What’s Sliding – Your Consciousness, Memories, or Body?

Let’s pretend the Mandela Effect involves sliding from one reality to another. (The other leading explanation is that we’re each in a holodeck. The third explanation is that selected things — portions of our world, or selected chunks of time — are replaced, at least briefly, now & then.)

But if we’re each (individually or in groups) sliding,  what is sliding? Is it our entire body, complete with our consciousness and memories? Is it just our consciousness… or some parts of us but not others?

According to an International Business Times (UK) article, it appears that scientists in China are working on a related experiment: Teleportation of bacteria’s memories… (That link takes you to another website.)

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In the past, some comments at this website have raised questions about which parts of us teleport (or “slide”) from one reality to another.

One such comment was in a thread started by Anthony. In a reply, Martin Williams said, “Maybe we don’t physically slide, but our existing consciousness travels to another me, and I only remember the change.. Could it be nothing happens to our other selves, just we jump from body to body over the dimensions. we jump into our own body in an alternate world.”

I’ve looked for past, public comments about physical changes. (Some people have reported, privately, scars moving.) Yes, they’re “just” anecdotes, but they may provide helpful insights.

Jelz talked about a vaccination scar appearing and disappearing. “As a kid, I received a smallpox vaccine scar on my right shoulder. It sometimes disappears when I try to show it to people who don’t have the same.”

Joseph Trevino described changing scars and moving birthmarks, “But recently I realized that my appendicitis scar was considerably fainter and I had a new, darker scar farther back, paralleling it. Also, I used to have three birthmarks (in the shape of a triangle) on my left collarbone- except now its on the right, and has a fourth, smaller mark under the top one. I chalked it up to reflection misinterpretation…”

(His comment is typical of the way most readers look first to logical explanations for such changes.)

Albo talked about a childhood incident involving deep scratches from a cat. However, though Albo has scars from lesser accidents, the wound from the cat seems to have left no scars, though it should have.

(That’s one of the most detailed reports among several talking about childhood accidents that should have left scars, but no evidence remains. And, in casual research, I’ve found nothing to indicate that children scar less easily than young adults.)

Alicia also describes a scar that vanished… along with her family’s memories of the dramatic events that led up to it. “On a personal side of things, my brother was a bit of a crap head, he got into some stuff he shouldn’t have and owed a dealer some money. I was confronted and ended up having a chunk sliced out of my arm in the scuffle. I still have the scar but last Christmas my family all acted shocked and concerned about a scar on my arm that is 7 years old. Not a single one remembering me having to go to the ER or…” (The comment is much longer, but this is the important part, for this discussion.)

ampster commented about serious scars that vanished for no reason , “Also in the summer of 1984 I fell off of a four wheeler and badly burned the back of both of my legs. It left me with rather bad scars on the back of both calves. Or so I thought, until one day in the mid-nineties when I mentioned something about it to my then-boyfriend who was confused, because I had no scars. For about ten years the scars disappeared and reappeared. I haven’t seen them since about 2006. (My parents and I always remember the accident, but apparently the severity switches?)”

Courtney recalls childhood surgery and wonders why there’s no scar now, “I clearly remember lying on an operating table and looking up to see doctors and nurses crowded around me. I believed, vehemently, that I had gotten surgery until I was ten and my mother explained to me that I had never had surgery. I even would have said I had a scar until that day, but there’s no scar.”

So, those six public comments out of 10,000, over five years. That’s not a huge number, but I also can’t claim this site provides an accurate survey of the general public, or even of our readers. And, I’ve never before asked about moving scars, or other unexplained physical marks that might suggest whether bodies slide with us, or not.

(Of course, some people will point out that scars can heal to the point of becoming invisible, or nearly so. Yes, I think we all understand that, and these people have considered the possibility of complete healing, without a trace. If the answer were that simple, they wouldn’t have left a comment here.)

What is sliding? How many physical features are duplicated across multiple realities?

It’s an interesting topic for speculation.

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  1. My husband and I met in 2010 and married a short time later. He had a flat dark spot about the size of a pinky nail at the top of his pubic area. He said that the spot would change size/ color, but was always there. At some point, around 2013, we noticed that the spot had disappeared. It hadn’t gradually shrank or anything like that; it was there and then it wasn’t. It has never returned. It is as if it never existed.

    Within the same time frame, my birthmark has disappeared and never returned.

