2019, CERN, and the Mandela Effect

winter-whirlpoolI’m musing about a few points. I’m interested in your thoughts about this, related to quantum research.

This was triggered by noone’s comment, linking to http://investmentwatchblog.com/scientists-admit-everything-they-know-about-physics-is-likely-wrong/

In that article, the author says, “And physicists only have two to three years before CERN shuts the LHC down for upgrades. If we haven’t found anything by then, Cliff said, it could signal the beginning of the end.” (As I read that, he means the end of this particular research effort.)

Let’s say that’s 2019. That fits the prediction of Mr. French: “… after 2019 this window closes and your pretty much stuck on the earth you vibrate with.”

It’s also a match for John D’s comment: “From what I know, 2015 and 2016 should be fairly low key with odd happenings and occurrences. However from 2017-2019 there will be quite a bit of noticeable glitches. It should again be fairly quiet in 2020. Beyond that my sources are a bit….strained I guess would be the right word.”

So, I’m wondering if much of the Mandela Effect — or our current, heightened awareness of it, at least — is related to CERN’s experiments. And, if the decisions we make right now (referring to the BI topic I linked to, yesterday) and through the end of 2018, determine which reality we’ll be “pretty much stuck on,” per Mr. French.

What do you think?

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  1. Interesting that this seems to sort of tie in with the concept of “Ascension” that various circles have written about for a while now. Vibration is a key aspect of the Ascension process, relating at least partly to transcending into higher dimensions/awareness if I recall correctly.

  2. The New Age window of Ascension seems to be from 1972-2017, or thereabouts. What I mean is the momentum of the ascension meme that has been built up over the past several decades, all the end points from the main new age teachers seem to culminate around that time. Sure people can always make new predictions, but it’s really the larger new age wave of millennial promise that is what I’m more interested in, and that ends around 2017. Beyond 2018 I don’t see people being interested in these ideas anymore, either from jadedness or the fact that the younger crowd don’t really seem to be into it, so whatever happens has to happen in the next couple of years in order to fulfill the general new age wave of anticipation.

    Peter Meyer who programmed the Timewave for Terrence Mckenna predicts an end date of July 2018, he wrote an article called ‘The Zero Date Reconsidered’ that you can google.

    We’re shifting realities billions of times per second. but where you shift to is determined by your beliefs, and simply what you are holding on to. You have your feet on the accelerator, brakes, and steering wheel so it’s entirely up to you, so forget about CERN or any other externalizations.

    1. JM, I like your general views. Not sure I agree with the fine points, like forgetting about CERN, or a “younger crowd” that don’t really seem interested. (Regarding the latter, I can say with confidence that the generations coming into power now are possibly more interested than those retiring.)

      However, I’m definitely a supporter of the idea that we need to increase awareness, soon. Whether it’s “Age of Aquarius” or any other name, we do have a window to work with, right now. How long that will be as open is a subject of lengthy debate.

      I think it’s important to work with what we do agree upon, and expand awareness and conscious empowerment for the best possible outcome, regardless (or perhaps because of) what’s ahead.

  3. If you want a real spiritual overview of Ascension I suggest just reading over the Law Of One material. Also Bashar has a real “Down to Earth” approach to metaphysics that takes a lot of the mysterious edge off it.
    I’m beginning to understand reality as we once knew it WAS THE ILLUSION. And in order for us to live in that amount of limitation we had to forget who we were to be “actors” in this Earth play. “All the world’s a stage. …”. All this stuff we are discovering we just forget that we already knew it. Plato calls this ananemsis, we already know all this stuff and we ate just rediscovering our consciousness from the angle of forgetfulness. How quickly you remember is up to you but the more you Re-Member the mirr ridiculous our reality was. Its one big cosmic joke.

  4. The vibration comment struck me, but I believe it is much deeper and complex than just that. Perhaps it is not only vibration or maybe not vibration at all. Maybe, it’s your consciousness that holds you within a certain reality? We are where and when we BELIEVE we are, simply because our mind will not entertain any other scenario. That being said, our unconscious mind may not be bound by these restrictions? We “slip” and “slide” in a dream state and once awake, our mind cannot distinguish the difference between one reality and another.

