Some Research Ideas

Halloween is on the horizon. Once again my “day job” is my top priority. Between now and the end of 2017, I’m pausing my Mandela Effect research.

ResearchBut frankly, I’ve been overwhelmed in my search for patterns related to the Mandela Effect. The data points seem almost infinite.

Maybe you can do better.

Patterns to Research

The following are just some of many patterns you could explore. I’m not certain that any of them have merit, but — for serious Mandela Effect enthusiasts — they might suggest starting points for your research.

  • The time between the actual event, and when you (and others) thought it happened. That is, are the gaps consistent? For example, if people recall John Doe dying in 1998 but he actually died in 2013, that’s a 15-year gap. Do other alt/real combinations have similar gaps? Do specific kinds (categories) of alt/real memories have category-specific time gaps between them?
  • Also related to time: if it’s possible to separate new reports from the trending/contagion that follows, do you see any patterns to when those new reports emerge? For example, are there lots of product reports at one time, and then a spate of celebrity-related alternate memories? (Connecting the dots, I’d include “six degree” types of connections, and not just among people, but also related locations.)
  • Spelling patterns such as the letters indicated by Mr. Stain. I’d look at all names (people, products, locations, etc.) with unexplained spelling changes.
  • Especially connected to products, countries’ flags and banners, and so on, look for color patterns.
  • Likewise, number patterns starting with (but not limited to) the years mentioned in anomalous reports.
  • I’m not sure there’s any way to analyze ley lines, more than already explored. However, someone — with more time and dedication to this — might find fresh ways to study this, geographically. (I’m not sure it’s worthwhile plotting these locations in relation to the CERN grid. But, if you think that CERN’s activity may be part of the Mandela Effect, that grid should probably be checked.)
  • Similar to the idea above, I’m not sure if anyone has correlated Mandela Effect events (or reports) with activity at other particle accelerators, or looked for related patterns and ley lines.
  • Biological similarities (among those with alternate memories) were never fully studied, at this site. (I’m not sure if that’s been taken up at Reddit or other forums.) The initial question was: do those with multiple alternate memories share features such as a certain blood type, a particular astrological sign, a certain ancestry/DNA, etc.

What’s Reliable?

When analyzing reports at this website, I recommend limiting your data to the earliest comments and articles. For reasons I’ve discussed in the past, I’m not as certain of the reliability of comments posted after early 2015.

Short explanation: After this site gained widespread attention (around the time George Takei started talking about the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears issue), an increasing number of comments seemed odd.

For a while, I approved them anyway. But, when the relative number of those odd comments continued increasing, I became uneasy about the unusual IP numbers — curious locations relative to the reports, and how often some were used to spam this site.

(I’m still not sure why they bothered, but I’ve never grokked the purpose of most spam, anyway.)

I also became suspicious of typos repeated through comments that seemed to come from different IPs, using different usernames, and so on.

(Initially, I tried to correct those typos to save the commenters embarrassment or sarcastic replies. Later, I didn’t have time for that, or to check for spoofed IPs. So, don’t limit your raised eyebrow moments to comments that otherwise look fine. I might have “corrected” those comments to fix what I thought were spelling errors.)

Eventually, in the interest of saving time, I deleted new comments that seemed to raise red flags. Almost all of them were nonsensical, snarky, repetitive, or — even worse — harped upon controversial themes such as religion or conspiracies.

(I’d always wanted this site to focus on the anomalies, with a secondary interest in any markers and mechanics of the Mandela Effect. For me, the initial questions were “is this real?” and then “how widespread is it?”  I’m still not ready to leap far ahead of those points.)

So, if you’re going to analyze comments, I recommend starting with Memories page 1, working forward (in time), until you notice things that seem especially non sequitur or raise an eyebrow. Generally, I think comments at and prior to Memories page 5 are the most reliable.

Of course, all outlying data points should be flagged, in case trolls & jokers were commenting earlier than I suspected.

Theories to Consider

If you’re analyzing theories & explanations, I think the most credible theories fit into one of three categories:

  • We’re in a holodeck, and the programming has glitches, like those that appear in Dr. Who or The Matrix, etc. Some events seem to repeat themselves, or appear “out of time.”
  • OR, we’re “sliding” from one reality to another. (That alt reality doesn’t have to be as dramatic as, say, Sliders, or The Man in the High Castle. Maybe the difference is a subtle as one reality having only monarch butterflies; unless you’re a lepidopterist, you might not even notice that.) So, in one or more realities, perhaps some events have already happened. They’re in the past. When you slide back into this reality, those events are still ahead, in the future, but everything else seems the same.
  • OR, it’s time travel. You briefly slip into a future time where you note several events happening. Then, you’re back in your own time (without realizing anything has changed), and “remember” some of those future events as if they’d already occurred.

