American Thanksgiving – 3rd or 4th Thursday?

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If you’ve celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving, do you recall it ever being the third Thursday in November, not the fourth?

It seems that many people recall it on the third Thursday. (I’ve moved several related comments, to this post.)

However, according to all records I’ve found in my search, so far — it was never the third Thursday. Not officially, across the U.S.

During 1939, 1940, and 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Thanksgiving as the third Thursday in November, but fewer than 23 states agreed with him.

In 1942, the date was officially set as the fourth Thursday… the date most states had always celebrated it, all along.

Since then, Thanksgiving has been the fourth Thursday in November, in every American state. No exceptions.

That’s what makes this memory especially puzzling. Why do so many people insist it used to be the third Thursday? (My family remembers it as the third Thursday, as well.)

If you can share insights about this, or if you recall it on the third Thursday not the fourth, leave a comment below.

Note: Thanksgiving is and has been celebrated in other countries (notably, Canada) and other times. This topic page is about the date of Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.

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    1. What I Distinctly remember about last year is thinking , why is Thanksgiving so late this year? I commented on it to my husband, specifically saying it’s supposed to be the third Thursday of November! He looked at me thoughtfully and said maybe has something to do with leap year! I just confirmed his memory of this conversation without going into detail and he didn’t correct me and say it’s actually on the fourth Thursday! I remember thinking maybe it was capitalism thing to flow better into holiday season even though makes more sense to have earlier for more sale days. Point is, I recall thinking how strange. What the hell?!

      1. Belkis, when FDR wanted to change the date of Thanksgiving, it was definitely for commercial (capitalism) reasons. He agreed with merchants that the earlier date would start the holiday shopping season earlier as well. To my way of thinking, that’s an appalling reason to move any holiday; the fact that it was Thanksgiving makes it so much worse. /soapbox

        One thing I enjoy about reading others’ Mandela Effect comments is the kind of excuse we come up with, to explain anomalies to ourselves. Leap year… that’s a clever and very original answer to why Thanksgiving changed dates. I like it, and wish that were true.

    2. In 2011 I was very confused that Thanksgiving was on the fourth Thursday and has been ever since.

      I remember it always being on the third Thursday my whole life.

      An interesting thing also, some of the worst things in my childhood happened on various Thanksgiving’s growing up. I’ve had an aversion to the holiday my entire adult life… Until 2011.

      I still don’t get overly thrilled about it, but the deep aversion and feelings of negativity aren’t really present the past few years.

  1. I promise last one today, but aha! I’d love some feedback on this one. I distinctly remember wondering why Thanksgiving was on the 4th week last year. Last year was THE FIRST TIME I’ve ever experienced this. I thought nothing of it. Not having a concrete date, I fiured it was simply a calender/scheduling anomaly. I think this would resonate with a lot of people. I just looked at the calender. There’s no more doubt. This is real. If people genuinely remember it always being the fourth Friday, then something happened to me last year. As a southerner by birth, and being married to a woman who’s family can cook like no tomorrow, I know without a doubt that until 2014, I always celebrated Thanksgiving on the third Thursday. This is the final confirmation for me. Holy Smokes!!!

    1. This one is most disturbing to me. It has ALWAYS (until now) been the 3rd Thursday in November. I remember learning that in school. My husband’s birthday is Nov. 23. We have been married 11 years. We’ve always celebrated his birthday during Thanksgiving while family is together. Multiple times his birthday has fallen on Thanksgiving day. Because of the proximity of his birthday and the holiday, I feel that it’s unlikely I’m remembering that wrong. When I asked him what day thanksgiving is, he responded without a moments hesitation that it’s on the 3rd Thursday in November. I was almost physically ill when I googled the question and saw that it’s been the “4th Thursday in November since the time of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency”. My husband instantly shrugged it off like he must have remembered wrong. But it feels so deeply wrong to me I just can’t shrug it off.

      1. When November 23 is a Thursday, it is the fourth Thursday in November, the first three being the 2nd, the 9th, and the 16th. So, if his birthday has fallen on Thanksgiving day, that fits with Thanksgiving being the fourth Thursday in November.

