Hot Air Balloon Memories – What, When, Where?

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Whether or not you reported a hot air balloon memory (one that you know couldn’t really have happened) in my recent survey, if you have one of those memories, I hope you’ll share the details here.

You can post comments anonymously — with a different-than-usual username — if you like. I know this can be a sensitive topic and I’m asking for some personal details.

I’d like to see if people with the hot air balloon memory (or memories) might have had it implanted by a researcher in Elizabeth Loftus’ study, or by someone wanting to emulate her study to confirm or deny her results.

As an aside: I consider that kind of research completely unethical, appalling, and unacceptable. It’s even worse that people like Alan Alda don’t recall the memory being implanted until something triggers the truth.

Here’s what I’d like to know, if you have a hot air balloon memory that you know can’t have happened in real life. (Answer as many or few of these questions as you’re comfortable with. And, if this triggers anything unpleasant, end your comment immediately and find something pleasant to take your mind off this.)

If you have an “impossible” hot air balloon memory…

  1. When were you born? (It’s okay to say “first half of the 70s” or something vague, if you’d rather not specify a year.)
  2. Where did you live when the memory took place? (If it’s a small, rural town, also mention the nearest college town or nearest city.)
  3. Where were you when you first remembered that memory? Is there any location (geographical) where you seem to recall that memory the most clearly? (Not necessarily where it happened, or an obvious trigger location like a theme park or hot air balloon event.)
  4. When did you first clearly recall that memory? Was it always with you, or did something bring it to the forefront?
  5. What happened in the false memory? (As brief or detailed a summary as you’d like.)
  6. Was it a happy memory or an unpleasant one?

And, if you’d like to share any other thoughts that might be relevant, that’s great.

Remember: I’m not saying that your hot air balloon memory was implanted. In fact, your memory might be from a different reality, and its emotional content has kept it active among your memories in this reality.

In this conversation, I’m hoping to uncover commonalities (or that they have nothing in common) among these kinds of memories, to see what might be revealed.

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34 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Memories – What, When, Where?”

  1. Yeah, I do indeed have a hot air balloon memory. I’m only sixteen and was born in Ottumwa, IA, a very tiny town, with the nearest large city being Des Moines (which was an hour an a half away). I’ve always had a very distant and vague, but somewhat pleasant memory of being in a hot air balloon on a mostly clear, and very sunny and warm day. I normally experience this memory when I think about warm sunny days, or think about anything remotely to do with hot air balloons.

    1. and yes, I do know for a fact that I’ve never been on a hot air balloon, as when I was about ten, my younger brother got to go on a hot air balloon ride and I remember specifically being very childishly jealous thinking what a lot of older siblings do when their younger sibling gets to do something that they’ve never done “Wow, he’s younger than me and he’s getting to do that before me? How’s that fair?”

  2. I have a memory of the balloon ride.

    1. Born 1981
    2. Lived in Waterloo Ontario home of a few large post secondary institutions.
    3 and 4. My memories of this have no real concrete location or date. I can’t remember when or where it happened nor can I remember when or where I first started getting the memories. To me it feels like something that happened in a dream, that’s always happened in my dreams.
    5. Again, what happens on the ballon ride is dream hazy but the general feeling is sneaking in the basket by myself and taking off alone by mistake. Memories of looking out over an autumn scene in the air with the trees many fall colours. No memories of landing.
    6. This is an unpleasant memory. Strong feelings of terror and helplessness accompany this memory.

    As a side note, I get the same feelings of a memory of being lost in department store. The same dream haziness, the same terror and helplessness. I don’t believe either of these memories actually happened.

