CERN Connections and the Mandela Effect

In the past, for reasons I’ve kept in confidence, I’ve avoided direct references to CERN.

CERN connections and the Mandela EffectHowever, the topic has come up in Theories discussions, and it’s made its way into other threads, as well. So, with that in mind, I created  this page for conversations focusing on the specific topics of CERN design, construction, and activity:

  • Dates when tests are run, and if they fit any patterns of Mandela Effect issues — both when alternate or duplicate events happened, as well as when people became aware of their own alternate memories. (For the official timeline of CERN activity, see
  • Theories about the construction of CERN, especially its stated and implied purposes.
  • Theories about the physical design of CERN, and odd physical and metaphysical connections. (At the moment, people are talking about similarities with the pineal gland.)


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  1. The difficulty here is trying to determine exactly when these weird time-warp phenomena began to happen. There are stories all over the Internet of missing time/gained time experiences, apparently going back to well before CERN was built. You can find a whole slew of yummy time- and dimension-travel stories here: Very fascinating! The majority of these are believable, in my opinion. These people have nothing to gain by lying, and usually hesitate to tell anyone for fear of ridicule, even though they know that what happened was not a dream or hallucination.

    The question then becomes: Were these phenomena less common before CERN, or are they the same now as they were then? Do they seem more common because they really are, or simply because, with access to the Internet, we can read more of these stories than we could in the past, when there was only printed material? The promise of anonymity certainly makes people more comfortable about telling their stories than they would have been in the past, before electronic media. And these stories can reach a much wider audience–international, in fact–so that many others can come forward and admit that they, too, have had these experiences that nobody can explain.

    There is so much conspiracy theory nutbaggery associated with CERN that it’s difficult to find any serious discussion on the subject. Could it be that nobody in the scientific community discussed any potential dangers if something goes wrong during an experiment? I find that hard to believe. Maybe they believe that whatever safeguards are in place are sufficient protection from danger…whatever the nature of that danger might be. I’m not sure that they even know. Smashing atoms is a new technology, so there’s no way to predict what might happen in the event of a “hardware malfunction,” as they’d probably call it.

    1. Hi Vivienne. surprisingly, smashing atoms actually isn’t a new technology at all. It actually predates nuclear fission – Rutherford’s gold foil electron scattering experiments in 1911 began the idea of colliding particles, and the basic principle that CERN’s LHC works on (the cyclotron) was invented in 1932. All that’s happened since in collider experiments has been that the power levels have been slowly increasing. Also LHC hasnt observed anything so far not predicted by maths made in the 1970s to explain much earlier collider runs. This is why physicists aren’t generally worried. They’ve been doing this for over a century with no strange effects ever observed.

      1. In fact the biggest worry most physicists have about the LHC is that it will give us absolutely nothing new at all! Which would pretty much be the end of physics, and their careers.

        It’s MAYBE possible that there’s a secret group somewhere with secret non-Standard-Model physics doing secret time travel experiments. But if their physics was unknown to mainstream physicists, CERN would be both useless to them, and the worst place to hide a secret that big.

        Regards, Nate

      2. “Observed” is a key word in this discussion, and relies on what’s reported. After all, I had memories of an alternate death date for Nelson Mandela, and didn’t mention that to anyone for around 20 years. The philosophical context of science has changed considerably over the years, from a harsh, nothing-speculative-allowed view (almost Marxist) to something far more inclusive.

        The musings of at least one physicist who’s written to me privately could be summed up as, “Uh-oh. We may need to re-think some of this.”

    2. Vivienne, It is incredibly illogical to attempt to ascertain whether or not CERN enables time travel by wondering if there were any anomalies prior to it’s inception. It’s a TIME MACHINE; that means that people can use this technology to travel to the past to change things BEFORE it existed.

      “Conspiracy theory nutbaggery”? Really? Do you have any idea what kind of site you’re on right now? Or the nature of your own post?

