Forrest Gump – Life IS like a box of chocolates, or Life WAS like a box of chocolates?

If you recall the famous line from the Forrest Gump movie, which of the following did Forrest say?

a. “Life was like a box of chocolates…”

b. “Life is like a box of chocolates…”

The answer in this reality is A: “Life was like a box of chocolates…”

In my original response to this issue, I said:

Forrest Gump’s accent is fairly heavy, and he doesn’t always enunciate clearly, but — the the film clip ( — I hear “was” far more than “is.”

Here’s that clip from the film.

Also ref:

Appeared in the 1994 film Forrest Gump, when the lead character Forrest Gump (played by Tom Hanks) says “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” [Emphasis added.]

The book Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, first published in Japanese in 1987, and in English in 1989, has the following: “Just remember, life is like a box of chocolates.” … “You know, they’ve got these chocolate assortments, and you like some but you don’t like others? And you eat all the ones you like, and the only ones left are the ones you don’t like as much? I always think about that when something painful comes up. “Now I just have to polish these off, and everything’ll be OK.’ Life is a box of chocolates.”

I’m not sure how much accent and enunciation, as well as pop culture references, have contributed to this apparent alternate memory. So, I can’t say this is a Mandela Effect issue.

However, one-for-one, everyone I’ve asked in real life about this quotation has been 100% certain the line was “Life is like a box of chocolates…”

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  1. Holy smokes! Even Forest Gump is different now. I swear it always was “Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Well the movie now says, “My mama always said life WAS like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” I remember that he said IS and I used to imitate that line to others randomly off and on for years.
    Forest was giving the nice lady in the scene some kind words and he quoted his mom and the quote “Life IS like a box of chocolates” suggests life is a mysterious journey and to be ready for surprises (pretty ironic with what’s happening to reality at the moment if you ask me). The new version that says “Life WAS like a box of chocolates” just doesn’t work very well compared to IS.

    1. I distinctly recall it being “life IS like a box of chocolates…” I also read the book and it states it as same-IS

  2. No way, no how. The line had always been “Life IS like a box of chocolates.” It has to be because “Life WAS like a box of chocolates” doesn’t even make sense. For that line to make sense then life would have to have been over or it would have had to no longer be like a box of chocolates. However, that is not the context or theme of the entire movie. Forest says “Life IS like a box of chocolates” to the nice woman on the bench because it’s how he begins relating his story her, with the theme that life is full of surprises and mystery.

    Also, I live in Southern California and there’s a famous restaurant chain here called Bubba Gump Shrimp. It’s a themed restaurant and all the decor and signage is based on the movie. The servers play a little quiz game with you and ask you to recite lines from the movie. “Life IS like a box of chocolates” is always one of the quiz questions.

    This is mind boggling. I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t as much about parallel universes as it is about generated reality or some other force (time travel?) trying to send us a message? I know I probably sound crazy, but this is just too much.

    1. I agree with Steve. Using “was” doesnt even fit the scene or dialogue. It makes no sense at all like that. Also, it was such a big thing back then. Everyone and everything it was on used “is” in that phrase.

      Actually, the more I consider these occurrences, the more I find them disturbing. While I still consider the multiple realities theory a strong explanation. im beginning to suspect other, more nefarious explanations as well. Perhaps time re-writes from future (or current?) meddlers, or some form of mass mind manipulation that leaves inconsistencies in our memories.

  3. Not in third world countries,at least for the majority of population,a decent chocolate used to be as costly as a normal meal for the whole family,so it definitely wasn’t was.As to is,the chocolate can’t be equated with life even if boxful is not a dream in present state of, surfeit of floating funds.Once only Cadbury’s or Nestle were the players but now MM and Hershey’s are also present.Chocolate war has never happened in India,Frank C Mars was a great man and so was Hershey who adored his wife like a classic lover,but even for them life was not a boxful of chocolates.F.C.Mars lost his life early even though he managed to become a tycoon,Hershey lost his beloved wife early.