  3. I have the hot air balloon memory also. I like Alex’s description of the memory – “vague and distant”. That’s precisely how I would describe my memory of it. It’s really hard to explain, it’s like it’s there but it’s not there if that makes any sense. It almost feels like a dream. To answer the questions above- I was born in the mid 70″s and I’ve always lived in rural Arkansas with the closest major cities being Little Rock and Memphis. I can’t recall when I first had the memory and there’s no geographical trigger for me either. I want to say this memory has always been with me. One thing that triggered the memory was when I first read the comments on this site about people having this experience. My immediate feeling was uneasiness and fear. The only memories I have of the experience are being extremely scared, not wanting to look out and feeling the heat. I don’t remember who I was with but for some reason it feels like it was my dad. While this memory and how it came about is extremely unsettling, I am anxious to read the other comments on this thread to see what commonalities may exist

  4. I find it odd that after reading about hot air balloons on here, that two flew within 100yds of my house this weekend. One even landed across the street from me. I could hear the fire as they lit it to stay afloat. It was loud! It made me remember a dream I had when I was a kid of riding in one. I remember it as a dream at least.

    1. I realize I didn’t answer the questions:
      Born in late 70s
      An hour and a half north of NYC
      the memory does not seem “real” but implanted.
      It was dusk on a late fall day. It was cold outside.
      I was scared out of my mind and say on the bottom of the basket.
      The balloon landed at the county airport

      I have many odd memories of that area of my county and the private school I went to. Strange dreams about the place, and dreams about “hidden” almost occult seeming things in that vicinity of the county. I remember and old 1800s white Brick church there that the airport made them tear down. Because it wAs too close to the runway. I Also remember things buried in tunnels in the dirt hills near the airport and in the dirt hills near my school. It’s odd to me now that the hills were treeless and grassless, as if they were recently cleared.

      The whole thing is strange and makes me uncomfortable but I need to know more.

  5. Born in the mid 1970’s. At the time of the memory, it was shortly before my family moved to the childhood home I remember most through the majority of my remembered childhood. It was around the time I was two or three years of age. If I were to guess the year, 1976-1977. The memory was a trip to a great big park with a giant rolling field that went on forever. It was a very clear, very sunny, very bright day, and the whole family I was living with at the time was there in the memory. We got on board, and the balloon went high. I got motion sickness and had to cling to the bottom of the … bucket I guess. I think I fell asleep, or passed out.

    It always just shrugged this memory off as a childhood dream. (I also had another one at around the same age where I was killed by “Indians”) What got me though is that I’m finding out that this … dream/memory thing isn’t exactly uncommon. It’s kind of creepy to read about it.

  6. Born in early 80s, small town Oregon USA.

    My own hot balloon memory is vague, more of a snapshot and a strong feeling/reaction than anything else (this is consistent with how I recall memories from when I was a young child). The thing is, I wasn’t aware that I had the memory until I read the first hot air balloon comment, and the powerful emotion I experienced when I read it was striking. There’s no way my brain thought about it and created a “me too” memory. It came to me exactly when I was reading the comment, and was visceral, powerful raw emotion. I got shaky, sweaty, racing heartbeat, and a lump in my throat which lead to crying. My body’s response was fear, terror. It was a trigger for my flight/fight response (strong autonomic nervous system response) for SURE. I’m confused why I would have this reaction, but it’s definitely not a pleasant memory. As I write this now, I am experiencing the same anxiety and physical symptoms.

    Was one of those comments a code? There is something in the way one of the original comments was phrased: “do you guys remember that hot air balloon ride we all took?” that acted like a trigger for me. Was that comment some sort of trigger/subliminal code to unlock a memory? I’ve discussed hot air balloons…I don’t know how many times in my life, but never had that type of reaction before.

    My mom has a separate hot air balloon experience worth noting, which she experienced as a dream. In her dream, a hot air balloon took my sister and me away. This dream was almost 30 years ago, and to this day my mom says it’s the worst nightmare she’s ever had. This happened when I was maybe 5 years old (same town as my birth) and really scared the crap out of my mom. She didn’t let us out of her sight for days, which was very unlike her (I think my mom invented free range parenting in the 80s, before it was a thing lol).

  7. I’m not sure if this should be properly classified as a “memory”, since I have always known this never really happened. I read a lot as a kid, including “The Wizard of Oz” over and over, and I told myself stories all the time. This one just feels like a very vivid first-person story, maybe even a dream.

