Accelerating Changes, Increasing Denials

Now and then, patterns seem to change. Perhaps it’s a coordinated ripple in our social consciousness. I’m not sure.  The following thoughts may seem philosophical, but they’re not. I’m talking about cultural studies and real events.

Accelerating Changes and Denials - Mandela EffectI’m not sure if they’re relevant to the Mandela Effect — either in cause or effect terms — but they’re worth considering when we’re talking about unexpected changes.

These broad scale shifts have happened many times. For example, around the time of the first Industrial Revolution, England lost the American colonies but gained Ireland. Luddite protests were a reaction to widespread job losses. Enclosures Acts literally changed the landscape. The Napoleonic Wars were part of major political transformations in Europe, as well.

For many people, those changes were dramatic. It was almost as if they’d fallen asleep in one reality and woke up in a new one, much like the fictional Rip Van Winkle of that same era.

(Folklore includes many tales of similar time and reality shifts, given mystical or mundane explanations.)

I could point to other times of upheaval, such as the years around World War I. (Resonance with that era may explain some of the popularity of the TV series, Downton Abbey.)

Each transition seemed to cover fewer years. Now, these kinds of changes seem to be happening more quickly.

One can point to the increased speed of communications, from newspapers to radio, from TV to the Internet, and from texting to apps that can convey news in seconds.

In 2008, the global economy unraveled and an extraordinary number of people made huge life changes by choice or by default. Some changed careers while others saw their jobs vanish. Some moved to very different communities while others lost their homes. People kept talking about “when things get back to normal,” but “normal” was gone.

“Arab Spring” launched another transition, generally dated to 2010.

Current news headlines seem to reflect additional shifts, with echoes of the past and a sense of free-fall in some areas.

As of April 2014, I’m also seeing social changes — people moving, changing careers, etc. — reminiscent of 2008. Or, this may be part of one long transition with occasional respites between pendulum swings.

This article isn’t about the politics, per se, and I don’t want to launch that kind of discussion.

Instead, I’m looking at this from a broader perspective, and wondering many things.

  • Is the pace of time changing? Let’s say that time is basically a filing system used to maintain order in a multiverse where time and space aren’t constant. Has the increased flow of data mandated a change in how we perceive time? That is, has it changed how “quickly” data — including events — are being filed in our consciousness?
  • Perhaps social upheavals occur when more people slide from one alternate reality to another, and — in this timestream — they say, “Wait. This isn’t the way things are supposed to be. Let’s organize and correct them.” (If they “slid” from an Earth with a different Cold War outcome, could that explain some political throwbacks to past eras?)
  • Are there more efforts — both overt and covert — to dismiss phenomena like the Mandela Effect, remote viewing, etc?  Consider the movie,”The Men Who Stare at Goats,” contrasted with the book it was based on. (Also, in the many years this site has been online, I’m suddenly noting far more criticism, random and snarky comments I don’t approve, and so on.
  • Could we use remote viewing techniques to access alternate timestreams, at least from an observational viewpoint?  Long-term, could we use these insights to choose a better future for ourselves and this planet, or — by the act of observing — are we automatically changing our futures?

Of course, I don’t expect any real answers… not answers with hard evidence, anyway.

However, if we look at modern events in the context of the Mandela Effect being real, this could make explanations more interesting.

43 thoughts on “Accelerating Changes, Increasing Denials”

  1. Time is a curious concept because there are several sides to it.
    Time itself, our perception of time, and other’s perception of time.

    Time itself is constant, but we are only able to experience a linear existance.
    We travel alongside one strand of the web, and only occasionally glimpse the other strands (Or maybe cross over).

    However, our perception of time is a different thing. The smaller we are, the faster our metabolism is, and thus the longer time seems to take. When I was little, an hour was an eternity. But as my metabolism slows down, the passage of time from my perception speeds up. An hour can go extremely fast now, and days, months, week, years, they pass by much faster than when I was little.

    This effect is specific to individual persons. A tiny woman with a fast metabolism would experience time slower than a big man with a slow metabolism. And finally, we have the culture itself.
    With social communication and such, we’re able to spend hours communicating with others on social media and such. Economy which was once pretty local is now global, you can buy things all over the world.

