Major Memories – Links

A few “memories” seem to be emerging, and — as there is enough information to feature them — I’d like to create an individual webpage for each of them.  (As I create individual pages, I’m linking to them from this list.)

In addition to comments at this website, I hear about alternate time streams (“Sliders” events) in email and everyday conversations.  This phenomenon is far more “normal” than I’d realized.

Note: If you know of a widely-held belief in something that appears from an alternate history, leave a comment, below.  If there’s enough interest — and as time permits — I’ll add an article about that topic.

So far, these are some of the memories that stand out among visitors to this website. Newest are marked with an asterisk (*).

51 or 52 United States — The “extras” are usually Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

9/11 – Did it happen on 9/11, as most people remember, or on 9/10, as some recall?

Abraham Lincoln – Alternate death.

*Barbara or Barbra Streisand?

Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears – Simple confusion or did the spelling change, between realities?

“Big” (the movie) – Alternate ending.

Billy Graham’s funeral on TV.

The Candidate, or The Campaign — One movie, one and a remake, two movies, or now three… and did the title change?

Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer – Several people have (privately) reported a memory of his recent death. Wikipedia says still alive.

Colors – Chartreuse is remembered as something other than yellow-green ( ). This had been an “in confidence” memory with enough collaborating evidence to make it interesting. If you recall the color chartreuse or a crayon color by that name (not a yellow-green), please leave a comment.

David Soul’s death.

Definitely or definately? Apparently, it’s the most misspelled word in the English language, but where did “definately” come from and why do people remember being taught that spelling in school…?

Dick Clark’s death… at least two of them. (Per Wikipedia, he died in April 2012.)

Dilemma or dilemna? A lot of people seem to recall the latter (the version with an N), but — in this timestream — it looks like that was never the correct spelling.

Disney World – Some people remember entering the Magic Kingdom through the castle. In their memories, the castle was at the very front of the park. (In this timestream, people go past the train station and Main Street before they reach the castle.) Alternate memory: Everything else matched the current timestream, but the castle was much closer to the end of Main Street.

Disney World – Some people recall taking a monorail from the Orlando airport directly to the Disney World property.

Disney World – A separate theme park in the Orlando (Florida) area. Maybe intended as a beta test site for attraction concepts? It’s not an abandoned park or project, and it’s much smaller (in acreage) than the main WDW property.  Two main areas: (1) The theme park, and (2) one crescent-shaped building with shops and restaurants, plus one larger hotel on the other side of it. Generally, the theme park attractions are multi-level. (Note: Not confused with Universal Studios’ theme parks.)

Dom DeLuise’s death.  (He died in 2009, but that’s not the only memory people have.)

Empire State Building — The belief that there are no real, unobstructed photos of the entire building, taken at ground level or near ground level, showing the entire building in a single frame.

Ernest Borgnine’s death, years before it happened in 2012.

Freddie Prinze — Several memories, mostly related to Freddy, Junior, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and a child born around 2003 or 2004.

Games for PS 1, etc. that, apparently, never existed. Reports from people who clearly remember owning them and playing the games (now gone, since they were for much older systems) but find no records of those games, even on nostalgia sites, past eBay auctions, etc.

Geography — Locations and sizes of New Zealand.  Locations of Australia, Honduras, Japan, Manchuria, and more.

Ghost Hunters TV show — Some remember the earliest show name as TAPS, not Ghost Hunters.

Henry VIII — Famous portrait of him holding a turkey leg?  Reports that it’s not in this timestream.

Henry Ford – Died from cerebral hemorrhage or something else?

Henry Winkler / Fonzie — Two people (in confidence) have, independently, talked about Henry Winkler’s death during the filming of Happy Days.  They recall the show episode created to explain that Fonzie had died, possibly in a motorcycle accident.

*Interview with a Vampire, or Interview with the Vampire? Conflicting evidence.

Jack Palance — An earlier death date than what’s in the current timestream.

Jerry Lewis – Remembered death late in 2013 or early 2014. Still alive in Oct 2014.

Jimmy Swaggart — Report death, still alive as of July 2012.

John Lennon — Date of death is 8 Dec 1980, but some have clear memories of the date as 10 Dec 1980.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Location of 1969 “bed-in for peace.”  (If you remember this, note the location before checking Wikipedia for the details.)

Justice League – Character differences. Check the characters you’re remembering and see if one is missing. (This is from private comments, and it’s as much as I’m ready to say, unless others remember the alternates.)

Katy Perry – Memories of her using the name Kate, not Katy.

Li Qi – Chinese comedian, reported death, still alive in early 2014.

Louie Anderson –  Alive and well now, but his death (and therefore cancellation of his TV show) at some point in the past. (Not being confused with John Candy and other  comedians who died.)

*Mars – No moons or two moons?

Martin Luther King, Jr. — Shot with a handgun, at close range.

Movie trailers — Several reported that seem never to have existed in our current timestream.

Mussolini – Looks different in historical photos now than how he looked in earlier photos & textbook pictures. Not just different photos, but a different man in them.

Mystery Science Theater — Variations of the numbers following show name (2000, 3000, 4000).

Muammar Gaddafi — Some death memories from years before he was killed (in this timestream), and a couple of memories of him fleeing his country.

Neil Armstrong died in 2013, not 2012?  Also, he made a ‘Mr. Gorsky’ reference during his lunar voyage.

Nelson Mandela’s death in prison, and his funeral, long before his actual death (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013.

New Zealand’s location, relative to Australia.

Patrick Swayze’s full recovery, reported after his tragic death.

Robert Crumb — Death reported, 1990s.

Robert Stack — Earlier death reports.

Segway – The company was started in 1999, and the product was in pre-production, limited release in 2002. (Ref.)  My family and I lived near Segway founder Dean Kamen and we clearly recall the Segway in use in 1996. I called the company (2014) and asked, and they don’t have any information to support the 1996 date. (They also didn’t have any to deny it.)

*Sex and the City – Was it “Sex in the City” when it first aired?

Shirley Temple — Death prior to 10 Feb 2014.

Sri Lanka location, south of India, not southeast as it is on current maps. (Also see ancient maps at this article about geography changes, in general.)

Star TrekChakotay character killed, then returns — several episodes later — without much explanation. (I’ve talked about this — in person —  with Robert Beltran, who played the character. That version of the storyline was never written or filmed.)

Star Wars — A specific scene — not a deleted scene — that some remember clearly, others don’t.

Terminator movie variations, before the deleted scenes were available on DVD.  (This is one of several pre-DVD movies where people remember scenes that were never released, until they showed up on DVD.)

Tiananmen Square – Memories of “tank boy” getting run over.

Weather – Hurricane Katrina: April or August 2005, or another year altogether?

Whitey Bulger — Died in 2013? Still alive in this reality (as of August 2014).

*Who Killed Roger Rabbit? (movie) – Different ending after initial release?

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611 thoughts on “Major Memories – Links

  1. LavaHotPocket

    As I was going down this list, I read the entry regarding Ghost Hunters and it felt like someone punched me in the gut. I seriously had to sit back and focus on breathing for a while.

    I CLEARLY remember this show being called TAPS. I thought it was a really weird name for a ghost show, but I kind of just shrugged it off. I also remember my parents calling it TAPS, and then one day it was like no one remembered anymore.

    On another note, I have a potential memory to report. I’m a manager at a movie theater, and recently, I’ve been experiencing some weird things with the movie ‘The Campaign.’ I am POSITIVE that it was, at one point, called The Candidate, but I can find no evidence for this. I’ve had at least thirty people come in who were as shocked as I was to learn that it was called The Campaign. I even remember the banner in our lobby using that title.

    1. Jacob Walse-Dominguez

      I got goosebumps from your movie comment, like I’m legitimately scared. I remember that movie being titled “The Candidate,” after seeing a trailer while watching a movie with my mom.

      1. Michelle

        I remember it being called The Candidate as well.. when did “The Campaign” come up? Now THAT’s weird.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          Michelle, I’ve searched IMDb and other sources, trying to find a name change. So far, I don’t see one.

          I mean, I could see that they might want to distance themselves from the old Robert Redford movie, The Candidate, but really, that movie was popular decades ago. I’m not sure it’d be an issue. Plus that, people generally can’t copyright titles. (They can trademark them to avoid merchandising problems, but the title itself — unless a copycat uses the title to confuse people, deliberately — can usually be used over & over again.)

    2. StarfireofTamaran

      I’m positive it was called The Candidate. I clearly remember TV commercials for it. Then one day I heard people calling it “The Campaign” and I got confused and shrugged it off. This post made me feel like maybe it wasn’t something to shrug at.

      1. Sarah

        As I was reading the thread for the movie the “Campaign” I was trying to figure out what movie it was. When Zach and Will were mentioned It clicked. It was definitely called the Candidate in all of the previews I saw in the theaters. I didn’t watch the movie, so I only have memories of the ads for it.

    3. Alex S

      Pardon me to throw a wrench in the comeradery here, but I definitely remember the movie with Zach G and Will Ferrell being called “The Campaign” from day one. I know of the older movie called “The Candidate” but it doesn’t correlate in my memories the same as “The Campaign”. For as long as I’ve known it, it has been “The Campaign”.

      1. Julia

        Alex – that’s okay. I would expect some people, maybe most people, to remember the movie being called “The Campaign” from the very beginning. If most people didn’t, it wouldn’t be part of the whole “Mandela Effect” phenomenon. I am just as sure as you are that the first time I heard about it it was called “The Candidate.” I watched it with a friend on her laptop. Before we saw it, I thought out-loud that the title sounded familiar and went to Google like I always do and sure enough, there was another movie by the SAME NAME. So I thought it must be a kind of remake. I wasn’t familiar with the Redford movie “The Candidate” other than it sounding vaguely familiar. But at the time I looked this Will/Zach movie up, there were TWO movies called “The Candidate” on IMDB. Now there aren’t. Either multiple realities or reality changes but there is an element of the unreal about what we think is real – I know that much for sure. But we are BOTH right.

        1. Kyle

          Even more wrenches, I remember working at a movie theater when The Campaign was going. It was definitely, definitely always called The Campaign for me, as I remember ripping movie stubs all saying Campaign on it.

          1. Julia

            Giorgio and Kyle,

            I believe you both, and yet I only saw the movie after it was out on DVD, streaming video, etc. My friend has no tv and we watched “The Candidate” on her laptop. The title sounded familiar and I looked it up on IMDB and found two movies with that title – the other one with Robert Redford. TWO were listed at that time – now there is only the one with R.R. I would swear in court my memory is correct. Multiple timestreams that we slip in and out of???

  2. Clarebear

    I don’t know if you can put my experience in the same category..but, here goes. Over the past month of so, I have been experiencing, while viewing a film on t.v. or the dvd player, that what I’ve just viewed repeats itself. There is no indication that anything has changed on any timers, but I am repeating viewing 2-3 minutes of film that I’ve already viewed. The same thing has happened even when I view a film on my laptop. I really freaked out when it happened while I listening to the ballgame on the car radio. And, “no”, it wasn’t a “replay” either…LOL. It’s not “dejavu”, cause I don’t feel the same way when it happens. I’m repeating bits of time. Shit freaks me out!

    1. VaJona

      Actually, this has happened to me a few times. I almost always think it’s just a faulty download/stream but when I try to recreate the repeat by rewinding or skipping back to when the first showing of the repeated scene first started, it only plays once.

    2. Kelly

      Your comment just shook me completely. I’ve had MANY experiences watching a brand new movie, where the whole way through or just in snippets, it’s been more than familiar to me. I’ve started to annoy people watching with me, constantly saying, “I’m sure I’ve seen this! Have I seen this? I MUST have seen this!” I recognise scenes and music, and get a familiar feeling like “I’ve been here before”… Like you mentioned, it’s completely different to deja vu- it’s not dream-like, and doesn’t confuse me until I discover that there was no way for me to have seen the movie before. What is that?

    3. Gloria miller

      I was doing a Harry Potter marathon, preparing for can’t Fantasy con here in Utah, and I had that happen in every movie that I watched.

  3. tyler

    @lavahotpocket i also have a memory of the canidate! i just looked it up and i couldnt find any movie made recently, and looked up “the campaign” and found that movie. i came to this site with no background knowledge or anything, and i am already a firm believer

  4. Heath

    Came across your site as I was absolutely stunned to learn that Graham Garden (of The Goodies fame) is still alive and well in 2012. I came across his name after reading a totally unrelated article about one of the other Goodies. Upon reading the article I went to the Goodies wiki page and saw that they have been recently doing some comeback shows around the World. Well – I thought that must be weird doing the show without Graham Garden – considering the whole point of the original show was of their comedy trio.

    I was never a huge fan of the show, but watched quite a few re-runs after school in the early 90’s and was sure that Graham had died some time ago – not really sure when! I even have memories of discussing his death with my Mum. Quite a weird, spooky feeling to find out that he is well and truly alive and I was incorrect! Or was I… I’m convinced there’s something to this whole alternate memories phenomena. Does anyone else out there have this same/similiar memory by any chance??

  5. Gurluas

    I have several experiences.
    I remember Osama Bin Laden dying around 2005 or 2006.
    Nothing was heard about him until he suddenly popped up in 2010 again only to die in 2012 once more.

    I remember Ceylon(Sri Lanka) having a different location, it used to be directly south of India, not south-west.

    I also clearly remember the singer Katy Perry having the stagename Kate Perry.

    1. James

      “I also clearly remember the singer Katy Perry having the stagename Kate Perry.”

      I had no idea her name was Katy until I read this. It sounds like it could be a common mistake though.

      I actually have a song of her on my playlist. The file is named “Katy_Perry-Hot_’n’_Cold.mp3″ however the title of the song is “Kate Perry – Hot and Cold”. I came to know her through a local music television which played the music video to this exact song years back. Either the show had her name wrong, or I read it wrong every time. Or maybe something else. God knows..

      I can’t remember other times specifically, but I know this has happened a ton of times. I’ve just always thought that I recalled wrong and “corrected” my memory.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        James, that’s what gives this concept such credibility. I keep hearing, over & over again, that people’s first impulses are to think they remembered something wrong.

        In my opinion, if we were a bunch of wide-eye lunatics, we wouldn’t have taken the more logical path — thinking we were mistaken — so quickly.

        It might be worth checking with Katy Perry’s PR staff, to see if/when she was just “Kate Perry” and how widespread that name was, at the time.

        Cheerfully, Fiona

      2. Caligula

        Bin laden was killed in Pakistan in 2011, prior to the 10 year anniversary of the attacks on the Worl Trade Center, and not 2012 as you stated (unless of course the years are different in our respective time stream). I however have no recollection of any mention of his death prior although there always was reports that it was possible he passed though never certain.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author


          Thank you. You’re right. I’m changing the date right now.

          Update: Oh. I thought I’d said it was 2012, when it was Gurluas that said it.

          (I really did think that death was in 2012, but I don’t pay much attention to the news when I’m working on books — as I have been, for the past two years or so — and I may be confused. In other words, during the months when I’m deeply immersed in research & writing, everything can be a blur. So, while it may have been a “slide,” it’s more likely that I wasn’t paying close attention.)


      3. Jessie

        I can specifically remember hearing people call her “Katy” Perry and wondering why they would say it that way since her name was spelled KATE. I had seen it many times at that point, but when I questioned it everyone said/showed me it as Katy.

    2. StarfireofTamaran

      I also remembered Osama Bin Laden dying in 2006, but I was still too young to care, but the teachers at school were making a big fuss. I’m so confused. And I remember Katy Perry going by Kate and Katy.
      I’m so confused…

  6. Planets

    >Empire State Building — There are no real photos of the entire building, unobstructed, in a single frame.

    Huh? I’m not sure I understand, do you mean there are no photos from when it was first constructed that show the whole building with nothing in the foreground obscuring the frame?

    Because I’m pretty sure many hi-res ones exist.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          Jacob, after years of researching this topic, it’s rare that anything takes me completely by surprise. I’m as likely as anyone else to think, “Oh, I must have misremembered.” So, only a few contradictory items have made me pause.

          This is one of them.

          Yes, I meant unobstructed.

          I was in Los Angeles, at a lecture, and the speaker insisted that no one could take an unobstructed photo of the Empire State building and get the entire building in a photo. He was using it as an example of things that people think are real (or in their memories), but they aren’t actually true.

          I thought the guy was crazy, so I checked it out… and I discovered that he was right. I didn’t think about it again, until someone brought up the subject in a conversation a couple of years ago. Most people in the group, including me, were certain that no one could get an unobstructed photo of the Empire State Building… not even one side of it.

          Now, your links show photos that — unless they’re Photoshop’d — sure look like they were taken in one frame. The base of the building is obscured on one side, but the other side looks pretty complete to me.

          I don’t love New York. So, the thought of going back there to check this out, yet again… not my idea of fun.

          However, this bothers me just enough that I might do it. I mean, I can create a pretty flawless Photoshop image with enough pieces and the clone tool. So, I need to assure myself that this really is another “Mandela moment.”

          It’d be different if I hadn’t gone through all of this, many years ago. Now, I want to see for myself, and talk with historians in case the obstructing buildings were torn down. Hey, it’s NYC… it happens.

          Thanks for posting those links. If I hadn’t seen them, I’d think it was your Mandela moment, not mine.

          (This thread really needs a Twilight Zone soundtrack, sometimes… )


          1. Kayte

            In the photos linked above, the bottom third of the building is obstructed by other buildings. I have shot the Empire State Building from the street with a 16 mm lens, but could not get back far enough in any direction to get the complete building from street to the top in one shot, but you might be able to do it with a 14mm lens, and you could do it with a modern panorama function. How long ago was the lecture? Those options might not have existed.

            1. Fiona Broome Post author


              Thanks for the insights! The lecture was long ago — probably 1980s or so — and they guy who was speaking had the photo in his memory, but had searched far & wide. (I got the idea it was for a long time.) He’d never found a full photo, and was told at several NYC camera shops that the picture was impossible, anyway.

              He asked anyone who remembered a photo like that to raise their hands. The majority in the audience did, including me.

              His point in the lecture was about things we’re sure we recall, and we may have memories that match others’, but those memories weren’t real in this timestream. Therefore, in the reality we’re in, those things aren’t “true.” (Looking back now, I realize he may have been kind of an early Mandela Effect thinker.)

              So, your info is excellent as an update. Thanks!


  7. sargon


    in 2005 a military sniper had a chance to kill Bin Laden but did not get clearance to take the shot. I wonder if in another reality the shot was taken.

    I would have to look the source up again but I remember reading it in a news paper very clearly.

  8. Matthew

    I’ve noticed this happen to me personally.

    I have a classmate I’m friends with who, on a couple occasions, I’ve heard her mother refer to here as “(First name) Dewey (last name)”. I was sure ‘Dewey’ was her middle name.

    Just recently, I called her ‘Dewey’ teasingly, and she looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. She claims to have never been called Dewey, ever, and that her middle name was, in fact, ‘Joy’.

  9. Mag

    Regarding the death of David Soul, someone on another website has suggested that it is mistaken for the death of Peter Duel, of Alias Smith and Jones who did indeed commit suicide and was found under a christmas tree… could that of been this ‘memory’…

    1. Mag

      Can i just add that i am not a sceptic. In fact, my motivation is anything but..

      I came across this website from another alternative site, there was speculation whether Alan Whicker had actually been dead for a decade. Many people were concurring with this. There was a link to your site and i read about the mandela effect with fascination. Anyway, i was looking for a movie to watch last night (saturday) and i decided on a film called Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman, one of my favourite actresses, the only thing i knew about the movie was that she had lost her son and it was how her and husband coped. I did not expect for it to have an underlying theme of parallel universes and David Soul’s ‘Don’t give up on us baby’s’ quite minor hit playing in a car in one of the scenes. Quite a lot of coincidences in one day for someone who has never really thought about parallel universes.

  10. Sparky

    This one is kind of mundane, but when I was a kid, this movie called “Meet the Deedles” came out. First of all, I remember this movie having a completely different title, and second, on the night it premiered in our town in 1998, I went to the very first showing. I knew the whole plot and half of the lines already because I had already seen the movie a year or two before. My friend who went to see it with me didn’t believe me, but also thought I had “cheated” somehow in order to keep predicting the plot. I can not for the life of me remember any details about the first time I saw it, and the second time I saw it, it had a completely different name.

    This is not the only time this has happened to me with a movie, but its the only specific one I can remember probably because of my conversation with my friend. I remember writing it off in my 10-year-old brain as “sometimes this just happens.”

    1. Chelsea

      This also happened to me with the movie “Radio.” I asked everyone if it had been a remake of an older “Radio,” but everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I had never read the SI article the movie was based on (I was only 12 when it premiered), but I even knew a few of Cuba Gooding Junior’s key lines. This makes me feel significantly less crazy.

      1. artlover

        I had this very experience with the movie “Bullworth” starring Warren Beaty.
        I remember it because it was about a politician who kind of goes off side and I watched it only to HATE it and not quite get to the end of it before turning it off.
        Then 2 or 3 years later there it was, being advertised like it was a new release. I asked everyone if they remembered that this had already been out. for a while in fact.. no one did. I watched the trailers and totally recognized all of the scenes, I knew what it was about, etc.
        I figured that maybe it had just bombed so badly that they might have pulled it, shelved it, reworked it and then re-released it, but no one else remembered it at all.

        — and yes, I could also swear that Jack Palace AND Nelson Mandela died before the latest round of them dying.

  11. Carlos Santillan

    Months back I shared my experiences in the “in confidence section”.

    This is alarming, Do you realize that if and when we slide, we vanish forever from our original universe? There are tons of stories on people that one day, they simply vanished into thin air.

    I want to call your attention to another aspect of this sliding phenomenon: dissapearing objects, missing things.

    I’m sure many of us have had this expirience, we have a loved object for example a childhood toy, a special memento and one day, these things are gone. It has happened to me and to my younger brother too.

    Best Regards

    1. Gurluas

      Both events are unsettling. Sliding away from our home world forever, or having memories from another world replace our own. Personally I believe it is the latter as it makes the most sense, but I do not rule sliding out.

    2. Fiona Broome Post author


      It’s possible that we vanish when we slide. It’s possible, and — in Bermuda Triangle stories (and, among my favorite, Bennington Triangle tales) — it seems that people do disappear without a trace.

      It’s also possible that an alternate slider (an alternate “us”) — from another universe/reality — slides into our respective spots in the timestream we just left. That makes more sense to me. A gaping hole of that magnitude could rupture the timestream too much, unless there’s a gradual build-up to the disappearance… a resetting of circumstances so the disappearance won’t leave too large a gap.

      However, if we slide into a timestream where the beloved object never existed, or was lost in an earlier event, it can be pretty traumatic to feel as if the item is permanently gone. It has happened to me and to my younger brother. I like to think that an alternate “me” is enjoying it, in my previous timestream, and that “me” is delighted to have such a wonderful possession.


      1. Gurluas

        It still leaves the problem that eventually theres a reality where you just poofed. As you can’t materialize out of nothing.

        Although, folklore and paranormal lore states that people sometimes vanish into thing air, so who knows?

    3. Jack

      The same exact thing happened to my grandmother. She insisted she had seen the new karate kid movie months before it had come out. She knew the entire plot. Still creeps me out today.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author


        The “triangle” stories are definitely in the “into thin air” category. I like to think people are just leaving the holodeck. Because it’s actually a program, they can return to it, rewrite the storyline so it seems logical, and so on.

        The people at Dragon*Con who asked Robert Beltran why his Chakotay (Star Trek) character was killed in one episode and then returned to the series without explanation… they were a little unsettled to find out that — in this timestream — that didn’t happen. However, they weren’t actually upset by that discovery.

        So, I think people are okay with these things, whether they understand them as a quantum effect, or prefer to think they misunderstood or misremembered in the first place.

        There may not need to be a “materialize out of nothing” issue. We simply don’t understand how this works, yet.

        To a time-traveler from long ago, the idea of flipping a switch on one wall to “ignite a candle” (turn on a light) 100 feet away, or pushing a button on a hand-held device to turn on house lights many miles away… that would seem preposterous. Or even dangerous.

        50 or 100 years from now, the “sliding” concept may seem perfectly natural. Scientists are making rapid strides, determining what’s going on and how it works. It’s simply not widely publicized, because the general public may not be ready for this.

        Actually, I think the popularity of paranormal topics — ghosts, UFOs, etc. — opens the door (no pun intended) to discussions that will make it easier for people to accept further “Twilight Zone” concepts… branes, superstring, LQG, and the possibility of infinite realities that we may be accessing without realizing it, yet.

        I think the Mandela Effect (the alternate memories phenomenon, not necessarily this site) is a superb, very personal introduction to these concepts. It makes parallel realities “real,” and then the question isn’t whether this happens, but how it’s happening.

        For me, that’s what makes these discussions interesting.


    4. Sydney

      This idea is really interesting to me. I don’t know if my experience applies, but when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, my dad had given me this little stuffed cat toy. I really liked it, so when it came time for a school field trip, I took it with me. I have clear memories of putting it in my backpack and looking at it while we were on the bus MULTIPLE times. When the field trip was over and we were on our way back to school, I searched my backpack over and over again and could not find the toy. I was really upset because it meant a lot to me, and my teacher suggested that I had left it at the field trip location. Naturally, I was totally bummed out and went home sad. When I explained the situation to my mom, she went to get some water or something to calm me down, and for some reason (perhaps I dropped something), I started looking under the couch. Imagine my initial surprise, followed by joy, when I saw the exact stuffed cat toy UNDER THE COUCH. I wasn’t bothered by this until I recalled the vivid memories of me looking at/playing with the toy on the bus.

  12. Sammi

    I have a memory of Billy Graham being dead back in like 2004-ish, A tv show called Mystery Science Theater and the thing the people in the above comments said about The Candidate movie.

    1. brian k

      Hi Fiona,

      I like your website. I share the Billy Graham memory, the Tank Man memory, and I vividly remember Earnest Borgnine dying many years ago.

      Regarding what happens to the “old us” when we slide, there is a concept called quantum immortality. The idea being, if we die in one reality, we may merge with an alternate version of ourselves in another reality. There was a thread about this on ATS, where a large number of people experiencing the “timeslip living dead” phenomenon had near death experiences or been in accidents in which they should have been seriously injured but weren’t. I’ve been in two car accidents in which the car was totalled but I was virtually unscathed. Perhaps I jumped into an alternate timeline in which Earnest Borgnine and some other celebrities survived long after my recollection.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Brian K,

        Thanks for the comment! The “timeslip living dead” is an intriguing concept. Depending on how you look at “reality,” it might make perfect sense.

        For example, let’s say each of us (individually, in all of our realities/timelines) is actually one entity playing a reality game in a variety of holodecks at one time. (I’m not proposing an “all of us, combined, are actually one giant consciousness” theory, here.) If one of your icons gets killed in one holodeck, you might reinvest that energy/attention in one or more alternate holodecks you’re in.

        Regarding retaining a memory from an alternate reality — one (or more) where Borgnine and others died — makes perfect sense to me.

        In this timestream, it’s clear that Mandela didn’t die until 2013. However, my memories of his far earlier funeral are still pretty clear. They’ve faded somewhat (as most memories do), but I know I saw Mandela’s funeral and watched quite a bit of it, long ago. Likewise, I can clearly recall being annoyed at the multi-day coverage of Billy Graham’s funeral. I’d turn on the TV to see a particular show, and see that it was pre-empted by his funeral. That occurred multiple times over several days.

        But, whether Mandela died in jail in the same timestream in which Billy Graham’s funeral seemed to go on & on… I haven’t a clue. It’s just not the timestream I’m in, at this moment.


        1. abbey Post author

          hello! this is all very interesting and strange to me.. i had one full NDE (as in i died briefly and came back) and another where i was hospitalized and the entire staff in the hospital told me it was a miracle that i survived. the first NDE was very profound and i was given the choice to return. after the second things changed drastically and significantly in my world (though nothing that couldn’t be explained of course). oh also i was in a car accident wherein i’m somewhat surprised i survived and the hours after the crash were very surreal and odd including barely receiving a check up even though i was thrown sideways hard and my head had smashed the windsheild (there was no seatbelt in my spot) and it was cracked/pushed out significantly but not all the way through. anyway..

          yes i do remember nelson mandela dying when i was a kid in the 80s and it being a very big deal. i wish i could remember details but i believe we also did something in school to honour him. i, too, remember being horrified when i heard about tank boy being run over. i’ve only asked two people if they have these particular alternate realities as well and one had neither, the other is certain tank boy was killed and didn’t recall mandela dying until suddenly he got pale and said ‘actually.. i kind of DO remember that..’.

          but here’s what’s weird. why in the world would so many people have this tank boy memory and all of the emotion/horror that goes with it if it didn’t happen? it seems impossible that a guy merely jumping onto a tank and then being taken away would rouse such feelings. that’s what’s so spooky about it to me. i remember being nauseated when i heard about it (though i do not recall seeing a clip, and probably would have refused if i’d had the opportunity) and there is no way i would have had that visceral reaction under the apparent ‘true’ reality. the guy i asked, too, was adamant that he was killed and recalled horrific details and his reaction. there is just no way so many people could be ‘misremembering’ that when it struck us all so profoundly, in my opinion.

          but yeah the mandela one is equally freaky in that i do remember when i heard about him sometime back thinking ‘what the heck, i thought he died?!’ and i’m VERY sure his prison numbers were used in some symbolic context, to honour his life.

          oh, another weird thing; i believe this changed right around the time of my true NDE: i used to have a photographic memory and now it is, what i consider, sh*t. people tell me it is ‘average’ and seems to be, but i used to remember literally everything and anything i wanted to. do not know if/how this relates per se, but it definitely would have come in handy in solving this mystery! just now it occurred to me that it could be some kind of ‘wipe’ caused by/necessary to sliding. haha, weird.

          1. Brian

            I’ve also had “NDE’s”, and have had the same general experience as Abbey. The memory thing is spot on. The surreal change in character of the event is spot on. Not even sure what to make of it. It’s not something you can talk to people about.

            I remember the Fonzie death thing clearly.. even though I was watching reruns of it in the eighties when I was a kid. Now how does that work?

            The tank running over the kid was a HUGE world event. I saw that video, and the replay, and listened to news guys and the government use that as a reason that communist China was so evil for like 2 years.

        2. Vivek narain

          Hi fiona, Assuming that the ‘mandela effect’ has always existed,and knowing that the recorded history before the advent of 19th century is not accurate to the ‘t’,also knowing that the ruling hierarchy of relevant times always manipulate the facts to make a place for the posterity as well as progeny.We can safely assume that if ‘mandela effect’ came into notice by the interested party,history can take a heavy knock to its foundations.So now history joins geography as a potential enigma.If you’ve ever glanced at listverse that lists group of mysteries in 10s package,there is a list that shows modern technology artefacts found in fossils thousands and sometimes millions of year old,so even the origins of modern science is an enigma,that completes the circle of human evolution.

    2. StarfireofTamaran

      Do you mean Mystery Science Theater 3000? Because I’ve seen it in bookstores and mentioned in shoutouts in TV and movies and books and my dad watched it before.

    3. Jayson

      Hey man, first comment here, I just wanted to reassure you that one of those things /does/ exist in this timestream. So tat TV show you remember is legit. It’s a pretty great show too.

      The only memory experience I’ve had that I can directly link to this is my first conviction that the star of The Naked Gun, and one of the stars of Airplane! Leslie Nielson, died sometime around 2003. I remember being legitimately distressed when I learned that this hadn’t happened, even though I liked the guy’s movies.

      There are two other memories I can’t place in time though, which seem to have not happened. One was listening to a radio in bed that stated a huge fireball was spotted over Mexico City, and my mother telling me not to worry about it and go to sleep, and another abut watching an old ‘Herbie’ movie in black and white.. that doesn’t seem to have existed as a small child.

      1. Jaysun

        Surprised there is debate on MST3K being a show. It’s super popular, but definitely in an “Underground” sort of way. But nothing like people are confused on its existence. It’s a major part of my viewing as a child

        1. Julia

          Jaysun – Unless there is something else going on, I think the only debate about Mystery Science Theater is the number after its name. I only viewed it once but in a hotel room at Walt Disney World with one of my best friends and due to the amount of laughing we did, it was very memorable. I will swear to the end that it was Mystery Science Theater 2000, but when I mentioned once she said “You mean 3000?”

  13. Joshua


    I had one of the most vivid “memory/dream” experiences of my life a few years ago that terrified me when I was confronted with it in reality.

    I don’t know if this goes along the lines of the Mandela Effect though.

    It’s actually pretty simple. So here’s what happened;

    The Dream/Memory:

    I was walking down a side walk next to some buildings in a place that vaguely resembled the city in which I live. However everything was pretty much shadow’s of Grey’s, Blacks, and small outlines of whites. I was walking throw what seemed like a river of shadow’s of people. But none of the people had any details within the shadows.

    Well I’m walking through this river of shadow people in this shadow city when all of a sudden I see this guy… As vividly as I see people everyday when I go out. He had a cinstruction helmet on, brownish red beard down to about mid chest, He was wearing one of those bright orange and yellow safety vests with cargo shorts and the tan work boots with orange and yellow threated laces.

    When I woke up I had no memory of this dream until one day I was out driving to a job with my stepdad and I see this SAME guy! Every detail from the dream in reality! To the T. He was working on some powerlines outside in a parklot in front of a convienent store.

    Because this experience freaked me out so much I had a small panic attack in the work van and shortly after I called one of my friends because I had to tell someone.

    No one has been able to explain this to me or tell me who this was. Because, nowhere can I find similar experiences from others.

    1. Gurluas

      Assuming that the concept of Quantum immortality is true…You died in your home reality, and your consciousness jumped to a reality where you’d survive. But this also meant that there would be a few differences.

  14. Ivan_2068

    Please guys, it’s all poor education

    1.- People mistake a fake Nelson Mandela Funeral with Stephen Biko´s funeral in South Africa, who died in 1977 with flags and widow and everything. Even peter Gabriel made a song.

    2.- New Zealand is often mistaken with New Guinea, which is exactly in the unication that peopple believe New Zealand is.

    3.- USA has 52 states, counting Puerto Rico and Northern Marina Islanda, but are Free Associated States

    4.- There’s an Avatar 2 trailer (As a fact several) but all are fake.

    5.- David Soul’s death is a common case of false identification, people remember that Paul Michael Glaser (His partner in Starsky & Hutch) lost all his family because of AIDS

    6.- There are several Henry the VIII portraits (If I’m not wrong one of Loony Tunes in the 50’s) with a turkey leg, all are fakes and appeared in several shows

    7.- Ernest Borgnine is often mistaken with Edward G Robinson who died several years ago, plus the guy died at the age of 96, it’s normal to believe he died long ago

    Each and every one has a proper explanation.

    This is nothing that a good education can’t solve

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      I’ve said this before, but it doesn’t seem to sink in with skeptical critics: You seem to think we haven’t considered the more normal explanations, including “I must have mis-heard” and “I must have misremembered.” It seems rather insulting when you suggest we’re easily confused, and that we wouldn’t prefer a “proper” explanation like simple human error.

      I can assure you that many (perhaps most) of us have had a “good education.” In my real life conversations, the majority of people with these alternate memories are Mensa qualified and many have advanced degrees. It’s not a case of poor education or lack of research to identify possible confusion.

      None of your explanations provided new information for me, and probably not for many of my readers, either. In fact, you left out the one where we might be confusing Billy Graham’s wife’s funeral with his own.

      Also, Paul Michael Glaser did not lose his entire family to AIDS. His wife, Elizabeth, and his daughter, Ariel, died from AIDS due to a blood transfusion during Ariel’s birth. As far as I know, Mr. Glaser’s son, Jake, was born HIV positive but has survived, along with Mr. Glaser’s daughter, Zoe, by his second wife.

      If you look at photos of Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, you’ll see that the two men look very different. Their names are very different, as well. Neither have died. I’m not sure how an alternate memory about David Soul’s death could be a “common case of false identification.” That’s as preposterous as confusing Baretta stars Robert Blake and Michael D. Roberts.

      I’ve approved this comment only because I’m hoping other skeptical critics will actually read some of these suggested explanations and realize that we’ve heard them before. (For example, and

      Then again, comments like yours are often rife with spelling and grammar errors. If you’re going to bring education into the discussion (and I’m not sure it’s relevant), perhaps your own comment should reflect the education you’re recommending. For example:

      • - An introductory word or phrase is followed by a comma, then the name or pronoun indicating the person to whom you are speaking. Therefore, “Please guys” should be “Please, guys,” unless you were directing us to please the guys.
      • - “People” has two Ps, not three.
      • - Usa (宇佐市 Usa-shi) is a city located in Ōita Prefecture, Japan. When you’re abbreviating the name of the Unites States of America, it should be U.S.A. (Like many people, I often leave out the periods. However, in the context of your efforts to educate us, including the periods would have been more correct.)
      • - Simple plurals do not include apostrophes. Therefore, a reference to something in or from the 1950s is “50s” not “50’s.”
      • - One does not capitalized the first letter in parentheses unless the parentheses enclose complete sentences.
      • - Use a period after a person’s initial, e.g. Edward G. Robinson.

      Ordinarily, I’m only interested in the intellectual content of comments. In cases like this, the hypocrisy of recommending education in an error-fraught comment… I’m sorry, but I can’t not point it out.

      I’d like to think that you posted your comment to bring relief to the many people distressed by their alternate memories. However, we’ve heard most of these explanations before. As a result, they’re the source of frustration and closely resemble troll-like comments.

      If you have something new and helpful to contribute, I hope you’ll share it, regardless of the spelling and phrasing. Otherwise, this isn’t the right forum.

      Fiona Broome

      1. Caligula

        And another know-it-all who assumes were poorly educated because he doesn’t share our experience. I have no problem with you presentibg your theories but to act as though we are uneducated or ridiculous is inappropriate. I will go to my grave with the vivid mrmory of watching Billy Grahm’s funeral on TV. It was not a misunderstanding nor did I get him confused with soneone else. I know what I saw as does everyone else here. Knock off the holier-than-thou attitude.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author


          I agree. I’m amazed when people comment to “correct” what they think are our errors.

          Clearly, they haven’t read much of this website. I like to think they believe they’re being helpful rather than insulting.

          Then there are days when my temper gets the better of me. That’s when, as in my reply, above, I don’t edit what I say. I blast the person with my own holier-than-thou response.

          Like you, I know which of my memories are clear and unquestionable. I also know when I’ve been busy with other things, and may have misunderstood something.

          I know that I saw events that followed Nelson Mandela’s death, over a decade ago.

          I also know how annoyed I was that Billy Graham’s funeral preempted so much TV programming I usually rely on for breaks in my research & writing schedule. (I was sad at his loss, since he was so revered by people who found comfort in his messages. However, the funeral coverage seemed to go on for days, and it seemed a little excessive, at the time.)

          Those are two events that no “education” will change, so — like you — I was irked by Ivan’s comments.

          Fortunately, most people find tremendous relief as they read articles and comments at this website. Finally, they realize they’re not “stupid” or “crazy,” or whatever context they’d framed their real memories in, earlier.

          I maintain the site for them and for people like you.

          And, I’m confident that — at some point — Ivan and people like him will have their own “Mandela moment,” when their clear memories don’t match accepted history. At that point, I hope they remember this site.


    2. Anon

      A poor education is a subjective judgement. The discussion is about memory and memories. I remember Mandela dying in 1987 when I was 16, in high school, and Ronald Reagan was President. In 1977 Jimmy Carter was President, I was 6 and didn’t care about current events. When was that Peter Gabriel song released?
      The funny thing about New Zealand is that I remember it being almost due east of New Guinea so it would be hard to confuse the two.
      The United States has 50 states. Get a flag. Count the stars.
      Release date for Avatar 2?
      David Seoul was blonde. It was highly publicized because it was Christmas.
      Don’t know anything about the Henry VIII, however I believe the point was that they were all fakes.
      Ed Robinson died in 1973. That was 40 years ago.
      I remember Ernest Borgnine dying sometime after Airwolf ended in the late eighties or early nineties.

  15. James

    Here is another well known one. There is a mythical Native American creature called the Thunderbird (a huge bird that carry’s people away). Well, many, many, many people claim that there was a photograph of this creature in an old book, stretched out across the width of a barn by some U.S. soldiers. Although many, many photographs exist that mimic the original, most people are convinced the “real” picture has vanished somehow, without a trace. There are message boards dedicated to hunting down this mysterious missing photograph but nobody can find it, yet so many remember seeing it.

    1. Gurluas

      This is very fascinating. According my theory Cryptids are displaced creatures from other realities. They come in two form, photonic versions. I.E, ghostly images, and real flesh and blood beings. The latter being as rare as humans who come from other realities. That being a VERY rare occasion.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Thanks, Chandra! I’ll have to look into this. The thunderbird legend is fascinating since it exists in many cultures on different continents, from before there was any clear way for those myths to spread.

