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time and the Mandela EffectThis topic is now closed to comments. We have over 150 personal comments, and — in general — it’s time to shift this website’s emphasis to data that’s easier to analyze.

Here’s part of my original article:

In the past, I’ve edited or simply not approved Mandela Effect comments that seemed lengthy and about deeply personal experiences.

However, the more I read these comments and insights, the more I’m concerned that we’re missing key insights that may be in personal accounts.

The fact is, aside from cues from physics and some metaphysical theories, I haven’t a clue which consistencies — and, I suppose, inconsistencies —  might reveal what’s causing Mandela Effect issues.

So, I’m creating this post as a place to file deeply personal memories that people describe in detail. If people think this information might be useful or important to understanding what’s going on… maybe it is.

These comments have been fascinating. People have taken time to share deeply personal experiences, and in considerable detail. Thank you!

However, as of December 2015, I’m not seeing enough new, specific data in these comments, to establish patterns — times, locations, or events — and understand the Mandela Effect better. Starting in 2016, I’m building a database to analyze all 9,000+ comments at this site, so far. That will require time and focus.

I may re-open this topic, later. For now, I’m closing this particular topic and area of discussion.

168 thoughts on “A Place for Personal, Alternate Memories”

  1. Would having premonitions that weren’t premonitions be explained by this “Mandela effect”? I have had dreams of things that happened before they happened..
    I know how it sounds, I don’t mean a dream like experience, but dreaming it, witnessing it unfolding, and being aware enough to change it as it happened. Case in point, I have had dreams of being attacked, lived the attack weeks and even months later, and as it was happening I realized it, moved, swung, and was able to fend off my attackers.
    This is by no means a one time experience, as it happens often enough in my life for me to question my sanity.
    I have seen myself die twice in my dreams, one scenario played out to the letter with me realizing I was fixing to die, turning left, and only ending up in a hospital. The second one hasn’t happened as of yet.
    The only thing I can cling to with any kind of certainty is that whatever wicked this way comes, me and mine will serve the Lord our God.
    Thanks for giving me a place to not feel crazy, this is kinda neat.

    On a completely different topic, a lot of what you folks are speaking of I have vivid memories of.
    Henry and the turkey leg
    Japan being further south
    Challenger boom
    Sex in the City

    And while its not on anybody’s list as far as I can tell, I have extended periods of what I can only describe as “Lucidity”. More than time being a relative thing, these periods where time is hyper-real and the very nature of reality “feels” different. Kooky I know, but this has been my experience…

    1. Good questions and observations, Robert! This might expand our study of what is (and isn’t) a match for whatever’s the basis of the Mandela Effect. Thanks!

    2. Robert,

      I so understand where your coming on the dream thing and the lucidity thing. I have dreams that are so real that I sometime wonder if I am awake or sleeping. My mother on the other hand has dreams more closer to your level it seems. She had a dream of John Lennon’s death before it happen but she wasn’t sure if she had a dream or if she was foreseeing an event at the time. She was at the early stages of understanding her psychic gifts. So she dismissed it the time, til it happen. The lucidity thing, yeah I’ve had moment like thru out my life. Mostly at moments when big and important is about to happen in my. I fact had moment like that happen yesterday on my way home.

    3. Robert,
      I too have experienced this what i would call “predetermined channeling.” I had a series of dreams not long ago. first i was in a truck I’d never been in before traveling a long distance with people i know, second dream i was on a plane. I’d never been on a plane before and I’d never planned to, then i met a girl with purple hair. Apparently i was brought to her to save her from a bad relationship. Finally i find myself in a place very far back in time. A time when swords were carried and armor was worn. A few weeks later my father offered me a job with him on the road. He drove a semi (the odd truck) and i loaded and unloaded it with him. We were flown back to Alabama by our company and scheduled to fly back in a few days after the storm blew over. So we go to the airport and missed our flight. This had us delivering a different load which brought me to Missouri. Where we stayed at a hotel for a few days. I met the clerk. (A beautiful girl with purple hair.) And we talked a while and her relationship wasn’t going well. (I believe she moved) now finally. I stop doing that job and get in contact with an old friend who turned me on to Dagorhir. A full contact medieval “LARP” if you will. Upon arriving i was shocked because that’s. EXACTLY how my dream looked. Every dream appeared to unfold in front of me over a years time. I can’t explain it and i wasn’t sure anyone else experienced that.

      Thank you for reassuring me I’m not insane.

    4. Robert,

      I have had this happen a few times too. Most of them end up being mundane, but a few of them have resulted in averting a tragedy. Others have me feeling like the Arkanian in Men in Black 3 where I’m waiting for the events to unfold, but they unfold differently.


    5. I just came across this site because of such a bizarre incident. That is I just happened to hear about the Bernstein bears conspiracy in a video game called the Secret World and the character directs you to google it. I was just bored so I did only to find out its real. Now I totally remember it being with a E (I was born in 1981), as does my 3 years younger sister and mother who was a kindergarten teacher all though the 90s. It blew our minds to find out its with an A, it seems so impossible we’d all make that mistake.

      This led to other realizations, like I remember hearing on the news Mandela died in the 90s, or watching a documentary in the 90s that the Lindbergh baby was NEVER found. Things like that, I remember some additional things like I saw Ghostbusters 2 in the theaters and it was subtle but different from the Blu Ray that was released, and I could have sworn in the Buffy Finale I saw Giles die but watching it on Netflix last month he never did and was alive and well. I just never thought anything of these things.

      This is where it gets personal for me though, all through m childhood and the 90s, I felt really connected to people, I had many friends and I really understood people and felt that sense of belonging. However some point after 2000 that all changed, and drastically suddenly I felt alien, people I knew seemed very different, and people in general I felt a sense of detachment and I never understood how such a change could suddenly happen, I mean I chalked it up to the world changing, but I meant that metaphorically!

      In light of this though, it really makes me think maybe it happened literally, now that I’m aware of this Effect, I keep noticing things that are wrong or different from what I remember Pre 2000. Though if I had to specify a year where I think things changed, I think i’d put it at 2003/2004 specifically. It just really makes me think, now that I know about this, I mean if it happened over a period of time I could leave it at my memory got fault but it seemed to happen over night in one of those years. Coincidently, I recall having surgery, and being under in that time frame, it makes me wonder if I died in my original universe and crossed over to this one.

      1. I hope its okay to reply to my own post, but my mind is blown on a personal level. This goes beyond different spellings and events or geographical locations.

        I’d noticed for awhile my friends seemed…different. But I never thought much of it, people change right? When people change they tend to have memories of before that change. My friends didn’t. For example my BFF use to be a republican, and a daddy’s girl. Shes not anymore, and when asked about these things, I looked crazy because she had never been either of those things according to her and shes close with her mother instead in this reality.

        I don’t know what to think about this, you could explain away misremembering names and spellings and even events but things in your personal life? I don’t know if I’m just crazy or if my reality really did change, all I know is I’ve felt so alien and removed from people and always wondered what could have changed over night because that never use to be the case at all.

        1. Lena, your experience is so much like my own, even the timeline. I’m the type of person that always had a few extremely close friends and several group friends but like you, ever since the early 2000’s things have been so strange. My friends are entirely different, with alternate memories or no memories of events we shared . This goes so far beyond differences in perspective. It’s so frustrating to have entirely different memories of major life events, like the death of my best friend’s dad etc. For awhile I was convinced that I was going crazy but crazy people usually don’t question their own sanity.
          I just feel out of sync with the world sometimes. As you said, alien.

  2. Hello,

    I sent this about a week or so ago, but have not seen you put it on the site. Wanted to make sure it made it to you the first time and that it wasn’t rejected for some reason. Please let me know…and thank you!

    I have refrained from posting on this topic of the Mandela Effect since coming across it approximately one month ago. In fact, although I have been following “alternative/conspiracy” websites for roughly 15 years I have never commented on any topic yet. In the end, I felt compelled to add my 2 cents here.

    I will refrain from going too deeply into what I do/don’t remember from this timeline vs. alternative timelines, but suffice it to say that I do share many ‘alternative’ memories listed. A few are more convincing than others and I do share the experience of remembering both the ‘new’ and ‘old’ versions of events, which is an entirely new sensation to me and VERY strange.

    Throughout my life I have been prone to thinking differently/critically and often times having a different ‘inner’ reality than the ‘outer’ reality we all share. So, I am somewhat used to dealing with unusual topics and phenomenon, but something about the Mandela Effect is quite unique; even among all the other ‘out there’ theories I have pondered in my life.

    Viewing events that have happened previously in my life through the lens of The Mandela Effect I am convinced that I have experienced these time shifts and anomalies in the past, but did not have sufficient understanding to what might be happening. I will give a few examples.

    A few years back I was going through a very strange series of dreams at night that were unlike other dreams I have had before. In essence, these dreams were so detailed and intricate that they were like i had stepped into an alternate reality. The dreams were more ‘solid’ than normal dreams i have (more like the ‘real’ world) and over the several nights they were occurring I felt as if I was visiting the same place when I went to bed. The people, places, and conversations were all tied together from previous nights.

    So that alone was strange, but another thing happened during the time of these dream nights that was even stranger. I had rented a movie (in my waking world) that I had not watched yet and it needed to be returned that day or I would get a late fee, so I decided to watch it and return it later that day. When I put the disc in my player it asked if I wanted to resume playback or return to the beginning of the movie. I was very confused; I had never watched this movie before and that option only comes up in a dvd/bluray player if that disc has been watched on that machine before. Out of curiosity I chose to resume playback and the movie picks up as the titles/credits start rolling…in other words: the end of the movie.

    I then changed to the first scene of the movie, assuming I had watched it before and forgot. No luck; I watch the entire movie and realize I have never seen it before. My initial logic led me to believe my sleep/dream issue had caused me to sleepwalk (which I am NEVER known to do) and watch the movie in my sleep. Not that it matters, but the movie was All Good Things. I now wonder if there was another explanation.

    More recently, we moved into a house and have been experiencing what most would classify as paranormal activity. Nothing malicious, just strange things happening with no logical explanation that most would attribute to paranormal/ghost activity. Although I entertain many strange concepts, ghosts have never been something I was drawn to believe in. I believe this activity in my house is more related to something going on with alternate realities.

    The most strange occurrence lately really shook me up. It took place all of 2 days after learning about the Mandala Effect. I use an e-cigarette that allows the user to change the power the unit is being used at. Mine is set to 15 watts (for reference) and the power level is ‘locked’ so it cannot be changed unintentionally. I never change this setting, but a few days after learning about ME I noticed the power had been changed and the new power ‘locked’ in. I pondered how this could have accidentally happened and any theory I could come up with that would work in a traditional logic sense seemed more unbelievable than allowing myself to wonder if something ‘else’ was going on.

    I am not going to state what the power level was changed to (for reasons I will describe), but something about the ‘new’ power level it had been changed to stuck in my mind. Shortly after I realized that if I took the original power it was set on and subtracted the new power it had changed to then I ended up with a number that had specific meaning to me. This number has always been “my number/lucky number’ during my life and has played a very synchronistic role in my reality.

    Needless to say, when i realized the difference between the 2 power settings had significant meaning to me I was blown away. I am not sure what is causing the ME effect as a whole, but this has caused me to believe that there is something to it which has personally related to me and not some random change in the timeline, but I could be wrong. I am hesitant to post the actual ‘lucky number’ on this forum in the event that at some point in the future the information was used to retroactively relate to me. If I don’t post it then there is no other way this information could be used against me as opposed to being used to show me something positive. Not sure if that makes sense, but it is a policy to protect the authenticity of my experience in relation to ME/altered timelines.

    One final note before I go. I just noticed today that there is a word spelled “Allover”. I swear I did not ever see this spelling before and it was always separated into “all” and “over”. I generally am good with written words and am pretty sure I would at least remember seeing it written that way before. I would love to hear from anyone else who might share this alternative memory of the spelling. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences and to Fiona for hosting the site; great job all and keep going!

  3. I too have noticed the spelling of some words have changed. Like “allover” has always been “all over” to me. The color between white and black was “grey”, not “gray”.
    Also, I remember learning in school that when using quotes in a sentence that the period was inside the quotes not outside.

    1. Christina,

      I’m baffled by the “allover” issue, as that word is completely new to me.

      However, the grey/gray difference, and where place periods (inside or outside the quotation marks… as well as whether they’re single or double — ‘ or “) is familiar to me. While spelling and punctuation are becoming more globally homogenized, I use the “grey” spelling when I’m working on projects for British readers, and “gray” for Americans. (I prefer “grey” so, in personal use, if I like the shade of grey, it’s “grey,” but if I don’t, I say “gray.”)

      It’s “colour” when I’m in England, but “color” in the States, and so on.

      Online, I generally assume that most of my readers are accustomed to American spellings, but — now and then — I’ll slip into a British spelling by mistake or by choice.

      In your word processing software, if you switch your spell checker from American English to British English, you’ll see many American spellings flagged as incorrect… and vice versa, if you’re starting from the other side.

      Likewise, the placement of the period dates back to typesetting days, when some punctuation held together better (in the printing process) if they were placed in a particular sequence. Notably, the period held up better inside double quotation marks. Typesetting solutions varied, geographically, and — in England — I’m likely to default to single quotation marks and other punctuation — such as a period — placed outside them.

      So, the globalization of spelling and punctuation will throw quite a few people off. This is important: The logical explanation doesn’t mean grey and gray didn’t emerge from different realities. Maybe they did, and that’s where these differences came from.

      The point is, they’re not unusual in this reality, at this time. It’s based in where you were educated as well as local spelling and punctuation traditions.


    2. This reminds me of a time when I appeared to have slid “sideways”…and then slid back! I was typing up some stuff for my boss. I put the punctuation marks inside the quotation marks (when it was part of the quoted material; if it’s part of the surrounding sentence, it goes on the outside), as I have always been taught and always seen in books, magazines, etc. She sent it back with all the marks outside and said that had always been the correct way. She changed everything I had typed and was very definite about it. I was confused, because one of the things I pride myself on is my knowledge of spelling and grammar*, but she’s my supervisor, so I had to go with it. I did Google, and notes the differences between British and American usage. This confused me as well, because I’ve read plenty of British books, and had always seen the punctuation used exactly the same. But perhaps I was reading Americanized versions. Anyway, my supervisor and I are both Americans, and should be working from the same systems.

      A few weeks after that, I typed up some more stuff for her. Even though it went against my natural inclination, I put all the punctuation outside the quotation marks the way she had “corrected” it before. She sent it all back with the punctuation on the inside! When I questioned her, she did not remember any of the previous conversations we’d had or ever telling me anything different! In fact, she thought it was very odd that she’d even had to correct me, because usually I don’t have any problems with things like that.

      I suppose that it’s possible that in the intervening time she found out that she was wrong and just didn’t want to admit it, but she’s not really that type of person. She is much more the type who would announce loudly to the whole office what an idiot she was, and make it into a funny story. There are also all the times beforehand that I have typed something with punctuation on the inside, and she never commented. There was just the one time when things were different.

      *Now that I have said that, there will be horrible errors in this post…

      1. This is extraordinary. That combined spelling “allover” is totally new to me, I’ve read thousands of English language books from both sides of the Atlantic, I can hardly believe that I would not have previously read this word at some time.

        Terry, your post about punctuation is so interesting to me – I have had the exact same experience. I write essays frequently and in the past few years I have found myself having to look up the correct placement of punctuation as at some point it was as though I totally misremembered all the rules. The thing that first alerted me to this misremembering was the placement of punctuation in quoted material, exactly as your experience. I’m in the UK for reference.