    All these changes in society serves to create a society where you can get distracted, and where things can change pretty fast while you’re distracted. In the nineties, no American would have dreamed of ending up in a quasi-totalitarian state that spies on it’s own people, employs torture, punishes those exposing crimes, etc.

    But all it took was 9/11, and national security as an excuse to crank down on liberty and the people’s rights. In Europe things aren’t much better, with the EU taking away a lot of rights from the member nations and so on. The Globalization we see today is changing our society, and furthermore, we have uncertainties such as Mandela Effect and our own perception of time which muddles things.

    For instance, today I read about a bacteria able to devour humans pretty quickly, resulting in several amputated limbs and such, and it’s resistant to antibiotics.

    Why did I never, ever hear about this before now? This Bacteria has been around for decades but I didn’t hear about it until now. Did I jump from one strand to another unknowingly? Or did it just pass under my radar? Most of the people here have experienced odd memories not adding up, or noticed things that they should have known but never did.

    All we can do is record these events, and try to find a pattern or at least glimpse into these other strands, and see what could have been.

  2. These shifts are most certainly more noticeable, I think now, just like with anything else that’s labeled “unexplainable”, that people who don’t notice it are either in denial or are just allowing the logical portions of their mind to brush these occurrences off and dismiss them. As we move further into higher consciousness, we will see much more than this and on top of that begin to realize that we have indeed caused a lot of it.

    I notice changes everyday. For one I saw the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears thing mentioned and I always knew them is Berenstein. Another is actress Doris Day popping back up again celebrating her 90th birthday a few weeks ago when I clearly remember her passing over 20 years ago. Geographically Ankara now seems to have become the capital of Turkey(sometime in the last who knows) when I ALWAYS remember Istanbul being the capital of Turkey( can remember a geography class in high school discussing this). On top of it the two cities stated seem to have switched places.

    Things are going to get more and more interesting as “time” moves on.

    1. The Istanbul/Ankara thing is quite a curious thing. I believe it has always been Ankara for me, but it always confused me because in history class, and games and such it was always Istanbul.

      Thing is, when Turkey was formed after the Ottoman Empire fell apart, they decided to use Ankara as the capital, in spite of Istanbul being the biggest and most industrialized city (It still is today)

      So basically it’d be as if…Let’s assume for a moment that the UK falls apart, and the new English government decides to make Liverpool the English Capital instead of London. That’s how random the capital change is, so no wonder people gets confused, and I can easily see this not happening in another reality.

  3. I and dozens of people I know all remember Art Garfunkel dying way back in the early 2000’s of testicular cancer. There was a giant tribute and ceremony in Central Park, and it was big news. Many many many people remember it in detail. Suddenly, 10 years later, he is alive, and half the people I know remember him dying, and half don’t. This is not the only event I have witnessed, but at least many other people have also on the Art Garfunkel effect. This is a merging of differing time lines but as of late, it has increased exponentially. Must be approaching an immutable nexus point. Others are perceiving the dry erase lines now. Something big this way cometh…

  4. I wonder if we shift into different timelines without knowing it during our sleep? I’ve had so many moments that have happened in my life where I felt like I had already dreamt it. Maybe I didn’t dream it already, but lived it in another timeline and now I’ve shifted over and its just happening again but with small changes.. Freaks me out a little bit, but my boyfriend and I both remember Fidel Castro dying a while back, and some big thing about now his brother is in charge to take his place, etc etc. We both remember berestein bears rather than berenstain, and we both remember australia being far off on a map surrounded by only water, not so close to asia. The thing is, the dreams that I felt I’ve lived already, they had my boyfriend in them. Which would explain why we both have memories from a different timeline, because perhaps we both did live in that timeline together. He also gets dejavu/dreams about me from time to time too.