    1. First half of the 70s. 🙂
    2. In the “memory”, I’m maybe 4-6. The problem here is, I lived several places between those times, from a few small towns in Louisiana to a good-size city in Wyoming.
    3 and 4. It seems that I have always had this “memory”, but also always known that it wasn’t real.
    5. It wasn’t an “event”, there was just the one balloon, and not lots of people–just a few adults. People I trusted, maybe my dad, but also one man in a suit that I did not know and didn’t really like. It was a beautiful fall day, and it was supposed to be a treat, going up in the balloon, but I wasn’t prepared for the noise and the heat, and then when the burner turned off, there was no noise at all–like there were no engines, nothing in control, and I was afraid we were going to crash. I wanted to get on tiptoe and look over the side at the scenery, but instead I sat down in the bottom of the basket and waited until we were on the ground again.
    6. Since I’ve always known that it never actually happened, I’ve never seen it as either happy or unpleasant. If anything, I’ve seen it as a metaphor for all the times when I should have grabbed chances and enjoyed things, and let my own fears and doubts get in the way instead.

  8. I do have a memory of a hot air balloon ride. I know I haven’t been on one before. I am deathly afraid of heights and there is no way you could get me into one. Here are my answers to the questions.

    Born 1975

    I don’t remember where I lived specifically but it was in Virginia. I think it was west Hampton.

    I was watching a show of some sort. I mentioned being on a hot air balloon ride ride before and my parents said no I had not.

    Fuzzy recall before I was 10. Clear recall, I think I was about 10 or so. I lived in Florida at the time.

    I was about four years old. I think I was with my grandparents. I was sitting in the basket hyperventilating and crying because I just knew we were going to fall out of the sky. It was really dark. They were trying to coax me into looking at some birds to cheer me up. When I looked up, I saw these long black birds, like herons (only totally black), and it was SUPER bright outside. And I felt oddly calm and almost numb. And that is the end of that memory. I know the balloon was red, blue, and green.

  9. I have a hot air balloon memory, but I think it’s a real one. Also not from my childhood.

    Other than a childhood memory of watching balloons overhead in the late 1970s or early 80s (part scary, part exciting), I have a vague memory that around 1990 my parents and I really did go in a hot air balloon ride. It’s hazy, but the time period fits, as it was a time of change for us and of trying new things. My strongest impression is of being completely surprised by how quiet and peaceful it was – not even wind noise! – and how much I wasn’t afraid. Also because my early memory was of how loud the gas burner was; but up close, it wasn’t nearly as loud as I expected.

    Silence and peace; that seems the opposite of the feelings people mention here. Another reason I suspect it’s a real memory.

  10. 1. I was born in 1996
    2. I lived and continue to live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Which is about an hour and a half south of Denver, Colorado
    3 and 4. I first remember having this memory when I was about 10 yeara old in my basement library laying on a couch. I was thinking about the concept of eternity and what it was and how it could be possible and it randomly popped into my head as if to block/distract my thoughts.
    5. The image that usually pops into my head is a small screen shot of bigger memory that seams more like a dream I have of watching a family, not a recognizable family, dressed in nice clothes taking off in a hot air balloon. I’m always looking up at them as they stand still, looking back at me, waving. I’ve never seen a hot air balloon in my life and I don’t recognize the family waving at me.
    6. I don’t really have a good or bad feeling associated with the memory. I still get a quick mental image of the hot air balloon hovering above me whenever I start thinking about eternity or some concept like that.

  11. This is spooky.
    I was born in 1993
    The event happened when i was in elementary school either 3rd or 4th grade (i dont know if its relevant, but I don’t remeber my 4th grade year at all.) In a suburb in Kansas City Missouri.
    The entire even was strange, for some reason a lady showed up at my school in a hot air balloon and we had a small assembly outside. I don’t remember what she talkes to us about or why she was even there.. i remember some kids got to ride in it and i was upset because i didnt understand why only a few could. I guess I assumed that it would be a yearly thing for her to come, so the following year i kept asking about it but it was like no on knew what i was talking about.
    The whole thing has always just been a confusing memory that I always got weird looks when I’m like “a lady in a hot air balloon never came to your school? ”
    Im just really freaked out by this now.

