Marker or Memory Trigger?

This week, multiple reports related to Mother Teresa (or Mother Theresa) included additional, seemingly unrelated memories.

Domino Effect
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It’s not unusual for people to use one topic to report others, as a matter of convenience for them. However, this week’s reports and comments have been different. People were talking about additional alternate memories highlighted within days of recalling an alternate history for Mother Teresa or her canonization.

Among the most vivid was AL’s report. In close proximity to the Mother Teresa report, AL saw Michael Crawford on TV, when AL has memories connected to Crawford’s earlier death. In addition, a Sky News report seemed an exact repeat of a news story AL had seen about six months ago.

So, I’m interested in whether you’re noticing a dramatic uptick in your own emerging, credible alternate memories in the past week or so. (Meaning: Somehow connected to the announcement of Mother Teresa’s canonization – either the announcement triggered memories, or something released them around mid-March 2016.)

UPDATE: This poll and all comments are now closed.

What to include

  • Briefly list those memories. Not extended details, just the memory, headline-style (such as “John Doe still alive but I recall death in 2008”).
  • For each, say whether (for you) a media event (TV, radio, Internet) was related to that discovery.
  • Let us know if you only recently realized you had these memories, or if they’ve been confusing to you for some time, and
  • Whether or not you also have alternate Mother Teresa memories. (If they’re dual memories, let me know that, too.)

Why this poll?

I’m wondering if some events — such as Mother Teresa’s canonization…

  1. Trigger more awareness of additional, alternate memories that were already there, OR
  2. Mark a collective shift by multiple people into the current reality.

What’s Your Sign? Another Lighthearted Poll.

universe - astrologyIt’s time for another fun Saturday survey, to see if any patterns emerge among those with Mandela Effect memories.

What’s your astrological sign? Let’s focus on the popular, Western version… Aries, Pisces, and so on, at least for now.

I’m not endorsing astrology; I’m just looking, at random, for patterns. At this point, anything is possible.

[A note to skeptical critics: Yes, I do know that astrology and astronomy are two very different topics. I’ve read many scathing attacks on astrology, including the one at Deeper Minds. My approach to topics like this is different. First, I ask “does this work?” Then I question why it does, not necessarily taking commonplace explanations at face value.]

In this poll, I’m looking for two things, both from astrology: Your birth sign (from the date you were born), and your rising sign (related to the time/hour you were born).

Your birth sign is the zodiac sign where the sun was, when you were born. Those signs change about once a month.

Your rising sign is related to the sign on the horizon when you were born, and changes slightly from minute to minute.

You can look this up at For the rising sign, you’ll need the time of your birth; that’s usually on your birth certificate, though your mother may recall it… with more peripheral details than you ever wanted to know. (I’m a mom, so I can say that and laugh.)

Optional: I’m also interested in the sidereal time of your birth. For this, you’ll need the date — including hour & minute — of your birth, and the location, converted to latitude & longitude. Then, you’ll use any historical sidereal converter to get the time. (I repeat: This is optional.)

I’ll start this by sharing my information:

Birth sign: Virgo / Rising sign: Sagittarius.

Sidereal time of birth: 7.19.13

[Reminder: Do not share your exact birth date. For some, particularly those who have (or might in the future) share real names, this could be a privacy issue.]

I’ll expand this topic in a future survey, to include alternate astrological systems that may be even more useful. For now, I’m keeping this fairly simple.

Tee Shirts – ‘Old School’ Poll #1 [Closed]

After looking at off-site polling options, I decided to go “old school” with this. Off-site, I kept seeing sites that either required some kind of registration or they collect information about visitors in other ways.

Many visitors are wary of that kind of thing.  So, let’s do this the old fashioned way.

From the following suggested tee shirt ideas, which are your favorites? You can list up to three. (It’s okay to refer to your favorites by number rather than typing the full phrase for each one.)

In about a week — unless there’s a clear trend from the start — I’ll add up the votes and we’ll start designing.

Note: I did not include all suggested tee shirt ideas, if I thought they might create problems. For example, a few expressions were also rude slang in some countries. And, while we use “ME” or “M.E.” as shorthand for “Mandela Effect” here, it’s been pointed out that many people might confuse that for the Middle East. And so on.