  4. The 2nd line doesn’t make sense if it “was” like a box. “You never know what you’re gonna get” would have to be “You never knew what you got “. That change would have been too dramatic for people to have “misremembered”. Even Ms Gump tells forrest “Life’s like a box…” as in “life is like…” Plus the thousands of t-shirts/posters people quoting the movie say that it is “is” not “was”. Maybe this is like the Harvard Study e-mail where you dno’t need the letters of a wrod to be in teh corerct oredr to raed them.

  5. 100% certain that in my reality Forrest Gump said “Life IS like a box of chocolates”. The clip I just saw is not the movie I once watched. All these iconic pop culture references recently changing, for myself and many others, are making it so clear that something very strange is going on.

    Mr Rogers – opening song is now “Its a beautiful day in THIS neighbourhood” instead of “Its a beautiful day in THE neighbourhood”

    Snow White – queen now says “MAGIC mirror on the wall” instead of “MIRROR mirror on the wall”

    Field of Dreams movie – famous quote is now “If you build it HE will come” instead of “If you build it THEY will come”

    Star Trek – Captain Kirk never states “Beam me up Scottie” ever

    “Sex AND the City” instead of “Sex IN the City”

    “Interview with THE Vampire” instead of “Interview with A Vampire”

    NONE of these make any sense to me and collectively these cannot be explained away by any mundane psychological effect. Please keep raising the profile of this and trying to understand it.

    1. Hi Fiona, I actually sent this one a few days ago but may not have got to you as It’s not on the site yet. I’m actually glad it hasn’t been as it was full of typos 🙂 I was really tired at the time. Anyway if you see my original message for can you please disregard it as this is my updated message. Thanks..

      Hi Fiona & Everyone,

      I discovered this website two weeks ago after seeing a YouTube clip on the Berenstein/stain Bears. I’m Australian and didn’t really know the Berenstein Bears so I wasn’t that interested. However, I googled The Mandela Effect cause it sounded interesting. That’s when I found this site. My mind was instantly blown as with most of the changes being discussed I hadn’t even realised that these changes had occurred in the first place and just thought everyone here was nuts. So I spent hours googling things like Interview with a Vampire and Loony Toons over and over again only to find that these changes were real. It felt like I was dreaming and just stared at Wiki and online images etc. I couldn’t find a plausible explanation to what I was reading and seeing.
      Since then I haven’t stopped investigating this phenomenon as I know for an absolute fact that these changes in our reality have occurred. I remember watching a video of an astrologer about a year ago who warned to not be too unsettled when we start to notice changes in our reality or notice our friends and family members having different memories to our own about certain events. She said that the time lines are beginning to merge into one. I’ve also heard that there is a time line or time stream for every possible scenario in our reality. I remain open minded about this subject, however I do believe in time lines or time streams.

      Here’s my Mandela Effect list:

      Interview with A Vampire – This is not even debatable for me as I’ve labelled a copied version before. When I confirmed the new ‘The’ name in wiki I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is the one that took me from 50% chance Mandela effect is real to 1 million %.

      Mirror Mirror, not Magick Mirror – Ummmm. This is just a no brainer isn’t it?

      Sex In The City not Sex And The City (Seen it abbreviated as SITC in the magazines before)

      Fruit Loops, not Froot -I believe this change is very recent as I purchased a box last year and it was still ‘Fruit’ then.

      Looney Toons -this one got to me so bad I had to go for a walk. Tunes doesn’t even make sense to me we’re watching carTOONS. Definition of Tunes: ‘A melody, especially a simple and easily remembered one.’

      Brian Dennehy Dying -I distinctively remember him dying around the late 2000s somewhere or maybe more recent.

      Volvo Sign –I’ve known a few Volvo drivers and would have remembered it because it’s the friggin male symbol. Who wouldn’t remember that?

      Haley’s Comet not Hally’s – I was in Primary school during Haley’s comet and we all had to do a project on it so I remember the spelling clearly and my spelling would have been checked by my teacher.

