DiCaprio Wins… Again?

DiCaprio - Mandela Effect
Oscar photo courtesy Davidlohr Bueso

Several people recall a past (pre-2016) Oscar ceremony where Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor award. As they recall it, his acceptance speech was similar to his latest one, as well.

(And no, they’re not confusing it with the BAFTA ceremony in February. Some of them mentioned the BAFTAs, specifically, as a ceremony they’d ruled out as a mix-up.)

I didn’t watch either 2016 ceremony, so I don’t have this memory and I’m not sure how widespread it is as a Mandela Effect.

(Since posting this article, I’ve reports with clear memories of DiCaprio winning the Best Actor award for Titanic, including 1998 talk shows replaying his acceptance speech.)

I’m wondering if a reality exists where time is tracking ahead of us by a specific amount. If someone were to check the time gaps between alternate memories, and when those events happened in this reality, it might be an interesting research topic.

It’s not something I have time for (or enough interest in), but I’d be interested in any “coincidental,” time-related results across several alternate memories.

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  1. I already sent this in a personal message to you Fiona, but I realized this comment would be very appropriate here as well, and I am anxious to get some feedback. It definitely appears to have something to do with Time Travel.

    This is one of the most unnerving Mandela Effects I have experienced to date. I noticed that Leonardo DiCaprio was trending today on social media since he won best actor at the Oscar’s last night. When I saw everyone talking about it, I thought why are they bringing him up again since this happened a MONTH ago? I watched his speech again just now, and sure enough, I knew it already as he was saying it word for word just as I remember it. This event has already happened for me in its entirety. I don’t understand how I already lived through this exact event a few weeks ago, and I talked about it with my friends, yet none of them remember talking with me about how he won and gave his speech already. It bothers me more than anything, because somehow my loved ones do not remember these conversations taking place with me. Sometimes I do not understand why I am the only one affected by this, no one else seems to have this happening to them in my immediate family and circle of friends. Does anyone else remember the Oscars already happening and Leo winning with his acceptance speech?

    1. I just wanted to add, I am not the only was mentioning this right now, as this is a topic over at Reddit as well. Seems I am not the only one who wonders what is going on.

    2. I was very shocked when my daughter stated that DiCaprio might be winning the best actor award. That he never had ever won before. I told her no he won for Titanic. I was so sure. I felt very confused I really thought he had already won one for Titanic. I remember it being a big deal that he won. I remember hearing other morning talk shows showing clips of his speech.

      1. Thanks, Tanny! I should have included the Titanic reference in the article. I’ll change that, right now. It’s an important one with the new emails I’m receiving, echoing your memories.

  2. You can delete this is it’s not related or not widespread enough to post! I just wanted to share something that happened to me a few days ago that is similar to this example.

    I saw that the singer Jason DeRulo was trending on Facebook a few days ago because he had appeared in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. When I watched the segment, I was sure that I had already seen the entire thing at least a year prior. It’s a segment called “New Lyrics for Old People” in which Kimmel and a singer explain the lyrics to new pop songs so that “old people” can understand them. I even remembered the exact joke made at the end of the clip when they explain the “ham sandwich” lyric in the song. This song came out in the summer of 2014, which is much closer to the time period when I remember first watching this clip online, so it’s odd that this segment apparently just aired.

    I’ve tried searching for other segments that I could have gotten confused with, but I can’t find any. The only other 2 clips of “New Lyrics for Old People” I can find are “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and “Na Na” by Trey Songz. It definitely was not “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea that I saw a year ago, because it was not a woman. And I’ve never heard of Trey Songz or the song “Na Na”, so it seems unlikely that I would confuse it with “Wiggle” by Jason DeRulo, a song I’ve (unfortunately) heard many times on the radio. And I just remember it being Jason! And the song Wiggle! With the same joke at the end of the clip! This is really weird.. I know it’s a silly topic, but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s also odd that this happened to me in the same week that people are claiming they witnessed Leonardo win his first Oscar a second time (which for the record I didn’t experience. When Leo won the Oscar and gave his speech a few days ago, it was definitely the first time that happened for me.)