        While the image in question isn’t necessarily connected to the legend about the actual creature, it’s still intriguing to me. Any time the thunderbird topic comes up — no matter what the connection — I find very weird tales.


        1. Margaret

          Okay, so I’m only 18 so my logic on this probably isn’t completely sound but maybe worth checking out. I’ve seen the movin Pretty Women several times and maybe a year or so ago I was watching it with my mother and this happens to be her favorite movie so she’s seen it more times than me but there’s a scene that takes place at a bar in the beginning that we had never noticed before and I remember asking my mother when that got there and if I had just missed it do to not paying attention but she had no recollection of it either. I can’t remember exactly what happens in the scene but I know it’s almost directly after he picks her up and she starts driving. We just dismissed it as nothing but after hearing about this it seems like it might be related .

      2. Adnpkchu

        Ive seen those birds before, well not me but on a website, those are actually real, the site and Wikipedia claims them to be an exticnt bird whose skeleton was found in the La brea tar pits in California.. Might be the same bird

  16. Gurluas

    Here are some cases worth looking into:

    Disclaimer: Most of these are unexplainable by normal events, although it is possible that they’re natural events that we simply do not understand and are unrelated to the research regarding alternate realities.

    Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson: They were sent to investigate an unknown radar blip and they both vanished. No trace of them has been found since.

    D.B Cooper: A very skilled airplane hijacker who managed to acquire 200k dollars and two parachutes. He was kind compared to most hijackers, he let most of the crew and the passengers go, then dictated a course to an area, he knew exactly what he was doing, and then he vanished after jumping out the plane with the money and parachute. No one has seen him since, or heard from him , although some money was found with matching serial number which could have been lost when he jumped out.

    Dyatlov Pass Incident: 9 hikers were hiking in the Russian mountains, when suddenly all contact was lost with them. A rescue operation was sent which found the tent damaged and cut open from the inside. Most of their belongings including their boots were left behind, they had left in socks and bare feet in -30 Celsius. Their bodies were found spread over a long area. Most of them had severe traumas, as if they were hit by a truck, a girl was missing her tongue, their clothing was radioactive, and it appears they tried to climb a tree but failed, as if something pulled them down, I.E, the branches were ripped off.
    This is by far one of the most intriguing case as it could very well be a Cryptid from another reality interacting with ours, or even exotic particles or other reality bending events.
    They were also reported as having a deep brown tan.

    The Bloop: A mysterious low frequency sound heard in the oceans, which is apparently biological in nature and judging from the distance the sound traveled this thing would be so big as to make a blue whale seem like a trout.

    1628 Incident: A Japanese Plane flying over Alaska had close-contact with several unknown disk shaped objects. This one was well documented and reported. No logical natural explanation exists for these mysterious objects witnessed on that day.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Thanks, Gurluas! I’ll add those to the list as soon as I have just a little more time. Meanwhile, if anyone reads this and can add more information to any of those points, please do.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Gurluas

        No they’re not. The Bloop is possibly a sound from another reality, and D.B Cooper can even be a traveller.

  17. Gurluas

    One more important thing to know…Is if you’ve seen something that cannot physically exist in our universe but our mind can record.

    First you have imaginary colors, essentially color shades that cannot physically exist or be shown due tot he light spectrum, but our eyes contain data for them.

    Then you have actual colors who aren’t possible for us to see.

    They are technically possible, but there is no way for our eyes to perceive them normally.
    So if we see them especially in places such as a haunted house, it may immediately be a sign of the sixth sense perceiving things from an alternate reality.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Wonderful, Gurluas! I’ve been thinking of exploring color as a means to investigate haunted places. This adds a new dimension (so to speak) to that idea. Thank you!

  18. David Henderson

    The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster is another example of this. More than a few people get the date wrong, or do they?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Hi, David!

      Ooh, that’s a good one, and I’m so glad you mentioned it!

      I saw (really) the disaster broadcast, live. I can recall it clearly, and I got on the phone and called my mom and told her not to watch TV. She had no idea what I was talking about, and I was a blubbering wreck, having just seen it.

      Until my mom passed away, a couple of years ago, it was something we referenced regularly in conversation, because it was so very weird.

      The thing is, the event was on a time delay or something. I guess that was so they could edit out anything horrendous, but there was no way to edit out what happened. So, they ran the tape and the American people saw it.

      Apparently, I saw it — on my TV — about three minutes before it aired. It was not a psychic thing. I really saw it on the TV.

      So, I think that was a significant ripple, tear, or whatever, in our timestream.

      And, until you mentioned it, it didn’t cross my mind that it was a Mandela Effect kind of event. In my mind, it was just something weird that I couldn’t explain. And, it never occurred to me that others may have witnessed or experienced the broadcast at an “alternate” time.


      Too bad the Global Consciousness Project wasn’t going then. (I’ll have to check to be sure it wasn’t, but I think that was far before technology was at that level of facility.)

      Of course, now I’m wondering if the GCP indicates when the timestream (or membrane) hits a snag, tear, opening, portal, or whatever. The “eggs” registered something traumatic hours before 9/11. In general, the eggs sometimes flare anomalously before an actual event. What if that event — in a parallel reality — is influencing our reality…?

      Cool stuff. It’s definitely worth its own page.

      Thank you!


      1. Macsmomma

        I too remember the space shuttle challenger happening at a different date than recorded history. According to our current history, challenger exploded in 1986. But I have clear memories of it happening in 1984.

        1. Jodi

          I remember the challenger disaster as 1984, clearly. I was 14 yrs old in 1984 , and I was in Jr High. This is a very clear memory to me because of science class. We were supposed to watch the event live on TV (was is even ever shown live. . .?) but our class’s test grades had been so bad, the teacher said we were NOT allowed to have the TV in the room as punishment. On that day, she gave us busy work and she left the room (she didn’t say where she was going, just that we better do our work and that she’d be in the hall within earshot). But, I had left my notebook in my locker. Students were not allowed in the hallways without a note; however, my parents were teachers at this Jr High, and all the teachers knew me, so I had special privileges. So, I left the classroom to get my notebook, and a bunch of teachers were in the library looking at a TV (on a cart) watching something…and when I looked, it was the launch…something wasn’t right and the teachers were crying. That scared me. So I went back to the classroom with my notebook and sat there upset. . . then when the teacher came back, you could see she had been crying. That upset me more…in that way that young people act when they see an adult cry, it’s not reassuring and makes the child more upset. It is a vivid, painful memory. I was 14. But in 1986, I was 16 and in High School. A different building. My parents didn’t work there. And I have no memory of the Challenger exploding on take off when I was 16.
          I also remember Billy Graham’s Funeral because I thought he died shortly AFTER his wife and how touching it was, she died and then he died.
          And New Zealand . . .first I thought it was to the West (SW) of Australia but was surprised to find it was North East (near PN) but now it’s on the East and South… I think. Ask me tomorrow and it will be somewhere else.

          1. Annie

            I have NOT A Doubt that Challenger exploded in 1984. I lived in an apartment in Barrie Ontario and was preparing for my daughter’s wedding. The TV was on and I saw the disaster.

            In 1986, my first grandson was born, 2 years after the marriage, and I lived in Toronto, Ontario.

            Can such family memories outshine the date of Challenger? No way! They are permanent, and the explosion was 1984.


          2. Annie

            I realize I had a wrong memory re the Challenger. In 1984 AND 1986 I lived in the same place……it was the months that threw me off. So I can go with 1986.

            1. Fiona Broome Post author

              Annie, that’s great! One more “alternate memory” you can cross off the list. Frankly, if all my not-quite-right memories turned out to be unexplained, I’d be pretty anxious about how often I was sliding! LOL

        2. jma

          The space shuttle did not explode in January 1986, like Wikipedia states. (I just went to look it up.) I have a clear memory of watching it explode on TV in the third grade. It was a big deal. I was 8 years old. My mother was currently working in the school I was enrolled it at the time. My mother died in 1986. I was 10 when she died. There is NO way I would not remember these dates. Incredible. I had no idea that this was a “thing” — I just assumed that it was public knowledge the date the Challenger exploded. 1984. Dur. What’s going on???

          1. Julia

            First, I Just wanted to say that I’m sorry you lost your mom at age 10. That must have been really hard.

            I’m surprised at how many people have this alternative memory of the Challenger blowing up two years earlier. For me it has always been in 1986 and I have my own firm memories (below) linking it to that date.

            What’s happening is that you may be finding out that “reality” is much more fluid than you thought. Not a small discovery. When I found out about this thing called “The Mandela Effect” last December, I really couldn’t think of anything else for 2 to 4 days (can’t remember exactly how long.) It was even hard to get to sleep at night. I call it a personal “paradigm shift.” It still occupies a large part of my consciousness thinking every single day. It does sound nuts until you can wrap your mind around the thought that seems to make sense is not necessarily what is true.

            Don’t doubt yourself but don’t doubt that the memories that match what sources (like Wikipedia and all other sources online) say about the event happening in January 1986.

            1. Fiona Broome Post author

              Thanks, Julia!

              I’m so grateful when friends like you remind us that the Mandela Effect opens so many, happier alternatives to the traditional right/wrong model we’re taught in school.

              Our conflicting memories may all be correct… but not necessarily “correct” in the reality where we are at that moment.

              It’s one thing to be able to open a mathematics book and say, “See? 1 + 1 = 2.”

              It’s not quite so easy to explain to someone in the “dilemma” reality that some of your memories reference experiences in a “dilemna” reality. It’s not as if we can open a book or point a telescope and show them the reference.

              Still, I do like how the Mandela Effect takes the edge off the right/wrong dichotomy, giving us (perhaps) infinite ways we all can be right. And, I’m confident that this concept will become more accepted as physics continues to find evidence supporting alternate realities.

              Thanks again!


          2. jma

            Hi Julia and Fionna,
            Thanks for your responses…

            So I reached out to a friend to ask what SHE remembered of the event.
            This was her take on it:
            Huh? I agree with you that we were in 3rd grade. I remember being in Mrs. McGonagle’s class and watching the Challenger blow up. I thought it was a light show. When my parents explained to me what happened, I remember feeling no emotions about it and wondering why I didn’t care. Anyway, let’s do the math.
            First, here is a chart of how old kids are in each grade:

            ages 4-5: Pre-Kindergarten (optional and not included in all schools…sometimes it’s still part of preschool)
            ages 5-6: Kindergarten
            ages 6-7: 1st grade
            ages 7-8: 2nd grade
            ages 8-9: 3rd grade
            ages 9-10: 4th grade
            ages 10-11: 5th grade

            So, if we started third grade when we were 8, in September, the year must have been 1984. (1976- 1984 = 8 yrs). But, if the Challenger blew up in January, the year must have been 1985!

            I think I remembered the year 1986 because my most recent memory of the Challenger was from college. And the College talked all about 1986 being the year it blew up. In fact, Christa McCauliffe’s mother came to talk about her daughter at some school event… So, that begs the question: why is there a need for a conspiracy? Or a glitch in the matrix? I don’t get it.

            And in asking two other people from my hometown, I got varying answers as well… both though it was 1984 / 1985. I have SUCH a solid memory about this that finding this website has really struck deep.

            While I agree (and am fascinated!) on the possibilities of physics/alternative timelines… it also makes me really take a hard look at mainstream media. I have known that media is manipulated (I’ve been exploring “the rabbit hole” for quite some time!)… but never realized the DEPTH of possibilities to it all. After reading about “Tank Boy” … I have come to the conclusion that China and/or TPTB (the powers that be) have manipulated the official history on this AFTER the event… OR the possibility that what was shown in America at that time was manipulated to generate a certain opinion on China.

            So, while the idea of fluidity in timelines is intriguing, from where I stand, it is more likely an aspect of “system control” and we are getting a peak behind the curtain, so to speak.

            Thank you, Fiona, for this website. And btw, it WAS Berenstein!!! :)

      2. Vivek narain

        Fiona, Since the beginning of 3rd quarter of 2oth century we had been fed with the doomsday scenario slated for the turn of century. This was an interpretation of nostradamus,people were thankful for the early warning and long lease,fact is people were bewildered when the singularity didn’t happen. Could it be that the event did occur and we were shifted to an alternate earth?. Ever since, surreality has taken over our waking hours which hitherto belonged to the realms of dream world. Dreams still occur, but the waking times are no different.

        1. Julia

          I definitely saw the Challenger exploding as a senior in college in 1986. I hadn’t been watching news (didn’t own a tv and too busy to read the news) and didn’t know about the mission it until after it happened. Then we talked about it in one class for a whole period. But now that I’ve had my own alternate memories, I can believe some others experienced it at a different time!

  19. Richard Lee

    I distinctly remember Robin Williams dying during his Mork and Mindy years. When his movie career took of it came as a bit of a shock! Anyone else have this Mandela effect?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Richard, this is the first I’ve heard of that particular Robin Williams memories. He’s so high-profile, I’ll be very interested in whether others share your recollection. It’s not exactly the kind of thing one would mistake for another celebrity’s death.

  20. Gurluas

    Apparently Nelson Mandela died yesterday.
    (5th December)

    Odd thing was, the first news reports didn’t pop up until hours after he died.
    I checked the time stamp on them, and apparently they were posted earlier yet I didn’t notice them even if I was browsing that site, and no one else noticed either.

    This is curious, let us see if he stays dead.

  21. NDE Survivor

    Can you start a Dom DeLuise section please? I see that someone else mentioned it and it is one of the more obscure alternate timelines. That’s the one I came from. Had an NDE in 2005 and I am certain that I came back into a different timeline.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      NDE Survivor,

      I will add Dom DeLuise to the list. He’s been popping in and out of our reality, repeatedly, and it’s been very confusing to tell what’s real, what’s just a hoax news report, or what.

      In my opinion, the NDE experience could easily open doors (literally) to an alternative timestream where you’ve survived, as opposed to the previous one, in which you might not have.


      1. Gurluas

        According to the Quantum Immortality theory, we never get to experience our own death, because our consciousness will always jump into the time-stream where we are alive.

        So for an outside observer we die. Which basically means that the NDE Survivor is not a survivor at all, and died in another reality.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          Gurluas, I think this is an issue of semantics. We’re all survivors. The variable is how we describe the experience.

          But, to outside observers in various and alternate timestreams, we may have “left the building” many times. If an alternate timeline is created for each possible outcome of every situation, that would mean a nearly infinite number of bodies abandoned in alternate timestreams. In theory, I suppose we’re each “dying” somewhere, in some timestream, every moment of every day.

          Of course, that’s where Time-Space and Space-Time start tangling, and the words become ineffective, if not downright confusing.

          I like to think that we’re all survivors. Being an NDE survivor — with a clear memory of that event — is notable. Often, those are people who can consciously access more useful information for this discussion, from a first-person viewpoint.


          1. Vivek narain

            Hi fiona, This matter of death and survival of conciousness is more of a dread than any real understanding,at least among our group.I don’t think this wishfulness is healthy,the prospect of it takes such a lot of kick out of the living period,it’s not very relishing to visit one’s burial site frequently,although in these times of limited prime sites for a decent grave, the rule of first gone first served is generally followed. Flippantly vivek

            1. Fiona Broome Post author


              I’m chuckling over the “first gone, first served” comment. Ghoulish.

              Also, I’m not sure I’d say the survival of consciousness is anything wishful. I think that it is… period and full stop. Whether it’s the best option is another matter. However, being entirely serious here, I think we’re wandering into semantics and extreme speculation.

              Depending on external factors that we may (or may not) be aware of, our perceptions could be 180 degrees from what’s real.

              Personally, almost everything is interesting to me. So, the “what’s next…?” prospect isn’t daunting. Plus that, from my ghost research, it seems almost ho-hum normal. I’d also reference Stuart Wilde’s comments about his contact with “the other side” and how very average people seem, coming through from that plane. Kind of a “stupid here, stupid there” kind of attitude, perhaps cynicism. I’m not in full agreement with him, but I’m always interested in others’ views.


          2. NDE Survivor

            Thank you for adding him! You know, after I typed the word “survivor”, I wondered why I self-identified in that way. Part of the surviving was my ability to come back here. I also think I chose the word because I’m still living and coping with the aftereffects and in many ways feel a victim of it.

            The place I went to was more real than anything I’ve ever experienced, and there was no linear time there. Nothing has seemed truly real since I got back. And when nothing is real, well, it’s just hard for me to connect to joy. If nothing is real, everything I think about doing seems to be so pointless. It’s a struggle for me to find meaning in life when everything around me feels like a stage prop now. My life before and after the NDE changed drastically. Once in awhile, I run across stories of other NDE people who are struggling with their return.

            The thing that keeps me going is trying to seek out the truth.

          1. Fiona Broome Post author

            Andrew, I think that’s the point: Maybe we do live forever. Maybe we just “slide” through gradient realities, in which science has made health-related advancements so bodies can be rejuvenated, naturally, and — eventually — we’re immortal. (Religion has taught that we’re immortal spirits, anyway. I’m not going down that volatile road in this discussion, but exploring that concept as a simpler way of describing the transitions from this, more mortal and limited lifetime/reality, to one that’s infinite.)

            Yesterday, seeing the reports about using brain and ankle material to enable a man with spinal cord injuries the ability to walk and drive a car again… I had two thoughts:

            1. What if we’re in a holodeck where we’re experiencing a key period in ancient history? What if this apparent lifetime is actually a history class? (That’s not an original concept. I think the first place I read it, articulated, was in one of Robert Scheinfeld’s “Busting Loose” books, and he bases it on ideas like “Shore Leave” from the first Star Trek series.)

            2. What if Christopher Reeve “died” in this reality, but “slid” into the one where this week’s announced medical breakthrough had been perfected, so he could live a full, normal life again? I kind of like that idea.


      2. Weirdo

        We are still learning about formation of memories. Can some of this be explained by false memories or short term memories being misfiled into long term?

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          Weirdo, I believe it could be a false memory if it was unique to that person and no one else. I’d also give the explanation credibility if connected people seemed to share the same false memory. So far, the majority of people are giving credible, unique descriptions of events and most (not all) details match comments by apparently unrelated people. Further, this topic originated in a Dragon*Con “green room” discussion where the subject came up spontaneously and a surprising number of people shared similar memories of Mandela dying in prison.

          The question of short term memories being misfiled into long term is probably a similar issue, but I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you mean the person filed the recent memory of Nelson Mandela’s death as an event that happened over a decade ago… no. That doesn’t apply in most reports I’ve seen here. About 90% of those kinds of reports were posted over a year before Mandela’s death and included details that could only represent Mandela.

          While some comments are clearly “me, too” additions or explained in other, very normal ways, the majority of reports at this site seem genuine and not a pathological issue.

          I hope that’s helpful.


      1. NDE Survivor

        Hi, MadCap. Yes, I can elaborate. Thanks for asking. I have sleep apnea and quit breathing in my sleep. I usually wake up gasping for air, but not this time. I quit breathing and then experienced brief (and terrifying) sleep paralysis, after which it felt like I drifted up out of my body and then was squeezed through a tight hole/tunnel. I emerged quickly, and was at the edge of the “white light”. It wasn’t just light though. It was viscous, like a fog, but also organic, in a sentient way.

        I need to stop here and explain that during all of this, from the moment I quit breathing, I kept being “told” that something had gone wrong. This was a mistake. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. It wasn’t a voice I heard, but it was being communicated to me. I was very panic-stricken because I felt so helpless and didn’t know how to help correct this mistake.

        I’ll skip some personal things that happened to me in regard to the light. Suffice to say, I was given a choice to come back, and I chose to do so. Part of the reason I chose to come back was because I was distressed about my family and my inability to tell them I was okay. Much of my decision was based on my new understanding of time. Where I was, in the the light, there was a complete absence of time. It’s a feeling I have no way to explain or communicate. But there was no time. TIme did not exist. I could see Earth in the distance and knew that my family was there and locked into linear time. It was horrible to think of them grieving on linear time, and that’s when I came back.

        Since that experience, I have had a lot of trouble with time. I don’t experience it in the same way. It’s like my time-lock and my time-stamps got damaged.

        The most disturbing thing that happened after I came back occurred within 24 hours. I became obsessed with going to law school. I could not understand why I didn’t have a law degree. I started studying like mad for the LSAT, and looking into schools, etc. It’s all I could think about. Interestingly, 20 years prior to this, I was in a pre-law program in my Freshman year of college. I ended up changing my major and regretted it off and on, fleetingly throughout life. But this post-NDE feeling wasn’t about regrets. It felt like something was not right with my reality and I was trying to fix it. The urgency of getting the law degree faded over the next few months, but I’ll never forget how intense it was, and how immediate it was. I was take over by it.

        So, that’s my story. I don’t remember having any “mandela effects” prior to my NDE, but have had several since then. Lastly, nothing here on Earth is as real as what I experienced in the light. The mandela-effect is often discussed in terms of *what* is reality. For me, it’s also, *where* is reality. I don’t think it’s here.

        1. Julia

          Dear Survivor,

          I’m glad someone asked you to elaborate and that you did. I had been curious as well. I have read at last four books by NDE survivors – I find the subject endlessly fascinating. I also like the nderf website. Your comment about the absence of time is one that I’ve read before and find most fascinating, and also hardest to understand without experiencing it.

          I don’t have any memory of an NDE (I hope I’d get to remember) but at age 44 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea – 102 apneas per hour when I was tested in the sleep time – three times the severe rate. I knew I had some sleep disorder but that was a surprise to me that it was sleep apnea as I was relatively young, overweight but not extremely so, and didn’t snore loudly. I’m thankful for my BPAP because I don’t know where I’d be now without it, or if I’d be here. My poor sleep resulted in constant exhaustion and frequent illness.

          But what I most wanted to say is that I haven’t been able to get your last comment out of my mind since I read it, “For me it’s also ‘where’ reality is. I don’t think it’s here.” I think that’s really profound and I so agree. This is the thing the pure materialists can’t accept – for them there is no OTHER reality – just what we see, can measure. I think THAT’S nuts. I wonder how they can be confident materialists when we now know that most of the universe is made of “dark matter” and not understood. Anyway, I also have trouble sometimes taking the here and now seriously enough. At age 50, I still struggle with what to DO with my life, when I know it’s not really reality or my ultimate home. The minimum I come up with is that are supposed to LOVE and treat people right – that at least I know.

          1. NDE Survivor

            Julia, thank you for your response. Yes, the absence of time is difficult to explain. It is buoyant. Stasis…maybe, but not quite. They say time is of the essence, yet, I found that true essence is devoid of time.

            I am also 50 and hope it is not too late for each of us to discover our purpose, or at least feel a sense of purpose in light of questionable realities. “What now?” is the dilemna (yes, I’ve spelled that correctly) of an awakening.

            I enjoy your posts, and I like what you say here:
            “The minimum I come up with is that are supposed to LOVE and treat people right – that at least I know.”
            This mortal coil would benefit from your line of thinking.

  22. Vivek narain

    Ok fiona, you win, so survival of consciousness is not wishful thinking.Ho about that consciousness is contained in soul and while the consciousness is migrating to an alternate timeline the soul is left behind and a new soul along with new body is created.The discarded soul with some residual charecteristics sometimes appears as ghost.The migration of conciousness will be of little meaning to,say a person 80 yrs old,unless and i stress unless the world where it is migrating to,80 yrs old is a youthful age.Remember i had commented in an earlier post that chronology is going bonkers and 50 yr olders of now are as youthful as 30 yr olders of yester yrs.Maybe this is immortality or evolution or grand design,you tell me.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Vivek, your comments are as challenging as ever! I really appreciate your thoughts on these topics. They help me look at this subject in different ways, often far beyond previous limits.

  23. AndrewMLM

    I’m only 15 so my memories are somewhat limited, but I did have a “Mandela Effect” relating to the number of US states, geographical location of New Zealand (top right and close to Australia I think), a ghost hunting show called “TAPS”, MLK’s close-range pistol assassination on a balcony, and Neil Armstrong’s death in 2013.

    1. PolPol

      hope I am not boring you keep replying, but I find this subject fascinating. But do you also run any pages on haunted places etc I have stayed at many uk places that are considered haunted, odd occasions on a lets say a ghost hunt, but more often then not for other reasons. I have had lots of experiences over the years, from sightings of full body sightings to orbs and audio. My beliefs over the years as some what shifted, to when I used to think the sightings where all ghosts in the meaning of all being dead people to my thinking that maybe a shift in some sort of time line is allowing me to see an event or a person ? I often wonder if its myself who is shifting between times or the so called “ghost” ??

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Hello again, Pol!

        Your comments are delightful. I’m enjoying them, and nodding in agreement.

        Though I’d never intended it to be such a large part of my life, I’m probably best known for my ghost research. What started out as a few “how to” articles have expanded to over 600 articles, several books (most of which are in revision, or need revisions, soon). Right now, I’m moving most of my articles from to, and breaking them into topics. As time permits, I’m updating them, as well.

        The reason my articles and books need to be rewritten is partly because I’m a much better writer now. In addition, some of my books were rushed. Mostly, my views of ghosts have changed significantly. That shift began around 2008 or 2009, I think.

        It’s clear that some “ghosts” can interact with us consciously. Something at the Falstaff Experience (Stratford-upon-Avon, England) is doing that more than most. It’s one of the few sites to leave me almost speechless with surprise.

        I believe many (perhaps most) ghost sightings are actually brushes with people who are alive and well in their own realities.

        However, I believe that many “ghostly” entities — whatever they are — think we’re ghosts or aliens or even faeries, just as we come up with ghostly explanations on this side of the membrane or veil, or whatever you like to call the apparent barrier between us.

        Quantum breakthroughs have influenced how I look at what people label as ghosts. Also, my more recent views have been supported by things I noticed among fellow paranormal researchers.

        One was a fellow author, who mentioned that — during an effort to contact the other side — she’d asked the spirits, “Do you have anything to say to us?”

        The spirits replied, “No, but do you have anything to say to us?”

        The other main influences — perhaps more significant — were a series of investigations with David Wells (previously on Most Haunted UK). Everyone else kept using the word “ghost,” but he seemed to avoid it. He kept his comments simple, saying things like, “This place is very active.”

        I’m not sure if that was his effort at discretion, allowing event guests to have their own experiences without his influence. Or, maybe David didn’t want to spoil the fun they seemed to have, thinking they were encountering ghosts. (I know that David’s research extends far beyond ghost studies. So, I’m eager to have a chat with him, when we’re not “on stage.”)

        This isn’t really the topic of the Mandela Effect website, so I’m hoping this won’t launch an extended discussion about ghost phenomena. (I’m happier if it’s at However, since this is a busy week, I wanted to reply right away, while I’m going through this morning’s deluge of emails and comments.


  24. Sarah

    I also have the memory of New Zealand being northeast of Australia. I asked my husband, “Where is New Zealand?” and he said, “Northeast of Australia.”

    I’m just glad we’re in the same timeline together ;)

  25. Michael

    I have a very vivid memory of a plane crash very shortly after 911 that I cannot find any info on. The crash was a large airliner plane that crashed into a residential neighboorhood in NYC. I even remember the anchor on CNN saying the neighboorhood was home to a lot of firefighters and police officers that died in NYC on 911. Does anybody else remember this???

  26. Robin

    Neat blog! Was cruising and thinking ‘how cool’ until something actually hit home w/me…you know? It was Honduras and just happened the other nite. Couldn’t remember where that island was–oops, not an island anymore. I also remember the Tiananmen thing, the guy and more also got ran over. I remember that especially because of how they described how they died….heads popping like melons…it was such a horror for me at the time that an authority could harm it’s own non-violent citizens! At the time the story was that the one guy held back the tanks as long as the photographers and newscasters were there. Once they left, whammo, all in the path were squashed.

  27. Vivek narain

    C’mon fiona, You’re not best known for anything nor me and nor most of the 7 billion people of this planet.Ghost hunting does not resonate with most of the people infact the only paranormal phenomena that resonates is ‘meaningful coincidence’ elucidated by carl jung.In his masterpiece ‘the sea wolf’ jack london very forcefully pushed the word ‘expediency’, and i think this the key word for all living things to survive.Your ghost hunting is also a facet of expediency.But,and i am becoming more and more convinced,that your ‘mandela effect’ has the potential to equal the ‘synchronicity’ of carl jung.You’re on the threshold of a monumental paradigm shifting phenomena.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Err… thanks, Vivek…? *LOL*

      “Best” is a relative term. I’m known for many things, but not necessarily well known. For about six years, I was an invited Guest at Dragon*Con, which is about as close to “famous” as a lot of people get. (Last time I checked, only 600 people are given Guest invitations to that event. It really is an honor.) But, even though I referenced the Mandela Effect in some of my talks — on a variety of tracks at that annual convention — most people were in the audience (at my panels) to hear me talk about ghosts.

      And, in terms of volume of work, I am most recognized (again, a relative term) for my ghost research & writing.

      In general, I’m a privacy fanatic and happy to live a relatively reclusive life. My neighbors haven’t a clue that I write about paranormal topics, and I’m happy to keep it that way. I’m respected by the people I most care about. To me, that’s what matters.

      However, I agree that this topic — the Mandela Effect — may be the most enduring… if I ever figure out what to say in a book, that is.

      The weird part is, several dozen people have told me that they’ve heard me talk about the Mandela Effect on George Noury’s Coast-to-Coast radio show.

      I’ve never been on that show. Not in this timestream, anyway.

      1. S

        There was definitely an episode of Coast To Coast AM this summer that talked about the Mandela Effect. I feel like the guest was a male though, and he didn’t claim to own this site or anything. I forget who he was, but it was just part of his discussion regarding time lines and stuff. I originally was able to find this site through the link section on his web site. You could probably find the episode on Youtube or Streamlink. It’s from July or August 2013.

  28. N

    Just found this site, really interesting food for thought.

    One example I think could be added to this list in progress is the mini-cooper tunnel/sewer scene in the original Italian Job film.

    If I’m not mistaken, many claim to remember one of the mini-coopers in the tunnel doing a 360 loop. Technically impossible, though it is known the driver Remy Julienne did attempt a full 360-degree loop, and it was originally planned to be in the film.

    I thought I remembered this loop happening when I watched the film as a kid, and was surprised when it didn’t happen on re-watching it in my teens. Am pretty sure in a ‘making of’ feature I watched there’s a casual comment made on how often people recall a 360 loop that doesn’t actually happen.
    anyway hope that may prove of interest Fiona

  29. Carole

    I definitely remember Mandela dying years ago in prison. When I heard he was alive later on I couldn’t figure it out. Then years later reading that he was released from prison and thinking to myself, well how is he released now if he died before?

    Does anyone remember Richard Chamberlain the actor dying a long time ago from cancer? I was stunned when recently I read that he is alive.

    I remember David Soul committing suicide and being very sad because I used to watch Starsky and Hutch. I remember the Tianamen guy being run over by the tank. A few days ago I read something on the internet that said nobody knew what ever had happened to him.

    My memory of Ghost Hunters is that it was called TAPS. I used to watch it all time even though it seemed to be possibly fake. I thought TAPS was a weird name then suddenly it is called Ghost Hunters.

    The latest weird thing happened when the other day my computer start menus and folder locations were all wrong from what I usually have. My son told me they have always been like that. He’s not the type to mess with me in such a way or lie to me. Little things were missing like icons, things in different areas that I didn’t change are suddenly different. The entire layout was completely changed. I have had missing jewelry that I had for years, that vanished without a trace. Nothing valuable that somebody would even want. It’s like it vanished into a black hole. It made me nauseated.

    My adult kids have no memory of the house they spent their childhood in.

    My brother remembers our childhood home having an alley that ran behind the house. There was no alley in my memories and I am the older sibling. I want back to the old house to check it out, and there’s no alley.

  30. Ryan

    I have a vivid memory of seeing multiple trailors for the movie “office space” in which the lead role was played by Norm MacDonald instead of Ron Livingston.

  31. Vivek narain

    Hi fiona, the host of george noury’s coast to coast show was cynthia sue larson, on 20th june.As you already know she is doing similar research for 13 yrs,but what makes your work different is that the various anecdotal data is open with date stamping.cynthia’s site is not prolific as regards to open comments,nevertheless she has used her imagination to compensate and so has starfire tor.Although the cause is much much bigger than personalities,your work stands out because live anecdotal feedback is the mainstay of such phenomena.The amount of feedback that you have generated is really stupendous.

  32. Nog

    I believe that at some point in our near future, time travel has been achieved, and what we are experiencing is the effect of the travelers altering moments in our past, causing our linear timeline to “fracture”. The previous memories that remain within the current time stream obviously had a big enough impact on the psyche of the people who remember them that the shift wasn’t able to displace it, that coupled with the affirmation of many others who experience a similar memory, have helped the energy of the memory to remain linked to the previous time stream, even after the physical body has diverged down the parallel path.

    1. John

      I remember this vividly, and I remember that there was concern over who would be in charge.

      This is not a separate memory of different events. I actually remember there being a huge deal about this because he had a stranglehold over the country of Cuba. This was not an issue with me mistaking him for Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Il. He had fallen ill and there were concerns about who would rise to power, and talk that it would be a son. Then I remember his death.

      Could be I am mis-remembering his illness and just didn’t pay too close attention, but I was POSITIVE he was dead.

    2. Sarah

      My husband and I were also positive that Fidel Castro was dead, and were chilled to find out he wasn’t. As we both remember it, he was ill with cancer and Raul stepped up as interim. Then there was a period of time — at least a few months, maybe up to a year — in which the international community speculated that he was dead, but his people denied it. Finally, it was officially announced that he had died, and a few of the more unsavory international leaders, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made statements about his passing. I recall this being a few years ago, maybe around 2011. When I saw comments on this site saying “I remember Fidel Castro dying,” I thought “Well, yeah, because he did, right?” and looked him up. I was flabbergasted to see that 2 days ago, he made a statement about the Malaysian airplane that was shot down! He’s making statements?! BUT HE’S DEAD.

      My husband and I are also both 110% sure that they are the BerenSTEIN Bears, and no one can convince us otherwise.

      1. Creeped Out

        I’ve been reading this whole site and did not share any memories that people were talking about until this one, but I clearly remember Castro dying. Exactly like you said, with Raul taking over, etc. I remember video of the funeral, which was open casket and you could see his body, news stories about how this would affect relations with Cuba, etc. Also, I seem to recall the Clinton went to the funeral, although that part seems fuzzy and doesn’t really make sense.

      2. Lena

        I remember exactly this too! I was pretty young at the time, but my Mom loves watching CNN, so I was always up to date on these things.

    3. ami

      I just did some research on this, because I remember an interview with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton where he talks about the only “blemish” on his record was “the Fidel thing.” I just googled “Perez Hilton castro” and this [] came up. It claims Perez, who is a *celebrity blogger,* was somehow the first media outlet on earth to report Castro’s death. I’m assuming that for some reason, some other media outlets caught wind of this and decided that Perez’s sources were as good as any and went ahead and reported it.

      Unless Perez shifted from an alternate timeline on that day, I suspect this is more of a case of misinformation and shoddy reporting than a Mandela Effect.

    4. Devin

      I remember a false report in the mid 2000s, probably related to the Perez Hilton mess up. Fidel had fallen ill and transferred power to Raul. He was ill for several weeks, during which the media reported his death, then apologized for botching it. He survived for a few more years and then died of what was suspected to be cancer, but no official word on it. The reason i remember this so vividly is because I’m a large percentage Cuban. My maternal grandmother’s family immigrated when she was seven and i grew up steeped in Cuban culture. It was very relevant in my life! I believed until this moment that he was indeed dead.

  33. Vivek narain

    Seems anything is possible,like an artist in a state of happy vagueness when he finds himself confronted with a virgin canvas.Anything might take shape,dragons blue moon pink elephant bank robbers,or follow the course round to new orleans and miami,or in the fulness of time wake up to the excitement of chicago,new york or san francisco.Or stay right here in lucknow with a beer,anything goes in this surreality.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Great comment, Vivek! Though I want to keep this light, the fluidity of your comment may be one of the very best so far, for representing how we can live comfortably with alternate realities, and even delight in them.

  34. Dakota

    I remember Mandela dying in 1987. I remember talking about it in school when it happened. I was also taught in school that a dirty bomb wen t off in Manila in 1972. I also seen bin Laden’s death reported on right after 9/11.

    1. Michelle

      yup.. 52 States.. oh goodness, Honduras isn’t an island? Sorry folks but I’m new here and I’m a bit gobsmacked.

  35. Sarah

    I distinctly remember having a mandela effect experience happening to me some years ago, when my parents informed me that someone had died and being so confused because I thought I clearly remembered them dying years before. I just can’t remember, for the life of me, who this person was. I’ve been wracking my brain for the past ten minutes while reading through this thread but no luck.

    Also for the record, I also assumed Nelson Madela was dead, but I wasn’t alive when people say he died in prison. I’ve always just assumed he had been dead for my entire lifespan (I’m 22)

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      That’s a great comment, thank you!

      Since before stumbling onto the Mandela Effect, I’ve had a theory — not quite MIB, but close — that there’s something in some events that makes us forget (or want to forget, so we do). My initial theory was about UFOs, since I saw one as a child. I completely forgot about it for over 30 years, until I saw a photo of a similar one on TV… and it brought back the entire memory, in full color, complete with the eerie sound.

      Then, I checked some old records to see if any UFOs had been reported at the time & location of my memory. It took a lot of looking, but I found it. I have no clue what that was about, because I was far too young to know anything about UFOs, when I originally saw it.

      I don’t have any MIB component to that memory, which is why I think the incident itself contained something that made me choose to forget it. (Shades of Dr. Who and the Silence, eh…?)

      I think this is absolutely fascinating!


      1. Annie

        I am 75. I was 8 years old when the UFO crashed at Roswell, and can well remember the news stories. Then they were all hushed up.

        I have revisited the incident in my computer years and say it is true!

  36. Sarah

    I’m not sure if these will count, but I’ve just remembered two other incidents and another was pointed out to me by a friend. One is a story I read years ago that I haven’t been able to find for the life of me, was about a woman who, as a girl, was at a family gathering and circled her house, only to find that when she got to the back yard, she was in the past. Then she would circle back around and things would be normal again.

    Another instance is a commercial I saw not too many years ago (long after the story) I saw a commercial with Brittany Murphy in it, long after she had passed away in 2009. In hindsight, this could have just been a slip-up by someone in charge of what commercials are sent out, and she could have just filmed it before she died, but I went searching for it and there was no mention anywhere of her finishing any project before she died. I only saw the commercial the one time, never again.

    Now this was just yesterday. I was talking with a friend of mine about Billy Currington (we both like his music), and his song Good Direction (a great song, I recommend a listen). I has asked her if there was a video, because it’s a single and those usually have videos. She said she distinctly remembered seeing the video, but when I went to look for it there was no official video. She went searching too and a lot of other people swear up and down there was a video, but there is no trace of one anywhere.

    Again, I don’t know if these count, they’re not exactly life altering, but strange nonetheless.

    1. Roo

      I was struck most by the Billy Currington comment. I’m sure I saw a video with him selling turnips out of the back of his truck. So much so that when I read that there is no video for the song, I immediately opened a new tab and began googling. No video. ..

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Actually, we have. It was brought up in an earlier comment, and I’ve reviewed the scene in the DVD. See the article and thread at

      This isn’t an alternate memory since, so far, no one has said they remember a huge island country there. The discussions about New Zealand reference a different location.

      The Dazed and Confused globe might show a logo. If not, it’s a prank or hoax, something along the lines of an easter egg, or evidence of alternate geography.


  37. pol

    Hi again
    coming back to let you know I brought up a discussion with some friends after reading and posting on your site. This was mainly about the death of Mandela, a couple of them also remember him dying in the 80s, one of them my closest friend who I have known from childhood could even give an account of us being together when we heard the news, the account she gave is possible because when we where younger we where inseparable, and we often use personal reference to what we where doing at the time of major events, I.e. being in the Odd fellows arms pub together when Prince Charles married Diana. I now wonder if the theory that we are living in many time lines at the same time, what is the difference between them, other then some major events ? is it likely my closest friend is my closest friend in another existence ?? its like when you lets say out shopping and bump into someone you have known for years and say.. “hello Susan” and you are met with a puzzled look then they laugh of your mistake because thier name is Mandy. is she Mandy in this existence but Susan in another but yet looks exactly the same ?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Those are great updates and wonderful questions.

      That’s also one of the points that really intrigues me about Mandela Effect memories: People don’t just shrug and say, “Interesting. I must have misheard something on the radio or TV.” Instead, they have full memories including other people, what was going on around them, and so on. It’s not a trivial memory that was mentally filed in the “everything else” bin. It’s part of the person’s life, and a vivid recollection.

      Also, the Susan/Mandy question falls right in line with my current research. It’s an intriguing possibility to consider. For years, I was mistaken for a girl named Robin. After asking questions, I finally identified her as someone in a nearby town. When I finally met her, I was baffled. We had the same color hair and eyes, but that’s where the similarities ended. To this day, I have no idea why people would see me at a store and say, “Hello, Robin,” when she was shorter, a good 20 pounds heavier, younger, and… well, very different.

