You can purchase official Mandela Effect T-shirts at Amazon.

Here’s the link to the shop: Mandela Effect t-shirts.  Sales of those shirts help us keep the Mandela Effect website online. (100% of the profits go directly to our hosting bills for MandelaEffect.com.)

Your support is appreciated!

OR… make your own Mandela Effect t-shirts

You can create your own Mandela Effect tee shirts, using iron-on transfers.

Here’s the FREE artwork. Of course, it’s for your personal use only.

1.) The Mandela Effect – What a Reality (The single-page graphic includes a white-letter version and a black-letter version. Trim the transfer to fit your needs.) Click here for the transparent GIF featuring both color choices, for personal, DIY use.

Mandela Effect - what a reality!2.) and 3.) Instant Reality-Shift Translator – Two different iron-on designs. The first has Black letters (to print on light-colored fabric). The second has White letters (to print on black and dark-colored t-shirts).

Free Mandela Effect Iron-on(That t-shirt design does not say “Mandela Effect” on it, on purpose. It’s designed to spark conversations, but Mandela Effect fans will recognize it right away. Not quite a “secret handshake,” but not entirely obvious, either.)

4.) Mandela Effect Universe – This design is a little more difficult to use as a DIY design. (You may want to order the Amazon t-shirt, already made.)

Mandela Effect Starry Universe t-shirtThe design is entirely in shades of white and grey. Whatever color shirt you iron it onto… that will be the color of the background and the lettering. (To show the design clearly, I’ve used a black background in the illustration above.) Click here to download the transparent GIF for DIY use.

5) Your Memories are Real

This one says “Mandela Effect – Your memories are real.”

Mandela Effect t-shirt - memories are realYou can download a ready-to-iron-on design here: Click here. It’s a Google Drive link. That’s a GIF you’ll print onto transfer paper.

I’ll add more links here, as we add more free, printable t-shirt designs.

Note: You may prefer to buy ready-made Mandela Effect t-shirts, to help keep this website online.

Besides, some designs are a little too finicky for DIY use. It’s better to trust the professionals with them.

More designs are in progress!