This is where the Mandela Effect was discovered. It’s a phenomenon, not an explanation. (There are many answers to why the Mandela Effect occurs. Some are better than others.)

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The original Mandela Effect website.A brief history

I started this website in 2009, after discovering I wasn’t the only confused person who clearly remembered Nelson Mandela’s funeral around 1990.

But… was it simple confusion? I’m still unsure.

At this site, our early conversations were flippant and fun.

Mostly, we talked about our odd memories, and speculated about quantum science, space-time travel, etc.

Soon, the Mandela Effect (and this website) attracted attention.

One of the biggest surges was right after George Takei* posted in social media, talking about remembering Berenstein Bears books, not Berenstain Bears.

Back then, a lot of people were certain the books were about the Berenstein Bears.

Many still believe that.

They also recall “Luke, I am your father” in the original Star Wars film, and “Mirror, mirror” in Disney’s Cinderella, and a Gremlin named Spike in Gremlins.

(None of those memories match this reality.)

Approaching 10 years later, trolls, traffic, and daily DDoS attacks overwhelmed this site.

I looked for other ways to share the thousands of stories shared by the first Mandela Effect pioneers.

Mandela Effect, today

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Today, most of this site’s original content is in books, or soon will be.

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Today, the topic grows daily. It’s taken on a life of its own.

A new generation have their own alternate memories., as well.

They’re a little more skeptical of the Mandela Effect, and tend to fact-check everything.

I think that’s rather cool.

But do I take all of these conversations seriously…? Of course not.

In fact, I rarely talk about this topic in real life. I don’t participate in any forums about it, either.  (If anyone in a forum claims to be me, they’re trolls.)

I don’t think there’s a single, universal explanation. Sure, many alternate memories can be explained as simple mistakes, false memories, conflation, news reporting errors, and so on.

If there’s a simple explanation for those memories, they aren’t the Mandela Effect.

But some alternate memories can’t be explained… yet. Those are the focus of the Mandela Effect.

Trust your memories, but please don’t take the Mandela Effect so seriously that you worry about it and can’t stop thinking about it. (If you do, please speak with a professional — in real life — immediately.)

And let’s play nice, okay?  Avoid merging this with conspiracy theories and partisan political views.

The site was started as a way to find an answer to my own, late 20th century memory of Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

Then, once others joined the conversations and shared their memories, the discussions were fun and intriguing.

That’s what I’d like people to focus on, as the meaning of the Mandela Effect and its legacy.

What’s next for this website

I’m preparing to return to this topic. With a few years’ break, my perspective has changed and my humor is restored.

This site’s focus will resume with geeky, space-time travel concepts, and speculation about Many Interacting Worlds Theory, and so on.

(In the meantime, I recommend books, videos, and articles by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. He’s on a wavelength closely related to our earliest conversations at this site. And his humor is rather flippant, as mine is.)

It’s time to return fun, wit, humor, and a large serving of science to this topic.

*Trivia: George Takei is unlikely to remember me, but we were acquaintances in the earliest days of Star Trek conventions in Los Angeles. (Bjo is a mutual friend.) So, I was amused when George stumbled onto early Mandela Effect conversations and then posted about them.

(And, btw, hi Nathan! And tell your daughter I said hello to her, too.)