What’s Your Sign? Another Lighthearted Poll.

universe - astrologyIt’s time for another fun Saturday survey, to see if any patterns emerge among those with Mandela Effect memories.

What’s your astrological sign? Let’s focus on the popular, Western version… Aries, Pisces, and so on, at least for now.

I’m not endorsing astrology; I’m just looking, at random, for patterns. At this point, anything is possible.

[A note to skeptical critics: Yes, I do know that astrology and astronomy are two very different topics. I’ve read many scathing attacks on astrology, including the one at Deeper Minds. My approach to topics like this is different. First, I ask “does this work?” Then I question why it does, not necessarily taking commonplace explanations at face value.]

In this poll, I’m looking for two things, both from astrology: Your birth sign (from the date you were born), and your rising sign (related to the time/hour you were born).

Your birth sign is the zodiac sign where the sun was, when you were born. Those signs change about once a month.

Your rising sign is related to the sign on the horizon when you were born, and changes slightly from minute to minute.

You can look this up at Astro.com. For the rising sign, you’ll need the time of your birth; that’s usually on your birth certificate, though your mother may recall it… with more peripheral details than you ever wanted to know. (I’m a mom, so I can say that and laugh.)

Optional: I’m also interested in the sidereal time of your birth. For this, you’ll need the date — including hour & minute — of your birth, and the location, converted to latitude & longitude. Then, you’ll use any historical sidereal converter to get the time. (I repeat: This is optional.)

I’ll start this by sharing my information:

Birth sign: Virgo / Rising sign: Sagittarius.

Sidereal time of birth: 7.19.13

[Reminder: Do not share your exact birth date. For some, particularly those who have (or might in the future) share real names, this could be a privacy issue.]

I’ll expand this topic in a future survey, to include alternate astrological systems that may be even more useful. For now, I’m keeping this fairly simple.

43 thoughts on “What’s Your Sign? Another Lighthearted Poll.”

  1. Tropical birth sign: Sagittarius/ Rising sign: Aquarius.
    Sideral birth time: 4.43.14? Maybe?

  2. Birth sign: Virgo
    Rising sign: Libra
    Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time: 23:7:30.54
    Local Sidereal Time: 2:10:46.01
    (I wasn’t sure which sidereal time was most useful for you, so I included both.)

  3. For general information, the moon system(indian astrology) uses the same signs as the sun system(western astrology) like Aries Pisces.The difference is that a sign lasts for only 54 hours and is further honed to 24 hrs 6 hrs and 2 hrs for a fine definition of individual characteristics.Besides,the moon system is a dynamic one.

    1. Vivek, I definitely want to include this in a future poll. First, I’m watching responses to this simpler poll. (A lot of people already know their general/Western astrological sign, so there’s nothing for them to look up.)

  4. Sun sign: Sagittarius, Rising sign: Libra (Moon sign: Aquarius)

    Sidereal time: 4:51:07 (Greenwich mean)
    2:25:03 (local)

  5. I have no idea what the hour and minute of my birth are. There is no such notation on my birth certificate. I would ask my mom, but that would require holding a seance. :o]

    Sign: Cancer
    Rising sign: Don’t know.

  6. Sagittarius
    rising sign: Aquarius
    Moon sign: Pisces

    The other thing is confusing to me, but TOB is10:19am EST dob= 12.18.66

    Hope this helps.

    Also I am wondering the best spot t post this memory which is like the LasVegas incidents but not related in time or space.

    And also, maybe its just me, but didn’t “Brusseles” used to be spelled with an “X”? I remember reminding myself of that by pronouncing it “brux-els”

  7. Birth sign- Cancer
    Rising sign- Cancer
    Moon Sign- Cancer.

    Yes, I am as emotional and sensitive as it sounds.

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