        1. I realize that, but thank you. It doesn’t change for me that Thanksgiving has always been the third Thursday in November; my point was more that because of when his birthday is, I have a strong reference point and memory associated with checking the calendar every year to see how close his birthday lands to the holiday.

      2. Fj… i know how you feel about this thanksgiving thing. For years i thought. .no i knew it was the 3rd Thursday. When you gave your husband answer and reaction it bothered me a bit. You see one of my theories about all this is that we “and i mean you and me and certain others not everyone on earth ” maybe in a type of afterlife. And that if we are dead then what of our loved ones around us? Did they die at the same time? Im a little suspicious that they may have been fashioned or projected from our love and memories of them. I know how this sounds , but at times when i try to talk to my wife or son about this. Theyall but tune out or change the subject. This could be cuz they think im nuts . However its not just that but a feeling i get. Like the world itself were watching me. Making sure i “feel ” normal. Even when im reading these posts they are always interrupting or trying to force my attention away from this topic. Anyway one more thing. Pull up a word map and just set and look at south America. I swear its too far right of center,and i neve remember brazil being that huge. Also green land is also bigger than i recall. And back towards south America i swear Grenada is suppose to be by the Falkland islands. Goodnight and Gods peace to you.

    2. Last year I thought thanksgiving was odd. It has always been the third Thursday for me. I see now that the fourth Thursday is “correct.” The strangest part for me is that my sister’s birthday is November 19, and her birthday has never fallen in the same week as thanksgiving. In 2014, the third Thursday would have been the 20th, and this year the third Thursday will be the 19th! I have several Mandela effect issues, and this one is most confusing.

      1. The aforementioned sister will be 40 this year, and she says it has always been Berenstain. She doesn’t remember me arguing the pronunciation with her. Frankenstein, Einstein, beer stein, they all rhyme with Berenstein! I will ask her which Thursday Thanksgiving is, asap!

        1. Thanks! This one finally allowed me to accept that something isn’t right. I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, and used to be a hardcore football fan. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t misremember all the other quirky “changes”, but grandpa used to roast a pig, and smoke a brisket. It’s my favorite holiday (solely because of the food), and I’m certain of this one. No doubt. Put a gun in my face and I won’t waiver. Besides, maybe I’ll me up in a world where my grandpa, best friend, and Jim Morrison are still alive. Wouldn’t that be sweet. I appreciate the feedback!

    3. It has always been Third Thursday for me, even last Thanksgiving. That made me think something has happened to me since Thanksgiving. I haven’t started quizzing everyone around me yet about when Thanksgiving is supposed to be. I’m not really sure how to do that without sounding crazy.

    4. Yes, the Thanksgiving thing!! I got into a rather heated argument with my boyfriend last year about when Thanksgiving was. I swore all my life it was on the third Thursday of November and was utterly confused to find out I was wrong.

    5. I was reading through all the threads on this site a few days back. When i came across the first thread about the thanksgiving date, i was like “that’s just silly. everyone knows it was the third Thursday until just a few years back when they passed a law that changed it.” So i looked it up and it never was the third and that’s when i started crying on the inside… Ever since, I’ve been asking all my friends “what Thursday of November is Thanksgiving?” and about eight out of ten people are like “the third, duh”

      1. Nathan, you aren’t the first person I’ve heard report that there was a law passed recently to change the date. I heard that several years ago too which makes it all even more confusing. I’m feeling more and more disconcerted by how many people here say this change occurred last year. For me, it was several years ago. Now I’m feeling two universes removed from my original one solely based on the Thanksgiving enigma.

        1. Chaoskitty, I can’t speak for others, but one reason I’m not sure when the Thanksgiving date changed is: Some years are busier than others as the holiday season approaches. In my case, Dragon Con seemed to roll right into October (my busiest month, due to my involvement in paranormal research), and it would be New Year’s Day before I had time to pause and catch my breath. So, I’m sure I barely gave a nod to Thanksgiving, several years, and wouldn’t have had a clue when it was, if it hadn’t been for holiday displays in stores.