    The time frame, 2012-2013, was a very stressful time for us. We suffered a miscarriage, death of a loved one, hospitalization, a temporary separation, etc… It makes me wonder if one of these events didn’t make us shift (as I do believe in shifting, etc..).

  2. Perhaps this is Captain Obvious, but here’s my analysis:

    It seems to be required that our memories are sliding – although they might be subject to superimposition or outright overwriting from information in the destination reality. Without memory sliding, Mandela Effect (as we postulate it here) simply could not exist.

    Consciousness sliding is more iffy. It seems at least possible that we *could* “slide” without our consciousness. This would require that we slide while our conscious is “offline” (e.g. asleep, dreaming, anesthesia, seizure, psychedelic altered state, etc.) Conversely, if the consciousness does slide, it would seem to require that we can only slide while awake and fully conscious. The bacteria teleport article says that the bacteria has to be frozen – so this implies that the proposed quantum teleport mechanism, if eventually applied to humans, would be only of memory.

    Fully body sliding would be essentially the model from the TV show Sliders. Except that (presumably) you have to switch places with your body in the alternate reality. The (admittedly few) reports of bodily changes would require that the body *not* slide. However, even without those reports, a full body slide seems *extremely* implausible. Both memories (information) and consciousness are extremely slippery, insubstantial stuff, which should be much simpler to transfer between alternate realities as quantum states. But actual bodies are big and physical – staggering amounts of energy would seem to be required, and it seems inconceivable that neither the slider nor anyone around them, nor any scientific instruments, would ever notice such a thing.

    So, I would say memories “slide” for sure, *maybe* consciousness as well, actual bodies no way.

    Personally, I think the “slide” is likely from one “holodeck” to a different one running a different program, usually only slightly different – so in effect both of the major theories could be true. (And if this is the case, it also effectively rules out body sliding.)nd

    As an aside, it occurred to me yesterday that we are on the cusp of a new Quantum Age – the advent of new technology in the next decade or two that relies fully on “quantum weirdness” – quantum computers and communication, quantum teleportation, and probably lots more technologies inconceivable today that we will find “indistinguishable from magic”. Perhaps among them will even be “controlled sliding” and/or “holodeck hacking”.

  3. What I find odd, to say the least, is that I do NOT remember Mandela dying before 2013 but I DO remember a different Mandela, altogether. Here, in this for lack of a better term, reality, Mandela was a terrorist. He killed people to advance his cause and I remember his imprisonment for this and his other crimes. The so-called “Elder Statesman” concept of the man is completely foreign to me and yet, everyone seems to have forgotten that or does not remember it to begin with.

    1. Brian G, I also remember Mandela being this way. I wasn’t sure if it was the media, or another “Mandela Effect” though.

  4. This reminds me of something that I had almost forgotten, but which has puzzled me for a long time. As a child, I had a birth mark on my stomach, under and slightly to the side of my navel, of an irregular shape. It was rather pale, maybe a couple shades darker than the surrounding skin, so not very noticeable, but I could still see it. At some point in my adulthood, it disappeared. I never paid much attention to it, but I do remember wondering where it was about ten years ago, and assuming that it simply had faded with age, since it wasn’t very dark to begin with. I suppose that’s still possible, but I figured I’d mention it.

  5. Interesting that you bring up biological details shifting. I have a tooth that seems to lose and regain a chipped portion from time to time. It’s a fairly pronounced spot so it’s a quick indicator for me as to whether anything may have shifted streams recently. I know it sounds odd but if there is one thing you get to know accurately through your life it’s the layout of your own mouth.

  6. What’s obvious is that subjective changes are mostly subtle,not dramatic.And objective changes are as dramatic as can be,they could be subtle as well,but the point is whatever is causing these changes has managed to confound us for all these years.That synchronicity and ME are linked is my proven knowledge,not belief,but ‘how’ is still unknown though I am getting an inkling that ‘why’ is tied to the ‘attitude’,that acquired reflex,which gets things moving.

  7. I think it’s our memories to be honest. Although I do not know the reason as to why this is happening. What’re your thoughts Fiona?

  8. I know that I came across the mention of the human anatomy, particularly the stomach and it’s intestines, now being different–I searched and believe some of the comments are found here:


    –which makes me wonder, if the anatomy of the intestines have changed, ( I too have memories of the neat rows of small intestines vs. the conglomerated mess that is rendered now) perhaps it is only the consciousness that travels. I have no accounts of moving scars or birthmarks to share but I think that–at least for those who share alternate memories of the intestinal anatomy along with me–this would be evidence that the body can, and has, changed, therefore, some other, non-physical aspect may be involved in the “slide”.