  4. Thank you for this, During my years i have had personal incidents, when i was 14 i grew twelve inches in a year, caused me to have a grand mal seizure, lost a few days, had lots of scans nothing found, over the years i have had several other unknown fits, first night away with my then girlfriend in a B&B and had another ended up again in hospital.. normally it would have been just dismissed in my mind, but a few months later i tried to put a claim in for accident my glasses shattered so at the worst i wanted a new pair.. but i found out that according to the records in the B&B i wasnt there on the day i said i was, according to the solicitors I wasnt there.. as i said normally it would be an oh well.. but after reading this site i am wondering if something didnt happen.. I also went for a holiday to Mallorca and once again i ended up in hosptial, apparently my heart beat so fast it bruised itself. once again for an unknown reason.. had all the tests and scans Could just be my imagination but i am now wondering what happened, because i have no remembrance of the days. I am wondering what happened.

    Just recently i have seen what i call a blink its happened twice recently as if the whole world gets a negative look. I have always dismissed things as my imagination.. but i now question a lot of things and a lot of my memories.

    1. like a ‘film’ negative look? I’m asking because I know how to ‘focus’ my vision so things get that look, though it’s not easy and if there are too many distractions it won’t work. Just curious because I’ve never heard of it before from someone else. Thank you!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing these experiences. I know this isn’t really a forum for discussing the paranormal, but it seems to me that all of these various topics–the Mandela Effect, ghosts, Bigfoot sightings, UFOs, etc.–are all interconnected somehow, and we can’t separate one thread from the others and expect to make any sense of the pattern. UFO sightings, in particular, often are accompanied by lost time events. Some witnesses report moving from one location to another, with no recollection of how they got there.

    Interesting about “allover.” I’ve never seen that word before. If I were to write it out, it would be hyphenated, as in “The blouse had an all-over pattern of flowers”; or as two words, as in “There were bugs all over the hydrangeas.” Could it just be a recent addition to the English language? So many new words have entered into common usage over the last 20 years that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

  6. Thanks Fiona, great category – I didn’t share the following because there was nowhere for it to go, until now.

    The other day I had a ‘change of media’ remembrance.

    I saw a youtube video the other week – went to show it to someone else and it had disappeared completely from the web but on searching is now solely a written article, word for word.

    The particular media outlet uses both video and written but this is a lead article in the next edition and is only in that format – the only place I would have read it was an ereader, as that’s where I read the subscription from the magazine, which I haven’t used for a few months. I do subscribe to their youtube feed. The outlet has not responded to my inquiry of whether the video was mistakenly uploaded earlier and taken down or if it was made by someone else and taken down due to copyright.

    Just for laughs the magazine is called ‘Reason’.

    1. Huh. That reminds me of a ‘lost’ video for the song Black Swan by Thom Yorke. It was the only version of the song/video that was originally linked to me, but I lost the original link, and couldn’t find the song anywhere in my ‘liked video’ history, which was also seriously unlikely. Nor did I have any facebook or twitter posts about that video (also not likely, given how it struck me at the time) and it just doesn’t seem to exist. Now there ARE lots of homebrew videos about that song, but none of them are the one I remember, which seemed much more professionally produced than most of the homebrews.

      Uhh.. talk about a song that kinda fits the theme of Mandela Effect. Look it up if you don’t mind some melancholy music. I won’t attempt to link it, because it’s not the ‘right’ one. ^_^

      1. I had a similar experience. There was a video of the band The Parlotones performing at the world cup and I had it in my favorites and everything because it was the only place I could find a recording of the song that they had played there (which I unfortunately never learned the name of) but there is no no evidence of that video ever existing, not even a “deleted video” icon in my playlist but now there are videos of them playing at a “kick off concert” for the world cup which I had never seen or heard of before. I know I’m not just getting mixed up because the videos (there are multiple videos of them at this concert) that exist now show them on a big stage at night, when the video I saw before showed them on a small stage on the soccer field during the day. I still haven’t found a song that sounds anything like that one, which is sad because it was a really good song, I guess I’ll just have to make it myself if it doesn’t exist anymore.

      2. Hahahahaha that is too funny, the last part…I just commented but it got put on the one under yours and they’re probably wondering what I think is so funny haha anyway you had me rollin, I’m still laughin when I read the last part don’t know why its so hilarious to me

  7. I may be a little late to this party… but the story I have is damn wild:

    While Mandela’s death date is a little fuzzy (I do remember thinking, ‘oh, he died already’ and just dumping that event into the ‘fake celebrty deaths’ pile in my brain), I do remember Graham dying some time back.

    Well, that was dull. Now for the fun stuff:

    I just do not belong here. I know it because events here are grating on me like a cheese grater on a sunburn. My entire life from the 80’s on has been *all wrong*. 1990’s- I had my ex dump me. When I met her husband, I had something happen that I cannot explain: I heard a scream that came from me- but not from my mouth.

    It gets monumentally worse.

    First, I had a dream of her going into labor, and going to the hospital. I wake up, staring straight into the face of a grinning Grey Alien. I screamed like a schoolgirl and swung for all I was worth at it (nearly socked myself)- it vanished.

    Then- the dreams began. She was showing up in them on the order of 3-5 times a week. She would just stand there, staring at me sadly, while whatever dream I was actually having was happening around her, or she was an active participant, trying to get me to love her, or have sex with her. 22 *years* of this.

    By this time, you’re saying “well, you’re nuts, mad as a hatter, etc.

    Oh, I wish I *was*. Here’s where it gets ever *weirder*!

    I had been single for 22 years. Could not keep a g/f. FInally got one, married, etc. One of the first things my (then) g/f tells me: “Your ex g/f showed up in my dream, tried to claim you as hers, and threatened me.” Whaaaaaaaaa???????? This happened twice- with my (now) wife pretty much busting her ass round the dream- one time, gave her a beard, and the next time, made her clean up vomit off a floor.

    I talked to a previous g/f recently, who told me the same damned thing. She didnt see her in the dream- just a voice. *facepalm*. Had someone I was with (not exactly a g/f) who described her as a voice, a power, and being threatened wholesale.

    I decided to try something, and found a picture of someone I know of who looks like my ex, aged appropriately. Wife said- “yup. That’s what she looked like- hair was longer, etc”.

    This whole event, across 22 years, has made me feel like I simply do not belong in this universe. Nothing works quite how it should, information (much of it trivial) is just plain wrong- I get giddy when I get something right!!!!!!!!!
    … sometimes even the laws of phsyics seem to be off as well. Water is also not acting the way I remember it- it’s like the surface tension is off. The water seems to be thicker.

    You add in the riciculous ways people are acting, the insanity of the media and politicians, and just the general dullness and stupidity of people, and other fun stuff, like being told supposedly stuff, and the next day “when did I say that?”

    If it werent for the ex g/f stomping thru other people’s dreams, I’d chalk it all up to being simply insane….

    Since I now have a life over here in universe B- I just need a way to adapt to it.

    1. Welcome to the party, Brian! You’ve raised some excellent questions and I appreciate the time you (and others, at this thread) have taken to post your memories, as well as your great attitude.

    2. Brian, Biology is an enigma,even if chemistry and physics are shelved for a few moments.If we leave alone earth,what we know is that the universe consists of pure physics along with rudimentry chemistry.

    3. I’ve never felt like I belong in this world, but I don’t know whether to attribute that to the Mandela Effect or just my lack of ability to relate to people. I just can’t figure out humans. I never really know if they’re being real or fake, if they like me or not, or just basically how to fit in.

      That being said, ever since about 2013, I’ve felt truly alienated, like everything that has happened to me was supposed to happen to someone else. There have been times when I have felt almost as if I’m on the outside looking in, watching things happen to another person; or when I had a very sharp sense that I am moving alongside an alternate reality in which I made very different choices and now lead a different life. Not necessarily better, just…different. Long, boring story, short version: I was laid off in 2013 from a job I really enjoyed, fell into a deep depression that prevented me from even leaving the house to look for another job; ended up moving in with someone, who consequently decided to move out of her house and didn’t give me enough time to get all my stuff out, so she sold nearly all of it; then I was in a women’s shelter for a couple months before finally getting a job and getting more or less back on my feet. I’m living with my best friend and her husband now until I can afford a place of my own. But I feel like somewhere, there’s another me who didn’t lose that job, or who at least got another job right afterward; and maybe, if I concentrate hard enough, I can go back a few years and get back to that life. Does anyone else have feelings like this, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

  8. This is probably not ME related, but it’s something that happened to me that I’ve never found a reasonable explanation for.

    I got my first smart phone in 2012, shortly before my 30th birthday. I woke up on my birthday, unlocked my phone, and Google was open with the search results for “I love you”. I thought my husband did it as a sweet bday message, but when I thanked him later he insisted it wasn’t him.
    I sometimes carry my phone in my pocket or purse, so I’ve tried to rationalize that all the right buttons were pushed and this happened randomly. For this to happen, the phone would have had to:
    Slide screen to unlock
    Enter 4 digit passcode
    Open browser (no google app on that phone)
    Go to google website
    Type in I love you
    Press enter to search

    That seems like a lot of coincidence.
    I’ve wondered if it was a message from my deceased sister. I don’t know, but it’s always bothered me as something I can’t wrap my head around.

  9. Before today, I didn’t know that the term “manela effect” even existed…that is until my future niece quizzed me on a couple of movie quotes and titles that I got wrong. She told me they were talking about the Mandela Effect in sociology class today (something I wish we had done in high school…that class would’ve been much more interesting with topics like that! 🙂 ), so I started poking around and happened upon this site. Enough back story, let me get to the point of my post:

    Although my experience is not as traumatic as some, I am willing to swear on a stack of the religious texts of your choosing, bet every last cent of both my past and future income, and swear on the lives of all our cats that we love so dearly that several businesses existed in the towns near where I grew up that not only no one else remembers, but no data on them exists anywhere! One is a Dairy Queen Brazier store, another is an IHOP, and the third is a local pizza shop. There does happen to be a pizza shop at the last location, but there is no record of it being called what I remember as a child. I can clearly remember going to the DQ with my parents, as there was a penny candy store inside just to the right of the entrance…I would walk out of there with a bag full of candy for $2. I can see the exact layout of the building right now as if I were standing in it as I type this. I’ve asked numerous older citizens of the area but none can recall any of them, and of course an internet search has turned up zilch, otherwise I wouldn’t be wasting my time and yours writing this. It has been an ongoing source of frustration for me for many years, “Why doesn’t anyone else remember these places?” and it still bothers me to this day. I think the most bizarre part is that they all existed during the same time period-mid to late 70’s to early to mid 80s.

    I guess in some respect I now have some comfort knowing that things like this have happened to other people and that the phenomenon has a name. Also, despite my prior belief in “paranormal” events (and by that I mean anything out of the ordinary, not just spirits) I never made the connection before now that it may have an “otherworldly” explanation. Is that odd or bizarre too? I’m not sure…I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Thanks for your time.

    1. Len, thanks for your comment. I can’t begin to tell you how astonished I am that a phrase I coined is being talked about in a high school sociology class. It’s both cool and rather surreal.

    2. Same here, you keep saying to yourself oh its my memory, i must be misremembering, until you find people with similar memories as you, then you start questioning yourself.. and quite a few times i think i am going insane, but there is just too many of us out there.. people from different countries, walks of life, so many different people all with the same memories.. I see it now like a roller coaster, its scary, but at the same time its exciting.. so welcome to the club.. YOU are not alone

  10. I only just found this site out today, and that was due to alot of youtube videos talking about conspiracy theories- once i had finally learned what it actually was it shocked me.
    not too long about, about a month ago- i was talking to my mom about when i was younger, and we had a lunch day with my moms friend Terry- i remember we were in melbourne, eating at the cafe and Terry was speaking to me about how she wants to go travelling and that she would send me souvenirs. I remember being only about 7 at the time.
    Once i told my mom about this she looked at me as if i had 4 eyes, she explained she never knew a terry, and that we never had lunch with anyone in melbourne due to me living at my grandparents’. i still don’t understand why i remember this as a well known part of my childhood if it was not real at all?

  11. I remember more than a few of these (although some were before my time so therefore I wouldn’t know any different)

    What really caught my attention was so many other people experiencing “deja-vu” events. I’ve had them since I was about 8-9 and would always see them in dreams. Now usually, I don’t remember my dreams, if at all. Except these. They were nothing extraordinary; being in a classroom hearing a piece of the teacher’s lesson, eating a certain meal for dinner, going to watch a movie. I didn’t hold on to these because they weren’t exciting.

    But then- about 4 months after my teacher dream- I’d be in class and all the sudden I’d remember. The teacher would go into the same speech I heard in the dream. I knew as soon as it happened that I had BEEN here, that I had LIVED this moment, even if it were only my dream. Then the moment would last about 5 minutes and be gone.

    It’s gotten less frequent than it once had been (or maybe I’m just getting used to it) but it still crops up. I’ve always wanted to see if maybe I actually had premonitions and if I could develop it, or maybe our universe is resonating with another that’s close to our plane of existence. Maybe some of us are switching consciousness with our Others, and that’s why some of us are living in a world with different facts. Who knows? But the universe is definitely exciting isn’t it?

  12. I don’t know if it really counts as the Mandela Effect but I was in the back set of the car looking out the window and it was a fogy day but I’m sure of what I saw. But I saw three large crosses out in a field behind some trees and a hill and after that I’ve been down that rode a ton of times and I never saw them again. I know I really saw them clear as day in a clearing of the trees. It was like something out of a painting of Jesus’s crucifixion. It’s been years since I saw it and that road still creeps me out.

    1. Katie, it would be difficult to decide whether that’s a Mandela Effect experience — a brief glimpse of a parallel reality — or more of a religious experience. I think its impact on you would be the most telling factor.

      1. I am very interested in knowing what the odd thing about Elizabeth Banks is. It’s just bugging me. I have a lot of these that I believe to be a different way than they are now. Please get back to me about Elizabeth Banks because it will bug me until you do. Thank you.

        1. Shane, I’d love to tell you, but that would defeat the purpose of people sharing memories in confidence. They won’t feel as if their memories are confirmed if any hints are given. So, if you’re familiar with Elizabeth Banks and have an alternate memory about her — or a dual memory — I can confirm or deny it as the one reported, privately. Otherwise, sorry, but no.

  13. I’m not sure if this relates because I’ve just found this whole concept after my mother told me about it today. For the past year now its been a running joke in my family that my youngest brother slept in a crib until he was about three or four, sharing a room with two of my other brothers. My brothers and I are all able to recall the exact placement of furniture (including the crib) but both of my parents completely disagree. They think he was out of it long before and one of my brothers had moved rooms before the youngest was out of my parents room. One christmas my younger brother got a childs size accordion and I can remember every detail about it and multiple memories playing with it but not a single other person does.
    I also vividly remember my seventh grade english teacher recommending a book to me with “ash” in the title because she mistook a book I love (also with ash in the title) as the same one. This book was about a girl in the great chicago fire and for the life of me I cannot find anything about this book.

