Share Your “Other” Memories Here, in Confidence

safeThis page was where people shared personal and private alternate memories.

I have hundreds of those private memories, and they’re in my database. Thank you, if you contributed.

From now on, it’s best to use the new memories form, below. Effective January 2016, all of that information is kept in confidence; nothing is associated with a particular name.

No new memory — reported here at any time — is even mentioned at this website unless at least five people have reported the same memory. And, even then, I’ll never use your name, and I don’t store any personal information in my database.

Report New, Confidential, Alternate Memories Here

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Messages you send with this form reach me directly. I read every one, carefully. However, due to the volume I receive, I’m not able to reply to each one, personally. Mostly, I appreciate the time you take to tell me about your memories. I save them, add them to our Mandela Effect database, and — as soon as I see several, similar reports — I add the information at the related article, or I add it to the Memories page, or both.

Thanks so much!