    But the weird thing is, I had a dream a couple years ago (before I had ever known of my current boyfriends existence) of my current boyfriend sitting on the patio at tony romas with a baby and me walking towards them. I remember thinking in the dream, “who is this baby?”. Recently, we were passing by tony romas with our daughter and decided to have dinner. We were seated on the patio. I went to the bathroom while my boyfriend and daughter stayed at the table, and as i was walking back it was like i felt dizzy and my mind started saying “this has happened.. this has already all happened” and when i looked at where my boyfriend and daughter were sitting I thought “Oh my god, my daughter was the baby (in the dream) the whole time” and it all clicked in at that moment, and my stomach sunk and I felt so creeped out and weirded out I didn’t know what was happening.

    Sorry I feel like I’m not making any real sense but I thought I’d share my experience and weird ideas!

    1. Yes, I always suspected dreams were related to it.
      This isn’t the first time I have heard of dreams/sleep related to alternate reality.

      I’ve experienced very vivid dreams of entirely different worlds and places, and people I knew and liked.

      1. Interesting.

        I have only one similar memory, small scale one, from way back in school. I was certain we had been given a certain homework assignment, and I had done it. Then in school I find out that we hadn’t, actually, and nobody else had any memories of anything like that.

        I figured that I had probably dreamed the class when we were given it, but this has always bothered me which is why I remember it even though it happened very many years ago.

        I suppose it’s possible we do in person sometimes slide between timelines, but maybe other alternative is that the lines which are close also merge regularly. What that would mean to our identity, I don’t know – are there different versions of us who actually are different people, or are all the versions in some way really us, are we living several separate lives at the same time?

        From what I have read of some theories of physics, it seems that maybe on some levels of reality things tend to resemble foam rather than anything more clearly defined, a foam where new bubbles constantly form, others disappears, and others merge. Maybe our present – both personal and shared present – always not only has several possible futures but also several possible pasts, every one of them as real as all the others. Maybe those merges usually also tend to merge the memories people have so that that they become blurred, and what memories may be remembered which at the present moment are not a part of the ‘official’ history, personal or universal, are mostly ignored because they are vague enough people most times just assume they are just something they dreamed or maybe once saw or read in some fiction or speculative documentary story – what if this had happened instead… – if they notice the disparity at all.

        One interesting question would then also be things like witnesses to a crime. From recent studies it seems their memories are usually highly questionable, and this has been explained with the idea that we usually do not remember reality as it was, but as we assume it was, we tend to observe only snippets of our surroundings and what happens around us rather than the whole, and then we create a story based on those snippets, and often that story has only a vague resemblance to what actually happened. But if our reality actually is fluid that puts a rather different spin on this, doesn’t it?

        1. Quick question: was the homework assignment related to the book “Two Against the North”?
          I was pretty much a straight-A student (aka “nerd”, sigh…) in school. I read that book, and studied it for a test, when I was 15. I got to the exam and there were all kinds of questions about characters and events that weren’t in the book! I got 68% on that test. It was the first time I’d ever gotten anything less than a 90%. I cried.
          I always assumed I must have fallen asleep while reading the book and fallen asleep while studying it and dreamed my own version of it, because that was the only explanation I could come up with. I haven’t thought about this in such a long time! Reading your comment about the homework reminded me of this.
          I wonder if others remember differing stories for this book.

    2. I doubt you will see this, but just letting you know you’re not alone. I’ve been through my own life now way too many times. I know too much about what has happened, what could happen, and what will happen. The changes are usually minor. All I know is that I don’t have any memory recollection of anything past 2014. I always wake up in the past before 2015 hits, without most of my memories. Each time this happens the “deja vu” effect happens even stronger. I’ve begun calling these “Memory Echoes” since they seem to transcend space and time. They also appear to be heavily related to emotions. I believe that you can change realities at any time, and if it occurs in your sleep, there is an increased chance of waking up at a different point in your timeline.

      1. Thanks, j. It’s likely Heathyr will see your reply. Many people subscribe to the comments on this site. Even more visit it nearly daily, to see what’s been added.

        Thanks again!