      If those people had cruised into this reality from one where my name was/is been Robin, the mix-up makes far more sense.

      Thank you!


  38. Vivek narain

    Hi fiona, First of all we have to accept that mortality and decline is scary and morbid.Maybe the benevolence has an arrangement to soothe the humanity,maybe alternate worlds have slower entropy to give fuller experience to the deserving,may that is the actual meaning of ‘whom gods love, die young,to continue their life in an utopia of slow decline and low level of frustrations.Just trying to be consistent with my theory of enduring youthfullness.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Vivek, what a wonderful concept! And, from the standpoint that any reality you can think of, may exist in another universe, that’s not only a possible reality, but a great reason for it to exist. I like that. Thank you!


  39. JM

    Madagascar has shifted way north for me. I remember it being much farther south, and directly east of South Africa.

    Cuba is way larger.
    The Bahamas are now much closer to Florida.

    1. serena

      i remember madascar being more south of africa. i remember too because in my class back in 7th grade, we had to memorize where it was and put it on a map. and i remember it being closer to africa too. now googling a map, i see that its more north and farther away… strange

      1. Andrew Murrell

        I grew up in Kenya and Madagascar is in the same location as then. I had a map/puzzle of Africa at the time and I remember wishing it were farther south so it would fit in the puzzle better though, so it’s probably pretty natural to remember it as further south.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author


          I’ll agree that some altered memories might be products of “wishful thinking.” I recall Jimmy Carter’s sister actually teaching workshops on more fully integrating happier, created memories to replace trauma, etc.

          However, the geography issues are so real and consistent among those who share specific ones, I’ve spent considerable time looking for older maps with those “misplaced” lands. My altered geography issue is New Zealand. I can recall where I first looked for it, around 1990, when we met a new neighbor from New Zealand and we took out our family’s world globe to find where it was. Later, it was part of a formal geography lesson, and we had printed maps from a textbook.

          It’s not like I “wished” New Zealand was somewhere different. I’d have no reason to care, really. But, so far — and I am still looking — I can’t find any maps with New Zealand where I remember them. I do wish we’d kept the world globe we had then, but my memory matches others’ who (in public or via private comments) brought up the topic before I’d mentioned it here.

          (See my article about altered geography, , and — if you’d like to continue this discussion — let’s shift it to that thread.)


  40. Michelle

    I was sure John Lennon died on the 10th, not the 8th of December. I remember that day vividly. I was shocked, I took the day off of school I was so upset, I was in grade 9.

    1. Vivek narain

      The prophesy of alex tanous was too pat to be true and so was jeane dixon’s.Being naive is not, one of the virtues that i have strived for.Planted psychics or propped up leaders or wacky concepts like ufo or dummy silos with dummy nukes or even a long drawn out farce like cold war,are the prerogatives of mighty.we owe ourselves to see thru the hoax.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author


        Good points, if I understand you correctly.

        However, I’m old enough and local enough to recall Jeane Dixon’s prophecies. The only problem I have with her prediction regarding Jack Kennedy’s death was that it was one among many, many prophecies that didn’t come true… or didn’t fit her descriptions closely enough to impress me.

        Was the JFK prediction planted in her mind by those who’d cause his death? I haven’t a clue. However, Mrs. Dixon took herself very seriously and — at least to a child — she seemed as honest as it gets. My problem with her predictions was the percentages. To impress me, I want to see at least 30% dramatically accurate predictions, or closer to 65% accuracy in general (but highly unlikely) predictions.

        I’m not sure where you’re going with the UFO issue. I have no doubt that unidentified things are in the skies and closer to home… and that’s all we can say about UFOs with certainty: That they’re “unidentified,” at this time. The Exo-Vaticana guys have different opinions and some interesting evidence, but I tend to be conservative about my conclusions.

        Dummy silos? In the old days, when you could fly over missile silos in a small plane without anyone thinking twice about it… well, yes, my father-in-law did just that. So, I have some insights there.

        I’m trying to connect the dots and I’m not sure which things you’ve identified as hoaxes, and how those connect with the Mandela Effect. Help me to understand.


        1. Vivek narain

          Apparently the diatribe seems wayward and i am least interested in sensationalising the machinations of establishment.I was trying to be oppurtunistic with the lennon affair but with a just cause,many of mandela effect protagonists are either suspect or victim,and again many are free of encumberances,we have to be wary of the long as ufo are taken with the literal meaning its ok but most people allude them to et.Aliens, as well as the phenomena of obe has been very unverified despite universal interest,i have been in touch with dr.penny sartori a famous nde researcher for many yrs and she concedes that the truth of nde might be very subjective and only on death can we hope to know all the answers.Mandela effect,somehow is going fine,and there is no harm in being wary of the rogue elements,the progress so far is marvellous.As to the hoaxes,i have no propensity to be indulgent in them, infact they are merely irritants.

  41. Matthew

    Anyone here watch the TV show Sliders back in the 90’s? I watched it religiously when it aired. One of my favorite episodes was a two-parter where they ended up on a military base and had to help them develop sliding technology to escape their earth because it was going to be destroyed. I had seen this episode numerous times in reruns. The professor dies in this one. When it aired, I remember him already being sick from some disease after having seen a doctor on a previous slide and he didn’t tell them. Then at the end he chooses to stay behind and sacrifice himself when they slide away. Well, I watched this episode again on Netflix a few weeks ago. it happens totally different. In the version I just rewatched, he gets shot by the bad guy. I was like… huh? I thought this observation was interesting because of the subject of the tv show. This is just one of many times this has happened to me.

    1. Kool-Aid

      As far as I know the professor does find out he is sick on another episode and doesn’t tell them. I thought him being sick is why he allowed himself to get shot. Wikipedia even mentions this.

    2. Professr

      I remember John Rhys Davie’s character on Sliders dying because the episode’s villain had extracted something from his brain (cerebrospinal fluid, or something related to pituitary / pineal gland, it’s been a long time). I distinctly remember him coming back to the group, saying the words “mind… not working right…” and dying after a short while.

  42. Julia

    I’m just testing to see if I can post here yet. I have tried twice – once with several paragraphs. I’ll write more later if this works tonight. (But not before saving it to Word.) Lots of experiences and thoughts to share.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Hi, Julia,

      I manually approve all comments here, usually at least once a day. That’s to keep spam and trolls from adding clutter to the comment threads.

      I’ll go through the spam folder in case your earlier comments were misdirected to that folder. (Akismet — the software that auto-filters much of the spam — is good, but not 100% accurate.)

      Meanwhile, I apologize for your difficulties in posting comments. I’m juggling four books in progress with maintaining this site plus moving a 600-article site to new hosting by the end of this month, so I’m not able to approve comments as rapidly as usual. In January, I’m hoping that will improve.


  43. Julia

    Thank you and no problem, Fiona. I think I have computer issues of my own – so something probably happened on this end. Ever since finding out 5 days ago that there were other people who “remembered” Mandela dying earlier, and then discovering that other bits of alternative history I’ve experienced were experienced by other people, my world view has shifted a lot. It was pretty much all I could think about for about 48 hours. I’m equally dumbfounded and fascinated.

  44. Julia

    I don’t have any theories at this point. Although I listen to Coast to Coast fairly often, I hadn’t given much thought to the multiverse theory, other than to hope it wasn’t true. One universe seems like quite enough.

    All I have are my experiences and my thoughts and feelings.

    I actually first heard the term “the Mandela effect” on Coast to Coast last Friday night (Dec. 13) when a guest host who said he was from “Darkness Radio” mentioned the phenomenon. He had talked about it on his regular show and got lots of email from others who had experienced it.

    I don’t remember any specifics of a funeral about Mandela years ago but when sometime in the last year I heard him being talked about in the present tense and about the upcoming movie and then his declining health, I thought to myself, “Didn’t he die years ago? And wasn’t it a really big deal and he became as much a symbol as a person?” I didn’t voice this to anyone and kind of put it out of my mind until days before his recent death and then funeral. When news of him came on I found myself NOT wanting to listen, not because of any bad feelings about him, but because of a sense of unease and confusion. So I was surprised but not completely taken off guard to hear of this phenomenon. And also relieved, intrigued and scared all at once.

    Some people others have mentioned I have no memory of their death – Owen Wilson, for example. I remember his suicide attempt being publicized but not an actual suicide. (Could he have committed suicide in one timeline and spared death in another? And how weird that I can now write “another timeline” with a straight face.) I never watch Starsky and Hutch but the mention of David Soul committing suicide feels familiar even though I have no specific memory. I’ve always loved Dick Van Dyke and felt concerned about him as he is aging and even worried about his death. Interestingly, he had a health scare earlier this year or maybe last that he had asked the public for help with (articles on line say dental implants were making him sick) and he walked away from a burning car this year. Also, when I heard that Ernest Borgnine and Jack Palance had died, I thought I remember them dying earlier, but no specific memories. Same with Dom Deluise. I thought he died years earlier than 2009, although with him I remember death related to obesity issues. But if that’s all I experienced, those incidents could be explained away.

    However, the big ones for me are Richard Chamberlain and Billy Graham. I have lived a couple of miles from my parents for the last 15 years. I can’t say when I saw news of Richard Chamberlain’s death but I know I was watching television at my parents’ home. They are news junkies and the tv is always on from late afternoon and all evening. I remember thinking that it was very sad that he was gone and that I had never paid that much attention to him even though he was kind of a “big deal” and a heartthrob for women, although we later found out he was gay. I thought he was handsome and seemed like a nice man. I remember seeing clips of the Thorn Birds. I also had only seen snipets of that mini- series and told myself that I would have to rent it sometime. Later (who knows how long) I saw on tv that he was alive and asked my mom, “Didn’t he die? I was sure he died” and got a “nope” from her.

    Billy Graham – I wish I had clearer memories of a funeral, but then I don’t tend to watch a lot of coverage of big events – just a bit. I am a Lutheran Christian and though I didn’t follow Graham very closely, I’ve certainly been aware of him all my life. The complete lack of scandal in his life always impressed me – he seemed (seems) like a very genuine man. Some non-religious people think he’s too religious and some Christians think he is too “ecumenical” but that’s not the same as scandal. I really felt sorry for him when his wife (Ruth?) died and remembered that specifically and wondered how long he would live. Hearing about his white casket and lots of blue sounds familiar. But what really struck me is a memory that just came back to me – one that I think I repressed. I was somewhere alone and must have heard about Billy Graham being alive and was thunderstruck. I said, possibly out-loud, “But Billy Graham DIED! I KNOW he died.” The “cognitive dissonance” scared me – how could what I knew to be true not be true? I think that’s why I must have put it out of my mind until recently.

    The guest-host that mentioned this on Friday was wondering about people with alternate memories and wondering how many had had near-death experiences. (I think he might have.) I certainly haven’t. But I do wonder if there is anything different in people with alternate memories, or if the phenomenon is just random. It’s interesting that we have so many of the same memories but not all the same. The only thing slightly unusual about me is that I have had a number of premonitions – some sudden specific thoughts about events that came true, while others were just strong feelings. Three weeks before Princess Diana died, I was dusting and came across a book about her. I felt extremely sad and kind of shuddered and said to myself “She’s not dead – she’s just getting divorced., for heaven’s sakes.” I also had one “prophetic” dream on Tuesday morning September 4, 2001, which was my dad’s birthday. It involved an office building full of people being “attacked” (I wasn’t sure how in the dream) and having a big gaping hole, then crumbling and burying a lot of people. I woke up with tears in my eyes and saying, “WHAT WAS THAT?” But even premonitions aren’t that unusual. Also, I’m kind of a sensitive person – to people and to life’s mysteries. Just wondering if there might be a common denominator.

    One last thing and this is one of the weirdest to me. I do not have a lot of geographic knowledge but I do love maps and have a globe in my computer room. I’m usually up late and was looking at Australia / Indonesia for a specific reason which I can’t remember now. And when I saw New Zealand I had the weirdest sensation that I didn’t remember seeing it there before. This was only a couple of weeks ago. Also, I would have expected Australia to be more remote, more southern on the globe. So confusing. And weird how so much of this has come to light recently for me.

    Sorry this is SO long. It might end up being two posts. But I had to express it somewhere. I mentioned the phenomenon to two old friends at a party on Saturday night and to my mom. I was listened to politely but none of the three people shared any of the memories I mentioned or seemed overly concerned. WHAT is going on and how prevalent is this???
    Fiona, thanks so much for this forum. Also, I love that you sign your posts, “cheerfully, Fiona.” When faced with the unknown, I’m much rather be cheerful about it than frightened. It’s the best way to face it, I think!

  45. Julia

    Oh yeah – I was also pretty sure that Muammar Guddafi had died years early – not in 2011. That would have been a huge story too. Weird.

    1. Chandra


      I loved reading your post. I got chills because so many things you said are exactly what I felt and/or remembered. The first thing that struck me was when you heard about The Mandela Effect, you were so fascinated, you couldn’t think of anything else for 48 hours. That was exactly what happened to me. I spent every spare moment reading every comment, looking for threads on forums on the subject. It has been a couple weeks now and I’m still pretty shaken. I think about this website often and keep eagerly checking back for new comments and memories.

      You also mentioned a guest on Coast to Coast. I listen regularly, but not every day and missed that show! I will be looking for it and can’t wait to hear someone else discuss this subject. However, I also love this website and would love to hear Fiona on Coast to Coast. How can we make this happen?? I would love to hear about some really good stories that are still unpublished as of yet.

      On one other note, with your permission, Fiona, would you allow myself or someone else to create a fan page for this site on Facebook? I just think it would be nice to have a place to communicate with other users. I absolutely understand if this is a better way to keep the comments in control and under moderation. Thanks again!


      1. Fiona Broome Post author


        Thanks for the kind words.

        To be honest, I have mixed feelings about appearing on Coast-to-Coast. This topic is fairly advanced, and I’d want to be very sure I have an opportunity (and help from the show’s host) to convey the concepts clearly. The last national radio interview I did… I’m not sure it even aired. (It was pre-recorded.) The host asked questions that were completely off-topic. It was clear he didn’t really understand my work. That was too bad, because his audience was probably ready to hear what I had to say, but the interview went very badly. He kept going back to questions that didn’t make sense, in the context of my research. (Frankly, I think he was a skeptic and he’d expected me to be fairly stupid.)

        Meanwhile, regarding social media, it’s clear that great minds think alike. *grin* Someone is already setting up a Facebook fan page for Mandela Effect. We’ll also have a Twitter account. If those don’t appear this weekend, they’ll be online early next week. It’s part of a broader social media program I’ve approved. (I’m undecided about a Pinterest account. Aside from the “Dazed and Confused” image, there’s not a lot of visual material… yet. However, that may be something I need to spend more time on.)

        The Facebook page is an experiment. It will be closely monitored. If the page attracts a lot of trolls and sarcastic skeptics, I’ll close it. However, I agree that it might be a great place for people to discuss this topic more easily. At this website, I see unpleasant comments in waves. (I think that reflects a reference to this site forums for skeptics.) I’ll reply to a few, correcting their misunderstandings, but delete about 80% of the obvious troll comments.

        We’ll see what happens. Look for the Facebook page — using the Mandela Effect name — in the next few days. When it’s online and the designer says its working, I’ll link to it in this website’s sidebar.

        Update: I have mixed feelings about Facebook since they let us know they’d run experiments with our respective feeds without telling us. Since then, I’ve participated in (and concluded) the experiment and it was an enlightening experience. Now that the 99 days are over, I’m phasing Facebook out of my routines, and that includes the Mandela Effect page.

        Thanks again!


      2. Julia


        I’m happy that you can relate to my post! I definitely feel the need to relate to other people who have had similar experiences and have somewhere to talk about this. It’s hard to know who to talk about this with in my off-line life – a lot of people wouldn’t take it very seriously. I’m not sure I would take it seriously if I hadn’t had some of the experiences I’ve had. I still don’t know what it means. But skeptics should try to imagine what it might be like to wake up on September 11, 2014, expecting to hear the usual commemorations of 9/11/01 and hearing absolutely nothing, then asking a friend about why there was no coverage and getting a blank or worried look. Then googling 9/11 and finding nothing. Then googling “World Trade Center” and finding a website for the complex in NYC, including a menu and current hours for the restaurant “Windows on the World.”

        I’m also planning on checking this website often. These last two weeks of the year aren’t the most convenient for a paradigm shift (lol). Still lots of things to do and a home to prepare for a visit for a friend, but expect to be immersed in this topic in 2014.

        And Fiona,

        I appreciate you keeping this website as a “safe place” to share experiences. The name-calling scoffers can create their own place. The older I get, the more easily I can listening to stories of experiences that are totally different than mine and at least keep an open mind, but a lot of people haven’t learned that or feel threatened, I guess. As far as “Coast to Coast” goes, of course it’s completely your decision whether to pursue that, but I will say that since I’ve been listening for the last few years, I’ve never once heard one of the hosts patronizing any guest. Their whole philosophy seems to be to be open to all kinds of counter-culture ideas and experiences. By listening and NOT putting their guests (or callers) on the defensive, they learn a lot more and allow people to clearly express their concepts. Of course, being a guest might not do much for your anonymity. But I do think it would be quite a better experience that what you had with the pre-recorded program.

        Sincerely, Julia

        1. Fiona Broome Post author


          Those are wonderful insights, well phrased. You’ve conveyed exactly what it’s like to discover that a powerful memory is missing from the timeline you’re in.

          Thanks also for your kind words. I will consider Coast-to-Coast (if they ask me to be a guest, that is) in light of your experiences as a listener.

          And, like you, I expect to be delving into this topic far more in 2014.

          Thanks again!


  46. Indira

    Possible theory: i have been doing research as a hobby for about 4 years, down this rabbit hole. I was raised in a Fundamental home ( the reason for the research on religion). I have recently come to the conclusion for myself that we are the gods. Yes, this may sound blasphemous to some. We are the co-creators who came from no time and space.Immortal Spiritual Beings, which I refer to as “gods”, for the sake of convenience, are the source and creators of illusions. Each one, individually and collectively, in their original, unfettered state of being, are an eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing entity.
    We created space by imagining a location. The intervening distance between themselves and the imagined location is what we call space. An IS-BE can perceive the space and objects created by other “gods.”.

    “Gods” are not physical universe entities. They are a source of energy and illusion. “Gods” are not located in space or time, but can create space, place particles in space, create energy, and shape particles into various forms, cause the motion of forms, and animate forms. Any form that is animated by a “god – us” is called life.

    A god “you” can decide to agree that they are located in space or time, and that they, themselves, are an object, or any other manner of illusion created by themselves or another or other “gods -us”
    “Gods” diminish their ability in order to have a game to play. “Gods-us” think that any game is better than no game. They will endure pain, suffering, stupidity, privation, and all manner of unnecessary and undesirable conditions, just to play a game. Pretending that one does not know all, see all and cause all, is a way to create the conditions necessary for playing a game: unknowns, freedoms, barriers and/or opponents and goals. Ultimately, playing a game solves the problem of boredom.

    Every single human from the untouchable in India to the snobbiest lady living in a Mansion is a “god.”
    We would rather suffer and play the game than to be bored. We forgot that we are pretending.

    If this interest you, one can read the book for free online called “Alien Interview: by Lawrence R. Spencer.

    I too thought he died.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Your comments are certainly interesting, but the use of the word “gods” can be volatile. In your theories, I see concepts familiar to those who’ve surveyed religions. For example, Bible students are familiar with Psalms 82:6 where it says “Ye are gods.” Likewise, the question of whether we are “gods” is a doctrinal point in the LDS (Mormon) church. (Ref. that church’s late president, Lorenzo Snow.) Expanding this survey, time/space construction is part of the doctrine of Scientology, including the Factors. (This list could go on for pages. I’m familiar with these references due to my book research.)

      My point is not to open a religious discussion. In fact, it’s the opposite: I’m interested in theories, but I’d like to limit them to science. If we take this in a religious direction, that distracts us from the purpose of this website.

      So, I will not approve further comments framed in religious terms. (The obvious exceptions are general references to historical documents that reveal centuries-old concepts that — using the only context of the day — suggest long-term beliefs in “Mandela Effect” events.)

      Your concepts are interesting. However, they need to be framed in a more accessible context if you (or others) would like to continue this discussion. Also, this kind of comment is better suited to the theories and ideas section of this website. This particular thread is for major memories not yet referenced in my articles. Replies to this comment will not be approved.

      Because you’ve clearly put considerable thought into this comment, I’ve approved it. However, when someone uses a word like “Fundamental” — when most people in related religions (possibly excluding IFCA International) reference “fundamentalist” beliefs — and you still start the word with an upper-case F (while positing theories contrary to most fundamentalist doctrines), that sets off alarms among those of us familiar with troll tactics.

      I’m replying, but not to continue this discussion in this thread. Instead, I’m taking this opportunity to make my stance clear regarding comments like these.

      It’s fine to raise these points, but in a relevant thread using more accessible and inclusive language. The concepts are intriguing… in a non-religious context.

      Fiona Broome

  47. A

    Another one that I have heard and experienced firsthand, it may be listed somewhere, but I didn’t see it: The amount of bombs- that is- atomic bombs dropped in WW2 some say one (Me), some say two, some think three cities. In my memory it was only Hiroshima.

  48. A

    I have also had personal memories that are dual. In particular an event in my life where I remember two things simultaneously. Both seem very real to me. I only write this because I saw the post linked to Matt’s response. In mine there was a guy that I always liked and he always tried to get together with me but he had a reputation that he used girls for sex. So each time we got together which was twice I ended it really early on. Well one night we both went to a concert at a local dive individually with one of our friends me with my girl friend and him with a guy friend and he picked up my girl friend. When she left with them they had me follow with my car to pick her up at a point between his area and the place she lived near me (he lived in a neighboring town.) When we stopped at a station to have her get into my car so I could take her to the town, he came out instead.

    He said she’d be going to his home instead. Ok. I was tired I said and that’s good now I could get home fast, anyway in that me saying I was tired he asked to go in and get me a coffee. I said no I was alright but at the same time have a memory of going into the gas place and getting a coffee with him and then having a conversation, but at the same time remember staying in the car and having a different conversation then at the end him going back to his friend’s car and leaving. Both of these seem very real to my memory. For a long time I just thought that I gone over it so many times in that I made myself believe that I did what I really wanted to do and that was to accept the offer and talk to him inside while getting my coffee but maybe not?

  49. Vivek narain

    All the questions trail off into the same nebulous voids of guesswork in which the hope of any absolute answer is more elusive than the end of a rainbow;but a concept always gives me a throb of hope and that is to develop a reflex attitude of grace and altruism.After all existentialism seeks any kind of explanation for the primal cause of existence.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      JM, thanks for the suggestion! If I have enough time, and the content for this continues to grow, I may consider a podcast. I’m re-recording a large number of other podcasts this year, to bring them up to date, so this is on my mind as a possibility.

  50. N/A

    My mother was completely sure that Armenia was not a country and hasn’t been for a long time. She was convinced that it was part of Turkey, and has been for decades. She has no recollection of it as part of the U.S.S.R

  51. Jennifer Shepherd

    Hi Fiona,

    Great website — and I’m glad to see you covering this material. Over the years I had seen some of the cool threads on AboveTopSecret where people talked about time slippages and the Mandela effect in particular, and it’s a rich area to explore.

    I wanted to mention an experience I had recently when it was announced that Joan Fontaine, actress sister of Olivia de Havilland, had died. The two actresses were in lots of wonderful films, including Joan’s turn in Wuthering Heights and Olivia’s in Gone with the Wind.

    When I heard Joan had died I thought, “Too bad; both sisters are dead now.” But as part of this latest news being announced about her death, it was also mentioned that Olivia is still ALIVE and that the two sisters hadn’t spoken in many decades .

    I clearly remember one year at the Oscars when they did their yearly “in memorium” sequence featuring actors who had died over the past yaer, and I remember Olivia DeHavilland being featured. This was sometime in the early 1990’s.

    The reason WHY I remember it is that around the same time as that Oscar ceremony I read in a TV Guide or similar type of magazine that Olivia was going to be honored in that in memoriam sequence that year, and that she was survived by a famous sister, Joan Fontaine. This was the first time I had read that they were sisters.

    So my memories are very distinct in this order:

    * Watching that footage at the Oscars (sometime in the 1990’s) that Olivia had died

    * That same week seeing written news that Olivia was going to appear in the memorial sequence at the Oscars and that many people didn’t realize it, but she and Joan Fontaine were sisters, and Joan was still alive; that fact that these two actresses with different last names was sisters was news to me as I’d never heard this before;

    *Fast forward to the last few weeks when Joan’s death was announced, and news coverage also mentioned that Olivia is still alive.

    I’ve also heard from a lot of people who were surprised at Peter O’Toole’s recent death. They were sure he had died at least a decade ago even though he’s actually done a fair amount of work over the past ten years, including one indie film, Venus, that won him a lot of critical acclaim.

    Lastly, I worked for years full-time in my own psychic counselling practice, and through that work, I developed a pretty interesting “time sense” — of being able to remote view events in people’s past as well as project forward onto various timelines for them to try to help them locate or move toward more optimal and successful timelines.

    I wrote about my adventures as a real life “time traveler” in the book I published last year, The Lipstick Mystic’s Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso.) The main takeaway I can give people from my book is that in my experience from working with about 15,000 people, there DOES seem to be some choice involved with which timeline you experience; and also, that time and probability are one. You’re not so much working in time as you are maneuvering through FEELING to create the reality you want.

    To this point, I also write about how I remote viewed various things going on in the darker side of the military industrial complex, and how I rejected recruitment from a real military remote viewer. And as part of these misadventures, I learned that understanding the nature of time travel and alternate realities is of GREAT interest to various military and government groups. Figuring this stuff out seems to be a big priority for everybody!

    So when someone comes along to a site like this and tries to play “debunker,” people should know that this research is still actively being done by the military and is still being kept very carefully under wraps. So when people write publically about these topics, someone is often sent along to try to shut down the discussion or discourage people from talking about it — going well beyond normal “troll” behavior.

    So I say, let’s keep talking about it! :) The mysteries of memory, time and perception should be explored by EVERYBODY — not just performed by a very few folks who aren’t particularly interested in sharing their findings with the broader public.

  52. Rigel

    Just a shot in the dark here, but could these massively broadcasted events such as Mandela’s death and Osama’s death; events that were so massively widespread that you had to almost put effort into avoiding be our way of reconciling and consolidating our new timelines?

  53. Emory

    The ending to the movie Big – several people remember an ending which can no longer be found, the existence of which has been denied by everyone involved. There is a similar movie, 14 Going on 30, and it’s commonly claimed that we’re remembering the ending to that… but, in my case, I loved Alan Thicke as a kid (because of Growing Pains) and I don’t have any memory of him being in Big. The ending to 14 Going on 30 also goes on beyond how I remember Big ending. I’m glad to see other people are experiencing something similar, thanks!

  54. Lexi

    I am fascinated by this blog. This has happened to me with the movie A Haunting in Connecticut. I never went to see it when it came out in the theaters. I thought it was a re-make because I clearly remembered seeing it in movie form already (not a recreation type show), and I live near the actual house so I was always interested. Finally I rented it when the dvd came out and I KNEW I had seen the exact movie on TV already, down to the exact actors. I even remember looking up the main character on IMDB because he looked familiar. I remembered the EXACT movie and I went nuts online that day trying to figure out how I had seen it a year or two before it was actually made.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      As far as I know, the documentary (later released on DVD), A Haunting in Connecticut (2002), was the first about the house and the family’s problems in it. John Zaffis, one of the main investigators in the actual case, appeared in the 2002 movie.

      In the later theatrical release, The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) — a different film — the character based on John isn’t even close to who he is in real life. (We’ve had a good laugh about that.)

      That’s one of several huge differences between the two movies. So, no one is likely to mix the two of them up, even though the titles are nearly identical, and both are based on the same case.

      John talks about the facts in the case in a YouTube video,

      I’m pretty sure that whatever you saw prior to 2002 would have to be from a different reality, not this one. I’ve talked with John about the movies, and I’ve heard him talk to audiences about the case, several times, and he’s never mentioned coverage before the 2002 documentary. There’s certainly nothing with the same story line and the exact same actors.


  55. Sammy

    I’d like to add one more thing and I hope someone will reply if they have experienced the same.

    I remember reading that Mitch Lucker (October 20, 1984 – November 1, 2012) from the band SUICIDE SILENCE died by his own hand (suicide), and I remember thinking that it was very ironic.

    In reality he died in a motorcycle accident.

  56. Sammy

    I’m very interested in that missing Star Wars scene and what people remember about it. I’ve been watching those films since I was 10, and I think I remember every scene, including the new versions and Christmas special tv shows etc. Does my timeline also have that extra scene? I’d like to know.

    1. Vivienne K.

      The scene in question features Luke and his friend, Biggs Darklighter, talking. It was filmed, but ended up being cut due to time constraints and continuity issues. However, I and many other Star Wars fans clearly remember seeing it in the theaters in 1977, the year of the movie’s original release. We were very surprised to learn, years later, that it had never made it into the final film! The common explanation is that we got the movies confused with the comics and the children’s story book that came out later; however, it is difficult to see how a book–especially the very badly drawn Marvel comics of the time–could be confused with a movie. Some Star Wars fans have seen the movies hundreds of times and know every line of dialog. It would be pretty hard for them to be mistaken about a scene in a movie that they are so obsessed about. Is it possible for so many people to be mistaken about this, or did a slightly different movie get made in a different reality?

      1. Vivienne K.

        By the way, you can find these scenes on YouTube by doing a search for “missing Star Wars scene” or “A New Hope lost scene.”

        1. Jaysun

          There have been claims this scene existed on certain prints during the first circulation of the film. Sometimes, certain copies of movies that were used to screen for audiences contain deleted scenes. And in the 70’s there were not 6000 prints of a movie released like before digital took over. It’s possible work prints were sent to so,e theaters to save on money because Fox was notoriously cheap. Ive heard this theory for years, so it’s not an original thought.
          I saw Batman in theaters and don’t at all remember a horse riding scene that apparently existed in first release. That always surprises me to hear.

      2. Kyle

        Interestingly enough, I remember a completely different missing scene from the Star Wars trilogy, which I was hoping would be touched upon here. The scene I remember takes place in Return of the Jedi. I remember seeing a trailer for the movie when I was younger and there was a quick shot of the Millennium Falcon crashing into the forests of Endor and bursting into flames. I remember it SO vividly. When I saw the movie, I was surprised to see that the Falcon made it through unscathed. I’m quite the Star Wars nerd so I know it does not exist as a deleted scene, however, the original plan was to have the Falcon be destroyed (hence Han’s line “Like I’m never gonna see her again.”) during the Battle of Endor. I’ve still never been able to reconcile that memory with the ROTJ that everyone knows.

  57. BrandonD

    I actually remember New Zealand being *part* of the continent of Australia, on the east side of it.

    1. Alex

      I can swear I’ve seen this map also.
      Maybe in an old text book or daily journal / agenda (where we would write homework down). There was always multiplication tables, maps etc. in the front and back few pages.
      Ever since I’ve come across this subject, New Zealand being roughly 1 third of the continent or Australia on the eastern side. I cant get it out of my head.
      I’m going to dig through my possessions, I’m a bit of a pack rat.. I have a feeling it is probably gone as I have moved a few years back and previous attempts at finding old possessions were un-fruitful.
      I’m 25 for reference and I believe this dates back to late 90s early 2000s.

  58. BrandonD

    I was on the GodlikeProductions forum many years ago and stumbled across a thread where a large number of people had memories of Ronald Reagan being assassinated, instead of surviving the attack as he did in this timeline.

  59. ampster

    Until I read this site I had no idea that apparently no one was run over by a tank at Tiananmen Square and that Billy Graham is still alive! I also have had a few more personal experiences in my life I’ve never been able to explain.

    1. I clearly remember watching the boy being ran over by the tank. I was sitting on my mother’s bed, watching the news with her, and she actually cried out when we saw it.

    2. “The World of Sid and Marty Krofft” was an amusement park open for only six months in Atlanta. In 1976. Yet I have incredibly clear memories of going to the amusement park in the summer of 1984 with my mom, grandmother, and older cousin. I remember riding the escalator, and this tree freaking me out. I was wearing a yellow sundress and white sandals. I had a sunburn, because we’d been to the pool the day before. We’d eaten at the Varsity and I’d spilled PC (chocolate milk) on the skirt of my dress.

    Until a few years ago I had no idea there was no way (in this timeline) this could have happened-as I wasn’t born until a few years AFTER the park closed!) when I happened upon mention of the park in a book. I absolutely have no doubt in my mind, however, that I was there.

    3. Also in the summer of 1984 I fell off of a four wheeler and badly burned the back of both of my legs. It left me with rather bad scars on the back of both calves. Or so I thought, until one day in the mid-nineties when I mentioned something about it to my then-boyfriend who was confused, because I had no scars. For about ten years the scars disappeared and reappeared. I haven’t seen them since about 2006. (My parents and I always remember the accident, but apparently the severity switches?)

    4. I had a huge crush on Kevin Bacon as a young girl. So I was super excited in the fall of 1991 when I saw ads for “He Said, She Said.” My parents had JUST let me start going to the movies with friends, so my best friend and I went to see it Thanksgiving weekend. (My mom dropped us off at the mall, we did some shopping…) So you can imagine my surprise when ads for the movie cropped back up after Christmas. I said something to my friend, and she looked at me like I was crazy. She had no memory of ever seeing the movie. described the movie to her, and we saw it again. It was exactly how I remember it. According to IMDB, it came out in February 1991, months after I remember seeing it for the first time.

    5. I also remember Billy Graham’s funeral in 2009, W’s halting yet actually charming speech, and the picture of all living presidents sitting in the blue draped chairs. I even remember Michelle Obama’s deep plum dress!

    1. Julia

      Hi ampster – I’m not sure when or if you’ll come back and see this, but the color blue is actually what I remember most about Billy Graham’s funeral on tv. I’m very attuned to color and even buy books on color theory, psychology, etc. I remember blue draped chairs and other things – of all the shades of blue, I mostly remember a beautiful light but saturated sky blue and a contrast darker blue, possibly royal blue – very striking. I think I remember a white coffin and possibly a eagle or star motif somewhere, but I may be imagining those. But I very clearly remember blue, blue and more blue. Just wondered if this matched your memory. Michelle Obamas plum dress sounds right do – I did a google image search of that and she certainly has worn that shade often.

  60. JM

    Anyone remember the Sun used to be more yellow in the 80s? Ever since about 95 it has gotten whiter and whiter. This is a huge phenomenon that many talk about.

    1. Gurluas

      That depends on the atmosphere, the chemicals in the air, the pollution, etc.

      To have a clear idea of whether it’s truly changing color we’d have to be in space.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Thanks, Gurluas! I’d wanted to reply at length to the comment about the color of the sun, but I’m in the middle of a big project this week. Your reply said what I wanted to, better and more concisely than I could have.

  61. Vivek narain

    Terrence Aym started this yarn in his BIN article about the timeshift acting retroactively after 9/11 and making a span of 5 years either way,that is from 1995 to 2005.What he tentatively wrote has taken a cult status obscuring otherwise eternal phenomena.If the alternate reality is a true phenomena it has always been so,and because in this IT age we are communicating profusely, it is becoming apparent.

  62. JM

    The other shift that people have noticed is that primary colors have gone from Red Yellow Blue to Red Green Blue. They remember Red Yellow Blue from Art Class. This one is explainable and isn’t too mysterious, computers use RGB and painters use RYB.

    However the RGB primary colors didn’t really enter the public consciousness until about the mid 90s as most people were not familiar with computers yet. What is interesting is that this is about the same time period that people noticed the Sun getting whiter, and commenting that the colors in nature seemed more saturated in the 70s and 80s. I do think that this time period is some kind of shift point in time. This early 90s period is also when a lot of people remember the alternate New Zealand location i.e East or North East of Australia from the classroom.

    Terrance Mckenna mentioned that he felt that the formal run of history ended sometime in the early-mid 90s, and then moved into the post modern malaise. (paraphrasing)

    He talked about going into Art galleries and seeing an eclectic mish-mash of decades, and post modern artist not having their own original point of view.

    This is also the time that the Recycling campaigns got introduced to us in Elementary schools.

    Now the regurgitation can no longer be hidden by the ad agencies, it’s apparent for all to see, Soylent Green isn’t people, it’s history and old ideas being served up and eaten.

    Cars from 2013 look like cars from 2003 The fashion industry recycles the 20s-90s in shorter and shorter cycles. Almost all films nowadays are re-makes, or reboots. Hipsters wear flannel shirts, buy vinyl, dress in eclectic clothing from past decades, they are basically recycling old ideas in shorter and shorter cycles.

    What we call art nowadays is nothing more than eclectic nostalgia boiled down into a product. History is being packaged and sold to us in streets of gentrified ‘urban regeneration’. Starbucks is like the borg implant that assimilates the body of the cities and paves the way for other cold glass shrines to the cult of consumerism.

    That is what we are left with now, old ideas packaged as new products, not hoverboards or Jetpacks, just cycles of waiting for the next iphone. The iphone is like a nostalgia singularity, from sharing childhood memes to your 80s playlists.

    The illusion of a linear march into the future is a sleight of hand by the advertisers, trying to convince you that there is something new under the sun.

    However what is this technology actually doing for us, it’s the carrier or medium for memes to be shared, it is the surrogate for the meme to be born. The meme is yourself made manifest, the human apotheosis. Not a technological singularity, but a human one.

    Whatever the Apotheosis is I don’t see it as something baroque or byzantine. It’s not being an angel sitting on a cloud, flying a starship to Alpha Centauri, or walking around in white robes and sandals on the fifth dimension. No those things are just limited symbols of the true Apotheosis which is living your bliss.

    A personal-sync filled solipsistic journey towards living your bliss. This man to god transition is essentially about turning inside out, bringing the interior landscape and making it manifest into the external world. That has been the collective human experience, bringing out the inventions from the human imagination and laying them onto the ‘exterior’ world of rocks water and trees, all of which happen to be fractal in structure which lend themselves to the workings of a holographic model.

    It is a personal timewave though, the tone of the past 15 years has been that of an eclectic personal journey, and a move away from the collective imagination. We no longer all watch the same music on MTV at the same time, instead we have personal playlists. So this turning inside out process has moved away from the collective and towards the personal.

  63. BriH

    I’m not sure if this can be included in this discussion, but I’m curious if anyone shares my experience. Hurricane Katrina was in August 2005, which was the start of my third grade year. However, I have very clear memories of watching the effects on the TV in my second grade classroom. I believe I remember Hurricane Katrina to be in about April 2005. Does anyone else have this same memory?

  64. Meaghan Edwards

    I have to say, this is a fascinating website; gives me a lot to think about.

    The memories I am sharing pertain to Disney’s animated television, Darkwing Duck, which ran from 1991-1992. My favorite character was Steelbeak, the villainous rooster with a steel beak. I was stunned to find out many years that he was only in ten episodes; when, as a child, I had remembered he was in more episodes than that. One memory that stands out in particular was was a scene of him eating chicken, and another of eggmen dressed as cavemen.

  65. Mark

    I have a pretty vivid memory of a show just like New Girl coming out a couple years before the show we know now did. I can’t remember if the actors were the same, but I remember the apartment looking different. I think I watched a couple episodes of it on a plane or something.

    It was so weird when I started watching New Girl. I thought, “they completely ripped this off from another show!” I always just thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Maybe it is.

  66. JM

    A follow up to my long post:

    Mood Music

    The only song that will be remembered as a pop-reference from the 00s will be 50 Cent – In Da Club.

    There was plenty of good indie music but that doesn’t become part of the mass consciousness.

    By a pop reference song I mean a song that can represent an event or an emotion. Like when someone starts dancing you play ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA or when at a bachelorette party you play “It’s raining men”, Or when referencing outer space you would play Space Oddity etc. The Gamut of popular emotions has been filled by songs from the 20th century.

    There are none of these ‘represent the moment’ songs from the 00s, at least none that weren’t already covered by something else. All the pop stuff from he 00s is too similar and streamlined.

    Can you think of any song from the 00s that will be played in the future as a camp/kitsch/retro referential representation of a moment, event or emotion? I think that spectrum is already covered by 20th century songs.

    Will anyone ever have an 00s themed party in the future? What would you even do at the party? Dress up as an iPod?

      1. Jaysun

        Totally agree. Takes me to a certain time. Last Night by the strokes takes me to very particular times. I’d say “I kissed a girl” by forum favorite Katy Perry would stick out for many.