Here are the current suggestions

  1. 50 or 52?
  2. Australia: the land down over
  3. Berenst#in
  4. The Berenst#in dilemna
  5. conCERNed
  6. Cool Ranch Fritos (<– Not sure if we can use that, due to trademark issues)
  7. Definately? Definitely!
  8. Definately a dilemna
  9. Definately Schultz
  10. Reality E Reunion 2015
  11. Fix my timeline
  12. I’m from Universe E
  13. IN the City
  14. It’s always been THE neighborhood.
  15. It was 1980 something.
  16. Mirror, mirror. (Very plain text, small lettering, no graphic.)
  17. No, Luke. No, no, no.
  18. rEality
  19. September 22/23
  20. Team Multiverse
  21. Universe E
  22. Visiting from the E reality
  23. What if Mr. Stain is right?
  24. Where is New Zealand now?
  25. First line on a shirt: “Are you A vampire?” Second line in response to the first: “No, I’m THE vampire.” (maybe have stick figures or caricatures on the shirt saying the lines)
  26. [Just a single word] Chartreuse (on a dark pink shirt)
  27. Red (on a blue shirt)
  28. Blue (on a red shirt)
  29. Something representing the famous Henry VIII (with turkey leg) painting, and “I remember” beneath it.

In general, I’m aiming for shirts that seem deceptively mundane, or cryptic. None will say “Mandela Effect” on them, or have a URL.

Several people expressed an interest in shirts in darker colors with lighter lettering — black, charcoal grey, or midnight blue. Would those be your preferences, too?

Feel free to add your own suggestions — for phrases, slogans, and graphics, as well as shirt styles and colors — in comments.

One-Week Survey – Various Views [Closed]

This one-week poll checked a few topics that have been raised in recent comments. It was concluded a little early, due to software issues. The survey results are far from scientific, but might provide some insights about the Mandela Effect.

Visitors were asked to check as many answers as applied to them. For answer-by-answer notes, scroll down to below the poll.

These were the results:


Item notes

The tinnitus (ringing or hissing in ears) answer is about a chronic or recurring sound in your ears that seems internally caused.

The hot air balloon memory seems real but unreal. You have the memory, but you’re also sure it never happened.

The September 22/23 issue is very general, but is about one of those two dates (any year), not another September date, or a 22/23 date in another month.

The “duplicate” memory answer is for people who recall two different versions of the same event, even if one seems far more real than the other.

Questions? Comments? Other answers or insights? Please share them in comments, below.

Poll: Age-related Berenstein/Berenstain Memories?

Does age make a difference in how people remember the popular Berenstein (or Berenstain) Bears books? One of our readers — Kyle — suggested that age might give us some clues to how the Mandela Effect works.

This is a two-week poll and it’s only for those who recall Berenstain, not Berenstein. (Most people who comment at this site seem to recall Berenstein, so I’m especially interested in those who recall the Berenstain spelling.)

After this poll, I’ll run a similar poll for those who recall the Berenstein spelling, to compare the results.

[yop_poll id=”6″]

Poll (closed): Have You Effected a Reality Change?

This poll (now closed) was for people who believe they have experienced a significant reality change (Mandela Effect).

Original post

Mandela Effect -reality changeI’m curious about your background, and whether — prior to the first time you noticed a change in your reality — you’d already been experimenting (pushing the usual boundaries) of accepted, everyday reality.

This could include:

  • Using prayer or magic to change the most likely outcome in a challenging situation.
  • Exploring past lives, reincarnation, karma, and other explanations for what’s happened in your life.
  • Other ways to facilitate (make easier) selected challenges or learning experiences in your life.
  • Attempts (successful or not) at astral travel, remote viewing, precognition, psychokinesis, etc. (Especially anything ESP-ish.)
  • Other practices (whether you believed in them or just tried them for fun) that were intended to empower you in relation to your effects on your personal reality.

You may cast your vote for more than one. Please remember that we’re looking for things you may have tried before the first time you noticed a reality shift.