    On another note, I also wanted to comment on the “Mirror, Mirror” post, however, since the comments have closed I’ll add my snippet here. Feel free to edit my comment Fiona if you chose to move it over. For those who may be sci-fi buffs, the 10 season long series of Stargate SG-1 had an episode that referenced a Quantum Mirror, http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Quantum_Mirror, of which, when coupled with a quantum “remote control” device, could switch between different realities of your choosing, each visible within the mirror which functioned as an inter dimensional portal. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the episode but I remember the doctor being trapped in an alternate reality and flipping through the remote trying to find the right universe to get back home. I thought the parallels were interesting and warranted mentioning here, especially with the concept of the remote and if you think of the different realities as being on different “frequencies or channels” that you can “tune in” to. It’s also interesting to note, the military closely interacted and collaborated on the script writing for this series, prior to and for the whopping 10-year duration it ran, of which there was a subsequent spinoff as well as different movies that followed.

    Thanks for the site Fiona, it’s great to read everyone’s insights and comments on their experiences and be able to bounce off ideas.

  9. I do the first being a deep gouge on the topside of my hand just under the thumb knuckle from a bad rope burn from being drug by a cow, I noticed one day the scarred gouge was there but the next day it was barely noticeable. The next is a tear in my ear from a horse accident I was putting in earrings one day and noticed the tear was missing, I actually don’t have really any scars on my body despite my numerous horse accidents. The last is burn marks on my left side from spilling a pan of hot soup on myself when I was younger I used to have faint scars on my side, granted they could’ve disappeared with time but just a couple days after it happened my class had a field trip to the hospital and I was volunteered to put some patches on that they use in a hospital and it made me nervous because of my side but the doctor nor anyone around me noticed anything at the time I wrote it off as they simply didn’t notice or didn’t say anything, now I’m wondering if the marks didn’t disappear durring that moment.

  10. I woke up with a memory of something that never happened…

    It was like the memory was implanted into my brain overnight and I woke up with it. It was me and my ex; we were walking down a street in a city, like a neighborhood in a city, the streetlights were out, so it was really dark, I was to the right of him, him to the left, and we were just walking down this sidewalk in the city, not speaking or anything, just walking. It must have been really late because no one else was out but us. I remember what he was wearing and everything; a black zipper up hoodie. The area seemed very familiar to me, although I’ve never been. For some reason, It seems like this happened awhile ago. Maybe because I think he appeared younger. I remember feeling happy I was with him. Thing is, this never happened. We never walked together in a city in this scenario. Never. Except for, I remember it so well!….But only after waking up with the memory in my mind as of today! It was not a dream, this 100% a memory. I, being a spiritual person, start to think of parallel universes, etc.

    I know this happened, but I only received the memory today. Did I travel to a parallel universe where he and I are still together and I somehow came back with a clip of a memory of that? Feedback would be HIGHLY appreciated. I’ve been thinking about this experience nonstop, searching for answers…

    1. Kelly, Whether it’s a dream or memory,parallel universe or parallel life,hardly matters.Just consider the memory as parallel life and cherish the fact of parallel living,you may experience more of such incidents,it’s best to sovour them without probing the depth.

  11. From my earliest memories i always had a small brown spot on my right lower groin just above the pubic area, nothing protruding and raised just a flat,smoothe little round dot,it had always been there , i was taking a shower a couple to three years ago and suddenly became contious of the fact my little brown dot and just upped and left..vanished without even a goodbye,no scare or even a faint trace of where it had been..strange as the only thing i could think of concerning its whereabouts was it had jumped off and down the plughole!!

  12. Sometimes( every month or so) I wake up with these bruises on my legs. I have no idea were i got them but they can either be really huge or really small. I ask my family and they say ‘Oh ya! don’t you remember falling down the stairs yesterday?’ NO! I don’t!