          (In recent years, I haven’t been sure whether I’d be in the U.S. or the U.K. during each Dragon Con, so I haven’t been one of their Guest speakers. So, that’s when I began to look askance at the November calendar.)

          If others are like me, some might be reporting when they noticed the change. That might be different from when they landed in this reality.

          I don’t want to discount anyone’s clear memories of the law being changed. (The “Trust Your Memories” line will definitely appear as an upcoming t-shirt design.)

          Personally, I don’t recall any formal announcement about Thanksgiving, but the change certainly occurred in recent years. When my children were little, we used to have big Thanksgiving celebrations, and make a point of inviting anyone (and everyone) around us, who might otherwise be alone on that holiday. So, I’m sure that — back then — it was always the third Thursday in November. I used to start my holiday plans in July, and everything was on a meticulous calendar. There’s no way I’d be mistaken about which Thursday I’d planned for, year after year.

    6. Last year was the first year for me as well and I remember asking family and they said it was the same as always. ?

  2. I’m meant fourth as well. It was always a Thursday. I hate for that to sound like a ” me too” comment. I just though there’s no way for the 27th to be in the 3rd week. And that a specific thanksgiving date in my mind from 7th or 8th grade. But I know it was a Thursday because the next day was my best friends birthday and we were excited it fell on a Friday.

  3. I was born on November 28,1997. I have very very vivid memories that thanksgiving is the third thursday of the month. I remember going years in advance to see when my birthday and Thanksgiving would correlate and it never happend. Then last year when i went to check when my birthday was IT FELL IN THANKSGIVING. i was so so so surprised. Didnt think much of it until now as i read all of the comments on this.

  4. Hello all,

    Well I just made an interesting observation for the ME of Thanksgiving falling on the 4th Thursday instead of the 3rd. I seem to remember it always being on the 3rd Thursday as many others have alluded to so I checked the calendar and started checking years. Guess what – every 11 years Thanksgiving falls on THE LAST DAY of November when it is the 4th Thursday! I NEVER recall the holiday being on the very last day of the month. the next time this will happen is 2017. Does anyone else ever recall it falling on the last day of the month?

    On another note the creepiest part of this whole phenomenon is the changing land masses. If time manipulation were involved then I could understand name changes, celebrity deaths etc. being the ripple effects but land masses moving? Sounds more like we are in a simulation and these are changes that can be made on the fly. Also in regards to the celebrity deaths, which I would say based on everyones’ memories, are validated that these people are at least reported to have passed on but didn’t or really did pass on in another “reality” but if the latter is the case what about all the family and friends who are directly involved with these people? I just don’ understand how more people aren’t freaking out and making this viral.

    [Originally posted in Major Memories; moved to this article.]

  5. Time literaly flies,Henry 8th started the thanksgiving by hosting the ‘turkey’ feasts and 5 centuries later,1989 to be exact,George H W Bush,his most worthy legatee,started the permanent ritual of pardoning a ‘turkey’ during the thanksgiving festival.It is noteworthy that the ‘turkey’ that is pardoned is an overfed, prone to lifestyle diseases,turkey,that would shortly die in any case.

  6. From 1939-1941, President Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving to the next-to-last Thursday of the month, hoping it would help boost retail sales. I only know this because I looked it up after I watched “Holiday Inn”, made in 1942. A hotel specializes in entertaining people on holidays, and there are little cartoon months for each segment. In the November one, the cartoon turkey is confused and runs back and forth between weeks. I didn’t know why until I looked it up.

    Apparently before that, it was the last Thursday in November (which could have been the fourth or fifth, depending), and Roosevelt wanted it changed to the next-to-last (third or fourth).

    In 1941 he officially designated the fourth Thursday in November, and many of the states changed their dates to coincide–but many did not. It wasn’t until 1956 that the last state changed its laws. It’s interesting that they changed from “last Thursday” (which never would have been “third”) to “fourth Thursday”, though, and although “next-to-last”, during the Roosevelt change, could have fallen on the third Thursday, it was never OFFICIALLY “third Thursday”.