  5. I’m thinking in terms of the movies Divergent, Inception, Edge of Tomorrow and the like. Where realities are constantly sliding around….what if we have the ability to tap into these realities and purposely make changes to our constant? Or is there a constant? Maybe I’m new every day. Maybe You’re new every second. Maybe I’m the new me and you’re the old you and I just need to go to bed and wake up again to get the old you back again?

  6. This is an interesting connection to The Mandela Effect that I definitely wouldn’t have thought of myself. I think the ongoing manipulation of our world and the nature of how it occurs may offer great insight as to whether or not activity like what happens at CERN could cause these “glitches” or if something entirely different is happening.

    I don’t know if this Mandela Effect is being caused by some kind of time manipulation, if we are in fact shifting between parallel worlds some how, or if we live in a “matrix” that is being changed intentionally or experiencing major bugs.

    I probably share this opinion with a lot of you that this is….the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.

  7. If there is any CERN connection (I don’t really believe there is, but if I just assume for sake of argument), I suspect it’s most likely something along these lines:

    Science just assumes that all the physical laws of the universe (or at least the one particular universe we live in) all came into being at the instant of the Big Bang, just like all the matter and energy and space and time. BUT, everything else seems to point toward the universe not actually “deciding” what happens until some consciousness actually observes it.

    So, it has long seemed logical to me that the laws of physics don’t come into being until someone actually tries an experiment to determine what they are. Only at that point does the universe have to “decide” what the laws of physics actually are. You can see how extremely well this fits with the “holodeck” or simulation theory – the simulation is not “programmed” to answer a given question until someone actually asks the question and devises a way to test it.

    And the results of the new experiment have to *also* fit every observation made so far – but if it can’t logically maintain that sort of consistency, then the simulation has no choice but to go back and retroactively change things, at least to the minimum extent necessary to answer the new probing question and maintain full consistency with every other fact. (*And*, just maybe, it also has to choose laws specifically to keep us from proving we are in a simulation? I certainly hope that’s not the case.)

    So the simulation has to basically pause, create the necessary new “code”, and make any necessary adjustments for retroactive consistency, before resuming – with us inside none the wiser that “our game was saved, upgraded, and restarted from a save point”

    If so, then the explosion of knowledge in basic physics in just the past few centuries would be keeping the simulation very, very busy writing new code. The rate of progress took a huge jump around a century ago, and it has only been accellerating exponentially ever since, with scientists asking pesky questions that led to the creation and installation of the Relativity and Quantum modules of the simulation. The deeper we look, the more the holes in the logic of the universe have to be patched, making things more and more bizarre, as the simulation tries desperately to keep up.

    Then, finally, with experiments like CERN (which is really just the best known of many, many wild new science programs), we are probing deeper into the mysteries than ever before, turning the simulation code into the craziest mess ever, and requiring more and more resets to make everything come out right. And we characters inside are starting to increasingly notice the glitches in the Matrix.

    So, we think our science is discovering the fundamental laws, but perhaps in a sense science is actually (co-)creating the laws.

    It’s an idea, anyway.

    1. The wave/particle reality is simultaneously true. Our measurement tools are limited. Schrodinger’s cat is both alive and dead, depending only on our point of view, a time-line that flows with each of us. What we see as life is only a short change in the natural state of matter, which is for the most part inert, and floating between stars. Spooky action at a distance reflects the natural state of nature that is connected in the extra-dimensional fabric of space that helps propagate gravity waves. Thus particles that wink in and out of existence are floating between dimensions.
      My point is that all the fuzziness in quantum mechanics is a product of our brief individualized time-line existence, our limited measurement tools, and multi-dimensional reality. The universe is both more simple and complex than we imagine. A point in space is a line through time.

