been believed to be for the past couple of centuries. The dudes working at Steorn thought that there was some kind of error, and Shaun claimed that they did everything that they could (while being intellectually honest, of course) to try to explain away this anomaly. However, they, eventually, started to believe that it was a real anomaly that showed real evidence of overunity, which is when more energy is put out of a machine than taken in.

    The Steorn dudes probably could not get the bigger companies to believe them with something like this and license the technology unless they had the support of the mainstream academic and scientific communities. So, the Steorn dudes claimed that they approached a large number of universities for testing, and only eight of them agreed. Despite Shaun claiming that all eight universities came back with positive results, none of them wanted to put their names on it, publicly, for fear of hurting their reputations by publicly declaring that centuries of scientific and academic thinking has been wrong, and at least one perpetual motion and overunity machine is real. At some point, the dudes at Steorn started calling their machines “Orbo” and calling this effect “The Orbo Effect.” Of course, it was a problem that no one wanted to go public with their support of Orbo and Steorn.

    To try to get over this problem, the Steorn dudes decided to try to shake things up, and they certainly did that. They created a firestorm among the worldwide physics community by taking out a full-paged ad in The Economist magazine declaring that they found a real overunity effect. Of course, most of that firestorm was super negative towards Steorn. The Steorn dudes ran a public demonstration of one of their Orbo machines at the Kinetica museum, which failed because of heat from the lights. They ran another, successful demonstration at the Waterways museum two years later, but few believed them. Also, the Steorn dudes put together a jury of scientists who were willing to test an Orbo. Of course, the jury came back negative in the year 2009. The plan to try to get the mainstream scientific community on board was a bad one, and Shaun kinda sorta admitted that in an interview when he said that they wasted years trying to convince the scientists when they should have been focused more on the end user. However, something interesting did come out of that effort, as Steorn created a clever (and some would say arrogant) ad. Check it out:

    To put out an ad like that would seem to give the impression that these dudes really believe that they are going to win this battle, in the long run. I guess that we will soon see if they are right. In the years since the jury handed down a negative ruling against Steorn, they have been much more quiet, for the most part. There would be an occasional Facebook post, but not much more than that. They did manage to secure some money to make a boiler, I believe, which makes use of some of the Orbo tech, and they also spun off a separate company to deal with the boiler and related technologies. That company is called, “Hephaheat,” but they are still located in the same physical building as Steorn. I do not believe that any Hephaheat products are on the market, yet.

    However, late last year, Steorn finally put its first two products on the market. These products are powered by the version of Orbo that they are calling: “The Orbo Power Pack.” It consists of a small unit of two dissimilar metals with a gel in between them which functions as an electret, which causes the system to constantly output a small amount of power, which is used to slowly charge batteries and/or capacitors in the machine. There have been some problems reported, so far, but that is to be expected with new products. If you want to buy either of their products…well…you’d better have a good bit of money. You can buy them here:

    So, if they are wrong, then it is another company that tried and failed with overunity, but if they are right, then this could be HUGE. However, even if it is huge, this main post is about time traveling and its possible relation to The Mandela Effect. Well, time might have a relationship to both this blog post and the Steorn story. Shaun McCarthy has said, a number of times, that he still does not know what is causing The Orbo Effect. However, he did come up with a theory for his best guess. He seems to think that their Orbo products are, somehow, “splitting time.” Personally, if I had to bet on it, I would not bet on that theory, but I can’t say, for sure, that it is wrong, either. I wonder if they have noticed any kind of temporal effects, or other weird phenomena around their offices. That might give some support to their theory. Also, if they are willing to talk to you, Fiona, you might consider getting in touch with them and asking them if they have noticed any Mandela Effects since working on The Orbo.

    As an aside, I hate to make this post longer than it already is, but all this business of engineers finding a way to possibly split time reminded me of the movie called: “Primer.” It got some publicity for having a super-low budget, and good reviews in spite of its low budget. It is about engineers working in their garage and accidentally discovering a way to travel through time. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, and is reading this, might want to check it out.