    That’s a really long-winded way to say that older people (and they’d have to be 80+ at this point) might remember an actual third Thursday Thanksgiving in this reality, but it’s not very likely.

    What I find interesting is that so many people do remember that there was a change, but they remember it occurring much more recently. I’ve never known when Thanksgiving is and always had to look it up. It has seemed to me in the past few years that the dates have gotten later than they used to be, and I’ve been known to complain about having less Christmas shopping time. 🙂

    1. Jade, thanks for your research, and you’re right: For two years — 1940 and 1941 — only half of the U.S.A. celebrated Thanksgiving on the third Thursday in November. The rest celebrated on the fourth Thursday. And then, being independent-minded and doing things their own way, Texas celebrated both Thursdays as gov’t holidays.

      The official date is the fourth Thursday in November.

      Prior to 1939, Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 declaration had sealed Thanksgiving Day as the last Thursday in November. (Before that, individual American states created their own Thanksgiving Days, not always in November, following a colonial tradition that apparently started in 1621.)

      American president Franklin D. Roosevelt (“FDR”) wanted to change the date to the next-to-the-last Thursday in November. So, in 1939, when November had five Thursdays, so his (non-binding) presidential declaration kept Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday, not the third.

      Then, in 1940 and 1941, the nation was split over an “official” Thanksgiving Day.

      In December 1941, the American Congress settled the issue by making the Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November. Through 1956, some states still celebrated Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November… but never the third Thursday. (For additional reading about Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., see and, of course, Wikipedia. And, for even more Thanksgiving trivia, listen to the American History Guys’ radio show.)

      I’m not even close to 80 years old, and I believed Thanksgiving had been the third Thursday in November, but the date had been changed in recent years. As a child, I recall coloring school calendars with a turkey symbol on that third Thursday, and wondering why American celebrated it near the middle of the month. I thought it had something to do with the Pilgrims.

      … Also, “Holiday Inn” is one of my favorite old movies. It’s rather politically incorrect, mostly for one oh-my-goodness performance in it, so it can be difficult to find. They more-or-less remade the film (sans the surreal performance) as “White Christmas,” also starring Bing Crosby, but I still like the raw energy and emotional undercurrent of the original.

      1. Hi Fiona,

        I’m a huge classic movie buff myself and Holiday Inn is one of my all-time favorites. I know TCM channel runs it during the holidays but I’m not entirely sure they show that err, rather questionable scene or not.

  7. Thanksgiving last year (2014) was the first Thanksgiving that I noticed it was the FOURTH Thursday and I thought “since when….?”. Until now I actually thought it was temporarily changed to the 4th Thursday for some reason. Now I hear it’s always been like this just like those bears ugh!

  8. Fiona, I am the LAST one to second guess anyone’s memories. Should we consider that the THIRD full week November is the FOURTH Thursday?? I realize I may even be contradicting my own thoughts. But I have been thinking about this today. And again , I’m not saying anyone is wrong in their memories. Just putting this out there. I keep re-reading this post. Hope it makes sense. Mike H.

    1. Good point, Mike H., but — since I have the “third Thursday” memory — I can’t quite wrap my brain around the idea of it being the Thursday in the third full week. For me, it was the third Thursday, regardless.

      Maybe I need to ask people where they were when they most strongly remembered Thanksgiving as the third Thursday? I was in Massachusetts (USA).

      1. Fiona, this is definitely an interesting topic. I was always one side or the other on every other ME. But this might seriously be my first “dual memory ” one. I keep reading the posts and going through it in my own mind. From my personal memories and to historical facts. Just strange, I’m like you I totally remember the 3 rd Thursday. Then I “convinced” myself 3rd full week. Now I’m not sure , I still stand by my private message though. Mind boggling and interesting. Mike H.

        1. Wanted to add a little too to the last comment. I have noticed that a lot of people remeber that the date was changed at some point, in rather recent history. I must admit I have always had that nagging feeling myself. Maybe people could post when they thought it changed ,by year?? Mike H.

        2. Mike while I’m certain on this one (and it was somewhat of a clincher for me), I understand the confusion you feel since I feel that way with some of the ME that I have dual memories of. If it helps, I think that “third Thursday of a full week” would be a difficult concept for young kids to learn since most don’t understand calendars very well. I remember it being simple: third Thursday in November. Easy peasy for a kid to remember.