  5. Another thing I should mention, I’m not sure how it came up but someone asked me and a friend who played the main character in Cast away. I said “Mel Gibson” and my friend said “Yeah, Mel Gibson” and the guy who asked was like “You guys are insane it was Tom Hanks.” I actually could not even believe he could think it was Tom Hanks who played in Cast away. To this day it still doesn’t look right to me. I swear to God it was Mel Gibson who played in Cast away. I was so convinced he was wrong and my memory was correct that I bet him 10 dollars. When we ended up looking it up on google he was right.. it was Tom hanks. But the cover art/posters for the movie didn’t even look familiar at all. I remember it being red lettering with mel gibson. I couldn’t believe it at all, I felt like a crazy person but even my friend was stumped like “I really thought it was mel gibson.. huh..”

    Anyone else have the same experience at all?

    1. Yes I remember seeing “Cast Away” in theater in 2000 and it was Mel Gibson and the scene where he removed his tooth with a ice skate disgusted me so much that I could not forget… Cast Away played on TV a few months ago and I was shocked that Tom Hanks was the main actor this time.

    2. This is crazy I have read that people have been having different memories about Cast Away. I distinctly remember the movie ending with him going to the house and a young man answering and he’s stunned that Tom Hanks delivered a package from years ago. He even makes a comment about it. Then Tom Hanks is about to walk away and the guy is like don’t you want to see what’s in it. He opens it and it’s an old looking large 90’s phone. I specifically remember what it looked like. So I just looked up an alternate ending on youtube and a spoof commercial for fed ex came up. It is similar to what I remember, but not it. This is crazy. Others say that the movie end with him driving away in his car, while the movie shows him at a crossroads.

  6. I had my first Mandela Effect when I read that Peter Falk died in 2011. I clearly remember him dying in the late 90s, and in 2000 when I was in high school, my teacher showed us his last movie before his death, I don’t remember the title, but there was a scene where Peter Falk was sitting on a plane (commercial airline). Other people on GLP remember him dying in the 90s and it cannot be a mistake because it was “Colombo” a big legend and he cannot be confused with someone else.

    1. Peter Falk, war ein guter Bekannter meiner Tante, daher erinnere ich mich ebenso an seinen Tod Ende der 90-er.
      Mandela – es gab eine Webseite namens Mandela mit schönen Texten Ende der 90 – er, damals war er tot….

      1. Quick Google translation of the above message: “Peter Falk, was a good friend of my aunt, so I remember well his death at the end of the 90’s. Mandela – there was a website called Mandela with beautiful lyrics end of the 90’s – he, at that time he was dead….”

        1. Thanks, Piper! This is also why I’ve added an instant translation feature to this website. I’m testing one plugin that does that. It’s in the right sidebar, but — for now — only translates to five languages (including English).

  7. When things are kept in abeyance when situations are open ended when mind is in reflex mode to solve somebody’s grievances,mandela effect steps in like super man or simon templar or phantom(lee falk)or krishna.

  8. I’ve just found myself experiencing my own “Mandela effect” phenomenon. I know that I was reading stories about Casey Kasem dying several months ago, but now I’m seeing stories on how he’s just died today… not quite sure what to think.

  9. Does anyone remember the Berenstein Bears? I do. Although somewhere along the line the name has changed to the Berenstain Bears. No record of “stein” which is definitely how it was when i was younger. No question about it.

  10. It was always Berenstein bears for me. I was a voracious reader as a child and pronounced it as either “stine” or “steen” I eventually settled with “steen”. Now if it had been spelled “stain” there would have been no question of my pronunciation of that. I noticed this difference about 5 years ago and chalked it up to new editions being re-labelled. Now it seems it was NEVER called that to begin with.

    And as far as the Australia being surrounded by water thing, I don’t remember Papua New Guinea being so close to the far north of Australia. In human biology we discussed how the Indigenous Australians would have had to travel down a land bridge of island hopping to reach Australia during or before the last ice age. Looking at this map, it seems a much shorter jaunt now. I could be mistaken about this one though.

    I am pretty sure Nelson Mandela died sometime when I was in high school. (1980’s) I brushed that one off as me not really remembering correctly, as I’m not that politically minded.

