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Patrick Swayze – Alive and Hospitalized?

Ghostly dancersIn late January 2012, stories started emerging about Patrick Swayze being hospitalized.

Is that due to confusion over recent interviews with his widow, Lisa?

Is this because his classic movie, Point Break, is — according to the Huffington Post — getting a reboot?

I don’t see any news stories related to his brother, actor Don Swayze.  So, it’s not that the two were confused.

When I checked Google Insights, the following terms were listed in the current Rising Searches.

Patrick Swayze searches at Google, 1 Feb 2012

Swayze-related searches at Google, 1 Feb 2012

When the term is indicated as “Breakout,” it means it has at least a 5000% increase in searches, relative to the recent past.

Currently, most of those searches are coming from: Canada, USA, UK, Ireland,  Australia, Portugal and Hungary, in that order.

Is there a logical explanation for this quirky surge?  I’m looking for a logical explanation.

It might simply be the confusing headline from Fox — “Patrick Swayze’s widow Lisa Niemi blasts tabloids for coverage of husband’s cancer” —
which didn’t make it clear that he was hospitalized over two years ago.

That seems the most likely explanation.

However, I’m also wondering if this is Mandela Effect again.  I’d like to think there’s a parallel world in which Patrick Swayze is alive and well, even if — in that reality — he’s briefly in the hospital, hopefully for something minor.

Patrick Swayze, the talented actor, dancer and singer, was born on August 18, 1952  and left this world on September 14, 2009.

His acting career was highlighted by many wonderful films in which he starred, including Ghost, Point Break and Dirty Dancing.

7 thoughts on “Patrick Swayze – Alive and Hospitalized?

  1. Lydia

    Swayze didn’t follow the usual death narrative. He was diagnosed with an aggressively fatal cancer, hospitalized on death’s door, but kept working, having had a critically acclaimed tv show right before he died. I can see how people would be confused, thinking he’d recovered. I know I did. I was shocked that he made The Beast while dying. Now that I’m terminally ill, I totally understand it. Life doesn’t stop when you’re sick.

  2. SolarFlare

    I remember Mandela dying when I was a teenager, I wasn’t into him but my sister was.
    I’ve heard people say David Soul had died but never saw a news report.

    The challenger blew up in 1984.

    I’ve never been good at geography and never cared for it. I had it in my head that the maps have changed so much and so often that there was no need to wrap my head around it. I have seen many and none of them match. I do believe New Zealand has moved and Australia is in a weird place. Have you noticed that most of the people experiencing this memory say they aren’t good at geography? I’m good at everything but geography :)

    I remember the show TAPS and I am in Texas. My mother used to watch it
    My son remembers it but I can’t ask my mom because she is gone.

    I have some memories of Patrick Swayze dying in 2009 my imdb says he died in 2009. The last movie I remember hearing about him in was black dog. I remember having a conversation with my grandmother about him because I found her watching roadhouse. Which is weird because she’s a sweet old Christian lady who doesn’t watch movies. I asked her why and she said she went to school with his great-aunt and was interested. I remember saying why didn’t you tell me before, she said she didn’t think me and my sister knew him. And somehow I thought he died then. Maybe sometime after black dog was when this happened. I should probably ask her because she was always so interested in him.

    Dom deluise had been popping in and out of my timeline for as long as I can remember.

    I have not read the whole site but I’m sure I have many more discrepancies.
    Thanks for the site and the great collaboration of info.

  3. skyrcro

    I just want to correct SolarFlare’s info regarding the Challenger disaster.

    That occurred in 1986, not 1984. The Columbia disaster occurred in 2003, in case they got the two mixed up.

    Also I’ve always been great at geography but I’m also one of the ones who remembers New Zealand being northeast of Australia.

  4. Chica

    Challenger with the teacher on it DEFINITELY happened in 1984!! I remember clearly the living room of the flat we were in, how shocked we all were, my mom saying how sad it was, the scene in the news clip, that was the year we got a color TV so it was all in color, and later that year we moved to another apartment in a totally different part of the city, where the color TV moved to my mother’s room. So there was NO WAY IN HELL this shuttle blew up in 1986.

  5. gavin

    i specifically remember him dying in 2009. i was friends at the time with a girl who LOVED the movie dirty dancing, we watched it every single time i went to her house for a sleepover. we were 8, and i went to her house one day and she was sad because her dad had found out that patrick swayze had died. she even asked me to help take down her dirty dancing poster because it was making her sad

    btw: im 13, so its not like im getting old and foggy, also ive been told by multiple educational therapists that i have an exceptional memory (their words not mine)

  6. Cdufflebag

    I clearly remember reading an interview with Swayze about his recovering and preparing for a new role….

  7. Jill

    was wäre wenn es “Doppelgänger” , Klone ….etc sind????????????????????????

    [Fiona’s addition: This translates to English pretty easily, referencing “doppelgangers” or duplicates (apparent clones) that have been observed for centuries.]


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