  9. In 2014, I thought it was unusual that we were celebrating Thanksgiving so late in the month, but I dismissed it as some weird calendar quirk. I even remember hand-wringing in the media about how the shorter holiday season was going to hurt fourth quarter profits because people had less time to spend money.

    In 2015, the entire calendar has been turned upside-down on me. Autumn fell on September 23 for the first time ever, the time change is on the same weekend as Halloween, and Thanksgiving is now officially the fourth Thursday of November. I had to Google Christmas just now to confirm that it’s still on December 25.

    This is so disorienting.

    1. Kem,
      First, I will never be used to this “fourth” Thursday thanksgiving. So wrong.

      But I wanted to comment on daylight savings time (which also feels early to me this year, as the first Sunday in November). While looking into it I found something I feel is off. I found that in 2007, daylight savings time in the U.S. was changed to make the DST period longer, which changed the dates to occur in March and November. What’s odd for me is the dates prior to 2007. I’ve checked multiple sources and they all say: “From 1987 to 2006, DST began on the first Sunday in April and ended on the last Sunday of October.” I never remember DST falling in April or October, which apparently is how it was for most of my life. I also don’t remember any change announced around 2007, which seems like it would be a big deal since it adds 4-6 weeks of DST to the year. Do you recall DST ever being in April or October?

      I hope this isn’t too off topic. I wanted to reply to Kem’s comment for context.

      1. April/October daylight saving time is what I remember. I associated the time changes with Easter and Halloween, happening near those holidays, and sometimes on them. I was not aware that they changed though, that the time change can never be on Halloween again. I have become aware of more daylight saving time complainers, though, which makes sense if DST has been extended, so I guess that change happened and I didn’t notice.

      2. FJ:

        Yes, I vividly remember the 2007 change from April-October to March-November.

        As you read, the decision to move the time change dates occurred during the Bush Administration. Now I won’t go into politics, but I must provide some context here and admit that I was very angry and bitter at the federal government in 2005 over the Iraq war. President Bush’s push to change the Daylight Savings dates sent me over the edge to the point where I was angrily contacting my representatives in Congress about it. Again, I’m not trying to argue about politics here, but I am pointing out that this is a very vivid memory for me because I actively fought against the time change decision.

        Anyways, 2007 rolls around. In late October, during that time between the old October time change date and the new November date, parents start complaining to the media that their kids have to go to school in the pitch black dark before the sun is even up. There’s lots of fretting about how this new time change date is dangerous to children. My mother-in-law is a teacher and complained about the time change danger to me (again, another vivid memory).

        I eventually got accustomed to changing the clocks every year about a week into November. I’ve spent the last few years changing clocks after Election Day that it now feels disorienting to be changing them on Halloween night!

        And as for time changes in April…

        My birthday is in early April, and it regularly coincided with either the time change or Easter (sometimes both). Again, more vivid memories here. The local churches would have to advertise Easter services with a reminder that service times were in DST.

        1. Kem, the following is off-topic, but I’ll add that most churches won’t explain why Easter changes: It’s the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. Those overwhelmingly Pagan influences are rarely mentioned when the date is announced, each year. Once I understood why Easter seems to be all over the Spring calendar, sometimes changing wildly from one year to the next, that changing date stopped troubling me.

        2. Kem and Ann,
          I’m glad someone remembers the change to DST. It’s still not ringing a bell with me though. My bday is the first week of April, and I don’t associate changing the clock with my birthday at all.

      3. I remember this, because of my alarm clock. In 2005, my mom got me a new fancy alarm clock for Christmas. It was programmed to change itself for daylight savings time. Then, when the dates changed in 2007, the clock didn’t. It changed itself this past Sunday, October 25. I had to reset it, then i’ll have to reset it again this Sunday. Very annoying!

  10. It’s so creepy that everybody agrees that it didn’t change until 2014, because I’m the same way. Asking my mom and sister, they said they had a discussion last year (2014) because they were confused when somebody told them that Thanksgiving wasn’t until the fourth Thursday. Something must’ve happened last year.