  9. I have a theory, (and this might have been talked about before) and that sometime in the future, they discover time travel, and someone went back in time and changed something, that would create time ripples through the whole time stream. Like throwing a stone in a pond creates ripples.

    Now, new things have happened, and the ripple is moving through time, changing memories, but its not a perfect process, because i believe some of us are sensitive to this effect. We are the ones that remember Mandela dying in the 80s, and remember Berenstein not Berenstain. So for the few of us that are sensitive, remember the old memories from before the ripple.

    Anyway, for me, that is what makes the most sense.


  10. I have to point out that the idea that a small handful of Mandela Effects have one mechanism of action, while the rest have a different mechanism, or worse yet several different mechanisms, violates Occam\’s Razor pretty seriously. Invoking a mishmash of multiple theories to explain one phenomenon is inherently unsatisfying to scientists. Any explanation that hopes to win eventual scientific acceptance is going to need to be simple, elegant and unified, and explain everything related to ME with one grand idea.

    Also, on a different but somewhat related tangent, you can be certain that none of the proposed explanations that involve deliberate signaling or intentional manipulations by any sort of intelligent entity (human or otherwise) is ever going to going to gain any scientific acceptance. If time travel is somehow involved (which I very much doubt), it would have to be (as Wolf described) unintentional and unrealized by the time traveller, because if it is deliberate and controlled time travel by unknown forces then it is just another variant of aliens/Illuminati/top-secret-government-experiments type of conspiracy theory. We need to be looking for a purely natural phenomenon, a mechanism caused entirely by impersonal laws of nature. A proper ME explanation needs to be something that is just another normal part of how the universe works.

    1. Dan, if that comment was deleted, it was due to the spam filtering I use. It’s fairly heavy-duty. More likely, the comment was lost during the server crash last weekend. I’m glad you re-posted.

      I agree with you on most points. However, I’m not convinced ME is just one phenomenon. I think we could be looking at multiple phenomena that merely look similar in many ways; we might be missing important nuances that distinguish one from another. (An okapi might, at a distance, seem as if it’s a variation of zebra. It’s not, but there are strong similarities.)

      Also, I’m not worried about scientific acceptance. Having spent much of my life in the halls of MIT, I know that there’s a wide gap between “accepted” science and what’s really being explored and proved.

      I’d love an elegant, simple explanation for all of ME. I’d love to find something that fits perfectly into String Theory… err, Superstring Theory… err, M-Theory… err…

      I think you see my point. I suspect that we’re on the fringe of science that’s already teetering on a shifting variable.

      So, for now, while I’d love someone (or all of us, as a collective) to glom onto a natural explanation that fits all reported ME experiences: I doubt it will happen in the foreseeable future.

      I’m happy with every suggestion offered, as long as it doesn’t take us down paths that lead to so much contention (and related flames) that we’re lose the forest for the trees.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. This Dan dude is acting like a total pseudoskeptic – simplistic (and wrong) ideas about science and Occam\’s Razor, totally writing off certain ideas, an unwillingness or inability to accept that there are other forms of reasoning that can (and sometimes should) trump science – it\’s all there. It\’s troubling to see you agreeing with him as much as you do, Fiona.

        1. Mark,

          Dan’s Occam’s Razor reference did set off my alarms, but I felt that his points were worth responding to. (As a moderator, I draw the line at comments completely rejecting the Mandela Effect.)

          Dan isn’t dismissing the Mandela Effect. In fact, he said: “We need to be looking for a purely natural phenomenon, a mechanism caused entirely by impersonal laws of nature. A proper ME explanation needs to be something that is just another normal part of how the universe works.”

          So, I feel as if his views are important to note, consider, and answer. I never want to silence people who offer sincere comments that support the reality of the Mandela Effect, even when I disagree with their explanations.

          I agree with his sentiments, even if — in application — they seem simplistic to me. It would be lovely to find a single explanation, and something purely natural. I expect that Dan speaks for many others who’d like this to be something “proper,” simple, and tidy.