    1. Amanda Nicole Duy, I understand the whole miss a year thing. I have no rememberence of things that happened when I was 7yrs old the yr is a blank, but I do remember things that went on when I was 6 & 8. To me that’s odd. The only hot-air balloon thing that comes to mind for me is Mariah Carey’s music video for her Dreamlover song back in 1993. I was in grade school at the time, 4th/5th grade. Lived in Everett, WA which is north of Seattle. I was born in 1982. I have lived in WA all my life. The song is one I liked off the Daydream album. Never had an issue with it tho.

    2. This is very close to my Hot air balloon memory and you’re also closest to my age range.
      I was born in 1990
      I was in elementary school, one I attended from 1st grade to the first half of 5th grade, in Northern California about an hour away from San Francisco.
      I remember being in the middle of the large field where we had soccer games but the field was MUCH bigger than that called for. It was very cloudy and I would see hot air balloons often and always thought they might land on the field because they’d get very close sometimes. One day, this actually happened and I have no idea if it was on purpose or not? But there was a small assembly of kids in my grade or class that surrounded the scene but it was not the whole school. It was kind of chaotic and there was a woman who spoke about it too but I don’t remember what she was saying, there may have also been a man with her but I don’t remember him speaking at all. I had to have been in like 3rd grade but I can’t seem to be able to associate my 3rd grade teacher as being present…nor any other elementary teacher? Who I have pretty good memories of. It was just the air balloon, the people that came with it and the other kids. But again, I can’t find anyone I went to school with who remembers this actually happening to the point that I figure I must have dreamed it which is still a fair possibility.

  12. I have a vague memory of being scared inside a hot air balloon even though I know it never happened. I feel like it’s a dream I had as a child and whenever I would see a hot air balloon in a movie or tv show I have an almost visceral sense of fear of heights. I have never been in one by the way. It’s almost frightening that many of the Mandela effects I identify with that I always thought were just quirks of my own mind are experienced by many others as well.

  13. I was born in late ’57, in a town north of London. I moved to the SW of the UK in the mid ’80s. I can’t remember where I was when I first recalled the memory of the hot air balloon, but in it I can see myself as being fairly young, perhaps somewhere between 6 and 10 as I remember barely being tall enough to see over the side of the basket.

    I know for a fact that in my every day reality I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, but I can still recall the feel and creaking sound of the basket as I sat on the floor of it, not wanting to see over the side, and the sweetish smell and thickness of the dusty willow weave.

    I can also remember the intermittent roaring sound of the flame above me, and also the ropes that tethered it to thick iron slanting posts jutting out of the grass. I have a vague memory of someone being with me – in fact, maybe more than one person – and I think that my Dad may have been there. I remember the feeling as the ropes were loosed and the balloon started upwards. I was pretty scared, thinking, as it sailed higher, that the basket was going to tip and I’d fall out, hence why I decided to stay on the floor (plus, I have a fear of heights). It was a sunny summer’s day – bright blue sky, warm – but the wind was buffeting the balloon and I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the experience.

    I have no memory of it landing, though, or where the balloon had taken off from.

  14. 1. Born in the late 80’s
    2. Lived in a small town in Southern California
    3. I don’t remember where I was exactly when I first recalled the memory.
    4. I first recalled the memory while having a conversation with a group of friends. Someone was talking about their plans for the weekend which included a hot air balloon ride. I started talking about how much fun I had when my grandmother took me on one as a child; and the more I talked about it, the more it seemed like it was all just a dream. I had always had this vague memory of it, but I never really gave it much thought until then. When I tried to recall it more clearly and failed, I started doubting it ever happened.
    5. The whole memory is so vague and dream-like, except this single crystal clear image of my grandmother and me in a hot air balloon. I was a young child, about 5 or 6 years old in the image.
    6. It’s a very happy memory, and that’s why it stands out to me so strongly. I was physically and emotionally abused, and a very sad, scared, stressed-out child – so I really hold onto the few memories of my youth that were pleasant.

