Cool Theories, Hot Debates, and Parallel Realities

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ShakespeareThis morning, I was enjoying 9 Things You Can Learn from Hamlet and made a comment referencing the debate about whether or not William Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him.

Like many academic debates, that’s a volatile topic.  A variety of people seem absolutely certain that Shakespeare’s plays were written by someone else. That list usually includes people like Bacon, Derby, Marlow, or Oxford.

Others point out that Shakespeare’s plays — as we know them — weren’t formally compiled until after his death. Those versions of the plays include heavy input from the actors who played in them, and they may have “improved” the plays.

Finally, my favorite among the hotly debated theories:  William Shakespeare was one of Queen Elizabeth I’s main spies.  His plays actually reflect locations he was sent to, and sometimes local stories (contemporary or folklore) from those regions.

Each of these have staunch supporters who — when someone insists on a contrary view — make most flame wars look tame.

I’m not posting to debate the origins of Shakespeare’s plays.  Instead, what if each theory’s enthusiasts are adamant because they each slid into this timestream from a reality in which that WAS the origin of Shakespeare’s plays?

The thing is, some of these theories have scant and clearly speculative support in history.  Also, it’s possible that some of the most heated arguments come from people who simply like to argue, whether there’s supporting documentation or not.

In the “what if…?” line of thought, what if people who argue points like these, are actually defending a reality they slid from, and they don’t realize the reason for the arguments is… well, the theses they defend are from other realities and timestreams?

In more recent history, we have extreme debates about JFK’s assassination, MLK’s assassination, various 9/11 incidents, and so on.  Some of the evidence supporting those theories… it’s you’ve-got-to-be-kidding material.

Again, those actual debates aren’t the topic here.

My question is: What if these people have slid from other realities, don’t realize it, and are simply defending history that — to them — seems obvious and evident, because it’s what they experienced at the time? It’s what they recall from news reports and history books in the timestream they came from.

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  1. I am a bit sceptical about the concept of sliding through realities unnoticed, because the events we seem to remember would have large scale ripple effects, yet we only seem to remember specific events.

    If Mandela died in the eighties, we’d have remembered the fallout of that, instead, many doesn’t seem to do that.

    In the same vein, if New Zealand was in a different position, the land would have a vastly different story.
    I am a supporter of the idea that memories(maybe the bio-electrical field of our brain) leaks through from other realities and either replace or merge with our own, thus leading some of us to have memories that do not fit in our reality.

    Regarding Shakespeare’s plays, it is very probable that some of that information may have come from other realities. For all we know, the realities where the plays were written by others, would have plays that’d be different to us.

    Imagine this, Our memory could be like a big puzzle. This puzzle is our reality, yet sometimes pieces from another puzzle comes in and gets put in place instead of our own, resulting in the Mandela effect.

    1. Gurluas,

      If the sliding thing doesn’t make sense to you… it won’t make sense at all. I’d heard it before and shrugged it off as a little preposterous, logically.

      Then, someone mentioned the number of people who remember Mandela’s earlier death and funeral. That got my attention, because I thought I’d misremembered it, big time. It stood out as one of those very odd, full-blown memories with lots of details. When others’ memories matched mine, that really snagged my interest.

      (If it was precog, I’ll be looking for TV coverage in harsh contrast, outdoors, where the sun is really bright and people are under very tall evergreens with no low branches. Nelson Mandela’s widow is not wearing black, which draws some comments. She’s closely accompanied by a large guy with a block-ish shaped head, and it’ll be rumored that he’s not just a bodyguard. The general impression will be like movies recreating Abe Lincoln’s campaigns in rural areas, talking to crowds from under the trees. But, my impression of the Mandela coverage is that there won’t be a platform… everyone will be on the same level. I also have a visual of Mandela’s widow removing a hat, and her hair is very loose and in distinct, shiny ringlet curls.)

      Generally, I either remember things or I forget them. I’m not likely to misremember.

