Site News

Recent and important updates about this website and its design, and anticipated changes

1 Mar 2017

  • More FAQs updates, and minor updates to the About page.
  • Deleted the mirror site. I’m relieved that it’s no longer needed.
  • Removed all articles that included others’ personal podcasts & YouTube channels. Apparently, those confused people, especially those who didn’t fully read my related articles. I apologize for the confusion.
  • Removed the tee-shirt blurb in the sidebar. I think this topic has passed the “ooh, shiny!” phase that makes tee-shirts fun. (See below for more.)

1 Feb 2017

  • Updated some of the FAQs.
  • I’ll probably remove the tee-shirt blurb in the sidebar. I never want this site to look commercial, and only about four people buy tee-shirts, each month, anyway.
  • Despite my best intentions, another website project has taken much of my time, this winter. (I decided to make my 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered book completely free. So, I updated the content & turned that entire book into a website.) Realization: it’s far too easy for me to get distracted by projects that seem fun & fast… and then they commandeer most of my waking hours for the next couple of months. Or more.

16 Nov 2016

  • Now that the Halloween busyness is winding down — after the usual 2+ months of activity — I think I’ll have more time for this website. Frankly, my books make it possible to maintain and expand my websites, including this one. So, from mid-September to mid-November, each year, I shift to promote-the-books mode. Then, when it’s over, I relax for a few weeks and get back to my other projects. Like this site.

15 Sep 2016

  • Traffic to this site remains high. Some spikes overload the server, and then things return to normal. I’m on the brink of my busiest time of year, so this site (and the mirror) site are “on hold” while I focus on seasonal work. But, after mid-November — and then a few weeks to relax and enjoy the holidays — my work on this site will resume. I have some fun plans for it, for 2017.

8 Aug 2016

  • This site was offline for a few days, due to service issues. For now, it’s restored, and I’ve created a mirror site (incomplete, but the basics are there). If the problem returns, this site will go dark again, and I’ll move it to alternate hosting.
  • To reduce server load, I’ve disabled a few site features. The Search form is now the plain-vanilla one that’s on most WordPress websites; this means it doesn’t search comments. Assuming CPU levels return to normal, I plan to restore the more in-depth search form, later.

17 May 2016

  • I’m adding new comment links at the Major Memories page, so visitors can see what others have said about popular, alternate memories. I’m also expanding that list as new reports arrive.
  • I’ve manually closed comments at a few articles that software didn’t change automatically. Apologies to anyone who left recent comments, which I’ve read but will not approve.

16 Apr 2016

8 Apr 2016

  • Added a Report Something New page, to make it simpler for people to let me know about new/different alternate memories they recall.

28 Mar 2016

  • Due to a recent WordPress update, the Comments pages (listed & linked at the foot of the Memories page) had been broken into pages of 50 comments each, by default. That appears to have changed the permalinks to each comment. I’ve reset the default comments setting so all the comments appear on the main page of each article, topic, or Comments list they replied to. (This means the Theories page, with comments, is ridiculous long. As time permits, I’m breaking it into topics and posting them as articles.) Alas, this didn’t restore the permalinks we’d been using prior to the WP update. The good news (for those who preferred this): People can now read the original Comments pages, each as a very long scroll-through series of conversations.

23 Feb 2016

  • This past weekend, was deleted due to a software glitch. I don’t think it was a hack, but it took a few days to rebuild the site from backups. Part of the issue includes some odd groups of broken links, specifically related to the “Dawn” article and the Tiananmen Square article. I’ve updated both articles, and — where possible — used Wayback Machine links. However, if it’s more than just coincidence, those Wayback Machine copies may vanish as well.
  • is now at new, more secure hosting. Images seem to be where they belong. Known broken links have been repaired, and I’ve updated contact & email issues.
  • Since this site receives a lot of traffic, I may move it to yet another server in the future. For now, moving all of my websites to new hosting was an epic task. Let’s see how well this works.

15 Feb 2016

  • That’s a new header graphic at the top of every page, and I’ve made some other (minor) design tweaks.
  • Ahead (by the end of February 2016), this website is moving to new hosting.

25 Jan 2016

  • The site redesign continues, but most of that to-do list is now about visual design and navigation aspects. Whew!
  • I’m delighted that comments have shifted in a more focused, philosophical & scientific direction.
  • Some comments have disappeared. I’m not sure if it’s a software glitch or what, but it happened overnight. Not a massive loss of comments, but enough that my eyebrow is raised as I consider the possibilities.

20 Jan 2016

  • Most of the site redesign is now complete. The changes may seem small, but they’re important to how this site functions, and how much time I have for new, Mandela Effect articles & research.
  • Comments are open on most articles (not polls or surveys) that were posted within the past 45 days, as well as many articles related to Mandela Effect theories.
  • NEW alternate memories can be reported, in confidence, at Comments Page 15. (That was the “new alternate memories” page, but it quickly became a general memories/comments page.) I’ve added the form at several other, easy-to-find locations at this site, too.
  • Ahead: Reorganize the Theories section. Add more links at the Memories page, pointing to related comment threads. Analyze data related to over 10k comments posted here in the past five years.  And, yes, I’ll probably redesign the header graphic… probably several times, before I’m happy with it.

15 Jan 2016

  • Big changes have begun. You’ll see hints and previews at the Comments page, at the New Alternate Memories page, at the main Memories page, and more. Site changes won’t happen overnight, or even in a week, but they’ll be steady.