      There is a wealth of information about CERN’s hydron collider and what CERN scientists claim that their aim is. One CERN scientist publically stated (and I quote) that their actualy aim is to “open up new doorways” if “nature allows”. Atom “smashing” is not a new technology. Do you realize what an atomic bomb is? Furthermore, the hydron collider is not smashing atoms. At all.

      1. Thanks, Brian, the “nutbaggery” phrase slipped past me. You’re right. And, at the very least, that kind of rhetoric is unacceptable. I’m fine with the occasional odd comment and ill-advised philosophical meander, but Vivienne’s tone and arguments lead me to suspect she’s actually K.G., whose comments I stopped approving long ago.

        I need to be more watchful when I’m approving comments. I appreciate you pointing out the errors.

        1. Thanks, Nate, I had no idea it went that far back.

          Sorry for the use of sarcastic language, Fiona, it won’t happen again. No, I’m not K.G., whoever that is.

          1. It’s okay, Vivienne. K.G. was someone who visited this site months ago, leaving good comments at first, but slowly becoming more troll-like. It reached the point where the automatic blacklist software banned her IP number… which means she was churning things up at other websites, too.

            It took her a few months to figure out that she could contrive to post from other IPs, and she did… but left her name on them. I deleted most of those comments as they showed up here. Most were sarcastic and phrased to set off arguments.

            I’m actually glad your comment slipped past me, because it’s a reminder that — even when I’m weeding through hundreds of comments — I need to remain alert to anything that could be volatile. And, due to time constraints, I’m most likely to delete them rather than edit out the problematic portions.

            This is a sensitive topic. Some people feel very exposed and vulnerable when their personal memories seem “wrong.” For that reason, I try to err on the side of caution. However, some days are hectic here (online and offline), and I rush through the comments so they don’t stack up and seem overwhelming.

            I’m looking at my options, and have a few ideas I may test. For now, if everyone avoids sarcasm and jabs, it’ll keep this site a rich, wonderful resource full of thoughtful insights by people like you.


            1. Viviane is the alias of ‘lady of the lakes’.’lady of the lakes’ is active in r/gitm and r/mandela effect.

  2. Are the comments closed or hidden on the CERN page? I Dont see any and can’t seem to find my comment about “sliding” into a reality physically or soul hopping. Of course you may not have posted it. I wasn’t able to post it on page 10 so shared here.
    I can only find updates by searching pages by my using the find feature on browser because I am unable to search the website and the comments emails are not all inclusive. If there is a better method to track updates please share or email!

    1. kmet:

      1. Comments are neither closed nor hidden on the CERN page.
      2. Your only recent “sliding” comment was made two days ago as “karen.” It was approved, and it’s on page 10. (In general, it’s not a good idea to comment under different usernames at this site, especially if you don’t recognize your own comments.)
      3. The search form on this website works fine, but it does not search comments, only articles.
      4. Comments emails are handled by Feedburner and are outside my control. Maybe they’re having difficulty keeping up with this site’s comments. After all, Feedburner is a free service and, as such, likely to have some limits.
      5. Vivek is not a moderator. Asking him for comment posting advice is not helpful. I’m usually the only person approving comments, and I’ve deleted your request to him.
      6. In general, I don’t reply to emails.

      The number of issues you’re describing suggest a problem originating on your side of the keyboard.

  3. I am wondering IF CERN isnt just the latest collider, that the past history of colliders could be a indication. LIke Hadron-Elektron-Ring-Anlage (or Hera)in Germany the RHIC in New york. FermiLab outside chicago. If we could only find a timeline . Cern is the Largest at the moment that we know about,

    would be interesting to map connections geographic and temporal with mandela effect comparing the colliders and the effects. If any.

    1. I agree with you Martin. Your right to consider the other colliders around the world. I think years of operation ( large tests, experiments ect.) would have an interesting pattern also. Just a hunch. I know a lot of the years I have listed in other posts line up really well with the LHC tests for example. Tomorrow is a big day at the LHC. 9-23-15 they are set to go the highest power level they have attempted yet. Mike H.

