Fiona on Coast to Coast AM, Tonight

Very late tonight (Monday, June 18/19), I’ll be a guest during the second half of George Noory’s radio show, Coast to Coast AM. 

I expect to talk about the Mandela Effect, but also about other areas of paranormal research. The show will be recorded so you can listen to it later. (In the eastern US, my segment of Coast to Coast AM airs from 3 AM to 5 AM. I’m hoping to be awake enough to say the things I want to say… and not blurt things as I sometimes do when I’m tired.)

Here’s the blurb from the Coast to Coast AM website.

Fiona Broome will be on Coast to Coast AM, tonight

Coast to Coast AM subscribers can hear the replay almost immediately.

In addition, Coast to Coast AM shows are available at YouTube, about three weeks after they initially aired.

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The Mandela Effect is evidence that you may have experienced events from a different reality. Finding others with similar memories can affirm that.

Those connections are important. This website is where many of them started.

To understand what the Mandela Effect is, click this link for the YouTube video.

For a far longer list of reported memories, see the Memories page and its links.

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