Either of the latter two (sliding or time travel) could correlate with CERN or other particle accelerator activity. Or space launches. Or quirky experiments at the space station. Or something else altogether.

(Also, those three main theories aren’t mutually exclusive.)

You could also study dates to see if they coincide with things like flares at the Global Consciousness Dot. (That history is online. Some records include the locations of the eggs. You could see if some Mandela Effect anomalies are geographically related – either the event itself or the location/s of the largest group of people who suddenly remember an alternate memory.)

You might also look at report/comment dates in relation to things like the Full Moon. (Keep in mind: anecdotally, surges in accidents and other ER issues occur about two or three days after the Full Moon.)

And — going far out on a limb — there’s astrology, which is not literal in terms of science, but many attest to the behavior patterns it seems to predict. If you’re going to use this for data analysis, remember that all planetary Retrogrades (not just the infamous Mercury Retrogrades) involve revisiting past events.

Is that relevant? Could retrogrades highlight “memories” of events that haven’t happened yet? I’m just throwing it into the mix in case it intrigues anyone to travel down that quirky (and possibly unlikely) rabbit hole.

(And no, I don’t take all of this seriously. But I wouldn’t rule out anything that could lead to a useful discovery, even if it started from a “you’ve got to be kidding” premise.)

I hope this sparks your interest, and — perhaps working with others — you uncover fresh ways to analyze (or even predict) Mandela Effect anomalies.

Mysterious Pattern – Update

Quantum Leap AlTwo weeks ago, I published a request. I was looking for anyone who could elaborate on an odd series of messages I’d received.

At the time, those messages seemed significant. They still do, but no one has successfully confirmed the context of My**EE.

So, I’m putting that to one side, for now.

However, many people deserve thanks for comments that pointed to another Mandela Effect pattern. This relates to synchronicities they noted: Things they were researching, or other points that were exact matches for something in my post.

It was a busy day when I posted that article. I didn’t choose my phrases, schedule that post for a certain time, or add its illustration with careful thought. It was simply, “Maybe I should ask my friends and site visitors if they recognize this code.”

I was astonished when friends and readers replied with other, unexpected matches to their own lives and research.

So, thank you to everyone who replied. Your insights were fascinating!

Meanwhile, this site remains closed to new comments because the trolls, spam, and spoofs had reached a ridiculous level.

Speaking of trolls and others trying to take advantage of eager Mandela Effect fans…

Please remember that I’m not at Reddit. I don’t comment at forums. I don’t leave comments at people’s websites, either.

I don’t make personal appearances. I’m not on TV shows, on the radio (as a guest or call-in), or in documentaries.

Anyone claiming to be “Fiona Broome” — or my representative — in any of those places, is a fraud.

Be very wary of anyone who asks (or hints) that he or she wants money for “Mandela Effect research.”

(Also, there is no active email address. Anyone apparently using that as an address… it’s a spoof. Don’t even open it.)

Explorer or Occasional Slider?

In recent reports, more people are talking about changing memories. That is, some are starting to experience dual memories, meaning they recall two different, contrasting memories.

Others say that they vaguely recall a contrasting memory, but now it seems like it’s fading. (They’re not saying they were mistaken, previously, but a few are questioning that.)

Peeking cat, courtesy PexelsIn most cases, visitors say they suddenly recall both Berenstein and Berenstain Bears.

I’m going to take this in a speculative direction. Perhaps wild and unlikely speculation.

It’s fine if you disagree, even vehemently.

But, what if (all the best questions start that way) the longer someone is in a reality, the more their memories assimilate with the reality he or she is in?

Maybe it’s like moving to a region or country with a different accent. And, the longer you live there, the more natural it is to pronounce words the local way.

I’m reminded of a novel that seemed to suggest that reality “slides” can affect memories, eventually. (Or, it may have been how I interpreted the story.) The book was Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. (It was an okay book, and I really enjoyed parts of it, but it wasn’t something I’d re-read.)