    For me, Tom Hanks played in Castaway. I can’t imagine what Mel Gibson would look like in the role. So I’m guessing for me time changed after that.

    1. Sandi, I really like your point and reasoning about the pronunciation issue. Many people remember not really knowing the correct pronunciation, but as you point out, if it was STAIN, then that would would not have been a memory/issue at all. Those are the kinds of tangential memories that are so compelling and confirming in these mysteries of our reality.

      Side-note to Fiona (feel free to edit out): I think I had a post deleted the other day. I think I entered the wrong email address from what I originally posted with last year, but ’tis I, NDE Survivor.

  11. I vividly remember reading the Berenstein bears to a kid i used to babysit, waaay back 20 plus years. She was about 5 or six at the time, and had a whole pile of them. I used to read them with awful reworkings, improv, if you will, of the stories, cause she was such a punk little kid. I recall mispronouncing the name as ‘stain’, but my brain too, insists on stein. I mispronounce, but rarely mispell, and do not have dyslexia, or any such problems. Also, I just asked my roomate about ‘that bear family’, how do you spell it, pronounce it. she immediately said “BernSTEEN.” Because that’s how it’s spelled. Huh. Perplexing. My own Mandela effect? The colour of the sun and sky. Might be because me eyes have changed as I got older, but I remember the sky as a much deeper blue, and the sun as hotter, and more yellow than now.

    1. the sky is chemtrails, or global dimming. the vehicles spreading the chemtrails are not really clear to me, they are likely a craft that is cloaked/hologram-projected as normal air-craft but are something else. Almost all of these mandella effects resonate with me, this is crazy, this is our reality, this is another reason that we can not live in fear, absolutley can not, because the archontic powers feed on our fear, only love can save us and unite us.

      1. If you have an ipad get the app called worlddaily, it gives ‘real’ time satellite pictures (although scrubbed by nasa) look at 6 July 2014 am, in bright golden light just south of missippi delta and you will see a large configuration of ships that are black (look like jig-saw puzzle pieces (no, these are not missing data causing black pixelation). Another example can be seen on 27 june 2014 am in same general area of three black objects (harder to pick out but clearly there-this time showing as more accordian shaped–note you will have to have the highest zoom on and these objects will appear as like a particle of dirt on your screen as you pan the area, but since there background is white clouds you should be able to notice them, then you can further zoom using the two fingers spreading motion). these objects i believe have some relation to the guarded stone object of the un prayer room.

  12. Ok…the Berenstein/Berenstain thing is really freaking me out. I used to read them to my son almost every night and I know they were named after the author Berenstein? Not only that, but when we first purchased the books I could have sworn that they were ‘Bernstein’ Bears…without the second ‘e’

    I clearly remember Art Garfunkel dying…and the concert in Central Park.

    Also…does anyone remember Peter O’Toole dying back in the ’80’s as opposed to very recently? I clearly remember that because he was my mother’s favorite actor.

  13. The 2008 was an urban legend propelled by cartel of industries pushing a false agenda of futuristic lifestyle.Those who lived in rural and suburban areas with modest and traditional standards were unaffected.Arab spring has turned out to be a nightmare for all humanists,and it’s anybody’s guess how it started,i suspect it was a callous syndicate of technocracy based conglomerates that subdued political systems to run wild and uncontrolled,white collar super dangerous super trolls.Social networking became malignant and now it has mutated to very real hardware with drones having capacity to cause unimaginable tragedies.UN seems to be non existent when it is most needed,let us hope 2015 will usher in sanity.

  14. “Always in motion the future is” – Yoda, Star Wars. Maybe not just the future. Perhaps reality bends around us as needed. And changing one thing may change other bits of information in both the future and past.

  15. Consciousness in my understanding is,to be able to penetrate the veil that conceales the stark reality.Mandela effect is all about this simple fact that amazingly is ignored by the zombie/android generation of 21st century.

  16. And the stark reality is that nothing is real.Maya,sanskrit for illusion,is an established fact in the pagan cultures but in india it found its true value when it merged with the dravidian scientific advancement.Multiverse might be real or virtual but Mandela Effect is for real,the impact it generates.