      And, I can accept the idea of leak-through from other realities. After all, that’s one of the explanations for gravity; in a finite reality, gravity doesn’t make much sense. It’s either leaking in or leaking out… from/to somewhere. Physics keeps going in circles over that concept, and I don’t think the answer is universally agreed, yet.

      Your explanation is as good as mine, in terms of why people “remember” things like New Zealand in a slightly different location. (“My” New Zealand was only a little off from the one in the current reality. And, having never been there, I can’t say whether its life forms are different in the two realities. The geographical distance — and relative climate — might have been different enough, but it’s not an issue for me.)

      The thing is, if you’ve slid in and out of one of those quirky realities, you may not even know it. Lesser events — like where you left the remote, or a text message you don’t recall seeing or thought you must have deleted — could be minor slides lasting seconds or minutes. In fact, those may explain most or all of what you’ve thought you’d misremembered.

      If you wholly dismiss those moments (and larger events) as a faulty memory, they’re not likely to affect your present-day perceptions, unless you stumble onto someone else who remembers one of the same things, and talks about it. So, the ripple need not be big.

      This is especially true if the person grew up (or spent a significant amount of time, in childhood) in a parallel reality where only a few things are different… and then shifted into this reality. I’ve heard plenty of people say, “Wow. The history books got that wrong.”

      None of this can be proved. To a lot of people, we probably sound rather mad. And, I feel no need to assert this concept on those who reject it; it’s kind of like arguing over the color of the sky.

      I’m happy with almost any answer. After all, for years, I thought I’d misremembered things in odd ways.


      1. Oh I mostly do not dismiss such phenomenons to faulty memory. The reason I generally do not think it is the sliding concept is because even if we slid for seconds, the differences we’d seen would have been more than a few casual ones, furthermore, it seems that many of these experiences are linked. Many remembers Mandela’s death in a similar way, many remembers New Zealand being different. If New Zealand was Northeast of Australia instead of Southeast as it is now, it’s geography would be vastly different, it would maybe have different indigenous people etc. I do not dismiss the sliding concept I just find it less satisfying than the puzzle theory as the latter makes more sense to me. But everything is possible.

        I think that some sort of quantum entanglement happens across realities, either of the bio-electrical field, or of the brain itself, probably both as long term memories are stored in the brain itself. I believe that we lose the memories we have of this reality, and they’re replaced with that of another version of us. This would for instance, explain why we may have memories of doing something with someone, and them not remembering it at all, or the opposite, us not remember at all doing something with someone.

        Maybe through some form of meditation it may be possible to consciously reach out. I think that somehow it is possible that entire months of your life could be replaced with that of another world, or it could be just seconds. This details once again the woman who woke up from another reality. What if…She never did wake up from another reality, but her memories were overwritten by another version of her? It’s a hard question to answer but for some reason that hypothesis rings more true than sliding.

        So your memory of Mandela and New Zealand could very well be pieces of the memories of another Fiona in another reality that leaked over to you, overwriting your original ones. It is a rather scary thought that we may suddenly lose our memories and get those of another world.

        Although, I believe that actual sliding can happen. It would explain phenomenons such as ghosts, fairies, cryptids (Big foot, Chupacabra, Dinosaurs etc.), UFOs and so on.

        1. In the case of one consciousness/set of memories completely overwriting the original set(either your memories being replaced or your memories replacing an alternate you in another universe), it could be condidered a form of sliding just at the mental/sonsciousness level as opposed to a physical level. I too agree that in the cases of a few missplaced memories it could be us quantumly tapping in to one of our alternate brains, but in the cases of people waking up in a world where nothing is the same it could be a case of mental sliding from one version of ourselves to another. I think a lot of the terms used on this website are sometimes taken out of context or misunderstood.

  2. Talking of memory,i have noticed that people are losing their short term memory and i specially include myself.small things done half hour before get forgotten like they never existed. This has been the situation since 5 years when the cell phone towers started proliferating like weeds.

