Site Update

The website may look different to you.

Two days ago, my hosting service confirmed what I’d suspected, last week: The site had been hit by DDoS attacks, twice in one week. (I have no idea why, unless someone really doesn’t like this topic.)

So, this site was offline for about 48 hours. Now, it’s back and — fingers crossed — everything will be okay. But, to be very sure none of the server issues are caused by normal traffic surges, I’ve changed many things to improve site performance, including a new WordPress theme.

If this site goes offline again, I’m going to replace it with a few HTML pages that cover the main points, and direct people to the mirror site ( ) or to the May 2016 version of the site at the Wayback Machine.

Neither of those is a complete site. Both have some navigation and graphics issues. I’m working on the mirror site to improve it as much as I can. That will probably be an ongoing project for the next couple of weeks.

For now, the site is here. I’m still going through the comments — old and new — to compile and analyze the data. I will update the Memories page with new entries. I’m also hoping to spot some patterns in the reports… all ~13,000 of them. (In other words, this isn’t an afternoon project.)

I appreciate your interest in the Mandela Effect, and the comments, alternate memories, and theories you’re sending me. They’re important, and I’m grateful for your help.

Thank you!