    1. After posting this I thought I’d give searching for the book another shot. The first title i searched came up with the book I read. I 100% remember typing in that exact title at least a dozen times over the years and finding absolutely nothing

  14. I know i am a semi new poster here, but this has happened to me for years, It sounds crazy to me but its as real as I know.. Many years ago i had a dream and it was unusual as it felt “real”, didn’t think much about it until about a year later when i had a dream set in the same place, but the dream world was 1 year later and things had changed like businesses closing down, as if it was a real place over the few years i had other dreams that was linked to the same as if i was exploring a new land/new world It has a different feel. Always said I wish i could find the path there I can remember that place better than here i can describe it down to the smallest part. Its part of why i had the idea that authors can see other realities not all of them but the ones who write “real” worlds

    Is it Imagination, or something more,

  15. I just had a revelation in my head of a possible personal ME experience and wanted to share it while it’s fresh.
    Side note I almost died when I was three months old, not sure if NDE’s are the general consensus or not.
    When I was a kid their were two brothers my age that lived next door. We were always outside together unless we were shopping with our parents or grounded. I was an only kid so when they weren’t outside I was by myself.
    There was a lady and her daughter that lived above them. The daughter was my babysitter at this age, I was around 6. There was this kid Kevin, he was my height so I figured he was my age, who would appear at my friends house to do laundry. That’s what he would tell me he was doing, his laundry. I don’t know why I didn’t question it at the time.
    The weird part is he would only appear when nobody else was outside. Looking back on it it was almost as if I was completely alone in the world besides him. Nobody knew any kid named Kevin. The upstairs neighbors didn’t know him, my friends parents didn’t know him. He would appear into the house, come back out shortly after and just vanish. And when he left my friends seemed to come back.
    For decades now I’ve always thought he was ghost. Now I’m having all kinds of thoughts and honestly a slight mental breakdown. What if I went to a different dimension where he was? Or worse what if this is a simulation and that was some test chamber. Like the thoughts I’m feeling thinking about it are making me sad. Like legit almost in tears sad. There’s so much emotion flowing through me it’s intense, and all sad.
    Thanks for letting me share. Sorry for the two long posts.

  16. I learned about the “B-Bears” issue a couple of months ago but only came across this site and seriously started reading on this type of stuff within the past week. I initially had nothing to say until I saw someone’s comment in one of the sub-topics theorizing about “sliding” to other dimensions/universes while sleeping, which I’ve always had a slight theory on. Then I saw someone else’s idea of transferring consciousness upon near death experiences, which again I’ve had some inkling to but I’ve never actually thought about the 2 ideas together, which I’m going to explore here.

    First a little background on myself since I feel they are important to establish:

    -early 30s male American
    -was considered above averagely smart/”gifted”/precocious as a child
    -only 1 NDE I’m aware of, although it wasn’t very close. ~5-7 yrs old I was playing on the carpet and a blade of grass got stuck in my throat, preventing me from breathing for about a minute until I finally fished it out with my fingers.
    -typical childhood, no traumatic events growing up (*except 1 thing I’ll get to later)
    -no deaths of anyone I’d consider emotionally close to yet
    -non-religious (mainly I just see it illogical and impractical)
    -I have a fair interest in paranormal/alien stuff and am open-minded about most things in general. I enjoy watching shows like “Ancient Aliens” and “Monsters and Mysteries in America” for the ideas and entertainment value but don’t necessarily believe everything presented. However, I consider reality stuff like “Ghost Hunters” and whatever Bigfoot chasers as fake crap and avoid them, for what it’s worth :p

    The main thing I wanted to talk about involves dreams, which may or may not be related to some people’s MEs but adds to the discussion nonetheless. In my case, a dream is no less than another life, where I am in full control of my thoughts and actions (not lucid dreaming), and usually think and act normally. But with 2 noteworthy distinctions:

    1. Death

    – All my life I’ve been dying in my dreams every now and then and in pretty much every way possible: shot, stabbed, drowned, suffocated, falling from heights, you name it. *SQUEAMISH ALERT* There have been others since but the last one I vividly remember was a decapitation earlier this year (I could still feel the initial blade cutting into my neck for several days later).*SQUEAMISH ALERT* Now most people would consider these nightmares, but except for a few I’ve never actually been scared. If fact I seem to accept it pretty easily, and sometimes I start a new dream right after without waking up (I may not remember the previous one and dying though until I wake up).

    2. “False” memories

    – In many of my dreams I’ve known things that, in reality, I am fairly confident that I don’t possess any knowledge of. I’ve met people that I’m pretty sure I do not know, but in the dream I may have memories of going to school with, being a neighbor of, or going shopping with, etc.. Same thing with places, memories of going to somewhere on a vacation or trip although I barely go anywhere in life.

    In one dream I was walking around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a large, mansion-like house. I suddenly “remembered” that this was where a friend of my mom’s lived, and I used to come over here and play with his son all the time until just the year before. I went inside but the boy wasn’t home, and as far as I remember I stuck around just talking with his dad until I woke up. Awake, I could clearly remember the house and family but am sure I’ve never been there and do not know them (my mom only has a handful of friends and none that I’ve regularly gone over to play with)

    Could these simply be chalked up to the subconscious filling in the blanks to keep the dream from collapsing? I’ve never been too sure, especially now. Maybe I really am swapping lives of another me while asleep. Perhaps it’s just like the movie “The One” with Jet Li, where when an alternate you dies its attributes divvy up and transfer to the rest. So all my “deaths” have caused pieces of consciousness and memories to flow into this me. I’m still waiting on the strength and speed, though, unless I’m just so out of shape that they’ve gone to waste 🙁

    Anyway, I’ll leave off with that *traumatic event I alluded to earlier:

    When I was very young (probably ~3~5 y/o) I was playing outside and there was this white cat nearby (could’ve been a Persian judging by pictures, but it had long hair). I picked it up by the tail with both hands and I started spinning around like a merry-go-round. After several seconds of it crying out, the cat flipped itself backwards and deeply scratched the back of at least one of my hands (I honestly don’t know if both or one, and which hand specifically). Naturally the pain caused me to let go and send that cat flying into the distance. I run off into the house bawling to my mom with blood trailing down my arms and shirt, so she rushes me to the bathroom sink, holds my hand(s) over it, and just dumps the bottle of rubbing alcohol on it (Asian remedies for the win!). Yes, the pain was as ridiculous as you could imagine, and she did this at least 2 more times and each time I howled and struggled to pull away and run but she had that iron grip. Finally she wrapped my hand(s) in a towel and I spent who knows how long just sitting on the couch sobbing (I probably fell asleep after awhile which I always did when after a good cry).

    – So this memory is real because of the intense pain I remember feeling: the scratches, the burn of the rubbing alcohol, I think it would be hard to imagine up something up like that. Not even the deaths have ever been close to as painful (then again, I don’t exactly suffer with them).

    -But it’s questionable because there are no scars or any visible signs of damage to either hand, which would probably be expected from something that severe. Now and then I’m always finding minor cuts on myself (most likely from my finger nails since I like them a little long) and I find they leave a thin line scar afterward, so having nothing there on my hands is very suspicious. Or maybe I had above average healing abilities that prevented the scarring. Up until my mid-20s I did feel that I healed faster than normal (not actually scientifically proven though) so I rarely used band-aids/creams.

    -Also, I don’t recall seeing a doctor or having any other kind of first-aid, which you assume would be necessary, but like I said “Asian remedies.” And, unfortunately, Mama never had the greatest memory so by the time I started questioning this it was too late for her to corroborate the story.

    So is it a false memory, an alternate universe one, or something else entirely? Who knows, but it’s always been something I’ve wanted a good reason to share since it’s not something that can be easily brought up. Plus I hope it opened up some thoughts/ideas to everyone. I was going to go into dreaming the future and other stuff but I’ll get into those another time.

    1. This one may actually be a real memory from this timestream. Our skin has far greater elasticity when we are toddlers and is far less prone to scarification. I have no scars from fairly nasty cuts I experienced prior to the age of 7, but fairly nasty scars from significantly less damaging cuts I experienced later in life.

  17. Sometime between June & November 2014, my parents’ anniversary shifted from X to X+2. I first noticed when I was preparing a memorial display for mom’s funeral and the date on the wedding announcement seemed wrong. When I called on X to talk to my dad this year, he said I was mis-remembering and their anniversary had been X+2.

    I remembered it was on X because that’s the date (different year) I graduated from college. If it was X+2, somebody would have told me I had the wrong date at some point during the previous 30+ years I’d called with “happy anniversary” messages.

    My parents’ best friend (for 50 years) also thought it was X, because it was HER ANNIVERSARY TOO. As in, best friends got married on the same day and therefore weren’t able to attend each other’s weddings. If it had been separate days, they would have been at the ceremony.

    This shift upsets me even more than dilemna or Berenstein bears.

  18. It’s possible but people’s realities or timelines are being altered and that people from different timelines may be being moved into other timelines. One of many possible causes could be found at the link below that suggests that time travel technology is being used by the ruling elite (article dated 25 December 2011).

    Here’s another two examples that have appeared online about parallel universes:

    In my case the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster happened in January 1986 and was the first Shuttle to be destroyed. In the case of Mandela, in my timeline he did not die in prison and was released by the then President of South Africa FW DeKlerk in 1990 and Mandela was elected President of South Africa in 1994 with the ANC being the ruling party.

    I’ve noticed other anomalies for example passages from books started to disappear in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. In Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan 1982, I thought had heard Spock say to Kirk “the ship is it safe?”, later this changed to “the ship, out of danger?”. In Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country, Kirk stays silent when Spock talks about gas, previously Kirk said “I beg your pardon?”.

    I knew that timelines were being altered when I saw Star Trek Generations film on TV and Geordi said “bridge we have a new problem”, in my original timeline the word problem was not used and this was also on my DVD copy. I later played back the DVD and Geordi said “problem” as he did on the TV version.

    Dr Chiappalone has written extensively on metaphysics and provides good analysis as to why people remember events differently. It has to do with metaphysics and spiritual ontology (spiritual being). In summary {regarding experiences and memory) Chiappalone once noted: ‘All of a person’s experiences are recorded outside the body in their outer ring(s) of awareness and these stay outside the physical body but within the physical universe’. My understanding are that these ring(s) of awareness cannot be changed by any being in the physical universe and explains why the person remembers different experiences and memories. I’m unable to find the exact passage in his extensive writings (written over 30 years) and so include a link to his website.

  19. Ok, this is weird since I’m usually not the type to write in places like this. I’m a 45 year old man driven by reason and science. I don’t do crackpot stuff and I’m an atheist, etc.
    Some things though here stick out. I remember clearly having the Berenstein/stain reaction one day a few years back. My kids used to watch it on TV and I remember looking at the screen thinking, this ain’t right. This is long before I heard about this on the web, maybe 3 or 4 years back?
    Another thing: I’m not native to the US. I grew up in Europe. I notice that my native language is changing. Articles (as in gender of nouns) seem way off. I first thought that this is just the natural progression that you only notice as an outsider. But friends insist that some stuff I find weird (or just wrong) has always been like that.
    Two other weird things I remember in my life: I was maybe 6 or 7 and playing with dice at my grandparents. Normal dice, nothing rigged. We used to play with them always and there was nothing unusual about them. I remember that I was thinking – oh let’s see how many sixes I can roll. I then rolled at least 10 sixes one after the other with the same die. I can do the math on the probability of that.

    And then today I was sitting at my desk, working from home. I have two pocket knives under my monitor. One has a philips screw driver. I couldn’t find it even though I looked all over my pretty big desk. I grabbed my Leatherman tool instead, made some adjustments to my guitar that was on my lap. When I look up the missing pocket knife is sitting right in front of me – and in front of my keyboard so it would have been in the way when I was typing an email right before I grabbed the guitar to take a break from work. There was no reason for me to use the pocket knife today otherwise and I didn’t use it. I have no friggin idea how it ended up right in front of me, inches away, while looking for it.

  20. Fiona,

    I am starting to notice a connection between “physical symptoms” to people who remember the alternate timelines. I don’t know if it means anything but is there any possible way we could start a poll here – on people who might be having – ear ringing, joint pain, and upset stomach? I know that it makes no sense – but since I first found out about the alternate timelines and at first I didn’t want to pay attention in May – I noticed that my ears ring constantly – and there is NO physical reason why I should be hearing it – there is NO problem with my ears. At times the sound ramps up – at times it is like on a volume control in the car. I started noticing to the joint pain and stomach – one of the worst days was two days ago when I felt a “flutter” in my left ear – much like I would imagine if a bird or butterfly flapped its wings near your ear – five seconds later my body temperature felt like it went up 20 degrees, I wanted to vomit everywhere and I was dizzy as all get out. It took all day to get over that 15 seconds. Like I said I know its weird – but others are having the same thing – and these are people that realize that things have changed. I don’t know this might not get posted and I don’t know if I got it to the right page – but it is just a thought.

    1. Good idea, Stephanie! I’ve always had tinnitus. “Growing pains” (aka joint aches) were an annoying part of my childhood. I haven’t had the severe experiences you have, but this is an angle I hadn’t considered polling.

    2. Stephanie
      Do you have opinions on why perhaps people have the ringing in the ear or other symptoms mentioned? For instance, is the ringing caused by a blockage, is it a signal broadcast, a deterrence, a connection to something like the earth or electronic device, etc. ?

      1. When I first started having the ringing – in May – was more pronounced than any – I went to Urgent care twice, er once and several doctors appointments for my war on poison ivy – and in all of those appointments I complained about my ears – nothing is the matter with my ears. I just recently went to the doctor and had him check them out again – no problems. My husband has been hearing it all his life – and I know his father did – he said that when he was a kid he would hear it – and his father said “you hear it also.” – I was on a empathy page on facebook this weekend – and they all have the same symptoms – and several of them that I talked to – all have the alternate memories. I don’t know if it is because we are empaths – would you consider yourself one – and as a group there is a connection? I know I brought up all my concerns on that wall and was getting tons of feedback – but they killed the post.

        No matter where I am I hear it – sometimes it sounds like on a speaker – and it goes up and down in volume – I will admit that some days it isn’t bad – but on others it makes me ill. Hubby often gets migraines –

        And not to make you all think I’m nuts – but I’ve been noticing things in real life in real time – two weeks ago I went in our library – there was a lamp clipped to the bookshelf – it had a hole in the shade – I went “I can use this here if x doesn’t work” – it was on a clip – Friday I went to get it – and it was on a base. the same lamp – the same hole in the same place – and on the bookshelf – where the lamp had been clipped – was a dust free zone from where the clip was placed. You tell me, but I know what I saw. I pay attention to little things like that now.

        1. Stephanie White, thanks for providing more insights into this hearing phenomenon. It’s very interesting!

          Also, you don’t sound nuts. In the past few days, I’ve seen multiple comments about something changing, and the last known point of reference was about two weeks ago.

          Can you provide a specific date when you saw the lamp clipped to the bookshelf? (So far, no one has given me an exact date, just an “about two weeks ago,” and the date could be useful later, if more people also talk about specific dates.)

          1. I wish I could – I know I told my husband but he thinks I’m nuts about the clip even when I brought him into the room and showed him the dust free area where the clip had been.

            I will keep a eye on things like that – I know I got on facebook on Saturday and told two friends knowing that they would support me and not think I am nuts. So I had to put it up on Friday.

            I am trying to find a somewhat logical reasonable reason now when I find things going weird in my life – like this. At least I hope I am. 🙂

    3. Hi Stephanie-

      I definitely have all of those physical symptoms, and very consistently in the last few years. Don’t know if it’s at all related but thought I’d chime in.


      1. Sibsiz – would you consider yourself a empathy? And see – we are connecting more things to this.

        1. I consider myself to be an empath. This was one of the primary reasons why I used to attempt to disconnect myself with others by being standoffish. Kind of like a distance measure, but it didn’t work. Its a lot easier, emotionally, to build connections with others because it gives one the chance to offer insights/positive thought that can possibly help someone who feels alone.