          Also, I understood when he opined, “…none of the proposed explanations that involve deliberate signaling or intentional manipulations by any sort of intelligent entity (human or otherwise) is [sic] ever going to going to gain any scientific acceptance.”

          If he’s talking about acceptance in the foreseeable future, I agree with him. I’d like to see scientifically accepted answers to the Mandela Effect (or even its existence) in my lifetime, but I’m holding my breath. Time travel was first explained in a credible scientific context, back in the early 20th century. Since then, it’s been demonstrated on a very small scale. But, over 100 years since Einstein & Minkowski’s explanations, I doubt that most secondary school science teachers would assert that time travel is real… outside Dr. Who and other fictional accounts, that is.

          Mark, I may be misreading Dan’s comment. What I “heard” in it was frustration and a certain amount of denial, but also a powerful underlying belief in the Mandela Effect.

          So, I can agree and disagree with him on most points; it’s all in the context.

          And, because I feel that his views are more philosophical than scientific, I think his opinions deserve to be included here… and replied to.

          Sincerely, Fiona

  11. There have been instances of advanced electronics like ic chips and copper coils found embedded in coal mines or dug up in earth,in China Russia and elsewhere.A time travel evidence hushed up or simply deliberately ignored is a distinct possibility.

    1. Vivek,
      Yes \”Out Of Place ARTifacts\” or OOPARTs as they are know have turned up in very strange and seemingly impossible places. Hammers in solid rock, Gold chains in coal etc. These may be the proof that time travel or some kind of spacial-displacement happens. One theory that would explain how an object can get into soldi rock would be time travel. If an object vanishes at time T=0 and then reapears at T=10secs you wouldn\’t expect that to make much different to the objects location. However as we know the Earth is rotating at 1000mph at teh equator, also its travelling around the sun at something like 64,500mph, also the whole solar system is travelling through the Galaxy at hudreds of thousands of mph. Lets say for arguement that in total we are travelling at 300,000mph relative to a stationary point in the universe. That means in 10 seconds the object reapears 830miles from where it vanished! that could easily be inside a rock mountain, a coalbed etc. For all we know the Earth could be full of lost socks and car keys! For that matter so could space. half teh shooting stars that we witness may not be small asteroids, it could be all the odds&sods that vanish everyday when we are absolutley sure of where we out them!
      Then If we take the main idea of ME being a slide into a parralel universe, who\’s to say that the parralel Earth isn\’t 20 metres/yards to the left or right of ours?
      One further thing to consider is that tens of thousands of people vanish each year. Its not just socks and keys. Thats a scary thought and Im sure there isn\’t that many serial killers at work. Surly not? so where or when do they all go?

      1. An afterthought. We may actually be those lost people. In our original timeline/universe we could be on milk cartons! thats a whole new series of existential issues to think about.

          1. Yes, MH370 was very strange indeed. My guy instinct was for lack of a better example, was a Bermuda triangle in nature…

            I thought, that plane just vanished, with the advanced technology, satellites, etc. we can’t find the plane… Seriously?!? You can’t find a plane. Something strange going on here.

      2. Al, You’ve given various ideas on missing tid bits and that’s another topic worth going into.What has struck me is that,many a time the tid bit reappears in very plain sight,as if mocking the pedants.

        1. Vivek, yes indeed. I had an incident about 10 years ago with a pair of nail clippers I accidentally dropped into an open computer case which was next to me on the desk. I routed around for them and in the surrounding area to no avail. I searched that case half a dozen times over the next few days in disbelief and they finally about a week later, Sat down, looked in the case and there they were; just sitting at the bottom of the case in plain view exactly where they would have landed and exactly where I had looked!

      3. Time travel would indeed throw people and objects off the face of our Earth… UNLESS that time travel is somehow bound to the Earth’s location in space-time. (Gravitationally bound, for example.) Not the Sun’s or our Galaxy’s.

