First Poll – Major Memories

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It’s time to see how many people remember which memories. The first goal is to see if most people have all, some, or only a few of the most-reported alternate memories.

Also, this was only the first poll of many. Future polls will look for other patterns among alternate memories and those who recall them.

UPDATE: Thank you for voting! So far, the results have been interesting.

Because my hosting service — HostGator — had not one but two outages (one lasting nearly 24 hours) during the polling time, I’m not sure if some error messages reflect the software or the hosting. Frankly, I suspect the issue was more the latter.

Like many people who’ve relied on HostGator in the past, I’m looking at alternative, more reliable hosting. When that’s sorted, I plan to continue polls to see what patterns (or lack of them) can be identified.

We’ve already collected some information about people who recall TAPS as the original name of the Ghost Hunters TV show.  I’d expected it to be geography-specific — a localized media error — but it’s not.

In the future, I want to poll more geography, ages, and see correlations between different alternate memories. That is, if those who remember Nelson Mandela’s death are more (or less) likely to recall Billy Graham’s, and so on.

Thanks for your interest!

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5 thoughts on “First Poll – Major Memories”

  1. All of my life I have noticed things that most people did not, at first it was subtle, so subtle that I could chalk it up to my imagination, after all I was a kid and that was common, right? (I was a bit odd growing up) I really cannot give anything concrete before a few years ago because the changes were so subtle and sometimes seemed kind of ridiculous, (E.G. Elvis dying in 2000, I honestly think I caught a memorial video though) The first noticeable and tactile change I noticed was one that literally happened in ten minuets; I was at my great grandmothers funeral and before everyone came in to do stuff before they buried the body outside (I was a bit ore-occupied having my mind completely blown at the time, bite me) and in the main room at the funeral home there was a skylight, this is where it gets weird though, I was 14 at the time so I obviously only wanted to close the shutter on the skylight, so I asked my mom, she said no, and that was that. minuets later when everybody came in for the funeral proceedings, bam, no skylight. Just like that, nothing flashy, no dramatic sift or sparkling lights, just a roof where a spotlight should be and oblivious people, whom I questioned afterwards, and became unreasonably agitated upon attempts to discuss said skylight, or lack thereof. ever since then I have been paying attention, and some of them seem remarkably like glitches you would find in a computer game or simulation prompting me to call these events glitches. Some were ‘subtle’ like one structure cloned itself overnight, everybody thought their was always two, and once and a while if I was lucky, I would catch the WHOLE DAMN SKY FLICKERING(not lightning, no clouds in the sky, just everything but the ground turning black for a second)! Most recently however I have been noticing a problem with conflicting memories grounded in me, for example, I played clarinet in band, but last week I all of the sudden was hit with memories of playing trumpet. There are many more conflicts in my memory each more alarming than the next but this is running a bit long, no? (Screw grammar I’ve got internet!)

  2. My first recognition that something was off about reality occurred when I lived fro age 3 to age 8. basically, I seemed to have too many memories, for the time available. It seemed like I was three for a very long time, part of the time spent in Denver Colorado, and part spent living with my mom and her sister in an apartment in Oklahoma City. Age four was the same, with a long time spent living in a place called Capitol Hill, next to a professional daycare, and part in a house further west, near may avenue. Age Five was spent in normal time, as was six, but I appeared to spend second grade in two different schools for a full year.
    When I hit third grade, and was eight, time seemed to return to normal, but I held far more memories than made sence, and was very advanced in my classes because I spent so much time reading, and doing school work. To this day, I remember the events that happened, but cannot explain them.

    The second mandela effect seems to be triggered by life threatening events. I was strangled to death by a teen, when I was four, by a large teen, but after he left me on the ground, I revived, seemingly uninjured. After that time, I seemed, from childhood to the present, to face seemingly unsurvivable events, such as drowning during surfing, to awake, stiil tied to my surfboard, and far up on shore, with no memory of getting there and no idea how I held my breathe for many minutes after blacking out.

    The closest thing I can come to explaining this is that I skipped from a quantum level of reality where I died, to one where I survived.

    the last mandela effect I ahve noticed is that small subtle things change that does not match my memory, such as where things are in the house, features on video games changing, and the appearence of some colors and smells being slightly different.

    1. i was glad to see your post ,ive been thinking the same myself for some time now but im afraid of getting locked up for being nuts , i have memories of surviving things that just arent possible to live throught without having as much as a scratchand memories of dying different ways then finding my self alive again and also i find im sometimes repeating parts of my life

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