          1. Daniel I will try to be like you – I am slowly coming out – I did get me some “stones” and I am not into that type of thing – but I feel if it helps my emotions and well being I am all for it.

            And your having the symptoms – I think that is another connection.

        2. Hi Stephanie,

          Yes I do consider myself an empath, going back to early childhood. To this day I often feel and can get overwhelmed the emotions of people around me, often times feeling the need to escape/retreat into solitude &/or nature order to recenter myself.

          In addition to frequent auditory fluttering, ringing, and squealing, I also have a history of migraines and visual migraine seizures. The visual migraine seizures sometimes cause a major blood pressure drop (vasovagal response), dizziness, flashing in the corners of my vision, followed by tunnel vision and occasionally total blindness. I also tend to “see” in negative, sweat profusely & shake quite a lot. I have lost consciousness as well a couple of times. I have seen a neurologist, she is the one who told me these episodes were likely visual migraine seizures. She also said I may have had juvenile epilepsy. When I was younger (adolescence into early twenties-I am 37 now), I would have seizures & auras similar to smaller epileptic seizures (never grand mal). Included in these weird seizures were strange emotional discharges where I would cry and laugh back and forth uncontrollably until the point where I have hyperventilated & stopped breathing. It was almost like my emotions were misfiring. During these episodes I would also have a detached sort of aura and would sometimes completely forget what I was doing or how to do a mundane task I performed daily. I would also be extremely dizzy & get flushes/hot flashes. I eventually started to detect the warning signs of these episodes and stop them before they get too bad. Usually it includes me being alone, away from people, and mentally & emotionally talking myself out of it as well as slow breathing techniques.

          I have had joint pain & swelling since high school off and on, which has never been diagnosed. I have seen several doctors, including a rheumatologist, without being given an explanation or diagnosis of my problems. The symptoms occur off and on in my hip joints and shoulder joints mostly, but sometimes other minor joints. The same is true of my stomach problems. They are undiagnosed and frequent, and I can’t seem to find a pattern in my diet/eating habits.

          Not sure if any of these things relate to our “false” memories, but I too am interested in the similarities amongst us. I am also very grateful for a place to talk about all this strangeness!

          Hope this helps,


          1. Hi Sibsiz
            I found that keeping a detailed journal helps with pinpointing triggers. You may also find that certain periods and conditions align with “anomalous” events. The expressions of the mind-gut such as hyperactivity , (brain gut =>instinct), are important to note as well. For me, I can tell through this that some type of shift is occurring.

          2. Sibsiz 🙂 Look for me on youtube I think I go by the same name – or google – 🙂 and add me.

            Its neat that you talk about all those other things – because I have had symptoms of those in the past also. It has to be a connection – I don’t know how or why – to all of this that is going on. And there is way more than ONE cern – we are sharing a link on facebook – and its funny – I have to use my computer at work to get to this site – at home my computer won’t let me – 🙂 but it has all the reactors all over the world – and there has to be at least 20 – oak ridge tn is one, there is one in Chicago one in ca – one other in the south near me – I believe Alabama? I hope my post doesn’t get removed – but Fiona they can look for me by my name 🙂 It can’t hurt for more of us to connect – since we are now seeing some kind of common symptoms, or characteristics? I’m not a scientist – lol – and far from logical, maybe someone here would like to do a post on that? or a list?

            Since you all don’t think I’m nuts about the lamp – I was talking to my friend who I believe is a empathy and has the memories – on a app on our phone – zello -which turns your phone into a cb radio and it records your conversations. so it is me and him and all of a sudden this woman comes on – and I’m like who the heck was that – he listened to it five times – and said “Stephanie it was you – and you said “I need to call my mom I am going to die”. It freaked him out more than me – still does – it is my voice – I DID NOT say that – I have told my husband to not even call my mother if I die – so therefore me saying it is totally illogical and not like me – however, it is my voice.

            After that I started noticing all these words showing up on my phone that I NEVER put in there – rewiring (I don’t know how to wire), quarks, wythe, voyeur, siesta, halal, sheva, Pythagoras, Nibriu, I know there have to be several other those are what I remember.

            I know who Sheva is and Pythagoras – I would have never added them. My phone knows when I start to type them so they are spelled correctly. Quarks bothered me for a long time – I know Quark from Deep space nine – UNTIL I watched a video from Pastor Lawson in TN talking about CERN. and in it he mentions anti matter and how it consists of all these things along with quarks. lol. I don’t know how those words showed up on my phone – how that voice is recorded – I still have it – need to do a video of it – everyone that has listened to it says it is my voice – and I would put my life on it that I, me, never uttered those words. 🙂

    4. I’d like to add for anyone counting I have all of these symptoms Stephanie mentioned too. All of it, Stomach aches, joint pains, ear ringing. For the most part they cant figure out why I do, they treat the symptoms but that’s about it because there doesn’t seem to be any reason I should have these things happening.

      There are days where I just feel so tired as well and sick to my stomach, and I’ve been to doctors about this and they don’t know why its happening. The most they could come up with is maybe I have chronic fatigue syndrome but even then they aren’t sure so I don’t get treatment for that.

      1. Lena, this is wandering far off-topic. I’m not a doctor and this is anecdotal, not medical advice. (Further disclaimer: If you have a medical issue, please see a trained medical professional you trust, and follow his or her advice.)

        My personal (unique to me) experience: In the very late 1980s, I had to deal with chronic fatigue (as Epstein-Barr), I spent about three weeks resting (in bed) and using the holistic treatments that made sense to me, in “A Holistic Protocol…” (http://www.amazon.com/Holistic-Protocol-Immune-System-Opportunistic/dp/0930852222 )

        That resolved the vast majority of my symptoms, and they’ve never returned at the same levels. When anything does, I usually use the same probiotics capsules (PB8) that I did then, and I get relief within 48 hours.

        But, again, I’m not a medical professional. That’s just an anecdote, not advice. And, this is far off-topic from Mandela Effect memories, except as something several site visitors seem to have in common.

        1. But could it be a symptom or sign that things are changing? Or an explanation for why we have different memories than other people? Some of us do seem to have certain things in common. I have a lot of the same physical complaints. I’m not trying to pin it all on a medical explanation, but maybe reality shifts happen in the brain, and maybe other bodily symptoms can happen as a result. None of us understand how this is happening, so we are all speculating.

          And I will admit right now to feeling pretty frustrated in general. I can’t seem to let go of a need to have an explanation for all of this. Since there doesn’t seem to be one, that is hard for me to deal with.

          1. Well, if anyone wants to go to a tinnitus forum and ask how many of them recall the Berenstein Bears, that would help me see a positive correlation.

            But, here are the numbers: 5% – 10% of the general population experience tinnitus. This site has 10k unique visitors/day. That means at least 500 – 1,000 people who visit this site on any given day, probably have tinnitus.

            If they landed here and saw both the Berenstein Bears article (the usual entry point for visitors) and then saw this tinnitus link in the right column on every page at the website… well, I think we’d have lots of comments saying “OMG, I remember Berenstein Bears _and_ I have tinnitus, too!”

            Instead, we have about 70 comments. Of them, about 45 comments are by site regulars and by me, and the remaining comments represent — at the very most — 15 relatively new visitors.

            Out of a potential 2000 – 4000 new visitors (since this article was posted) who are likely to have tinnitus…? That’s less than 1%. It’s nothing close to what I’d expect to see if there really were a high correlation.

            Of course, this is ridiculously unscientific. (Almost everything related to this topic is.) And, now that I’m posting this, more new people might reply. We’ll see.

            Meanwhile, I wanted to think there was a correlation, but — for now — I’m not seeing it.

    5. I remember several of the “alternate timelines”, and I have had bad joint pain a lot in the past, even though I’m pretty young. As far as ear ringing, earlier this year I woke up from a nap with my ears ringing HORRIBLY. It quickly progressed into the worst headache I’ve ever had, and long story short I ended up having internal bleeding in my brain (it soon formed a clot), and was in the hospital for a week or so. for about the next month after I got out it felt like I wasn’t really there. I didn’t have any brain damage or memory problems, I knew who I was, who everyone else was, and why I was in the hospital, and what was going on, but it was like I didn’t really have a stream of consciousness, like I was consciously unconscious, I don’t know, everything was just foggy and hazy, but still clear, I can’t describe it, but it felt like hell; I felt so detached. It’s strange because there really wasn’t any reason why the bleeding should have happened at all in the first place. It was totally sudden and random and just really weird. This is probably nothing, but I hope it was worth mentioning anyway.

  21. First, Fiona thank you for this site and your great work.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the possible explanations shared here (admittedly some are disturbing). I don’t feel like I have anything to add as far as explanations, but I wanted to know if any of the theories here support the possibility of Physical changes to an individual. I have had several experiences, including:

    1. A dramatic change in my appearance noticed by others around me, but not noticed by me until others pointed it out.
    2. A change noticed by me, but not others around me.
    3. No actual change in my appearance in reality, but “remembering” what I used to look like and feeling out of place in my body.
    4. A physical difference perceived by others, and not noticeable to me at all (see below).

    I will give an example of #4 that really happened:
    One summer in the 80s my sister and I played with two girls (also sisters) that lived up the street in a big Victorian house. We met them at the park and mostly played in the neighborhood, until one day they invited us to play at their house. We played that day and met their mom, then the next day we went back to their house to see if they wanted to play. The girls came to the door and told us they couldn’t play with us anymore because we were black.
    Thing is, we are white (in fairness we are actually 1/2 Hispanic, but both fair skinned, and look white to most people. Definitely no way to mistake either one of us as black, even if we were tan in the summer).
    The strange part is, neither one of us said at the time “but we’re not black.” We walked home very sad. My sister was crying, and I was mad, kicking rocks. We got home and told our mom about it. She seemed genuinely sad for us, and said she was sorry that happened, and we didn’t need friends like that. She didn’t express any confusion about them thinking we were black though. As an adult, I asked my sister if she has this memory, and she does. This really happened. Our first reaction when discussing this as adults was”I wonder why They thought we were black?”.

    This was my first experience learning about racism, and the memory of it is still really sad. I remember feeling rejected, devalued, and it was upsetting realizing that people thought that way.

    I still can’t explain it. Anyone?

    On a side note, regarding physical changes, about 6 years ago I developed allergies to basically everything. After almost 30 years of never having an allergy, I’m now allergic to many foods, almost all trees, weeds, and grasses, pets, dust, and more. My husband says I’m allergic to life 🙂 I carry an Epipen and take multiple antihistamines daily. It’s like my body doesn’t recognize anything “here” in my current reality.

    I hope someone can share their thoughts.

    1. FJ, I hope you don’t mind that I moved your comment to the thread with personal memories. There, I think you’re more likely to hear from others with similar experiences and theories. (Plus that, I think most of the people looking for — and proposing — explanations are reading most of the comments via feeds. So, they’ll see your comment, regardless of where it’s posted.)

      1. Hi Fiona, no problem at all. Nice you moved it actually, cause I’m seeing posts in this thread now that I wasn’t aware of 🙂

    2. Fj, No need for theories,if you have undergone any kind of organ transplant or even massive blood or blood component transfusion,drastic personality changes can be expected.

      1. So, Vivek, this intrigues me. Is this related to cellular memory? And, if body parts retain memories or event-related energy — something I consider possible, since (in other areas of study) I’ve seen evidence to suggest residual energy from events, stored in physical locations — would some of those memories be from alternate realities? That’s mostly a rhetorical question, but in light of ME, it’s interesting speculation.

        1. Fiona, Indeed it is cellular memory,to call it residual memory may be a retrograde step,I would rather call it overwhelming memory based on my study of indian astrology and the accuracy of zodiacal tendencies that it elucidates.

      2. Vivek, that is interesting, but I have not had an organ transplant or massive blood transfusion. I have had brain surgery…perhaps that helped “awaken” my memories. Who knows.

  22. Ok, so I hardly ever post on websites as a rule of thumb, but I want to share a few things that have happened to me over my life that may or may not be related to the Mandela Effect. The first story happened when I was young… this was about 30 years ago. My father was a big boxing fan and we were getting ready to watch a fight on cable… just as the fight was getting ready to start, I had this feeling that I’d seen it before. I kept telling my dad that I’d seen this fight before, and he kept telling me I was crazy… that it’s impossible because the fight is being broadcast LIVE… I told him YES I have watched this before, because the bald guy is going to get a huge cut over his right eye and they’re going to stop the fight because he won’t be able to see. My father brushed it off, told me i was crazy… but then the next round the fighters collided heads and the bald guy got a cut over his RIGHT EYE, and they had to stop the fight because of all the blood in his eye. To this day, we have no explanation for this and my father doesn’t like talking about it because it scared the crap out of him. This wasn’t the the only incident in my life…

    In my early 20’s I kept having this recurring dream that was extremely detailed. In the dream, I was in a long narrow room, with a green floor, standing on a ladder next to a brown wall. I must have had this dream 15 times over the years… and never understood it. Until one year, I had moved back east to live with my parents due to some medical issues, and ended up getting a job at a local sporting goods store. I was working in the golf department, and on my first day there, I asked my supervisor if I could reorganize the head covers that we had in storage. So I took the boxes of head covers into the hitting area, and started hanging them up… That’s when it hit me, I was living my dream. I was standing on a ladder in the long narrow room… the green floor was the astro turf for the hitting area, and the brown wall was the back of the room, where i was hanging the head covers. I almost fell off the ladder when I realized it… Over the years I have had a lot of incidences like this occur. I just wish I knew why…

  23. A few disjointed thoughts. I definitely feel an inkling towards a sort of switch. Which could also go along with the theory of the infinity loop. And the in-between times. Perhaps we are experiencing a mirror or photographic/holographic negative switch back and forth in this in-between time. Things are more changeable, malleable. I find it interesting that chartreuse is perceived as either “a” or the color wheel opposite of “a”. A yellowish green or a reddish purple.

    I also have found so many personal synchronicities regarding this phenomenon we are all experiencing that I can’t ignore. I can’t even begin to list them. Things that jump out at me and say HEY isn’t this a weird coincidence?? Daily,even hourly sometimes. My favorite color used to be red, true deep red. Now my favorite color is a true kelly green. Exact opposite, and I don’t even remember when it switched. I have had migraine/seizure type episodes where I’ve seen in negative. The whole red/green thing just stands out to me. As does the British Empire’s long-reaching tentacles and frequent involvement in these changes in memories/history that we are all experiencing.

    A strange coincidence is the Fringe episode where there are flashing green and red lights which when timed right could control and stupefy the viewer.

    As a personal note, I feel like I have, in the past, directed outcomes in my own life by my own sheer will & direction of emotion. Like timeline altering, life-changing moments. Also like in Fringe, Heroes, Ascension, and other futuristic sci-fi shows, they portray emotion being a powerful physical world-altering force at times. Is that a connection to these NDE commonalities? Or perhaps it’s the height of emotion & elevation of our own electromagnetic force (shown to be stronger coming from our hearts than from our brains)…I don’t know. I think it awfully coincidental that all of these theories have been presented in major tv shows (Fringe, Lost, Dr. Who, Heroes, etc.) pretty out in the open. Are we just being suggestible? I don’t know… I am more than happy to be proven wrong in my feeling that the world around me is not what I once knew…

    The thing that stands out to me the most about these Mandela Effect moments I’m having, is the weird, fluttery feeling I get in my heart and the deep instinctual feeling of strangeness when I encounter a strongly discordant memory.