    1. How old are you?, that is unfortunately related to age. The human brain has a limited data capability, which decays as we age. Long term memories would be the last to go unless you have a disease like Alzheimer’s.

      If you have used brain damaging drugs or drunk a lot of alcohol or smoked weed then know that it increases this decay process.

      1. Gurluas,

        I’m kind of amazed that you’d bring age and forgetfulness into this discussion. I thought you understood that those of us with these alternate memories are very aware of the logical explanations for them.

        Generally, people posting here feel that it’s a safe place to share observations — first and third person — without being told they just have memory loss, or misremembered, or didn’t get their facts straight in the first place.

        Thanks to the media, I think we’re hyper-aware of age-related issues, the looming demon of Alzheimer’s, and so on.

        These memories are completely different from “forgetting.” How quickly or frequently one “slides,” or whatever the explanation is… that’s an interesting part of the discussion. I don’t want anyone to feel as if their experiences are going to be dismissed as age-, drug-, or alcohol-related, or any other convenient, “it’s all in my head” explanation.

        Fiona Broome

        1. I was referring to the missing short term memories not the alternate memories. I am not ruling out anything, but in this case brain decay may be a possibility. Knowing the age would have helped us determine whether it’s more likely to be brain decay or something else much more interesting.

          I wasn’t trying to be mean, sorry x3

          1. Gurluas, thanks for clarifying that. And, I apologize for my hasty reaction. I’d had a series of days in which I had to defend my observations by bringing out my intellect and education credentials. (I hate to do that. I never want to sound arrogant.)

            Interestingly, I’m currently running into more (and more admitted) short-term memory issues among people in their 20s than any other age group. I think the possibility of microwaves, or the physical effects of bass boosters (“bass you can feel”) might explain some of it, but I’m grasping at straws. It’s baffling and a little dismaying to see, and I wonder what these 20-somethings will be like when they turn 50 or 60. I hope the effects are reversible.

            Cheerfully, Fiona

  3. Hi gurluas, though i included myself,this memory loss is happening like an epidemic or should i say endemic,and all ages are included infact 10 yrs to 40 yrs are most affected,being a researcher on these subjects i am keen in noticing the changes.Here in lucknow we have towers every half a km and sometimes a pair of them.And i don’t take any drugs or weeds am a thorough vegeterian,only occasional alcohol once a week 1oo ml.No its definitely not alzeimer’s ,i suspect it has to do with the micro wave radiation of towers as well as hand sets.I suppose it has nothing to do with reality shift,i had earlher posted about my prolific experiences and they are continuing unabated,a letter that i dropped casually over a door neatly arranged itself, when 2 hours later i came around to retrieved it i was shocked to see it gain distance and leaning on a stool in upright position.

    1. Vivek,

      Interesting points, thank you!

      Consider this, as well: I’m noticing far more “ripples” in reality, as well. My email echoes that, loudly.

      The towers are a good possibility.

      And, from a quantum perspective, what if more of us observing these phenomena are creating a weakness in the field, so we’re seeing more crossover from another, neighboring reality? Or, if it’s a holodeck, what if the programming has (temporarily, I hope) acquired a worm-style virus that — unchecked, so far — has been causing more inconsistencies in what we perceive around us?

      The possibilities are fascinating!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

    2. I doubt it’s the towers. I’d be more worried about bad nutrition, especially as a child. Food producers put a lot of bad chemicals in foods these days, things humans are not built to eat but the effect of it cannot be felt immediately. An even more hidden threat than smoking, which is also hidden because the noticeable effect of the poison comes years after you started smoking.

      As for the letter…Interesting. Perhaps a Poltergeist? According to my Theory, Poltergeists are people from alternate realities that can interact with objects from our reality without knowing it. You may even be one. Imagine if when the picked up that letter, you did not only pick your version up, but also the copy of that letter in an alternate reality, resulting in the alternate letter floating. Another version of you perhaps took it and put it on the stool.