  11. I always remember it being the third thursday when. i was young. Thanksgiving has always been the big family holiday of the year for my family. I also remember it being officially changed. Cant remember when exactly, but it was maybe around 2002 or 2003. And now this is the first I heard of it always being on the fourth thursday.

  12. This has been an ongoing argument/discussion amongst my family and my husband’s family for several years now. In fact, this might actually be my first Mandela Effect (either this or Jack Palance coming back from the dead to do pushups at an awards show.) I can remember checking my calendar and then my inlaws’ calendar to make sure there wasn’t a mistake. And up until that year, Thanksgiving was always on the 3rd Thursday of November without fail. My sister remembers it this way too but everyone else swears it was never like that.

    I swear on every flesh colored crayon I ever had that it was the 3rd Thursday!

  13. OK I’ve been asking people and everyone on my fb remembers it as the 4th (they always fail me), my GPA, my old boss, but all my family remembers it as the 3rd…I just wish my sister remembered the exact date she had her miscarriage cuz it was on Thanksgiving like in 2007……..this is my first year I noticed but I didn’t pay attention last year, I just had a newborn on November 11, 2014 so I was tired and in love with her, I didn’t pay attention to anything else………I remember specifically from my childhood my mom saying the 3rd Thursday is always Thanksgiving so that’s what I went by and the 3rd Thursday was always Thanksgiving soooo idk……I’m trying to find a old calendar but all I found was one from last year ugh……anyway I’m from Oklahoma if that helps any of you rationalize this…..too crazy to me but I will keep on and continue this investigation lol

  14. Hi, Fiona!

    I just had an interesting conversation about Thanksgiving this afternoon. Firstly, I’m in Canada, so our Thanksgiving has come and gone already. But I’ve always known that American Thanksgiving was on the third Thursday in November. Reading comments on this site made me realize that’s no longer the case, but I just filed that away as interesting but not relevant, as American Thanksgiving has always been to me.

    I was visiting with a friend today, who I previously decided was someone I was not going to mention the whole ME phenomenon to. (She’s nowhere near open minded enough about stuff like this to even consider it.) She lives in Canada now, but was originally from America, and lived there the first couple decades of her life. We mentioned my birthday, which is November 24th, and she said she was going to pick a day to cook a joint dinner for my birthday and American Thanksgiving. She got out her personal planner, started looking for a likely date, and ended up looking confused, then mumbled about the third Thursday. She wasn’t finding Thanksgiving where she expected it. I piped up and said that American Thanksgiving was on the fourth Thursday now. She looked up from her planner, with a look that clearly said I was nuts. Since I had previously decided I wasn’t getting into the ME topic with her, I just said I’ve heard people mention lately that they changed the date. So she flipped to the appropriate page in her planner, and there it was, fourth Thursday! She was not happy to see that, and wondered when that had happened. I just shrugged and played dumb.

    But this former American had no idea whatsoever that American Thanksgiving was no longer on the third Thursday of November. Or indeed, had always been the fourth Thursday, in this reality. If I ever change my mind and decide to discuss the ME with her, at least now I’ve found my introductory topic.

  15. This is strange. I noticed it became the 4th Thursday last year. I am an American in Canada so I don’t celebrate the USA one anyway very often. However last year I wanted to celebrate it and saw it on the calendar as the 4th Thursday.
    I told my wife this is wrong it is always the 3rd Thursday and she does not knoNw because she is not American. She tried to rationalize it to me but I was adamant it was the 3rd thursday.
    At this time I was unaware of the ME
    So for me it changed last year 2014.
    Why would it change?
    What purpose would it serve?
    Same with the bears and looney tunes……

  16. This is very interesting, from the Bernstein Bears to Thanksgiving I have chills. All of these things I have experienced and just thought I remembered it wrong. I thought there were 52 states, I spell Fruit Loops, but the strangest by far is Thanksgiving. I distinctly remember it was always the 3rd Thursday. I have also always had a fascination for the date or time 11:22. I was born at 11:22pm , I always look at the clock at 11:22, and 4 years ago I buried my grandmother on 11/22 which was my first Thanksgiving without her and I wondered why it was so late, and so hot? I also have the ringing in my ears and at night the radio sounds that are just out of earshot. I want to learn more, please point me in the right direction.