      1. Excellent point, Mike H. I think we need a list of links to timelines & calendars for past, present, and scheduled events at these kinds of locations. I’ll try to get to it, soon, but if anyone else wants to start working on this, I’d welcome those links in comments, here.

        1. I will be monitoring the world just a little more closely for the next week or so.. If Cern has an effect then we should be able to see any changes, my feeling is the closer you are to the centre the more things change, unless there is an eye of the storm place.. And IF it is then the could the larger than usual TEV of 13 million have a greater effect.. be interesting to see if there are any major changes.. We live in interesting times 😉

  4. So fiona, i came across this topic and i really am curious, why was the cern machine even developed, it may not be what we think it is? Just a thought that I have, please comment if you have a definite answer!!


    1. Hi, Eric! I’d need more time to look into this. From private correspondence, I’m pretty sure that many (possibly most) of the scientists working on these kinds of projects take these experiments at face value. Whether someone behind the concept — someone involved in funding it, for example — has another agenda… that’s another matter that would take considerable research to determine.

      1. Fiona, I have said it before, but there is an awful lot of money, scientists , and dozens of countries involved in CERN. I still can’t help but wonder why, and what the end game (gain) is. In such a large facility( corporation ) I would bet many scientists ,except the top levels, don’t even know what the others are working on.

        Another thing I have wondered from time to time is what happens if multiple colliders/accelerators are running tests at the same time around the world. Something to consider. Mike H.

  5. I have a distinct feeling that the CERN facility is somehow related to these alternate memories. I have also heard that their intent was to open portals and doorways. I heard that at one point in one of their experiments the team shut it down beacause they were so frightened by what they saw (has anyone else heard that?) Also…why is there a statue of Shiva the destroyer in front of their building? Very strange & very scary!!!

    1. Hi Pegathee,

      I also remember reading about CERN being shut down at one point. They’d found something (I remember it being bread – weird, huh?) and one theory was that something in the future was affecting the past/their present. I haven’t checked online yet to see if there’s anything about this but will have a look around.

      1. Okay, there seems to be quite a few articles about this, such as this one:

        But, that’s not quite how I remember it. For me, there was no bird eating the bread when it was found. And I distinctly remember reading about the theory. Now, I could be confusing the article with comments from elsewhere, but, as far as I can recall, the article I first read about it in was a mainstream online news site and the future/past theory was included in the article.

        1. Try looking up schlissel challah as well as Irish customs (and various others) for placing keys into bread. Bread placed at a door of sorts possibly.

    2. Pegathee asked: Also
why is there a statue of Shiva the destroyer in front of their building? Very strange & very scary!!!

      I think this idea of Shiva being scary is due to your current frame of reference. In order to build something “new” the “old” must be destroyed. Almost like a way to restore or restoration. It is like they are acknowledging this frame of thinking or perceived fact which has been demonstrated in science. I am not convinced, as of yet, that CERN is the reason behind the anomalies but perhaps they know something and aren’t sharing. :}

  6. I tried to say this on another thread, but the site is having problems (according to a post on the homepage). So I’m going to try again here, since it seems to be rather important.

    In my old timestream, CERN did not have anything to do with creating the WWW, internet, or any other computer equipment. No one had heard of them. It was just the laboratory that was innocently slamming particles together to see what happens, scaring the tinfoil hats who don’t know nuthen about science. The WWW was a messy group effort by various governments and companies and universities… no mention of CERN.

    CERN was so inconsequential that I didn’t care about them until last week, so I didn’t learn anything about them.

    In the new timestream, it’s some sort of global corporate monolith with its tendrils in everything.

    Last week, the WWW was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Today, it was invented by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau, employed by CERN.

    Um… no! Who are these guys?

      1. Thank you, Fiona. I believe you, but I’m still unable to see it… for whatever reason. I see this newer, longer comment, though.

        1. In that case, I’m baffled, Pat. I just checked the link I’d given you, and that previous comment is clearly on the site… at least as I see it, even logged out of the dashboard.