  8. Perhaps everything is a hologram or we are just part of a computer program….
    Also regarding vibrationa and ascension… is anyone familiar with the Boltzmann Brains?

  9. Nope, I don’t think CERN has anything to do with it. My own noticing of the Mandella effect started back in the 80’s when I saw an actor had died (Richard Harris) when I know he had already died in the late 70’s from Cancer. He was one of my favorite actors as I was a war film fan as a child. That would mean that either I shifted sometime in the 70’s or 80’s both of which were decades before CERN. I was totally convinced something very weird was happenening when I saw the above mentioned, already twice deceased actor playing Dubledore in the first Harry Potter film! I was stunned and that’s when I really started talking about it. He then sadly died again in 2002. I do keep an eye out for his resurection, just in case !!!
    If these experiments (accelerators/colliders) are something to do with it; Perhaps different accelerators also cause the effect ? older,smaller models pre dating CERN? why wouldn’t they? in fact they would have to if ME event prior to the building of CERN occured. (ignoring tachyon production)
    If so there *should* be a corrolation between these particle physics experiments and reports of the ME.
    Such as Richard Harris dying everytime one of them achieves a specific energy level event. Although that kind of specific ME would become rather obvious.

    1. AL, from my work at MIT, I can confirm that experiments — which were altering how we define this reality — were reported prior to CERN.

      I still believe the Mandela Effect and related phenomena may be caused by multiple influences. If so, CERN (and similar experiments) may be one among many sources.

      I don’t think we can dismiss CERN without more data points, both for alternate memories and CERN-related experiments, large and small.

  10. Examining the nature of CERN could produce some illuminating data pertaining to the phenomenon. One needs to note that the most expensive and complicated machine ever built is more than the machine – it is the computer and networks connected to it.
    Joseph P. Farrell’s latest book, The Third Way, is an excellent source on the circumstances of the construction of CERN and has some clues on what the machine is capable of. Indeed, much of Farrell’s study on finance, geopolitics, alchemy, black projects, ancient technology and alternative physics models can be of use in understanding the phenomenon.
    Yes, CERN is a contender, but it has nothing to do with MWI, string theory or quantum mechanics, for the phenomenon is not caused nor utilises these areas of theoretical thought. To be brutally honest I feel that this site is barking up the wrong tree and most likely may never reveal the nature of the phenomenon, still, here has much firmer grasp on the matter than at reddit, that’s for sure.

    1. J.T., I don’t understand your comment. You said, “Examining the nature of CERN could produce some illuminating data pertaining to the phenomenon.”

      I agree.

      But later you said, “Yes, CERN is a contender, but it has nothing to do with MWI, string theory or quantum mechanics, for the phenomenon is not caused nor utilises these areas of theoretical thought.”

      That doesn’t make sense to me, on many levels. CERN’s experiments aren’t theoretical; they’re real. And, I don’t see how anyone can say CERN has nothing to do with quantum mechanics.

      And then you recommend a book I’d put squarely in the “conspiracy” category. (That’s not about its relative merits, as I haven’t read it, just its book description.) And, as I think I’ve made clear, this site isn’t for discussions of religion, politics, or conspiracies. (They may be involved, but I don’t have the interest or resources to add those to our areas of discussion.)

      So, if you can explain what seem like contradictory comments about CERN, in a way that’s relevant to this site & topic, I’m interested.

      I’d like to think you just posted in haste and — in your enthusiasm — phrased your comment in a way that could confuse some.

      However, if you’re eager for conversations about conspiracies and believe this site’s avoidance of them is “barking up the wrong tree,” you’ll probably find more satisfying conversations at AboveTopSecret.com, some Reddit sub-reddits, and so on.

      I’m not dismissing your views, but the focus of this site is on what is happening, not the personalities or political goals behind what’s going on.

