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The following is a list of major, alternate memories people have been discussing here.

Reflection or alternate reality

Note: If you recall a major event from an alternate history, leave a comment.  If there’s enough interest — and as time permits — I’ll add an article about that topic.

Or, if you’d like to share a personal experience with our readers, comment at the Personal, Alternate Memories article.

Or, if you’d like the share a comment with me (Fiona Broome) but not make it public, post at Share Your “Other” Memories Here, in Confidence.


*51 or 52 United States — The “extras” are usually Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, neither of which are actually states. (Puerto Rico is a territory. DC is a district.)

Adam’s Bridge (also Ram Setu, Rama Setu, Setubandhanam, and other names) – Some recall it fully above sea level in the mid-late 20th century, while historical records (in this timestream) say it was partially submerged — due to a cyclone — in the late 15th century.  (ref: )

Agatha Christie – Never found after her 1926 disappearance? (In this timestream, she turned up 10 days later, but never explained. Ref: )

9/11 – Did it happen on 9/11, as most people remember, or on 9/10, as some recall?

Abraham Lincoln – Alternate death. Alternate death date of son, Tad, as well.

Barbara or Barbra Streisand?

*Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears – Simple confusion or did the spelling change, between realities? (Still one of the most popular topics at this website.)

Also the Berenstein Bears live action movie. Does anyone recall it, or seeing a preview for it? See comment at Berenstein Bears article, for details.

Betty White – Alive, well, and still feisty at age 93 in March 2015. Some recall her passing.

“Big” (the movie) – Alternate ending.

Billy Graham’s funeral on TV. As of September 2015, he’s still alive.

Brian Dennehy – Alive and well, per Wikipedia, but a couple of us have other memories.

Brian Williams’ memories – A high-profile example of Mandela Effect, a blunder, or something else?

The Candidate, or The Campaign — One movie, one and a remake, two movies, or now three… and did the title change?

*Challenger shuttle explosion date? 1984, 1985, or 1986? Winter or another time of year? (Per Wikipedia, 28 Jan 1986.)

*Charles Schulz or Schultz? (Creator of Peanuts comics and TV shows including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, etc.) The correct spelling in this timestream is Schulz. ( )

Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer – Several people have (privately) reported a memory of his recent death. Wikipedia says still alive.

Charlie Brown Halloween Special (“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”) – Alternate ending? Did the Great Pumpkin appear… or not? (Current version shows Linus fainting because he mistakes a shadow of Snoopy for the Great Pumpkin, but the Great Pumpkin never makes an appearance.,_Charlie_Brown )

Cinderella – Alternate central character or characters in the classic story or Disney re-telling?

*Colors – Chartreuse is remembered as something other than yellow-green. Other colors in question include violet (blue-purple or red-purple?) and puce (dark red or purple-brown color, but many recall it as green).

David Soul’s death.

*Definitely or definately? Apparently, it’s the most misspelled word in the English language, but where did “definately” come from and why do people remember being taught that spelling in school…?

Dettox or Dettol? English cleaning product that changed names… but when and how often?

Dick Clark’s death… at least two of them. (Per Wikipedia, he died in April 2012.)

Dick Van Patten – Died prior to his June 2015 death in this timestream?

Dilemma or dilemna? A lot of people seem to recall the latter (the version with an N), but — in this timestream — it looks like that was never the correct spelling.

*Disney Movies – In “Snow White,” did the evil queen say “Mirror, mirror…” or “Magic mirror…”? (In this reality, it seems to be the latter.)

Disney theme parks

Disney World – Some people remember entering the Magic Kingdom through the castle. A second, alternate memory: Everything else matched the current timestream, but the castle was much closer to the end of Main Street. (At Disney World, not Disneyland.)

Disney World – Some people recall taking a monorail from the Orlando airport directly to the Disney World property. The Orlando airport has a train, not a monorail, and it doesn’t take people to Disney World.

Disney World – A separate theme park in the Orlando (Florida) area. Maybe intended as a beta test site for attraction concepts? It’s not an abandoned park or project, and it’s much smaller (in acreage) than the main WDW property.  Two main areas: (1) The theme park, and (2) one crescent-shaped building with shops and restaurants, plus one larger hotel on the other side of it. Generally, the theme park attractions are multi-level. (Note: Not confused with Universal Studios’ theme parks.)

Dom DeLuise’s death.  (He died in 2009, but that’s not the only memory people have.)

Duggars – Was the show (briefly) “21 Kids and Counting”?

Empire State Building — The belief that there are no real, unobstructed photos of the entire building, taken at ground level or near ground level, showing the entire building in a single frame.

Ernest Borgnine’s death, years before it happened in 2012.

Fidel Castro – Still alive (per Wikipedia) in early 2015, but some recall a 2011 death, as well as some sensational reminiscing by female media personalities, describing Castro as a 20th-century Casanova.

*Forrest Gump – Was the famous line “Life IS like a box of chocolates…” or “Life WAS like a box of chocolates…”?  In this reality, it’s the latter.