So, this morning, I’m wondering whether people who retain strong, alternate memories are avid explorers of realities, whether they’re consciously choosing to “slide” or not.

In other words, they’re people who visit multiple realities with greater frequency than others.

And, perhaps those who are sensing dual or even changing memories, are occasional sliders.

Or, maybe they’ve settled into this reality. They plan to stay here, and are happy to adopt its memories as their own.

Admittedly, this is speculation built on layers of “what if…?” ideas. The truth — for one person, some people, or even everyone — may be very different.

I’m just guessing, really.

For me, it’s the kind of question that makes the Mandela Effect fascinating.

Most Popular Topics

Does a hidden history exist? A history different from what you’ve been told?

Or is it hiding in plain sight, in memories and events you’ve witnessed yourself?

This is the original Mandela Effect website.

I’m Fiona Broome, and I launched this site in 2009 to discuss memories that didn’t seem to match documented history.

Now, Mandela Effect discussions are in the wild. The topic has become so mainstream, it’s been featured in an X-Files episode, a horror movie, and – at the other extreme – in Readers Digest and Good Housekeeping magazine.

No producers or reporters have ever contacted me for ideas, quotes, content, permissions… nothing at all. To be very clear: I have absolutely no connection with any articles, shows, or movies referencing the Mandela Effect. (However, I’ll admit that I enjoyed watching the X-Files episode. It was deliciously funny parody.)

So, if you’ve had difficulty reaching this website and keep seeing a “bandwidth exceeded” message, it’s due to the current (temporary?) attention this topic has attracted.

This website serves as an archives, documenting how the Mandela Effect conversations began.

To understand what the Mandela Effect is, click this link for the YouTube video.

For a far longer list of reported memories, see the original Mandela Effect list  and its links.

If you’d like to browse a variety of Mandela Effect comments, here are links, very loosely in date order.   1 – 2345678910 – 1112131415 

More pages: SitemapSite News – About this siteTheoriesFree DIY t-shirt designs – Legal/PrivacyFAQs

2016 – The Tipping Point

Early in 2016, I deliberately stepped back from this website.

blue and pink nebula
Image courtesy

Part of it was the crazy workload. Moderating comments required five to six hours per day, seven days a week. That’s too much.

In addition, around April 2016, I was more-or-less asked to stop discussing the Mandela Effect topic. The general message was: my articles & conversations might be influencing the outcome of experiments that were at a critical point.

Even if those contacting me seemed official/credible – and I wasn’t sure that they were – those requests sounded… odd. Illogical.

To be honest, I’m still skeptical of that request. Then & now, I felt that the genie was already out of the bottle. Reddit and other forums were running wild with Mandela Effect speculation. The toothpaste isn’t going back into that tube.

Trying to silence any topic on the Internet…? I’m not sure if that’s hilariously funny or utterly sad.

(Btw, I’m not at Reddit. Or any forums. Or on the radio – except for a 2018 George Noory Coast to Coast AM appearance – or on TV, or in documentaries.)

But, as I’ve said, the moderation thing… it had become onerous. I didn’t need a lot of convincing to close comments, and start stepping away from this topic altogether.

I will leave the archives here.

At some point in the past year (2016), even more people realized that they shared memories that don’t fit the current, accepted version of reality.

The “tipping point” was achieved.

And now, it’s official. As of late November 2016, from mainstream media to tabloids, the concept is exploding.

Apparently, there are other realities. And, if scientists are correct, those other realities are interacting with us. (Or, we’re interacting with them… same result.)


Express: There ARE parallel universes: Physicists state multiverses are INTERACTING

Forbes: Is There Another ‘You’ Out There In A Parallel Universe?

The West Australian: Time travel possible with multiverses interacting with one another, scientists theorise

AOL News: Scientists say time travel is possible

The Inquisitr: Parallel Universes Are Real And They Are Interacting With Our Universe, Scientists Say

The Sun: QUANTUM LEAPS – Time travellers could use parallel dimensions to visit the past, scientists claim

Over six years ago, when I started this website and our conversations began, I had no idea we’d reach this point.

But… well, here we are.

I don’t even know what to call this. A movement? An awakening? Something else altogether…?

Whatever label you want to use, the Mandela Effect is part of it, and you are, too.

At this point, I’m not sure we have to prove anything about our alternate memories. Sure, trite explanations (like “it’s all confabulation”) can be acknowledged, but now we have science on our side.

Not all of the dots connect. I realize that.