        1. Allison

          Speaking of I Kissed a Girl…

          I have very, very clear and vivid memories of this song from my junior year in high school. I remember being incredibly frustrated and irritated hearing the ‘preppy’ girls take about it and sing lines of it between classes while I was in the midst of hiding a relationship with my girlfriend for fear of becoming more of an outcast. I can remember being in the hallway between classes, wearing a black hoodie (I never wore hoodies past high school) after getting out of my Junior year English class and meeting up with my girlfriend and commenting on how bothersome it was to her and her agreeing.

          I was a junior in high school from 2004-2005. I Kissed A Girl came out April 28, 2008 according to wikipedia.

  67. Gurluas

    I just had an interesting and perhaps a bit chilly thought.
    What if we’re living in alternate realities altogether?

    And the internet actually gets it’s data from realities parallel to ours?
    It doesn’t explain most Mandela effects but it would nevertheless be interesting to consider.

    What if say…Fiona lives in a different reality and our connection is this website and without knowing it we’re living in different worlds and our messages are crossing realities.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      That is one of the most fascinating comments I’ve seen here.

      Wow. That concept opens so many possibilities…

      Thank you!


    2. Nick Laing

      Apparently Steve Jobbs still emails from his grave and no one knows who is control if this account. It hasnt been disabled or logged onto but many ppl still get emails from him. Could be spoofed, but still its fun to entertain the idea!

    3. BrandonD

      This is my feeling exactly, that the internet is some sort of cross-communication between different realities.

  68. Julia

    Well, Sid Caesar died today at the age of 91 on February 12, 2014. My mother said “I was sure he died years ago” although she didn’t mention any specific memories. (The most she would probably have is a newscast or stories in magazines in his death.) Her memory sounds “right” to me but I can’t really claim it for myself. I wonder how many others will be S.C. died years ago.

  69. Julia

    Arrgh – I’m always leaving out words – I think they slide into another dimension as soon as I type them. I wonder how many others will be SURE S.C. died years ago.

  70. S

    Thank you for this site! I was reading something in a forum post about false memories that made me recall about Mandela. I, too, believed he was dead for years. I remember reading it in a history book when I was around 13 yrs. old, that was fourteen years ago. So color me surprised when I see him alive on TV one day celebrating his birthday!
    I hated history when I was a kid (I love it now), so to me it’s surprising that I would actually remember Nelson Mandela and his death in jail. Yep I read he died in jail. I don’t remember from what book I read it though.
    This is weird, but I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  71. S

    I just wanted to add, that I specifically remember reading about Mandela in history class at school. Thought additional details might be important.
    This is fascinating, even though I’m not a skeptic, I still always try to find explanations first and sometimes I subscribe to the idea that my brain plays tricks on me with memories but not this one. I really believed he died earlier than last year.

  72. JM

    John Williams the composer is still alive.

    I seem to remember him dying about 10 years ago and they had to replace him for the Harry Potter movies.

  73. JM

    That ’70s Show did not begin broadcast in 1998.

    It was never on that early. I remember the first season being around 2001-2002 at the earliest.

    I watched a lot of TV in 99-2000 as I only had dial up, I would of seen the show if it was on back then.

  74. Doug

    Shirley MacLaine’s death – I remember her dying in the late 80s or early 90s, pretty sure it was from cancer. After she died I remember people joking about her being reincarnated in amusing ways because of her heavy interest in mystical experiences and New Age stuff.

  75. Nathan

    Does anyone have a memory of Cool Ranch Fritos being a thing? I can’t find evidence of that ever existing, but LOVED them as a child.

    1. Emily

      So I just spent a good chunk of my life on this website. Although tonight is not the first time I’ve heard or read about the Mandela Effect, it’s the first time I’ve read other people’s experiences and incidents. …this got really long. I’m self conscious about it now. You don’t have to make it public.

      Chartreuse is a wine red, I’ve had that argument many times. Ghost Hunters was called TAPS in it’s early years. Mars had no moons until I was compelled to check a little while ago. It’s BerenstEin. There were three bombs dropped on Japan in World War 2. Six hours ago I would have sworn up and down that New Zealand was North West of Australia. While we’re at it, Australia was a two part continent six hours ago and the western part of it is just… gone now. North and South Korea were South of China and North of Vietnam. I remember this. I did a report on South Korea in high school.

      Some things I read people just say and not talk more about: Elvis both died in the 70s and lived in the 80s for me somehow (I always chalked this up to me just not being born yet so all that pop culture is “in the void” in a youthful uneducated way) but I remember a movie with him and John Travolta I vaguely remember at my grandmother’s house. They sang at least one song together. And no, not the Look Who’s Talking movies.

      But the Mussolini thing. I just randomly google imaged him and… the guy google is telling me he is, is not the Mussolini I had in my head? It’s possible I might have him mixed up with another figure of the time. Smaller? With a rounder face and an almost handlebar mustache? But I got chills as soon as the page loaded.

      I’ve been getting chills all night.

      I’ve had MULTIPLE instances where I’ve sat down to watch a movie with my parents only for them to come back months later and ask if I have seen it and they’d say they have no recollection of it.

      I posted this on the private post, but I’ll put it here, too. I could have sworn John Goodman had died. Sitting down with my father during a winter break, watching the news reports on an Entertainment Tonight kind of show. All his movies playing the next few weekends. All very vivid. And then, the next semester we are watching The Big Lebowski in class, and I say how it was so sad that he had died to my friend. He had no idea what I was talking about. Neither does my father.

      I could have sworn they found Amelia Earnhardt’s plane and body in the mid 90s. Apparently Timothy McVeigh used a Ryder moving truck in his plan in the Oklahoma City Bombing, when I remember it was a U-Haul (my brother was antsy around those trucks for a few months after the bombing.)

      But reading people talk about their NDE’s and such, I never thought I had a NDE, but…

      To get a bit personal, I’ve had some mental health issues the last few years. My mother is convinced that part of it can be attributed to a wreck that I was in when I was 19. I hit my head very hard. I was swollen for days. At the time I was a color guard instructor and was a part of a color guard performance group. I was on my way to a rehearsal at the time of the accident. I had only spun out my truck on some ice on a bridge and hit a barrier wall, and since no one was hurt (except me) I took a moment (and a panicky phone call to my mom) before I went on with my day. The thing was, I was having a hard time remembering steps I had already learned for the show or doing simple moves I had mastered years beforehand. I was literally looking at the equipment in my hands with no idea what to do with it. I remember thinking: “I TEACH this, I should be okay” but for the life of me I couldn’t spin a flag. We all decided it was my head injury causing the confusion (very well could have been) and I left rehearsal early and I refused to go to the hospital and I was delirious for a few days.

      Ever since I’ve had this growing, sick, gross feeling that I’m not in the right place. I always thought it was the wrong job, or a bad relationship, or the wrong school, or I needed a different town. Just, little things that just felt wrong. I have trouble concentrating. I have trouble committing to things (mostly because I feel like I should be doing something ELSE.) I have boughts of depersonalization and anxiety attacks. These are all normal things that happen with various mental illnesses and disorders (among other symptoms like depression and insomnia) but…

      All that, coupled with the idea that I’ve NOTICED these MEs (is that what you call them? Shifts?) in the last few years since my accident. I’m more aware of it. For me, the TAPS -> Ghost Hunters was a distinct change AFTER my accident. The John Goodman thing might have been that same winter, too. It’s like things switched on me. Maybe I never did a school report on South Korea.

      I always told my mom that if I had been on that bridge with another car? And they had hit me? I’d have been over the edge and I’d of been a gone-er. Did I have a NDE and not even know it? Or was the head injury enough? Is the person I am now another me that didn’t do color guard and died on a bridge and it just took a few days to adjust to my new life where I did? Or did I just get a glimpse? Like, the realities bumped together and some things stuck, like when you stick your hands on a glass and your hand print remains. The glass is still there, but you can see the print?

      Or is it just that I hurt my brain at a convenient time in my life and I’m buying into a conspiracy to help me make sense of heavy things that are rough to deal with? When “we share memories with alternate realities” is almost an easier thing to accept than “your brain is sick” should I be worried?

      But man, chartreuse is wine red.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Emily, these are some very interesting memories. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

        The one that especially caught my attention is the one about Travolta and Elvis singing together. I’m sure some people are going to suggest “Grease,” but (of course) Elvis wasn’t in that, and Travolta’s styling is the one like Elvis… so it’s not like you’re mixing up Kenickie (Jeff Conaway) with Elvis. I mean, they’re not exactly look-alikes.

        I’ll be very interested if that memory turns up elsewhere. Unless someone created a montage with Travolta & Elvis, and I don’t know about it, that’s among the most intriguing memories I’ve seen at this site.

        I can’t eliminate the “your brain is sick” answer, but I can assure you that the people I first discussed this with — in the Dragon*Con “green room” — are creative people, but none of them seemed especially odd or mentally troubled.


    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      JM, that’s very cool information, if a little weird. Some of it matches what’s been said here, but in a different context. This bears more research. Thanks!

    2. Gurluas

      That is quite interesting. Unfortunately he did not say how to cross over, still… Maybe just going there is enough, as it may be a place where the barrier between realities is weak, or non-existant, I.E stepping there puts you in another reality.

      A lot of what he speaks of resembles Shamanism or Wicca, and those skills may be needed in other to cross over…Maybe.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        I’ve long believed that many elements described as “magic” — especially “correspondences” — are actually triggers relating to something quantum.

  76. JM

    I remember in 5th Grade the female teacher told us the the USA was larger in size than Canada, and I told her it wasn’t and she got angry, and that I should get an Atlas if I didn’t believe her, this was all in the middle of class. Then she just continued with the lesson, but I knew she was wrong.

  77. VaJona

    As a child in the early 90’s I remember hearing and singing PINK!’S get this party started song… and then one day, years later, everyone started raving about it and I thought they were all bonkers because I’ve known about that song for years and years and thought nothing of it.

  78. Vivek narain

    Hi fiona, Mostly i am complacent due to an indulgent angel taking care of my mundane troubles,and in these lethargic spans sometimes imagination runs wild.I have always believed that life is too precious a thing to get lost in the oblivion and abyss of past subject to the whims of malleable historians.What i imagine is that all life that is supposedly past is a living platform,beings with higher faculties and obviously more sensible minds,can and do access these regions that we call(due to our lesser faculties and vicious attitude)land of dead.Such a magnificent thing as life that, according to anthropic principle is nurtured by whole galaxies for just a tiny earth,cannot simply be swallowed by such an insipid factor like ‘past’,infact there is still no proof that entropy really exists that creates different’s that as a mandela effect theory?or mandela effect is just a small manifestation,a small speck of guiding light in moonless night.

  79. Dean

    I have many memories that fit into this theme, most from my personal life.

    I’ll start with the famous examples.
    Throughout high school i remember being taught that Mandela had died and it had been a major theme in a civil rights class as he was the martyr that set the wheel in motion for South Africa. Similar with tank boy, while he was normally mentioned in passing it was always that he was run down and thats what made his stance so iconic.
    I also remember Ghost Hunters being named T.A.P.S (In Australia it was constantly replayed on FOXTEL). I have asked around and everyone agrees on that, I also remember being taught that the U.S.A had 52 states as well as tv shows confirming it. Although i do remember other shows that would say 50 which would confuse me. In one list i remember seeing Northen California and Southern California, which is interesting now that that is actually being considered.

    In my personal life I’ll occasionally get home to find minor differences, for example; my shoes (not the ones i had been wearing, my casual pair) being a different colour, finding different food in the cupboard than what i had purchased doing groceries (one time was a flavour of chips that had never existed and when i asked my partner about it she laughed and told me that it was my favourite flavour).
    Then there are the cases of people not being able to recall significant conversations, or their tastes changing overnight (bigger than just discovering a new band or actually listening to an artist they dislike and changing their opinion). I had one friend who was deathly allergic to shellfish, but now its her favourite dish.
    I also have a memory from my childhood of watching Days Of Thunder with my parents, hopefully someone might know what I’m talking about. There’s one scene where there is a major wreck and Rowdy? does a kamikaze move to take out Tom Cruise’s character. I remember the scene being that Rowdy actually crashes in the wreck and Tom Cruise hits him when his car is rolling (the perspective is from inside Tom’s car). Which is what helped them overcome their rivalry. I argued with my parents for weeks over that scene and became adament that it was a different version to what i had seen before (this is before i knew there was such a thing as different releases). I’m yet to find proof the scene exists but every time the movie gets to that point I always picture it over the top of whats actually happening accidentally. It just seems too real and makes too much sense to be a dream, it always confused the hell out of me.
    Of course the list is much much longer but i shall leave it at that.

    On a slightly different topic, all this talk of alternate realities got me thinking. I’m certain that its more than just memories shared, I will often get strange pains that dont apply to the situation, for example: I have on occasion suffered sudden pain that feels like a broken bone (twice in my ankle, once in my ribs, and once in my shoulder, since which has left me with limited movement and strength). All of which when i was doing something as simple and relaxing as sitting on the couch. The pain has lasted up to two months in each case. I have had every test imagineable done as well as x-rays and scans, each time leaving doctors scratching their heads with no answers. I also have gotten cuts and marks on my body that aren’t even physically possible for the situation. So could pain, if intense enough be shared just like memories with high emotional impact?

    On a slightly different note (again) does anyone else get the sensation when walking or driving where everything seems to jump across an inch or so followed by a moment of intense confusion?
    Could that be when you skip across realities and in the one you end up in you’re just slightly across from where you had been?

    I think I should leave it at that before i start rambling

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Thank you for taking the time to share that much information with us, and in such useful detail. I’m fascinated by what you’ve experienced, and I’m looking forward to seeing others’ responses to some of the events you recall.

      I’ll be very interested in the time/space shift you mentioned when walking or driving. For many years, I’ve talked about “compressing time” when driving, and startled passengers when they’ve witnessed it. At one moment, we’ll be at a certain location. The next moment (literally), we’re two or three miles farther ahead in our journey. It’s rarely more than that, but it has happened. (Ah, if I could only do that deliberately when I’m late for an appointment!)

      It had never crossed my mind that this might be a skip from one reality to another. But, when I look at the times in my life when the most dramatic “Look, we’re already there!” treks happened… each could have been a slide. Fascinating!


      1. Vivek narain

        Fiona, here i agree with you that these glitches happen and this is the original theme of this site,parallel realities,many a time we have strayed from the subject,with only unproductive acrimony. we have to clean the slate every time we post new thoughts,i mean wiping out all the arcane subjects we had studied since long like; occult, theology,conspiracy,mind control experiments etc.

      2. Gems

        I clearly remember it being spelled Berenstein Bears. I love the books as a child and read them before they ever showed up on TV, my mother and I always pronounced it Beren-(steen) because we assumed that was the pronunciation due to the spelling. Nothing will ever convince me differently about this one!

        My husband and I both knew the capital of Turkey as Istanbul, not Ankara. I too, was shocked to hear about Mandela’s death. I believed he had died many years before. Not to mention the strange sign language translator that actually did not know sing language added to the confusion, I actually thought that I was watching a spoof during the last televised funeral. It really freaked me out.

        Now to add a couple of personal experiences. As a child, 2-3yrs, I got pneumonia very badly and my parents always told a story of how I woke them up in the night screaming about how bugs were on me, my fever was so high I was hallucinating. We spoke of that story quite a bit when I was young and how my mother was so scared, blah blah. I got pneumonia in my early 20s and was with my BF and mother and brought up how I had pneumonia as a kid and the bug story. My mother looked at me like I was crazy and said it NEVER happened. She had NO memory of it whatsoever. Now after reading all of these posts I wonder if I crossed over into another timeline because of the illness.

        Another weird thing that happened this spring was my family moved into a new house and it had well water. The water had some iron issues so we had purchased these large drums of water, they weighed at least 50lbs each. My husband had stacked them on this industrial shelf in the garage. A day or two later we come home and all the water jugs are sitting on the floor, not on the shelf. NO ONE had been in the home. The kids nor I could not have even lifted these to do this anyway. My husband is a powerlifter and is the only one in the house who could raise or lower them from that height. We have been baffled about that.

    2. Gurluas

      Keep in mind, that pain is essentially an electric impulse signal, and the fact that X-rays and so on found nothing may mean it could be those impulses coming from another reality.

      Although I do believe you may actually have crossed over, or merged with other realities as your memories are FAR more vivid and detailed than what most people have experienced, plus you appear to have carried visible signs of the other realities. I.E your scars etc. I wouldn’t mind more rambling from you, this is quite interesting and it reveals alot about whatever reality you may have originated from.

      1. Dean

        Hi gurluas,

        When it comes to pains I normally take note when they pop up more than most other people due to my tendency to ignore injuries and end up aggravating them further down the line, but now that I’m not playing any sports or doing physical work I’m beginning to realise how much is out of place that in the past I would just blame on an injury.
        So these sensations may apply to some, if not everyone and some may have an explanation that I just haven’t seen, but here’s a rough list of what I experience.
        what feels like a bee sting most commonly on the sole of my foot, but does occur randomly on my body, never any marks where the pain had been, nor anything that could explain it, never when there’s any weight on the area.
        the sensation of muscles tearing or being strained, never fits the situation.
        sudden pains that feel like being struck by a blunt object.
        the sensation of being cut, or receiving an injection, once was the sensation of getting a tattoo that went on for a few hours.
        there are a couple more, but I can’t seem to recall them at this moment in time.

        I might be giving off the impression that this is a very common occurrence for me, but in reality I rarely experience more than one of these a month.

        it has also made me wonder. when amputees speak of the sensation of a phantom limb, could that be that they’re feeling the limb that an alternate version of themselves never lost? and then could the sensation of pins and needles actually being the feeling of interference when they gain sensation of that limb?

        on the topic of minor changes, I am in no way the most observant person you would ever meet, hence why I normally would only notice differences that clash with my choices, for example, with the shoes in my last post, I rencently bought a pair of blue shoes (blue being my favourite colour) one day after work when I got home I noticed they were now bright red, it instantly stood out as wrong as I had refused to buy those shoes that were now in front of me because in my opinion they looked like clown shoes (due to the fact I’m quite short with size 13 feet). A few days later when I got used to the idea of the shoes they were back to blue. (i know it wasn’t a prank as I’m the only person I know who would go through that much trouble without saying anything just to mess with someone).
        same with conversations, I make sure to remember all the major details, especially if it’s business related or my partner trying to hint at something. yet if I directly quote what was said (from a sober conversation) I will often get blank stares or claims that what I’m referring to doesn’t exist or is just incredibly wrong.
        I’m trying to think up more examples but I’m just blanking, so I’d rather not force it and end up with fake memories, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

          1. Fiona Broome Post author

            Vivek, yes, but — in general — we assume that visitors to this website have either ruled out “normal” explanations before they landed here, or they understand that they’re proposing something outside normal/accepted explanations.

            Responses along the lines of “It might be only….” (followed by something they could find on Wikipedia) can sound insulting and limit eagerness to speculate further. I don’t want that to happen at this site, so I’m cautious about some comments. This was close to that range, but obscure enough that I approved it.

            Personally, I think Dean’s suggestions take this facet of the discussion in an intriguing new direction, and I’m especially interested in what others think about this phenomena indicating an interaction with an alternate reality.

            Sincerely, Fiona

          2. Dean

            Hi vivek,
            Thank you for that, I had never known that syndrome by its real name. I had only known it as scale error.
            I do appreciate people sharing those possibilities as I use it as an opportunity to learn about things I normally would not have noticed.
            Sadly though in this case it doesn’t fit, not even playing Google doc makes it work for me.
            But if you or anyone else know of any explanations for my experiences aside from the main theme of this site please let me know. Even if it is the most basic common knowledge, I know there’s big gaps in what I know when it comes to psychology and neuroscience, any input is greatly appreciated. At least then I will be able to learn about more ways the mind can play tricks so I can make an educated decision on whether my experiences fit this phenomena or if I need my head checked, haha.

    3. Sarah

      I continue to get more freaked out, the more I read this page. Yes, I have had moments — I think twice in my life — when I was driving and it seemed that the windshield wipers suddenly appeared on the other side of the windshield. Like an edit in a movie. Of course I believe that I somehow “lost” a few seconds, not that I have magic windshield wipers.

      For context, I am positive that I grew up with the BerenstEin Bears, and I have had a few premonitions that have come true.

  80. Heather Rowland

    Please include the missing thunderbird photo . This is a true Temporal Paradox! My Grandmother lived next door to us, and I looked at the photograph often – in a book she had. It might have been Mysteries of the unexplained, or Ripley’s believe it or not.
    Here is one link (crappy web site) and my notes:
    I personally remember this photo from a book in my grandmothers house. I used to look at it often, as she lived next door. Around 2009, I went searching for the photo online and was stunned to discover that the photo is missing – the book I thought it was in seems to have been altered – my past seems to have been altered! I’m not alone – there are many others who remember this book/photo. I saw it many times – Granny lived next door. This drawing is the closest image to what I remember.
    image url:

    1. Gurluas

      I don’t know why, but this whole thunderbird thing is familiar to me.
      Although I know nothing of it, but that drawing does look like something I’ve seen before.

      I once did a lot of research on cryptozoology as I believed they were creatures from other realities.

  81. Jack

    I was trying to find TAPS after having a chat with some of my mates, we can all remember watching it together with a few drinks taking the piss out of it and generally having a good time together. I’ve been trying to find some downloads of it so we can rewatch some together and relive some good times. Needless to say I didn’t find much and ended up here.

    Anyway there’s another show a couple of us watching together called Candle Cove and we’ve been trying to get more info because the same things happened with that show as well, all we have is this transcript from a page we can’t find anymore that I saved to my computer to show to my other mates who remember the show as well.

    Any chance you can help us out?

  82. Vivek narain

    Hi dean, AIWS is mostly benign and in any case i had not suggested any neurological disorder.If you really want to know tricks of the mind visit reddit/glitch in the matrix there are hundreds of experiences similar to yours.

  83. IdontKnowWhyIamPostingHere

    I was really determined not to post my experiences from the last week.
    I certainly am not going to discuss them with people I know.
    If anyone shared with me what I’m about to share I would think they’d lost their mind or were joking with me.

    Quick back story:
    One week ago I was exiting my bedroom when the door got stuck and swung back as I was quickly walking through the doorway.

    The bedroom was dark so I walked full force into the door.

    I was so stunned/hurt that I didn’t know how bad it was until I looked into the mirror. From just above my right eyebrow to the top of my hairline I had huge immediate goose egg with a 2 inch cut on top.

    I tend to be very tough and resistant to pain so I decided to just carry on with it, but keep an eye on it.

    Was in some pain the rest of the day, but not a big deal.

    Lying down to go to sleep was weird though, felt uncomfortable with a lot of fluid resting heavy on forehead.

    The next day I woke up and noticed that animals seemed to have knocked recycling all over the backyard.

    I went outside to pick things up and was confused to see a trash bag lining the overturned recycling container.

    For starters I never would bother using a liner for a recycling container. The whole point of having it is so that the rain doesnt collect in it and make the recycled cans smell gross. And it wasn’t the kind of variety I or my boyfriend use.

    I try to rationalize it and asked my boyfriend if he put a trash bag inside the recycling container.

    He said no that would be stupid and he hasn’t been in the backyard in weeks anyway.

    I tried to come up with some rational explanation.

    We have a very private yard in the suburbs, that is gated.

    So it seemed pretty implausible that anyone decided to knock over a bin full of recycling cans and then neatly place a liner inside the container but leave cans strewn across the yard.

    This just seemed a bit strange and I move on to the rest of my day.
    I was having a bad bout of procrastination and was idly looking at silly gossip news.

    I noticed an item on actress Ashlee Simpson and her fiance Evan Ross. He’s a talented actor and I was curious about the news ..
    I thought to myself that it was nice for him to be getting married since he lost his Mother, the singer Diana Ross a couple years back
    due to cancer from cigarette smoking.

    My jaw dropped when I saw a photo of a quite alive Diana Ross in the photo with him.

    And also before anyone says that I must have confused Diana Ross death with singer Donna Summer a couple years ago, no Im not.
    Donna Summer claimed to have gotten lung cancer as a result of 9/11 fumes.

    Since I once worked at WTC2 (I left job 3 months before everything happened) and was around there breathing bad crap like everyone else in lower Manhattan, I remember DS death story clearly.

    Anyway, I started to get a hinky feeling that day because I knew 100% that Diana Ross was dead.
    I then thought about it further. I’m still pretty young but my bf is a bit older and likes mellow music.
    He put on some show a few weeks ago that had on Smokey Robinson. I commented to my boyfriend that Smokey group on near Diana and that it was sad she was gone.
    I don’t know if my bf even heard me (you know since our bf and dh can tune us out) but he didnt dispute what I said.

    I then started googlign Diana Ross death hoax to see if there was some big hoax a couple years ago and thats why I thought she was dead/

    Nothing came up.

    And it’s funny but I didnt even know that Diana Ross was a big smoker and drinker and went to rehab for it ..

    After this weirdness I started reading up on alternate timelines.
    I didnt even know what to call it, I just freaked out and randomly typing stuff like “I think I’m in a parellel universe, scared” and stuff.

    I also looked up stuff on hitting my forehead, but the information given was basically you’re fine from braind injuries like this or you develop swelling and die. No inbetweens.

    Late that night I was coming to bed and noticed my boyfriend’s phone’s message light blinking.

    It’s always an annoying light green.
    I went to cover it over, but saw the light was now bright deep blue.

    I tried to chalk it up to perhaps being a different feature he set it to.

    The next morning I casually asked him. He said no that it’s always green.

    Again, that seemed odd.

    That night we watched an adventure show on people exploring Stagelite Caves . I have always wanted to visit these since I was kid.
    They are a big deal to me because I wasn’t given parental permission for a school trip as a kid to visit them.

    Last year we took a 4 hour trip to go skiing
    It was a long drive and one of the only interesting things along the way were signs for various Stalagmite Caves.

    I was pining and whining to go see them when we went skiing and on return from skiing.
    But no dice. Boyfriend was completely uninterested because he just wanted to drive fast and not waste time.

    Anyway as we watched the show I asked him if he had ever visited Stalagmite caves .

    He furrowed his brow and looked at me and said ‘yes WE did visit them”

    I thought he must be talking about him and his family when he was a kid.

    I asked him how old he was. Again he looked at me shook his head a bit and said We visited them when I was 36 (last year he was 36)

    So he meant that he and I in his worldview visited them.

    Mind BLOWN.

    So now with these little incidents I have been stunne dto say the least …

    I have no way of logically explaining anything I have written here.

    And as a postscript. I was surprised to see that the boy who was crushed in Tiananmen Square apprently didn’t exist. That event was huge to me because I was little and it seemed so awful that another kid would have that happen.
    I recall my grandmother and others calming me down and recall my Mother talking about it for a long while.

    I can’t speak to them about it since my grandmother passed on and my Mother had a disabling stroke.

    Anyway I am glad there are people out there who have compelling stories.

    Some of them are of course complete rubbish, but a few stories intrigue me.

    1. Gurluas

      If the theory of quantum immortality is true…You may have died from that swelling, and “shifted” into an alternate reality.

      Or you are receiving memories from it, or you are in flux between two realities.
      It’s hard to say.

    2. Julia

      Hello “I don’t know why I am posting here.” I know why I wrote a long post on this site a few months ago – because my mind was blown at the thought of alternate histories, universes etc and I needed to share it with someone who wouldn’t look at me like I was crazy. Those are some wild experiences you’ve had. I wish I could say something that was comforting. I myself have gotten a lot of comfort from reading about “near death experiences” and the profound peace people have – I think that someday we will all have more answers to the confusion we experience here. I probably would be a complete skeptic of these things if I hadn’t experience the death of certain people who are currently alive – specifically preacher Billy Graham and actor Richard Chamberlain – watching a funeral for Mr. Graham and news stories for Mr. Chamberlain. Plus I had a vague sense that Mandela had died years early but no strong memories. With Billy Graham, I heard something about him on the radio – something he was currently doing and was dumbstruck. I was alone but said outloud “I KNOW he died.” It disturbed me so much I put it out of my mind for awhile – I kind of repressed that memory – of remembering that he had died. (Yep, sounds nuts, but I know what I know.) I’ve shared a few other alternative memories. Anyway, you are NOT alone and not nuts but it must be disturbing having these experiences. The author of this site always tries to look for rational explanations first – like for instance, your head injury could maybe, possibly affect some memories – wipe out the memory of your visit to the caves. But that wouldn’t explain everything. By the way, how are you feeling now? Any obvious residual effects from your injury? And some of those stories that sound like complete rubbish may not be rubbish to someone else – they may have alternate memories that are as real as yours are to you. Anyway, take care and be gentle with yourself!

      1. Vivek narain

        Hi julia, Maybe what we feel is relative or rather subjective,i ,for one can’t imagine what is so disturbing about mandela effect.Does it matter if somebody comes alive by whatever means,the word rational has become hackneyed and it suits people like james ost, not fiona.The world will go on its own sweet way even if Presley or monroe come alive.As much as i can imagine it’s the period of hey days that is relevant in a person’s life,and mostly it can be as long as 40 yrs(20 to 60)or say 50 but not more.There is a tale of count St. Germain who is always 45 and has lived for centuries and even if true he is one of handful of persons among billions to have such a life,maybe if we workout his secret this subject will become more worthwhile till then there should be nothing to get disturbed about,just take it as fun.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          Vivek, I think this is one of those times when text may not convey the message well.

          When I read Julia’s post, I nodded in agreement. Initially, this effect can be disorienting. To some, that’s disturbing until they realize they’re not alone, and many of us share the exact same “displaced” memories.

          I think it’s fine to feel unsettled, disturbed, or even shocked by the implications of the Mandela Effect. It’s different when it’s someone else, or a TV show, movie, or book. When your own memories are involved… that can take some time to accept. (And then there is the “Wow… when did this happen? How long have I been in another timestream?” question.)

          The initial step is to rule out “normal” or “rational” explanations that can return you to the security of a world where history and geography are consistent and match your personal memories. Many people find comfort in that.

          If that doesn’t work, I think many people (including me) go through a series of yes/no steps before accepting that the alternate memory is as valid as the more (apparently) mainstream one in the current timeline.

          I think Julia’s advice — to be gentle with yourself during this process — is a heartfelt, valid, and considerate one. When someone is traumatized — only briefly, I hope — and posts in a moment of absolute astonishment, I think Julia’s advice is excellent.

          We’re communicating here from different cultures, sometimes different languages, and perhaps the person has only recently arrived in this timestream. I’d like to avoid being critical of rhetoric, in favor of looking at what we share, including some alternate memories.

          Sincerely, Fiona

          1. Vivek narain

            Hi fiona, julia is a nice lady and so are you,i am not too bad either but clearly there are some who are too full of themselves and go on to repeat their diatribe in glp,and adding some unsavoury remarks about M.E to make a good measure.Now i know why i like movies like ‘crank’ starring jason statham.

            1. Fiona Broome Post author

              Vivek, I try to keep this a relatively open forum. When I don’t approve a comment, it’s because it’s extremely repetitive, or critical, or both, and contributes nothing helpful to the conversation.

              If a comment in those categories is new-ish or one that needs to be addressed, I’ll approve it and reply as a way of saying, “Okay, you probably have a point within your own context and among like-minded people who share your views. That’s fine, but this isn’t the forum for that kind of rhetoric.”

              Some people haven’t been happy about this website, and that’s fine. Some are intelligent people will well-grounded, conflicting opinions about the Mandela Effect.

              Some are coping with challenges in their lives, and need to be angry or snarky. They have my sympathy, but no place in the dialogue at this site. They’ll find other places to vent.

              A few have a very specific agenda that includes distracting people from the reality of this phenomenon. If my sources are correct, certain organizations exist to generate a smokescreen or a good amount of deliberate chaos in discussions, online and off. That line of logic often includes the idea that this is one of several topics being aggressively and covertly researched for the purpose of social control.

              I worked at MIT long enough to know that some surprising “new” concepts have been studied and tested since the 1960s and some far earlier. A few things still assumed to be “sci-fi” have been real and in use for decades. The public just doesn’t know about them, yet.

              For me, that’s neither here nor there (an amusing phrase in itself). My main reason for creating and maintaining this website is to let people know that their memories are not always faulty. In fact, some of their most confusing memories may have happened exactly as they remember them (or close to that), and others share those same memories.

              At its simplest, I want this website to assure people, “You’re not losing your mind. You simply remember a different — but very real — history from another timestream… and there’s nothing ‘wrong’ about that. This website demonstrates that you’re not alone. Go with the flow of the timestream where you are, now. You’re not ‘broken’. Eventually, science will explain this so it becomes an ‘everyone knows’ understanding of physics.”

              I’m very protective of this site and what a new visitor will read here. Other websites may have other objectives. That’s one of the great things about the web is the ability to create sites that offer contrasting opinions.

              I believe this community includes many wonderful people with fresh, helpful insights. I want to encourage that dialogue while being mindful of how fragile some people are, especially when they’re new to these concepts. That’s when they can be most fragile. I’d like to give them the space they need to come to terms with this reality, even when they’re clearly at a stage where they’re struggling to understand how this could be real. Their memories aren’t ‘wrong’, but others’ aren’t necessarily, either. All can exist in the multiverse.

              That’s my philosophy for this website, and a lofty goal I’m still working on. I don’t have all the answers. I probably don’t have more than a very small number of them, and most of my ideas start with “What if…?”

              I encourage those with alternate views — which may reflect different opinions, cultural backgrounds and colloquial use of English, or a recent arrival in this timestream — to share their thoughts, experiences, and insights here… but also at their own websites.

              When one of those websites is active and filled with wonderful insights, I visit it. When it’s not… well, my schedule is too full to add anything that doesn’t significantly contribute to what I’m working on, or result in a smile, or both.


  84. Le Nerd

    I just had a really weird experience recently.

    I was looking up the Columbine massacre and decided to check the date. Every resource I checked said it happened in 1999 but I clearly remember learning earlier on that it happened in 1996. Even my boyfriend remembers it happening in 1996.

    1. Jaysun

      I’ve ALWAYS remembered writing about it in English class my Freshman year: 1997. And I remember talking to everyone about it that say in front of me. But little things like being into Marilyn Manson wouldn’t have held as much weight in 1997 as he was just breaking out. I always felt hazy about the freshman year thing but it was so vivid I thought I dreamed it. But I remember smells associated with it

  85. TheWatcher333

    Awesome site, i had a very interesting time reading and still have many link to go through from here. Thanks to everyone who has commented.

    My Wife and me also remember New Zealand being NWof Australia, i still thought it was till i read this site and checked a world map, wrecked my head slightly haha. We was also certain that Australia was by itself .

    I’ve had some pretty strange things happen to me in the past, trying to explain them without sounding batshit crazy is impossible for me to do. Put it this way, it involves me talking to the TV and Radio lol.Not only that but text and other random sounds. I wont go into it as it’s not realy on topic (i dont think).

    I have had one experience that might be on topic though. It happened at the same time as all the other stuff was, so i didnt pay it that much attention when it happened as it kind of paled in comparison. My Grandad and me had never got on so much as the time i was going through that stuff, it was like he knew but we never talked about it but we would laugh at the same things that was happening on TV and stuff.

    I had never told my Granddad i love him and this one particular night i decided to text him a message telling him so. I sent “I love you” in a text message, the exact moment i sent this text i also got a text on my phone which read “I love you” from his phone number. Now my Granddad loved his mobile phones but didnt have a clue how to text and never had or ever did text anyone, ever.

    I remember checking i sent to his number and i did. Also if a message failed to send back then it would state so and it would take at least a minute or 2 to tell you so. The message was sent though and i like simultaneously received the same message back.

    I have never spoke to him about this and i never can now as he’s passed but what if he was me on the same timeline but older? I dont know but i know i cant explain how i got this message any other way.

    Booked marked this site and look forward to ready more people input on this subject, thanks for reading and may the truth be outed!

    1. Vivek narain

      A similar thing happened to me on 1st august ’13 at 7:01 pm,i had dialled my friend but the ring ended unanswered,within 2 or 3 seconds i received a message from him,’I am unable to answer the call right now,will call you later’.Obviously a template but neither mine nor his phone had this particular one,and in any case he didn’t send the message infact he did not even see the missed call till hours later.Maybe a glitch at the phone company’s end.

  86. David Post author

    I fully admit to being drunk and that being the probable reason for my experience, however one night whilst scanning through Netflix I put on a Bill Hicks show that I’d seen before, ‘Revelations’ and the material on it differed a great deal from the stuff that I knew from previous watches. I think it was more up-to-date and mentioned things like the second Gulf War, 9/11 and the Patriot Act. As I said, I put it down to being drunk, passed out and woke up with no memory of any of the content, just that I had found it strange at the time before passing it off as my stupid brain being tricked or remembering wrong. This website has made me consider that I could have been suffering from the same thing though I feel its quite unlikely. Nobody else seems to have had that specific ‘memory’ and we can probably pass it off as a drunken brain doing overtime if nobody else backs it up.

    1. Gurluas

      It is possible it was real. But then again, it’s very hard to find people with matching memories in such cases.
      Humans often has very different interests, and you’d have to find someone interested in Bill Hicks and experiencing the Mandela Effect. For all we know, we’re tens of thousand, but there are billions of humans who experience nothing.

      You may have been the first.

  87. Sofia

    I remember 911 attacks happened in 2002 not in 2001. At the time I was in 5th grade studying at a different school, so I crearly remember that I arrived home from my new school and watched the plane crashing the World Trade Center on TV. We were even discussing it in the class in the next day with my 5th grade history teacher.
    So, few years later when I discovered that 911 happened in 2001 I was completely in shock, because I have very vivid memories that it happened in 2002.
    I also have very vivid memories of some famous people dying who are apparently alive now like Billy Graham and other celebrities from my native country. I have also memories of some product brands that changed, like for example NUTELLA, that I crearly remember that It was named NUTRELLA. I’ve searched on the internet and the brand never changed.

    I don’t know if it could an experience with parallel universes…All is very weird but I am fascinated by it.

  88. Tyler Christian

    Relatively minor, but I could swear I rode Disney’s Expedition Everest ride years before it was built, when I was little; I remember everything, from the ‘broken track’ to the roaring animatronic yeti; you can imagine my surprise, then, when they announced the ride in 05 or 06.

  89. Dani

    Art Garfunkel dying vs. living through his testicular cancer.

    My da, my best friend, and I ALL remember him dying and there was a huge concert in central park headlined by Sheryl Crow in memorium with all proceeds going to Testicular cancer research. As in, we can all remember PRECISELY where we were when ti was announced. Several years later, he was in the news and when we looked on wiki, he’d BEATEN testicular cancer and headlined his own charity show in Central park. He then went on tour afterward…

    Recently my da and I had another slip (from where the Brewers baseball team ethnic sausage mascots didn’t exist to one where we apparently had family jokes about them) and the same night there was an internet hoax about whether Art Garfunkel was alive or dead.

    My da calls them them “dry erase lines” — like the lines around old writing on a dry erase board later written over with new markers that some people notice and some people don’t.

    1. Guy Brownlee

      What’s interesting about all of this is that Art Bell himself commented on this *himself* on his show back when Mandela was “still alive”, telling the audience he was surprised to hear this, that he swore that he recalled hearing that Mandela had died in prison.

    2. Gurluas

      A Palimpsest.

      Fringe in Season 4 played with a similar concept. Things from another universe/timeline leaking in.

  90. Raine

    Here is a twist, and I don’t know how this is possible — but I remember at least two rounds of national publicity, reporting, and the funeral of Billy Graham. The reason I say at least two rounds is because, really, there was at least one more round prior to those two times I remember distinctly; it was that vague “first” time when by the second time you go through it you are seriously confused because you’re having those first thoughts of didn’t we already go through this?

    It drove me nuts; if I commented online, people would say I’m confusing him for another religious leader. No, it’s always definitely been him, the spiritual adviser to so many presidents. There definitely was all kinds of news coverage of his death during the presidency of George W. Bush, which is when I was uneasy because I already had vivid memories of him dying during the Clinton presidency. The third time has been during the Obama administration. I always have to check now — he’s listed even now as alive (though in Wikipedia much of the references to him are in the past tense, that he was the pastor to the presidents, etc.).

    1. Le Nerd

      I remember Billy Graham dying a couple times as well. My dad was always a fan of his and I got confused whenever he would mention him being alive because I swear I remember watching news coverage of his funeral only a couple years ago. We even talked about it at one of the youth group meetings I attended. My dad kept saying I was confusing him with Jerry Falwell but that’s kind of impossible because I don’t remember too many people mourning him.

  91. Dawn

    I have a few odd memories with the map, too. Up until about 4th grade, I was positive North and South Korea were an island and Japan was part of the mainland, but now I’m not so sure. I can also remember (more recently) finding out that Japan was an island, and then finding out that it was many islands. However, I cannot recall a single memory of the Koreas attached to another piece of land and can actually remember exactly how I thought they were. I also remember North and South Korea getting back together, but that obviously hasn’t happened.
    On a smaller matter, I remember at school some people asking to see a movie trailer in class but the teacher denying but I can remember exactly what the trailer was before seeing the trailer on my own over a month later and it being nearly exactly the same, except with a few changes. However, it had some of the exact same lines in it and when I read the book for the first time, I felt as if I was remembering. Could this be a “Mandela Effect”?