  4. Hi Fiona, being privilged with numerous hyper synchronicities,i can give you some first hand facts,holodeck is a distinct possibility,a person who acknowledges deterministic traits of personality and wills to curb the negative traits,acquires the interactive authority in the matrix.Jung devoted his latter years on astrology and was close enough to the mechanics of the phenomena,what i have personally discovered is, that instead of intent, it is the attitude and nonchalant defiance to determinism that manifests shift in reality.Some apparently insignificant happenings like optimization of things and situations may be a kind of pay off that can be taken as reward of the brave. Mandela effect is a kind of psychedelic effect that prompts us to realise the futility of vanity in a matrix that we can’t manouvre unless we follow the decorum. Coming back to the significance of towers, i have to inform you that india being a third world country norms here are blatantly flouted,emission levels in india are 10 times to that of usa and one reason is so that cheap sets may work smoothly,can you imagine that a new camera may come with as low a price as 10 dollars(600 rs in indian currency) flippantly, vivek.

  5. Hi, fiona Some late night ideas,actually simplicity and briefness is my forte,so i will be brief.It all started with newton’s determinism followed by laplace’s assertion that the creator should know the future of its own creation,einstein remodeled the concept as block universe, which became the precursor for multiverse and quantum entanglement. But we must not forget that between laplace and einstein there happened a certain lewis carroll.Carroll, a mathematician, was no less a luminary,infact he was a true seer.The tale of alice,the retrocausality of her becoming queen in the game of chess, the acausalities that follow are a pattern that show the true nature of reality. The puzzle of determinism and free will is actually very prosaic,it is contained in the dream of red king.Red king may be enjoying the puzzle existing in his dream,and as dreams go even he might not be knowing the solution of the puzzle.

  6. Thanks Fiona, You have managed to get a sizeable response to the mandela effect,and its really stupendous.No cynic can claim that its all escapism or arm chair travelouge in face of such overwhelming anecdotal evidence.i hope you start a similar discussion on a slightly different phenomena but same theme of parallel reality.

  7. Hey gurluas, suddenly i feel that i have no deities to call on,the twinkling star beyond the abyss of a thousand million light years,seems to wink at me.There are no words to describe what i feel at this moment. The weight of all mortality has been swept away from my shoulders, i am like a man who has been blind from birth, to whom the gift of sight has been given in the middle of life. Seems I have been dumb and deaf,without taste or smell or hearing,without mind or movement,and all these things have been given to me at the same time.This quantum entanglement has the perfection of all simple things,nothing is so mysterious and elusive as the simple and obvious.

    1. That’s…Very poetic. According to my theory, quantum entanglement happens on a mind level, possibly the electromagnetic field of our brain, or even the synaptic connections.

      This results in us gaining memories from alternate reality, but it may also result in us seeing, feeling, or hearing things from alternate realities.

    2. Hello Vivek,

      I have scoured this site for 3 months (it feels a lot longer than that!) and I’ve never seen these posts. Perhaps, as it has originated from another site, Fiona placed it here at a later date.

      This, is as good a time as any to apologize to you Vivek. Why? When I first discovered this site, it was an extremely serious topic for me. I was thrilled yet freaking out, as my world was crumbling down. When I would see a post from you, I would break out the dictionary cause I just couldn’t keep up with your vocabulary. One night in particular, I was going through one of your posts and when I deciphered that it was a joke, I got so upset because I believed I wasted a lot time on the post. Equally, I was upset with Fiona for letting it get through. I can’t convey the regret I had after my anger subsided.

      After a month or so I saw more humor from others, and a mention from Fiona herself stating something to the effect that humor is expected here. After I was through my ordeal I understood the need for humor here. I get it now but at that time I did not, as when discovering these effects and not debunking them is grounds for the men in white coats … before the experience humor was tough here for me, yet now I see that just happened to be part of my process, if you will. After an enlightening experience you’re gonna need humor!

      I AM specifically writing to you now because of your post dated 25 August 13.