But, with the broad scale announcement that parallel realities appear to be real, and they seem to be influencing each other… we have enough confirmation to say we’re not making this up.

For now, I want to pause and celebrate. You should, as well. I feel as if everyone who’s talked about the Mandela Effect and shared alternate memories – online and off-  has been part of the tipping point that happened in 2016.

That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Question: Does Accepting the Mandela Effect Increase Slides?

attic lightIn discussions with friends, a question has been raised: When someone accepts the idea that the Mandela Effect is real, does this reduce one’s resistance to it? And, does this result in more frequent slides from one reality to another?

Instead of a subconscious effort not to slide, are we mentally “catching the wave” and riding it to the next, cooler, alternate experience?

I’m interested in whether you feel that — since looking at the Mandela Effect concept, and deciding that it might be real — you’re seeing an increasing number of changes.

I don’t mean “Whoa, when did that change?” moments.  I mean times when you look at something and know it was different yesterday, or in a time since you stumbled onto the Mandela Effect.

I’m not looking for a list of shifting memories.

Mostly, I’m interested in your theories about what’s going on, and if you’re seeing more changes since you considered the Mandela Effect, and decided it’s not only possible, but okay. To use an old phrase, now that you know about the Mandela Effect, are you happy (or at least somewhat content) to “go with the flow”?

Latest Memories – 11 Apr 2016

  • Jonny Quest - first season videosJonny Quest or Johnny Quest? As you can see from the DVD set from the first season — illustrated at right — it’s Jonny. No H. This is one of the first spelling alterations we’ve seen that’s not a vowel. (Note: Johnny Test is a different program.)
  • Oxiclean or Oxyclean? It’s Oxiclean in this reality.
  • Several Australians have reported a strong memory of an alternate Australian flag. The issues seem related to the number of stars and relative sizes of them. Several specifically talk about seeing the “new” flag behind the Australian Prime Minister during a speech in mid-late March 2016.
  • Days of Heaven movie: At the big confrontation, did Sam Shepard hold a pitchfork or a gun? (I haven’t seen the film, but people say it’s a gun in this reality.)
  • Probably not a Mandela Effect issue: A few people are reporting that US Mail (USPS) trucks (jeep style) now have steering wheels on the left side of the car, similar to most US automobiles. I only recall seeing the steering wheel on the right side of USPS vehicles, the same as cars in England. (On US mail delivery vehicles, the right-side driver’s seat makes it easy to put mail into curbside mailboxes, without leaving the vehicle.)
  • Not Mandela Effect:  “E.T. phone home” was said in the movie, E.T. I’m not sure who started claiming it was only “E.T. home phone,” but that’s just one line in the film; the rest say “…phone home.”
  • Not Mandela Effect, as far as I know: In at least one episode of Fringe, the New York borough of Manhattan is spelled Manhatan. That’s deliberate, to cue viewers that the show is set in an alternate reality.
  • Those reporting a dual memory of the borough as “Manhatten”… that might be Mandela Effect. (It should be “Manhattan.” According to, 76% of the misspellings are consistently “Manhatten.” Contrast that with the 63% who misspell the word “misspell.”) I’m not sure whether the focused frequency of a misspelled word indicates Mandela Effect, and if we can claim a certain percentage as a marker.
  • Several people think the added forward-slash (/) is part of spelling at this website, and it’s a Mandela Effect. It’s not. The apparent typo is due to a software glitch I haven’t been able to resolve… and I don’t have time to go through comments and delete all those extra characters.
  • Another simple misspelling: the word is “whoa,” not “woah.” The frequency of this misspelling in recent years raises the question of whether it’s based in the Mandela Effect, but I’m not sure. (It shows up 71% of the time, as a misspelling.) If you’re fairly sure it’s a Mandela Effect issue, let me know.
  • Another confusing spelling topic: Several people recall being taught “suprise” instead of “surprise.” says 62% misspell “surprise” without the first R. (That could be a contagion from a typo in a spelling book, or some other teaching-related mistake.) However, that word seems to have a higher-than-average number of variations among misspellings. The number of variations is anomalous.
  • Misquotation or Mandela Effect? It seems as if “Hello, Clarice” doesn’t appear in Silence of the Lambs. It’s “Good evening, Clarice.” (I can’t vouch for this because I’ve never seen the film and never will, on principle. But, enough people have contacted me about the quote, I’m including it in this list.)
  • In the Matrix, when Neo opens his book, does a word appear — probably on the right-side page of the book, opposite the page headed “On Nihilism” — near the top of an otherwise-white page? So far, no one can recall the actual word, but all say it was there when they first saw the movie… and now it’s gone.