  13. two years ago i was in the car with my husband and suddenly i said there is something wrong with time
    it didn’t felt right had it since then yesterday i found something about the mandela effect for the first time and looked into it and i watch about tankman and i remember he was run over but that is not the story anymore it freaked me out a little bit

  14. Think about the world views of the people who accept or reject the ME. I happily corner and quiz anyone, especially if it’s their topic of expertise, to find their ‘truth’ of the name, country, song, movie line, and I’m noticing that the people I would consider more open-minded are agreeing with one or two MEs and the more ‘conservative’, for want of a better word, are not.
    So I’m thinking it’s more about consciousness expanding to begin to include, if only in our mind’s eye in these early stages, a view of more possibilities. The multiple timelines and different bodies would be explained in the idea of a bigger, more expanded view. It would be like seeing everyone having vanilla, but then finding out about chocolate – and then maybe even strawberry, and you’re the only one enjoying the variety. At this point of our development we have to settle on one, but accepting that the options are out there, and they’re just as real as each other, could be an evolutionary leap, especially if we could consciously navigate them.

    1. Another Nancy: I like that concept. I’m still toying with the fact that there’s been so many staged lies and the fact that many versions *could have been* created in real time, then presented in those different variations on different websites and various media outlets to create confusion. While that can be part of it, there’re still all the personal stories that don’t have an openly collective experience, and those cant be explained away like that. I’ve thought about the “you get what you create” theory for many years; I like your analogy that you experience the options as you become aware of them…

  15. I am guilty of having not read the comments before writing this, but I have a couple occurences that may suggest that perhaps the body and consciousness can slip as well as just the consciousness. There have been 3 seperate occurances where someone has claimed I teleported, when I believed I had walked. Also, I have scars from injury I don’t remember, and scars I remember having no longer exist. Since I should focus on one of the occurrences, I will focus on the most recent teleportation, as I have the most clear memory of it. I will try to put in the details of everything that I felt and noticed.

    I was with my now ex fiancé and another friend at a large truck stop, not the Iowa 80 but the second biggest, I can’t remember the place and name but it has statues of aliens at the main entrance and has two stories. (Two of my three teleportation experiences involve moving down a storie one was a ladder this one was normal stairs.) I at the time was a little panicky because after my time in the navy, large groups of people gave me a bit of anxiety. (This is no longer the case, I found some help with that.) It was 2015, and acording to a post I read, apearently a year for shifts. Ironically, I was born in a year of shifts too.

    Anyway, I was the only one in our group that needed the restroom, and for whatever reason, I couldn’t convinced our friend to go with me, so I had to go alone. I finished my business, and because each said they would meet me at the door, I waited for 10 minutes. I looked everywhere near the entrance and could not see them. The air felt electric, like a thunder storm, and the people around me didn’t seem to notice my existence. This isn’t really a new thing, I’m one of those people that’s easily overlooked. However, I felt lighter, wich could have been adrenaline, because I did begin to panic a little bit after the ten minutes. Sound was sort of muffled, I heard my own heart beat and breathing more than my surroundings. I went down stairs, and out the door to see if they were smoking, but they weren’t there. I don’t know why, but I stayed out there for a little while, breathing fresher air and calming down just a bit. Then when I opened the door to go back in, the sound was normal suddenly, the air was normal suddenly, and I felt my normal weight again. My ex and my friend were comming down the stairs and the first question that was asked was “How did you get down here? I saw you go in the bathroom and I was right at the door since. You never came out. Now I believe that story your other friend told me about you teleporting. They’re not crazy.” I asked how long they had been waiting and they said about 30 minutes. Wich, if counting the time I spent actually in the restroom, is about the right amount of time passing. I asked if they left for a little while or turned away, and they both insisted that they hadn’t because they had felt guilty making me go alone when they realized that I really did get panicky, and had basically followed me up the stairs.

    I felt a noticeable difference when I opened the restroom door to exit, and then it returned to normal when I re-entered the building. I think maybe I slipped into an alternate reality for that brief passing, both physically and mentally. Since similar occurances are in my past with two other people who never met each other claiming the same thing about me teleporting, perhaps I might actually have.

    1. I feel very uneasy just thinking about this, but it seems to be a good theory for a ME and your teleportation experience. The mind is so vast and unexplored to me it seems very possible that every person possess the necessary tools within your “vessel” or body/mind to teleport in space time/ slow reality around your conscious self.
      Janet Cunningham, Ph.D. (http://www.janetcunningham.com/Mind-Spirit-Connection.html) Has a Theory why some people have such psychic experiences and some do not. Its interesting to me she brings up Egyptian culture because I was just watching a Youtube video about unexplainable photos that show evidence time travel is real. Link here:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZeFMjRnRck) The Swiss watch that is pulled out of the sarcophagis sent chills down my spine.