      “suddenly i feel that i have no deities to call on” … I now understand some of the feelings I’ve had about that topic! Not easy to say bye.

      I suspect you are toning it down in respect to “the twinkling star beyond the abyss of a thousand million light years,seems to wink at me.” I tend to say they are ‘bright’ but that’s not what I saw, or am seeing. It was many stars and more pronounced … [ I wish I knew you went through that back then! ] … Since that event, except for two other specific instances, they have only winked at me, yet it’s completely obvious to me that I’m still seeing something spectacular on the other side of the vail, even though its toned down.

      With that, my apology to you and Fiona and a thank you for expanding my vocabulary! I hope to see more posts from you, my friend!

      Oh … and you know it’s REAL when Vivek states, and I quote, “There are no words to describe what i feel at this moment.”


      1. Anthony, just so you know: Vivek’s comments are where they’ve always been. On sight, I usually know whether he’s posted something that’s actually for the public to see, or whether he’s saying something outrageous (and often hilarious) that might be misinterpreted if I approved it. So, most of Vivek’s comments are posted as soon as I see them, and stay at the related post or page.

        If I can’t approve a comment on sight — anyone’s comment, not just Vivek’s — I rarely have time to revisit that comment to change my mind. So, 99% of comments are reviewed within 24-36 hours, or a little longer if it’s a weekend, or I’m knee-deep in research or other work, or if the comment was misdirected by this site’s spam filters.

        And no apologies are necessary. You’ve always been authentic and forthright, and that makes it easier to understand the “voice” behind the comment. I don’t approve everything you say (that’s true for nearly everyone here), but I appreciate your honest responses and comments.

        I genuinely like our community, and I’m pleased you’re part of it.

      2. Hi Anthony, Flippancy is the zenith of all humour,and i feel that it should be a goal for all to strive for the zenith of whatever fancy one undertakes,provided it’s humane,off course.

  8. I’m articulating a new model of reality shifting based on many other people’s ideas.

    I call this model ‘Horse before Cart’.

    We think that the external world is influencing us, but really we are the ones projecting the external reality. The external reality is the cart, and we are the horse. The direction of travel is our bliss/highest excitement/joy.

    We don’t really seem to move anywhere as long as we put cart before horse, but we still make small shifts here and there because the horse can push the cart forward albeit with some difficulty.

    We we only get anywhere when we put the horse before the cart and recognize that we are the prime mover and that the reality is just a projection of our inner state of being. There is also a rope attached to the cart when the horse pulls it, this represent the time lag it can take to actually move the cart. The cart will only move once the rope is tight. This lag or slack in the rope is where we have an opportunity to test ourselves, ie we take a few steps forward and the cart hasn’t moved because there is still slack in the rope, so the external reality has not changed yet, but the point is not to give up at this point, but to keep walking forward those extra few steps until the rope is tight and then the cart will begin to move.

    So say you want to manifest something like extra income on a regular basis. First of all don’t get specific, you can make a symbol of this, but leave it to the higher self to figure out how it will come about. Next step is to “behave as if”, how would you react the moment this happened and knew that you would be getting this extra income, go through the elation and emotions of that moment, and then take it out of the ‘someday’ realm and instead anchor it into the NOW. Go through the motions and emotions in the now as it if has already happened for you, and remember the rope still has some slack so you will have to keep this vibration up until the rope is tight and the cart starts to move (Till the external reality reflects your state of being, and therefore projects this new reality into the NOW.

    Putting horse before cart is the action of moving in the direction of your highest excitement whilst anchoring it into the Now. When you go up to a mirror and want the reflection to smile, you have to smile first. Horse before cart.

    I consider this to be the only model that resolves everything from issues of lack, abundance, inequality, and serves as an apotheosis or punch-line to history and the human adventure.

    It’s not a model of lack, abundance, limited resources and zero sum gain, rather it’s a model of abundance and abundance, where everyone gets to live their highest joy as everyone is projecting their own new realities with the beacon of their highest joy as the direction.