Marker or Memory Trigger?

This week, multiple reports related to Mother Teresa (or Mother Theresa) included additional, seemingly unrelated memories.

Domino Effect
Photo courtesy

It’s not unusual for people to use one topic to report others, as a matter of convenience for them. However, this week’s reports and comments have been different. People were talking about additional alternate memories highlighted within days of recalling an alternate history for Mother Teresa or her canonization.

Among the most vivid was AL’s report. In close proximity to the Mother Teresa report, AL saw Michael Crawford on TV, when AL has memories connected to Crawford’s earlier death. In addition, a Sky News report seemed an exact repeat of a news story AL had seen about six months ago.

So, I’m interested in whether you’re noticing a dramatic uptick in your own emerging, credible alternate memories in the past week or so. (Meaning: Somehow connected to the announcement of Mother Teresa’s canonization – either the announcement triggered memories, or something released them around mid-March 2016.)

UPDATE: This poll and all comments are now closed.

What to include

  • Briefly list those memories. Not extended details, just the memory, headline-style (such as “John Doe still alive but I recall death in 2008”).
  • For each, say whether (for you) a media event (TV, radio, Internet) was related to that discovery.
  • Let us know if you only recently realized you had these memories, or if they’ve been confusing to you for some time, and
  • Whether or not you also have alternate Mother Teresa memories. (If they’re dual memories, let me know that, too.)

Why this poll?

I’m wondering if some events — such as Mother Teresa’s canonization…

  1. Trigger more awareness of additional, alternate memories that were already there, OR
  2. Mark a collective shift by multiple people into the current reality.

Mother Teresa – A Saint Once Again?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
photo courtesy of India7 Network

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910 – 1997) will be canonized as a saint on September 4th, 2016.

From comments and email, it’s clear that many Mandela Effect readers recall Mother Teresa (also remembered as Mother Theresa) being declared a saint prior to 2016.

  • Some recall her being named a saint in the 1990s.
  • Some are sure she was given sainthood while alive.
  • Some specifically reference Pope John Paul II as the pope who approved the canonization.

It’s important to note some landmark recognitions during Mother Teresa’s life and in the years since her death.

  • In 1962, she was given the Philippines-based Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding.
  • In 1969, she was featured in the film, Something Beautiful for God.
  • In 1971, Paul VI awarded her the first Pope John XXIII Peace Prize.
  • In 1979, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • In 1980, she received India’s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna.
  • After her 1997 death, Pope John Paul II waived the usual five-year wait and began the beatification process.
  • In 2002, the Vatican recognized the first of two required miracles leading to Mother Teresa’s canonization.
  • In 2003, she was officially beatified.
  • In 2015, the Vatican recognized the second of the two required miracles.
  • According to the Vatican, her canonization will take place September 4th, 2016.

If you recall a reality in which she was named a saint (canonized) earlier than 2016, I hope you’ll share those memories in comments,* below.  I’m particularly interested in the context of your memories. That is, where you were, which spelling (Teresa or Theresa) you recall, whether you read about her sainthood in a book, heard about it in class, learned about it from a news report or online, and so on.

*On most articles at this site, comments remain open for 45 days.

DiCaprio Wins… Again?

DiCaprio - Mandela Effect
Oscar photo courtesy Davidlohr Bueso

Several people recall a past (pre-2016) Oscar ceremony where Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor award. As they recall it, his acceptance speech was similar to his latest one, as well.

(And no, they’re not confusing it with the BAFTA ceremony in February. Some of them mentioned the BAFTAs, specifically, as a ceremony they’d ruled out as a mix-up.)

I didn’t watch either 2016 ceremony, so I don’t have this memory and I’m not sure how widespread it is as a Mandela Effect.

(Since posting this article, I’ve reports with clear memories of DiCaprio winning the Best Actor award for Titanic, including 1998 talk shows replaying his acceptance speech.)

I’m wondering if a reality exists where time is tracking ahead of us by a specific amount. If someone were to check the time gaps between alternate memories, and when those events happened in this reality, it might be an interesting research topic.

It’s not something I have time for (or enough interest in), but I’d be interested in any “coincidental,” time-related results across several alternate memories.