    1. Dawn

      I forgot to add that I sometimes have moments when I suddenly remember whatever just happened happening before and can recall whatever happens next, too. It ranges from watching TV, scrolling through Tumblr, or even conversations. Whenever I try to tell people about it, they mark it off as deja vu and I would agree with that except for the fact that I’ve had deja vu and it is entirely different. Only one of my friends has said that it happens to her, too.

  92. ende

    This reminds me of a book that i very distinctly remember checking out at the library when i was in 7th or 8th grade, right after finals (we had to go to another town to take the tests because i was homeschooled)
    I was in a library, and I had to get a new card, then I checked out two books. One of them I later found online– called Five Shades of Dumb– but the other, which I’m fairly sure was called The Canterbury Lense- is absolutely nowhere to be found.
    It was a bit of a creepy, surreal book, but despite several months of frantic searching once I realized the disconnect in my memories I’ve found absolutely nothing. I remember the plot, basic summary of characters, various details, etc. But nothing.

    1. Vivek narain

      Ende, When you’re absolutely certain that no such book exists,what is imperative is, that you write the book,you’ve got title and plot besides this whole site to glean actual data of alternate realities.You can get it published as fiction,but this fiction will be truer than any factual documentry ever written.

      1. Keegan curry

        I remember about the sex and the city one I remember for years knowing the show as sex in the city I thought maybe since “and” and “in” sounding close that my mind might have tricked me but I don’t think so it feels too strongly as the truth anyone else remember that?

    2. Kelly Ann

      Ende, I wrote a short story called The Canterbury Lens when I was in fourth grade for a school assignment . It was about traveling between universes. I was really proud of it until my teacher gave it a D- and said it was the stupidest story she had ever read. I ended up throwing it out because I was so ashamed but all these years i’ve wanted to rewrite it as a full novel. Maybe you got a hold of a copy of my future publication on accident! :D

  93. ende

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part– the book was fiction, but it was about alternate realities.

    1. Julia

      LOL, Ende. That’s awesome. Vivek – if Ende writes the book, might he not be guilty of plagiarizing an author from another reality? (I mean this tongue-in-cheek, sort of…)

      1. Vivek narain

        Julia, A thought experiment that i have devised is,if one gets a load of fake currency notes of say 10 $ denomination,which are so perfectly made that a cursory or keen observation authenticates as genuine,then that currency is more genuine than the genuine one because it will not cost more than 2/3 of face value.Having lived a long enough life i’ve learned that ‘ethics’ is the most abused word used by all including medical professionals,no wonder wolf larsen was shocked when humphry van weyden mentioned the word.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          Vivek, I’m trying to follow this. I can see the fake currency having more value (in terms of profit per produced currency note), but the “more genuine” concept eludes me. Help me to understand how this relates to the Mandela Effect.

          Also, I’m beginning to wonder if false (or at least conflicting) news stories are broadcast to reach just a portion of the population, for the confusion and chaos factors. While that concept takes this down a dark and perhaps paranoid path, if people could be convinced that — at least some of the time — what they believe is actually “wrong,” it’s easier to manipulate them. With the social proof of many others insisting the memory is false… well, this seems like a fine premise for a sci-fi novel. I’d rather not think it’s going on in real life, as an alternative explanation for the Mandela Effect.

          1. Vivek narain

            Hi fiona, The very eminent jack london told about the preferred word of his alter ego wolf larsen,in lieu of ‘ethics’ it is ‘expediency’.I hope you acknowledge that expediency is the mainstay of all endeavors including ‘mandela effect’.While ME is doing a nice job of collecting anecdotes,we can’t deny that expediency is the most intrinsic trait of all life,a pattern will sooner or later emerge to vindicate the mandela effect.

      2. Ende

        My bad for getting back to this so late, I’d forgotten that I submitted this, ahah. I actually am an author, so the thought has crossed my mind a couple dozen times since my original realization. It’s just so bizarre how I can remember so many details about a book that supposedly doesn’t exist. I’ll keep searching, though, even if it’s just for the sake of my own peace of mind.
        But if it doesn’t turn up, who knows, maybe I really will write it and deeply apologize to the original author if I ever cross back into that time stream again (har har).

        Though it deals with some content that I’m not actually sure I’d be comfortable reproducing if the book really and truly does turn out to non exist. It was a disturbing little read, honestly. Which freaks me out all the more.

  94. Castael

    I read the initial article and thought “Most of these have an explanation.” Like thinking that MLK was killed at close range with a handgun (RFK was killed shortly thereafter at close range with handgun, so it might be easy to conflate the two). In fact, with one exception, none of these glitches registered with me at all.

    The one that has me stunned is Louie Anderson. I CLEARLY remember his death. I cannot believe he’s alive.

    Perhaps the explanation is not parallel universes but rather that “life, the universe and everything” is a simulation. Whoever is running the simulation (aka G-d) can stop it, reset variables, and rerun it to better accomplish whatever goal is being attempted. And for some reason, some of us retain memories or vage impressions of earlier runs. Perhaps some of us are playing a massively complex,virtual reality game and are so lost in it we’ve forgotten who we really are. Or maybe that’s the point of the game, to become so immersed that it seems real. Or maybe glitches happen because the simulation /VR is buggy.

    There’s a whole Subreddit dedicated to this stuff (glitches in the matrix). Also, for a literary take on it, try “Replay” by Ken Grimwood or “Ash: A Secret History” by Mary Gentle. Or even “11/22/63″ by Stephen King if you have a while. Filmwise, I suggest “The Butterfly Effect” or “Source Code.”

    BTW, I didn’t have time to read thos whole thread, so if I’ve repeated what others have already said, my apologies.

    1. Alisha

      I know that “the universe is a simulation” is one of the kookier hypothesis, but it’s one I’m leaning towards more and more. There are only a few different situations that I feel can explain the Mandela Effect, and I’ve considered them all, but there’s no way to prove or disprove them.

      One is that the universe is a simulation and these are some godly forms of glitches or alterations that programmers have made. We could also assume that the simulation has multiple layers, or multiverses, within it that are similar; like extremely complex game servers that we can shift between (whether it’s a “glitch”, a decision of our “higher consciousness”/the us playing the game, or a decision from “programmers”, etc. etc. etc.). We can’t know.

      Another is that there are infinite or nearly infinite multiverses that we shift between unwittingly. We may do this often and never notice because the changes are much more miniscule than these semi-major memories (a crack in the sidewalk disappears, a man from the 1700’s didn’t trim his moustache one week, a bottom feeding fish has a grey dot on its fin instead of a black dot, so on, so on). Or, we could be stuck firmly to the universe/timeline we belong to, and shifts are extremely rare. There are a number of paths I can take with this, but I don’t want to write an essay-length post.

      The last idea I can think of is that this is some sort of government conspiracy. I originally thought it would be used to sway public opinion (convincing people that the Chinese military had run down an unarmed citizen with a tank would be a pretty efficient propaganda tool), but so many of these things are insignificant. Why would a government body care and what would they gain if some people remembered a show as TAPS rather than Ghost Hunters? Then I saw Fiona’s post suggesting that it could be because injecting false memories into a portion of a population would make people doubt themselves and thus be easier to control. This still sounds really wonky to me, because I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are completely unaware that they have false memories. I was unaware for god knows how long until I came across a link to this on sixpenceee’s blog. Wouldn’t that be a huge waste of effort? And this doesn’t make me doubt myself so much as question my beliefs. It definitely brings on an existential crisis, but nothing that makes me more susceptible to manipulation, at least not that I’m aware of (OOOOO! *wiggles fingers*). Maybe it’s some sort of massive psychological study? This is the idea that I find the easiest to accept, and yet the least believable.

      Anyway, I have no clue.

  95. Bob

    There’s been several people whom both my wife and I remembered deaths having been reported, showing up alive years later. Kurt Vonnegut, Loretta Lynn, Roy Clark (country musician) come to mind.

  96. fibet

    does anybody remember doris day’s son terry melcher dead way before 2004? Terrence P. “Terry” Melcher (February 8, 1942 – November 19, 2004)

  97. SCARF

    Today my friends told me about this ‘Mandela Effect’. I was intrigued, but also kinda scared. This afternoon I’ve had some strange experiences. When I was coming home from school I noticed that the trash truck was coming by. I thought this was weird because I distinctly remember it coming last Saturday. I asked my mom and she looked at me strangely and said that it hadn’t, and that it always came on Mondays, like today. Later I asked her to make me a smoothie, and she did. I noticed though that she was putting lemonade as the liquid in it. I always remember her using milk, and my little sister also said she remembered this also. My mother looked at us strangely.

    I decided to look into this effect more, and stumbled upon this website. I don’t know if I’m just making myself paranoid, but I still found my personnel events very strange and confusing.

  98. Arlan Andrews, Sr.

    The first time I noticed this Effect was back in the 1950s, when my best friend came to high school and told us that it was announced on TV that the then-famous Mousketeer, Annette Funicello, had been killed in an accident. We were all shocked, but there was no follow-up news. He maintained all his life that he had seen that report on TV.

    Enough other such incidents happened to me and others that they were included in my (mostly) fictional e-novel, VALLEY OF THE SHAMAN, for (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

    These incidents are real, and can be upsetting. My novel gives my explanation.

  99. ceecee

    I remember the Anne Rice novel titled Interview With A Vampire, swore that was the title and the movie too. Was shocked that the title is Interview With THE Vampire. Movie and book.

    1. Julia

      CeeCee – Okay, now that is weird. I have always thought it was “Interview with a Vampire.” I’ve never read that books because I’ve never been interested in vampires, but I worked in a bookstore from 1986 to 1988 and it was still a big seller, 10 years after it came out. (I didn’t realize it had come out in 1976 – I thought it was later, but that’s what I’m finding online.)

      Here’s something even weirder: Although Wikipedia and IMDB and other sites say, “Interview with THE Vampire” I just found an Anne Rice interview where she herself says this:

      Rice: I think it was always there. Take my first novel, Interview with a Vampire. The vampire goes through the whole novel asking, “Does anyone have any knowledge of God or the devil? Does anyone have any real knowledge? Are we children of God? Are we children of Satan?” This soul is just searching. Well, that was me. That was Anne just asking the same questions. It’s in a strange context, but it was definitely there.

      She was being interviewed by Christian Broadcasting Network because she has written some books about Jesus as well as a book called, “Called Out of Darkness, A Spiritual Confession.” So I thought maybe CBN just got it wrong in the text but I just listened to the first few minutes of the “Extended Anne Rice Interview” and just a few minutes in she herself says, “Interview with A Vampire.”

      So why is everything now listed as it being “Interview with THE vampire”? I hope you do a google check for the video and I hope you here what I just heard or I’ll be even more confused! LOL

  100. Vivek narain

    Most of the google links mention ‘a’ and has answers that mention ‘a’.Seems this one is a case of phonetics rather than anomaly,unless of course there is a diabolical agency at work.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Hmm… I’m with Julia on this one. For authors, there’s a big difference between “a” (meaning one of many) and “the” (meaning a specific one). So, it’s unlikely Rice would get the title wrong in her interview. Also, I don’t think Anne Rice’s publicist would have let that slip by — at least at CBN — without correction.

      On the other hand, if Rice or her publisher changed the title after the book gained traction, that might be a reasonable explanation for an actual, non-anomalous change or error.

      1. Julia

        When I listened to the interview a second time, I heard her Anne Rice say “the” instead of “uh” for “a.” But the text still reads “A.” So I don’t know. I’m doubting myself a little but I still remember it as “Interview with A Vampire.”

        Fiona is correct in that writers are very careful with their words. “A” and “The” have very different connotations. I’m not a writer – at least never published – but I was an English major and I’m careful about using just the word I want, except that I’m prone to making typos and weird errors – I think I have something like dyslexia sometimes.

        I don’t know if it’s significant but when I did a google search for “Interview with a Vampire” there were 64 million results and “only” 48 million when I entered “Interview with the Vampire” which to me says that more people remember it having an “a” than a “the” in the title. I also wondered if the titles of the book and movie could have been changed after their publications but that seems odd. And I can’t find a image of a book with “a” in the title.

        Just another thing to ponder!

        1. Julia

          P.S. This kind of reminds me of the Mystery Science Theater 2000/3000 anomaly. I saw the show exactly once, while on a vacation, and it was very memorable because my friend and I were just slightly tipsy and laughed uproariously and I would swear to my dying day that the show was called Mystery Science Theater 2000.

  101. dave

    Didnt tattoo Hervé Villechaize on fantasy island commit suicide by hanging? it now says he shot himself

  102. Carli

    I am freakin tripping right now. I was watching this short video on youtube on parallel universes titled ‘Parallel Universes: Kirk Douglas back from the dead?’ – It listed 3 celebrities that basically died in the 90’s Kirk Douglas, Doris Day and Richard Chamberlain. The only one i really had memory of dieing in the 90’s was Chamberlain. I was a big fan of the TV show Dynasty, in which he played. It was a big thing cause he died of aids and i remember one of the actresses ‘Linda’ something that had love scenes with him…and it was a real big thing back then…finding out your onair romance was gay and died of aids. I didnt really remember the others dieing. Anyways, i decided to google richard chamberlain and it says, he is alive and he is 80 years old… how freaky is that?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Interesting. My mind is whirling now. As I recall, the big issue was Rock Hudson — one of the first celebrities to bring AIDS awareness to the forefront — who’d been in at least one romantic scenes with Linda Evans on Dynasty. (Ref. ) That was in the 1980s on my own timeline (and apparently in that article, too).

      However, if there’s a parallel universe where Richard Chamberlain had a lot of the acting roles given to Rock Hudson… how very interesting! (And kind of eerie since Linda Evans said she dated Chamberlain, who — in my universe — was also gay. Always.)

      Frankly, I’m thinking of some old Rock Hudson movies with Doris Day, and they might have been far funnier if Richard Chamberlain had been cast in several of those roles. His humor was always more subtle. I like to think that — in another timestream — other people watched those movies and roared with laughter at Chamberlain’s deadpan reaction to ridiculous moments.

      This morning, the “fact” that baffled me is that James Franciscus ( ) was not Richard Chamberlain’s brother in this timestream. I clearly recall them admitting to being brothers, and even seeing family photos with their parents and other relatives.

      In this research, I keep running into small double-takes when almost everything matches my memories… and then something doesn’t fit at all. It’s not a “misremembered” kind of thing, because it’s not a simple, single memory. They’re a collection of memories (like lots of tabloid articles about James Franciscus & Richard Chamberlain finally admitting they were brothers, though I can’t recall which one changed his surname to be different) that went on for years.

      Interesting stuff!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Julia

        Hi Carli and Fiona,

        Carli – I’m glad someone else remembers the death of Richard Chamberlain. I mentioned on this website on my December 19th post that that was one of my clearer alternate memories. I remember watching the news on tv with my mom in the room (at my parents’ house) and specifically thinking how I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to Richard Chamberlain in his life but that I really ought to rent “The Thornbirds.” My mom doesn’t have any memory of seeing the broadcast.

        But there is something else strange about this. Other people remember him dying in the 90’s. I do remember him looking a lot younger, but I feel like this could have happened just a couple of years ago. I have lived 2 miles from my parents for the last 15 years (so since 1999 ) and I am at their house quite frequently, and this is NOT a distant memory but of course now, I can’t place in in time other than to say it doesn’t feel like the 90’s at all.

        When I experience an event like this that evidently didn’t happen in this timestream, it feels SO normal, so seemless and totally integrated into my day and life at the time. If I heard something on the news this morning about a famous person dying, I would be able to tell you the specifics this evening or tomorrow, I THINK, but later on, I can’t necessarily place it in time. (Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t.)

        Another odd thing that happened either earlier this year or last year happened after the death of Huell Howser. He died on January 7, 2013. I don’t know how well he is know outside California but he was a long time staple on public television. He had a show called “California’s Gold” where he traveled all around California and visited different sites, often places that weren’t well known, and talked about their significance – always VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY. He was quite a character. Anyway, sometime after he died, I was watching television, again with my mother in their family room, and saw a show about his sister, a woman with gray hair. She was quite outgoing too and the show said she was going to take over in a way and start a show called “California’s Silver.” I thought it was sweet and clever. My mom doesn’t remember this. A friend who is a huge Huell Howser fan has no memory of this and there is absolutely nothing on-line that suggests that this was ever a plan. I did, however, find evidence that Huell was survived by a sister, but nothing more about her. So weird.

        In our daily lives, are we just seamlessly popping in and out of different realities, sometimes with our friends and relatives, sometimes without?

      2. Julia

        In addition to my other comments on Richard Chamberlain – I had never heard of James Franciscus, but they certainly resemble each other. In their bios, they’re listed as being born in different parts of the country to different parents, of course, since they evidently never admitted to being brothers in our timestream. But I wonder if they could actually NOT be brothers in some realities and be brothers in both, or were they lying in (at least) one and not lying in (at least) another?

  103. Le Nerd

    I just remembered a small moment in “WTF is happening with time.”

    I remember in either 2rd or 3th grade, a girl in my class was reading a book called Gingersnaps by Cathy Cassidy. I was interested in it and couldn’t find it in the library. When I asked her if I could just read the back cover, she acted really strange, like if I touched the book I would break space and time. She ended up leaving the book on her desk when she went to the bathroom and I grabbed it and read the back. When I got home I couldn’t find anything on it at all online.

    Fast forward to now, many years later, and I remember the book. I decided to google it. Of course I found the movie Ginger Snaps which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the book. However, I did find the book and I was shocked to learn that the book was published in 2008, a few years after I remember first seeing the book.

    I know it’s small but it really made me go WTF. Somehow the girl in my class got a hold of a book that wouldn’t be published for another 4 or 5 years. She said her dad was a truck driver. Interdimensional truck driver maybe?

    1. Jaysun

      Have you ever tried contacting this girl via social media to see if she remembers any of it?

  104. john

    I know what is happening here. were all dead. On our original reality computers were giant machines you saw only on television shows with flashing lights blinking and took the whole side wall of a building no one could have a computer in their own home. We all died in the 1990’s and we moved into this reality where everyone now has a cell phone. something we seen in get smart with maxwell smart. were dead and in Hell.

    1. Julia

      Hi John – I think you’re only half serious, right? Or maybe completely tongue-in-cheek.

      At any rate, I don’t believe this is hell. There are aspects of existence that are hellish – in everyone’s life and worse for some people and other societies than others. But I don’t think “hell” would include the good things we enjoy – love, beauty, pleasure, friendship and most of all, hope. Yeah, sometimes are hopes are dashed, only to come back if we are lucky and/or resilient. I don’t understand this mystery at all but ever since I’ve been a small child, even though prone to some anxiety as a child and depression as an adult, I’ve always had hope and this sense of optimism that good and love will win out. As long as I have that, I’m not in hell.

      I’ve been reading one of Cynthia Sue Larson’s books. (She also has videos on youtube.) She is a quantum physicist and very interested in this alternate reality phenomenon but takes an optimistic spin on it. In her view, we are actually creating a lot of reality with our minds and have more free will and ability to change reality than we think we do.

  105. john

    I looked up barbara streisand online and come to find its spelled barbra was it always spelled liked this or is this another mandela moment?

    1. Julie

      For me it has always been spelled Barbra. My mom first had her albums when I was 7 or 8. Later I thought it was funny since her named contained the word “bra.”

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Julie, I grew up in that same timeline. One of Streisand’s first shows (and an album, too… I think) was “My Name Is Barbra.” Weird spelling. That’s why I remember it.

        However, I’ve met lots of people who are 100% certain the name used to be Barbara, and I believe them. Some are hard-core Streisand fans. They’re not likely to be wrong about anything related to Streisand.

        Cheerfully, Fiona

  106. Vivek narain

    About 20 yrs ago i read a 1968 novel(i had 1970 edition)”foreign exchange” by jimmy sangster.There is a night club singer Anne Ballard,what i remember reading is that a negative comparision is made with Meryl Streep and Barbara Streisand.I still have the book but now it says,Marilyn Monroe and Barbra Streisand.According to my memory Meryl Streep should have made her debut in ’61 instead of ’71 as the current timeline says,and Barbara instead of Barbra.

  107. Selena

    I’ve just discovered about the mandela effect, and I’m genuinely creeped out. Usually, I don’t believe in this kind of stuff but this is different. I know that this is real because there’s proof.
    I’m not as old as most of you are, I’m only 18, so I don’t remember most of the things you all do. However, I do remember Shirley Temple dying long before earlier this year. I actually had a VHS tape when I was around 6-7, and it said that she died of cancer or something in the 80s/90s. I really liked her and she was a true idol to me, so when I saw that, I cried and was very sad for a few days afterward. I only discovered that Shirley Temple was indeed alive a couple months before she actually did.
    I discussed this with my mother earlier and she agreed; she also vaguely remembers it saying that she died.
    So, now, I’m wondering if all the thing’s I’ve learned is even true. I’m sure there has been more experiences like this before, but they aren’t as important. I think that once, I saw a movie before it was out about a year later. Not sure what movie it was, it was a while ago.

  108. Veronica

    I don’t know if this would count as part of the Mandela Effect but is something that has baffled me since it happened. In 1997 I was going to start high school in the fall and usually the 8th graders took a walking field trip to check out the high school, this was in March right before spring break. The high school is right by a main street where there are billboards and I clearly remember there being one for the movie Titanic. The release date for is was March 18.

    I used to be a Titanic buff around that time, and I thought it was really cool that there was a movie about it, I hadn’t even heard that one was being made. So anyway, my friends and I actually made plans to see it during the break, but for some reason we never actually went to see the movie and I never asked if they went to see it on their own.

    So about a month after I start high school, I see that billboard again, only this time there was a December date on it. I thought it was really weird so I mention it to my friends that it’s strange it would be re released in theaters. They gave me this weird look, like what was I talking about and they were very adamant that the movie had never been in theaters.

    Also, something happened recently which has left me rather confused. Just a few days ago I saw an ad on tv that the Harry Potter Wizarding World was opening this year. In my mind it has been opened for two years in the Los Angeles location (but that one isn’t due to open until 2016! WHAT?) But I have vivid memories of it opening here in Los Angeles in 2012 and being surprised at how fast the construction was from when they first announced the park plans. I also have memories of friends posting pictures of them with a visible Hogwarts Castle in the background and them wearing a sorting hat and carrying a wand. Including, one friend posting on facebook that she was coming in from Arizona. Of course now when I search for them, there’s nothing of the sort of their timeline. I also remember the local news covering opening day.

    The only thing I can think of is, if there is a ride or an attraction related to Harry Potter apart from the Wizarding World that I’m mixing up. But I’ve tried to search and nothing comes up. And I haven’t been to Universal Studios in years, but I’m now tempted to go just to check that out.

  109. Vivek narain

    It’s even possible that many of the responses to this site have actually arrived at some other reality and got posted there.

  110. T Mel

    How can we test this effect if its based on human memory and not actual physical changes to existence?

  111. Vivek narain

    Not all aspects of ME deal with celebrities alive again,if i understand human nature T Mel means what profit or what theological correction can we accrue from this phenomena.As i have often stated that such anomalies occur in an extempore manner,still,the attitude rather than intent does repeatedly manifest miracles belonging to ME,like say you have drawn 400 dollars from the 500 dollars you had and you go for that last 100 dollars only to find that you still have 300 dollars left in your account,definitely not in the realms of memory alone but more in the multicultural realms of providence, and in our select realm of ME enthusiasts.

  112. bea

    I specifically remember the remake of the movie Carrie coming out prior to 2013. I had never seen the original, and my boyfriend wanted to watch both of them and compare (he’s a big horror movie buff). We decided to watch the remake first, and he got mad at me cause I kept saying what was gonna happen every two minutes before it happened, and how I would rather watch the original cause I haven’t seen that one yet and the remake I’d watched when it first came out 2 years before. He then told me the remake had only been out for a few months. But I remembered every single scene, every single character and actor, and even weird foreshadowing details that you only really catch the second time you watch a movie.

  113. Julia R.

    So there are a ton of comments in this thread and I did not read them all, soI apologize if this one is already mentioned. In 2011 a band called FUN released a song called “We Are Young”.

    Sometime soon after, I was in the car with my family (2 daughters and husband), when this song came on. I had never heard this version before but I could have sworn that this was a remake of a pretty popular song from the mid to late 80’s. The chorus especially sounded familiar. My husband had no memory of it.

    After arriving home, I googled for at least an hour, vainly trying to find the original, to no avail. Does anyone else remember this song?

    On a separate note, I love what FUN did with it, it’s a great song. :p

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Julia, the only similar song I recall was “Love is a Battlefield,” by Pat Benatar. Lyrics include: “We are young, heartache to heartache we stand / No promises, no demands / Love is a battlefield / We are strong…”

      1. Julia R

        Oh yeah. I know “Love is a Battlefield”. Sang that with my girlfriends at a few sleepovers. :D I don’t think that’s it. I know I’ve heard “We are Young” before. Probably around the time of “Love is a Battlefield” was popular. These are very frustrating! :/

        1. Jaysun

          I always thought it totally ripped off Thompson Twins “Hold Me Now” maybe that? Like Hendrix Little Wing and pearl jam’s Yellow Ledbetter

  114. Blake C

    When Toy Story first came out in cinemas I was very young, maybe six years old. I distinctly remember Woody and Buzz climbing into ‘The Claw’, then the rocket actually taking off, or some sort of drama based around the possibility of the rocket taking off.

    Then I watched it on video for the first time, can’t have been longer than a year later, and I was shocked to find something completely different happening during that scene.

    Since then I’ve tried to understand why I had this memory. I can’t have fallen asleep and dreamt it because the memory is too vivid, I even remember seeing the seats in front of the screen. Considering I was so young too, why would I still remember this? Especially when there are probably other more important memories from the same age which i now have no recollection of.

  115. Sandy

    Fiona: I just discovered your website and look forward to reading it in depth. I skimmed through the comments, and I may be able to help with two of them. I think that the reason people think Ghost Hunters was called TAPS, is because their group is called The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). I haven’t watched it recently, but I know that the word TAPS was shown in the opening credits montage, so that might be the reason for the confusion. As far as the death of Terry Melcher being a long time ago, that may be because he owned the house where Sharon Tate lived when she and her friends were killed by members of the Manson family. His name comes up a lot in coverage about the event, so it’s possible if you were young when that happened, you might have thought he died too.

    I think I may have had some experiences which qualify for the Mandela Effect, so I’m interested in learning more!

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Sandy, thanks!

      If you go to my article about the TAPS/Ghost Hunters issue (at this website), you’ll see far more information there and in the comments that followed it.

      The Terry Melcher issue is fascinating. I didn’t know he owned the house where Sharon Tate and friends were so brutally murdered.



  116. Steven Comer

    I would like to say that I VERY CLEARLY remember “Berenstain Bears” being Berenstein Bears. I very specifically remember it being pronounced “STEIN” on the show.

    I also remember seeing clips and the famous sound bite “I’ve had it with these mother f**king snakes on this mother f**king plane” form the film “Snakes on a Plane (staring Samuel L. Jackson) about 3 or 4 years before it was released in theaters on a website called YTMND dot com (It is not impossible that the movie was filmed long before released but I personally feel this is a time line merging event for many reasons.)


  117. RealPerson

    In the documentary about the 1969 Woodstock festival, they’re interviewing a girl (I think she was helping distribute food) and she says her mother was worried about her being there, worried “that it would be another Altamont.”

    Clearly a reference to the festival at the Altamont Speedway that turned violent thanks to some Hells Angels (check out the movie Gimme Shelter)

    Here’s the time glitch: Woodstock was in Aug 1969, Altamont was not until December 1969 -she was talking about something that hadn’t happened yet!

    I haven’t read all the comments, sorry if someone else already pointed this one out.

    1. NDE Survivor

      I think this is a fantastic and significant find. Thanks so much for posting this. Do you have a time-stamp for the comment in the documentary? I’d like to view that part.

      I think this means that on this timeline, we have filmed proof that there was a woman in August 1969, who had memories of an event that didn’t happen until December 1969.

      It would be very interesting to ask her now, in 2014, if she remembers Altamont being before or after Woodstock.

  118. LadyJEM5

    Kudos on such a fascinating website, Fiona!

    Thus far, several topics have struck chords of resonance with me, particularly the translocation of New Zealand in relation to Australia. From my long ago school days, I recall N.Z. being southwest of Australia, and for that matter, the Land Down Under being much farther south than being shown on current maps. It was a large land mass in the ocean with a discernible distance from any other islands or land. The islands shown north of it now were much, much farther north. While I may posit this discrepancy to the dual facts that I am neither a geography expert and school lessons with a globe occurred many decades ago, I can’t account for the more recent displacement of Sri Lanka.

    As recently as December 2005 (as my existing timeline goes) when the tsunami struck, killing a quarter million persons, the news coverage and maps of the time showed it located slightly southwest off the tip of India. The placement at that time correlated with my memory from much earlier years when Authur C. Clarke hosted a television show about mysterious phenomena. Since that topic always fascinated me and he wore a sarong on one episode, I looked up Sri Lanka to see where the country was that a man could freely and comfortably wear ‘a dress’. Now I find the former Ceylon has moved as well. It certainly puts a whole new meaning to the term ‘island hopping’ .

    As a paranormal investigator myself watching shows dealing with the subject was tantamount to doing homework, so I can unequivocally say when the show now known as Ghost Hunters first aired it was called T.A.P.S.

    While my children were small my mother & I purchased the entire Berenstein Bears library collection. At no time have I ever known them to be anything other than that, however I will confirm this for my own peace of mind by digging them out of storage.

    However, I do not share in some of the most frequently mentioned time slips your other readers have contributed. Nelson Mandela, Richard Chamberlain, David Soul, the Chinese ‘tank boy’ are all alive and well, as is the Rev. Billy Graham (who lives in a state adjacent to mine), although he was hospitalized just recently for pneumonia. His medical condition was given local news coverage for several days.

    I’ve read the numerous theories suggested that might account for these anomalous incidents, and while I can’t subscribe to some, neither can I discount any. I strive to keep an open mind. As I was reading the comments and considering my contribution, I was struck by this thought. While there seems to be no concrete method to test this phenomenon since each incident is subjective to an individual perspective, have you ever considered taking a sampling from your most frequent readers and comparing their experiences? Do those that share similiar timeline memories have other shared experiences? I’ve seen a few mentions of near death experiences which leads me to be curious as to whether there may be other correlations. Do the ones who share similiar memories have more than one or two memories in common? Is there a any similarity in the time frames when these phenomena occurred? If so, pinpointing a time could be the first tiny step toward discovering much larger answers. Looking at the when, where, and what may lead to uncovering the why.

    I apologize for being so verbose on an initial post, but having found your site via a source link on another, and after reading, I simply was compelled to comment & contribute my meager little bit. I will bookmark this as it is not only an interesting topic, but I feel it will prove to be an invaluable resource in my paranormal research. Keep up the excellent work and moderating!

    1. Julia

      LadyJEMS – First I have to say I like your handle – JEM are actually my initials. Anyway, I like the idea of a sampling of frequent readers – not sure how big a sampling. It could be quite complex or somewhat simple, but it depends on Fiona’s time and inclination in this area. I would think maybe 10 – 15 of the most frequent incidents that are remembered alternately could be included, with the current info being listed, and then the question – do you have a different memory of this event – Yes or No – and then possibly space for listing the alternate memory. Also, she could ask age, place of birth, gender and current residence. I’m definitely participate if you ever want to do this Fiona.

      LadyJEMS – of all the alternate memories, the locations of Australia and New Zealand are the strangest to me for some reason. (Not that someone dying twice isn’t strange. ) :) Anyway, I have read several boards where people talk about Australia and NZ and it seems most people remember NZ to the northeast. But I’m with you in remembering it to the west, and possibly south. I don’t count myself an expert on geography in any sense of the word, so I don’t trust myself in this. However, there are two weird things that happened in relation to this. I have owned a globe for about 15 years. At sometime in the past, I was looking up Australia and NZ and realized that I rarely give NZ much thought. When I would think about it, it would seem rather “exotic” to me, even though I know English is spoken there. However, I reasoned to myself that it must seem “exotic” because it is FURTHER away from my home in California. I thought “Australia is way southwest – being in the southern hemisphere, across the Pacific, but NZ is even farther west – maybe that’s why I don’t think of it as often, besides it being smaller.” Anyway, I often remember words/thoughts more than straight facts if that makes sense, and that was my impression. Then one evening before this past December, when I discovered this site, I happen to look at that part of the globe and just got the chills because it looked wrong to me – and I especially didn’t remember NZ being where it was. Soon after I heard about the Mandela effect and that others had a number of similar alternate memories. If I remember right, Fiona also remembers NZ being to the west of Australia. (I like many others also didn’t remember Australia being anywhere near that close to Indonesia. I thought it was called “down under” for its remoteness. So very strange…

  119. Vivek narain

    Some times i wonder whether the soda-pop-slop guzzling is more harmful or the proletarian intake of cheap corn whiskey in early 20th century America.What ever the reason Mandela Effect is catching on as a trendy new age mantra for instant salvation or rather overwriting a sordid past without going for penance.All the possibilites exist in this quantum carnival where, you live only twice, once a privilege for Ian Fleming’s james bond.

  120. Dumbsavant

    This site is very interesting to say the least . back in 77/78 winter
    In upstate NY a friend and I rode snowmobiles to a area we hunted regular
    And ran in to a very old abandoned house no sorts window ext.
    We stopped machines went in the front and out the back there were
    Our machines we could see our footprints coming out the back no others
    Scared the bejesus out of and we split in the spring with two more buddy’s who hunts
    This area a lot as did we .we were going to show them the haunted house
    We all searched through the next six month until we graduated we never found that
    House again

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      DS (YMP), That’s a great story! Definitely makes one wonder about the possible explanations, since there aren’t any “normal” ones.

  121. SM

    James Earl Jones died in 2003/2004. Yet, he is alive and well to this day. I remember wondering what CNN would do without his signature voiceovers.

  122. Jimbo

    Regarding Nelson Mandela’s supposed death in prison. That would have had an effect on world history in a big way (ending of apartheid, Rugby World Cup in South Africa etc), so why don’t people mention those changing?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Well… maybe they did change, but people haven’t noticed them yet. Or, maybe the person “slid” to this timeline shortly after Mandela’s death.

      Or… wait, didn’t apartheid end…? Hmm, maybe I should check more historical references from this timestream, myself. (Nope. Apartheid in South Africa really did end in this timestream. )

      Meanwhile, the simplest explanation is that most of these reports are from people in the U.S. and the U.K., and maybe their news hasn’t contradicted other historical events these same people recall… yet. For example, I haven’t a clue who’s won the Rugby World Cup, ever. I also can’t tell you which teams have won the American World Series or any other major sporting event.

      However, I do recall that Nelson Mandela died in prison.

      It’s also possible that, in some timestreams, Mandela’s death in prison didn’t make much difference. Unpleasant officials kept doing what they were doing, as if nothing had happened.

      If every potential exists in some reality or dimension, any of these are possible… somewhere, sometime.

      Fiona Broome

      1. Vivek narain

        Since mid 80s, world,politically as well as socially has taken a one track path of apathy,barring 3 or 4 very powerful leaders at any given time rest of the leaders heads of state are simply propped up dummies.Callousness and apathy has permeated the very consciousness,so a political or any death is too irrelevant to a system that is run thru perpetual bureaucracy rather than political ideologue,individuals simply don’t matter any more in this automated world order.

  123. Matt

    It’s taken me all day but I finally have reached the bottom. I have a couple of things I want to add. One, I distinctly remember Mandela dying in prison in the late 1980’s and the riots that ensued. I remember the tank person in Tienanmen Square being refereed to as a student. I didn’t specifically watch the video, everyone said it was too disgusting and gruesome. I believed them, so I don’t have detailed memories on that. I do remember people saying the Chinese Government were monsters to run one of their people over with a tank and the shooting was a disgusting act, all because they wanted freedom.

    When I heard of Mandela’s passing last year the wife and I were both puzzled as we both remember him dying in prison in the 80’s (we don’t remember specific year, just late 80’s).

    I specifically remember Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain Bears. My wife didn’t remember, but I did, I liked them a lot.

    Before I had heard of the Mandela Effect, I wrote these off as memory mismanagement. I really can see the superimposing of stein over stain, I was probably 4,5,6 or so when I was reading those books so it wasn’t something I was worried about.

    Like many my first thoughts were Google and getting the old books out. But, as I was searching, I realized that if this reality always had it as stain, it was a futile effort because it always was this way in this time line that I am currently in.

    I had also thought about time travel and the butterfly affect or chaos affect, but rationalized that my memory can only contain the memories of the time line I have been in, unless I was the one that did the time traveling. Basically its the old, well if someone did time travel, then it happened, it cannot alter history, because it did and will happen.

    My wife doesn’t like it when I think of things differently then others, unless I come to the conclusion that I was wrong and that normal things are normal. I do have a very open mind and am open to many of the “crazy” ideas. Such as alternative universes, parallel universes where every possible scenario happens, including us not existing, or in one I decide to shave or not vs another day. The God scenario, Gods Scenario, Programmers, Holodeck (thanks Star Trek :P), this being a 4D social experiment, etc, etc.

    I want to thank you Fiona for putting this here for me and others to come across, it really does make me feel better about myself.

    Oh, about Australia, I had always been under the impression that it was way off by itself with a small island of Tasmania close by. I don’t have any distinct memories of New Zealand being somewhere different, I am surprised at how large it is though.

    I think that’s about it. I hope you have a great day!

  124. Vanished Film

    Fiona, have you ever heard of the intrigue surrounding the dialog,

    “But what does it do?”

    “That’s the beauty of it – it doesn’t -do- anything!”

    Lots of people claim to remember this dialog, but nobody has ever identified where it came from. Since the idea of it became popular online a decade ago, I’m sure it’s worked its way into something somewhere, but people were searching for the origin of this dialog before it was ever in anything, as far as anyone can tell.

    Lots of people identify it as being from Prof. Farnsworth from Futurama, that’s where I thought I’d ‘heard’ it when I was first exposed to the mystery.

    1. Callie

      Vanished Film,
      I came across your comment and I cannot believe that this has come up. My sister and I used to quote this very often, although we would only quote “it doesn’t -do- anything” rather than the entire quote. (But the rest of the quote sounds just as eerily familiar). For as long as we quoted it we had no clue where we picked it up from. We even discussed trying to find out what it was from multiple times. Suddenly we both just stopped using the quote, and it had managed to completely disappear from our minds until I read this. Something that is now sticking out to me is that I was able to know, and recognize the quote with the correct inflection. It’s odd considering how difficult it is to convey inflections over text. This is truly blowing my mind, as well as my sister’s. I hope we are able to find the origin someday.

  125. Julia

    I just skimmed an article about Dick Cavett talking about someone who died on one of his talk shows. Dick Cavett is evidently 77, but I really thought he had died several years ago. No specific memories though, so this may not be a “mandela effect” event.

  126. Mary Garcia

    Fiona, thank you so much for having a safe place where people can come forward with their perceived memories. I say perceived because of course there will always be someone who says “it has always been this way”…or “you are remembering it wrong”…or my favorite “that is crazy”.

    What initially caught my attention was the Berenstein Bears…in my memory it has always been Stein. I have an excellent memory to the point I have accurately described events that occurred in our home that happened when I was a month old. My Mother was shocked at how accurate my description of the first day in our families first house was. I taught myself to read before I went to school, I remember and it is confirmed by my Mother that I read the instructions for making pancakes and I was only 4years old. I also taught myself Spanish, French and Japanese. By 5th grade I had read every book in my schools library, they even gave me an award and $50 which was alot of money back in 1980. My point is, my memory is flawless…it was always Berenstein and now it is Berenstain. My 20 year old daughter, who had ever Bear book was just as creeped out when I showed her this, she said “no Mom it was always Berenstein”. I joked that at least we came from the same reality together, so I took great comfort in that.

    While reading through the comments I came across several that resonated with me as I have a clearly different memory that the current consensus.
    -Mandela died in prison in the early 80s
    -Space Challenger disaster occurred in 1984, we were watching it in class so i know exactly where/when I was.
    -Billy Graham died a few years ago
    -Richard Chamberlain died of Aids in the late 80s and Linda Evans was worried she may have been exposed during love scenes.
    -Owen Wilson committed suicide iver some actress about early 00s
    -Honduras was an island
    -Australia was further South, by itself and not close to Papua New Guinea at all. New Zealand was further NorthEast of Australia. The pointy part of Australia currently showing near the Great Barrier reef did not exist, it was more of a rounded off coastline. (This really shocked me but I chalked it up to accurrate satellite imaging vs older plastic inaccurrate world globes.)
    -The movie I saw was The Candidate not The Campaign
    -This last one is the real shocking moment for me, I just recently was watching a tv documentary on Adolf Hitlers attempt to manifacture atomic weapons. They showed a close up color image of him talking to the camera….and his eyes were BLUE! BLUE as the bluest clearest sky! Omg, I nearly passed out as if all the air had been sucked out of the room. Being an avid reader, my memory was 100% clear that I had read Hitler had a complex about his brown eyes because they did not fit his ideal of the Aryan race. Every picture I had ever seen, every color motion video of him and every rendering of him showed brown eyes! Until today, today they are now blue, and not just blue a vivid blue!