  17. ‘The sea wolf’ is the book i have read most for the past 30 yrs.In the topic ‘Nelson Mandela- The Memories so far’, i had mentioned (4 th february 2014) ‘the sea wolf’ as having happened in 1901 but now i find it is 1903.If such is the memory of the most enduring event of my life,then god knows what else is amiss.

  18. The USA as i knew it was best described by E S Gardner and his pen name A.A Fair in Perry Mason and Donald Lam novels.The US today is vastly different,or i feel so?.Accelerating changes indeed.

  19. I have a thought. What if our brains/memories are quantumly entangled with those of our alternate selves. Maybe when either we or one of our alternate selves die, instead of that conciousness being lost, it merges with the next nearest similar timeline. This would explain why changes often occur near a major life change or close call after which the world is different or doesn’t feel right. It is a period of adjustment so to speak. This would not only explain the alternate memories, but it would also explain why there seems to be a surge in alternate memories during times of turmoil due to the increase in deaths and life changes. Most of my shifts happened while I was overseas with the military. It would have been very easy formyself or an alternate self to have been killed. Also, what if the alternate self was vastly different from you. This could result in an imperfect merge or irreconcileable differences and memories. Sounds like a recipe for schizophrenia or any other multitude of mental disorders to me.

    1. I came across this website a few months ago, meant to come back to read more and then forgot about it for a while. Rediscovered it today and while reading, actually had the exact same thought about merging selves. Not the mental disorders part though. Interesting idea. As somebody who suffers from (fairly mild) ocd and anxiety, I wonder now if one or two of my own, should they have existed, might have been killed or harmed by an inaccuracy somewhere along the line. I don’t have the cleaning type or the lining things up part, it’s more about numbers. I don’t know what to think of someone that’s essentially me being killed. I do wonder though if this might be where the general idea of reincarnation sparked from originally. The cycle of life and death until finally – when there’s only one of you left? – you break out of the cycle and move on. It could also explain why some conflicts spiral out of control, why some people can’t let go of certain grudges etc.

      I also wonder what someone’s selves might have been through to cause random depression. You know how it happens sometimes without an obvious cause? I’ve experienced a few shifts in career direction, too. I’m decent in a few areas and I always thought it was down to indecision. But at various times I’ve felt like I’m meant to be doing a particular job or working in a particular area and then it’s changed and I’ve wondered why I’ve ever felt that way. As a result, I’m a good decade behind in career development because I haven’t been able to settle on a career. It’s very frustrating.

      There are a few random objects or other leftover pieces of history floating around. Fingerprints of the gods by Graham Hancock describes an ancient map that was found which has been dated to a particular year – I forget which exactly, but I believe it slightly pre-dated Columbus? – which displayed the coast of Antarctica, beneath the ice. Supposedly it started to ice over 45 to 34 million years ago and we’ve only just been able to use technology to map the land beneath it for ourselves. The book goes on to talk about ancient, forgotten civilisations etc. and though interesting, ends up sounding slightly crackpot-ish by the end. Atlantis and all that. But it does make me wonder if said map is a leftover scrap from elsewhere.

      Another thought I had while reading today was that this could help to explain so-called paranormal activity. Ghosts, for example. What if someone drifts through after dying and time in those two realities isn’t in alignment? If their other self is already gone and they have nothing to springboard off of or the ‘equipment’ needed to move on is in the physical body, what if they just get stuck? What if more than one gets stuck? Could explain conflicting ghost stories. Slipping into another reality after death seems like it might come from an instinct to escape.

      I’ve wondered a few times in the past how alternate selves might fit into the idea of an afterlife. – Do all of your selves go to the same place? – But if you all merge, one into the other first… well, that solves that, doesn’t it? If you’re not all the same person now, you eventually will be. And you’ll have all that accumulated wisdom and experience to help direct you. Not that that should stop anybody from trying to be a good person now. We have no way of knowing how many of us there are, and what if this is your last life? Even if it’s not, you should still move forward as far as possible, or this entire lifetime of experience will be wasted.