      Star Wars – I have memories of both ‘No Luke (pause) I am your father’ and ‘Luke (long pause) I am your father’. Now we get a watered down version of ‘No, I am your father’ which sounds and feels completely different and far less dramatic.

      Dilemna, not Dilemma- Just today I was reading a major news website online and the journo writing this particular article wrote “The US and Britain have faced a near impossible ‘dilemna’”…… Now I had seen this one discussed on this website however hadn’t actually confirmed the change yet. So I I looked up the word ‘dilemna’ in an online dictionary and it says ‘do you mean dilemma? And it gives you more suggestions for your search. So are we meant to believe that journalists in major newspapers don’t know how to spell?

      Life ‘is’ like a box of Chocolates not ‘was’ – This movie was huge and I’ve watched it about a dozen times. It’s another famous quote that apparently we have all misquoted. Putting this quote in its past tense is like saying ‘you couldn’t handle the truth’ or Arnold Schwarzenegger saying ‘I came back’. Just ridiculous.

      I have some personal Mandela effects too but I’ll leave that for another post.
      Thankyou Fiona for this website. This is the only website that I know of that provides us with a platform to openly discuss this phenomenon and share our memories and experiences which is just what we need.

      1. Was the article about Assad? I googled the exact phrase “The US and Britain have faced a near impossible dilemna” and I get 0 results. I change the spelling to dilemma and I get 56 results all pointing to the same article from September 2015. I guess they already corrected this…

    2. I just saw the video on Youtube and I just can’t believe it’s not “mirror, mirror” anymore… I feel like it’s starting to get too much for me to handle. For your information, the French version stayed the same it has always been “miroir, mon beau miroir”. And it has always been “No, Luke [pause], I (emphasis) am your father”. Why would the character not say the name of his son anymore, when he’s trying to emotionaly connect with him?! In this case the French version also changed to “No, I am […]”.
      Also, the french title “Entretien avec un vampire” is still (for now) the litteral translation of Interview with a vampire”. it’s not a mistake, it’s because it used to be that way!
      I’m SO freaked out right now.

  6. Man, this is getting weird. First the Bears now Forrest?

    However, I think this case is different. In the case of the Bears, there are lots of conflicting memories about the name, but in this case it seems to be pretty much universally remembered as “is”. Also, in the case of the Bears, neither variant of the name is particularly common in American language, while in this case, “Life is like…” or “Life’s like…” is a common cliche. “Was” and “is” are similar concepts (just two tenses of the same verb), and changing from one to the other doesn’t change the meaning of the statement too much. Finally, Forrest follows up his past-tense statement with a present-tense statement elaborating on it.

    I think those things together suggests a more mundane explanation: we all remember the gist of the statement and our memories simply slur the “is” into a “was”. Many movie quotes are nearly-universally misremembered because some simpler version of the same idea is easier to remember: “Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges” is fundamentally the same idea as what was actually said, and a bit more poetic.

    Those Bears, though…

  7. I answered, “life is like a box of chocolates” but when I see the movie clip, it doesn’t feel strange to me. I have said “life is like a box of chocolates” in conversation to be funny when making a point about life’s surprises and other people have said it to me. It’s understood that the thought comes from Forest Gump, but it makes sense to quote it in the present tense, is instead of was. However, I’m open to the possibility that it was originally IS in some realities. The whole Mandela Effect is like a box of chocolates….

    Hmmm – Forest Gump was also a book – does anyone know if this line was in the book?

    1. Good question, Julia! (Also see Brian’s comment about the flashback to Forrest’s mom saying, “Life is like…”)

      Update: I’m pretty sure this was supposed to reference the other Brian’s comment… the one that’s missing as of 12 hours after I posted this. (I’m flying through comments before the weekend, and leaving this note in haste, in case my earlier comment seems confusing.)

  8. The Youtube video linked in the post is still titled, “Life IS like a box of chocolates…” despite what we now hear in the video.