  17. regarding Thanksgiving falling on the 4th Thurs

    I’m extra perplexed as my dad’s birthday is Nov 22 and Thanksgiving has fallen on his birthday several times. It’s not possible for a 22nd Thanksgiving to be the 4th Thurs

    So every search claims it is the 4th Thurs and yet on this forecast link it shows Thanksgiving falling on Nov 22, 2018 (not the only website to show this) and if you look at a 2018 Nov calendar it is the 3rd Thurs as the 4th Thurs would be the 29th
    What in the world am I missing?
    link to 2018 holiday forecast

  18. I struggle with this every year as I remember it being on the third thursday of the year. I also suffer from tinnitus and it gets louder around certain times of year also sometimes after i wake up from a dream of being in a different time or on a different planet. I know this sounds way out in left field but i believe it has happened.

  19. I left a comment about two hours ago about thanksgiving being the third Thursday my whole life until 2011, and how Thanksgiving has always been a very difficult holiday for me due to childhood traumas happening on the day more than once. But since it has changed I am don’t feel near as much stress over the holiday.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The past couple hours.

    One thing, like I said thanksgiving has always been significant to me in an impending doom sort of way, so how I could confuse the correct day for the first 30 years of my life seems odd.

    The next thing is my teenaged brother passed away in an accident in January of 2009. The day he passed was, try, the hardest worst day of my life.

    The last time I saw him was at thanksgiving week 2008. My extended family had a tradition for many years of going to a fancy lodge in the redwoods for thanksgiving dinner, because nobody wanted to bother cooking. Although I myself have always over cooking. That year was the first year my own family had decided to travel to join my extended family at the lodge, instead of a home cooked meal at one of my husband’s relatives homes or our own home.

    When we were on the road headed driving to the state my family lived in my grandma called me in a panic because it turned out the lodge was under new ownership and not hosting it’s annual thanksgiving feast for the first time in forever.

    I assured my panicking grandma it would be okay. I would cook the meal. For all 18+ expected people. She was having a genuine panic attack and it was the only thing I could think of to calm her.

    And I did cook it, and with all the love I could muster, pulled off an insane feast with a dozen homemade side dishes and several kinds of fudge and pie and a half a dozen appetizers. With no more than a day to plan it.

    It was the first home cooked thanksgiving dinner my extended family had had in a decade. Everyone’s mi d was blown that their little niece and granddaughter pulled it off.

    It was also the last home cooked feast my baby brother ever ate, as he passed away just six weeks later.

    In the years since it has haunted me and comforted me in a very conflicting way that I cooked him his last feast, and it was for a holiday I loath and always have. Or, I should say HAD, as the holiday hasn’t bothered me much since 20011, the year I was confused about the week change.

    My point off all of this being, it has been a very significant holiday for me my entire life and to have mistaken the week it happens for 30 years… Just seems not possible.

    You don’t forget when the thing you dread is going to happen.

    You also dont forget when something like lovingly cooking a “last feast” on a day you dread for a beloved family member happened.

    Or maybe you do. I don’t know.

    All I know is that the day I dreaded my whole life, and the day I cooked my brother his last feast, was the third Thursday in November.

    And I also know that the holiday being on the fourth Thursday in November has made that day one that doesn’t bug me that much at all.

  20. So…. I also remember a few MEs… Among them, I remembered BerenstEin Bears (though I never liked the books), Nelson Mandela, turquoise being more blue than green (what is actually called “teal” ir maybe a “dark teal” here/now), and a few personal instances involving movies. BUT as much as I love the mystery and fantasy (and sometimes almost creepy) aspects of the possibility of alternate universes or universal/reality “shifts”, I am also very logical, and we must rule out the basic /logical first (SOME of the stories I believe have logical explanations).