  9. A very popular episode in hindu mythology,’savitri and satyavan’ is a very sharp indicater of multiverse.

  10. A common paranormal event, time slip,may as well be a dimensional slip into a non parallel chronology universe,maybe the brane is thicker at some places but a portal nevertheless opens up occasionally.What we are experiencing as mandela effect might be a very thin braned parallel chronology.

  11. The charm of mandela effect lies in the implication that quantum immortality exists,that we don’t fade away like ice in the rapids or smoke in the air.But unless the experience is felt by the one who is resurrected it might not make a worthwhile subject,an illusion or delusion will be the verdict.If a topic is created in this forum to invite those who have been through dramatic survival in an imminent fatal accident or those who have had spontaneous remission from cancer or lupus,we may find some pattern of divine cause and effect.It is my feeling that the current timeline has a slower entropy than the previous one,the varying entropies might be one of the keys to this multiverse intrigue.Unlike Solomon who was not equipped with this physics,we are better placed to make ecclesiastes a complete saga of human existenentialism.

    1. Brian,

      Thank you SO much for that link. I’m so relieved to see that this has a label, and it fits my theories. This is exactly what I’ve been talking about, not just in regards to Mandela Effect but also paranormal research. To see it so well explained… wow! This is very, VERY cool!

      Thanks again.


  12. Most of the topics in ME are related to irrelevant matters or to personalities that became or have become superfluous.The ideas and intrigues and ephemeral importances to which a personality seemed so essential,wither away with time(always taking ‘time’ as a metaphor).What ME needs is,an idea that is derivative of the phenomena,anything that gives a clue to get free of the stranglehold of the force of circtmstance.

    1. Vivek,

      Nobody — whether or not the person is a “personality” — should be labeled “superfluous.” Ever.

      What ME reports give us is an overview of the most notable changes. Someone writing about how their keys “moved” to another location, in less than an hour, isn’t likely to be corroborated or seem interesting to most readers. Or, the time the car “jumped” from Dover to just south of York in less than a minute…? Rather incredible to anyone who wasn’t in the vehicle at the time. Even the report of a friend whose grammar school was suddenly replaced by a structure about 100 years older (and not one moved to the site)… as a single report, it’s likely to raise eyebrows more than help establish our credibility.

      However, we can share names and dates (and sometimes related locations or contexts) related to well-known personalities, because they’re well-known.

      Then, we can see if those alternate memories indicate patterns. That’s one of many reasons this website exists. (Another is to assure people that they’re not alone with their alternate memories. Generally, that seems to provide enormous relief.)

      Sure, we can speculate about parallel realities and how we access or pass through them. That’s fine and kind of fun, at times. At the moment, it proves nothing. It’s speculation, that’s all.

      As I see it, we need more reports of all kinds, with more details (who, when, where, and so on) to reach a tipping point where patterns emerge. If we can take ME forward to something like prediction — so we’re prepared to study each shift when it happens — that would be brilliant.

      Meanwhile, I know this site is closely watched by some who are involved in projects that may be altering the fabric of our reality. They have insights we don’t, yet.

      So, if they see widespread agreement about an alternate event, and can work with the dates or locations or both, our insights may help them spot unexpected repercussions from their tests. That is useful.

      I don’t seriously expect to make sense of Mandela Effect in the near future. (Then again, in might provide global answers in this or another reality, and suddenly make sense here, as well. I won’t rule that out; this topic is far too “wild west” and unpredictable.)

      I don’t mean to launch a thread or flame war with this, and would like to drop the “superfluous” topic. However, I could not just let that comment go by without speaking up.

      Every event that can provide correlation is important. For now, much of our society is focused on celebrities. It’s a common ingredient, and related events provide points of reference we can use to mark when, where, and to whom the Mandela Effect seems to occur. I believe this data may be important, and welcome every alternate memory that others may share.

