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This website began in 2010 as a research journal… kind of a “mad scientists” lab to see if my theories about the Mandela Effect were real.

After nearly six years — and over 11,000 great comments by readers like you (thank you!) — I believe that something is going on. I’m not sure what it is, but it certainly seems real.

However, as of April 2016, I’ve closed this website to new comments. I’ve explained that in my article, Major Site Changes.

For an example of disconnected comments I’d like to link together, see where Star Wars was discussed at a Nelson Mandela post. (Before this site became popular in 2015, it wasn’t a big problem. Now, it is, and manually creating those links will take time.)

If you’d like to report an entirely new, alternate memory, use the following form.


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Messages you send with this form reach me directly. I read every one, carefully. However, due to the volume I receive, I’m not able to reply to each one, personally. Mostly, I appreciate the time you take to tell me about your memories. I save them, add them to our Mandela Effect database, and — as soon as I see many, similar reports — I’ll add the information at a related article, or I’ll add it to the Memories page, or both.

Thanks so much!