    So, *I* too, could have sworn on a stack of bibles Thanksgiving was the third Thursday. But my first thought was, “Well, was it actually moved legitimately?” The answer I came up with is “No, but…” The “but” is that Thanksgiving can SOMETIMES FALL on the third Thursday, depending on the calendar, if it falls on the 22nd or 23rd (?!).

    Wikipedia link:
    a BRIEF

    Also, after failing to find a concise list of Thanksgiving dates, I did find an Excel spreadsheet formula that can supposedly do the math for you (and from there, we can discover some Thitd Thursdays…)

    I realize that my post might get edited or removed, but please at least keep the possible explanation intact….Thanks, and love the site!

  21. I also have a memory that Thanksgiving is on the third Thursday of November. I have a sense, but not a clear memory, that I learned this in grade school, which would have been sometime during 1969-1975. I don’t remembering noticing anything unusual until this past November. This year I decided to learn how to roast a turkey and I effectively took on the responsibility, for the first time, of preparing the Thanksgiving meal. I knew that I wanted a fresh turkey and that I had to order that in advance at the local grocery store. So I examined the calendar to make my plans and thought it was strange that Thanksgiving was on the fourth Thursday of the month this year. Being primarily concerned with my turkey, I didn’t think any more of it until I saw it listed on this website as one of the common ME memories.

    I used to work at the US government agency that operates the atomic clock. Because of this, I have a keen awareness of concepts like the leap second that sometimes must be added to keep our official clocks in synchronization with the motion of our planet. As a result, I am very attuned to changes in the law regarding the beginning and ending of daylight saving time. From what I remember, the beginning and ending of daylight saving time have been changed a number of times by law. Further, dates associated with daylight saving time are defined (at least currently) by descriptions as opposed to specific numeric dates. For example, the second Sunday in March as opposed to March 15. The Thanksgiving date is defined in a similar manner.

    My point is that if the definition of the Thanksgiving date had been changed by law, I definitely would have been aware of it. When I noticed the strangeness of the Thanksgiving date this year, I never considered a change of law because I knew I would have been aware of any such change. Finally, I’ve always been good with numbers and often notice numeric patterns. To me, Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday doesn’t *feel* right because 4 is an even number. Thanksgiving “should” be on the third Thursday because 3 is an odd number and that “oddness” is what I associate with the Thanksgiving date.

  22. Although I live in the UK and don’t know much about thanksgiving I also though it was the third Thursday of November. I don’t know how significant this is but yesterday I had the TV on in the background and my ears pricked up when I heard Judge Judy ask someone when they moved into their apartment. They answered that it was around thanksgiving, and she said, well lets call it 20th November. Looks like Judge Judy remembers it as the third Thursday.

  23. I remember it as the 3rd thursday for my whole life. very strange. lately i have had the answer of these unexplained mysteries. watch the shifting, it looms, unseen but felt.

  24. Third Thursday, definitely. No doubt in my mind. I didn’t particularly pay attention to the date last year as my son was staying with me and we had some other *odd* occurrences going on… and being over a quarter Native American, I don’t tend to personally celebrate Thanksgiving, but I KNOW that growing up it was always the third Thursday, which was followed by Black Friday… which always occurred about 6 weeks (a month and a half) before Christmas….. there’s no way it could be 6 weeks before Christmas if it was the 4th Thursday. I was raised by my father’s mother who would cook for the entire extended family in Houston every year I lived with her (from the ages of 4 1/2 till I was 13) and I was the oldest female grandchild so it was my duty to help her prepare for Thanksgiving, and I very definitely recall Thanksgiving being on the 3rd Thursday, right before Superbowl Sunday. I did notice this year that it seemed too late in the year…. I kept thinking Thanksgiving would be coming up soon during November…. and even though I didn’t think about it much at the time, I do recall being somewhat surprised that it came so late in November this year…… oddly enough, though, I also have a feeling of a memory (not distinct, but I cannot deny that it is there) of Thanksgiving NOT being the third Thursday but being the next to last Thursday, which would be the 3rd Thursday some years and the 4th on other years….. so my memory has a conflict there…. the stronger feeling, though, is the 3rd Thursday.

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