Sports Events and the Mandela Effect

Discussions about sports events and outcomes – and how they relate to the Mandela Effect – have appeared in a few comment threads. They’re so distinct from our usual conversations, I was taken off-guard. No pun intended.

Sports eventsI’m not sure what to expect, but – so far – some good points have been raised:

  • With all the celebrity-related memories, why do we have so few reported variations in how sports events concluded?
  • Since a different outcome of a particular game or match can then cascade and affect an entire season, it seems to me that alternate outcomes would be distinctly different memories – perhaps more extended – than alternate events in other areas of pop culture (TV shows, book titles, etc.)

Except for the America’s Cup, I don’t follow much in the sporting world. So, in that field, I’m not likely to reply, “I remember that, too.”

However, when sports topics was raised here, I began wondering why so few alternate memories include that subject, when it could be a fertile area of study to learn more about the Mandela Effect.

Or, I might speculate that the emotional fervor invested in sporting events is so intense, it blots out alternate memories… or that, across most realities, the same teams or individuals always win.

It’s a curious anomaly within the Mandela Effect… and, of course, that’s an anomaly, itself.