    1. Sibsiz, while this might wander into conspiracy territory, I’m going to add something that my husband and I have discussed recently.

      On most British TV, we see notices when flash photography or flashing lights are going to be part of the programming. I’ve always assumed that was because those lights can trigger seizures in some people with epilepsy. (Ref. http://www.epilepsy.com/learn/triggers-seizures/photosensitivity-and-seizures )

      So, seeing flashing lights in American TV shows (with no warnings) has surprised us.

      Recently, at Disney World, we’ve noticed that the flashing red brake lights on the back of WDW buses are nearly hypnotic. I’d hoped they’ve timed them not to trigger seizure issues, but the flashing lights seem very odd. (We go out of our way not to be immediately in back of a WDW bus, particularly at traffic intersections where stopping might be necessary.)

      1. Hi Fiona & all,

        So I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before when I posted. The episodes I used to have when I was younger that my neurologist attributed to likely juvenile epilepsy & migraine seizures would not always just start spontaneously. Strobe lights used to totally trigger them! I still avoid or walk out of a building if there are strobe lights present. One of the worst episodes I ever experienced these neurological/emotional discharge/misfire episodes was during a Flaming Lips/Gnarls Barkley concert when they had an intense light show going on. This was an episode where I went blind & unconscious. Before I totally lost consciousness & vision, I was seeing in negative vision again.

        I don’t necessarily think this is all related to the Mandela Effect, but it’s a curious observation considering the whole negative (as in photo-negative) experiences some of us have had as well as the “opposites” coincidences, the red/green switches & figure 8 timeloop theories.

  24. Now i feel more comfortable with people here, i feel i can share this little thing This may sound odd, it Sounds ODD, feels ODD.. I have always since the mid/early 80’s felt i shouldnt have my left eye… that somehow having the left eye was wrong always been fascinated with glass eyes, but i cant stand putting anything near my eyes it creeps me out.. ..So fast forward to the mid 90’s I have an accident i apparently had a fit or tripped up over something and my glasses shattered and chunk of glass went into my eyebrow, and its left a nice scar.. the glass went upwards, if it had gone downwards i would have lost my eye.. i remember feeling slightly disappointed that i didnt lose my eye.. past life, alternate history..

    1. Martin Williams, that’s not the first time I’ve heard of someone “remembering” the future, and then — when the actual event happened — the person (by instinct or cognitive choice) did something different from the memory… and the tragedy was minimized or avoided altogether.

  25. Hi Fiona & Everyone,

    There’s a Youtube clip with the title ‘Interview With *A* Vampire – “Reality Residue” – Mandela Effect’. The clip is of Tom Cruise talking about Interview with A Vampire and he says ‘Interview with The Vampire’ in the clip.
    The uploader of this Youtube clip has since made the following comment – ‘When I uploaded this video, Tom was caught saying “Interview With *A* Vampire, but it now has him saying *THE*. Even on my hard copy, Tom now says *THE*. This mistake I found has been recently corrected. CRAZY!’.

    Now I have also had an ME experience very similar to this one. I was reading a news website online and the word dilemna (as I know the word to be spelt) was spelt the way I have just described. I had read about the changing of the spelling of this word at this website but had not confirmed the change yet. So I looked up dilemna in an online dictionary and confirmed to myself that yes the spelling has in fact changed to dilemma. I even made a comment in a previous message about journos still using this spelling. However when I went back to reading the article a few moments later the word dilemna had changed to dilemma. Now most people would say that I just looked at the word incorrectly in first instance however I definitely know that this did not happen as I always pay attention to detail and have had a reputation amongst work colleagues to do so. So I can emphasize with the uploader of this particular youtube video.

    I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to this, a kind of auto correction to this reality and within a short timeframe.

    1. Jason H If you take the idea of us sliding from one universe to another, then couldnt that man had slid to another version were the opposite is true.. the books there were always BerenstAIN but got changed to BerenstEIN, the opposite to ours, where there could be an alternate Fiona doing a site on the changes of that universe.. and an alternate me and you, all saying the same things as we do but reversed.. If we have switched from one world to another, (this reinforces me thought that its part genetic part social, part other) that he could have bounced from one version to another … yes its giving me a headache. Like a rubber band, they visit one then somehow they rebound back to their original world.. If for example that other version had died or hadnt even been born, it could explain some of these people that appear out of nowhere, and vanish as fast .. as in the Visitor from Tuared is the most known

      1. And over there it was always Interview with THE vampire, but their world changed and the same man did a video about how he remembered it the “real way”

    2. Yes, in a discussion about the 1970s movie “The Warriors” I experienced an “autocorrect” in about the space of 4 hours. It was on the reddit ME board. I stated that I hadn’t seen the movie until very recently, but I’d been aware of the line “Warriors, come out to plaaaaay” since childhood, from people referencing it. However, when I’d actually watched the movie, and when I Googled clips of it right then, the line was “Warriors come out *and* play”. Several hours later, someone replied to my comment, saying that the line *is* “to play”, not “and”. I immediately went to Google, and there was the exact same YouTube clip I’d watched (the link color changed end everything) but bearing the word “to”.

  26. Several years ago there was a show on Nickelodeon called “True Jackson VP”. I watched this show often and kept up with new episodes. One day I was using Comcast “On Demand” to find something to watch and I came across True Jackson VP on there. I found an episode that I hadn’t seen before so I watched it. It said that it ha already aired. (All I can remember of the episode now is that there was someone dressed in a chicken costume [I don’t know why??]) but a few weeks later I was watching something else on Nickelodeon and a commercial came on for a brand new episode of True Jackson VP. It was the same episode that I watched on On Demand. I have had some déjà vu moments before so I just thought I had imagined it but when I watched the episode (on Nickelodeon when it was advertised as new) I decided I hadn’t imagine it and it actually happened. After the episode I looked back at On Demand and the episode was gone. I don’t know if this was a technology glitch or it had something to do with the Mandela Effect but it was definitely weird.

  27. In this thread I noticed people speaking of the ringing in the ears. For me it’s not a ringing per se but more of interference type of noise; a steady eeeee if you will. I’ve had this off and on since my teenage years at least (20 yrs). In my early twenties I’d laugh about it and say “Aah, they’re trying to reprogram me again.” Lately I’ve been wondering if there was any truth to my jokes. Nowadays when it happens I try to overpower it with my own thoughts and it goes away. My husband says it had been happening to him a lot about 2 weeks ago. A couple of times to the point of making him queasy. I don’t know if there’s anything to it.

    Also, I thought Mandela had passed years ago. When the movie Invictus came out I remember thinking when and how did all this happen, I thought he had died. And then I remember thinking Jeb Bush was George’s cousin. First time I heard otherwise was in the movie ‘W’. This is still strange to me since he has brown eyes and George and Barbara both have blue. Which I learned is genetically impossible but now they say it’s possible but extremely rare.
    It’s as if the movies were made to help convince us of the change.

  28. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but may as well. Yesterday, I had my first personal “mandela effect” or “alive-again” phenomenon.

    About 12 years ago, myself and my wife lived on the other side of our hometown. While living there, we were friends with our neighbours on the street. The street was quite a close knit community, that always looked out for each other. Anyway, one of the people who lived on the street was named **”Bryce” (I’ve purposely changed his name). Bryce was about 90 years old at the time and was quite healthy considering his age. Myself and my wife would see him walk out to his garden (with the aid of his walking stick). He had a daughter (in her early sixties) who would visit him and help him out with meals etc. Anyway, both myself and my wife remember hearing the news from other neighbours (William & Brenda) that Bryce had passed away. We both have memories of his house being eventually rented out to other tenants.

    Anyway, fastword a year and me and my wife move to the other side of town into another house. Over the next ensuing 10 or so years, we occasionally bumped into William & Brenda on the street or in the supermarket etc.

    Well yesterday, I went to visit my Mum in hospital and was in a bit of a rush. On the way to the ward, I saw William and Brenda outside the mens ward. After exchanging pleasantries, I asked them why they were at the hospital. To my surprise they reply that they were visiting their friend Bryce. As soon as they said that, a sheet of confusion covered my mind. I stood there with a frown on my face and a million & one thoughts racing through my head. I then asked, didn’t Bryce used to live on the same street as us? They then replied, that he still did live on the same street. I really couldn’t make sense of it all, and began to think that perhaps I’d gotten it all wrong and that in fact Bryce had not died all those years ago. As I was in a rush, I said my goodbyes, and went to visit my Mum.

    When I got home that evening, I mentioned to my wife that I’d bumped into William & Brenda and that they were visiting Bryce. My wife immediately replied that she thought Bryce was dead. My wife’s comment basically confirmed my initial thoughts; Bryce had passed away about 11-12 years ago. This has now freaked me out and I’m not even sure I want to pursue this any further, by chatting with William & Brenda. I really haven’t got a clue about what’s going on.

    1. Thanks, jonny a, for posting this. I’ve moved it to the page about personal memories, since I think that’s where it’ll be seen by the most appreciative people.

    2. Similar experience here. I used to drive a “pet taxi” for a vet I worked for. I had an elderly client whose dog had a standing reservation once a month to be picked up for grooming. One day I called to let the client know I was on my way, but her son answered and told me that she had passed away. I stopped driving the taxi shortly after that, but still worked at the same vet. The following month I was surprised to see the dog on the taxi schedule again. I asked the new driver about it and according to them the lady was alive and well. I always thought that perhaps the son was doing something sketchy with the lady’s money/estate, but these comments have me thinking that I experienced something else.

  29. Does anyone else have this, You think about saying something then you cant remember if you said it or just thought it, and you are not sure. you ask yourself did i just say that or think it and even ask someone else did i just ask you that or just think it?

  30. This is sort of more of a “glitch in the matrix” or “borrowers” type event, but it *just* happened, so I’m sharing in case anyone else might have experienced something strange today.

    Friends of ours are out of town for the weekend. My husband is taking care of their dogs while they’re gone. He was getting ready to go down this morning to take care of them, the coffeemaker finished, and he went to pour himself a cup. He had just brought his travel mug in from the car last night, and was looking around on the counters for it. Nowhere to be seen. I asked him if he’d not made it all the way in with it, did he set it down in the garage when he closed the door? He went out to check, and I said if he couldn’t find it, he could use mine. II went to the cupboard and got my mug down, turned and set it on the counter, turned further to go see if he’d found his and let him know he could just use mine, and there was his mug, sitting on the counter. It wasn’t there seconds before. Where it was would have been right between us on the bar area of the counter while we were having the conversation about if he’d brought the mug into the house. My husband came into the house just then and I said “your mug is on the counter”. He asked where I found it and I answered that I didn’t, it was right there on the counter. He just stared at me and said “no, it wasn’t”, so I explained the whole thing. Both of us *know* the mug wasn’t there, but then it was.

    So like I said, whether this was a “glitch in the matrix” event, a case of the borrowers, or a personal (shared) ME, I don’t know, but I wanted to share just in case there’s other ripples of weirdness today.

  31. Hi, Fiona. I have been reading your website for weeks now, updating myself with this amazing (i hope soon to be mainstream) theory that everyone or almost everyone experienced. I have some good background now about ME, but i am still not sure if what I just experienced was a ME or another completely different theory. Please hear me out:

    I got some bad news about my teacher on Saturday afternoon around 6 pm on skype saying that my teacher’s son has 3 stage rare cancer. I was shocked but i never responded back. What I am trying to get at is that I DON’T KNOW IF THAT WAS A DREAM OR NOT AT ALL. If it was me awake, I would usually respond back to such horrible news, but I didnt. The only proof that i have for my experience to be a dream is that Sunday morning, (Today) I opened my skype and it shows that I have not opened that message of my friend telling me that yet. It had that normal orange dot next to my friend’s name. I opened it and it was the exact message I had in my dream. So, if i had not seen that news on skype, which skype really showed that i did not see that message yet, my speculations point to me dreaming that message. I wish I had a better memory because as a 16 year old, not remembering what happened yesterday is pretty pathetic.

    The only I can see to connect this to ME, is that the dream I had was maybe a dream of me having a memory of me seeing that message from another message, but I slipped into another universe of myself during nighttime. (btw is nighttime together or is it night time? lol) And when I woke up, im in a new universe or dimension and this new dimension was me never seeing that message yet on skype, because when i went on it, it shows that it was not even opened yet until that morning.

    Now im just wondering if i either had a premonition or experienced a ME. Or maybe I had both? It’s up to you all to decide! Please correct me or shine some light on this disturbing experience. I hope this is qualified as a comment, Fiona. Thanks.
    Sincerely, Melvyn

  32. Since I discovered ME, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a waking dream. I trained to lucid dream a year prior, so even though I don’t have many of them now, I still know what it’s like to be in a conscious/semi-concsious state like that. I talked to my brother and he feels like that as well. It’s strange.
    Also, time seems to be accelerating to me and every other people I asked about. I don’t know if this is the regular “growing older feels like time pass quicker” or something else.

  33. hiii!
    i’m fairly young being only 18 years old but have always had very vivid dreams that come and go, usually they were nightmares so to distract my mind i used to put on kids channel on my tv and the barenSTEIN bears and a couple months back i saw an article about it but i didnt think anything of it, it wasn’t until my 15 year old brother linked me to a video about the mandela affect that i”ve noticed it, i also have a partically memory of drowning and looking up at someone and my mom who is extremely overprotecting never let me go in the pool by myself and said thats never happened and i’ve always had the humming and see things in the corner of my eyes, i also have another memory of the first time i went to disney of being able to to through the castle and when i went last year i found out you couldn’t. i have another memory of getting my arm xray-ed but my mom says that never happened cos i’ve never even come close to breaking my arm

  34. I would be interested to know how many readers on this site experience…I don’t even know what to call it. Not recurring dreams, as such, although I have had those. Recurring alternate realities in dreams? I have multiple “dream worlds” that I return to, time and again. Details are always the same, although the events vary–it’s not the same dream over and over again, just set in the same reality. These “realities” have persisted over several years, and I suppose that I’m unwittingly reinforcing them; the more often I dream about them, the more I convince myself that they’re significant and the more often I’ll dream about them again. The oddest one is a reality in which I have four cousins from one branch of the family, not two cousins, as in my waking life. These dreams of these two extra cousins have ranged from when they were babies to when they are grown, and various times in between, and in all of them I’m so happy to see them, and I can’t believe that I forgot them again, and I’m so sorry that I don’t remember them so much of the time, although I don’t know why–I don’t realize that I’m dreaming, but I know that I don’t always know that they’re there, if that makes sense?

    Anyway, I wonder if recurring worlds in dreams happens to everyone, or does it happen with more frequency to those of us with alternate memories…or it it just me? 🙂

    1. Jade,

      I’m pretty sure I rambled about this elsewhere on the site, but one of the most dramatic conversations I’ve had with a skeptic involved this exact topic. He was fine until I showed a ley line map I’d created, related to the apparent frequency of reported anomalies. (It’s one of my research areas, and I developed a specific technique for this.) The lines for his city indicated that his office — the precise address — was at “ground zero” for the most dramatic anomalies for at least 100 square miles.

      That’s when he told me that he’s living two lives, one of them in sequential dreams he has only at his office, where he seems to have something akin to narcolepsy. Nothing like that happens to him, anywhere else. He nods off almost daily, naps for about 20 or 30 minutes, and — in his dreams — he’s back in the second world where he “lives,” and picks up events where they left off in his previous day’s dreams.