    At the time I’m writing this comment, the Youtube video has 862,000+ views. It was uploaded in April 2011. If “Life WAS like…” was always part of the “original” script, then SOMEONE should have pointed out the difference between the title and the movie script by now in the four years that video has been on Youtube, especially with those view numbers. There are too many movie pedants out there to let such a memorable quote go uncorrected.

    Someone should take a screenshot of the Youtube title in case the uploader decides to edit it.

    P.S. Count me in the “Life IS like…” camp. I never heard “was” until this post popped up in my newsfeed.

  9. Dumbfounded, first the bears, then the magic mirror, now this!!!! I checked my copy on DVD and the back even says “Life IS like a box….” But he clearly says was. Weird!

  10. With all these inconsistanf memories of the past, does it not frighten anybody that those we love around us are not sharing the same memories? It’s as if the person your familiar with is not the same exact person you knew if they do not share your same memories of the past. Though they look and act identical, just thought that they could be from another albternate universe/time line is disconcerting. Almost as if your alone in another world….

    1. Victor, it might seem that way if absolutely no one shared these memories.

      That’s not the case.

      With so many of us here, sharing identical (but alternate) memories, I suspect that — in real life — we’re surrounded by people who’ve been sliding from one reality to another, all along. Some are happier with the “just confused” or “mis-remembered” explanation, that’s all.

      Also, I believe that our alternate “selves” are fairly similar, across realities. Unique experiences may change our surface behaviors, but I think — at the core — each of us is very much like our other “selves.” So, the people around us aren’t likely to be strangers, per se. They might have memories we don’t share, but most are similar enough that we’re among people we generally know and understand. For example, my husband may have a few memories that are radically different from mine, but most of his memories match mine, and he’s still the loveable man I married.

    2. Victor this has been weighing on me. I was certain my husband would share some alternate memories with me, but he doesn’t. He vaguely remembered about the Bears and thanksgiving, but once he started thinking about it, he became certain the new way is how it’s always been. We used to have almost a phsycic connection. I’ve felt it wane over the past few years. Sometimes I ask myself “who is this guy?” because he doesn’t resemble the man I married.
      I’ve mostly decided we’ve grown apart, as many couples do, but he seems so different. Or maybe I am. Now I wonder if this growing apart is really because one/both of us slid.

      I wonder if the increasing divorce rate over the past decades correlates with the number of ME incidences increasing. If one person in a relationship slides, two people who were once “perfect” for each other could quickly find themselves with too many irreconcilable differences to stay married.

      1. What an interesting idea, FJ! Thanks for posting this, because it’s something that never crossed my mind.

        I wonder if those marriages — and how many of them — could be saved if people re-introduced themselves (not necessarily formally, but kind of a personal review of essential memories and attitudes) and worked with the idea that the spouse is (probably) the same person (or same kind of person), inside.

        1. What a fascinating concept, which could spawn an entirely new approach to couples therapy. Learning how to live with and love one’s “changed” spouse; searching for what makes them the same, instead of trying to force someone to be who they once were.

          1. People are reporting incredibly different memories with their spouses, even. Most of the incredibly disparate memories occurred prior to 2008.

            It is very likely he is not your husband. You should try to figure out if he is a Philosophical Zombie, Non-Playing Character, or AI!! See if he can manifest stuff or not. If he can’t ,he’s probably an unaware PZ, while you are an Avatar.

            1. Theodore R. Smith, yes to the date. No to the PZ/Avatar issue. (I am laughing as I read what you wrote. There are times when I love a flippant attitude towards the topic, because I think many of us reach the point of seeing this situation in the light of absurdity, and laughing at it.)

              And, a personal, off-topic note: assuming you’re the real Theodore R. Smith, you’ve created a great repository. Hats off to you, for sharing it.

  11. Fiona, The most wonderful thing about ME is that, any blunder any act of forgetfulness,can be passed on to ME with a countenance resembling that of,a babe in mafia convention.I hope ME becomes a mainstream topic of parapsychology,opening of wikipedia page is the first step in that direction.