  15. I was born in 1976. I lived in central Sasktachewan (Canada), near Saskatoon. I would have been very young at the time of this event, maybe 5 years old.
    I’ve been reading through this site over the past couple of months and found the hot-air-balloon memories to be so intriguing and bizarre, and I occasionally softly wondered why I didn’t have such a memory, since I’m “from the E-universe”, and experience many other ME’s.
    Today, while reading through the home-page mentioning this topic again, I suddenly thought “Montgolfière!” and something clicked. I grew up speaking French mostly, and at such a young age, I wouldn’t have used the English word in my mind for these things, I would thought of them under the French term.
    But here’s where it feels so odd: now I suddenly remember remembering an afternoon, a meadow, hot-air balloon rides, and I remember looking at the inner corner of the basket and feeling such a strong sense of curiosity and ambivalence and desire to go, but I don’t remember going anywhere in one. I’m guessing my mum couldn’t afford the price, or maybe it was an event by people who owned balloons doing some kind of group event for themselves, not selling rides to the public? I don’t know, but I have a feeling of regret associated to the memory. And a sense of… guilt. Something about not wanting my mother to feel bad (maybe because she couldn’t afford a ride for us?).
    But I’m not remembering the event itself, I’m remembering remembering it as a child. I remember remembering the corner of the basket. I remember remembering intense curiosity.

    Since this was Saskatchewan, it’s quite likely that a hot-air balloon convention would have occurred there in the early 80’s. What I find odd is that I had forgotten this memory, but today I suddenly have such an intense memory of a *memory*.
    I have a bit of swiss-cheese memory for my past sometimes. Gaps, holes. My family will talk about events and conversations and sometimes I just draw a blank on it. But other memories are strong, solid, vivid.

  16. Born in late 80’s, lived near Dallas, TX, probably about 5 or 6 at the time of the memory. According to my parents I’ve never been on a hot air balloon.

    It was fall, and it was just one hot air balloon in a big open field of yellowed grass. I remember sitting in the basket and the gas burner being deafening. I don’t remember anyone else being in the hot air balloon with me. I was afraid, and I don’t remember landing.

    I have a really vivid memory of this when I’ve been in other big open fields, and in the autumn – I just vividly remember being afraid and cowering in the wicker basket.

    1. This is so silmilar to how I recall it.

      I was born in the late 80s in southern england and grew up in a small-to-medium sized town a few miles away from lots of farmland. I was about 12 when I first recalled the “memory”. I don’t know what triggered it, I was in my bedroom one day and remembered – “oh, that balloon ride I took when I was about 5”. Except there never was a balloon ride, there couldn’t have been.

      In the “memory” we (me and three strangers, two adults and one child) went up in a balloon from a kind of park/fair event, except the memory doesn’t include much else of what was going on at the fair, the place seemed really barren aside from the balloons. Like… short dead grass. Overcast day. There was maybe a few food stalls with red and white striped awning that nodoby was using. The whole day has a very dream-like quality – from the fair that isn’t really a fair, the ride itself. I remember being terrified of the gas/fire and the noise it was making, sitting down with my hand on the side of the basket, and looking up at the balloon and the gas burner – that was all I could focus on. The other people in the ballloon were really quiet. I wanted to scream and cry. I don’t remember landing, although obviously we did. I ran over to my mum, shaken. And she took me home. And it was never mentioned again.

      I am sure this event never happened. But it’s there. In my head. And even then it doesn’t seem quite real.