My immediate goals:

  • Make it easier for you to find Mandela Effect memories that match yours.
  • Highlight the leading, science-based theories about what’s causing the Mandela Effect.
  • Shift this site’s emphasis to useful information about the Mandela Effect, but also provide some fun & whimsy for those who appreciate it.
  • Feature insights and related news so you can actually do something with this subject. (I want to be different from other websites and social media.)

13 Jan 2016

  • After taking time to think about this, is being completely redesigned. This is likely to take time.
  • Began removing troll-ish comments (and my replies to them), as they’re a waste of bandwidth.

12 Jan 2016

  • Okay, I spoke too soon. When a massive number of people reported alternate memories, rumors, and beliefs about David Bowie’s death, I closed all comments for a week. (<– Click that link to read more.)

4 Jan 2016

  • I’m seeing a huge improvement among comments submitted. Thank you!

1 Jan 2016

  • A new year with a new focus for this website: Starting today let’s focus on data points and patterns among Mandela Effect memories. (Update: No, the focus shift needs to be far bigger than that. And more fun.)

28 Dec 2015

  • Just a reminder: This week, I’m reading-and-deleting even more new comments that don’t follow the newest guidelines at Terms: Comments, which take full effect on 1 Jan 2016. (This process began in late November, and I’ve been increasingly firm about it, week by week.)

20 Dec 2015

18 Dec 2015

  • Split off the FAQs page, to use it for standard replies.
  • Added a Comments form reminder asking people to read guidelines at the Terms: Comments page before leaving a comment. (Update: The Comments page was completely revised in mid-January 2016.)
  • Added a simpler, to-the-point introduction to the Terms: Comments page. Kept the TL;DR text for those who want more details and keep reading.

10 Dec 2015

  • This morning’s WordPress update has reduced the backslash () issue, but hasn’t eliminated it. Now, it seems as if italics are being added in comments, unintended by those posting them.

8 Dec 2015

  • Some comments include a backslash () around apostrophes. This is probably related to the new spam-filtering software and how it interacts with some (not all) devices. Assuming it’s a glitch, not a synergistic issue, the software should be fixed in the next update.
  • I’ve updated the Terms: Comments page (again) and expanded the FAQs page.
  • Soon — probably after the holidays — I’ll revise the Theories page, so it’s similar to the format used for Major Memories, with individual articles related to specific science-related topics.

4 Dec 2015

  • Prank and problematic comments have surged again. We’ve changed spam filtering software. If you experience problems, use the Contact form, or comment at any article. (For now, that site has less aggressive spam filtering in place.)
  • Terms: Comments page has been updated.
  • Highly disputed, controversial, and religion-related discussions are now closed, across this site.
  • Personal comments are now closed at the related article and at this site, in general. Please focus on events, insights, and alternate memories that others — around the world — might share.
  • Whenever possible, pop culture comments should be accompanied by links to credible, mainstream sites that clarify the topic. That’s especially true for references to cast member changes, movie & TV scripts, media titles, music performers, and lyrics.

30 Nov 2015

  • After several false starts and urgent messages to tech support, the new theme is installed. It’s not fully tweaked, but it’s installed.  Yay! Tweaks will occur later in the week, as time permits.

27 Nov 2015

  • On Monday, 30 Nov 2015, I’m planning to switch to the premium version of the current website theme. So, for a brief time, this site will revert to an earlier design. Then it will look similar to how it does now, but with a header graphic and some extra features. (After that, let me know if the premium version is or isn’t as phone-friendly as the current one, or if it makes no difference.)

25 Nov 2015

  • Temporarily added a “Page Links” navigation in the sidebar, for those whose phones don’t display the navbar near the top of the page. (A better solution is for us to fix the Sitemap software and just add a sidebar link to that page… when we’re not so busy.)

23 Nov 2015

  • We’ve installed a different theme, after some readers had problems with the 21 Nov 2015 theme change. We appreciate your feedback, preferably as comments (leave them anywhere and we’ll delete after reading).

22 Nov 2015

  • Boilerplate text on all Major Memories – Comments pages has been updated, and each have “previous page / next page” navigation links, as well.
  • A small change at the Terms: Comments page, to explain that we’re shifting the focus from anecdotes to data. The major difference is that we’re looking for specific information about the context of the earlier (alternate) memory, and specific info about when/where/how the person noticed that things had changed.

21 Nov 2015

  • Major Memories – Comments page 14 has been added. All Comments page names have been shortened, too.
  • We’ve changed the site theme, updated Terms: Comments, and added necessary legal pages.
  • Recent Comments and Most Popular Articles lists are now in the footer of the site. (Update: That’s changed with a different WP theme.)
  • We’ve added emphasis on this being a research site, and not a social site, despite the informal tone of many conversations here. That’s not to discourage personal interaction, but to shift the focus to why this site exists: to gather insights and research related to the Mandela Effect.

20 Nov 2015

  • This evening, we’ve installed a new search form. This one does search comments. It’s not perfect, but — running a few tests — it looked like a good addition to the site. (Well, unless it slows down load time, or increases bandwidth usage exponentially. Fingers crossed, it’ll be okay.)Remember: we have over 8,000 comments at this site. So, no matter what you search for, you may find far more results than you’d expected, and more than you have time to read, as well.