    Here’s the sketch from Jimmy Kimmel if you’re interested. Apparently it’s only from one week ago despite my memories… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15jJFlIHBEk

  3. The flipside of this is that it would mean that the Oscar winner on this time line would have lost to Mr. Dicaprio. For someone with such a memory, I think it is important to objectively review the list of winners to see if there is also a memory (or not) of the winners from current reality. For instance, here is the list of winners from 1998 (Titanic’s year) as identified by IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/event/ev0000003/1998

    How do your memories compare to these lists? If you remember these male actors winning, where does the Dicaprio memory come from and fit in?

    I don’t want this to sound like a false memory post; that is not my intent at all. I just think it is important to also include data regarding memories of who didn’t win and are the memories of winners congruent with memories regarding non-winners.

    1. NDE Survivor, you’ve made some good points. Often, we’ve focused on the apparently interjected memories, while not considering what they replaced in the reality mashup many of us seem to be experiencing. Also, similar to my recent comment following one of Vivek’s interesting theories, I think it’s important to look beyond a one-for-one crossover. That is, perhaps Actor A (DiCaprio) won in a year when others recall Actor B winning, but Actor B won in a year when many people recall Actor C winning, and it’s Actor C who — in at least one other reality — won this year’s award. Or something like that, where we’re not just swapping out two people or events, but it’s more tangled.

      1. You may be spot on with the C option like Schweppes is to Coke and Pepsi or France to US and Russia or gas to solid and liquid or navy to army and air force or twilight to day and night or wine to whiskey and beer or Mac to Windows and Linux or Mozilla to Explorer and Chrome or hotmail to gmail and yahoomail,the list is too long.

  4. I have to first say: I’m a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan. I’m really glad he won the Oscar. To me, this is his first win. I will say though, I recall him being nominated for Titanic. Evidently he wasn’t in this timeline though. I remember him being nominated and losing. I have watched every Academy Awards I can think of except about 3 years in my life. I have also recalled people winning Academy Awards before, but looking back they didn’t.

    1. Thomas , that’s how I remember it also. I thought he was nominated. I still thought that until you posted. I’m actually shocked. I remember where I saw the movie , the day of the week I saw the movie , and other things in that time frame. And I swore he was nominated. Mike H.

  5. I have literally been thinking about this for the passed week or so, when I heard that the Academy awards were on in general last week I was scratching my head, I really thought that they just had happened weeks prior or possibly over a month ago, I searched for other movie award ceremonies to see if any major ones had just passed but I was so sure that it was the Oscars…

  6. This is so interesting. When Leo won for The Revenant I had a few friends ask me, “Didn’t he win for Titanic, though?” I never had any recollection of him winning before, but it surprised me how many people were convinced that he had already won for Titanic before. Spooky.

  7. I had actually remembered him winning for Titanic and Meet Joe Black since those are two of my favorite movies with him as an actor and I was so sure my Anniversary Collection Titanic set actually showed about that. I am a total Leo fan so I highly doubt I would be misremembering something. I even voiced this to my family they just shrugged and said guess not even though they do remember the same they think they must have misremembering it.

    1. Zoe, are you from a timeline where Leo was in Meet Joe Black? It’s always been Brad Pitt in there for me. Just looked it up on IMDB, too, to see if Leo had a smaller role, and it doesn’t show that he is in it.

    2. I am sorry but isn’t Meet Joe Black star Brad Pitt?
      I went and checked and Brad was in cast list did not have Leo at all.
      Or are you saying you remember it as having Leo star in Meet Joe Black?

      1. Michelle H. and Kady, I’m fairly certain Zoe is saying that she clearly recalls Leo DiCaprio in Meet Joe Black.

        I recall Brad Pitt in the role, but I can see DiCaprio in the role and his interpretation might have been intriguingly different.

        Also, I checked Pitt’s awards history and Meet Joe Black didn’t appear on it. That wasn’t a surprise. I felt that Pitt wasn’t at his best in the film, but that may be attributed to the script or direction.

        So, DiCaprio winning an award for it would definitely be from a different reality. It’s one I’d like to visit.

        Cheerfully, Fiona

  8. I remember Leonardo DiCaprio winning best actor for Titanic. I would have bet money on it. When I saw all the jokes about he hoped he cried good enough to win an award for once. I thought it was odd because he already won. It was for Titanic and I remember a talk show had “My heart will go on” playing as he walked a crossed the stage waving. Then they talked about his speech and winning. He stumbled over a word at the beginning of it but laughed it off and kept going.