    1. Mohammad, I agree. However, as I said in the article, I think it explains just one of many valid aspects of the Mandela Effect. Narrowing our focus to just one explanation could be a mistake, particularly at this very early point in this research.

    2. And what about planetary changes?
      Anybody out there who also always thought that Mars was bigger then Earth?
      This all starts to get insane….I m not an astronomer or physicist but i used to read a lot about space,
      I mean i always was interessed in Space…I’m 31 now…and i just learned today that our Planet is bigger then Mars…i feel so stupid right now…when i look now at the pictures of Earth and Mars its like they switched…for me it was always the opposite..

        1. I agree wih the both of you. I don’t want this too sound like a “me too” type comment. But I had astronomy books and a few college level classes (not that it makes me any expert ), but I would swear Mars was about 1/3 LARGER than Earth. I remember being taught that. And it has nothing to do with it being the fourth planet , so I “assumed” it was larger. I have seen that idea floated about in other places. At least not with me. I said a long time ago on also, Mars didn’t have moons either. Mike H.

  12. Al, Though travel into future via hibernation is quite prosaic,when we do find things returning to their perceived location,we may actually be traveling into past,that is the gist of what Lorenzo Maccone has proposed in his entropy decrease theory.

    1. Vivek, Interesting, Im not aware of Maccone’s work but from what you have said I think you are saying that we moved foreward following times arrow. The object vanishes and we continue onward normaly without that object in our universe. Then it reappears. From our perspective we have continued onward as per normal but Maccone says that when we reach the time when the object reapears, we are actually jumping back in time to the point where the object vanished. yes?
      Thats an interesting idea and would mean that the universe is constantly there from the perspective of the vanishing object. However it would percieve massive instantaneous changes to the universe related to everything that moved during the objects disapearance. For example when the clippers vanished, I moved other stuff around the desk. So when they reapeared that stuff was instantly moved.
      I do like that theory as I often use similar change of perspective point arguements. but in this case I would err on the side of the object moving forward in time rather than the entire universe moving backward. Its seems the energy involved in moving the entire universe is a bit excessive compaired to moving a single small object. but of course either could in fact be true, its a probability arguements rather than black or white. Also what purpose (natural rule or somesuch) would need to be protected where the objects perception of continuity outweighs the entire universe? ? ie similar to protection from a paradox. Surley more damage is done by moving an entire universe and also it place special significance on the object.
      Did I understand you correctly?
      (i’ll look up Maccone, thanks for the reference)

  13. I’m not convinced that even the most specific and limited memory shifts are the result of time travel. I believe every memory shift, whether specific and / or limited is the result of a dimensional shift. I have a theory, which I have not been successful in fleshing out yet, so I am posting my thoughts / ideas here in the hope that others can help me flesh out the theory.

    First, as I said, I believe that all of these changed memories, all of the changed geography, and all of the changed fonts, colors, and brands are the direct result of shifting dimensions. I also do not believe that the shifts are the result of a higher-intelligent force (e.g., ‘God’), the illuminati, a ‘Matrix’ world, or anything extrinsic to nature. Indeed, I believe the dimensional shifts are purely natural.

    My theory is that our reality, all reality, is merely the perception of light. Light bends and folds and vibrates and becomes obstructed and splits. Think of a time when you were sitting in a room and sunlight was piercing through a window or door, causing a shard of bright light to appear in the air and then brighten the floor or wall. Do you remember seeing floating dust specks or even a piece of floating lint? Without the bright light shard, you would not have seen the dust or lint. Now, think of that dust or lint at a microscopic level. At the point where the light hits that speck of dust, the light splits, bends, and becomes obscured. You don’t see it directly because it’s so minuscule, however, if you put your hand into the light shard, you will see the same effect. Now, our dimensional shifts happen when something obscures our reality–something natural.

    Like I said, I have a difficult time fleshing out this theory, and so I can’t explain it more than what I’ve said above. It’s not terribly profound, but I at least hope that it makes some sense to others.

    Thank you.