    1. Wow. In my old timestream, CERN was also insignificant. I heard about it occasionally: when the LHC went online and a couple of news blips about updates to the collider. Never that they created the world wide web, internet, or other computer systems. No way. I always learned that the internet was created by a collection of computers at DARPA and various universities that were strung together to communicate.


      1. Steve: It’s important to remember that the WWW is NOT the Internet, which was indeed created in about 1969 as ARPANET by DARPA and the universities and private companies they worked with. The Web on the other hand is just one program or ‘protocol’ that runs on the Internet, and was invented much later.

        In my timeline it was always Tim Berners-Lee, while working at CERN, who wrote a little program in 1989 called WorldWideWeb on a NeXT workstation (Steve Jobs’ company while he was away from Apple) that then was extended with graphics by NCSA as Mosaic, and then commercialised by Netscape in the early 90s.

        Regards, Nate

    2. Hmm, I’d have to agree with Pat.
      I had never heard of CERN before LHC, and only heard about them again when I watched Steins;Gate a couple of weeks ago. Since then, it won’t stop popping up.
      I had no idea CERN was that important, and that’s odd. I’m studying computer science.

      1. It’s the first time I heard CERN having anything to do with the creation of the internet as well. I thought this was some university project…

  7. Fiona , not sure where to put this. But I wanted people to see it. The Mandela Effect Wikipedia page has been deleted in the last 24 hours. A bit strange. Mike H.

    1. Very strange, indeed! Even though it wasn’t exactly accurate (mentioning neither this site nor me), I rather liked that it had a place at Wikipedia.

      (I’m leaving this at the CERN thread since, if anyone were to restore the page to Wikipedia, it would probably be someone talking about CERN.)

    2. Doesn’t surprise me. The Wikipedia editors tend toward atheist-rationalist hyper-skepticism and delete with a vengeance anything not appearing in a Physics 101 textbook or the New York Times. It’s not a safe place to document any kind of anomaly (or even obscure trivia) that doesn’t reach university-levels of ‘notability’. And as the de facto repository of truth, someone’s always trying to game the system with troll memes and advertisements, so the editors get very trigger happy on deletions. But still, it’s sad. Regards, Nate

  8. I’ve lived my whole life in central illinois in the same town as the University of Illinois. The U of I played a significant role in the development of the WWW. The mosaic was created here which was the blueprint for the WWW. After the mosaic was finished Netscape was created.

    Well 6-12 months ago I was wondering about Al Gore’s claim of inventing the Internet. I did some Google searches and found detailed info about the U of I, and that Gore pushed through the funding for the research to be conducted.

    Fast forward to a month or so ago and I’m perusing CERN’s website. I see all kinds of mentions about them and inventing the Internet and the WWW (which in all my previous searches I had never seen a mention of them). I laughed about this thinking that everyone wants credit. Yet I did another search and it took at least half an hour before I saw even a passing mention of the U of I…

  9. What the heck is CERN?

    My mind only conjures a vague image of some kind of scientist group, but although I knew about the LHC (and have my own theories and even one old prediction about that), had no idea anything called ‘CERN’ was involved.

    Interestingly, I have heard the birth-story of the internet many times. I have read it multiple times, I have seen it in ‘Computer Chronicles’ (an old TV show), and I thought I was very familiar with how it all began. ARPAnet and universities and all that.

    I especially remember watching this funny episode from 1992, where they had these huge displays of networks, data and maps, and someone talked about ‘netsurfing’ (so the term wasn’t coined by marketing people much later, but actually was used by the early users and creators of the internet.. sigh) in that video.

    But I don’t remember ever hearing the word “CERN” until I started researching this Mandela effect (after being thoroughly shocked by Australia, and later, by other things as well).

    A word like ‘CERN’ just doesn’t belong to that story whatsoever. Do they really claim they invented the internet? If I watch those old ‘Computer Chronicles’ again, and they mention anything like ‘CERN’, I am going to freak out.

    Australia freaked me out enough for one week.. maybe next week I could research this timeline’s version of ‘how the internet was born’. Perhaps I will even learn what that word (an acronym, I assume) means.