      It doesn’t happen at home. He doesn’t need naps there. It doesn’t happen on holiday, or when he speaks at conferences in other cities.

      He said the dreams are very real, and I got the idea this has been going on for years.

      In all other conversations, and in his career, he’s a bright and skeptical scientist. And that’s one reason I found his story so compelling: he had no reason to let down his guard to share it, except that my ley line map chilled him. (Until then, I had no idea where his office was. I didn’t even know that was the city where he lives. I only see him at conferences where we’re both among the guest speakers.)

      I realize this isn’t exactly what you are talking about, but it might be helpful. And perhaps I need to publish more of my ley line research (something I’ve been planning to do for the past five or six years), in case anyone else spots a similar “coincidence” of locations.


      1. That is fascinating! It sounds a little like the TV show “Awake” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awake_%28TV_series%29), although much more precise and location-based. (I only ever saw the first episode–I planned to keep up with it, but it got cancelled early on, so I didn’t bother.)

        I’d love to see your ley line research if you ever get around to putting it out in public.

        1. Jade, the details of my ley line research are still part of one of my incomplete books. Since interest in ghost hunting rather fell off a cliff (in terms of Google searches) in recent months, that book hasn’t been such a priority. However, the scope of my ley line work goes far beyond ghost research — it always has, to the irritation of some ghost hunters — so perhaps I should place that book higher on the to-do list.

          I’m not sure if “Awake” is still on Netflix (I’ll check my queue later today), but it sounds like something I should watch. Thanks!

    2. Hi Jade. I’ve had what I think of as ‘recurring dreamscapes’ for decades. They’re not the same dream, and not quite the same ‘world’, certainly not with the same people – at least not that I recall. But they are very strongly ‘themed’, as if I’m wandering around slightly different versions of the same general space. My dreams range from very realistic ‘slice of life’ episodes in a life or world that isn’t quite the same as my own but has nothing otherwise weird happening, to cartoony fun-fair reflections of the world.

      Around 20 years ago I had a lot of ‘space dreams’; after that I had many variations on exploring an old brick building, possibly a library or museum; then I had dreams about a gothic/fantastic version of my city, as well as recurring variants of a museum or theme park. Plus many other one-offs.

      It’s also very common for me to have dreams about fictional worlds, and the process of creating or entering them. My favourite was, just after Fukushima, a dream about being in a bookshop, reading an entire series of novels about a character cross between James Bond and Doctor Who, dealing with aliens trying to blow up nuclear power stations. The novel series spent several books on a time travel plotline – each book went back through the same events, but slightly altered.

      I’m a sci-fi fan so it doesn’t surprise me that my dreams are often about fiction. I’m tempted to steal some of the quirkier ideas in them for stories, and I suspect that’s exactly what some writers have done.

      1. Hi, Nate! I’ve thought about writing up some of mine as fiction as well. It’s neat to hear that other people experience this too! Mine tend to center around libraries, but there’s also an alternate version of Disney World (NOTHING like the real one, but internally consistent from dream to dream) that I visit a lot.

    3. Jade Oh i have had these type of dreams for decades.with me its one other world, every dream its either a different area or the same area.. I had a dream about this place , then i didnt have another one for a few years then i had a dream of the same place.. but a few years had passed in that world.. and around that area i know it better than my own town. I keep saying IF i could just find the path there i would go there in a instant.. what gets me is the details they are too perfect to be unreal..

  35. Ever since I started posting here things have “changed” for me. Definitely enlightening to think about how fluid and ever changing timelines and reality can be. One thing stuck with me though. I had one of those dreams last night where I wanted to scream / talk in my dream but I was silenced / couldn’t open my mouth or speak. The dream was vivid and freaky.

    I was in an all black cube of a room with what felt like was 20 x 20 x 20 with a platform on the northeast corner and a door in the south west corner. The door had a knob and a bolt lock. The room was pitch black. I could see nothing physical. I could only here two men who were in the room with me. They were trying to catch spirits in the room. The room felt like it was controlled by my mind. They were trying to isolate the room to one spirt. This is going to sound even crazier than my dream, but it was Vladimir Putin’s spirit they were trying to capture. We were able to get him in the room, but he was able to open the door on the southwest corner. When he opened the door a flood of other spirits would fly in and he would hide among the spirits. I had to close the door, expel the spirits and then we had to find him again. At the end of the Dream before I woke he went for the door again. I grabbed the knob and the bolt lock so his spirit couldn’t move it, but he moved it while my hands were on it. That’s when I tried to scream, “he’s doing it again” but I couldn’t scream in my dream. I was able to say it in real-life physically while I was sleeping. The door opened and all the spirits flooded in again and he got away. I woke up shortly thereafter.

    Between seeing the hot air balloons in real life; flying over my house and landing across the street (this triggered my hot air balloon dream/memory), and now this dream which has stuck with me all day (the dark feeling), I’m a bit inquisitive as to what’s going on.

    1. Dan, can I assume that you’ve ruled out “night terrors”? (Ref. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_terror ) I’ve heard about many dreams with a similar quality from people who thought they were awake and encountering an actual ghost/spirit/demon, or knew they were asleep but still felt that their dreams were infiltrated by something spectral.

      Doctors have explanations for those dreams. I usually take it a step further and see if the date/time/location are a match for anything that might increase the person’s chances of having that kind of dream. I’ve also thought it odd that, completely contrary to the usual “hysterical” assumptions, night terrors can be more prevalent in males than females.

      This is rather off-topic, but I’m approving it since “sliding” theories include traveling to alternate realities while asleep.

  36. I had an idea this morning when I woke up about 90 minutes before I was supposed to. I had that feeling of “where am I” and “how did I get here.” Sometimes I even wake up and can’t even figure out the orientation of the room, which way I’m sleeping on the bed, or where the doors and windows are. I had to answer several questions I asked myself: where am I, how did I get here, who do I work for, and so forth. All the answers were in my mind, but I had to walk through all the questions and answer them. I knew the way around my house and who my family was but that’s it. I’m wondering if when these things happen to us (wake up and wonder where you are) if that’s when a “jump” or shift in the timeline happens. This happens to me a few times a year. I’m assuming it happens to others! At least I hope I’m not the only one.

    1. That happens to me quite a bit, especially being unsure of the room orientation. It never occurred to me that it might be ME related.

  37. Wow, I just found this site today and I have to say I’m a bit shook up. So, I have the same false memories as many here do. Bearstien, Challenger blowing up in 84, 52 states (History minor) etc. The Challenger one is crazy, because I remember 10 years later talking to my classmates about it. A girl who I swore was there (I had a crush) told me she didn’t attend our school until that following year. It was a group discussion and everyone remembered it happening in first grade not kindergarten as I did. I remember our teacher crying. It still is a vibrant memory. I felt like I must be crazy.
    I have tinnitus, and also I also shake a bit. (Essential tremors) My entire life I have experienced vibrant déjà vu and short glimpses into my own future at times of severe (future) emotional stress. For example: As a young teen I saw me getting my divorce at 28. Just few seconds of complete heartache and dispare. I dwelled on the vision for awhile as a teen and then forgot about it. When the real event happened I was for a few seconds in my young mind at my mom’s old house. I could still smell her house for a bit after the event ended. I miss that house.
    I’m sorry for rambling. I’ve never told anyone this. It’s wierd and I’m still not sure if I’m just not hopped up on goof balls.

      1. I always put “false” in quotes.. it an easy term to misuse. I know they arent false, but others tend to say they are..to dismiss things. so i do tend to be sensitive when people dismiss what i know in my bones, and soul and heart..

  38. This a weird aside about my history with cigarettes. I started smoking when I was a child. My friend and I used a fake letter to convince the corner store our bed ridden mother needed us to buy her smokes for her. Since then I have smoked for twenty five years straight. This summer I started noticing changes. I have false memories of spelling, movie/book plots, celebrity deaths, geography and the human anatomy. The weird part is at the same time I noticed these changes I also stopped smoking. I stopped for no particular reason. I have felt zero addiction withdrawal and have not had a single cigarette or craving for one in six months. I don’t know if it’s related to the Mandela effect or not but I find the coincidence and the easiness of quitting very creepy.

    1. I wonder how many people just suddenly stop smoking/drinking whatever after they experience a mandela. Whether we have changed to someone who hasnt an addictive personality, by going into another body.

      It does seem to be a pointer towards something has changed mentally/physically

    2. That’s weird side effect… I hope that happens to me I’ve been smoking a pack a day for 24 years.

  39. I’ve had a number of them (and seeing them on the major memory list can make me uncomfortable! IE I saw the MASH episode listed there), but one really stands out to me:

    When I was in high school in 1997, I was doodling in my art class, and decided to flip through a magazine to find someone to draw. I settled on a picture of Jonathan Brandis, from his time in SeaQuest DSV (not sure if the magazine was old at the time, or if it was just a reprinted image for the article as some magazines used to do) . When I showed my friends two hours later at lunch, one of them said “You know, he just died the other day.” And I felt really weird and uncomfortable, and they said that it was true, and that it was from some weird, unknown illness, and they had the article with them because they’d been reading it earlier that day.

    I read the article, and we all sat and discussed this for the whole half hour, and I remember how weird I felt that I’d chosen to draw him and he’d just died.

    Fast forward to years later when I found out Jonathan Brandis committed suicide in 2003. You can imagine my shock. Especially since that I recall, it was never on the news anywhere, and even then celebrity suicide was a huge deal.

  40. There’s one other thing that I’ve not mentioned to anyone else, because it’s frankly such a weird story that it hasn’t fit anywhere before. I have no idea if it bears any information on ME, and it sounds totally made up, but I promise it happened, give or take a few minor details (this was ten years ago!), but if it doesn’t belong here, it doesn’t belong anywhere:

    Just after I finished grad school, I moved across country to live near friends, so this would put this story in late 2004 or early 2005 through 2006. No later than that. We were going someplace in my car – a movie, I think – and my friend took out her cellphone to check the time. This was right when everyone was starting to get cellphones but still had landlines, and hers was a flip model, a Samsung or something else with a white backlight. She flipped it open and on the screen where you enter a phone number to call was a countdown. Like, a few minutes on the clock, steadily counting down. I looked at her and said something like, “what happens when it gets to 0?”

    This was after 9/11, but only by a few years, and I remember being actually, very scared.

    So we watched the clock and we waited. My friend and I sat in the parking lot of her apartment building in South Carolina and watch as her cellphone counted down to 0. I think I checked mine and it wasn’t counting down. We had the same carrier because we had in-calling (free to call).

    It counted down to zero. And then we got a screen with ellipses

    . . .

    and then it just said, “Goodbye.”

    And powered off.

    Nothing exploded, nothing seemed off to me.

    She powered it back on, we saw our movie, and her phone worked normally after that. We talked about it often. “Has there been any change?” “Not that I’ve noticed.” But nothing ever seemed different with her phone or with the world around us. Of course, I wasn’t looking for anomalies then. It was just a weird thing. I’ve always thought it was a test run for something. Thoughts?

    1. Sara Nox, this looks so much like a hoax, I checked Snopes.com to see if it had been a regional or phone-specific prank. So far, I’m not seeing anything like it.

      I’ll be very interested in seeing whether anyone else encountered something similar.

    2. Oh I remember that… there was a hacker that did that… it effected computers too it was all over the news because some ppl reacted like the reading of the war of the worlds on radio. Not everyone was effected either of course I have no idea as to the technical mumbo jumbo that goes into that kinda thing and why only some where affected but everyone thought it was a virus. Well it was a virus… haha.


    I had a dream. I dream all the time but rarely remember them. It was so vivid, yet I only recall the end. It was myself and myself looking at me and talking to each other while deciding what to do with me next. I wasn’t looking for it, but it was like I could see all the different paths they were deciding on. I knew I was there with them. I dont know why I chose not to interact with them or if I even could. I felt like if I was just a little more awake, I could have. But I wasn’t too interested in helping them out as I trusted whatever it was they were going to do, it was fine. Although they were deeply involved, it was all very suggestive, like … ‘lets have him go this way (not necessarily a place) and almost as a question or waiting for verification … ‘let’s do this with him,’ like it wasn’t important as to which way that mattered. I felt no major hurdles, just a path, that they seemed to be ‘playing’ with or adjusting but not for any specific reason. [there was also the faintest idea that there was more of ‘plural me’ for the ‘my selves’ to assist, sorta like – lets try this with this one and that with that one – like there were other me’s experiencing me, although for *Me*, I was not to be concerned with those as I AM HERE. ♉ ]

    During that day it had me thinking about a conversation I had with a friend about TIME (4-D). From his point of view people experiencing the MANDELA EFFECT were not tethered to time … never in a rush … not caring what time it is or what day. Those engrossed in time couldn’t see beyond their watch, let alone changes.

    That night and the next day I came across different videos with a basic underlining theme. At first I did not put the dream and theme together. The theme consisted of different timelines/dimensions merging together. This may be what we are seeing here with the Mandela Effect. From the idea that consciousness has changed and what we will experience physically >>> Eventually we will experience 3-D from a 5-D perspective essentially giving us the choice of which route to take for OUR desired physical experience and/or outcome.

    I wasn’t sure how that would work until I thought about my DREAM and my friends position on TIME. Something tells me that if this is the case, we won’t need to dream to choose our desired outcomes. Like NEO didn’t have to dodge bullets.

  42. I recently experienced a memory in a dream that I knew, with certainty, was ‘real’ although I have not had this experience in this reality. Now, I tend to have vivid dreams that I remember almost every night and have on occasion lucid dreamed, so I feel like I am pretty familiar with the oddities of the dream world, but this was different and has really stayed with me, so I wanted to share.

    In my dream, I was having an extremely vivid memory of skydiving. I remembered everything clearly- looking out the plane just before I jumped, the air in my face as I started falling, the chute deploying, and me landing in this desert area where the landscape resembled where I now live. Throughout the experience I knew I was not actually skydiving, but remembering when I had done so previously (if that makes any sense). The weirdest thing, however, was as I was remembering this there was essentially a voice-over in my head intoning, ‘This is not a real memory. This is a dream. Forget about it.’ It felt overbearing, like someone/ something was trying to rip the memory away from me. But my dream consciousness fought back, because the memory was so exhilerating and pleasant that I wanted to hang on to it, and I was essentially arguing back and forth with this voice/presence about whether it was real or not. I woke up with my heart pounding and the distinct ‘glitch in the matrix’ sensation. I know the concept of life as a simulation has been discussed previously, and this dream really felt like my programming on the holodeck got messed up and allowed me to experience a memory that I shouldn’t actually have had. Or I briefly travelled to another universe where I have skydived. At any rate, skydiving has held no interest for me previously but now I am incredibly keen to go!

    Another odd occurence, I was scrolling through the comments yesterday and as I was reading the one about ‘another brick in the wall’ changing to ‘ another BREAK in the wall’ I heard a loud crack and thud. My husband and I went to investigate and we found that a piece of moulding joining the ceiling to the wall in one of the bedroom had cracked and fallen down. This has never happened before. It’s amusing, but also a bit disconcerting…

  43. Has anyone experienced the “disappearance” of evidence and/or records of events from one’s own life? Or the absence/nonexistence of reference material one has used in the past?

    1. Cindy many empaths are complaining that they can’t remember their past – and non empaths also – I just try to focus on the empaths.

      I have a website that I go to “debunk” the traditional rapture theory – I have used it for years – and it NO longer exists. I can still find the information I seek – but its not the same website.

