A Place for Personal, Alternate Memories

time and the Mandela EffectThis topic is now closed to comments. We have over 150 personal comments, and — in general — it’s time to shift this website’s emphasis to data that’s easier to analyze.

Here’s part of my original article:

In the past, I’ve edited or simply not approved Mandela Effect comments that seemed lengthy and about deeply personal experiences.

However, the more I read these comments and insights, the more I’m concerned that we’re missing key insights that may be in personal accounts.

The fact is, aside from cues from physics and some metaphysical theories, I haven’t a clue which consistencies — and, I suppose, inconsistencies —  might reveal what’s causing Mandela Effect issues.

So, I’m creating this post as a place to file deeply personal memories that people describe in detail. If people think this information might be useful or important to understanding what’s going on… maybe it is.

These comments have been fascinating. People have taken time to share deeply personal experiences, and in considerable detail. Thank you!

However, as of December 2015, I’m not seeing enough new, specific data in these comments, to establish patterns — times, locations, or events — and understand the Mandela Effect better. Starting in 2016, I’m building a database to analyze all 9,000+ comments at this site, so far. That will require time and focus.

I may re-open this topic, later. For now, I’m closing this particular topic and area of discussion.