    About LHC opening doorways and portals – that’s a clever way of utilizing the ‘hiding in plain sight’ technique. They talk half-openly about things, but in a slightly cryptic ways, using metaphoras and such, that could be interpreted as ‘figures of speech’, OR taken literally (which people don’t usually do).. a lot of things are hidden in plain sight, but are very easy to miss.

    Perhaps the clue about what’s going on with the Mandela effect also can be staring us in the face, but we’re not seeing it.. I am sure that a plausible answer exists, and there are individuals, who know that answer. The problem is, those individuals might not be accessible to us (other planets, base ships, other bases, other frequencies (astral plane, etc.), or just very informed people sworn to secrecy, having ‘classified’ information, and so on).

    But surely SOMEONE knows the answer. I am convinced of it.

    1. Permashocked, I agree that someone knows the answer. That someone might be us, and we’ve constructed a reality model that almost guarantees “suspended disbelief” so we can get the most out of this experience. When we step out of the holodeck or slide back into our home reality, we may laugh with delight at how well we fooled ourselves, for a truly compelling and fascinating adventure.

      While various conspiracy theories may have merit and I’m not dismissing them out-of-hand, they’re not the focus of this website.

      CERN is the European-based Conseil EuropĂ©en pour la Recherche NuclĂ©aire. It’s the world’s largest particle physics lab, and it’s been around since the mid-1950s.

      The concept of the Internet and related technology were not exclusive to CERN, but CERN was where Berners-Lee and Cailliau developed the Worldwide Web’s predecessor as ENQUIRE, primarily as a convenient file exchange system. (Remember: despite popular usage, the Internet is not synonymous with the WWW.)

      From my real-life conversations, many Americans seem to be more aware of particle physics research at Fermilab in Illinois (USA) than at CERN, which is near Geneva, Switzerland.

      It’s possible that CERN was not part of WWW development in other realities. It’s also possible that the term “CERN” wasn’t used as early (or ever) in other realities.

      Personally, I can’t recall when I first heard about CERN, but it had to be in early childhood. (Admittedly, my childhood was both international and extraordinarily tech-related, so my perspective may be proportionately skewed.)

      But, if anyone does know the answer to the Mandela Effect, it might not be someone sworn to secrecy. It might just be part of a game we’re playing, and we’re fully in control, but have chosen to hide that little detail (I’m being sarcastic) from ourselves.

      Before leaping to the “who’s behind this” issue, let’s focus on understanding the scope and impact of what’s going on.

  10. To a perfect hick guy it would seem that cern is a thinly veiled accommodation for the western world’s vvips in case of a massive calamity,the other reason that strikes my naive mind is,that it could be a portal to inner earth rather than another universe.To my sane thinking the only worthwhile scientific endeavor happened around the turn of the 20th century when various epidemics were tackled and managed to a great extent,otherwise unadvanced 18th century was a better time to live in.

      1. You’re right,a variation is the only logical conclusion,since uneven geometry is the norm in large masses,all solid structures throughout universe are uneven,elliptical,jagged,the interior of earth might be hollow in some places or better still the portals might be few,cern is a linear facility,so plenty of scope to find one.

  11. It’s anecdotal but, looking back, most of my noticing possible ‘memory shifts’ starting seems to originate in 2009 during -the exact period of time in which in our timeline two events occurred that delayed the start of the LHC with CERN.- I’d been looking through comments hoping to see anything regarding John Titor or Steins;Gate (I even emailed Fiona asking if she had seen any comments referencing them,) and I’m really pleased to see it at least mentioned by Ana above. I’d like to start a discussion regarding CERN and time-line changing in relation to Titor and Steins;Gate.

    Some background about John Titor can be found on wikipedia. Steins;Gate has a wiki page too. The Steins;Gate media began in 2009 with a Japanese graphic novel (interestingly enough following something called Chaos;head which is described on wiki with ‘Delusions and the method of projecting one’s own delusions onto the physical world, or onto someone else’s visual system, is a key driver behind the story.’ I don’t want to get into Chaos;head at all it isn’t relevant to CERN, Titor or StEin, just found that interesting considering the subject.)