      You can Skip this Paragraph if you like, I think it ties everything together for me, but it was just a personal experience of mine and it’s not related to any ME.

      The only Experience I can ever say that dramatically impacted my life and was when i tried to learn how to lucid dream. I went online and did some research and found it was possible to go straight from closing your eyes and in about 10-20 mins begin lucid dreaming if you practiced at it. So I did, I closed my eyes and imagined myself falling, falling in darkness for a while and focusing on nothing but that. It didn’t work as i lost consciousness and fell asleep. So the next day i decided falling was too fast and I imagined myself walking down an endless staircase. It became darker and darker as i walked down. There was a struggle to stay conscious many times during my walk down the stairs. I could go into much more detail but I’m trying to keep it simple and sweet. So i actually figured it out after a couple weeks and did it at least twice before, trying something a little different. I am always asking questions and trying to figure out how everything works, how i work, why i think, so on and so on. I asked myself, What happens if i go up? I thought maybe I’d guarantee myself a sweet dream. So I imagined and endless staircase going up and up for ever. There was no fight to stay conscious like before. It was as if my consciousness was being elevated, and the higher i went the more weightless I became and the brighter the surrounding area was. Then I saw a Doorway and everything around the door was the darkest color I’d ever seen contrasted by the most light I’d ever seen. The light was briliaiant as it shined throught what was starting to feel like everything I have ever wanted to know. I was frightened that I wouldn’t be able to handle what it was I would see if i walked thought the opening so i panicked and woke in terror. I will say that I have had a night terror before where I woke in panic and sweat but this was different. I felt ashamed of myself for not going thought the door, even though it could have just been a dream or a hallucination, I have been fascinated with pseudo science ever sense.

      I didn’t mean to stray to far away from the original post/ replies, but my reply is mostly directed to your teleportation experience and the only reason I felt I should bring this up as a relation to a ME is that it seems no one has a memory of a ME happening before their eyes and it seems to happen in certain areas whether as small as a cities or an entire continent. If “it happens” while were asleep “it” would seem more easily unnoticed and could explain why “it” happens in certain areas and not always the entire globe, but our knowledge of what “is” around us.

      You guys are on the verge of something great. I just hope it helps explain why we all remember things spelled differently. Although i will say the English language is a very easy language to misinterpret. Have some of these spellings changed across other cultures or have other dialects not noticed the any change? This question might help pin point and area of origin

      1. I’ve had a Mandela effect happen in front of my eyes. I saw Mark Hamil’s name change to Mark Hamill. Creepy stuff indeed. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, much appreciated.

        1. I remember Hamil too and I’ve been looking for my kids’ old movie books to check, but I think I’ve discarded them.

        2. When did you notice this happening? I just found out about the Mandela Effect yesterday and there are so many instances where I just dismissed myself as remembering incorrectly, but to hear that others noticed the same things that I thought were “just in my head” makes me sure now that I couldn’t have imagined all of it. I noticed that his name was different some time in the last year

  16. So I’m not alone! Just wandering into this concept recently….

    Scars: I have 3 fine razor-fine scars, about 1/2″ or so long, side by side, spaced about 3/16″ apart on right of my neck, near clavicle. Noticed them in the mirror when I was 9. Asked mom, she said no idea and scurried away. They’ve come and gone over the years, sometimes appearing to someone as I’m talking about them, turning red and getting more defined as we talk, otherwise they range from very defined, to faint, to gone.

    Earring holes. Stopped bothering with earrings a long time ago. Also had the 2nd hole and upper-ear third hole in the late 80’s. They re-open once in awhile and I can easily put an earring in them. That’s probably something else, body memory. Oddly, sometimes I’m allergic to gold (skin red, inflamed, peels off) and sometimes not so much. Rotating allergies is a whole other discussion…

    New (to me) scars on back of left hand. They look old. 5 fine lines, from 1/4″-(mostly)1″, fanning out nearly where bones of hand are, not quite aligning with bones. Just noticed them a few months ago. No clue where they came from. Looks sort of like I was scratched by a very finely sharpened claw;) “It” would have had to have been beside me, or it would have to have been done by a downstroke if my hand had been raised in a fist, palm to body. I really have no idea. They were just there one day.