  20. There was a connecticut yankee,P.T.Barnum,and he roamed in a bigger court than King Arthur’s.A master of deception,I wonder if he missed the mandela effect,if it existed at that time.

    1. Vivek,

      I’ve sometimes wondered if “Looking Backward” by Edward Bellamy was sparked by Mandela Effect kinds of discussions back in the 19th century. (Gutenberg: ) On one hand, it’s a classic, Utopian novel. On the other, it still stands out as something unusual in that field.

      Yes, Bellamy described the year 2000 very differently than how it turned out. However, he might have visited a different 2000, or his book might have been sparked by a lesser Mandela Effect experience.


  21. I have a niggling suspicion there is a cultural connection to the ME.

    I haven’t fully formed my thoughts but here are a few points. (apologies for long post – ME keeps me up at night pondering)

    *We live in the postpostmodern era – our institutions and media are led by those who embraced pomo – the author is dead, there is no objective truth, the viewer creates the meaning. Modern thought is essentially getting more and more divergent from reality – we can see this even in the extreme polemics of debate, it seems nobody nowadays is even acknowledging the other side has an opinion

    *This leads to and perhaps leads from the agenda of early 20C fabian society and other associated concepts such as the long march through the institutions and rules for radicals.

    *The ME appears to be strong in the anglosphere – eg. Interview With A Vampire is still that in other languages.

    *The fabians and other ideas of course emanate from England, parts of England have ancient high strangeness indeed. I suspect the ME, if it comes from anywhere geographically it is from the UK.

    * ME is a manifestation in the physical realm of what is happening in the cultural realm. We live in Orwellian times, newspeak is rampant – there is a correlation between the increasing breakdown of reality and objective truth socially and physically.

    *Going out on a limb here … Orwell wrote 1984 as a parody of the BBC, not many people know this. We do now know the BBC is an epicentre of very very dark evil via the Saville affair (I believe Saville was even worse and more connected than has been reported). … and what is the BBC’s flagship program … Dr Who – a program that regularly explores the breakdown of reality.

    *Psychopaths (and their fictional allegories – vampires, black magicians) need to tell their victims what they are doing, either for their own perverse needs or for the ‘magic’ to work. One of their key techniques is gaslighting – making the victim doubt their perception of reality. The world is run by psychopaths, and some say extraterrestial entities are psychopathic – what if this extended even further and say a galactic entity is psychopathic ?

    *We know that Spielberg got his UFO storylines from actual reported events, could Dr Who be similar – it is older and from a place of a less mechanistic kind of strangeness.

    In vague summary … yes ME is accelerating, along with a disappearance of objective truth in the culural, social and political realms. It appears to be malevolent and psychopathic and to be focussed in the English speaking world. Could the acceleration be in the last few decades a result of the traumas of 20thC world wars ? Perhaps these wars were a blood sacrifice to alter reality, an era of peace since then has occurred (despite what the media says we are living in the least violent time of human history by long way) but also an era of incredible social (mind) control. Violence is no longer needed as much. Now it is mind control, subservience and surveillance … next up is altering reality itself.

    Whoever or whatever is causing the increase of ME perhaps is way beyond our understanding, or perhaps incredibly banal. I do suspect that the response to it is how to respond a psychopath – no contact (do not be drawn into believing the new reality is the original one and accept ones own insanity, in tandem with seeking out like minds) and to say ‘no’ the veiled requests to enter ones (mental) house. Let them know that you are onto them, the jig is up, you can’t fool me buddy – generally a psychopath will either then destroy you completely or leave you alone and find a more gullible target.

    So yeah, I think it is extremely important to speak of the ME, not so much to warn or inform others but to let the effect know that we know.

  22. sorry an addendum to my barely comprehensible ramblings …

    Personally (and who the hell knows what is really going on, certainly not me) I don’t feel it’s a multiverse or timelines thing. It feels that reality is being consciously messed with.
    (and if I ever meet the f***er thats doing it in a dark alley he better watch out, I know karate 🙂

    1. Thanks, J.T.! It’s been a busy week at the ME site dashboard, with the massively increased traffic (and comments). So, I’m grateful for that laugh… thanks!