    I’m 32 now, I remember during my high-school years (’97-’01) discussing John Titor in a limited manner and considering it being a probable hoax. Flash forward to 2015 and I watch the Steins;Gate anime, which makes heavy use of the legend of John Titor, and in which SERN (CERN) ends up being involved in attempting to control potential time-line changing technology. I re-investigate Titor stuff, do some minor CERN research, thinking ‘That’s cool someone did so many cultural references on this.’ Pretty much left it at that for awhile, though something about the name of the anime bothered me a bit. There are a couple ‘word-salad’ seeming items in the show that are attributed to the main character naming something haphazardly; Namely the title of the show (Steins;Gate) being his name for performing a time-line shift and his ability to remember a change occurring between timelines being titled ‘Reading Steiner.’ At the time I figure maybe based on Albert Einstein, but it just… feels wrong somehow. Everything else in the show has really clear cultural references (I watched subtitled and dubbed, only minor changes and both full of the explainable cultural references.) Fast forward to finding this site from the recent August exposure in articles and on Facebook. The ‘BerenstAin’ bears thing is one of several that super hit home with me as being wrong… I see a potentially hoaxish comment that has an interesting idea in it by Mr. StAin… then it hits me. StEins;Gate, reading stEiner. Need I even further explain where I’m going with that rabbit-hole?

    I’m most interested in more immediate discussion with people who already knew about Titor and/or Steins;Gate (Less about Titor controversy and more about the idea of time-line shifts) but by all means looking into it from scratch should still be fascinating for people, and I think incredibly linked to the idea of the ME… and I’m dying to discuss this with people so I hope this generates some conversation.

    1. Joel,
      Very good post. Make sure you check out some of the newer articles on A and E, red/blue , and of course the Mr Stain one.

      I have alluded to John Titor a few times , but didn’t want to take away from the actual post/article. It’s easy to get sidetracked here! So many good topics.

      When Daniel brought up the retro PC anagram, it reminded me of the IBM 5100 he was looking for. I followed the John Titor saga when it was going on, I considered it an elaborate (very) hoax. Until I landed here, MANY of the things he said resonate now on this site.
      The CHANI project was another one , real or not I don’t know. But so many things he/she/ it?? Said really hit home now , 15 plus years later. It’s really kind of unnerving to read them now.
      Mike H.

  12. Thought I’d add one more to the list – The Philadelphia Experiment. 1943, where the Navy was messing around with attempts at invisibility and may have gotten more than they bargained for.

  13. Not a memory, but I just saw that there was a large swirling vortex in the sky over the LHC in Geneva in December! Not sure if it’s true. It seems almost too good to be true, but one can hope. Here’s the link to the article with video

    I wonder if such an event would cause a surge in mandela effect instances. Oh, I was at latitude 43.776710 and longitude -79.188065 when I read the article.

    1. Those are some great images, Christine, but the hype with the video… well, it’s laughable.

      Seriously, “interdimensional beings with a taste for human flesh”? Or, “a symbol of Shiva, the (Hindu God of Destruction) dancing the cosmic dance of death and destruction”?

      That, plus the fact that I can create the same kinds of images with Photoshop + Camtasia, makes me very skeptical of this. The digital effects would be very time-consuming with my software — involving a frame-by-frame edit — but for a 1:53 minute video, it’s not a steep challenge for a prankster.

      I suppose it could be real, and a fairly strange cloud effect. However, given the hype with it, I’m more inclined to raise an eyebrow and suspect a well-choreographed (but over-the-top) attempt at a hoax.

  14. Shiva the original god of dravidians pervades the whole of south asia.Most widely worshipped as the god of procreation,he is a multifaceted symbol,innocent yet prone to anger,the supreme lord of time and space.The dance of Shiva is wrongly perceived as dance of death and destruction,infact it is the opening of third eye that is supposed to manifest death and destruction,the dance actually represents gravitating of worlds towards the singularity or black hole.

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