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Use this form to share reports & theories. Send one message per topic, and be as brief as possible. (Going through my messages, I try to organize reports by topic to highlight trends.) Also, due to the current level of emails I receive, I’m rarely able to reply.

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I receive between 100 and 2,000 non-spam emails, daily. So, I’m unable to reply to most of them.

Here are some instant answers to most-asked questions:

Students’ questions

Can I interview you for my school paper – or – can you be my advisor?

I’m sorry, but no. (And, if anyone claims I’m helping them, I want to be clear: I haven’t worked with students in over four years.) However, I encourage you to continue your research into paranormal topics. We need more, better answers for unexplained phenomena.

Can you speak at my school/university/club?

Thank you for inviting me, but – due to an overloaded research & writing schedule – I’m not planning personal appearances at this time.

Journalists, media, and producers

Will you be a guest on my podcast, vlog, or radio show?

Thanks, but no. I’m revising and updating all of my books, and expanding both my free ghost hunting course as well as my YouTube channel. Meaning: things are hectic here, most of the time. When I am caught up on my work, I’ll note the change in this FAQ. Thanks again!

I’m a journalist for a major publication. Can I interview you?

Send me the questions in the Contact form, below. I’ll answer as many requests as I can. (Keep in mind: From mid-September through early November, my email inbox can be overwhelming.)

I’m a TV/movie producer and I’d like to talk with you.

I try to find time to speak with producers, when my schedule permits. Use the Contact form, below, to let me know the kind of information you need. (Generally, I like my privacy and won’t appear in front of a camera.)

Book-related questions

I’ve written a book and I’d like a brief review from you, for my book cover.

If I know you in real life, or we’ve spoken at the same events, I’m happy to at least skim your book and provide a blurb, if I can. (Generally, if I can’t say something nice, I won’t waste your time or mine with a ho-hum blurb.) Use the Contact form to send me a URL to a PDF.

If I don’t know you in real life, describe your background & book in the Contact form, below. I’ll try to get back to you, as soon as I can.

I’m a publisher. Can you write a chapter for one of our books?

Maybe. It depends on the topic, your publishing schedule, and how extensive my research notes (footnotes) need to be. Describe the project in the Contact form, below.

Your memories

I want to talk with you about my Mandela Effect memories.

Thank you, and I’m honored that you’re interested in my thoughts & opinions. I’m eager to read a brief summary of your experiences, so use the Memories form, above. However, as much as I’m intrigued by how this topic has spread, I’m unable to reply to individual emails about it.

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