The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Sky

sunriseMany people have commented about dramatica changes in the sky. They’re not sure if it’s Mandela Effect or something else.

In comments, people describe the changing color of the sun, the configurations of the stars, and the size and appearance of the moon.  I’ve also seen the occasional chemtrail reference. (The latter topic could easily take us in the realm of conspiracy theories I’d like to avoid. Nevertheless, people are reporting more of trails.)

I’m creating this article (and moving sky-specific comments) so they’re all in one location.

Pepsi, Chevron, Back to the Future, and More – Beyond Red/Blue

red-blue logo - Image courtesy lorenzo

Some time ago, a person posting as Mr. Stain left a cryptic message for us.

He said, “This has nothing to do with financial gain the A is a marker for every time processor in the event of an emergency to understand what reality they are in, there are so many more markers that are hidden from the public yet each letter stands for age, date, time and sequence. This information is true and has been provided for your understanding by a fellow time processor…please watch out for 2029! Be prepaired and watch out for the awakening, this is not make sense now but will soon and please stop using your cell phones they are the key ingredient of your societies collapse.”

Note: I copied that exactly as he wrote it, including “prepaired.”

At the time, it seemed an odd comment, but we’ve seen plenty of those at this website.  And, I’ll admit that he left something in his (private) signature that made me raise an eyebrow, because it referenced something I consider a tasteless parody/mockumentary.

This week, in the Red/Blue discussions, we returned to some of what he’d talked about, but more to conversations that his comment sparked.

I’d like to continue the general red/blue topics at that article, but the issue of Pepsi logos (and perhaps Chevron logos) and Back to the Future may deserve special mention.

As you recall the Pepsi (beverage) and Chevron (gasoline) logos:

  • Have the color placements changed in this reality?
  • Are they different in a reality many of us have visited?
  • Are they signs or signals or markers of some kind?

Some aspects of the Pepsi logo’s rabbit hole can be accessed through this PDF: (If that vanishes, it’s the leaked Arnell memo about the significance behind the new Pepsi logo design.)

I have no idea whether this is significant or not. Maybe the colors mean nothing and the logo colors are in the same sequence they’ve always been.

I’m creating this article in case this is going to take conversations in a very specific direction, not limited to the general red/blue topic.

Additional references

Pepsi-related comments at this site:

Some (not all) of Daniel’s earlier references to the Pepsi logo and a few of his Back to the Future notes: 28 Mar 20151 May 201512 Oct 2015.

Mike H’s comment (at the Red/Blue article) that sparked this tangent:

Pepsi’s own history of the brand:

Apparently, colors are important enough to try to “own.” 10 Colors that Might Get You Sued. (I can’t seem to find any news articles related to an effort I recall, where Pepsi tried to trademark “their” color blue. If you find a reference, let me know.)

Chevron-related comments at this site:

I think JM first raised the Chevron logo issue – 6 Mar 2014 and referenced a David Icke forum post. (See the thread that followed JM’s post.) The Wikimedia photo with the odd Chevron logo (photoshopped?) is at this link: , but the company’s own video of logos associated with Chevron shows the colors in the alternate order. (Also see: for possible earliest version of Chevron’s modern logo.)

And, for people who want to analyze the Back to the Future series…

I looked for articles that list ME-type references in Back to the Future (see Daniel’s comments) but so far haven’t found any outside this site. Feel free to list those you know about, in comments here, so they’re in one location.

Image courtesy lorenzo

Red/Blue Alternate Memories

red and blue colors Fazakas

Lately, I’ve noticed an interesting correlation emerging in some alternate memories. It’s the mention of red and blue. The colors might be prominent in the memory, or they might be what changed between realities — what was blue elsewhere is now red, and vice versa.

I might not pay so much attention to this, except that it echoes the red/blue references in The Matrix. I’m always interested when alternate memories seem echoed in, or coincidentally related to, pop culture or the arts.

If you have alternate memories that relate to red and blue, or if those two colors seem curiously important in an alternate memory, I hope you’ll share what you recall — and any insights you have — in comments.