The following are among the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at this website, with brief answers (by Fiona Broome) to resolve those questions.

1. What is the Mandela Effect?

It refers to apparently real, alternate memories of a history that doesn’t match the documented history in this reality.  These are personal memories. In many cases, I believe they’re evidence that you may have experienced events from a different reality.

2. What causes the Mandela Effect?

That’s a complex question. I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all answer.

Many people seem to think they briefly “slid” to an alternate reality, or we’re in a holodeck with a few glitches.

And, of course, there are other theories. Some are better than others.

Right now, it’s all speculation. See the Sitemap for my related articles. Also, many of the best answers from this community are in comments at the Theories page.

3. Why are some comments out of order?

This site uses WordPress software. Sometimes, the software lost track of which reply belonged with what comment. Also, some people forgot to hit “reply” and just posted a new comment. (That’s always added at the end of the list on that page.)

4. Why don’t you use a forum or a message board?

This was never intended as a social site, though – for a while – it may have looked like one. My goal has been to present fresh ideas, insights, and news related to Mandela Effect topics.

Forums like Reddit are better designed for focused threads, casual conversations, and social-style comments. I don’t – and never have – commented at Reddit, or any other Mandela Effect forum.

5. Why can’t I add a comment?

Around the middle of April 2016, I closed the site to comments, except for the very newest articles. And, even then, comments are open for only one week per article.

Here’s why: The many thoughtful comments were great, but I also had to weed out those by trolls, jokers, and people with unhappy agendas. As of early 2016, this took 6+ hours per day. There was no way I could continue that.

6. What are “markers”?

At the moment, we’re using the term broadly. Markers seem to be indications of a reality shift. Other than that, we’re not sure. Some include red/blue changes, and the letters A & E.

They could indicate access points or portals to other realities. They could be coded messages. Or, they could be just coincidental.

7. Why don’t you post more articles?

I post articles when I have something new to say. For me, this site began as a hobby… and it still is. So, I’ve never wanted to spam readers with shallow articles, just to get attention (or better search engine rankings).

This started as a fun, speculative website for fans of sci-fi and quantum theories. Since  Berenstein/Berenstain Bears memories went viral, everything changed. This website gained more attention and credibility.

I’m delighted that people are having fun with this. I’m not thrilled when people make unhappy (and incorrect) connections with conspiracy theories or insist the Mandela Effect is entirely “false memories.”

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve talked about their Mandela Effect experiences, this topic is now in the wild. Many related forums and websites are taking Mandela Effect concepts in new, exciting directions.

In general, I’m pleased (and, admittedly, a little proud) to have been part of the early conversations.