  23. The u.k connection to ME is very obvious,or should we call u.k as great britain.Celtic britons were quite comfortable with roman rulers and the catholic christianity,the norman conquest and anglo-saxon invasion left britain in a disarray.Henry 8th galvanised the church of england that eventually led to the formation of episcopal church.’Crusades’ was a long drawn affair and only when zionists with their enormous wealth joined hands with anglcans/episcopalians, that the ottoman empire was crushed in w.w 1, Henry 8th with turkey leg proved to be a nemesis for the Ottomans.The episcopalian-zionist continued with the defeat of imperialist japan and reestablishment of israel.That jan and stan berenstain marriage was a marriage of episcopal and jew in the war time america is a fact that can’t be ignored in ME context.jewish-episcopalian coterie makes for less than 4% of US population,but they have led the nation with a punch.

    1. Vivek,

      I’m approving this comment “as is” because you make some interesting observations that related to the quirky frequency and intensity of connections to the Celtic world and its historic roots in Europe and Asia.

      There is an odd resonance there, particularly if we include the theories of where the Celtic people originated and where — in their travels — they acquired fresh cultural traditions and modified older ones.

      Because that may be an important aspect of ME research and speculation, I’m including the entire text of your comment… but with some misgivings. I’m sure you know that — in most of this comment — you’re treading into discussion areas that I avoid at this website. In fact, yours is a more academic and detailed reference to those topics than I see in most related comments I edit or delete altogether.

      (No one should assume I’m agreeing or disagreeing with you. Frankly, I haven’t a clue and can only speak in cultural terms, not religious, per se. And even then, I’m more confident speaking about the British, Celtic and pre-Celtic history than America’s cultures, subcultures, and history.)

      Despite my uneasy approval of this comment, I want to make it very clear for new visitors: Religion-related comments can’t be part of the ME discussion. Not at this website. The subject can be too volatile, and taken personally by those with subtle or intense religion-based biases and agendas.

      It’s also a lightning rod for trolls whose messages can seem benign at first, and the next thing I know, we have a full-on flame war.

      In the past and in other online conversations, I’ve made the mistake of being reasonable about these things. I’ve learned (by over a decade of trial-and-error) to draw a firm line early in the process.

      If someone else wants to launch a website about the possible religious or political agendas behind events related to the Mandela Effect, that’s fine. Even if I felt like an authority in those areas, I’m not able to make time for those kinds of discussions. Not online, anyway. Between Reddit and George Takei’s recent reference to the Berenstain/Berenstein Bears issue, I’m now spending one to three hours per day (even today, on a weekend) weeding through comments. I read every line of every comment that’s added here, considering the content.

      So, you’ve made several points. I’m sure others will consider your thoughts, insights, and opinions in the context of their own experiences, the Mandela Effect, and other comments you’ve contributed to this site.

      Also, as someone who’s studied theories related to the origins of the Celtic people — and related archetypes (people, locations, and folklore) that seem echoed with eerie frequency in Mandela Effect memories — I felt that your comment gave me a chance to step back. Suddenly, I had saw even more resonance among certain Celtic-related features (some apparently peripheral) that are consistent in many (not all) Mandela Effect reports.

      But, to be very clear: Religion is a subject I cannot include in this website at this time and for the foreseeable future. So, any religion-related responses will be edited or simply not approved.

      It’s not that I don’t take your opinions and references (and others’) seriously. I do. I’m always interested in new insights about the Mandela Effect, and you seem to conduct considerable research into this phenomenon.

      But, for me as a comment moderator, it’s a matter of time, focus, and keeping this site on-topic and inclusive to the largest number of people who may have experienced the Mandela Effect.

      I’m sure you understand as we’ve had many ME conversations in the past. You already know my guidelines for comments, and I’m aware that many of your comments are shared with me personally, not necessarily because you expect me to approve them.

      Mostly, I’m posting this reply to highlight the distinctly Celtic aspects you mentioned… but also to (yet again) clarify which comments I usually approve (or don’t) at this site.


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