    I have had several NDE, what is going on? I just want the truth like everyone else. (Sorry so long)

    1. Julia

      I share some of your alternate memories, which I’ve already written about here. About Hitler having brown eyes, I’ve seen my share of Holocaust movies and also thought he had brown eyes, but I’m not sure if this is an alternate memory, or just a myth most of us were taught to believe in the past. Googling “Hitler brown eyes” brought up many instances of people believing the same thing.

      A yahoo question reads from seven years ago reads, “If Hitler had black hair and brown eyes why was he trying to make a master race with blond hair and blue eyes?” 38 people felt compelled to answer and not one person said “You idiot – he had blue eyes” or even something more polite. Everyone accepted that he had brown eyes. I’d like to hear from anyone who had always heard he had blue eyes, especially if they are at least middle-aged.

  127. Tee

    I saw someone above mention “Interview With A Vampire” now being “Interview With The Vampire”, for me it was always Interview With A Vampire even up until fairly recently. It also seems as though the release date has changed to a full 2 years later. I remember that movie being released in 1992…not late 94 close to 95….Also I’ve also remembered Barbara (Barbra) Streisand’s name as Barbara. The Barbra spelling is a totally new for me period.

  128. Jody

    He Fiona… everyone. Absolutely fascinating discussions here Just a couple of bits of food for thought here. I am generally leaning towards JM’s beautiful & thought provoking explanation but there may well be more to some of the above experiences than just this timestream slippages phenomena (however much I believe that may well be the genuine case for some of these anomalies).
    Firstly I’d like to address a ‘double death’ that has been given infrequent mention here; that of Osama Bin Laden’s initial demise. In preparation of the 2008 presidential election, Benazir Bhutto (11th Prime Minister of Pakistan); in an interview with David Frost on Al Jazeera (2 November 2007), casually stated that Osama Bin Laden had been murdered by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who is one of the men convicted of kidnapping and killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl. Many other political figures have claimed earlier Bin Laden deaths. Trouble is, less than 2 months later she was assassinated. I’m not so sure these events are entirely unrelated.
    Then again, what interests me is that there seems to be a tendency for such phenomena to occur surrounding spiritual / holy or strongly politically motivated figures. Maybe not the case for some, but it reminds me of the resurrection. Yup, Yeshua Bah Yosef himself, folks remember him dying, they the guy came back. Are we experiencing a deeply profound insight into the nature of powerful spiritual beings of light opening us to a hitherto now misunderstood phenomena? The volume of people posting here having a near death experience, only to start these new & overwhelming experiences? From the research I have done on shamans & mystic people worldwide it showed a vast majority of them were unwilling to become magic folks & were usually very sickly children; most have had NDE’s too; which was often the catalyst into their awakening.

    As an aside & in the spirit of personal experience, I would like to relay you one of my own; although if anyone could show me evidence of it actually happening & being recorded in this timeline please let me know; it would be gratefully received. A good 13 or so years back I remember watching a documentary on either National Geographic or Discovery Channel about the US Government’s official line with regards to what actually happened at Roswell, 1947 (after the standard 50 years of silence dealio). Although the current explanation is Project Mogul: microphones flown on high altitude balloons, whose primary purpose was long-distance detection of sound waves generated by Soviet atomic bomb tests, this documentary (which was clearly aimed to debunk the UFO aliens claims) claimed that the bodies recovered there had big heads because there was some door, or something that had crushed the heads of the people on board after the crash & that was why they were so inflamed & large (I know, right?). But the Mogul balloons were unmanned, surely….. I really watched it; thought it was incredibly contrived at the time, but since then, everyone I’ve spoken to about it have never heard of this official account & I’ve never found anything of it online either. Please, if anyone has seen this, let me know, otherwise… I’m slipping into another stream, aren’t I? I remember this documentary…. I watched it. I think, like with some other TV events mentioned here, that possibly they may have released that version of events, realised it was so contrived & pathetic, pulled it & came up with a better, more credible cover-up.

    And as for geographical anomalies; didn’t I read somewhere that in the not so distant past, they made countries out to look smaller / larger than they were. The examples I heard were Africa is absolutely massive & made to appear much smaller on maps & North America is made to appear larger than it actually is. I’m sure that’s a researchable thing that has come to be discovered as true. Or is this yet another timestream discombobulation?

  129. KingKen6669

    >August 07,2012

    The words Campaign and Candidate go hand in hand – there are an unfathomable, uncountable amount of instances where these words were both used in the same sentence, let alone in the same conversation (e.g. a movie trailer).

    If timelines were switched – chances are, this article would no longer be read as “The Candidate stars Will…..”, but instead “The Campaign stars….”

    You suggest that in the new timeline – all instances of “Candidate” were switched to “Campaign” – yet not in this single headline? Look at the video in the article – it says “The Campaign” in the background of the video, even.

    It was just a very, very common mix-up of words. These details (and most of the “changed” details mentioned on this website) are very minute.

    Dates, deaths, etc. being mis-remembered can be linked to, well… say something of importance happening to, say, Nelson Mandela (major lawsuit) at the same time the media is reporting about the death of a major celebrity of some sort, or some political figure of the same race (lets say Jim Jackson), etc etc. Years later, it’s very likely that your memory of it faded somewhat, and maybe you mixed a few things up.
    Say the media reports, for weeks, at the same time that : Jim Jackson died on April 1st 1991, and Nelson Mandela faces largest lawsuit in state’s history. Both get major media coverage, Jim Jackson a bit less than Mandela – due to “importance”.
    10 years later, after only remembering the most important keywords from that media-month (Nelson Mandela & Death), you’re memory, 15 – 20 years later may be skewed to;
    “Nelson Mandela Died in April 1991 and Something happened to James Jacko or something around that time” – chances are you won’t even remember the name of the unimportant, and apply the important, memorable detail (death) to the important, memorable man (Mandela).

    Dates: The date of a reported event isn’t important enough to remember (unless it’s catchy and constantly shoved down your throat [e.g. 9/11) – but the event is important enough to remember. X event may happen in April 2001, and be reported heavily by the media for a few weeks and then dropped. There may not be much other reports or news about the event until there is enough information to keep the story moving. Say there isn’t any new news-worthy information until August of that year – and it’s huge news. e.g. “Residents of New York flooding to neighboring states to avoid X” or possibly even a government scandal related to the event. Possibly something covered more than the event was originally covered, although the followup story (people flooding out/government scandal) is less important to us, it’s covered much, much more (this happens in media so much that its insane. they also focus on mundane and irrelevant details – pay attention).

    10 years later, you may remember the event “X” (important event) and mistake the happening of the event to be August (mass media coverage month) rather than April (actual event date).

    Get where i’m going? We naturally focus on major details rather than small details. This is completely natural, we do it every single day. ESPECIALLY with things like news, where “important” events are reported one after another.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      I see where you’re going with this, and it seems like another effort to explain these memories in terms of, “Oh, you just misremembered.” Generally, I don’t approve comments like this, because they can trivialize what we’re talking about. However, you raised a few points that I may not have addressed fully enough.

      Most of us have been down the “must have misremembered” path, multiple times, looking for logical explanations for what we remember. Many of us don’t find them. This isn’t that simple.

      I don’t just remember that Nelson Mandela died. I remember his widow’s speech, the parades and demonstrations, the discussions about how his death might impact organized efforts related to apartheid, and so on. I recall this going on for days that added up to weeks, though the discussions continued — off and on — for months.

      By contrast, I’d be willing to accept that I’d misremembered, say, the year the Red Sox won the World Series or when it happened in relation to other things in my life. I don’t follow sports closely.

      However, as a long-time civil rights activist with very clear and detailed memories of Mandela’s previous death and the lengthy media coverage that followed… no. That’s not something I’d misremember or confuse with the death of someone else.

      I do grok your ideas about time references as opposed to exact dates. Many people remember things that way. In my opinion, the fact that I can’t tell you the exact date of Mandela’s previous death doesn’t discount the memory.

      Regarding the Candidate/Campaign topic, I think you’re assuming a cohesive shift. That is, if I remember Mandela’s death before 2013, I must also remember the title of the movie differently. Or perhaps this website would have different content due to a uniform shift from one timestream to another, whether it (in part or total) “slid” with me or not.

      I don’t think it works that way. I won’t pretend I understand how this works, but I don’t think we’re sliding from one reality to another in uniform, coordinated, lockstep ways. I don’t think we all board the same inter-time train at the same time, and then step off that train as a collective.

      All in all, I think some visitors to this site assume that we accept our memories at face value. Maybe you don’t realize that many (most?) of us are bright and educated. Many of us (including me) first assumed our memories were faulty. We went looking for the “ah-HA!” answers that might explain (if only to ourselves) how we misremembered. We didn’t find them, even with spurts of research covering several years.

      Until I heard, in the Dragon*Con “green room”, an out-of-the-blue reference to Nelson Mandela’s previous death, I still thought I’d misremembered. I thought that I’d find an answer to those weird memories, if I just kept looking.

      Then, several others in the green room described their memories of Mandela’s death… and most (not all) of them matched mine. Participants in that discussion — which covered many hours and multiple participants as we flowed in and out of that break room, between our scheduled presentations and panels — included some with backgrounds (and advanced degrees) in related sciences.

      The explanations that emerged were startling. The pieces started to fall into place.

      Some time after that, I gathered the courage to launch this website, thinking the Mandela memories were the only anomalous ones.

      Since then, the topic has expanded in many directions. To me, this is fascinating.

      However, in many (perhaps most) cases, these aren’t reports by people who misremembered. We’ve already looked at news reports from when we thought Mandela died, to see what we might have superimposed. We’ve examined every likely source of confusion. (The same goes for the Billy Graham funeral, the Berenstain/Berenstein Bears name, the locations of several island nations, and so on.)

      And, telling us to “pay attention” to the smokescreens and diversions provided by the news media… I think most of my readers have become very cautious about what they infer from news reports. We’ve read Cialdini, et al, and know how mind control works. We have Snopes bookmarked on our browser toolbars, and a few other “fact” resources, as well.

      I appreciate the many people who want to help us by correcting our mix-ups, suggesting why we might have misremembered, and pointing out the illogics of what we are sure we remember.

      That doesn’t change the memories, and it doesn’t change my belief that our memories are generally correct. I believe most of our “misfit” memories are from different timestreams than the one we’re in at the moment. And, in a way, that’s tremendously liberating. I can heartily disagree with you about things we remember differently… and we can both be right.

      I’m confident that science will have an answer to this, if it doesn’t already exist. I’m happy to wait for that, while assuring my readers that many of their odd memories are normal. They’re not crazy, stupid, deluded, or confused about their memories. And, most importantly, they’re not alone.

      Fiona Broome

      1. KingKen6669

        (feel no pressure to publish, just a response to you directly).

        I meant no discredit or offense with my post – I was merely in a thread on a certain website about the Berenstein/Berenstain confusion and ended up here. Also, me referencing Mandela and others references in my previous posts were just examples -I vaguely remembered Mandela dying when I was much younger – but didn’t remember until I actually heard of the death again in 2013. My posts were trying to make sense of how this could be explainable.

        I, too, remember pronouncing Berenstain – “Burn-steen” my entire life. The books were a big part of my childhood; my grandmother read them to me until I was much too old, and i enjoyed every second of it. I was quite surprised when I saw the thread and the claim – it’s a hard thing to swallow. My first thought, naturally, was “i’m misremembering” – that wasn’t enough, I tried to make some sense of it in my post here.

        When did this Berenstein vs Berenstain debate begin? I can remember an event less than 5 years ago – I was referencing them in a text message to a friend, and do remember looking up the correct spelling on my phone – I remember it clearly being STEIN. However, part of me feels that i’m buying into the “crazy”, and the other part of me trusts that i’m not mis-remembering.

        Maybe I was trying to discredit the stories on here- but merely to make myself feel a little more sane. My apologies. I have thoroughly enjoyed your response and your website – it has been eye-opening, confusing, and a bit scary. I’m still not sure what to believe, however.

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          KingKen, thanks for your reply. Honestly, I wasn’t offended. A little frustrated, maybe, because I see so many people who want us to be misguided, illiterate, uninformed, delusional, or downright stupid. However, I fully understand that as a reasonable, comfortable response.

          Generally, I don’t approve those kinds of comments. You said enough things in good ways to contribute to the conversation. I’m fine with questions and skepticism, as long as something in the mix is fresh, interesting, or even slightly different.

          Honestly, most people who arrive here as skeptics (or just curious) find something that makes them uncomfortable. (I have lots of private apologies from people, who say something like, “Maybe I was kind of sarcastic in the comment you didn’t approve, but I kept reading at the site and found _____ that matches my memories 100%… so now I’m rethinking this, big time.” Those are very satisfying, because one of my goals is to provide enough information that people pause and give this a second look.)

          Like you, I don’t know what to believe. Oh, I believe what most people say they remember. (It helps that I get to see lots of “don’t publish this, but…” comments so I know the “me, too” factor doesn’t explain this.) I also know what I remember, and what a relief it was when I didn’t have to wrap my brain around Mandela’s earlier death as a “misremembered” issue.

          I’m most comfortable relying on the “sliding” model, but that may not be the best or only explanation. Maybe all of this is a holodeck and each of us have slightly different memory-type programs that contribute to who we are and what we do in the “now” of this.

          I’m always interested in intelligent dialogue here, even if I don’t agree. I’m mindful of fragile people who’ve stumbled onto this and need lots of assurances that it’s not just misremembering or whatever. Other than that, as long as everyone’s respectful (more or less), I’m happy.

          I have no real explanations. I don’t think anyone does. However, it’s comforting and fascinating (to me, anyway) to find so many people with identical or nearly-identical memories. That’s especially true when they start with the Mandela issue (whether or not they share the earlier funeral memories), and stumble onto a memory they didn’t even realize was incongruous with the current reality/timestream.

          Cool stuff.


  130. Jack

    So I’ll admit, this has me stumped. I recall Patrick Swayze being alive as recently as a month ago without problem. I remember some 90s movies with different endings, but that could just be that it has been so long since I saw them. I do distinctly recall TANK boy being crushed, and the social studies class in which we watched it – it cut to interviews with witnesses right as he was starting to be crushed. I also recall Fonzie’s actor being seriously injured and written off of Happy Days.
    Most of these I noticed a while back – I used to keep a little list of these things. At the time, I had no knowledge of a “mandela affect,” but intended to use it to prove to people I was right if/when I ever learned the truth (which I assumed was in my favor). Most of these could be written off as simple mis-hearing or confusion, but the fonzie this and the TANK boy were both major recollections for me. Both affected me to some degree, as I used to imitate Fonzie and kept the guy being run over in my mind as a strong example of selflessness.

  131. Vivek narain

    Hi fiona, Science per se doesn’t claim to be holier than all,it’s only some scientists and some scientific establishments that have the airs and a propensity for premature snubbing to such obvious phenomena as ME.Being crazy stupid deluded or confused is not such a tragedy either,maladjustment malady is the real disease that is precursor to serious conditions like psychosis and schizophrenia.I for one can’t imagine what is so shocking to be a ME adherent, after all millions of people all over follow weird cults some of which are dowright against humanity.A need to justify ME is not necessary,take it or leave it should be the spirit, and i am sure that the web is designed to promote such topics for it gives a sense of relief when anomalies are found to be shared,it might even prevent a nervous breakdown.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Good one, John! I thought that was just me and my quirky mix of American, British, and Irish colloquialisms. I figured it was “dilemna” in England and “dilemma” in the U.S., kind of like “dialogue” and “dialog,” and Oxford commas and… well, you get the idea.

      Also, if it had never been “dilemna,” why didn’t I consistently fail that word in spelling, English, journalism, and creative writing classes, back when I always spelled it (and pronounced it) dilemna?

      (Per Wikipedia: “The errant spelling dilemna is often seen in common usage. It appears to have been taught in many areas of the United States and all over the world, including (but not limited to) France, England, Jamaica and Australia. There is no prima facie reason for this substitution error and there is no erroneous parallel to be found with the word lemma, from which dilemma derives.”)

      It never once crossed my mind that it had never been dilemna. That makes no sense to me. Is the error that widespread…? (Rhetorical question, now that I see the poll results at that webpage plus what Wikipedia says.) But, but… where did that come from?

      Very cool! I love hearing about these kinds of things!


      1. Tee

        It seems to be the same way with DEFINITELY vs DEFINATELY .I was taught to spell it definately and I have always spelled it definately, until several years ago spell check would correct me and I couldn’t figure out why. Apparently alot of people use the ‘nately’ spelling, but is generally explained away as being one of the most misspelled words in the English language due to pronunciation.

          1. Fiona Broome Post author


            Hmm… I can sort of see confusion with words like “delicately” and “deliberately,” etc. (Ref: Applying the rule of “immediate” and “immediately” is more of a stretch for me.

            I also understand that the adverb form of “finite” is “finitely.” (Per )

            The weird thing is, “definitely” is practically an exception. (Per , 114 popular words end with “-ately” but only 17 end with “-itely.”)

            That’s not unique among the many tangled spelling rules of the English language, but very odd nevertheless.

            I’m sure deeper study of the roots of “definitely” would turn up more insights.

            Or, perhaps ours is one of the few realities using this spelling, and most people have spent considerable time in timestreams where it’s “definately.”


      2. Julia

        Wow, although I admit that dilemna is a word with an unusual spelling and it “should” be dilemma phonetically, dilemma just looks plain WEIRD. I’m 50, always loved writing and was an English major back in college and I was never aware of dilemma. But spellcheck just tried to change it for me here. Hmmm.

        1. Vivek narain

          It is dilemma dialogue and definite in india,india is a major commonwealth nation so obviously the terms are british by origin.The common american words are tire color for tyre colour,that have made their presence in india. often is sometimes pronounced with t instead of it being silent.

    2. Julia

      I used to be a good speller – not so much anymore. Either it’s part of the ageing process or spell-check has made me lazy. I always have trouble spelling rhythm but I do always try to put an “N” on it and spell-check says that’s not correct. Doing a google search of “rhythmn” shows I’m not alone. To be honest, both look wrong!

      1. Rebecca

        That’s so bizarre. I have a distinct memory of typing up a elementary school assignment and being so confused when spell-check corrected “rythmn” to “rhythm.” I remember thinking, “When did they change the spelling?” To this day I get weirded out when writing the word because I swear it used to have a silent “N”!

    3. Rebecca Leigh

      I have always spelt dilemma as dilemna, and remember learning the unusual spelling by pronouncing it as di-lem-na in my head. Until about a year ago I assumed it was British/ American thing.

      I also remember the first time that I realised ‘gymn’ was wrong, and thinking that it must have changed overnight. I was only about 10 or 11 (1999/2000), so it’s completely plausible that I was just wrong, but the word ‘gym’ seems awkward and ugly to me, just as much as ‘dilemma’. I can’t accept either as correct spellings. I also agree that rhythm should have an n and I feel like it used to be spelt that way.

      I also used to spell definitely as definately, and separate as seperate, but I completely accept that these were spelling errors, and I was just wrong. It confuses me that I would accept that I was wrong for these words, but be so adamant that I was right and the universe was wrong about gymn and dilemna.

      1. Julia

        Rebecca Leigh – I also spelled dilemna by saying di-lem-na in my head as well. Kind of like Wed nes day, which I hope hasn’t changed. Dilemna, with the NA, is actually a really common memory people have. I have no problem believing it was an alternate spelling – I just don’t why dictionaries don’t acknowledge it.

        I’d never heard gym with an “n” on the end but at least that one would make sense since it is gymnasium and gymnastics.

        The weird thing about the spelling “definately” is that I would spell it that way in the past but I had to think about it before I spelled it – it never made sense to me that there would be that “A” in there but I would put it there because that’s how I learned it. Definitely is simple and elegant – definite plus ly, but it’s not the way I learned it and I don’t remember spellcheck always correcting that one. But who knows…

  132. Jas

    My friend and I came across this website after discussing the fact that I remembered an alternate ending to the film Big. I clearly remembered Susan showing up in his class at the end of the film and although we found possible endings to other films that could have triggered this memory, they weren’t what I remembered. I also clearly remember Berenstein Bears. I find this all very interesting!

    1. Scout

      Hey, I remember that too, but I was very young. It’s a blurry memory. I’m pretty sure I remember Susan coming back as a kid too. I even remember watching it when I was around ten and mentioning to my mom that the ending they showed wasn’t the one I remembered. Not sure, I was only three or four the first time I watched it.

  133. T.Jay

    Assume discordant memories are the result of a person’s (or group’s) translocation from one ‘reality’ to another; this seems to be the underlying thesis in the discussion. This introduces the question of whether the previous reality continues to exist after the shift, like colored squares on the sides of a Rubik’s Cube after a twist, or whether the two realities are combined and the superposition forces the destruction of both and the subsequent creation of a unified reality in which divergences are eliminated to create a default history. In the latter case, there remain ‘echoes’ from the non-default history.

    The latter is important because it implies that if there is a multiverse manifold, then eventually all realities will converge to a ‘true’ reality with a ‘true’ history. Assuming time and life as we know it continues past the convergence of all realities, eventually everyone with discordant memories will die, and the experiential evidence for alternate realities will disappear since there won’t be any ‘other’ realities to generate new discordant memories.

    The latter theory also explains why there are some shared discordant memories, but some people have more than others. If this is the third or fourth or fifth merger for some, and others have always been ‘here’, then they’ll all draw from different sets of original/secondary/tertiary/etc histories to create their memory libraries.

    For the record, I am a ‘Berenstein’ guy. It was a couple of years ago that I saw ‘Berenstain’ and was completely taken aback.

    But, Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. Eastasia has always been our ally.

  134. Zach

    Two major ones for me here. First, I would like to say that I do not believe that alternate realities are likely (although I do not rule them out entirely), but I am having serious trouble explaining a couple issues here. Alright, here goes:
    1) This one has received a lot of attention, BerenstEin. It definitely had that E in my memory. Everyone I have spoken to remembers that E.
    2) I have yet to find anyone else who is with me on this, but back in about 2009 i saw the word “adjective” written down, and I remember being confused and thinking that it was “adjetive.” I took it for a typo that I was used to, and I now use “adjective,” but at the time it was just a big shock for me. I so clearly remembered there not being that C. Can anyone back me up on this one?

    1. Julia

      Zach – this may not be helpful, but in Spanish, “adjective” is “adjetivo” – no c in it. Just thought I’d bring that up.

      1. Zach

        Thank you, I am aware of that as I have taken five years of Spanish class, but English is my first language, and I had not taken Spanish at this point. For some reason I was utterly convinced until the day I was informed otherwise that there was no c.

        The BerenstEin Bears is the one that really gets me though.

  135. Mikkel

    On another forum i saw that people were surprised to learn that the singer/actress Barbara Streisand now is known as Barbra Streisand. I was surprised myself when i looked it up. According to the info i found on the net she altered Barbara to Barbra early in her career to make her name stand out a bit.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      That’s a good catch! You’re right. Per Wikipedia ( ), she changed her name at age 18. She’d cut her first music demo at age 13, but her name change occurred when she began performing. Anyone who remembers her (in this timestream) as “Barbara” would have seen her perform in 1960 at at The Lion, “a popular gay nightclub in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village,” per Wikipedia. That’s when the name change occurred, before she was discovered and made her first real album.

      So, while the name change did occur, the likelihood of anyone remembering her as “Barbara” in this timestream… it’s slim. Not impossible, since some of our readers are old enough to have seen her at the club in NY, but still very slim.


  136. R

    I have one that’s bothered me for most of my life, regarding Disney’s Aladdin.

    I was 6 when the movie came out, and it wasn’t the first movie I saw in theaters, but it WAS the first movie for which I was old enough to experience anticipatory excitement. I loved the trailers, couldn’t stop thinking about it, wanted the toys before I even saw it.

    So, as you can imagine, seeing the movie was a big deal for me. The music really stuck with me, afterwards. Particularly, a song that seems to no longer exist: an additional villain song, performed by Jafar, in the sultan’s palace, fairly early on in the film, in which he discussed his intentions to take over the kingdom, through acquiring Jasmine.

    As soon as we got out of the theater, I begged my mom for the soundtrack tape. I was lucky – she was excited about the movie, too, and had also really enjoyed the music, so we picked it up from the mall, on the way home. Imagine my dismay when I got home, listened to the entire thing (sitting on the floor of the kitchen, with my tape deck), and…that Jafar song was nowhere to be found.

    But that was ok, I thought, because I was old enough to understand that sometimes soundtracks aren’t complete, and that the movie would be out on video fairly soon. And it was, but still, no Jafar song.

    This bothered me…pretty much throughout my entire childhood, as Aladdin remained my favorite Disney movie. As an adult, I’ve tried googling around, to find it. Nothing.

    Actually, it’s weirder than nothing: There ARE two deleted Jafar songs. Storyboards were made for at least one of them, but neither ever went into final animation for the movie. However, NEITHER OF THEM ARE THE SONG I REMEMBER. They’re not even close. This is a HUGE memory of childhood disappointment, for me, and I can’t find anything to support that it ever came close to existing, in this reality.

    1. Jaysun

      Was it the song from Return of Jafar?

      A lot of odd things surround the making of the movie, like Howard Ashman’s timeline for conceiving, writing lyrics, and dying during production. Also, the me seeing a Jurassic Park trailer in front of it

      1. R

        It wasn’t. In my years of searching the internet for this thing, I’ve listened to everything I could find, including tracks that never even made it into the movie, and the song I remember does not exist.

        Not to mention, the fact that the song wasn’t on the soundtrack we IMMEDIATELY purchased, after seeing the film in theaters, is such an intrinsic part of the memory, it couldn’t have been a song from a direct-to-video sequel, anyway.

  137. Julia

    I should be in bed asleep and instead I’m caught up on-line in alternate memories. I just read something I had never heard before either. I remember hearing and reading about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, which happened in 1932, but I’m pretty sure I heard the baby was never found – it was an ongoing mystery as well as a tragedy. Now I read that the baby’s body was found a few months after his kidnapping! This is really surprising, although these alternate memories get somewhat less surprising every day…

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Julia, I’d removed this comment (at your suggestion) but, after I did — so no one new would have seen it — someone said she remembered that the baby’s body was never found. So, I restored this, and I thought you’d like to know why. (The other person’s comment is part of some other “alternate memories” she shared in confidence. She has several memories like yours. Very cool!)

    2. Misty

      This is news to me, as of today. I’ve seen a few comments that almost made me comment before, but this is the one that did it. The Lindbergh baby was on all kinds of those mystery shows when I was growing up, like Unsolved Mysteries and the plethora of old History channel shows. I found it terrifying but interesting. The baby nor the kidnappers were ever found, I KNOW this is how the story went (at least until now I guess).

      In my timeline/ universe (I should start saying this to truly freak people out haha) it was Berenstien Bears, chartreuse was a dark red color, Australia was far away from everyone and it was Interview with ‘A’ Vampire.

      All of this is very very weird to me and I’ve made myself a bit ill thinking about it.

  138. Bruce

    I’ve got an example of a slider event for you. Remember the 2002 movie “Bend It Like Beckham”? It was the first big movie role for Kiera Knightley. It also stars a British actress named Parminder Nagra.

    I distinctly remember reading a newspaper article a few months after the movie came out stating that Parminder Nagra was dead, murdered by a jealous boyfriend while the two of them were visiting Paris. I remember being shocked, and telling a few friends about it.

    A couple of years go by, and I noticed while watching an episode of ER a familiar looking actress. I looked at the credits and saw it was… Parminder Nagra!

    She is still very much alive, married with kids, and was just on the TV show The Blacklist. Yet I could swear I read a newspaper article detailing her murder.

    What the heck..?

    1. Lizziejayne

      Hi Bruce,

      This struck a chord with me, because I remember thinking the same. Is it possible you got her mixed up with one of the other actresses? Sarita Khajuria starred in the film & died in 2003. She’d last been seen boarding a train from Paris. As I recall, due to the mysterious circumstances, media speculation extended to her boyfriend at one point.

      Fiona – thanks for starting this site! It’s such a fantastically interesting topic & it’s fascinating to read of so many different experiences; particularly as so many seem to overlap.

      All the best.

  139. claire

    Ok, there has to be some kind of mistake because it’s definitely Berenstein Bears. I used to watch the cartoon as a kid.There was an E there. I even had a book, I’m going to try to look through my old stuff and find it.

  140. Sam

    I remember in late 2001, Osama Bin Laden dying of an illness of sorts. I recall very vividly the news broadcast that was shown when word got out of his death.

  141. William Walker


    I have spent the last 2 days reading this site, barely able to sleep at all. Luckily last night I found my peace with all of it and slept like a baby. I have even more peace with the whole thing this morning because it is all starting to make sense now.

    Like many others, this began with the Berenstein Bears for me. Late Wednesday night I have no idea what I was even looking up, but I ran into the Berenstain spelling. At first I completely freaked out and called my mom because I had every book in the 80s and watched the show too. I am a nerd about spelling and am 100% sure it was spelled Berenstein. So without prefacing it at all I just asked her how to spell Berenstein Bears. She, of course, spelled it Berenstein too. I told her what I had found about Stan and Jan and their last name being completely different now. She just shrugged it off and tried to do the explaining away.

    Thank goodness that wasn’t good enough for me because what I came here next since he had your site linked on his. What a breath of fresh air to find some like-minded people! I had to read every post on here before I felt okay with posting, but this is absolutely fascinating. When I found my peace with it last night I started to take notes because I have an overwhelming amount of these memories even though I’m only 31.

    So I’m going to try to make a list here of the ones I know for sure have changed and preface this by saying I have had 2 NDE’s one in 2009, and one earlier this year. Something about the NDE makes this all resonate profoundly. All that said, here goes:

    -Berenstein Bears is now Bearenstain Bears
    -Challenger DID explode in 1984
    -Ghost Hunters was originally called TAPS
    -Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 80s, for some reason I feel like it was 1987
    -Australia was definitely further south which is why that whole area looks wrong now, although I still think something is off about New Zealand too
    -Tank Boy was run over in Tiananmen square
    -Fidel Castro died in the mid 2000s
    -Billy Graham died in 2009
    -Diana Ross died, can’t remember the year at all though
    -Columbine was without a doubt in 1996

    The last one I have to put a little separately. Up above someone mentioned Bill Hicks and I have been a huge Bill Hicks fan all my life. In my memory no one really appreciated him and he killed himself in 1994. So when they mentioned Bill Hicks and Netflix I had to go on Netflix and see what Bill Hicks was on there and the only thing was a full movie called American: The Bill Hicks story. It is amazing, but somehow in this history people loved him and he died of pancreatic cancer. Needless to say that movie was not the Bill Hicks story of my past, but this one is so much better!

    Okay I think I have to leave it at that, even though I could write all day about this. Thank you for bringiing a Dragon-Con green room discussion out into the light, you and the rest of the commenters have blown my mind!

  142. Annie

    This might not be appropriate for the site, but my mind became stuck on the Beatles and Paul McCartney and did he really die and be replaced by a look-alike? I had researched that in and out and it appears to me that the current Paul in a look-alike. Something about a new album in the works and Paul was dead but needed.

    Look at all the Presidents of the U. S. having lookalikes and stand-ins for certain occasions, and then Mandela.
    (Fiona, I apologize as you don’t care for the suppositions, but…. ) What if some the deaths were announced prematurely, or WERE for real and a stand-in took over for political reasons! The media would have no problems dispensing with news articles and replacing papers and magazines.

    My daughter, 50, still has all her Berenstein books from her first child, 1986-7, and I cannot wait until she rummages the attic for copies! She says she still has them all. She would not sell out to anyone to have the names changed!

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Annie, the supposition is a fun one. Not a good fit for the actual (alternate) Mandela memory, but it was a great concept for the movie, “Dave,” with Kevin Kline. That wanders into conspiracy, of course, which isn’t the topic of this site, but still… a fun supposition for speculation!

      1. Vivek narain

        People love conspiracy theories,but as facts stand only a couple of individuals are worthy enough to be replaced by subsitutes not the plethora available in ME.People also want to take maximum mileage out of life,the wisdom of Solomon is forgotten,they want to live for maximum years and after that an eternity in meta physical realm,the reason to live maximum is the intrinsic instinct and then acquired oneupmanship.Mandela effect introduces yet another lifeline that is by far the most tantalizing one,that of quantum immortality,a seamless continuity.The only catch with ME is that if you don’t perceive your previous death,the immortality becomes meaningless specially for hedonists and i assume most people are,to a lesser or greater degree, hedonists.Scientists are very close to head transplant also called whole body transplant.Hindu texts mention various instances of soul transplant into a recently deceased healthy body of other person and vice versa,even surgical head transplant cases are there.

        1. Julia

          Vivek – Am I correcting in assuming that you believe people who have alternate memories must have died at least once? (I can’t tell for sure.) I’m not at all convinced that the answer is that you die and continue in another time stream. I for one have never been seriously sick or injured (unless it happened suddenly and I didn’t know) or had a Near Death Experience. I don’t know the answer but think that reality and time are just a lot more fluid than we ever knew and we may be sliding back and forth between realities all the time. I also wonder if some personalities tend to slide more because they are by nature less rigid emotionally or intellectually – not that I’m saying it’s a preferred mode of being – just something that may be. I have a friend who is very “grounded”, very aware of her surroundings, super self-confident with a good memory and who would out-right reject this all as anything but nonsense, but then she has never expressed any confusing alternate memories. Do you know anything about the Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator? I am definitely and INFP – Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive – which in my view makes me especially open to alternate experiences.

          1. Vivek narain

            Julia, you mean to ask whether i imply a previous death as a precondition for alternate memories.For millenniums all theologies,Abrahamic as well as pagan like hindu or neo hindu like buddhism have taught that there are 7 planes of existence,the physical plane is densest and as we ascend it becomes lighter,the main difference between hinduist and abrahamic is that hinduism says you have to become worthy of next plane through series of rebirths,and here i return to our prosaic discussion.mandela effect gains its strength thru anecdotes and so does rebirth,the other 6 planes we can ignore for the sake of current existence,there is an anecdote in gitm reddit where a young couple remembered their death in car accident there are several other anecdotes where people remembered their imminent fatal accident but the couple’s graphic memory of wood piercing their chest is nearest to actual death.So i am not telling my personal theory infact i don’t have any,i may be gifted in manifesting miracles,but theories i glean thru studying prodigal authors and anecdotes.Myers-Briggs classification is of psychological types,what we are discussing here should be beyond psychology, closer to physics.

            1. Fiona Broome Post author

              Vivek, I can see your point, but I like Julia’s idea of seeing if those of us who notice the Mandela Effect fit any consistent pattern. The Myers-Briggs classifications are as good a commonality to check as any.

  143. Julia

    Vivek – I can see your point also – it’s just not something I’ve experienced. Do you believe you died physically at least once? That’s interesting about the 7 planes of existence being mentioned even in Abrahamic traditions. And thanks, Fiona, for the support.

    Another thing I’ve been wondering lately is how many people who write on this board or who have written to Fiona privately, have told ANYONE else about these alternate memories. I have mentioned this theory to my mom, who is uncomfortable with it because she doesn’t like change, or things being over-complicated or chaotic (which I can totally understand.) She also doesn’t share the few alternate memories I’ve mentioned to her – although she does spell dilemma “dilemna.” :) And I’ve mentioned it to my INFJ friend, who reads sci-fiction as well as many other genres, and who is at least open to strange experiences – she is a little skeptical but not dismissive or critical of me for my interest, which I think is the best attitude to have. (She also remembers “The Candidate”) But I can’t think of another person I’d dare to discuss this with in any depth.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      I’m so pleased with how many insights you share and the questions you ask! Several people (including you, Vivek, Gurluas, and others) regularly share lots of information that helps me — and, I hope, all of us — understand the scope of the Mandela Effect.

      You wondered how many people have written to me, privately. Currently, I have 21 private comments — some of them very lengthy, listing multiple alternate memories — and I can’t even count the emails. However, probably due to the perceived reduction in privacy, fewer people share actual memories in email. Most emails are thanking me for the website… with the occasional blast from someone who feels obliged to tell me I’m more than a bit mad. (That’s okay. The spelling and grammar in those emails nullifies their credibility. LOL)

      So, I’d guess maybe a dozen emails with actual alternate memories described.

      In real life, I do talk about the Mandela Effect, especially whatever the most active topic is. Almost 100% of the people I’ve spoken with in the past month or so have insisted it’s Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain. Before that, the most vehement arguments I had were over Billy Graham’s death. I learned to go straight to the nearest phone and bring up Billy Graham’s Wikipedia article, to show that he really is still alive. About 40% of the people I spoke with were absolutely positive he’d died, Graham’s son had given a very moving (and long) eulogy at a huge stadium and it was aired on TV, and the funeral coverage had lasted about three days.

      By contrast, the Campaign/Candidate topic gets almost zero traction. Universally, people insist they must have misremembered.

      I interpret that in terms of the duration or significance of the event that created the memory. A funeral that’s covered for days (Mandela’s and Graham’s) is more firmly established. Ditto a series of beloved children’s books, read over and over again. A movie, maybe seen but not impressive…? Easily forgotten and therefore a “misremembered” memory.

      Well, that’s my guess, anyway.

      The life-and-death question is a quirky one. I mean, yes, it’s life and death. However, are we talking about mechanics there? When we “slide,” did we “die” in the previous reality, or do we swap places with another of “us”? (I feel like a ditsy old person using quotations there, but these words aren’t as precise as I’d like, and — in text — they’re missing the layers of meaning they might have if we were talking, face to face. Speaking of which, if this topic keeps growing, maybe we should consider a conference or gathering.)

      I still think we may be sliding in our dreams, per Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s speculation. For me, the bigger question is: Do we always (or nearly always) wake up in our “home” reality (if we have one)?

      Are those realities on the same timetable as our “home” reality? If not, do we drop those later memories in — perhaps as a dub-in — replacing existing memories from the home reality?

        Making up an example: What if, in 2012, someone knew Mandela was still alive. Then (in 2012) a dream/slide took that person to an alternate reality where it was 1987 and Mandela had just died in prison. That experience provided a richer, more significant memory. And then — when the person awoke — the alternate memory was more securely embedded among that person’s memories, so it was the only memory, or the original 2012 memory (of Mandela, still alive) seemed the weaker/false one.

      I’m also interested in what we have in common. It agree that it may not be anything that causes the slides, but perhaps something that — like Myers-Briggs — makes us more likely to go looking for answers, and accept the possibility that the Mandela Effect is real.

      Or, maybe only some of us slide, and we have some kind of marker. It could be something as silly as a freckle on the hand, a single hair that always grows in white, two webbed toes, or something we figure is a tiny scar from some forgotten childhood injury.

      That said, the idea that only some of us slide…? I have difficulty working with that. I know my IQ is higher than most (145-ish, if anyone takes that seriously), and I tend to be artsy. I also like to speculate about… well, all kinds of things, just for fun. I mean, right now, I’m wondering if those descriptions of alien abductions and examinations are the aliens looking for some consistent marker that explains why those abductees even saw the aliens in the first place… much less got sucked up into the ship.

      (But, as I’m saying that, I’m a little worried that someone will take that seriously. Sorry, it’s whimsy. It’s my “what if…?” thinking at its most flippant. I’m perfectly comfortable asking absurd and “out there” questions without taking myself seriously, or expecting anything resembling an answer. And, it’s also why I’m a writer, so I can do something with those “what if…?” questions.)

      However, in general, I think of myself as a fairly boring, average person who likes a quiet, normal life. I’m not looking for adventure or to stand out in the crowd. (In fact, when I speak at Dragon*Con, it’s so I can meet all of my readers at one time, and avoid being recognized or making public appearances for the rest of the year.)

      In other words, if I’m sliding, it seems to me that everyone must. I just happened to notice it, and got caught up in a discussion with others who also notice it. All we had in common were being invited Guests at Dragon*Con, so we were all in the green room between our panels and presentations… and one was a Security guy, and I think he’s the one who raised the topic in the first place.

      And, for the record, I generally score INTP, but now and then I’ll score INFP. The P/J part of the equation is usually close to 50/50, but I still almost always score more highly on the P side of things.


