Most people want to contact me for one of two reasons:

  1. To report their personal Mandela Effect memories or theories.
  2. To ask my help, dealing with those memories.

I appreciate your interest, and I’m very grateful for my many friends and fans. Almost everyone I speak with is bright and fun and interesting. At events, I love our conversations. Thank you!

To report an alternate memory

Online, the Mandela Effect is in the wild. If you have a new or supporting Mandela Effect memory, you’ll find many forums and websites with thousands of people, eager to learn more about your memories and insights.

To ask for help

Since around 2016, I’ve been receiving more emails than I can answer. Once trolls jumped on board, things got even more bizarre.

As of mid-2019, I received 2,000 to 3,000 emails about the Mandela Effect, every day. By 2020, I had to remove my contact form and email addresses.

At least 80% of those Mandela Effect comments and emails were from people asking for help with their memories. I have never been able to provide that kind of help. You are the only one who can evaluate your memories.

My best advice is in this video:

Mandela Effect – What to do if your memories are different

Have you experienced the Mandela Effect? Fiona Broome explains what people can do if they remember something from the past… but it seems like that event ne…

And, if you’re concerned about your mental health, it’s best to talk with a qualified professional.

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Other topics

Most questions will be answered by the FAQs page at this site.