  17. I was born in 79 and lived in a small town in NC. The University of NC at Greensboro would be the closest college, with Duke, or UNC roughly 1 &1/2 hour away. I have often wondered about my hot air balloon memory. We lived in a rural area surrounded by trees. We had a creek in our back yard and I remember sometime between the ages of 6-8 seeing a hot air balloon floating above the creek below the tree line. This would have been impossible because of the amount of trees in the area and on the sides of the creek for the balloon to get there unless it was deflated. There were other balloons floating over the area as well. I have see other balloons float over the house at different times but never so low. I wanted to chalk it up to a dream but everything about it was to being a dream but everything about it seemed to real, which my dreams never are. I even told people about it. It doesn’t spark any major emotions or feelings. I mostly just wonder if it was true every time I go to that spot.

  18. This is strange. I don´t have personal memory like this, but I was a bit stunned, because I´m a writer and in one of my (still not finished) novels I have a scene, where a character almost frozes to death and has a hallucinations before passing out. Significant part is something like this (English is not my first language):
    “Her breething becomes so shallow that she´s not sure anymore if she breathes at all. She doesn´t care, because cold air is unpleasant anyway. Her head drops back and she stears through the hole in the roof into the night sky. Childhood. She lies in bed and looks out from the window. There is colorful hot air balloon over the roofs of the old town houses. Animals, wearing clothes. They wave happily and ride to the south with the balloon. Dad used to read this book and Caroline looked out of the window in to the starry sky. Light blue sky, white clouds and joyful hot air balloon. This is a picture. It doesn´t move. The book was with hard covers. Caroline looked in to the starry sky actually. Two Pictures at the same time. It´s getting warm in here…”

    I wonder are the personal memories mostly based on USA or are they as common elswhere. Because I´m from northern Europe, born early 80s, I don´t have personal memory about riding with balloon myself, but I created similar scene (written in 2006) in my book – hot air balloon as a powerful childhood memory, that comes back during near death experience and somehow overlapses the other memory – she actually looked into the night sky, but at the same time there is this unmoving picture of blue sky with hot air balloon and joyful animals waving from there. I was in very deep and creative state of mind when I wrote this theme and these memories of the character came someohow naturally.

  19. Hi, I am from the UK and was born in 1986, I have a memory from when I was between 6 and 8.
    I was in a balloon with my friend and his mother, there were other people I knew in other balloons. It was amazing/beautiful but scary.

  20. I remember my cousin telling me about a very low-flying hot air balloon floating above his garden and he actually waved to the people in the balloon and could clearly see their faces. Would be interesting to talk to him now and see if this actually happened.

  21. I didn’t even think of the memory until now, I don’t know if it’s me conjuring up something due to this article or what.
    I was born in 2000.
    I lived ina small town in NC and Wake Forest University is close, although the memory seems like it was elsewhere, like VA. I go there a lot so it’s possible?
    I first remembered it while reading this at a store.
    I was a hot air balloon sort of close to the ground. It was a bit smaller than a usual hot air balloon. I had long hair again and I was waving to people and there was really green, pretty grass and that’s about it.
    It’s a good memory but it’s making me anxious to think about.

  22. I too had a hot air balloon memory, but I’ve noticed a pattern in the comments that doesn’t match me.

    I’m not from the US, I’ve never been there. I’ve never left Europe. I was born in the late 90s, and I remember it happening when I was about 4. It was a gloomy dark day. I was with my mom. I was wearing red overalls. I was happy. The memory is impossible and I dont think it’s real, but I dont see how I could’ve been implanted with it.

  23. I have one. Just a few seconds without context, really. Like others, I had a very panicky fear-based dread reaction to the memory and tried hard to push it out of my mind. It doesn’t feel real or right, very hazy.

    I am female and was born in the mid eighties in Rockford, IL. In my scene, I feel little. Maybe around 6 or less? I don’t remember anything leading up to being inside the basket and up very high. So high I’m dizzy and the trees are a blur. I don’t want to see out, I turn around towards the inside and hunker down, just so scared. My dad was there and another man who I guess was the person who flew the balloon. No sound. They’re just standing there. My eyes are closed.

    It must have ended at some point but I don’t remember.