      1. Julia

        Thanks, Fiona. I’m glad you don’t mind my questions/comments. I had been telling myself “I’ve got to stop posting so much. Fiona is going to get sick of me!” :)

      2. BrandonD

        “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


    2. Vivek narain

      Julia, What i have learned so far is, that people are slave to their zodiacal traits and tendencies,if one realises his inherent negative traits and sincerely attempts to curb them then the universe opens up in all its glory,though i think mandela effect is a genuine and all encompassing phenomena and too big to be restricted to specific personality types.i have studied the fundamental pragmatism of Solomon and also the deep one of,in my opinion chase is very much underrated he is called king of thriller but ‘emperor’ befits him more,the kind of feeling of pulse that he had.Synchrocity of jung and mandela effect of fiona are both overwhelming,that science as yet has no answers.Dying is an omnipresent fact,the most we can do is to be graceful about it,and not regret it.

  144. Julia

    P.S. to my last message.
    To clarify Vivek, I am NOT saying that changes in reality might occur to some people more than others based on personalities – rather, I’m suggesting that some personality types MAY have a harder time reconciling alternate memories to their lives than other personality types, and might be more likely to dismiss them as dreams or mistakes or even subconsciously bury them rather than admit they might be a real phenomena they are experiencing, whatever the cause. I’m not totally “comfortable” with the idea of alternate realities myself but I’m not so uncomfortable that I will or want to ignore my memories out of hand. I rather enjoy mystery but some people clearly do NOT enjoy it and will not explore odd ideas. (And all types of personalities have their strengths – hard-headed skeptics may be less likely to be fooled and that’s a good thing, but they also might miss out on something out of fear or stubbornness.)

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Julia, I’m nodding enthusiastically in agreement.

      Also, the most hard-headed skeptic I’ve met — someone who is perfectly obnoxious (in my opinion) about my paranormal research — once took me aside at an event (where we were both among the speakers) and confessed that the reason he’s such a vocal skeptic is because he believes. He just can’t find a good reason to admit that he believes. He keeps hoping someone will present an argument that’s convincing. For him, that’d be a huge relief.

      Since then, he’s kept his distance, probably because I know his secret. However, that conversation transformed how I look at critical skeptics. I wonder how many of them aren’t badgering us, they’re actually pleading for evidence that they can believe.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  145. john

    Sorry if mentioned before but I and many others apparently have memories of using crayons called FLESH. I was born in ’69 so my crayon-using days would have been the ’70s. Crayola changed FLESH to PEACH in 1962. Hard to believe I was using decade+ old crayons in the mid-70s. Anyone else remember using FLESH-colored crayons in the 70’s?

    1. Julia

      John – Is that what the current belief is – that Crayola changed peach to flesh in 1962. Does Crayola say that? I was born in 1964 and my older brother in late 1961. I doubt my mom had bought any crayons when my brother was barely a year old, so my crayons couldn’t have been that old.

      And yes, I definitely used crayons named “flesh” as a child. It’s a weird name that stands out, especially when you learn what the word flesh means.

      1. Gems

        Yes, I remember the flesh colored crayon. However, my experience with it was much later than yours, I was in elm. school in the early 80s.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      William, at the moment, the best thing to do is to leave a comment at the one 100% private post at this site:

      While most contact form messages have been reaching me, there was a problem last week. Weirdly, someone (or maybe a bunch of people/spammers) is spoofing my various websites and sending spam with those addresses. I’ve been flagged as a spammer.

      So, my hosting service put a temporary hold on my email until this gets sorted out. My non-paranormal sites — ones that don’t have my name associated with them — seem to be fine. Anything with my name on it…? Spoofed.

      So, use that privacy-related post for a comment. I’ll see it. Otherwise, wait a week or so. By then, the spam issue should be traced and fixed. Or, they’ll get bored and move on to someone else’s domain names.


  146. BrandonD

    Has anyone taken a rough survey of the age-range of people who have these alternate memories? Because it seems that most of the people are around the same age as myself. I was born in 1976, in the south United States.

  147. Vivek narain

    Unwittingly i have,the sri lanka alternate memory resonates with 20 yr old as well as any older age.

  148. Tee

    Does anyone have a clear memory of the walkman being out as early as 1979, like they are saying. This is supossed to be the 35th anniversary of the walkman, but I recall reading several years ago that they didn’t make their debut until sometime around 81-82. My mom who is 61, also says that she doesn’t recall them being introduced any time during the 70’s, she thought they were introduced in the early 80’s as well.

  149. Ender Wiggins

    Okay let’s get specific then: Everyone try to focus and get off your computer or phone and try to think of what year it is in your own head.

    See what the answer to that is and maybe you might remember a thing or TWO.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Ender, that’s an interesting test. Snap answer, before I’m fully awake and have had breakfast…? 1998, though — of course — I know it’s 2014.

      So, if you’re referencing the “double memory” phenomenon some have mentioned, that’s a pretty good test.

  150. Vivek narain

    Some 10 years back i read an article on Turkey that mentioned the population as half christians and half muslims.Now the facts say 1% christians,an hour ago a friend casually stated the same half figure.

  151. Bryce Rasmussen

    Well, this is confusing…I was reading comments about Fidel Castro’s death…so I looked up when he died, expecting to see something from a few years ago, as I clearly recall him having died a few years ago. Nope. 2014. Immediately, I think of possible solutions, ranging from simply really bad memory, or maybe mishearing news anchors mentioning an illness and drawing conclusions, to possible body doubles (saddam Hussein was rumoured to have drafted many body doubles). But – I also remember reports of his death just a few years ago, and not 2014. Well.

    1. Sarah

      Bryce, are you saying you saw sources stating that Fidel Castro died in 2014? Because I looked it up a couple of hours ago, and everything I found online stated that he is still alive at age 87, and publicly commented 2 days ago about the Malaysian passenger plane that was just shot down over Ukraine.

  152. Tee

    So this is a very recent personal experience that I’m beginning to look at at possibly being part of these shifting dimensions. I’m a photographer and I cover lots of events where I live and meet new people all the time. One event I did in February 2013, I met a fellow lady photographer and we later connected on Facebook. Long story short, the person I met at the event and connected with on Facebook no longer looks anything at all like she did when I initially met her. The name is the same and that’s about it. I have been a bit confused about it for several months as I noticed the change about late last year, but just ignored it and chalked it off as maybe I just remembered her wrong or maybe it was the picture of a friend or relative she was using all of a sudden. I never forget faces or too much of anything else for that matter. And this person now looks totally different–as in another person altogether–from how I originally remember.

    1. Jennifer Shepherd

      Thank you for posting this; I’ve been holding off a few weeks from posting a somewhat similar story to yours, because it’s really impossible — as in, “certain people are living on completely different timelines/probability loops than we are” impossible.

      So here goes. (As an author I’m kind of the queen of weird, anyway, so what have I to lose? :) )

      When I was very young I had an emotionally abusive boyfriend, and the two of us also had a mutual male friend. I cut off contact after a few years with the abuser and flushed him completely from my life. The mutual male friend also “broke up” with this abusive friend because he was also abusive to him. This mutual male friend remained my friend off and on over the years.

      For some reason this guy still seemed to have a bit of a fascination with our past abuser and periodically would call him and get in touch with him. We all lived in different states and never saw each other in person. The abuser updated my friend as he went through different life events; a marriage; a move out West; the arrival of a daughter (which was a surprise to me as they guy was adamantly childfree by choice, and I actually was very upset to hear about him having a kid because of his psychopathic/abusive tendencies. I worried about what he would inflict on his daughter.)

      For some reason our mutual friend decided to look the abuser up and have a lunch/reunion with him when he was out West on a business trip and staying in the same city. Again, I received a report about the abuser showing up with his daughter, who was about three, and his wife in tow. Everybody was apparently cordial with each other and that was about it.

      In the years since then I also broke off contact with the mutual friend because of some things that he did which were unacceptable to me. We live in very different parts of the country and have no other mutual connections like other friends or family or social networks.

      So to all intents and purposes, both people are “dead” to me — no continuation of any contact or any gossip about them arriving in my life because we are not “networked” in any way.

      For some silly reason I recently looked up the abusive ex with the wife and daughter on Facebook, where there is a photo of him with a wife………..and his SON who is the same age as the daughter would be about now.

      No daughter. Just a seven year old-ish (or thereabouts) son. It appears to be the same wife he had before, at least, she looks like the one our mutual friend described meeting. So I doubt this is a stepson or that he has remarried. He had been married to one lady who did not have kids from prior relationships and they had had one daughter together.

      Also puzzling is how the guy looks. He was extremely pale, verging on being albino in coloring, and he was losing his hair back in his early twenties. Now in his photo he has (natural looking, no weird toupee type hairline or anything) dark hair. Same texture; lank and thin; same style haircut. He lives in a sunny climate, so this is especially puzzling; blonde hair can certainly darken over the years, but darkening THAT much when you start out with practically white hair?

      I am not very motivated to get back in touch with our former mutual friend to get any updates on the abusive former friend. So I am content to leave it as a mystery at the moment.

      But I have to say I have long had a feeling that certain people I forcibly ejected from my life at various times, with a clear intention never to be on their timeline again, may have, indeed, SHIFTED in some way to other realities. Like — they just aren’t a part of your reality or timeline anymore, and that’s perfectly fine.

      I’m not one to stalk people I used to know on social media, either, because I think it’s unhealthy; but something made me look this guy up recently.

      And it sort of blew my mind and I’ve been working up the courage to report the event here!

      So, we have:

      * A man whose toddler daughter suddenly turns a few years later into a son the same age (with dark hair and not light hair, I might add; the daughter had his light hair when she was a toddler); no mention of a daughter on his Facebook page, it’s all about the son.

      *An albino type fellow who suddenly, years later, develops dark hair (that doesn’t look fake, transplanted, or dyed dark). After living in a sunny climate for over a decade.

      The son, by the way, looks quite masculine, at least as much as little boys do around the age of seven. But it is always possible his daughter is trans and is now dressing and looking like a male.

      But it is all very strange!

      If anybody else here reports finding odd or out of place details suddenly changing with someone they haven’t been in touch with for a while, please post them! These things seem to me to be more promising, tangible evidence of the types of reality shifts that author Cynthia Larson (whose books and website are excellent) describes in great detail in her work.

      In this case, it also isn’t a case of faulty memory as the details of his physical appearance and the fact that he had a daughter (and not a son) were “set in stone” on the other timeline–but they appear to have now changed.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Jennifer, I’m nodding in agreement. I have one close to home, as well. My brother had one more child than I did. At the time the child was born, I laughed because there had always been some rivalry between us. When the formal birth announcement arrived in the mail, I joked and said I had X number of kids, so — of course — he had to have X+1.

        Also, when he set up Facebook accounts for his family, one of my kids remembers the additional child’s account, photo, etc.

        However, now there are just X number of children in his family, not X+1. No record of any kind to suggest there ever was that extra child. And, when I (delicately) asked about this, I got a completely blank look. (I didn’t push the issue. He already thinks my ideas are weird.)

        So, I totally understand what you’re saying, and how utterly bizarre it is. And, except that one of my kids is completely sure about both the baby announcement (and my joking about it) and the Facebook account… well, I’d think I’d “misremembered” something pretty darned strange.

        The Mandela Effect. Utterly weird, eh? LOL


        1. Jennifer Shepherd

          OmygodsIdon’tbelieveinorparticularlylike — Fiona! :)

          Thank you for your comment after mine; I have heard, anecdotally over the years from dozens of people, similar stories like yours and mine that hit very close to mine — major biographical info like number of kids, genders of kids, locations of family members, occupations of family members, etc. suddenly changing — so that families are often divided, going, “THIS is definitely what happened!” and others are like “No, THIS is what happened!”

          So what you posted is very comforting to me! I have always had a weird energy shift type feeling around the guy I posted about — like, some time or probability shift thing was going on; so in some ways, it made perfect sense that basic details of his life had changed (having a seven year old BOY suddenly and no longer having had a girl, physiological details about him being a former almost-albino (with a full albino nephew whom I MET years ago in Atlanta area)— to suddenly having dark hair_…..)I really don’t think these things are are “odd” as they might seem; it’s more a matter of people not always archiving info or comparing info.

          Thank you again for creating this space in cyberspace, Fiona! :)


          1. Vivek narain

            2 yrs ago i came in touch with a suburban location where i made a tiny real estate purchase.The location has become a prolific source of twilight zone anomalies for me,first, a path that i perceived as well as my associate did,no longer exists,then a girl living there changed appearance in a most dramatic manner(i have posted this in cynthia’s site), measurements of plots have differed regularly for no apparent cause or sly intention.

  153. Vivek narain

    The alternate reality phenomena is so ubiquitous that unless you are in the know,the changes may unconvincingly be attributed to other factors.

  154. JM

    I remember the wrestler Owen Hart dying back in the early-min 90s, but his death is listed as 1999. No way was it that late. There’s also a big conspiracy about the Ultimate Warrior’s death. Might not be interesting if you’re not into wrestling. I’m not anymore, lol, but I was when I was younger.

    1. Jaysun

      I remember watching that paper downstairs in a house I moved into in 1998, and vividly remember watching it happen. I saw him wrestle Bret at Louisville Gardens in 1994, I was excited that I touched Bret’s hand. And I have a deep knowledge and memory for wrestling. That being said, anything involving Owen after 1996 is hazy and feels dreamlike. DX parodying him would have to be 1998 as well and I remember THAT vividly. Could be he wasn’t pushed on TV much, but who knows.

  155. Rory

    I have a memory that doesn’t seem to be true.

    I very clearly remember several years back, I was playing xbox live and talking to my friends. One of them was reading on the computer, and suddenly exclaimed that the actor Christopher Walken had died. This would have been 2009/2010, possibly 2011. All of my friends commented about how they had liked him and they seemed pretty upset by the news. Sure enough, the next morning I was checking my news app on my phone (as I do every morning) and the BBC news report “US Actor Christopher Walken Dies” shows up on my phone.

    I didn’t think much of it at the time because I’m not a big movie fan, and hadn’t seen many of the films he had been in, so I just moved on to the next report. But, some time later, my friends were discussing a movie that Christopher Walken was in , and the very same friend who said he died suddenly says “Christopher Walken is in that! I love Christopher Walken!” Then, remembering that he had died, I said “He died a while back, didn’t he?” To which he replied “Who?”
    I said: “Christopher Walken! You said he died a while back, I saw it on the news”
    “What? No I didn’t”
    “You did! Do any of you guys remember?” (we were speaking in a group chat) – The only responses I got were a chorus of “nopes” and general confusion.

    So I went on my computer and looked up his wikipedia page, and sure enough it only said his birth date, and gave no death date whatsoever.

    I brushed it off at the time, but I just recently remembered it. I still have no clue as to how I read a BBC news article on Christopher Walken’s death. I know that sometimes, rumors can circulate that celebrities have died, and then they are published as news, but I looked it up, and there doesn’t appear to have been ANY rumors of Christopher Walken’s death at all. Nothing.

  156. William Walker

    Have people gotten bored on this or are we still trying to figure it out? I have to believe there is a lot more to this than celebrity deaths, after all how often do we see a celebrity death hoax and then the next day their agent says no that is not true. Like with Jeff Goldblum…personally I have to wonder why we never see the celebrity come out and say no here I am I’m fine, it’s always the agent saying it.

    That makes celebrity death news too hard to follow. I think this goes way deeper than that and has to be explored. Some of these things can be chalked up to different education in different countries. I mean, we know TPTB like to rewrite history and that goes on in every country. But a book title 100% changing is NOT explainable by that. What if we are all sliders and there are infinite universes that we could pop over to. How deep and unexplainable do our lives get then? Or more likely what if this really is a simulation and the matrix just broke? How do we fix the simulation then? I just can’t stop being intrigued by the possibilities, anyone else feelin that?

  157. JM

    Here’s a weird one.

    I was certain that the plot of Sleepless in Seattle was about two lovers communicating over email, and featured the famous phrase “You’ve Got Mail”.

    However now I see that You’ve got mail is a separate movie released in 1998, and Sleepless in Seattle is not about email but about Radio.

    I thought that the whole point of Sleepless in Seattle was that it was one of the first Internet/Email films, but now it’s not. Very strange.

  158. Vivek narain

    Precognitive visions,also called psychic visions,could be actual events witnessed by consciousness when it briefly visits a clone universe that has a calender ahead of the visitor’s.

  159. Matt Roberts

    Two things for me that I remember and never saw again.

    When I was a kid I was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When the book bus would come around and sell the kids books, I had purchased the book rendition of the second movie, Secret Of The Ooze. It came out as a book before the movie was released. I distinctly remember reading a scene in the book where the turtles stop robbers and Michaelangelo uses sausage links as nunchucks. I then went to see the movie and was upset because that scene wasn’t in the movie. Many years later I found that book and reread it, and that scene isn’t in there. I watched the movie, it’s in the movie.

    I went to see The Sixth Sense in the theaters. There’s a scene where Bruce Willis is standing at the head of a class talking to the kids, and I noticed while watching it that I could clearly see the boom mic hanging over his head in that scene. I thought, “That’s terrible movie making. I can clearly see that microphone.” Never saw it again and don’t know anybody else who has seen it.

    It seems like I notice that a lot with movies, where I’ll watch one from years ago and not see something I remember seeing in it, or I’ll see a scene in a trailer for the movie and it’s not in the movie. Yet I can never remember what it is until it happens. Those two stick out for me though, cause I made a huge deal over them both.

    1. Matt Roberts

      You know, now that I think about it, when I was a kid I walked to school with a good friend of mine and we were both fans of the Muppets and all forms of them. One day he told me he was watching the Muppet Babies and saw an episode where Skeeter got sick and was in a hospital bed and the rest of the Muppets were around her. Her brother Scooter was standing next to her and everyone was saying they wanted her to get better. And then she died and they all cried. We talked about it for a long time and he kept watching the show to see if he would see it again. Of course I watched for years waiting to see that episode, wondering why they would even have an episode like that. While I never saw it and he never saw it again, he assured me he had seen it the one time. And now that I’m looking it up, I can’t find that anywhere.

  160. anne

    That’s weird. I have an amazing memory and I distinctly remember the Berenstein bears. Also, my English teacher distinctly recalls Bob Dylan dying and was astonished to see him in the Super Bowl commercial.

  161. Tatiana

    English is not my native language, so please, excuse my grammar.
    I am glad that I’ve found this web side! I have a few weird memories too and I would like to share them with you:)

    1 – Toni Braxton died. Remember her? Of course you remember her, because she is not dead… But I could swear I remember her die in a car accident, a couple of years later after releasing her biggest hit Un-Break My Heart. I remember this was a hot topic in MTVnews and other singers and bands expressed their sincere condolences. Every time, after her accident, when I heard her song Unbreak My Heart I thought about how great she had a voice a what a loss it was. Imagine my state of shock when I learned she is alive! It was about two years ago, suddenly she appeared on TV, alive and well.
    2 – Maps… Australia is too big. I don’t know why Germany has borders with Denmark. Netherlands and Belgium are supposed to be bigger and one of them had borders with Denmark. And Portugal should be located under France… and so on. I feel like one time I woke up and the world looks different. It’s all wrong. (I am from Europe)
    3 – U.S.A. – 52 states.

    1. Gurluas

      This is the first time someone from the “52 states” world actually has information about Europe. Could you try to draw your version of Europe (What you remember) on a map?

  162. Mikkel Stroebech

    I just saw a reunion show with Monthy Python. They jokingly displayed an alternative title for the show “1 down – 5 to go” as a tribute to Graham Chapman. In one of their earlier reunion shows they had an urn on stage to represent Chapman. I got a bit surprised when i looked him up on the net and found out he died in 1989. Was it really that long ago? I remember it as being in the 00’s.

  163. Cat

    Finding out that Berenstein is actually Berenstain in this current reality was totally mind-blowing to me. That’s when I started realising that I might not have mis-remembered the geographical location of Sri Lanka and Australia, amongst others.

    Anyway, I am curious to find out if anyone has experienced more alternate memories AFTER learning about the Mandela effect? i.e. say I learnt about the Mandela effect in July 2014, some major event A happens in Aug 2014, and in Sep 2014, all physical evidence of the major event A disappears.

    If not, does this mean that once we learn about this, once we observe this phenomenon, we are trapped in this timestream? Like in the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment, once we observe or measure the state, the state collapses into one of two defined states.

    On a side note, I think it would be so creepy if one day I find that this site does not exist and I cannot find any physical evidence of anyone talking about the Mandela effect.

  164. Tee

    Since more people are noticing the geographical changes, I’ll chime in with this….Taiwan is now no longer within the mainland of China, it is now an island off the coast of China. I always knew Taiwan was part of China and was within it’s mainland but a separate country…now it is not. And yes after further inspection of Southeast Asia and Australia, the entire area looks a whole lot different than I remember when I was in school.

    Another thing I have noticed is that some of Islands in the Caribbean now appear to be out of place, and other islands I have never herd of now exist. Trinidad & Tobago is now practically bordering Venezuela so much so it seems to be out of the Caribbean chain of islands( I remember it being further out in the Caribbean, nowhere near as close to South America as it is now) and The Bahamas appear to be too close to Florida. Aside from being a geography lover, I have Caribbean roots, so bad geography is way out of the question with this.

  165. Gurluas

    I just had a “Mandela Effect” moment myself, when I discovered that Borat was released in 2006.
    Yet I remember hearing about the movie earlier, and seeing spoofs made about it before 2006.
    I remember it being released sometime in 1999.

    1. Gurluas

      Actually regarding this. I may need to correct myself. It was probably 2004 and not 1999. (Galaxy Quest was 1999)
      And I also believe there is a rational explanation as Borat was in the Ali G show which preceded the Borat movie.

      So no Mandela Effect there.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Gurluas, thanks for the update. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when I find one that’s not Mandela Effect, after all, it’s kind of a relief. There are enough that I’m sure are Mandela Effect, it’s nice when one turns out to be “normal,” after all.

        1. Gurluas

          It’s both relieving and disappointing.
          I am fascinated by the mystery and the pursuit of it.
          It’s relieving that I do not have a non-fitting memory, but it’s disappointing there is no mystery.
          At least not in that case.

  166. Kat

    I have a memory that I haven’t see on any of these pages and wondered if anyone else had had it.
    Recently found out the D.C. Spinner was in 2002 but I can clearly remember it happening sometime after 2010. I remember being in work after university because I was old enough to understand how awful it was. But in 2002 I was 14 and wild have had no clue. Just wondered if. Anyone e called this happening at a time other than it’s reported or if I’m going mad!!

    1. Julia

      DC Sniper? For me it was 2002 because it wasn’t long after 9/11/01 and felt like more terrorism. But most of us here have experienced the “going mad” feeling.

  167. NDE Survivor

    What if someone (sort of like a disgruntled ex-Matrix employee) is purposefully making these changes to get our attention? This would explain why it occurs to famous people, well-known events, and geography. What I mean is, if I had the ability to change a timeline and wanted people to notice, I wouldn’t make a change to a person/event/place that was only in the memories of a handful of people. I would go for memories shared by a lot of people. I’d start out slow so as not to create panic.

    And if I didn’t get the response I expected, I might be scratching my head thinking, okay, I took some people who used to be dead and manipulated the timeline to make them alive again. And then I moved New Zealand. What’s it going to take to get more people’s attention? Well, let’s try some childhood memories and change those Berenstein books. It all seems like a bit of a trial and error sometimes. Almost like someone is monitoring our responses to cognitive dissonance to determine our thresholds to rejecting/accepting a changed reality.

    Is it some kind of timeline terrorism going on? A controlled experiment? Or someone well-intentioned who’s gone rogue and is trying to get the truth out to humans that our reality is not what we think it is?

    1. Vivek narain

      Seems that the disgruntled employee is an american and a victim of inferiority complex,doesn’t have the guts to take on real top notch celebrities.Is he afraid that if he stirs up the actual czars and honchos of the glitteretti,the fbi will hunt him down or smoke him out of the hole he calls matrix.No president of the exclusive veto power countries has been taken for a ride,no hollywood top star and there are so many,has been asked to go through the ritual of dying and resurrecting.Even the inanimate land masses are insignificant small islands,it would have been real attention gainer if british isles were moved.Berenstein books are not known anywhere outside of US,but if super man was known as duper man that would really have stirred the hornet’s nest.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author


        Sometimes the underlying messages in your comments elude me. This is one of those times.

        For the record, I have many emails from people outside the U.S. with memories of the Berenstein Bears books.

        Also, the area around the British Isles does have a geography issue, if you look at historical maps and records. An entire island is missing: Hy-Brasil. Search for “phantom islands” and “mythical islands” and you’ll find several more, worldwide, that we haven’t discussed.


    2. Gurluas

      Anything is possible at this point. These memories are so varied and distinct, it may even be a personal phenomenon.
      Imagine if we were sensory deprived.

      Completely sensory deprived. No matter what would happen to us, we wouldn’t know.
      Our senses are the gateway to the world, without them we’d only know if we’d die when everything just stops.
      It’s a bit like the internet connection. Now imagine…If someone or something jacks into this connection and starts fiddling with it, making the information we receive become wrong, some sort of sensory interference. Imagine if this goes on for years, and then suddenly stops, and we notice that things aren’t what they used to be.

      This is worth looking further into.
      The sensory interference could come from anything. From fairies to alternate realities, to ghosts, to ley lines, we can’t know….Yet.

  168. Julia

    Here’s something I haven’t seen anyone mention. And for some reason, I feel a little embarrassed about this one – I considered sending it to you, Fiona, as a private message, but you can publish it if you want. I’m curious if it has happened to anyone else. I guess the reason I am embarrassed is because I have to admit that I am somewhat interested in astrology. I know – that’s at least more “mainstream” that alternate universes. I don’t follow my daily horoscope or plan my life around astrology in any way, but I’ve been interested in sun sign personalities since I first learned about them when I was 10. I can often narrow someone’s sun sign down to one or two of the 12 signs or at least guess whether they are an Earth, Water, Air or Fire sign – so, 3 of 12.

    Anyway, because of this, I’m always curious about celebrity birthdays and so when I like a celebrity, I usually look up their birthday and remember, if not the exact day, their sun sign and part of month, since sun signs change around the 19-22 of each month. So, a few times now, I’ve looked up something about a celebrity I had looked up in the past, only to see that the birthday was way off that I though. I know – this could easily be bad memory, except that it’s not just a day I remember, it’s the personality associated with it.

    It happened this evening after watching Tina Fey on PBS – she won the Mark Twain Prize for Humor last November and there was a broadcast of it tonight. I’ve always enjoyed the friendship between her and Amy Poehler. I knew they were both earth signs but would sometimes mix up who was the VIrgo and who was the Capricorn, because the two women are so inter-twined in my mind. Looked Tina up to find out she is now listed everywhere as a Taurus and furthermore, that her birthday is the same day as my late boyfriend, May 18. THAT I would have remembered if I’d read it before because that day is special to me. Still both earth signs, but I was so certain that one of the funny ladies was a Capricorn, born in January. Amy is still listed as September 16 (Virgo.)

    It also happened with Audrey Hepburn. I hadn’t looked her up for years but looked on line awhile ago in the past few years and was very surprised to see that she was an Aries, not sure if it was late March or in April, but it just seemed odd to me. If anything I had remembered her being a Taurus, and she just didn’t see to have a strong “Aries energy” about her. (I’m embarrassed I think this way – don’t ask me why.) Anyway, I looked up something about her again, a few months ago, and now she’s listed as May 4, not just on wikipedia, but all over the place, which seems right. It’s just odd. There was at least one male celebrity that I noticed this with but I can’t remember who. In the past, before reading about the Mandela Effect, I tried to convince myself that I was remembering wrong, but it is not like me to forget once I have looked something up. I remember birthdays or sun signs of old grade school friends I haven’t seen for years. I’ve been keeping this one to myself but now that it happened again with Tina, I though I’d mention it.

    Why does my reality keep changing so much???!!! (I can just hear the sceptics laughing or shaking their heads right now – thanks Fiona for keeping this a “safe place.) And why is sceptic now underlined? I know it’s also spelled skeptic but I just read on-line that sceptic with a “c” is the British spelling but I prefer it and it’s still correct!

    1. Jennifer Shepherd

      I thought I’d comment on this, maybe it can help?

      As a lifelong astrologer I, like Julia, have always known the sun signs of people in my life, dating back to the fifth grade. I’ve kept “mental files” on people’s sun signs.

      While I haven’t found any “real world people’s” birthdates changing (so, for example, childhood friends still have the same birthdates they had when we were ten years old and in the fifth grade,) I have seen a lot of funny business around famous people’s birth information changing.

      There are three “perfectly normal” explanations, although I can’t guarantee that a timeline or reality shift is NEVER involved! :)

      1) Female celebs constantly lied and lie about their real ages, and quite often, their birth info, too. So even going back to actresses from the golden age of Hollywood, you’ll find some weird stuff there. Later on when definitive biographies of these celebs are published, the birth information is often found to be very different than the info that was in their official bio back in the day. (Catherine Zeta-Jones, for example, is one celebrity reputed to have hacked off as much as a decade from her real age to help her get good parts in her thirties, forties, and now fifties. If she is older than she says, she sure looks great at any age!)

      2) There are weird anomalies like the case of Katherine Hepburn (not Audrey Hepburn). Her younger brother Tom hung himself when he was fifteen and she went through a weird thing where from that point onwards she demanded that the family celebrity HIS birthday as HER birthday. This caused her to “officially” change sun signs, and it took quite some years and a good many biographies before her real birthday was added to her permanent bio. I think (I don’t have the info in front of me) that her brother had been a sun sign Sagittarius while she was really a Taurus; quite a difference in energy.

      3) Wikipedia is a notoriously evil website (in my opinion.) Its “human” editors who volunteer to edit the site often have personal agendas in altering info (you’ll notice this a lot on science pages, for example, where studies that verge into “alternative health” territory have all references suddenly deleted, that type of thing). And I have seen completely inaccurate celebrity birth month info on the site, too, which sometimes switches back to the correct info. Often Wikipedians (sounds like a nefarious group of aliens! Ha!) take information from astrology sites where the info about

  169. Dean

    I have very clear memories of learning that Japan had three nuclear bombs dropped on cities during the war, with the third being Osaka, my wife oddly has the same memory.

    Also on the 52 States question, I remember (and even wrote it down so I’m sure it’s not one of those memory tricks) when I was younger about two extra states Abenaki, and Acadia.
    It was only as an adult Googling them randomly that I came across the fact that Acadia was the name of an historical area covering Maine and part of Canada, and Abenaki were a Native American tribe in roughly the same area, with that area on the north-east originally being called Wabanaki.
    Which I thought was odd, as coincidences go… baring in mind this was when I was a child, before I would’ve run across it on the Internet, we only had two TV channels.

    Oh and the Statue of Liberty used to have a parallel in a major statue called the Statue of Justice, in another major city somewhere in the states.

    Oh and the Berenstain Bears thing… I had to look that up just to check you were right. Weird.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Thank you so much for this information!

      The Abenaki and Acadia references are fascinating. I recognized both words from what’s now the state of Maine (and part of Canada). When many Canadian-vicinity colonists wouldn’t sign an oath of allegiance to England during related wars… those (mostly French-speaking) people went to Louisiana, and the community was sometimes called “Acadie” and they were called the Acadians. (Not far removed from the term “Cajun.”) I’m wondering if, in a parallel reality, that was the state of Acadia, or if it was in the northeast.

      My ancestry includes a woman from the “Micmac” (Mi’kmaq) community, an early part of the Wabenaki Confederacy. I’m familiar with the history and have visited some First Nation lands. So, it seems reasonable that there could have been a state called Abenaki… if treaties had been written just a little differently. Definitely likely in a parallel reality.

      I’ve had many discussions about the number of nuclear bombs that fell on Japan. Many people — including those who were alive then, and their children born in the 1950s — seem to have a memory of Osaka being hit by a third bomb. They don’t have that memory for the other heavily-bombed cities, including Tokyo, so I don’t think it’s a simple confusion. Very interesting, and plausible in a parallel reality not far from ours.

      When you mentioned the twin of the Statue of Liberty, I had to look it up. ( ) Oh, I knew about the original in France, and the replicas in places like Vegas, but I really thought there was a second, replica statue in the USA. “Statue of Justice” sort of rings a bell, but it doesn’t seem an exact match for my memories. Still, I was sure enough of the twin statue in the USA, I had to look it up to be sure… and I was kind of amazed when it wasn’t there. (My memories want to place it around St. Louis, but that’s the site of the Gateway Bridge, which I’ve visited in real life, so… now I’m really confused. LOL )

      Thanks again!


  170. Jennifer Shepherd

    (Sorry, my cat submitted my comment prematurely!)..this is part two

    …celebrities that has been posted on those astrology sites has inaccurate info about the celeb birthdates. So a sort of “whisper down the lane” effect happens where inaccurate info is passed from place to place and later ends up on “authority sites” (which Wikipedia claims to be!) :)

    4) There are problems with the cusp issue. Since as you know, Julia, the sun changes sign around the 19th through the 22nd of a given month, and this exact date changes yearly, many people go their whole lives thinking they were born under one sign, when they were really born on the cusp or on the other side of that cusp time. If you haven’t had a natal chart done for you you won’t know which sun sign you are if you were born around that 19th through 22nd time. I think many celebrities think they are one sign and they aren’t; they’re not passing deception around, they just don’t understand astrology.

    5) Publications of ALL kinds, including major newspapers, magazines, and websites do not spend any time trying to hire “real astrologers” to write or research astrology columns; I’m a very rare bird in that my astrology columns are distributed to newspapers by a major newspaper syndicate, and I’ve been an astrology columnist for loads of magazines and arts weeklies; but every editor I worked with said that they hired me for my writing style and the fact that I actually knew about astrology was just a bonus! Most of them were working with writers who ‘faked” their way through the astrology writing, and there is a long history of fakery and dubious misinformation trickling its way through anything that has been published claiming to be real astrology in the mainstream.

    That doesn’t mean that shifts haven’t happened, though, with strange things going on and one person definitely having claimed to be an Aries one day and the next time you read about them, they are said to be a Leo or whatever — but I wanted to provide a few alternative, “normal” explanations for some of what you may have experienced. I know there is high weirdness afoot in the world, generally speaking, so I don’t claim to have the definitive explanation! :)

  171. Vivek narain

    A curious thing has happened,its like this;buzzfeed posted an article ridiculing by listing 25 of its topics,followed by a dittoing article by one samantha of weird territory.i made two responses to samantha which she published,the curious part is that in the listed 25 topics they have very cleverly planted the neil armstrong topic with reversed details smack in the centre,13th in the list.i pointed the mistake to buzzfeed,they kept the response pending and then ignored it,i posted the same discrepency in samantha’s site she posted it then removed it and has kept it under moderation.Is it possible that the buzzfeed is conducting its own psychological test of people’s memories at your cost,killing two birds with a single stone.Very curious or rather very clever indeed.

  172. Susan

    I’m calling on all Anastasia fans here. In the animated movie from 1997, I remember the necklace and music box her grandmother gave her being blue. But in the Blue Ray version that I just got, the necklace and music box are green. Does anyone else remember them being blue or is that just me?

    1. DG

      Not answering your question directly, but in the movie “The Big Lebowski” there is a character with a nail polish color that has switched twice on me now. In this timeline, the nails are green, but I’ve watched the movie countless times and I keep remembering Bunny’s toenails being painted blue. And this is sort of related to a major plot point of the movie.

      The real messy part is that I remember seeing them blue RECENTLY and wondering why they had changed from green. And this is one of those movies I’ve watched over and over and memorized lines from.

      The only thing I can think of as a rational reason why my memory may be tricking me here is that I’ve watched the DVD a bunch of times on an old-style TV set and maybe the tint setting wasn’t calibrated right. It’s the having RECENTLY seen them as blue that is messing with me here…

  173. Natalie

    I’m not sure if it’s ever been mentioned on here before, but a lot of people post accounts of their missing or changed timeline memories on the ‘conspiracy’ website Above Top Secret.

    There are lots on there talking about having differing memories to their friends and families and also naming celebrities who they thought had died many years ago but they turned out to still be alive. Like this one for example:

    I don’t have an account on there or else I would tell them about this wonderful site!

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Thanks, Natalie! After I started this website, someone did tell me about Their approach is a little different than mine. Of course, the reports fascinate me. More than that, I’m looking for patterns in those reports, to understand when, where, and to whom they happen. So, our discussions often lead in unique directions.

  174. Vivek narain

    Many of participants are cross posting in above top secret,glitch in the matrix/reddit,god like productions and a couple of other sites,since these sites entertain only usernames any similarity with other id is filtered.Likewise members of these sites are posting in,world is a small place.

  175. I.J.C

    I have three possible Mandela effect memories.

    1. I agree with the people who say New Zealand used to be different. I am sure it was North east of Australia, and much bigger than it is now. Australia also used to be much further south from the other countries.

    2. I’m from the UK but I remember watching the news during 9/11. The problem is, unless my memory is very much mistaken, it can’t have happened during 2001 for me. I distinctly remember coming home from the gym and turning on the news and seeing that the first plane had crashed into a tower, and then watching the second plane crash into the tower. The problem is that I didn’t have a gym membership in 2001. I didn’t even work out in 2001. I didn’t start going to the gym until 2004.

    3. This memory has been bothering me for years. Many years ago I watched a TV programme about Hitler’s children. It was about how he’d had several legitimate sons who were still alive and well, and how his sons had been banned from ever having children of their own. The authorities wanted Hitler’s bloodline to die out so that his descendants could not become the focal point of a Nazi revival. One of the sons gave an interview about it on the programme. Imagine my shock many years later when I found out that Hitler had never had any children, at least not officially. It seems this TV programme never existed. But I know I saw it. It brings fear tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

  176. I.J.C

    Sadly I have found a rational explanation for my Hitler’s children memory. I posted it on Reddit and somebody pointed out that in the 90s Hitler’s great nephews were featured in a documentary saying that they had made a pact to never have kids. Seems like over the years I got a bit confused and thought the documentary was about Hitler’s children. Sorry!

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      No apologies necessary. Part of our research must always include double- and triple-checking our memories to be sure they weren’t confused with something else.

      That would have been a great memory, but I’ll admit it seemed unlikely in this timestream or any other I can recall.

      Still, many quantum scientists seem to believe that there are infinite realities, and — if you can think of something that might possibly be real, somewhere — it could be real in one of the alternate realities.

  177. James

    I saw the movie trailers thing in here, and thought I should comment about that. I distinctly remember seeing the movie trailer for “A Scanner Darkly” as a child, about 3 or 4 years before it actually came out. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to see it because it looked weird, but they never knew what I was talking about. I forgot about seeing the trailer multiple times, until I finally saw it years later on a poster in a theater. I don’t know if it was some kind of production mistake or whatever, but it’s one thing I always thought was weird.

    1. Kamo

      Upon reading about the film “A Scanner Darkly”, I understand that the animation was very complex and the release date was changed twice because of communication errors among the staff. Originally the film was to be released Oct. 28, 2004 but was revised for Mar. 31, 2006. However, the film’s official release date was once again changed to July 7 to better promote the film.
      I hope this helps, I wanted to see this film badly when it came out but I didn’t because I didn’t know anyone else who wanted to see it. It looked confusing, but it reminded me of the Matrix because of Keanu Reeves.

  178. mike

    a few years ago sally field in the commercial for boniva she said she had Fibromyalgia . I then seen the commercial again and now she said she had Osteoporosis. Is this the same disease? or did it change. I cannot find that commercial for Fibromyalgia yet I am sure that is what she said.

  179. Lev Grinberg

    Movie “Starship Troopers”.

    When I first watched it on a VHS many years ago, it was a “full version”, that had at least two more scenes, than a version we have now: both are romantic scenes with Denise Richards and one of the two main male character (first one, then another). Both scenes do exist – as a deleted scene. But as far as I know there is no existing “Director’s Cut” with this scenes intact. And in the same quality as the other film (without timer and other production info).

  180. Bombardone

    This is my first post here,I’m very happy to be able to share my strange memories here
    I remember that in the early 90’s I read in the local newspaper at the public library (I live in Italy) that actor Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy from the 80’s Fame tv series) was found dead of overdose in New York.I went home to tell my sister about the news since we were both fans of the series.The TV didn’t mention it and since I had no internet at the time she didn’t believe me.So two days later we went together to the library to check the newspaper but the news was not printed anymore in the issue,we checked the previous issues too but couldn’t find it.
    I was 100% sure to have read it but Gene was alive,and I even met him in person because he came to work in Italy some years later.Sadly he died of HIV syndrome after some months.He was the only american celebrity I ever met in person so the coincidence is very strange.