[yop_poll id=”5″]


If you did something else (not in the poll) that might have had an effect on your immediate or later reality, please leave a comment about it.

Remember, this isn’t about blame or — at the other extreme — boasting.

It’s about pre-slide activity, and if patterns emerge in these polls.

Poll results

649 people participated in this poll. People could choose multiple answers; they weren’t limited to just one.

It looks like about 1/3 of respondents had used mind-expanding drugs, 1/3 had used religious intercession (like prayer), and 1/3 hadn’t made any attempts to influence reality or outcomes.

Here are the actual numbers:
poll results - other influences
215 people (15.3% of votes) said they’d used mind-expanding drugs [pink section of pie chart].
213 people (15.2%) said they’d used religious intercession methods (prayer, novenas, etc.) [blue section].
164 people had experimented with astral travel [yellow].
131 people had tried magic (magick) to cause changes [purple].
113 people had tried hypnosis or something like it [light blue].
74 people had used past-life counselling or other regression techniques [red].
134 people said they’d use other, miscellaneous New Age practices [dark green].
156 people (11.1% of votes) said they’d tested other reality- or outcome-practices [light green].
202 people (14.4% of votes) checked “none of the above.”

If you have any thoughts about this concept — that a deliberate act might have predisposed you to a reality shift — I hope you’ll comment here, too.


Photo courtesy of primozc, Slovenia

Poll: Better or Worse? (Poll closed.)

For the next few weeks, I’ll be asking several questions. It’s time to look at general impressions of the Mandela Effect.

Roundabout sign - courtesy Colin BroughOne of the scientists curious about Mandela Effect (and how physics experiments might be affecting our timestream) raised an interesting point: If the Mandela Effect is real, do people feel as if the “slide” from one reality to another was an improvement?

I’m not sure that’s an objective question. Also, unless someone can recall a point where lots of things changed — or a single event (such as the earlier death of Nelson Mandela) seemed to make a significant difference — I’m not sure anyone can evaluate the impact of a single (and perhaps personal) reality shift.

In public and private comments, very few people describe a Mandela Effect event that changed everything.

Also, by the time anyone realizes a past event “never happened” in this timestream, I’m not sure he or she can look back and evaluate (objectively or subjectively) what else changed at that time. Generally, I think our focus remains on the single, changed event.

Nevertheless, this is a question worth asking. (One answer/vote per person.) [This poll is now closed.]

[yop_poll id=”4″]

Do you have additional thoughts about this poll? Please share them in comments.

UPDATE – Poll results

I ended the poll a few days early, since the results were clear. The following pie chart shows the top four answers.

Mandela Effect - better worse poll results

The most-voted answer was “neither better nor worse,” followed by “worse” and (light blue) “not sure,” and then “better in some ways, worse in others.”

The following bar graph shows the numbers, from fewest votes to most.

“Worse” outnumbered “better” more than three to one. That surprised me.Bar graph - Mandela Effect - better worse 2015 In this poll, 104 votes were cast in the United States. Most of the remaining 48 votes were cast in the UK and Ireland.

One deleted vote was merely a four-letter kind of insult that didn’t contribute to the discussion. Weirdly, it was cast via a “net nanny” type of server in the US, and that made me chuckle.

I’m not ready to draw any firm conclusions from this, but I welcome your comments about these results.

Roundabout photo courtesy of Colin Brough, UK

[UPDATE: Comments are now closed.]

Poll: Mandela’s Death (Poll is Closed)

This is the first of several polls I’m using to find patterns in alternate memories.

If you recall Nelson Mandela’s death prior to December 2013, I hope you’ll remember (or provide a thoughtful guess about) the year — in the 1980s — you think he died.

Please vote just once, and for just one year. The default — remembering his death in 2013 — is included for those who want to register that they don’t have the alternate Mandela memory.


[yop_poll id=”3″]

First Poll – Major Memories

checkbox-greenPOLL CLOSED

It’s time to see how many people remember which memories. The first goal is to see if most people have all, some, or only a few of the most-reported alternate memories.

Also, this was only the first poll of many. Future polls will look for other patterns among alternate memories and those who recall them. Continue reading “First Poll – Major Memories”