Simon Parkes on the Mandela Effect

Today, I heard a calm, reasonable view of the Mandela Effect. No hyperbole. No hysteria.

It was refreshing.

I haven’t listened to this entire recording, so keep in mind: I may not agree with Simon Parkes’ other opinions. (What little I heard of the opening of his radio show… it went directly to political opinions. At this website, I avoid topics that might take us too far off the Mandela Effect topic. Recently, that’s become even more imperative, to keep the focus on the alternate memories we share.)

radio towerHowever, Mr. Parkes’ interpretation of the Mandela Effect — and his insights about it — are exactly what I’d hoped to hear.

To listen to his thoughts on the Mandela Effect, go to Wolf Spirit Radio’s public archives. Then, look for the 2016-11-20 broadcast, Simon Parkes QA II. (Or, click on that link and download the MP3.)

On a friend’s advice, I fast-forwarded to the 1:10:00 point in the recording.

Shortly after that point, Mr. Parkes begins talking about the Mandela Effect, and discusses it for around four minutes.

I was dazzled by his views on this topic, and the fact that he knew this isn’t a new concept. (I started this website over six years ago.)

I was impressed.

So, if you’re looking for a short, non-polarizing discussion about the Mandela Effect, Mr. Parkes provides it.

Meanwhile, I’m still compiling Mandela Effect data and correlating it with some other information I’ve received. I’m hoping to produce a book early in 2017, to summarize what I’ve learned, so far. (I’ll also post some fresh articles at this website. The amount of information is rather large, to put it mildly.)