    1. To take a stab at Steve M’s suggestion: Not so outlandish. The different realities have to exist in the same space-time continuum, with different light waves/frequencies/something revealing each reality. Very easy to analogize in 2-D, as when shining different colored lights on a color pattern reveal different designs. Since the ambient light would be the same for each different view of reality, that would mean the light receptors, e.g., eyes, have to “tune in” to some different quanta of light, each different quanta revealing a different reality.

      The problem with my description is that you always have the same macro object, just different details revealed by the different light quanta. This could easily account for small ME’s, like “A” versus “E”, but not for early deaths or moving land masses. That would require an extended stay in the dimensional shift such that the shift becomes the new normal, at least for a while. I’d say both our ideas need more contemplation.

      1. Gary,

        Thanks for your reply. I like your description, as it adds some understanding to my own undeveloped theory. If there are indeed different realities shown in different light, then it would be interesting to know if what is happening is that we’re subconsciously able to focus on different light sources and a given time. I’m reminded of those times when we end up “starting off into space” and then we when are brought back to what’s in front of us, there’re those weird out of focus transitional seconds.


    2. Steve, When you go forward in time the entropy increases and when you come back it decreases,you can have memories of 2013 when you have traveled there from 1986,but you can’t have memories of coming back from 2016 to 1986,this is what Maccone’s theory is about.

  14. Al, What i propose can be called a unified theory that includes Broome theory and Maccone theory,what happens is you slide into a parallel universe and after a time slide back into original universe,assuming that bothe the universes are concurrent in time,the second slide includes universe hopping as well as travel into past,but the process of time travel into past gets erased as per Maccone,the time spent in other universe is very similar to previous(this could hold certain nuances that might or might not be noticed).

    1. Vivek, ok I understand.
      I have problems with that theory and really the idea of travelling backward in time to try explain it as it doesn\’t take into account the progression of time in all the parralel universes and also throws up paradoxes without complex further modification of the theory.
      For example we start in universe A). move into B) where the object doesn\’t exist. Move back into A) and move back to the point in time where we left. As per your idea.
      But if this is true using my case of the dissapearing clippers, several days to a week had passed before they reapeared. Lets say 1 week for arguement sake. So:
      We start in A)—–slide into B) which is identicle copy except for the missing clippers. We tell people in B) that they have vanished. I told my wife and daughter and wrote an account of what had happened. i also turned the place upside down, moved the computer case and everything on the desk.
      Now we slide back into A) and move back in time to the instant the clippers disapeared. however those changes I had made and life carried on while I was in B). All those changes were the same when I moved back into A). Meaning those changes had been made in A) as well!
      That could only happen if either:
      1) Everything that changed in B came back with me into the original universe A
      2) While I was in B another instance of me appeared in the original universe A and made the same changes.
      But this second solution is wrong because in the original universe the clippers should still exist as it was me that slid! therfore this 2nd instance of myself would have found the clippers, got on with life as normal and never made all those changes or told anyone. So when I returned to A, my wife wouldn\’t have known anything about it and everything would have looked the same as before I turned the place upside down searching.
      Therfore 2) is false.
      So is 1) true?
      If yes it would indicate that in order for everything to fit together where the only thing wrong is the dissapearance of a single item. The time jump cannot have taken place.
      If it had jumped then I and all the changed things returned to A; and then all inhabitants of A who remained in place would see these changes on my return. We wouldn\’t have one single case of ME, we would have thousands!
      The timeline in A must have progressed forward otherwise at the instant when the clippers vanish, the A universe would percieve the effect of 1 weeks worth of activity and butterfly effect interactions all suddenly appear. Which as I communicate with people worldwide that would be significant. Thus 1) cannot be true either.
      This is so difficult to properly explain without diagrams! LOL. But I hope you follow.
      In order for time travel to be a part, the theory must involve moving into a 3rd universe which resembles your original. Even then you still have to account for changes which would nessesitate involving multiple instances of yourself to explain. Its incredibly messy.
      The alternate arguement is that a singl object slide and then came back. Which could be explained by either multiverse theory or a baby universe idea where the objects vanishes into a very small universe where only that single object exists. Either theory is far cleaner.
      But messy doesn\’t mean wrong. What is really happening could be infinitley messy and your theory correct!