    My teeth! They’ve been moving all over the place for the last several months. Gaps some days, not others (floss points this out). Sometimes wider than other days. A tooth that twists slightly now, and some days is more pronounced. Had braces decades ago. Lately, it’s almost like I didn’t. Goes back and forth, or else I would think I’m just reverting back, due to bad habits or something. Just figured I’m my weird self.

    I’ve had other small moving marks or freckles, but the above are irrefutable. I have lots of stable scars that don’t move.

  17. The other day, I noticed a pox mark identical to the one on my face from when I had the chicken pox as a little girl prominently placed on my right shoulder. I had never seen it before, so I showed my mom. She said that I have always had it along with the one on my left leg. She went to show me where, but there was no scar! She clearly remembers me having all three while I only have ever seen the one on my face, which sometimes Is so faint I can’t see it (I itched at my pox very badly, so it should be deep, like it is sometimes). Also, in the fifth grade I woke up and had a diamond shaped scar on my middle knuckle of my middle finger on my left hand. I assumed I hit it on something while I was sleeping, except it was already a pink scar. I thought it was kinda cool looking so I paid a lot of attention to it, but it was gone one day and it’s not even faded or anything! For some reason I was very convinced ghosts did it, so maybe I was tapping into something I didn’t understand?

  18. I clearly remember as a kid, I used to have really bad teeth, I got new fillings at least once or twice a year. This went on for about five or six years, so I should have had at least six different fillings. Then, suddenly, my teeth were always perfectly healthy and I haven’t needed any fillings ever since. The really weird thing is, however, the fact that I kept all my milky teeth (I counted them, and they’re definitely mine) and there is only ONE that doesn’t look healthy and has a filling in it; the others are all “natural”. Plus, there is not a single filling in my adult teeth.

  19. Hello everyone! I’m not pretending I have all of your answers. I AM pretending I have all of mine. I have come across a video that works nicely with the idea that our consciousness is what shifts. As much as I would have liked to put this up on Facebook for all of my friends and family to see and learn from, it has become apparent to me for sometime now, that this journey I AM on, I AM presently, but not forever, doing alone (physically anyway). I have also realized I have only my friends here to bounce things off of. So, feedback is welcome and appreciated. Enjoy! I hope this helps you in your journey!


    1. Anthony, I know the Mandela Effect has been a challenge for you, at times. So, I’m relieved to see that you’ve found an answer that works for you. The video’s message seems very upbeat and many of its concepts are familiar — plenty of “Age of Aquarius” attitudes and some “The Secret” foundations, etc. — mixed in a different way to represent the path Murasso recommends. Mostly, I’m glad to hear that you’ve found your answer.

  20. When we slide,we actually swap places with our alternate self in alternate universe.When we die young,the more evolved we slide into the more evolved universe to live, and the less evolved we slides into the less evolved universe to actually die.What happens to we who has died,i will have to leave open ended because of differing theologies.

    1. Yes, Vivek, those are interesting theories, but — as you suggested — you’re edging into theological/religious topics that can take us off-topic and into troll territory in a hurry.

      Also, I’m not convinced it’s a one-for-one swap when we slide. It’s possible that “you” as identity A could slide into reality B, while identity B could slide into universe C, and identity C could slide into reality A… or something even more complex.

      I believe it’s logical for us to slide into greater challenges/learning experiences as we evolve, and take a step back into gentler, less challenging realities when we need that.

      But, this takes us into speculation that’s difficult to support with anything except unproved theory.

      1. Hi Fiona, thanks for the support! And \’an answer\’ is much more appropriate than assuming there is \’one answer\’ to all of this, even for me.

        Vivek, very intriguing! I\’m not sure if I mention somewhere on the site, that I accidentally impaled myself in June \’15. And further back in December \’14 had a large swallow of grain alcohol which I thought was gin. In both cases, the aftermaths were/are cloudy and survivals surprising, especially with the impalement. If the details are warranted, I\’ll be happy to post. And Fiona, your reply \”I believe it’s logical for us to slide into greater challenges/learning experiences as we evolve, and take a step back into gentler, less challenging realities when we need that.\”, I feel have been happening to me for over a year now.

  21. What i strive for is not a slide into a near identical reality where chartreuse and red are mere labels that have interchanged,but a dive into a reality where red tape gives way to green light,not simply an exchange of semantics,but a real metamorphoses of caterpillar into a butterfly,relatively free to fly up and down or sideways or away from the stranglehold of local circumstance.

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