      I have noticed weird things in my life – weird changes – just want to clarify what you think is odd 🙂

    2. I’ve found bits and pieces missing from the Bible that I and others remember reading in it. I’m not alone in this, either. I’m also missing an hour, while at work. I had a shift’s worth of work done, my watch showed quitting time, but everybody in position to see it swore I’d worked an hour past quitting time. Weird, eh?

  44. Sometimes I “travel back” to awake, from elsewhere, with the intention of solidifying an idea in my mind so that I can remember it when I “wake up” but wrapping “words”around some of those experienced understandings is just impossible in the short time it takes to “get back”

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that “traveling back” from this…”elsewhere” place/time/whatever is actually a physical experience where I’m moving so fast that it makes the “route” seem like a tunnel – meaning that the “air” around me is flying past me, so fast, due to the speed at which **I’m** traveling, that it seems solid and dark. AND the end/destination/whatever is light – and from a distance, appears as “a” light.

    This makes me think of “near death experiences” and that, in all likelihood,, the sequence of events gets “confused”. Most perceive a tunnel with a light at the end as a description of GOING – but I’m pretty sure it’s a description of RETURNING. I also suspect that the common sensation/idea of “falling”, in dreams, is simply a matter of not “facing” the direction one is traveling, upon return. Easily confirmed by anyone with lucid dreaming experience AND “dream falling”, which often go hand in hand, though not felt so intensely as a non-lucid “dreamer”. All you have to do is turn to face the direction you’re moving.

    I suspect the mind builds a scenario to explain the sensation in a way that does not contradict belief. Just as it builds a perception of reality, in general, that doesn’t upset one’s beliefs ABOUT reality.

  45. Hello again!

    Okay, so this is a long one. And personal, which is why I put it in here.

    So I came across the infamous Bears, which led me to this site and many other alternate memories I share with others. At first, my s.o. agreed he had always thought the bears were spelled with an E. I was shocked, appalled, scared, curious, and intrigued…but he seemed to not be too worried about the whole thing-though he shared a few of the alternate memories. I went down the rabbit hole for a while finding other things that were off. He kinda brushed the whole thing off and occasionally rolled his eyes at me when I found another ME. He seemed open to the idea, but hadn’t experienced as much dissonance with memories as I had thus far. When I brought up the alternate geography memories that I have (which freaked me out more than anything), including Australia (its position and its spike), he denied that anything had changed and was very adamant about it. He has been to Australia, has family there, and has also been to NZ and many countries in the east Indies. Not only that, but he shares my love for geography and cartography and always has. His certainty and experience travelling in that area of the world led me to believe that either he was “from a different timeline” than me or that I was just “misremembering” or acting on suggestion.

    So, much to my surprise, it’s a couple months later, and I find him poring over the pages of Mandela Effect posts and comments. He found the alternate geography page, and I watched him go to a world map to check it out. Immediately (without my prompting, though I had already mentioned Australia to him before) he points out that Australia looks wrong, was NEVER that close to PNG (he previously told me it’s always been that way), and that it was way more isolated out in the ocean. I showed him the map a month or two ago & pointed out the changes and he assured me they had always been thus in his memory! This time, he also pointed out Sri Lanka and told me where it should be which matched my memory as well as others. I was surprised he’d changed his mind and asked him to point out other geographic changes (such as China/Mongolia, Madagascar, and Alaska), and he agreed too! Why he changed his mind and doesn’t even remember disagreeing about the changes before, I’ll never know. Maybe he’s been doing some switching & morphing between timelines/universes also since then!


    Following his change of mind/memory about ME/alt geography, a strange episode took place. He absolutely freaked me out a few days ago when he woke up in the craziest state of mind that I have ever seen him in. He said he had a crazy nightmare and said he felt like he’d had the experience of being “downloaded”. He said he felt like he had a stroke/short-circuited and woke up twitching and shaking violently. He’s felt physically ill since then and said he can’t concentrate and just feels off.

    He said it was, quote, “a surreal dream with a digital outcome”.

    Mostly what he was saying to me at the time was that he was scared, couldn’t close his eyes, & didn’t want to go back to sleep for fear of ending up being “downloaded” again. He also was afraid that I wasn’t me. He was stone cold sober, and not on any pharmaceuticals either. He said he felt super stoned and couldn’t keep his mind from spiraling into a weird dream state that made him really uncomfortable. Right when he woke up he said he could’ve sworn he saw little things flying around the room. He also said there was a strange melody with a nonsensical phrase being repeated over and over again on top of it during the dream.

    Another quote: “I was shown all these random childhood memories I haven’t thought of in years with that song on repeat. that freaked me out and I fought it, then I started to feel downloaded and fought again, that’s when I ‘short circuited'”. And then he woke up.

    It could just be he freaked himself out with all this new info and his brain produced some really strange nightmare experience for him, or it could be otherwise related. Who knows, but he has NEVER had those kinds of dreams and I have never seen him so scared in his life. He is now a member of Team Berenst#in tho, and at least we can share experiences.

    P.S. a note for Stephanie White if you see this-I saw another posting where you mentioned an additional symptom common for us empath/Mandela Effect experiencers. The fever burning sensation without a fever or burn present. Well, I share that one too as well as every single other symptom you mentioned along with an empathic nature. It’s almost like the post-shingles nerve burning sensation that some people get after shingles. But I’ve never had it. I would love to see a poll on this at some point-the physical symptoms that we seem to have in common. I have really started to hear the ear ringing/tone more often lately too…


  46. I seem to have experienced a reality shift recently.
    I have worked at my current position for two years now. One of the first things I do every morning is open the safes, remove the cash bags from each safe,count the money and ready the deposit. One morning I could not get one of the safes to open. The combination has changed from the old combination that I have been using for the past two years. I asked my boss, who is the only person other than myself who could have done so, if she had changed the combination on the safe, and she denied changing the combination. She said that the combination was the same combination that it had always been. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the combination that I had previously been using is not the combination that I use now. Not sure of the exact date, but that was in late September, 2015.

    1. Debbie,

      What I find strange is that you said the safe thing took place in late September. There is a post on here about September 22/23 being “weird” dates. Do you remember if it took place on one of those dates?

      1. I am not 100% certain of the date, but that seems about right. It was near the end of the month, I kn ow that for sure.

  47. So after the initial shock wore off after posting my experiences, I thought I’d come up with some ideas about this. Now I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, but I have been very into science for years. HG Wells, back to the future, star trek, I’ve been into them all. So it might just be silly but here are my ideas

    1. Time Travel – It was invented, and someone went back in time and has been trolling the future by changing names and movie scenes and things.

    2. CERN or some other institution messing around with particle colliders unknowingly poked some holes in reality or just downright destroyed some layers of the local space time continuum which is allowing people to shift realities unknowingly

    3. Universe E (Stein Verse) was destroyed. Either by the old Sci Fi thing about how if you meet your past self, it could destroy the space time continuum or it’d just be localized to the galaxy the person is in. Or perhaps the universe is really shrinking and as a result realities are collapsing. How would that explain this? The law of conservation, energy cannot be created or destroyed, so I believe if a reality was destroyed, the energy from it would end up merging with another reality. As to why no one would remember that? Because it’d be like a light switch went off, there wouldn’t be alarms or flashing lights if a reality just stopped existing.

  48. So I had a ME moment last night. During dinner, my wife, our daughter, and I were munching on some pre-cut cantaloupe that my mother (who was in the other room watching wheel of fortune) had bought earlier that day. My wife told me that she was surprised that I was eating cantaloupe, since she I didn’t like it. I told hat that I love cantaloupe, that I always have, and that it was one of my favorite foods as a kid. “Just ask my mom” I told her, to which my mom said that it was, but that I had recently told her I don’t like cantaloupe, which surprised her. In respons to my mother’s comment my wife said that I’ve told her that I hate cantaloupe the entire time she’s known me. In my memory, I’ve only ever once claimed not to like cantaloupe (I was 10 years old and a quite contrary person at the time). I told them that I’ve never said I don’t like cantaloupe, to which they both looked at me like I’m crazy.

    1. That’s interesting, with so many people close to you remembering things differently.

      I’ve moved this to the Personal Memories article, since I think you’ll reach the most people who can relate, there.

  49. OK does anyone remember David Boreanaz as David Borealaz………when I watched Angel I seen that every time but when I started to watch Bones is was Boreanaz and it was so weird… I even looked it up thinking his name was changed or it was put like that on the show by mistake
    That’s gota be the first ME that’s ever happened to me that I noticed, of course it was a long time ago and I just now thought about it but I know that’s what it said lol

  50. When I first learned of the Mandela Effect, about a week ago, I was blown away. I thought that an idea such as the ME was possible, but, I was not sure about how probable it might be – until I hit the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion page. That event was the JFK-assassination for my generation; I posted why I know it to have happened in 1984 (January) and I’m really shaken up by this.

    For years, my memory of specfic events have varied, sometimes wildly, than my family’s; I’ve always chalked it up to something else [INSERT REASON HERE]. Now, I may have an answer, no matter how improbable, this theory does explain the discrepancies. What hit me hard and what is so utterly profound and concerning:

    IF the ME theory reflects reality and IF it explains the discrepancies between my recollection of specific events and those of my Mother/Father/Brother/Sister/et al. then that would seem to indicate that my “family” may not be so in reality; in other words, my DNA may match theirs, but, if reality is defined by shared experiences, then I, or they, would be out-of-place, so to speak, and not necessarily directly coonected. And that is a vastly lonely and melancholy thought.

    1. SteveO,

      I agree: that would be a vastly lonely thought. However, my leading theory is that we all “slide” from one reality to another, now and then. We may have been doing this since forever; I’m still researching history and early news stories that might be better explained as Mandela Effect.

      However, I think that — while consciousnesses may be distinct — we’re each the same person, regardless of how circumstances in each reality may have affected our personalities (and more) in the respective reality. Words are a little inadequate here, but my spirituality (sort of) suggests that each of us may be engaging in infinite (maybe) learning experiences in many realities.

      Okay, that’s just a little bit huge to deal with. Even I can’t quite grok the concept, even though it makes the most sense to me. Usually. (Makes sense, that is, not that I can ever fully grok it.)

      But, I like to think that it’s like people around me who leave for work, daily, and then I see them at home, or the grocery store, or at the library, or whatever. They go somewhere else, and they come back, and their experiences that day (or the interim when I didn’t see them) changed them a little, as life does.

      Still, whether my brother is being pleasant or in a bad mood, and so on… he’s still my brother, underneath whatever’s on the surface. And, whether or not he’s a version of my brother who’s “just visiting” right now, we still share a lot of the same history and memories, likes, dislikes, and allergies we got from my mum and dad, and so on.

      I hope that helps.


      1. Fiona,

        I agree, to an extent. Personally, I love my family & they do me, as well, even if they do think I’m a tad eccentric =P

        I’ve been thinking about this issue non-stop since my recollection of the Challenger explosion, and even dreaming about it! How far off center, so to speak, before an alternate “me” no longer resembles me? In the multiple universe theory, a universe exists for each choice we make, individually and collectively; the sheer number of universes that would exist would be astronomical; of course, this is all hypothetical (not even theoretical yet, I believe); however, following that train of thought, there exists a reality in which “I” am a girl. So that begs the question: If one’s spirit “slides” amidst the many realities, is there a limit to that slide? Does one slide in a 2-D fashion, similar to a slide rule, only able to go so far in either direction? Or, does one slide in a 3-D, 4-D, 12-D, or infinite manner?

        If it is infinite, would suddenly experiencing a reality in which one finds no shared experience produce a psychosis or insanity? Could this be an explanation for what we term aberrant behavior? Further, if time exists simultaneously (I don’t believe in Augustinian Time), does that mean one slides amongst their older and younger selves? Could this explain those older people who can recapitulate portions of their younger self or those children who are called “old souls”?

        The ME question opens a Pandora’s Jar of other questions; I find that reality can be found in these types of inquiries, even if the original question isn’t validated.

        Like you stated, it’s hard to grok this, especially in tiny bits of paragraphs! But, it is fun to think about it and bounce ideas off people who are interested in similar topics.

        1. Its interesting you using the words Grok, i havent heard many people use that word/term I know where it is from.. I think that part of what got me interested, the book number of the beast, and the future history series.. and the sail beyond sunset really.

          1. Martin, I’m glad you recognized the word. I use it so often, I sometimes forget that others may not be familiar with it.

            For me, it’s the best possible word to explain the concept of fully, even intuitively, understanding something. And, I also like the observer/observed (quantum reference) part of the Heinlein definition. (Ref. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grok )

  51. Ok I’ve been going through something strange and decided to put it here since its personal to me…. in youth I had one friend. We did everything together and were like sisters. So from the age of 9 , we grew up together. I went through every major life problem with her until we were about 30ish or ten years ago. She moved farther away and we just spoke via Facebook and text. Well I noticed a couple years ago she kinda quit updating me on her life period which I thought was strange and I tried contacting her multiple times but she never responded…. my mom passed in Oct… so I asked her if she was coming to the funeral and where when it was…. and she said she was sorry about my mom but why would she go to her funeral? She didn’t know my mom as we just went to school together :/ ….

    1. Ayla I’m sorry about your mom, and about your friend too. That must be quite a shocking experience.

  52. I have been noticing some serious changes on my own in just the past week. They are BIG changes too, and I am not alone in noticing them. My mother has been questioning her sanity over some things we have noticed the past three days specifically. I am really wondering if we didn’t just have another big timeline shift. Here are the big ones that I can’t get over (I apologize if these are repetitive in case we are just now noticing them)

    The map of the world is WAY different!!!! Australia and New Zealand are way too far apart. In my timeline, people used to regularly take ferries back and forth and it only took about half a day.
    South America is about 1,000 miles too far east. Africa is too far North. There are other changes too, but those are the most alarming ones.

    Since when did Sketchers lose its T and become Sketchers??? This really freaked me and my friend out and we only noticed it in the last month.

    Words are spelled differently suddenly including last names of people. Reba McIntyre is McEntire now?? I read this one on this site, but I just now noticed it and I am certain it used to be the former. I also have noticed words like Fairy have alternative spellings here (faerie) than I have NEVER seen before the last few weeks.

    The overall environment seems foreign to me. I don’t feel 100% at home. I honestly am questioning if my husband is a slightly different version of himself than the one I married. He seems nearly identical, but his personality seems less tolerant to speculation or joking. He is more serious, and it is a little unnerving.

    Has anyone else sensed a change as recently as the last month or two?

    1. Well for me theres been micro changes, lines and words in you tube videos that have been different even 24 hours later, while you could say its a re upload these are from years back. Normally i wouldnt have noticed but since coming here i have been concentrating at a higher level to check any changes..

      (a couple of months ago was september just saying, and thats a curious coincidence and i think a highly significant one)

      1. Martin, You are absolutely correct. September was probably around the time I started noticing a lot of changes big and small, on a much more frequent basis. I have seen the map now radically change in less than 1 hour, countries growing to twice their size and shrinking back before I finish lunch. I am really unnerved. I am fighting between thinking this is all so interesting and amazing, and honestly being scared and upset.

  53. Imagine writing an essay for your college English class. You look up high school drop out information. Write some stuff up for a rough draft, two days later you open the site back up to cite the info. Then, you find out the article that you read has completely changed – it’s no longer about dropout rates, but graduation rates. NOTHING I read was there any more, except the statistics. Normally I’d chock this up to mis-reading stuff, but this cannot be really happening. I feel so disturbed by this because it literally changed before my eyes. The tone of the article itself is different. Previously it was about students dropping out of high school and the negative effects it had on them and now it’s about why students should have pride in their success. I’m honestly really upset right now.