  15. Al The fact is this is a one off event and usually without any witness as in your case of clippers,and i never said that you return to the exact moment when clippers went missing,but you did slid into other universe at that moment.While sliding back you did a past travel of only half a second just so that you had all the forward memories but the slide back was erased because of that half second travel into past creating entropy decrease,and since no witnesses have looked inside the computer case you never lost it in universe A.

  16. But in universe B you do have missing clippers,after you have returned to universe A they are found in an empty carton in universe B,perhaps a rat took it there,and a rat shouldn’t create a butterfly effect,considering they are omnipresent pests.

    1. LOL. yes there could be multiple reasons for the same vanished object, including rats! in fact if there is infinite universes, there is also infinite reasons!

  17. Time does not exist:

    Entropy prevents time travel from being possible. However, the universe is a simulation (like the matrix) and more than one simulation merged together to form this reality. Some logical inconsistencies and paradoxes arise. This process continues and things will get weirder and much scarier. Welcome to the twilight zone, the twilight of your universe and the beginning of mine. Mine is much better but eggs must break to make an omlette. Here is to omlettes!

  18. Speaking of time travel, in the Original Back to the Future movie I 100% remember Marty being chased by a white Mitsubishi van with the distinct red 3 triangle logo.
    That logo stood out to me so much, every time I saw the logo on the road I would think of the bad guys from the movie. As I got older I even joked about it with friends and family.
    Now I go back and search scenes from the movie and it’s a VW Bus… No way, it was not a bus in my memories… No way. Does anyone else remember that?


  19. Something to add to the conversation…
    Pretty much, scientists may have figured out why time moves forward. This article (albeit not a 100% accurate source ALL the time, they do keep up (fact wise) fairly well in most situations) anywho, all the backward time travel talk may have a tad of possibility, because they believe their may be a “mirror world” so to speak, where time moves backwards. And do not misunderstand, I completely believe the Mandela Effect. Though I’m only 20, I remember hearing about Nelson’s death, as well as the Berenstein Bears (refuse to spell it with an A, ain’t right), sorry this is way off subject, it’s just the ME is blowing my mind, and all you guys throwing out these well thought out, but just…unbelievable, in a sense, just because they’re so…abstract. But here’s the link to the article, it’ll give you an idea of what I’m talking about;

    1. Richyyy,

      That was a great article. Have you ever experienced time in slow motion or even stopping? I have, albeit not that often. Here are some examples of time traveling slowly. During an emergency situation, time always goes in slow motion for me. I think this allows for better response or survival, (not sure).

      This last one has me scratching my head. I was already running late for work and I had to stop and get gas because I was on E. That morning I heard the radio skipping and replaying song lyrics, like skipping on a record. Well getting gas would have made me at least 20 minutes late, however when I arrived at work, I was 10 minutes early. There is NO way I should have been early to work. I’m still scratching my head on that one.

      I think the radio skipping might have something to do with it. Maybe I slid through time or into another reality where I was not running late. Interesting anyway.

      Thanks, Sandy

      1. Sandy, I have had similar mystery fast journeys. Long runs which I know like the back of my hand and driving at my normal speed, yet arrived almost impossibly early.
        On the flip side:
        A work collegue of mine had a set journey to work which took 2 1/2 hours +/- 15 mins everyday in heavy traffic. He once had a journey home with no specific difference which took over an hour longer!
        Although he does believe Aliens exist, he was addament and laughed that Abduction was not the answer. They would have had to grab him from a car in near gridlock condition rush hour traffic. He had absolutley no explaination.
        I believe these are very different to normal perception of time dilation and contraction which happens to everyone. Ive had some really long journeys where ive been in a hypnogogic state for hours and not realised. The journey seems really quick but the time taken is correct. Just autopilot driving. everyone has done it.

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