      Sincerely, Fiona

  11. If colliders are in some way responsible then it would stand to reason that Nuclear weapons tests should have had similar effects. They are the most energetic things we have done on the macro scale. While the collider experiments achieve the highest energy levels measured, that is at the sub atomic scale. Nuke should be creating the same kind of collisions, but for obvious reasons we cant measure them.
    What do we have in the way of historic evidence/accounts of the ME predating all our atom smashing?
    The only thing I am really aware of is accounts of disapearing legendary islands such as Hybrasil. which is apparently just one aspect of the ME.

    1. Good points, AL, thanks!

      I hadn’t considered looking at nuclear explosions in coincidence with alternate histories. But, since we don’t have a clear connection between CERN and the ME, or even a pattern of when people seem to “slide” from one reality to another (and perhaps back again), I think we may have to file this for more in-depth study and correlation, later. (However, with whatever North Korea is doing with nuclear studies, we may need to consider that a factor in recently highlighted/discovered alternate memories. I’m not sure.)

      Hybrasil is just one of many “legends” I’d consider. Since my field includes Irish lore, I’d suggest that early Celtic and pre-Celtic histories — such as “The Annals of the Four Masters” — might be worth consideration.


      Ships with their crews, were plainly seen in the sky this year.

      (Ref. http://www.ucc.ie/celt/online/T100005A/ , which has many other fascinating references, all of them searchable.)

      A related story describes a ship (in the sky) that tethered itself with an anchor that the locals seized when the ship cast it near a church… that’s one of many stories that are consistent with other “ships in the air” stories, but with considerable details.

      I’m sure nearly every ancient history and every variety of “folklore” include topics we could highlight as possible evidence of early ME. I’m just not sure where to draw the line in terms of fiction v. factual history.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Truly bizarre Fiona, I had never heard of Hybrasil until yesterday. And I was reading up on it. And now you mention it. Can’t wait to see what the day brings. Lol, Mike H.

      2. Fiona, yes they are getting creepy! I came here after googling for info on the weird sky sounds that have been heard worldwide. Which is something I have personally heard and recorded. I had not even considered that the ME was a \’thing\’ that other people had also experienced. I thought it was just me!
        Regarding the various Sky ships (ufo\’s and suchlike) and many other things such as cryptozoology, Ghosts, etc etc etc. Yes there really is a problem with just where do you draw the line????
        ME could be a perfectly valid explaination for many of them, or ME could be a specific part or class of a much bigger picture.
        on the face of it Nukes and colliders may not explain historic accounts, but as we are also positing a multiverse explaination………could it be that the doors swings both ways?
        A nuke or collider experiment in a close by universe may have an effect here. This may explain why we seem to have a flurry of UFO reports around the time of these events where we unwittingly blow open a door to them, causing them to flock in to see what the hell we are doing. But also explain how they got here in our past.
        A more advanced race in a parralel universe using high energy physics to punch open doors into our universe, in order to research us or exploit our resources.
        again this idea could equally apply to time travel. Sky ships could be future mankind travelling back to do a bit of \”temporal archeology\”. Nothing beats actually being there! far better than digging in the dirt for clues.
        It also seems to hang together with numerous reports of anomolies (mainly UFO) around historic events.
        ………and again where do you draw the line in trying to string all of this together or uncover a specific kind of effect here. What exactly are the research limits of \”what is the ME?\” its getting to be a bit broad.

        1. AL, at the moment, I’m casting a wide net, narrowing it very slightly every six months or so. I’m still looking for patterns in what’s changed, when & where we notice it, and anything that might connect the dots.

          If this really is just sliding from one reality to another, it might be nothing more than the whim of the observer that triggers the slide. Also, comparing the individual memories might be no more meaningful than — if someone didn’t know about other countries — comparing what people eat, and what hot beverage is in their cup.

          The initial point of this site was to study the alternate memories of Mandela’s death. Then, as more alternate memories were reported, the site became a place for people to realize they’re not alone with those memories.

          Now, I’m moving in the direction of finding patterns to understand what’s going on. Not causes, necessarily, but patterns that may point to explanations.

          In a way, it’s a big, new world. And rather cool, to be honest. Creepy at times…? Yes. But still cool.

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