    1. Kaleb, we ALL feel like that.. even some of us who accept and know that the mandela effect is real.. it can throw our minds for a loop..It is a shock when something so personal changes..

    2. Kaleb, I am upset too. The map changed before my very eyes last night. Scotland went from being 3 times the size of England to back to what I recognize in nearly an instant, same map. I am not crazy. Today my grocery store had a different layout overnight. I know it well, I go every day or two. (I am a poor meal planner)
      Our favorite restaurant had a different layout tonight. Different menus and food too. I am honestly scared and I feel shaky.

  54. Before I discovered this site, I was telling my girlfriend about a book of poems I wrote when I was in 4th grade. I remember it being in 4th grade because that’s when we learned about similes and metaphors. I wrote a poem for everyone in my family. My grandfather called me to thank me for the poem. I remember because I only talked to him twice. One time he visited and another is the time he called. Then I was remembering the dates. I was in 4th grade 2005-2006. My grandfather died 2004. I thought I messed up on the date of his death but I remember my sister was born only a month after he died. Then I thought I messed up the school year but the yearbook confirmed my original thought.

    The only logical thing was that I had to be in 3rd grade but that just doesn’t seem right. My 4th grade teacher was really big in smiling. It was even on her licenses plate. So when she wrote ‘simile’ on the board, everyone thought it was smile.

    It’s frustrating because my mom remembers the book but doesn’t know where it’s at. I wish I could find it because I know it would have a date on it.

  55. I had another seemingly negligible Mandela effect today. I load up Netflix for my kids everyday to watch a couple shows from my Nintendo Wii. The Netflix logo has always been red against a white background on the loading page. Today as it is loading I notice a very noticeably different color scheme change on the loading page. Red logo on black background. I say to my husband “They must have changed the color of the loading page in the last day” He said, “no it has been that way for months Katie”
    I am quite certain I would have noticed if they changed it months ago. I noticed it TODAY. It is definitely different.

  56. Ok, so I had a really weird experience the other night. I had a dream of an alternate reality. I was still me, and my family was my family, but we all looked different. We lived in the same house I grew up in(the house my brother lives in now in this reality), but our lives unfolded differently. I was younger than I am now, but my parents were the same age. They didn’t look familiar at all, but I still knew they were my parents. In the dream/alternate reality I was trying to talk to my brother about what was going on, and he said I was acting like I was when I wrote the weird note. He showed it to me, and I realized this wasn’t my first trip there. When I woke up I got a flood of memories. They weren’t memories of events from the other reality. It was more like all of a sudden I knew why that reality was different. It basically explained why everyone was different. It was creepy, but fascinating.

  57. Now this could be nothing or something. As with all things it could be my bad memory but i doubt it. Still there is that chance..In the UK theres a euromillions Lottery, Now on tuesday it was £80 Million, I checked on wednesday and I only had on number, won nothing.. Today i checked and turns out i had 3 of the numbers, won £6.10 . It may sound odd, but during last night I heard the Whistle hum, coming from below me, i was in bed at the time on my right hand side, so my ear was covered with the pillow.. and i heard the whistle hum.. so today i checked.. I was/am 100% convinced that i only had 1 number.. but its changed..

    Dont know where to put this, but my first thought was.. HOLY… My first thought was reality changed as i said It could be my memory, but thats the case with everything we question our memories more than most, because of the changes..

    1. Very cool, Martin! I wonder if a future/alternate you made the change for some reason. (Again, I’m looking at this as a writer, thinking it’d be a fun concept for a story…)

      1. it was a lucky dip pure “chance” , It did cross my mind if only i knew how to slide i could have slid to the one where i won the lot.. its an intriguing idea if only we could find the “good” universe

  58. Fiona, I am really curious as to if you have seen a huge spike in traffic and interest in your website in the last month? Does there seem to be a point that many people started becoming aware/interested in this topic in significant numbers at specific dates? I am most curious if you started noticing a lot more people searching for answers here around the last 2-3 weeks (Very end of October) when CERN attempted to open a parallel portal.

    This was my source as to the time frame CERN was attempting to make contact:

    1. Katherine, no huge spikes lately. Occasional surges, but often attributed to a social media mention. Nothing like the massive spikes after George Takei and Wil Wheaton mentioned the Berenstein/Berenstain issue, anyway.

  59. In the early 80s, my brother, my two sisters and i, were “addicted” to a specific ice cream. We used to buy some regularly for years (around 1982 to 1987) until they were no longer available. We often talk about our memories about that.
    I have no idea if this product has ever been sold outside France.
    I couldn’t find anything related to this, except for an advertisement:
    Maybe some people will remember something if they watch the video.

    Thank you very much for your committment. You are really helping people, i respect you a lot for doing that.

  60. Alright so, Botan Rice Candies, little sticky candies wrapped in edible rice paper, what colors are they? Because I have vivid memories of yellow and orange candies, yet it seems EVERYONE else remembers pinkish orange in this timestream. And I recently bought and ate a pack of these, they were pink, but I KNOW they are supposed to be yellow&orange.
    I also remember Berenstein Bears, Reba McIntyre, and have dual memories of Curious George with and without a tail.

    Thoughts on this??

  61. I went to a small high school of around 500 in a small town, and graduated in 1990. I remember in 11th grade there was a girl names Heather that transferred to another school one year earlier and that she was fairly well known to all. One day I noticed kids were crying and whispering about the fact that she got with a wild crowd at the new school and got killed in a gruesome car wreck. The details horrified me and I remember being sick over how young she was as well.
    Imagine my surprise in 2014 when I saw her alive and well of Facebook!
    I still know what I heard back then, and my friend had a crush on her pretty bad and was very upset. I don’t see him much anymore but Im going to mention it to him next time we meet.

  62. So me and my dad listened to a song called “Lane Boy” almost 3-5 years ago. Then at school someone was humming it and I remembered it. So I looked it up and listened and I knew almost every word. I asked my dad if he remembered that song from long ago and he said no. He said he just downloaded it last month and did not listen to it yet. I looked the release date for the song and it said it was released in 2015. I am crazy. EVERYTHING STATED HAPPENED AND IS TRUE. Help.

    1. Having alternate memories doesn’t make you crazy. It only means you’ve been to a reality that your dad hasn’t been to. Think of it like someone getting a bootleg copy of an album before it was released, or sitting in at the recording session… you just happened to be at a place where you had access to the song before most people (in this reality) did.

      I know that this can seem completely astonishing when you first encounter it. Maybe even scary.

      However, if you look into quantum studies and parallel universe theories, you’ll discover that scientists have been working with these ideas for decades. The physics of this isn’t new… it’s just that some people are recognizing their alternate memories now. They aren’t just muttering to themselves, “Oh, I must have been confused.” Instead, they’re talking to others about those alternate memories, in real life and at sites like this one.

      This website has been online for over five years, so even these conversations aren’t all that new. Over 8,000 comments at this site talk about these kinds of memories. Alternate memories (and the idea of parallel realities) aren’t new. What is new: people are finally talking about them.

      1. theres even been stories/myths of “lost” beatles songs. ones that Suddenly appear, like i found Ob la dee Obla da was sung by the beatles.. I dont remember that ever and i hate the beatles i would have remembered it.. Nate you are not crazy.. jsut think of the money we could make if we find a Lost elvis song. thats common in another reality but not here LOL.

  63. so nice to know iam not going crazy…haha!! but true though…i stumbled upon this awesome site looking up dimension travel while sleeping. the rest is history. my mind is exploding from all the info i have gleaned from here !! on to my experiances and has any one else been hereÉ

    I remember when i was a kid dreaming i think but not so sure.. MacDonalds play place was like black and neon purple rides and used cards you slid into these boxes that made the rides work..i visited here many times in my dreams. mid 80ès

    there is a place similar to the okanoggan area in b.c. its quite huge and situated along a huge lake. it comes across as a tidal lake. is that even a thingÉ

    way to much de ja vu to even list.

    I am 100% sure Betty white died. i remember it being all over the news. My best fran remembers it to.

    There s this really cool movie half animation..but drawing as opposed to computer…girl and mom move. girl is an artist,, mom gets sick.. girl escapes into drawings. becomes a part of the life in the drawings. the queen gets sick and she helps.. i remrber it to a tee.it was really cool artistry.. kinda tim burton esq but not at all.. mainly black and white drawings sorta… it came out in about 2003-2005.. i i have found movies close but not it! my boyfriend remembers watching it.

    I get ringing in my ears like crazy. Lately i have been noticing more distortions. glitches here and there.

    I apologize for the horrific spelling grammar and punctuation.

    I have had a problem with sleeping ever since i was a young girl. Such vivid dreams to the point where i am not sure what is a memory or what was a dream. Why should i remember dreams for this long anywaysÉ So are they my alternate memoriesÉ. i am beginning to beable to tell the diffrence betwing a slip and a dream now in the mornings when i wake up. definatly not refreshed those mornings.

    anyone else have experiances similarÉÉ

    thanks a bunch for the great site!!


  64. Here’s one I thought was rather odd, though I can see a few other explanations for it…

    My family visited Colonial Williamsburg a few times when I was a child (so probably between like 1999 and 2004) and on one of those visits I distinctly remember my father stopping at a house or a store and talking to a woman there. I think he asked her how Tommy was, and she told him that Tommy had died. I remember my father being quite upset, talking about what a great guy Tommy — my great-uncle Tommy — was. That he was the guy who’d made some little wooden toys I owned, etc. (I also remember treating these little wooden toys with extra respect, since my Uncle Tommy was dead).

    So, I was surprised when we received news (in April 2010) that Uncle Tommy had died. I mentioned at some point that – I thought he was dead already – and asked my dad about that incident in Williamsburg (i.e. maybe it was someone else named Tommy?) but he did not remember it. Granted, he does not have the best memory (well, he often seems to misremember incidents) but it seems unlikely to me that he would have forgotten something like receiving news of someone’s death.

    The only other thing I can attach to a memory to is that I remember at some point my parents trying to determine if some older male relative (it could have been Uncle Tommy, but I don’t remember well) was dead, because they weren’t sure whether to address a Christmas card to ‘Uncle X’ and ‘Aunt Y’ or just to ‘Aunt Y’.

    It strikes me as odd that my dad wouldn’t have heard of his uncle’s death through telephone or something, but that side of the family isn’t very close so I suppose it’s possible. Also, I was pretty young so I could have misunderstood though, although there was some clear memory there, though my parents didn’t recall it at all.

    Tommy was from Virginia originally, but I’m not sure where he lived or when. It is possible he lived in England as he had an English wife.

  65. I had a personal ME happen to me a few weeks ago. To give a little back story I moved to a new state about 10 years ago to move in with my boyfriend. I didn’t know anyone else here. And about a year after moving here me and my neighbor became really good friends. She’s quite a bit older than me. I always though of her like an older sister. Anyways, So she always talked about her 2 kids. She had 2 daughters. And she would always say 2 children. I am 100% sure of this. And then one day a couple of weeks ago she was talking about her kids and then started saying she has 3 kids. 2 daughters and a son. So I was like I thought you only had 2 kids and she just laughs and said no I have 3 kids. And all her kids are around my age in their 30s. She said she has always talked to me about all 3 of her kids. So I am freaking out about this. Even her sons name doesn’t sound familiar at all.

  66. I don’t even know where to start with this comment. I’ve been reading every single thread I could find on this website for a month or more now. I’m not an extremely intelligent person, I don’t know anything about physics or quantum theories or parallel universes. But I do consider myself to be a very logical, rational, and grounded person. So when I came across this website and SO many things started lining up it really threw me for a loop. I’m not going to make a huge list of all of my alternate memories that line up, because for me there are to many to count. I do want to hit on four major memories in my life that really have had a huge impact on me especially now that I know about ME.

    First off, what prompted me to finally add to this conversation. Yesterday evening I was scrolling through Facebook and a long time family friend posted a picture of her 12 year old son’s Xray. He fell in school and broke his arm and ended up needing to have it surgically repaired. I clearly remember a few years back that this child had a similar accident. In fact when I saw that Xray photo I said to my husband “Poor kid, both arms having to be pinned? What’s the chance of that?” So I commented on her photo how sorry I was that he was hurt, I hope he healed quickly, and that it a terrible stroke of luck that he hurt both arms like that. She private messaged me and said “I’m not sure what you mean by both arms. Maybe you’re remembering someone else, he’s never broken a bone before this.” I was embarrassed and confused, but I’ve known this child since he was a baby. I wouldn’t confuse the situation or the child. I KNOW it was him. But in this timeline apparently not. But it certainly reached out and slapped me in the face last night.

    Anyways, I seem to have completely different or separate memories of pieces of my childhood than the rest of my family. I’ve always thought that it may be due the some of the circumstances surrounding my upbringing, that I’ve blocked a lot out. But I have always had these three incredibly clear memories that are very different than what apparently actually happened. Interestingly enough to me, two of these memories take place in similar circumstances of going camping.

    The first I was about 6-7 years old. I *know* that it was that age frame because my father and step mother took us on this camping trip right after my step mother left rehab for the first time. It was supposed to be “fun.” I know we went camping in the Blue Mountain Range of Washington state. I have vague memories of the actual camping we did. But I distinctly remember leaving the camping area, driving away, and aways down the road we stopped at a pond to do some fishing. I cannot remember the name of the pond, but I remember exactly what it looks like. I remember the grass, the frogs, the way the water looked. I particularly remember that my sister and I got along like never before (and we hated each other.) But, I’ve brought it up to my family multiple times and they say that we NEVER stopped at a pond, we drove straight home. I’ve since been on multiple pack trips through that range and I’ve never met anyone who knows of the pond.

    Second was around the same age frame and I was with my mother and ex step father. We went on a fishing trip to North Central Idaho, oddly enough to the same exact region I live now. I can remember the stream we were at, I can remember the stones, and the wildlife. I can remember the town we stopped in and the tiny little tackle and bait shop. According to them, it never happened. According to the multiple Forest Service employees (including my husband) I’ve talked to, nothing like what I remember exists around here.

    Third, and I suppose a somewhat interesting hot air balloon connection. I was about 12-13 and my mother, ex step father, sister, and I took a trip to Walla Walla, Washington. My mom made a HUGE deal out of going because we were going to get to see hundreds of hot air balloons floating. It was some kind of celebration in Walla Walla. I remember going, waiting to see the balloons, and then leaving before it ever started. We instead went to the Whitman Missionary Massacre site. We spent the entire day there looking at all the historical things. According to my family we only spent an hour or two at the site, and instead spent most of the day in the city of Walla Walla at the celebration.

    Those are what stand out to me. I consider myself empathic . Maybe that’s part of it. I’ve always had dreams that happen before the actual event. I have a regular sense of intense deja vu. I *know* things about people I shouldn’t, and I tend to isolate myself from people because I take on to much of them. I’m much better off with my kids, horses, and dogs. I have intense, ongoing tinnitus (Although I do have actual hearing loss.) I have years worth of unexplained joint pain, stomach issues, and sleeplessness.

    So, this turned into an incredibly long comment, for that I apologize. But I needed to get it out somewhere, where people don’t think I’m insane. Sadly, I could keep going. So many things in my life make so much sense now. Thank you, Fiona, for creating and moderating this site, and allowing a safe place for our minds to expand.

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