*Forrest J. Ackerman – Died in 2008 in this timeline (per Wikipedia as well as my own memory), but others recall alternate, earlier death dates. (I’m especially interested in this, as I have a quirky explanation based on his personal beliefs and practices.)

Fred Rogers (aka Mister Rogers) – When did he die? Multiple (in confidence) reports that he was still alive after his 2003 death in this timestream.

*Fred Rogers’ song, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” – Is the opening line “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” or “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood”? (It’s “this.” See and

Freddie Prinze — Several memories, mostly related to Freddy, Junior, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and a child born around 2003 or 2004.

*Fruit Loops or Froot Loops? Which spelling do you recall?

Games for PS 1, etc. that, apparently, never existed. Reports from people who clearly remember owning them and playing the games (now gone, since they were for much older systems) but find no records of those games, even on nostalgia sites, past eBay auctions, etc.

Geography — Locations and sizes of New Zealand.  Locations of Australia, Honduras, Japan, Manchuria, and more.

Ghost Hunters TV show — Some remember the earliest show name as TAPS, not Ghost Hunters. (We know the team is called TAPS, in real life, and some of their gear has always said that.)

Hal Holbrook – Born 1925, and still alive in January 2015. His late wife, Dixie Carter, passed away in 2010. Several remember Mr. Holbrook’s own memorials prior to 2010.

Hand gestures in movies – Do you recall different hand gestures in movies? For example, a more elaborate hand gesture by Antonio Banderas, with a candle, in Interview with the Vampire?  See the YouTube clip from the movie, around the 2:03 point. I’m looking for specific descriptions of the alternate gesture.

Helen Thomas (1920 – 2013), former White House reporter  – A different death year?

Henry VIII portrait with a turkey leg in his hand — Many people clearly recall seeing it in history books, but it seems as if this painting isn’t in this timestream.

Henry Ford – Died from cerebral hemorrhage or something else?

Henry Winkler / Fonzie — Two people (in confidence) have, independently, talked about Henry Winkler’s death during the filming of Happy Days.  They recall the show episode created to explain that Fonzie had died, possibly in a motorcycle accident. (Since then, several people have posted about his death in public comments, too, with no prompting at this page.)

*Hitler’s eye color – Most people seem to recall him having brown eyes, but recent research suggests they were blue. Due to colorized photos, propaganda, etc., I believe this may not be Mandela Effect.

Home Depot (DIY store) – Was the store name always “The Home Depot,” or just “Home Depot”?

Houston family (Whitney’s) – Conflicting memories about her children, after Whitney’s death? (Before Bobbi Kristina’s 2015 tragic death.)

Independence Day (movie) — Characters now missing from a major scene? (This has been reported privately, twice, and we’re looking for confirmation from others.)

*Interview with a Vampire, or Interview with the Vampire? Conflicting evidence.

Jack Palance — An earlier death date than what’s in the current timestream.

Jayne Meadows Allen — Died 2015 or much earlier? (She was an actress, and widow of comedian Steve Allen.)

Jerry Lewis – Remembered death late in 2013 or early 2014. Still alive in Oct 2014. (Different from Jerry Lee Lewis, the colorful singer/songwriter.)

*Jif or Jiffy Peanut Butter – “Jiffy” is what many people remember, but Jif peanut butter was never called that, in this timestream.

Jim Henson – Died of complications from a strep infection, or from cancer?  (In this timestream, it was the former, initially reported as walking pneumonia. See )

Jimmy Swaggart — Report dead, but still alive as of July 2012.

John Lennon — Date of death is 8 Dec 1980, but some have clear memories of a different date.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Location of 1969 “bed-in for peace.”  (If you remember this, note the location before checking Wikipedia for the details.)

Jurassic Park – Original movie: missing scene?

Justice League – Character differences. Check the characters you’re remembering and see if one is missing. (This is from private comments, and it’s as much as I’m ready to say, unless others remember the alternates.)

K-PAX (movie) – Starred Kevin Spacey or Nicholas Cage? (In this timestream, it’s Spacey.)

Kathie Lee Gifford or Kathy Lee Gifford? In this reality, it’s always been “Kathie.”

Katy Perry – Memories of her using the name Kate, not Katy.

Li Qi – Chinese comedian, reported death, still alive in early 2014.

*Lindbergh baby – Many recall that it was never found. In this timestream, the 20-month old baby was found 12 May 1932. (Corrected from earlier error. Some online reports incorrectly place the discovery in March 1932, about 10 days after the kidnapping.)

*Looney Tunes or Looney Toons? – Several conflicting memories.

Louie Anderson –  Alive and well now, but his death (and therefore cancellation of his TV show) at some point in the past. (Not being confused with John Candy and other  comedians who died.)

Madagascar – Location and general geography. Not just a map issue, but its location and just what it is, seem to be different than what people have thought.

Married with Children – One character played by two different actors?

Mars – No moons or two moons?

Martin Luther King, Jr. — Shot with a handgun, at close range?

M.A.S.H. (TV series) – Some recall the in-series death of Walter “Radar” O’Reilly. However, that wasn’t part of the story in this timestream.

