Major Site Changes

Same or change?For the past week or so, I’ve been wrestling with a dilemma: Whether or not to make sweeping changes at the website.

It’s not a new issue, but — after a nearly a year of indecision — I can’t compromise my research time, moderating comments.

It’s not just the time spent weeding out “you’re just confused” insults — currently about 50% of daily comments. I’m also looking at the hours spent double-checking topics & references, before approving sincere and helpful comments.

Also, in some respects, this site has become redundant. Many comments are mere summaries of what’s been said about this topic, at active and vibrant forums including Reddit and AboveTopSecret.  (I applaud their work. They have far more resources than I do, to host and encourage discussions.)

And finally, I’ve been trying to create time in my schedule, so I can analyze over 11,000 helpful comments at this website. Almost all of them include useful data points that could reveal more about the Mandela Effect. This is a massive project, and requires intense focus.

Since late 2015, I’ve mentioned these concerns. For a few months, things seemed to simmer to a manageable level. But then, in the past ten days, a fresh flurry of unpublishable comments moved this decision to the forefront again. I can’t remain undecided, indefinitely.

So, effective this morning, I’ve closed comments at this site. It will take me a couple of days to make changes across this site, reflecting this.

This many seem harsh to regular visitors from the past six years, as well as people who’ve just now discovered the Mandela Effect.  I apologize.

This website will continue to be a resource for information and insights.

In fact, my next big project is to add more links across this site, connecting major threads about specific memories. (Long-time visitors are probably aware that some of the most useful conversations haven’t been linked to one another. Even comments about Nelson Mandela and the Berenstein Bears appear randomly — and without linked connections — in multiple threads on many pages at this site.)

Also, I’d like to add more news (science) updates that could help explain the Mandela Effect, and give more depth to our understanding of it.

In general, I want to make this website more useful and unique.

For now, I want to thank everyone who’s made this website fascinating. (If you’re reading this, that includes you.)

To each of you who’ve shared insights and memories, and to everyone who’s been following our conversations and telling others about the Mandela Effect, thank you.

I am sincerely grateful for each of you, and you are important to me.