    1. Vivek, I agree and your Mafia convention reference made me chuckle.

      I’m currently wondering about any lingering trails of things that happened elsewhere but had some effect on the reality we’re in now.

      For example, I’m suddenly seeing a series of reports related to September 22nd. (For some, see the thread: )

      Why September 22nd…? I mean, I suppose it’s as good a date as any, but is this anything more than coincidence? I haven’t a clue. Is that date significant or is it a trail from something else related to that date, in another universe? (Maybe their 9/11 was 9/22…?) Again, I’m not sure if I’m looking for something that simply isn’t there.

      In the case of the missing comment from Brian, I’ve been hoping either Brian returns and reposts his comment, or someone receiving the Mandela Effect comments feed would repost Brian’s comment… if it ever showed up in the feed, that is. (Until now, it never crossed my mind to sign up for that feed, myself.)

      But, as a few people have noticed (and commented upon), we’ve had a few significant glitches at this site. Maybe it’s software. Maybe it’s something else. I do know that I see more glitches when my dashboard insists I need to update a website plug-in, but when I check the plug-ins, everything’s current. (This has been going on for months, and I mentioned it at least once in the past. The glitch returned about a week ago, after a two- or three-week hiatus.)

      I’m not ready to think I read Brian’s comment in another reality and replied to it here. That seems unlikely. However, I clearly recall thinking about adding an initial to his name, to distinguish him from the other Brians who comment here. (I thought about it again today, when another Brian commented.) But, as usual, I decided that discretion plus my time & focus mandated a simple approval before replying.

      For me, the Occam’s Razor explanation is either the site software had a glitch or I made a mistake.

      If it’s the latter, maybe I need to bleach my hair blonde and dig my sparkly gold “Mafia housewife” shoes out of the closet. LOL

  12. Fiona, It appears to be simple,just google ‘catch 22,double-bind’.Certainly it was embarrassing when your response addressed Brian just below the Ben’s comment,the logic seemed to be a typo but since you insist on elusive Brian,the ME allows for any answer, that’s what i am hinting all along,so long as no fault is deliberately done.I hope the mafia guys acknowledge your broad mindedness.

    1. Vivek,

      I’d say “frustrating” rather than “embarrassing.” When I make a mistake here, I have no problem admitting to it, such as the times when a critical or troll-like comment gets past me. (That’s happened at least twice in the past month.) Heaven knows, I’m sometimes flying through a huge number of comments, and don’t always take as much time with them as I’d like.

      In this case, Brian had commented in reply to Ben. I replied to Brian’s comment, but — when it went missing — it left a gap so it looked like I’d replied to Ben.

      I’d have shrugged it off, except that my reply had clearly troubled people. When I looked at the sequence, I could see why. That was frustrating, since I’m still not sure how many people (if anyone) saw Brian’s comment to understand the actual context.

      I agree that it could be explained by ME. Or, perhaps the conspiracy theorists are correct and subtle comment manipulation was used in an effort to cast me in an unfortunate light. (I’m being sarcastic. I’m not convinced this site has attracted that kind of attention, even if such conspiracies exist.)

      I’m more inclined to attribute this — as well as the anomalies related to Brian S’s comments and Mike H’s — to a simple software glitch. Perhaps the next version of WordPress will address it. Fingers crossed!


  13. Okay, Fiona, things are about to get a little weirder. I am Brian S., the original Brian S., and I’ve always posted as “Brian S.” and never as just “Brian”, and I have always been very careful to add my last initial, as Brian isn’t exactly an uncommon name, and because it was important to me to distinguish between myself and any other Brian who might comment. To my knowledge, I am the only one who has ever posted as “Brian S.” After my first post, I was even troubled because I realized that I might want to comment again, but that if I did, I would have to post under the same name, and would never have the freedom to use a more unique name, such as BlatherPuss8001 (I have never and will never in any reality at all post under anything even close to such a name, though, considering, perhaps I should). I must admit that I was wrongfully a little annoyed when someone posted as “Brian”, concerned as I was that others may not realize that I am so OCD that I would never fail to add my last initial (Fiona, also please not that I also have never failed to include my email address and website, too). So this other non-last-initial Brian is not me. And if anyone else has posted as “Brian S.”, they are trolling. Not that I think that my comments are important, but in any case of potientially mistaken identity, my posts are usually a peculiar mix of very intensely serious and absurdly silly. As evidenced by this one. And I think that I’ve decided to post as BlabberPuss8001 from now on.

