Site Restored

Last week, a traffic spike put my hosting account at risk. As a temporary fix for the weekend, I removed this site’s content.

It’s possible the traffic was the result of an article at Snopes, followed by mentions at popular YouTube channels and several large, relevant websites.

However, some markers suggested more mundane issues. For all I know, a bunch of bored people routinely see a new article at Snopes, and that’s their bots’ target du jour. (If that’s confusing, don’t worry. It’s nothing sinister.)

The problem is: If this issue resumes and my hosting service is suspended, I’ll need to move this website. (I’ve already identified different hosting better able to handle this kind of service issue.)

If that happens, this site may be offline for days. So, short term, I’m setting up a mirror site:

Two things you need to know:

  • To avoid visitor confusion, I’ve asked to discourage search engine indexing on the site. (I will add it to my list of websites.)
  • Most internal links at the mirror site are broken. They must be manually changed, one-by-one, and that will take days (or longer). However, nearly all of the content at the mirror site is identical to what was here, as of 5 Aug 2016. If you have patience, you can find what you’re looking for, at that mirror.

Snopes’ Summary

People have asked about my reaction to the Snopes article.

Simply, it’s Snopes. Of course the article is skeptical. That’s what they do, and I appreciate Snopes as a resource.

I just don’t agree with them on all points, regarding the Mandela Effect, but that’s okay. They gave a surprisingly detailed explanation of this theory, and I’m pleased with that.

I’ve never insisted that my explanation for alternate memories is the only one, or even the correct one. It’s a theory, not a dogma.

I’m happy to let people say whatever they like at Reddit, at YouTube, and so on. When a topic is as odd as the Mandela Effect, it’s vital to consider every possible explanation.

What I’m Working On

A few people have asked why I really closed comments at this site, and went relatively silence.

It’s no secret. Really. As I explained in my previous article, the popularity of this website had outgrown my ability to moderate comments and still pursue my “day job.”

I’m self-employed. My income is from my books, related products, and the occasional speaking gig. Simply, my “day job” involves researching and writing about unexplained phenomena, mostly ghost-related. (And, to be clear, if you’re not familiar with my other research: I’m at least 80% skeptical of ghost stories, at least at face value. I believe odd things occur at “haunted” sites, but I’m not convinced they’re all caused by ghosts or spirits.)

While I appreciate the lofty and creative explanations some people have suggested, my work really is what I say it is. I’m just someone who’s fascinated by “what if…?” questions, and I throw articles (and sometimes complete websites) online, to share my thoughts and collect insights from other people. My only goal is to find better answers to my sometimes-quirky questions about “blips” in accepted reality, and share my discoveries with you.

Media Requests

I’ve received requests to be on TV shows, on radio shows, and in documentaries. In fact, I can’t reply to all the requests individually, so here’s my answer: No, thank you. I’m flattered by the invitations, but I’m a very private — and busy — person. I’ve never wanted a TV show. I don’t have time for radio right now. A documentary might be a good idea, later, but not at this point in the research.

What’s Next

Right now, I’m updating my ghost-related books (some of them hideously outdated) and freebies so they’re ready for “ghost season,” aka Halloween.

Also, I’m still compiling, analyzing, and evaluating the more than 10,000 comments at this website (and thousands of fresh reports via email), to see patterns in them — what they have in common, and where they’re wildly different. That analysis might help explain what’s going on… at least part of it.

Mostly, I appreciate your interest in the Mandela Effect, and I’m doing my best to keep this website online, and add more insights as I find them.