Flatland, Alternate Realities and Other Answers

alternate realitiesAlternate realities? Alternate history?

For some people, this is pure fantasy. For others, it’s scary. (I’m not sure that it should be.) For people like me, it’s an adventure.

Sure, I’ll admit that some of this makes me a little uneasy.  I’m fine with the “gooey and prickly” concepts, but if you rattle my reality more than that… well, it’s not just what’s changed. It’s wondering what else is different and I haven’t noticed it yet.

If you’re going to wander down this particular rabbit hole — and take it seriously — you’d better be prepared for some unsettling concepts.  They include alternate history and alternate realities, not as fiction but as fact.

Let’s consider the possibility that our view of reality — the one you’re taught in school — is severely limited. If we rely on our basic five senses, most people can handle the idea of two and three dimensions.

Expand it to four, five, or eleven dimensions and virtual brain freeze is likely.

Even those who work with those concepts often talk in terms of alternate realities when the fact is:  It may be reality, period. But, that’s just semantics and I’m getting ahead of myself in this discussion anyway. It’s a quirky field of study that I’ve been exploring for years.  If — at the beginning — someone had shown me what I’m writing now, I’d have said, “Okay, that person isn’t even making sense.

Before taking this discussion in interesting directions, I’d like to build a foundation.  Fortunately, people like Dr. Fred Wolf have already created entertaining ways to introduce quantum concepts.

Though that video may seem a little simplistic, it’s a fine introduction if you take these concepts to the next, logical step:  What would happen if a fourth dimension impinged on our current, three-dimensional reality?

I don’t mean “What if it’s out there, somewhere?”  I mean “What if it showed up in the basement, the next time you’re doing laundry?”  How would you interpret it?  What label would you place on it? (I’m amused that, in the video, the flatland people immediately ask if the three-dimensional interference is a ghost.)

To understand what’s going on with the Mandela Effect, it’s key to step beyond the easy answer that “it’s all fantasy.”

There is science to support the ideas of alternate history and alternate realities, and — once you get into it — it can be fascinating.

4 thoughts on “Flatland, Alternate Realities and Other Answers”

  1. Hi fiona,Since more than sufficient data has been gathered,the next logical step should be to contemplate,obvious and subtle changes and subsequent implications.Or else Solomon’s eloquence,’all is vanity and vexation of spirit’will start taking effect.The feedback and contemplation can cooexist.

  2. Fiona, Seems like we have arrived at a landing where we can present our case with some concrete evidence.Ep Coogan’s assertion on Sri Lanka,Robert Crowder’s note on Mandela,Dawn’s uncanny prediction of JFK assassination what with slender Oswald athletic Mac and night club operator Greenstreet firing a single shot from .38 revolver; too much of a coincidence for the kill of the century.A separate topic ‘For Sceptics Only’ is called for.I have mentioned only those which have involved me,very obviously there must be others that are as sensational.We have quite a menu on the platter for the world at large,and especially for the pedants to get busy.

    1. That’s a very good idea, Vivek! I’m going to think about creating a page or site for that topic. In the meantime, I need to weigh the time and bandwidth that might be involved in maintaining it… and the best context for it.


  3. I’m sorry I’ve missed out on contributing to the current polls, and I can’t say I have any definitive proof, but I do believe in multiple realities. Every time a choice is made – little/small – the vein is splintered, so to speak. I noticed it more when I was young, and less rushed – certain things that I thought had happened, that happened later instead. Go figure? Still…

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