    I wish I knew which comment of mine never made it here. To my knowledge, they all did! Do you remember the basic content? Perhaps it WAS an alternate me. Because often I want to post but hold back, thinking that I shouldn’t comment unless I have something relevant to contribute to the conversation.

    Anyway, I’m just saying that because I am often tempted to post but don’t that there are so many realities where I did. The reason I would like to lend a little sober credence to your casual pondering is because I have been experiencing such strange phenomenon with this site that I’ve not been able to keep up. For fear of adding to the confusion concerning the rapidly accelerating new shifts (changes?) and not wanting to distract from the larger Issue at hand, I had not intended to mention this, but a few days after I had what I called my Mandela Awakening after finding this little nugget of a site, the very discussions of the temporal anomalies themselves began changing! That is, certain alternate memories being discussed simply disappeared, and new ones (that I am very certain that I could not have possibly overlooked) were suddenly prevalent, to the extent that this website has now become a barometer of sorts for knowing what reality I am in at any given moment or for knowing how close my current reality is to the one I was in before. Furthermore, there was one incident in which one of my comments was seemingly rejected. It did not appear for days after I posted it. I was disappointed. Then, almost two weeks later, I was randomly scrolling and, lo and behold, the comment was there, approved, as if it had been all along! Normally it would be the most rational assumption. But considering everything else?!

    EDIT: If this comment appears now, it is only because I removed my YouTube channel URL from the “website” field. Which is strange, because I was always careful to include it before as an additional means by which to identify myself to you. Yeah, I’m definately going to start posting under a tacky, cumbersome, asthetically unpleasing, 1990s-chatroomesque handle, probably something like BlatherPuss8001.

    [edited to delete a preposterous message to Richard Simmons that — while hilarious — would probably result in controversy.]

    1. Brian S., don’t worry; the comment wasn’t yours. If it had been, I would have added the S to your username, figuring that you’d forgotten it.

      This comment landed in the spam folder, partly because I’m using new spam-filtering software and have to train it, but also (I think) due to your Richard Simmons references. So, to prevent that from triggering Simmons-related banter that might get lost in the spam folder, I’ve removed those references.

      1. Spam filters have a Richard Simmons bias. Perhaps the greatest mystery of the Cosmos yet. Or just more proof that even software throws tomatoes at me 🙂

  14. Does anyone else remember the dialogue in Forest Gump during the ice cream scene where we first see Lt. Dan without legs, and Forest makes a shocking statement like, “Lieutenant Dan you ain’t got no legs!”? That dialogue has been taken out, and the scene just looks odd now, Forest just keeps eating his ice cream like it’s no big deal.

  15. Fiona, It’s not that way,a simple google search will dish out whatever and wherever the said thing lies,king google is very noble and serves even the most ignoble one,even those having dirt cheap phones.

  16. Oh man!! This is just too much! I remember life IS. Never WAS. It sounds as wrong as Berenstain looks!

  17. Nightmare before christmas when jack does not understand christmas, then after the end of the song he opens the window and says “eureka i got it” I renember seeing it again an he says it differently

  18. I’m really getting freaked out. I completely remember “Life is like a box of chocolates” NOT Was. I know this because my sister and I went through the Forrest Gump phase and would watch the movie a lot and say its quotes often.

    Was is completely new to me. I’d be interesting what Tom Hanks remembers about this.

