Are We Real?

The Mandela Effect raises many questions. At one extreme, one could ask — if only for the amusement of speculation — “Are we real?”

This video, about 50 minutes long, presents some radical concepts about reality and the Creator/s. My personal reaction is a mix of intrigue and skepticism.

Nevertheless, elements of these theories could explain some aspects of the Mandela Effect.

2 thoughts on “Are We Real?”

  1. Reality is an enigma as elusive as existentialism.The potential of the ‘mandela effect’ to epual the intrigue of synchronicity and even surpass it,lies in the fact that the phenomena gains strength from shared objective anomalies.Other forums are discussing,doppelganger or super-sargasso sea happenings,but these phenomena are too subjective and too prone to various glitches of brain to evoke a generalised awe and subsequent search for explanation.We might be unreal but it seems there are various variations of this unreality that we have just started to uncover.

  2. The fantastic tale of spanish lady Lerina Garcia where she wakes to a different reality,is a very famous anecdote,she told her tale in july 2008.In the same year ‘splinter’ or ‘splitter’ by Sebastian Fitzek with a ditto plot, was published.Did Lerna simply borrow the story to make a good and free internet fame,there is more than meets the eye.Since both the book and story originate in germany and spain,a farce is on the cards.please do some check.

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