Freddie Prinze Jr. – Baby w/ Sarah Michelle Gellar

Freddie Prinze Jr.Several readers remember Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar getting married and having a baby around 2003 or 2004.

When I first read a comment about that, I had to look it up.  At the time (April 2011), Wikipedia didn’t mention either the marriage or children. It said that Freddie Prinze Jr. had dated Sarah Michelle Gellar, but they broke up.  There was no mention of children.

That didn’t fit my memories, though I can’t claim that I thought the event was as far back as 2003. (However, it was prior to 2009.)  I didn’t think about it again until I was writing this article. I always double-check my sources and try to link to them.

Now, in 2013, Wikipedia reports:

The couple have two children, a daughter named Charlotte Grace Prinze, who was born on September 19, 2009,and a son, Rocky James Prinze, born in September 19, 2012.

It seems odd that those events — the marriage or the first child — weren’t mentioned when I checked Wikipedia, back in 2011.  However, I didn’t keep a screenshot, so I can’t claim it’s a “Mandela moment” or a “slide” from one timestream to another.

Here are the comments from this website, starting in April 2011, when — as I usually do — I double-checked (at Wikipedia) to be sure the comment really did describe something not in this current timestream.

Lani said:

I had a similar experience but it was regarding the birth of Freddi Prince Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s child… I’m positive that I saw it mentioned on the news back in 2003-04 that they were expecting… It was either the longest pregnancy in history or something similar to the above events… Also, I’ve had a crush on Freddi Prince Jr since I was about nine… So it would have been something I was paying attention to…

Tamara Thorne said:

And, as Lani above says, the Gellar-Prince child. I thought that happened years ago, too.

Kim Wing said:

The Freddy Prince baby with Sarah also was in the news. I was so happy for him, since I loved his dad.

aragami said:

I remember … freddie prinze’s baby…

Amy said:

…Then I read the comments regarding Freddie Prince Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellars child. I immediately thought ‘what are they talking about, they have two children and there first was born quite a few years ago’. Then I searched it on google and see that their first child is only 3! Now I’m confused.
I remember them having a child a lot longer ago, as the previous posters said possibly around 2004 or 2005. And I remember them having their next child and thinking there was quite an age gap between them. I also remember their second child being born longer ago than September last year!
Now I just don’t know. I’m second guessing myself as I type this. Maybe I have it wrong. I do remember them being married for quite a while before having a child so maybe I just have myself mudded up. Things often seem to be either longer ago/not as long ago as you thought.

Can any readers shed light on this?  The consistency of the time frame is the big issue.

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  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar was pregnant during the filming of scooby doo, I remember the commentary saying something about hiding her baby bump.

    1. Apparently, she mentioned to her friends that she thought she was pregnant. One of her friends must have told a gossip rag and reported it as fact that she was pregnant. But it wasn’t true. This might be why you guys think this.

      “August 14, 2003 – Star magazine reports Sarah Michelle Gellar told pals she thought she was pregnant while shooting the Scooby-Doo sequel with hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. , but it was a false alarm. During her next few months off, Sarah hopes to start a family.” (

        1. I was going to comment before I even saw her comment, but I have the same memory as Kate does above. I remember a “Pop Up Video” style montage of ways they hid her baby bump during filming as a special feature on the movie, or maybe during a broadcast of it? I also remember a bit with gags with him going off in search of bizarre pregnancy craving stuff for her, and when he arrives with it she’s changed her mind and wants something else instead.

          1. Additionally, I thought they divorced in 2009 or so. I looked her up on Wikipedia and was surprised to see they’re still married, and their first child was born then.

            I also remember Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith divorcing already, years ago. As you can see, my name is similar to hers, and I’ve always loved Will Smith, so I paid attention. I remember them divorcing, she dropped the “Smith” and went back to acting, and won an award and then has been doing directing or something related to movies but not acting. I was surprised a few years ago to see things about them and their children (when their daughter released an album) and remember thinking it was cool they were peacefully co-parenting, because that’s really rare. And then I found out they were still married. And now I see reports they’re divorcing…

            1. This exactly!!! I really do remember them already being divorced, before the kids were old enough to be getting the spotlight. I remember her being Jada Pinkett again because my mom and I, I remember distinctly, had a conversation about what could be wrong with will because they were some of our fave celebrities at the time. This entire website is blowing my mind but I DEFINITELY remember them being divorced.

  2. Do you think it could be a case where you confused Sarah Michell Gellar and Freddie Prince Junior with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe? Reese and Sarah are both blondes and Reese had a baby in 2003.

  3. I recall their marriage, but not the child. I rarely keep up with celebrities at all so it wouldn’t be surprising if I didn’t know so-and-so had a kid. I but I definitely remember their marriage back in the Scooby Doo days and how I was convinced her marriage to him was going to ruin her career.

  4. I remember when they got married, it was on a beach years before they had a child. There could have been an article about her being pregnant but then again Jennifer Anniston has been pregnant for a solid four years if you go by that. I also remember her having her first child on Sep 19, 2009 because it was on the exact same day my niece delivered our precious Augy. He is going to turn 5 soon. Hope this helps.

    1. Lisa, their marriage in Mexico was in 2002, and your 2009 date confirms what I said in my article, and what Wikipedia currently says. (Ref.,_Jr.#Personal_life )

      We’re looking for a really good reason why so many people remember the couple having a child much earlier (beyond the usual “ooh, it’s a ‘baby bump'” hysteria in the media), and memories about the couple splitting up, too. False media reports about a baby born in 2003 would help, as would records of a temporary separation, or divorce papers filed and then withdrawn. Otherwise, this looks like another case of the Mandela Effect.


  5. Yep. I recall that SMG was said to be pregnant during the filming of Scooby Doo. I vaguely recall looking at a promotional picture trying to see if it was true, and then realizing they’d probably just airbrush out the bump anyway.

    Then again, it could have been PR for the film? A tabloid rumor to build up interest? The Entertainment pages are always full of press releases about non-existent celebrity “happenings” with a product name attached?

  6. I also have a vague memory of them having a baby. Around that time me and my cousin were really into Buffy and Angel, which is I first learned to recognize her. I never caught wind of them getting married (lack of interest in the news as a teenager) but I do have a vague memory of her being pregnant and thinking “Oh cool, she’s having a baby.” So finding out she had her first child later on bothers me a little.

  7. The only thing I can say to this is I recently looked up pics of Charlotte and I was really surprised as to how old she was. I did think she was born earlier than she apparently was. I remember thinking, really? She’s only 5? I dismissed it cause I’d never even heard about this. I came into this website after watching a video about the berenstain bears(which also screwed with my head).

    My head hurts.

  8. I very clearly remember Freddie and SMG having a baby girl named Charlotte in the early 2000s (2003-2004ish) during their heyday of fame!

    I read an article about it (People? Vogue? Jane?) back when I actually read those magazines and actually was curious about those celebrities’ lives.

    I cannot believe you are saying their kid is only 5 or 6 years old?!

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