  19. This is one of my all time favorite movies and i specifically remember him saying life is like a box of chocolates…I’m going to have to watch it again…

  20. I’m at my boyfriends families house and we were going through the movies and what do you know, I find Forrest Gump and on the back in captions it says “Life is Like A Box of Chocolates, you never know what you’re gona get” an iconic line that became as iconic as the movie is……..blah blah blah……point is it said Life IS Like a Box of Chocolates
    I just thought I’d let yall know also she had a vhs tape that she’d wrote on and it said Barbra Streisand…anyway you guys all have a good Thanksgiving even if it is on the WRONG WEEK LOL

  21. For me, it was ‘is’. But also, let’s consider semantics and meaning for a moment: if he says ‘is’, then he’s indicating a non-temporal anecdote. He’s saying that life is unpredictable, always is, always will be, but also tasty, and good, and you never know what you get. However, if it’s ‘was’ , then he’s indicating that all of that was in the past, and that life currently is not like that. The other explanation is that often people will interchange ‘is’ and ‘was’. However, that doesn’t explain the change in dialogue. That’s the thing about all of these – false memory, or obvious explanations like people always talk that way, and many other skeptical explanations do not in any way address some of the deeper puzzles these phenomena contain.

  22. Back when I was in 3rd grade, I vividly remember watching this scene in class because we were learning about similes and metaphors. All my classmates thought this scene was funny because of Forrest’s accent. They repeated the phrase “Life IS like a box of chocolates” over and over again for the rest of the day. Since then, I have always heard that phrase play in my head at random times, and until now, I haven’t realized that I have been remembering the wrong phrase. I swear on my life that it is “Life IS like a box of chocolates” and not “Life WAS like a box of chocolates. The latter sounds so strange to me, and it doesn’t seem to flow as well in my head.

      1. Hi Fiona,

        I did commented here. If you could remembered, I commented about a short clip where Forrest’s dying mother quoted “Life IS a box of chocholate..” Together with the link. And your reply to “Brian” instead of me confused me and even yourself. I’ve also commented about ‘Maleficient/Maleficent’ here.. I am 100% certain.. It’s all gone.. Software glitches perhaps?


        1. Ah, that comment.

          Yes, Ben, I deleted that comment quite awhile ago, along with a few other comments (five or six, as I recall) that seemed to have caused a software glitch.

          All of them were out of sequence, each seemed to auto-delete the comment that immediately followed it, and each seemed part of a “sticky” comments issue at the foot of their respective pages.

          It was so long ago, I can’t recall what those comments had in common, but it was something odd. (I want to say it was an impossible time stamp, like 12:66 am or something, but I could be wrong. It was a few thousand comments ago.)

          Your “Maleficient” one may have been among them. And, like your Forest Gump comment, none were essential to our discussions. In fact, like your first comment, many were subtly critical of the Mandela Effect or others’ comments. Or both. (I remember thinking how curious that was, and — for a split second — wondered if the code error was deliberate.)

          Once I deleted them, the software issue seemed to resolve.

          I’d ask why you’re asking about those comments now, but I don’t think this is worth another moment of your time or mine.

          1. Hi Fiona,

            It’s okay. At least I know now that you’ve deleted my comments instead of something weird happened to my comments. Yeah on and off I ll come back to this thread to check if there’s any new interesting comments about the topic. When I notice my comments disappeared, I was puzzled. That’s all. It’s all good. I enjoy coming to this great site.


  23. I definitely remember, Life *is* like a box of chocolates. A friend of mine loved to quote from this movie and that was one of her favorite quotes. What I also remember is the cadence of the “Life is like” part. There is a bounce off of “Life” that hops over “Is” and then lands on “like”. That cadence doesn’t work so well with “was” in place of “is”. In fact, when I say “Life was like” in the same style as I remember, the bounce is actually down to “was” and then back up, instead of up to “is” and then back down.

    1. I just watched the movie clip posted at the top. I definitely hear “was”. But what I also hear is the bounce *down* to “was” just as I explained above. I clearly remember the bounce was *up* not *down*.

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