Muhammad Ali – Still alive (early 2015) per Wikipedia, but some recall his 2009 death.

Movie trailers — Several reported that seem never to have existed in our current timestream.

Mussolini – Looks different in historical photos now than how he looked in earlier photos & textbook pictures. Not just different photos, but a different man in them.

Mystery Science Theater — Variations of the numbers following show name (mostly 2000 or 3000, but a few recall 4000).

Muammar Gaddafi — Some death memories from years before he was killed (in this timestream), and a couple of memories of him fleeing his country.

Neil Armstrong died in 2013, not 2012?  Also, some are sure he made a ‘Mr. Gorsky’ reference during his lunar voyage. (Latter debunked in this timestream by Snopes, but does anyone actually recall hearing it?)

Nelson Mandela’s death in prison, and his funeral, long before his actual death (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013.

New Zealand’s location, relative to Australia.

Osama bin Laden – Death reported in 2001 in the Middle East and elsewhere, with obituaries. Conflicting reports provide explanations for both memories, including someone who claims he witnessed the 2001 event. (It’s difficult to sort out what’s an alternate memory and what’s from errors in the news.)

Patrick Swayze’s full recovery, reported after his tragic death.

Peter Fonda – Many people recall him dying several years ago. (Not confusing him with his dad, actor Henry Fonda, who died in 1982.)

Robert Crumb — Death reported, 1990s. Still alive (July 2015). He’s the controversial artist responsible for Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural, the hippie-era iconic Keep on Truckin’ graphic, etc.

Robert Stack — Earlier death reports.

Rod Serling or Rod Sterling? Some recall the latter spelling, not as a typo but as a clear memory reported by sincere fans of his work.

Ronald Reagan — Varying memories about when he was president, and when and how he died.

Sara Lee products slogan/jingle – Some recall “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee,” (1960s’ commercial: ) but others recall it as “Nobody does it like Sara Lee.” And, they’re clear that they didn’t just mis-hear it.  (Wikipedia says “incorrectly reported,” but is it really an alternate memory, instead? Ref: )

Segway – The company was started in 1999, and the product was in pre-production, limited release in 2002. (Ref.)  My family and I lived near Segway founder Dean Kamen and we clearly recall the Segway in use in 1996. I called the company (2014) and asked, and they don’t have any information to support the 1996 date. (They also didn’t have any to deny it.)

*Sex and the City – Was it “Sex in the City” when it first aired? That’s an alternate memory many people recall.

Shirley Temple — Death prior to 10 Feb 2014?

*Skechers or Sketchers? (brand name for footwear) – It’s Skechers in this reality.

*Sky – The sky looks different now, to many people. Different colors, including the color of the sun. Different placement of the sun, the moon, and some stars. Different relative brilliance of the stars. Some chemtrail references are among the comments, but — in general — people are talking about the sky looking very different now.

SpongeBob SquarePants – More than one voice actor for title character? Wikipedia shows just one, but he did change his voice somewhat.

Sri Lanka location, south of India, not southeast as it is on current maps. (Also see ancient maps at this article about geography changes, in general.)

Star TrekChakotay character killed, then returns — several episodes later — without much explanation. (I’ve talked about this — in person —  with Robert Beltran, who played the character. He’s sure that version of the storyline was never written or filmed.)

Star Wars — A specific scene — not a deleted scene — that some remember clearly, others don’t.

Star Wars – Was the iconic line “Luke, I am your father” or “No, I am your father”?

Terminator movie variations, before the deleted scenes were available on DVD.  (This is one of several pre-DVD movies where people remember scenes that were never released, until they showed up on DVD.)

Terry Pratchett – Died shortly after the announcement of his illness (2013), instead of March 2015?

*Thanksgiving (USA) – Third Thursday in November or fourth? (Since 1941, it’s always on the fourth Thursday.)

*Tiananmen Square – Memories of “tank boy” getting run over. (Popular topic, and opinions seem split as to whether it’s a Mandela Effect issue or simple conspiracy and media manipulation.)

Timothy Leary – Former Harvard professor and LSD enthusiast, or serial killer as well?

*Volvo car symbol (the badge/icon/logo on the car).

Weather – Hurricane Katrina: April or August 2005, or another year altogether?

Western Sizzler restaurant – Never existed? Name in this timestream is Western Sizzlin (ref: ). Even FB pages lists Western Sizzler (ref: ).

Whitey Bulger — Died in 2013? Still alive in this reality (as of August 2014).

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett – Divorced from her ~10 years ago? (As of Feb 2015, they’re still listed as a couple, but he divorced a previous wife in 1995.)

William Daniels (actor) – Died early 2000s? Still alive (<- Wikipedia link) in early 2015.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (movie) – Different ending after initial release? Different title?

Writers’ strike – 2007-2008 or some other year (21st century only)?

X-Men – Alternate abilities of Professor X?

*Yogi Berra (athlete) – Died 22 Sep 2015, but some recall an earlier death.

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