  9. Maybe I’m in the minority , but I swear he was NOMINATED, but didn’t win. But , he was not even nominated ??? Which I find incredibly odd. Look at the other nominees that year , very very strange. Mike H.

  10. [Moved from the DiCaprio comment thread]


    I understand if you don’t approve this comment, but Yes please do a thread on Mother Theresa’s sainthood. She has been a saint for years already. By Pope John Paul II, I remember that because she is one of my hero’s.


  11. Yes that’s absolutely what I mean. I remember Leo being the star in Meet Joe Black, and I’ve watched it a million times and he was so brilliant in it. I remember him getting an award for it too. When I noticed after I posted that that my movie read Brad Pitt I was heartbroken, I was going to watch it but after that revelation I can’t bring myself to, I feel like something special was stolen. Same issue I had when I noticed the BBears change I haven’t been able to bring myself to read or watch them since not even the night before Christmas one I would read every year.

    1. Zoe, I understand how heartbreaking it can be to feel as if something cherished has been stolen. That may be one of the most difficult parts of the Mandela Effect, because it feels as if something is lost… as if it’s “gone.”

      First, I think it’s important to allow yourself to feel sad, even grieve, for what seems lost.

      Then, as you work with this new concept, remember that nothing is truly gone or lost. In another reality, it’s still there, just as you remember it. (And, at this site, you’ll find many people who share memories identical to — or very much like — those you have.)

      I try to think of this like travel. That is, sometimes I get to a destination thousands of miles away — perhaps going from one Portland (Maine, USA) to another Portland (Oregon, USA) — and discover I’ve left my most comfortable, well-worn running shoes back in Maine. They’re still there, but I can’t access them at the moment. I’m in a different Portland. It’s disappointing. Inconvenient. Even frustrating.

      At the moment, you’re traveling in a different reality. And while it’s not possible to hop on a plane and go back to the previous one (where Leo was in Meet Joe Black), that reality is still there. In a week, or a year, or ten years, you may wake up and be back there. We just haven’t figured out how to get there, yet. Some conversations at this site are focusing on what the “ruby slippers” are and how they work.

      But… we don’t know. Yet.

      I believe the answer is in quantum physics, but I also believe we’re stumbling onto a few things on our own, here at MandelaEffect.com.

      Meanwhile, you’re among friends. Several people have left their advice at the article, What Would You Say….


  12. In my past I distinctly recall DiCaprio not winning for Titanic. I can’t recall if he was nominated though. I feel like he lost, so I assume he was nominated. It was quite the topic back then. I DO remember him winning a People’s Choice Award for Titanic. I don’t know what channel that was on, maybe Nickelodeon, or MTV. It was an award people submitted votes for, an award every day people gave him. Everyone said he deserved the Oscar though.

  13. I had a similar experience with the Oscar acceptance speech. Then I realised it was the same speech he gave earlier in the year. I think from Kids Choice Awards.

    1. Tre, there are several problems with this comment:

      1. It sounds like “you’re just confused.” Most of our readers check possible confusions before commenting here. Please read the Re: Comments page before commenting here, again.
      2. You didn’t check your own confusions before commenting here (about being confused, yourself), so you didn’t revisit the 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards list. DiCaprio isn’t on it. http://www.nick.com/videos/clip/digital-short-kids-choice-awards-2016-compilation-meet-the-winners.html
      3. Generally speaking, winners don’t demean the Oscars by repeating an identical speech people would have heard, elsewhere. It can happen, but it’s rare.

      I’m only approving this comment (and replying) to show other readers where we are on the Diffusion of Innovations curve for this particular topic. It’s a good example of why I now close most articles to new comments after 45 days.

      I’m not sure whether most comments like this are simple blunders, or intentionally posted by trolls. Either way, I usually delete them, and — by the 45 day point — almost 100% of comments (related to a particular topic) seem to overlook or ignore what I’ve said at Re: Comments.

      That’s when I close them to new comments. That’s partly about saving time (mine, as comment mod) and partly about nothing slipping through that will antagonize readers who are seriously interested in the Mandela Effect.

  14. I think Tre was thinking of Leo\’s speech from the Golden Globes, fwiw. The two speeches were almost identical in tone/theme/agenda.

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