      Fiona Broome

      1. I think personal accounts- non celebrity focused- may help as well. From my post on 04/16/2015 I was able to link somethings that I had been experiencing to Back to the Future I (primarily) and II. Couple of things I pulled:
        1. Wizard of Oz reference written in white on school’s brickwork. (beginning of BTTF 1) Personally going deeper down rabbit hole.
        2. Marty’s black shirt printed with all 0’s in white with a red border near 1hr 5 min marker. The 0’s are arranged in a spiral like fashion. If I wasn’t already into reading into this type of stuff it would have freaked me out given what occurred to me with the 0’s from 04/01/15-04/16/2015 (BTTF 1)
        3. 1985 as a turning year , My first major accident. (BTTF 1 which also marks 2015 as pivotal) (BTTF 2) (1885?)
        4. A “red moon” or something reflecting at the dance above the statue. It was not there before (1hr 18min BTTF 1). Have had dreams of red planet/orb/moon.
        5. Roger Rabbit in window (BTTF 2 @ 12.5 minute mark )
        6. Pepsi I recall blue over red (BTTF 2 @ 13min 38 second mark)

        Only mentioning because even though it may look like a personal experience there seems to be an underlying fabric by which we all relate; whether one is perceived to be dead or alive.

        Something that I have wondered though is whether Savants like Flo & Kate have alternate memories. The implications of just having them recall what they knew would bring to question a lot of the current theories. What if every time they changed realities their brains shifted so that they knew the exact parameters of that world/reality they shifted to. Would that hint that they are tapped in like a computer device of sorts?

        I also have an interest in people with schizophrenia. There is something that is not being said or quite understood with both cases.

        1. Good points, Daniel, and thanks for sleuthing to find those references. This definitely adds another layer to what’s going on.

  13. The incongruous memories are too common and frequent to be restricted to a score of proprietary topics.If you are reading a book or watching a movie on dvd,the anomaly may strike within minutes.While dealing with people some denials of previous statements may be attributed to the treacherous and self serving nature of man,but then again it could as well be, part of the shifting reality.Cynthia Sue is the McCoy in grasping this aspect of broad and generic nature of incongruous memories,this fact should be accomodated in ME saga even at the cost of the comfort of, shared memory.

  14. Newtonian physics lays down laws that are reversible,time is an imaginery entity since determinism prevails.LaPlace improves upon the concept.That entropy implies arrow of time relentlessly moving forward is an obvious fact that was avoided by scientists due to anachronism with fundamental laws.Boltzmanm postulated the irreversible arrow of time using laws that were intrinsically reversible,Loschmidt reacted by putting up Loschmidt’s paradox saying that physical laws were agnostic with respect to time,almost reducing time to a fictitious entity.Prigogine was awarded nobel in ’77 for his research on non-symmetrical structures evolving in fluid molecules,eroding the tenacious hold of entropy,in the same year sudarshan and mishra empirically proved the quantum zeno effect,taking physics into sci fi realms.And now Lorenzo Maccone says the entropy can actually decrease but all the memory trail has to vanish to make it happen.Lots of bashing the ‘time’ is taking.

  15. For many years i sought in vain to reconcile with the study of Sir William Barrett,for it was agnostic with hinduist spiritism,which says that only evolved spirits remain in astral plane and that most of the rest reincarnate.But now ME provides an explanation that makes Barrett’s study compatible with all theocracies,the physics of the thing.

    1. Good point, Vivek! I hadn’t thought of this in that context, but it does provide a nice segue between spiritual beliefs, connect them with physics, as well. (A certain amount of this is touched upon in “What the Bleep…,” but you’ve articulated another facet of it in a way that hadn’t crossed my mind. Thank you!

  16. A design but no grand design and no final cause,that is how i perceive teleology works.No entropy and no arrow of time,frames of images and persistence of vision giving illusion of seamlessness(as in movie as in real).Peter Pan and zeno effect and eternity or a simple lack of the factor called time.An imagination that looks like creation,a self organizing molecule that looks like evolution,an artist’s conception of maturity and end that looks like entropy.

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