    1. I’m also just wondering if anyone feels they have experienced lasting effects tied to this memory? I’ve suffered from anxiety and some paranoia about being watched or stared at by men with blank expressionless faces. I’m terrified of hospitals and authority, wouldn’t even give birth in a hospital. Can’t ever be alone and feel safe, and I never trusted my dad and no longer speak to him. I was also a very sensitive child, too mature for my age, and drawn to secrets, any source of hidden knowledge really. I’m also very disturbed by my suggestibility (like if someone else seems more sure of how something happened or how I should be feeling) and feel sometimes like I don’t know what the real truth is, so I get angry and have to sit down and figure it out. I never really connected these things to any event or memory, but just thought I’d offer it up incase anyone could relate.

      1. Kim, you’re describing something that you should probably talk about with a doctor. That’s especially true if it turns out that you were indoctrinated with an artificial memory, similar to Loftus’ tests.

        This is definitely outside the range of our Mandela Effect discussions, so — for anyone else with similar symptoms — I urge you to talk with a doctor about this, no matter how anxious you may feel about doctors.

  24. I think this fits here best, as an extension of the “mirrors as portals” speculation.


    …my very earliest memory is of moving with my family earlier that year. I’ve verified these memories with my parents. I remember being in the car for a *really* long time. I remember arriving at my grandparents’ house. I also remember losing the hand of a doll that my great grandmother had made for me while in the car (and telling my mom about this memory explained for her what had happened to said doll’s hand, she had always wondered).

    The being in the car for a really long time is the part I feel fits in this discussion. When I was a child, starting when I was a toddler (before I can remember, as related by my parents), I would play a “game” during car rides. It worked like this: the door lock stem at the top of the door, in front of the window, was my joystick and the window was my screen. (Back when car windows had those little manual push/pull stem door locks!) I was controlling a person, who was running along beside the car and jumping over obstacles.


    I recently found out that this, and variations on it, are *incredibly* common.


    I’m wondering how many others who have experienced Mandela Effects also played “the game” in the car…and was it “real” to you? When I saw the conversation I reference, it made me wonder if this might be something similar to the implausible hot air balloon memory effect.

    1. S, I’ve moved your comment to the hot air balloon post. That’s a better match for it.

      Also, if the memory is so incredibly commonplace, I need to see a link to it.

      I did some casual searching, myself, and found nothing related to (my searches:) “car game someone outside window” or “car door lock as a joystick.”

      In the future, comments like this will not be approved without links for us to research.

      1. Unfortunately(?) it was a conversation in a Facebook group, so while I could provide proof of it, it would have to come in the form of screenshots–links would only be good if you are on Facebook and a member of the group. It would be like requring a link to verify an in person conversation. The reason I give unfortunately a question mark, it’s a group that’s entirely unrelated to Mandela Effect, and “the game” conversation erupted spontaneously (I wasn’t the one to bring it up).

        If personal conversations are going to be discluded because they can’t be verified, it discludes nearly everything on this site. We are taking every commentor’s word of their memory and experience as true with no possible way to verify.

        1. S, I’m not excluding personal memories. In fact, I have over 10k comments at this site, and at least 90% of them are personal anecdotes. This is exactly why the comments policy has changed, starting in 2016.

          As of the end of 2015, we have enough anecdotes to correlate and analyze. I’m not questioning the “truth” of the comments and anecdotes; I’m looking for patterns in those accounts.

          Most of those anecdotes are, on their own, anomalous.

          With over 10k to analyze, my research emphasis has shifted. I’m starting with confirmed alternate memories — things reported, independently, by multiple people. I’m placing emphasis on reports that have some additional data, including dates & locations, as well as odd supporting evidence online or in easily accessed media.

          I’ve seen thousands of strange, rather incredible reports. I have no doubt that some are real alternate memories. I also have no doubt that some were planted here to make us look like we’re way “out there.”

          At this point, I’m not looking for new individual anecdotes, unless they’re particularly credible and include hard data points. See Terms: Comments for additional insights.

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