    I was also a big geography “freak” when I was a kid and I passed hours looking at atlases,I still own dozens of them.
    I can assure you that Sri Lanka was directly south of India and I didn’t remember about the “Adam’s bridge” or “Rama’s bridge” that actually connects the two countries under water.I am also an Atlantis/ancient mysteries avid reader and the story of Rama building a bridge between southern India and Sri Lanka was not present in mythology until some years ago!I can understand that maybe the satellite photos of the underwater “bridge” are recent but the mythology story is thousands years old.
    I also remember Japan being farther from Korea,in fact I always thought the Mongols’ invasion of Japan failed because they had to sail thousands of kilometers.

    My sister and my mother remember that actor John Goodman was dead a decade ago,but I don’t share this memory,I don’t think they mistake him with John Candy because when he died we were all sad because we really like his movie with Steve Martin

  181. Vivek narain

    Among historians the location of ravana’s lanka is an enduring riddle with many of them indicating central india as most probable. Wikipedia mentions that historian’s opinions are south of india as the location(same as mandela effect adherents).In google search the brief summary of various files all mention beyond south of india,not south east india,clearly south east has not yet entered the perceptions.An additional detail that people remember is that there were 3 small uninhabited islands between india and sri lanka.People remember mythology saying that rama built a bridge, but nobody remembers it being called adam’s bridge or rama setu,this is a phenomena that has suddenly appeared since the last 10 or so years.

  182. Scott

    I had a movie moment just a few weeks ago. I have loved “The Golden Child” since it was released. I have watched it dozens and dozens of times. My two oldest sons and I always quote “There’s a floor, Monty.” My youngest mentioned that he had never seen it. So we found it on Netflix and watched.

    My oldest sons, and I were incredibly surprised to see that the line now is “There’s a ground, Monty.” Does anyone else remember it being “floor” and not “ground”?

    Thank you for such a wonderful site! Many of the things previously listed ring true to me as well. It is nice to know that perhaps my memory isn’t as poor as I thought.

  183. Julia

    I just heard a radio commercial for tomorrow night’s show of Coast to Coast (the show for Saturday, August 30th – 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Pacific time. I looked on their website and it says that two paranormal researchers, William Birnes and Joel Martin will be discussing, “the possibilities of time travel, the time slip phenomena and how living in multiple realities could cause false memories.” If you can’t hear the broadcast, you can join “Coast to Coast Insiders” ($6.95 a month) and hear the 4 hour broadcast or any other broadcast. Thought people might want to know.

  184. Julia

    I saw Gene Wilder mentioned on the reddit mandela effect page from about a month. Oddly, I also read that just this week there was a internet hoax about his dying this week. (I never read it myself.) Funny thing is – you guessed it – if asked I would have said he had died already. I have a vague memory of his death and of thinking, “Perhaps he is with his beloved Gilda now.” He turned 81 this year.

    1. Vivek narain

      Reddit is a mildly entertaining forum,ats appears cool and some of the topics are really informative but most of them are half baked, has a one point agenda of churning out hoax deaths of as many people as possible. has done its lot to the best of discretion accomodating as many accounts as possible,now it is up to the experts to vivisect the behemoth.

      1. Julia

        To just clarify, Vivek, the supposed Gene Wilder internet death hoax didn’t, to my knowledge, originate from Reddit. I don’t know where it originated and I only heard ABOUT it, but never read it myself. The post on reddit was from more than a month ago. But when I read it recently, it really resonated. It’s very surprising to me that Gene Wilder is alive.

  185. Manuel

    I’m not sure where you would go to post “new” wrong memories, but I have to ask. Is there anyone else that remembers the song “Mr. Brightside” from Trainspotting? Until very recently that was how I remembered it. Apparently I was way off. The funny thing is I have three specific songs that remind me of the film, and book. Perfect Day, Mr. Brightside, and then There is a Light, which is from the book. I read that in ’02 a little under a year after first seeing the movie. Those are all solid memories. Admittedly Born Slippy is kinda similar to Mr Brightside, but that doesn’t explain how I know Mr. Brightside in it’s entirety instead of Born Slippy. I thought I might’ve heard it in another movie, but according to IMDB, most likely not, since it’s only had two appearances on film. Neither of which I’ve seen. Currently scratching my head.

  186. Jennifer

    Two more celeb death memories.

    I was certain Larry Hagman had died a year or two after the liver transplant he was said to have had in 1995. I’m not confusing the two events; in my mind I have very clear memories of thinking to myself, “I guess liver transplants are pretty iffy; and his didn’t seem to ‘take'” because I heard news or read news that he died a year or two afterwards. A related memory was Barbara Eden talking about him after he died and sharing memories of their work on I Dream of Jeannie together.

    So I was pretty surprised when Hagman showed up to play his old character, J.R. Ewing, on the new “rebooted” TV version of Dallas a couple of years ago. Now he’s dead again. Will he stay dead? Who knows!

    Also, Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame is in the news right now because he is competing on TV’s Dancing with the Stars. This came as a surprise to me since I was certain he had died years ago.

    To clarify, Chong was supposedly diagnosed with prostate cancer and announced it mid-2012; he now claims to have recovered with the help of hemp oil, long valued as an alternative cancer cure (but rejected by Big Pharma since they prefer to load people up with other, expensive treatments.)

    But I’m not confusing my memories of his death with that cancer announcement, because I was certain he had died much earler, sometime in the mid to late 1990’s. I have spent years whenever I hear about his comedy partner Cheech Marin thinking, ‘How sad that he doesn’t have his partner anymore to bounce jokes and banter off of.” Because I was sure Tommy Chong died long ago.

    I have somewhat vague yet definite memories of seeing photographs taken and publishing in mainstream media shortly before Chong died, of him looking very ill and emaciated and saying goodbye, giving some final interviews, etc. And of him possibly being mentioned in one of those retrospectives at the Oscars or something where they mention famous folks who died within the past year. I have clearer memories of that last photo shoot he did before he died, though; those are clearest in my mind.

    Anybody else have Hagman or Chong death memories that don’t fit this timeline?

  187. Vivek narain

    Because i am reading your post,i am definitely in the same reality as you,and i am not your doppleganger for sure.It is fiona’s responsibility to check email id of a contributor specially if he is a regular,still it is heartening to see my name getting pirated for the first time.May be fiona will delete your post maybe not.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      I’m sorry that happened. Some of our frequent contributors use several emails and, because they post when they’re on the road, their IP numbers can vary.

      I deleted the comment.

      It didn’t sound like you. I didn’t pay close attention at the time because we’re on the road for a few weeks and I’m approving everything that isn’t snarky or obvious fuel for flame wars.

      Please accept my apologies.


  188. Emily

    I’ve had various strange time lapse moments in my life.

    Once when I was a teenager I was cleaning or cooking or something like that before my dad got home from work. I looked at the clock and wished I had a little more time. I looked again a few minutes later and it was earlier than it had been when I initially looked.

    The other really significant thing that always comes to my mind when I think of things like this is a show I specifically remember watching as a kid but can find no trace of. It was about a family who had bad luck and I swore it was called “The Holes”, but I can’t find any mention of that anywhere. Nor can I find any show remotely matching my memory when I look into cancelled shows from my childhood years. I even remember the intro to it.

    1. Emily

      Scratch that on the show. I’ve finally found it! It was “The Pitts” not “The Holes”! :)

      But I do SWEAR it was BerenstEIN not BerenstAIN. I even looked at it and thought to myself, “That’s not right at all….” when I saw it with an A on this site before I read anything about it. I read the heck out of those books as a kid.

  189. Vivek narain

    Never try to beat time,be friendly with it,and it will take you ahead or behind or stay at the same place as long as you like.

  190. Stephanie

    I distinctly remember Chartreuse being a purple-pink color close to Magenta but a little darker. Less pink, more purple, but still too pink to be a true purple. I’m so confused??

    I also remember the picture of Henry VIII with a turkey leg!

    I also try to spell definitely as definately, but I’m dyslexic, so don’t go by my spelling.

      1. Lea

        This is so confusing. I could have SWORN that it was Berenstein Bears, and that chartreuse was a reddish-brown color. What the heck?!

  191. Amanda

    So similar to the dilemma/dilemna dilemma, I remember learning to spell volume as volumn and it seems like many other people did too after googling it. Also I distinctly remember the Dc Sniper thing happening in Dec 2003, I was living in Wv at the time and my dad came to help me move, he remarked about getting a creeped out feeling when driving through the Dc area because they hadn’t been caught yet.

  192. Becca

    I could have sworn that chartreuse was like a magenta colour. I remember watching (and yes, i know how this sounds) blues clues, and the guy went, red and purple make chaaaaarrtruuuuuuuuuse.

  193. Andrusi

    When I was younger, my parents bought me a special Zoobooks collection about prehistoric life (i.e. a few volumes of stuff nobody really cared about, then DINOSAURS). The first volume, being mostly about single-celled creatures and such, ended up explaining a bit about chemistry, and so it was that as a small child I first learned what atoms and molecules were. A few years later, when school caught up with me, I learned again what atoms and molecules were, and this time their definitions were the other way around. The science itself was exactly as I’d learned it, it was just the names that were swapped. (And I went back and checked, and they weren’t erroneously swapped in the book.)

    Now this all happened while I was very young, so it doesn’t really seem all that weird that I could have just plain misunderstood. But I was as certain then as I was certain that… well, that the bear books were written by people named “Berenstein.”

  194. Josh

    So I have my own Mandela moment
    I clearly remember seeing a commercial on TV when I was really young, like 3 or 4 maybe (I live in Australia by the way)
    This commercial was a cartoon with colours that were really bright, like fluorescent pinks and greens and stuff. I can’t actually remember exactly what it was for but it goes like this…

    A guy walks in and sits in front of a TV and flicks it on and its like a show about the same guy I think, like it was just a mirror of himself or something and there’s like a cool hip hop sort of beat in the background (at this point I was thinking that this is a pro-television thing, making it look cool)
    Anyway plot twist, a rapper’s sort of voice talks over the beat “chop that head off” and an axe or machete like object comes into frame and actually chops his head off and blood like shoots out. (at this point I remember thinking that they were saying that TV is poisoning our minds or something)
    Then the show I was watching comes back on

    I’ve asked my mum, dad and my sister multiple times asking about it and they say they don’t even know what I’m talking about. Other people I ask don’t know either.

    I’ve googled it a lot and there’s nothing to support what I saw and I started believing that it was just a dream until I came across this website… thank you

  195. Elizabeth

    I still can’t believe that Shirley Temple only just died earlier this year… I swear, before I read this page, I was absolutely certain that she’s been dead for way longer! I clearly remember knowing that she grew depressed and committed suicide sometime in her late teens or 20s. I remember talking to my dad about it when I was younger, and he was saying how sad it was that she committed suicide at such a young age… went on to talk about how fame corrupts people and such. I also remember talking to several childhood friends and reading a Wikipedia page on it.

  196. KD

    I have a problem that relates to this rather strongly.
    I lose things. But I don’t just set something down somewhere and forget it’s there. I set something down, turn around, and it’s *gone*. As in, no longer existing. People never remember the object except myself.
    This can happen to simple stuff like pens and pencils, but four years ago I bought myself a DS to play a Pokemon game. The day I bought it, I brought it up into my room to open, and set it on my bed. I went to the bathroom, came back, and it was gone.
    The money I used to pay for it was gone, and so was the receipt, bag, even the little sticker I pulled off the box. I went back to Walmart, asked the cashier I had checked out with if I had left the DS there, and she claimed I had never purchased it (she thought I was very odd, and was reluctant to answer my questions). I even went through the trouble of looking at security tapes. We checked the correct time (around 6 pm), and moved through it really slow to try and pinpoint when I was there.
    I was never there that evening.

    To this day, I have yet to find the DS.
    And I have at least a million other stories of this happening, but none of them are significant enough to mention.
    I’ve considered the possibility that I’m just setting things down into sensitive spots in the timeline; sensitive enough that they can just fall through.
    Or I just have a knack for breaking spacial barriers between timelines.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    1. Julia

      KD – This happened to my mom this summer with an object she put in the dishwasher – a small flat pan. I was at my parents’ house and we both unloaded it and didn’t see it at all. The next night when she unloaded the dishwasher, there it was. Now if it were just me, I’d said I just missed it because I can “not see” things right in front of me. But my mom has always been very observant with an eagle eye for changes, and she didn’t see it. This intrigued me so much I did some research and found a phenomenon called “Disappearing Object Phenomenon.” I’m sure some of the stories could be explained away as lack of observance, but surely not all of them.

  197. Julia

    OK, I was just on another website looking at a thread discussing the Mandela Effect and in June 2014, someone mentioned that Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) is alive. Count me in on that alternate memory! Jim Nabors is pretty difficult to confuse with anyone else. He is 84 now.

  198. Julia

    Fiona – I’m sorry if this is a duplicate. Usually when I post something, I see the post on my computer even though nobody else does, but it’s not here. If this is a duplicate, you can delete that one, because I have something to add.

    Anyway, I was looking at a website where there was a post on the Mandela Effect and in June of this year, someone mentioned that Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) is alive! Count me in on that alternate memory. I would have sworn he died years ago – I can’t stay when – and I am not confusing him with Andy Griffith, who did die in 2012. They are two very different men. And no-one else is similar to Jim Nabors. (Also I just found out there was an actor who played Gomer’s brother Goober, George, and he died in 2012, but I didn’t know about him. The Andy Griffith Show ended when I was barely 4 and the reruns were not a show I watched as a child.

    Anyway, I’ve seen a few other comments by people who thought he had died on other website, including one mentioning his marriage in 2013 (I think) to his long time partner. Interestingly, Wikipedia mentions that he was close to death in 1994, had liver failure and wasn’t expected to make it but Carol Burnett was able to secure a transplant for him. But wherever and whenever I have been, he did die.

    I mentioned in one post reply to “NDE Survivor” that I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea a few years – 3 times the rate of severe, which was a complete surprise to me. I haven’t had an NDE, but wonder if I might have died in another reality and am just not able to remember. What really bothers me about the whole idea in “quantum immortality” is that somewhere there could be a version of my mother who had to experience the death of her child, which has always been a fear of hers more than with most people. And also my dad, close friends and others. If such a thing can happen, it’s not something I can do a dang thing about. The things I think about when trying to fall asleep at night…

  199. Julia

    OK – I take some of it back. MAYBE I am confusing Jim Nabors with Don Knotts – they were a little bit alike, though each distinctive. Maybe I am, but maybe not.

  200. Rich

    Had to make it all the way to the bottom for someone to finally answer the Chartreuse question. And the whole time I was waiting for some one to say a pink/ashy purple. Glad someone else has a memory of that.

    The Campaign/Candidate discussion, I remember it as being Candidate as well. They had it as one of the movies you could select on a flight I was on. Those familiar with flying Air Canada know the system, I actually had to select the movie to get to the synopsis part to see what it was about, then seen it was the ZG movie. I thought in the moment that I believed it was Candidate before and why would they change the name for home release. Now I know it’s apparently ‘always’ been Campaign. Another movie was 8MM it was YEARS in between when I first saw of it, and then when it was actually released. I always attributed it to being shelved by the studio.

    Tank guy got run over, I remember asking my mom why they would do that? She said the tank driver had his orders to keep driving the tank, because if he stopped on his own will, he most likely would’ve been shot.

    My celebrity death is Robin Williams. He died 6-8 years ago for me. I still remember the time where I had that moment of “No, he’s dead though”. It had always bugged me and even more so now with his recent passing.

    And the one that brought me to this page tonight, The Berenstain Bears. There is no way it hasn’t been Berenstein Bears. Like one individual above said, he pronounced it Burn-steen, as did I. And whenever I had to be corrected on the pronunciation I’d be shown the book and be told “see, it’s BEREN-steen”. The picture on Imgur of the books that led me here doesn’t even look natural to my mind.

    I can’t wait to read into this topic more!

  201. Johnny Ray

    Hi again Fiona,

    I don’t know you remember me but I posted a comment on your site a couple of months ago talking about the experiences I have had with ‘Mandela Effect’. Like alot of other people who have posted on here I too remember number of things that never happened, for instance the American President Ronald Reagan being assassinated in 1981/82, Elvis Presley having near fatal heart attack in 1977 but going on to recover before finally dying sometime in 2006 ( – one of my earliest childhood memories is watching him perform at the opening/closing ceremony at 1984 Los Angles Olympics. He was singing the song ‘One Moment In Time’ ). I also remember there being a lot more scenes with Luke Skywalker on Tatooine in Star Wars as much as I can remember as kid watching whole movies that have never existed before such as one set entirely in space, on asteroid belt which is all that left of planet earth in the future. I also remember as kid the song ‘ Like A Virgin ‘ not being performed by Madonna but by somebody named John Sex who I grew up thinking was this huge star of 1980s who like Prince had alot of top ten hits. It was only when I got older that I discovered not only had nobody ever heard of him, there was reason for it. That in this world he was only ever a marginally successfully New York disco artist who died of Aids in early 1990s.

    I also do remember like alot of people boy in Tineman Square being run over by Tank as do remember after being revealed on TV news that he was from Hong Kong, all the Native Chinese people rioting in streets when British Government announced they were going to do nothing to retaliate. I did try to find my early post from couple of months ago that went into these things in alot more detail but I been unable to find it. But searching through all these posts looking for it, I do remember one more thing that I want to add and it’s about another movie from when I was kid, Back To The Future ? Who here remembers it coming out in 1985 but it being set in 1953 not 1955 ? I’ve just spoken two people at work who like me not only both remember it being set in 1953 but also Chuck Berry song played at the end of movie being ‘Rock’n’Roll Music’ not ‘Johnny B Goode’.

    The fact that all three of us remember this did freak me out as I always just assumed that like alot of other ‘False Memories’ that I have, it was just more thing I’ve got wrong. It was also thinking about it today, it made me remember something else about movie, that up until I saw it again a couple of years ago at Cinema, I clearly can recall the last scenes of movie at Hill Valley clock tower being completely different from ones I saw. That instead of Marty writing his letter to warn Doc Brown about what was going to happen to him in Diner somewhere, I remember him instead trying to write it on wheel of his car as he was driving not looking where he was going. He then almost hits delorean with his car, swerving away from it just in time, knocking out sign post instead. Doc Brown who was working on back of it, trying to attach large pole to it, also jumps out in time. It’s when he gets up he notices that Marty has bended pole with his car after running over it and then goes into complete rage saying how he will never get him home now pole is destroyed and don’t have time to make new one. They then look at knocked down sign post and decided attach that to back of delorean with a hook loosely strapped on the end of it. To this day I can still see that sign post, with street signs Hill and Valley Rd, sticking out the back of delorean as Marty takes it back to the future, to the year 1985. Why I am only one that remembers these things I don’t know, but after reading through your site Fiona, it’s good to know that I’m not alone ! Thanks alot ! Laters ! Bye ! :-)

    1. Anonymous

      I checked John Sex’s Wikipedia and found that he submitted a demo to Sire Records, the record label Madonna was signed to when she released Like A Virgin, that I assume was rejected. I checked Like A Virgin’s Wikipedia page and it says it wasn’t written for Madonna at first, and they weren’t sure who to give it to. It’s possible that in one reality, Sire Records signed John Sex and Like A Virgin was given to him.

  202. Ross

    I remember there being two episodes of Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars cartoon show that have just winked out of existence. The first being an episode where the Toads captured the The Righteous Indignation and were able to use Willy’s door to advance on Earth. I specifically remember Willy’s female friend and the bullies that usually tormented him, being the only people that believed the Toads were invading and helped him to return them to the Aniverse. The second episode was a finale, where with the help of the Toad Creators, Bucky finally shut down Komplex bringing the series to a positive close. However, when the shows were released on VHS, these episodes were no where to be found. I even contacted FHE, and was told that all the existing episodes of the show had been released. To make this even more perplexing, when I tried discussing this with another fan of the series, they became very hostile, and would no longer speak with me about the subject. Weird.

    I also remember that Abraham Lincoln was our 13th President, not the 16th. In fact, I remarked to my teacher in grade school that it made sense in a way, because he had been very unlucky in office, a comment she didn’t find amusing. Years later, I was shocked to find that he had moved from the 13th position to 16th, and the dates of the Civil War along with him.

    The Japanese NES game Mother, or as it’s known in the states as Earth Bound, was released in a box set, including 3 or 4 NES cartridges and a guide/art book inclosed in a large cardboard box resembling PC game packaging with the image of the game’s character “Star Man” on the lid. I saw this at the Hills department store sometime between 1987-1988, and was rather confused as to what it was. When I asked my father about it, he said that it was probably a game for adults since it seemed to have a lot of text and spanned more than one cartridge. The next time I would hear about this game, I was told it received no American release and wasn’t on sale in Japan till 1989.

    My wife, my parents, her parents, and myself remember it being Berenstein Bears. This series was rather important to me growing up as an 80’s child, and in a family that was very literate, there is no way we would have been spelling or pronouncing it incorrectly for all these years.

      1. Ross

        Thank you Fiona. I can’t express how intrigued I am about your theory. Here are a few more things I’ve managed to dig up talking to family.

        My brother reminded me that in 1994 Remco produced a series of action figures for the SWAT Kats franchise. According to Wikipedia, there were only four figures produced; T-Bone, Razor, Dr. Viper, and Dark Kat. However, we both remember there being six figures, including a Mayor Manx that came with a golf club and gold watch and a Callie Briggs figure that came with a briefcase and SWAT Kat alarm. These figures were seen at the K-Mart in Warren PA, yet when we went back to buy these figures, they were gone. Concluding this was due to their limited availability, we were both confused to find many years later, that they never existed at all according to Remco.

        My wife tells me that she remembers that Ghost Hunters was indeed called TAPS in it’s original season. And that at the start of an episode, it would say “This week on TAPS, the ghost hunters etc etc etc.” She was rather disturbed to find that it has now been reversed, “This week on Ghost Hunters, the TAPS crew etc etc etc.” Her memory is quite reliable and she is adamant it was called TAPS.

        There are a few more differences I’m following up on before I share them, as it’s a tad difficult to get some people to share their memories on this subject as it seems most dislike it when what they remember doesn’t match up. However, I will report what I find as I come across it.

        Also, I’m very interesting in the alternate ending to the Tom Hanks movie “Big”. This was another important movie to me growing up, so I have seen it many times over the years. If there is a way you could share that information with me, either in article or privately as I’m assuming you are privy to my e-mail address, it would be greatly appreciated.

          1. Ross

            Jonny- This is roughly the ending I remember.

            Josh (Hanks) is enjoying his life as an adult. He has money, freedom, even a girlfriend, but his friend Billy has become less impressed with all these trappings. Confronting Josh and accusing him of no longer being his friend, as he has been using Billy to co-exist between both his child life and adult life, he tells Josh that it isn’t right for him to be an adult. Explaining that he is not only hurting his parents who believe him to be kidnapped, and losing a childhood friendship with Billy, but he is also cheating himself out of an important time in his life where he should be discovering what kind of an adult he will grow to be. He tells Josh where the Zoltar machine can be found and that if he decides to return to being his child self, he would see him at school.

            Josh agonizes over the decision, playing the odd fantasy PC game he can be seen playing during the first half of the movie, and through some textual cue from the game, comes to his decision. Going to to Sea Point Park, he finds the Zoltar machine, that springs to life as he approaches.

            It cuts to him being picked up by Susan, who he asks to drive him back to his old neighborhood. As they sit in the car, he tries to explain the events to her as she misunderstands them to be adult Josh being unable to cope with the stress of his job and their relationship. He again explains that he is speaking literally, that he is only a child transformed into an adult by a carnival machine and, giving her the Zoltar card, he exits the car and walks away down the street. As Susan watches him, he shrinks back into a boy now drowning in an adult sized business suit, and the credits roll. This is how I remember seeing the ending in 1988.

            However, in 1993 when I saw the movie again on TV, there was a little more at the end, where Josh and Billy go back about their lives as they did at the movie open, bringing the film to a full circle. Josh even beats his PC game that he has been struggling with. It’s been my assumption that this was deleted material from the original theatrical release, reintroduced to the TV version of the film to balance out any edited material and fit the film to television time formats. This is also the same format the film has been in every time I have seen it since 1993, and what I have always considered to be this deleted footage at the end, is even referenced in the Wiki as part of the core film.

            This film spoke a lot to me as a young man and has always been one of my favorite Hanks performances pre-90s. I still consider it to be one of those 80s movies that everyone should see as it best represents the decade. Is this also how you remember it to be?

          2. jonny A

            Hi. I do not remember the slightly extended different version you mention. HOwever, I have a friend who remembers a totally different ending to the movie. If you google alternate ending to Big, you will also see that there are many people who also remember an alternate ending to the movie.

    1. I. K.

      Regarding Bucky O’Hare:

      The episode you detail regarding the Invasion rings some bells, and certainly, the finale sounds eerily familiar. I checked out the show again a few years back and was surprised at the final episode not nearly living up to the events as I had previously recalled them.

      Quirky as that may be, I actually had an arguably larger concern that I couldn’t quite attribute. I remember that show being intensely syndicated and there being a seemingly non-stop flow of episodes airing week after week over the course of more than a year (surely it would not have been undeserved!). Granted, I was young at the time, so even thirteen episodes would be quite a lengthy ordeal, and could account for the difference, but for a few discrepancies.

      The first being that the first episodes I saw recently I had no recollection of whatsoever. What I remember clearly were subsequent seasons, or at the very least, more than just the one. Basically, I came in late to the show. Secondly, many of the things I did remember weren’t there. As much as I liked seeing the first few episodes, I felt robbed of the arcs where the marshals traded jobs, staged mutinies that spanned multiple episodes, and the plot of the finale that you describe. The show, for an animated series, had a tendency for continuity that’s quite uncommon from the early 90’s, and even from the thirteen episodes we have now this is not an impossible matter to imagine in greater effect.

      I checked wikipedia and there found that one of the missing characters I vaguely remember – “the omnipotent mouse” was actually in the comics. That’s definitely something to check into to see if you remember more episodes that apparently never aired ‘here’, because that would be the place for the show to draw inspiration. (Actually this is an interesting opportunity, perhaps, for researching the connection between alternate history and current fact, rather than just drawing on collective consciousness different-past and present. )

      I hope this is a valid contribution, and would like to add more if needed. Perhaps I’ll do some research even into this particular item of interest. The recording history and the comics and so forth. All things I had no previous interest in so would still be fairly objective on. (And all the fanart on the internet has always focused on Bucky and Jenny, so, not much wiggle room there – so no way to know if I had remembered that to be different than it’s ‘supposed to be’ or not.)

      As an afterthought, I recall there was another thing missing or changed with my original viewing of the show, but I couldn’t quite place it. I’m fairly sure it was in the intro theme though. Perhaps I’ll have to rewatch the whole thing yet again (not exactly a torturous ordeal) now that I have a different perspective of exploration.


      1. Ross

        Thank you for following up on this, as it has been one of the more frustrating ‘alterations’ from my childhood. I’ll try and shed a little more light on my recollection of the show, including the missing episodes, and some of the items you mentioned as I recall some of them too.

        Sadly, I can not remember exactly how I came to start watching Bucky O’Hare, only that I did watch it weekly as the show made it’s original run. The memories I have of the episodes revolve around an Easter weekend, possibly Easter 1992 though this seems wrong as well, in which they played franchises that had to do with rabbits. Clever television at it’s best I would say. This included a TV movie about a young rabbit trying to be noticed in a family where he felt his siblings smothered, episodes of the American Rabbit show that has also seemingly vanished into the aether, and the main attraction being every episode of Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars. The other shows were more for filler content, as they promoted this marathon ending with a new episode as the hook for sitting through the entire series. This new content turned out to be the final episode(s) where Komplex was shut down.

        In 1994 I became aware of the FHE VHS release of the show, oddly through Avon and started purchasing all the ones I could find. Avon sold The Kreation Konspiracy and later The Toad Menace, which were the first two I owned. Later on in the year, I found On The Blink at Block Buster for sale, and the following year, purchased Bye-Bye Berserker Baboon and The Taking Of Pilot Jenny via a video catalog, this being pre-internet days. I waited several months, expecting there to be more released as the two episodes I mentioned before were not included, yet no more were released. Confused, I actually penned a letter to FHE asking for a listing of future releases, to which they returned saying that all the existing episodes had been ported to VHS.

        I was stunned, for I knew there had been more than this! During the before mentioned Easter marathon, I had watched an episode where as I stated before, the Toads had captured Willy’s door and were using it’s technology to invade Earth. They had taken over a park and were using it to stage Toad Troops, with the local police unable to stop them. This was the first episode where the crew of the Righteous went somewhere other than Willy’s room and subsequently seen by Susie, who Willy had been trying to convince early in the episode existed. It ended with Willy, Susie, the Bullies, and Bruiser attacking the park, and Bucky, Jenny, Dead Eye and Blinky destroying a device that was allowing the Toads to make their own doors. Interestingly, the intro has a scene that I had always assumed was based on this episode as can be seen here: at 0:31 in. I specifically remember the Toad’s door appearing next to a pond in the park where they staged the invasion. However, according to FHE and most of the people I have discussed the show with, this episode does not exist, and even one fan got openly hostile toward me after I explained my recollection with her.

        As for the final episode(s) I have no proof it ever existed other than my memory of it. Specifically, it being a wrap up type of story that may have spanned two episodes rather than just one. Almost every secondary character was involved, giving more air time to Mimi and Dog Star as well as the Artificers, Kamikaze, the Corsairs, and a second appearance by the Kreators. Bucky defies the counsel and launches an all out attack on the Toad home-world in an attempt to shut down Komplex and save Warren. There was a final showdown between Jenny and Toad Borg, Frix and Frax stepping aside and letting them pass, and finally Bucky pulling a plug on Komplex at the direction of the Kreators and freeing the minds of all the toads. Yet again, I was told this episode also did not exist. Strangely enough, I have no memory of the Taking of Pilot Jenny episode that IS considered the final episode of the series when it originally aired.

        As for the “the omnipotent mouse”, I remember him being in the show as well, in the role of Wise Man that taught Bucky to be a hero, in what I believe is Home Swampy Home episode. Yet when I watched it on the VHS, he was no where to be found. I could not be confusing his with the appearance in the comics, as I didn’t read the original graphic novel until 2002. I also agree that the intro was somehow different, as when I watched the VHS, I expected it to change as intros sometimes do between seasons. Sadly, my memory is far too cloudy to be more precise as to what that difference may be. For the record, I also remember a story line where Jenny and Mimi worked together to stop a fake Bucky, however due to all the fan service on the internet, I’ve always discarded it as possibly contaminated.

        Thank you again for the information Ian and I hoped my further elaboration helps. Please update me with anything you find on the subject of these changes and missing content!

        1. I. K.

          It’s not too unusual for dedicated enthusiasts to be very defensive, but certainly there are enough people who should be open to such discussions. It’s very easy to be dismissive, and I’ve probably done it myself at times too. Anyway…

          I’ve not too much to report as of yet, but I can tell you that I’ve read in an interview with the original creator about a plotline that never came to fruition that’s basically the same premise as the episode(s) you remember. (it’s about in the middle, but I thought I may as well link the whole thing in case it sparks anything else!) It’s perhaps nothing earth-shattering, as these aren’t ideas that are too far out there, but nevertheless, if there was more content, this is glimpse to what it would have been, right from the horse’s mouth as it were.

          I’m a little relieved you remember the mouse character being in there, for I was starting to doubt myself on the matter. So it’s good to have it confirmed, thank you. I can return the favour perhaps by remembering Frix and Frax’s role in the final showdown, but alas I don’t have many more details to offer for now. I’ll let you know when anything more occurs to me.

  203. Elizabeth

    This didn’t originally occur to me as an example of the Mandela Effect, but after a night of thinking about it I’m wondering if it might be the case. When I was 12/13 years old, I clearly remember a friend of mine taking me along with her family to visit Six Flags. We spent two full day at the park and spent our nights with her Aunt and Uncle, who lived close to the park. I remember watching Shrek 2 for the first time on their giant projector screen while there, as well as a 9/11 plane hijacking movie starring Harrison Ford (Which I clearly remember as a 9/11 plane hijacking movie, not the “Air Force One” hijacking movie with Harrison Ford that came out in 1997. To this day I haven’t been able to find the movie I watched there).

    Then, a year later, I invited the same friend to go with my family to a different theme park. When we were there she thanked me for inviting her, and I replied with something along the lines of “No problem. After all, you invited me to Six Flags last year… I’m just returning the favor.” And then she looked at me weirdly and told me that she didn’t remember going to Six Flags with me the year before. I was confused that she didn’t remember it and started telling her about what we did in an attempt to jog her memory, but she was sure it had never happened.

    All this time I’ve been chalking it up to bad memory, but the Mandela Effect makes way more sense here than me making up three days that never happened, or her forgetting three days that almost certainly happened!

    1. Vivek narain

      ME could be a convenient bypass in times to come,an easy way out of an otherwise acrimonious arguement.Even mild dementia can be cloaked in the garb of ME,the bonus fall outs are immense,we just have to wait,it is a question of time when ME will become an intrinsic part of all dictionaries.

  204. Kurt Robinson

    All this is fascinating stuff.

    One concept which I haven’t seen anyone bring up yet, is the work of Rupert Sheldrake and his idea of “morphic resonance”. Most people and scientists assume that memories are stored physically in the brain, as chemicals and reactions between chemicals. Sheldrake says this is an assumption without evidence – it’s like assuming that the pictures from a television are stored somewhere within the television, when in fact the television is merely a receiver for the pictures.

    He says, things that are similar are going to resonate together. And so, perhaps you can pick up your own memories because you have a resonance to yourself in the past. To extrapolate that idea, it would also mean that you could have a resonance with an alternate reality version of yourself, and so, especially at moments when you’re at your most similar, you would be able to remember their memories. I’ve never heard him mention the idea of parallel universes, but I see no reason why this phenomenon wouldn’t be congruent with his hypothesis.

    Sheldrake has written many interesting books on psychic phenomena, biology, and the philosophy of science. I highly recommend them, especially his latest book “The Science Delusion”, known as “Science Set Free” in the United States.

      1. Julia Millard

        Rupert Sheldrake’s ideas sound interesting to me too. I’m writing this on Nov. 11, 14 at 11:30 p.m. Pacific Time. I’m listening to Coast to Coast and Mr. Sheldrake is supposed to be on yet tonight – probably in the second half of this four hour show. (It starts at 10 p.m. on the west coast and obviously 1 a.m. on the east.) Anyway, if someone wanted to hear it, they would need to be a member of the Coast “Insiders” which is $6.95 a month, less per month for longer terms. Not trying to advertise for them – just to let people know it’s one way to hear Rupert Sheldrake.

        1. Julia Millard

          Just FYI – sounds like tonight’s topic with Rupert Sheldrake is going to be “the physics of angels” – don’t know if “morphic resonance” will be discussed.

  205. GoldenGate

    This is just my own personal story, not quite related to this thread. I have no real memories prior to when I was about twelve. I have blurred flashbacks of birthday cakes I’ve never had, stories I’ve supposedly never been told, arguments that have never happened, and some things I’ve never seen.

    I distinctly recall meeting my great-grandfather on my father’s side when I was a few years old, but he died before I was born.

    I recall being in grade school and forced to watch a movie starring marionette dolls in music class, which was a story of a young boy forced to marry a witch and running across the continents (experiencing different music and cultures along the way) to get away from her. I’ve asked several people from those classes (I went to two different elementary schools), and no one I knew from either school had ever seen anything like it. Even as I explained how everyone was afraid of the film and was shuddering in the dark classroom, they didn’t believe me.

    I’ve never seen the cartoon about David the Gnome, yet when I found some clips of it on youtube I could recall the animation perfectly, except David the Gnome was somehow frightening to me, and I can faintly recall an eerie sequence of him growing angry and this somehow is so alarming to me.

    I also recall an old, animated movie about children aboard a flying ship (like a pirate ship, but not for pirates) and sailing across the sky or through space, but none of my siblings do. We also, I swear to God, had VHS tapes of old 80s cartoons from when my older brother was a kid, but they aren’t in the house, and my parents have no recollection of ever having them.

    I distinctly recall being in special classes with a tutor in Kindergarten and first grade because I was less advanced than other children. Thirteen years later, my mother digs up old papers and finds a certificate of my being in special classes for higher intellect. Some of my foggier memories are colored so I’m inclined to believe I was intellectually disabled, and then when I was fourteen it was like I was an utterly different, smarter, more awake person with fewer memories than ever before.

    My only clear, true memory from when I was a child was going to my uncle’s for Christmas, but the memory does not begin there. I was about six in age, and my uncle’s house was at that time on a huge slab of land. It was the last snowy winter I can recall that was almost blizzard-like. I was small, and somehow got separated from my family in the evening during a snowstorm that kept picking up. I remember sitting down, waiting for–I dunno, something. All around me it got whiter, whiter. The next I knew I was inside, dry, opening presents like it had never happened.

    My family doesn’t recall my getting lost out in the snow. At that age, being in those conditions would have killed me had I not been found. There was no way I could have found my way inside, dried myself off, CHANGED my CLOTHES, and all without my family noticing.

    Did I die? Was a near-death experience enough to throw my life into shifts? I feel like I’ve been thrown into some limbo, like the universe’s junk closet, and everything around me is just odds and ends being thrown in at random. What’s wrong with me?

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Michael, I’ve heard of the floating “memory” before, and that one intrigues me. I’m not sure if it’s connected to the Mandela Effect, per se, but it’s a really fun (and quirky) memory some people have.

        1. Julia

          Just a side note to that – I have no memories of floating – but it’s a dream I’ve had several times and which I love.

          1. Julia

            In my floating dreams, I am usually just a few feet above the ground and I will either be floating in place or moving forward. Such a fun way to travel. It always feels like something I “should” be able to do in real life when I wake up. (Memories?)

            I wonder how many Mandela Effect experiencers would say that they have great dream recall. I could tell you every morning a few of my dreams from the night before and the memorable ones, I could tell you later on in the day. Occasionally, I have a dream of a place I’ve been before – but only in dreams – not in really life. Those always fascinate me.

            1. Fiona Broome Post author

              Julia, this is a great topic, and kind of its own subject. In a week (or so, depending on my schedule), I think I’m going to create a separate section of that will explore the subject of vivid dreams. Thanks!

  206. Michael Oxenrider

    Dilemna, clearly. I looked this up years ago. When I found this site I expected to see this on it.
    Also, what’s the significance of “Mr. Gorsky” cause I’ve heard that before.

  207. Rachel

    I really thought chartreuse was a shade of red? Not green or yellow at all? When I clicked the Wikipedia link to see what color it is, I was so confused. I’m glad other people share in this confusion as well.
    Seems like too pretty of a name for “lime green”. Idk. Doesn’t sit right with me.

    1. I. K.

      And yet the etymology makes perfect sense. Then again, that might be at the heart of the potential difference. So, if this Carthusian order, who’s liquor got the name associated with it, and lend itself to the name of the colour instead made a particular blend of red wine, perhaps Chartreuse would get a different colour association.

      Honestly, without saying anything one way or the other on the matter, if I would have guessed without knowing, I’m certain I would have guessed it was a reddish colour. It does have the ring of a warm red drink to it.


  208. Chen

    Was watching. Espn and for the first time in my life I heard Talladega was in Alabama. Now I’ve always known Talladega to be in Florida. And I was very sure about this.

  209. Dani

    I distinctly remember “Berenstein Bears” as the title, as do my family, my friends, and their families. Chartreuse was a pink color; I’ve ALWAYS associated chartreuse with pink (sort of a pinky-orange?), and never with anything green. Ghost Hunters was DEFINITELY TAPS at one time. I seem to remember two deaths for Shirley Temple, one when she was very young (a suicide, I believe?) and the other being sometime in 2011, certainly not in 2014. I also seem to remember Jerry Lewis dying sometime recently, within the past two years, anyway.

    This is actually really freaking me out. I never even thought about how these memories might differ from those of other people until today.

  210. Vivek narain

    As i have understood a ME strikes a person suddenly and spreads from person to person,much like a virus. A virus can’t be detected unless symptoms occur even though it may be present in a dormant state,likewise a ME has to strike a person suddenly or else it will lie dormant,a virus or ME finds us,we don’t find them.Any attempt to discover a potential ME is bound to fail,this analogy with virus may seem like a corny logic but it stands the test of time,if such a thing as “time” exists.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Interesting view of this, Vivek. I’m not sure any of my alternate memories struck me suddenly. They were just there when I went looking for a reference to something in present time.

      The idea of these memories spreading is a tangled one. While I can see verbal cues (similar to Dr. Moon saying, “and then you remembered,” in the Library episodes of Dr. Who) and some “me, too!” effect, I’m not sure that’s the same thing as spreading like a virus.

      I regard time as a filing system we use to organize experiences, so a contiguous series of experiences that affirm ME might reinforce it by contagion. Other than that… well, yours is as good an explanation as any.

  211. Flick

    Don’t want to beat a dead bear on the Berenstein thing, but I was an extremely avid reader as a little tyke and this ‘a’ thing is ruining my week. Operating under the assumption that this is a false memory, I wonder if my memory of Brother Bear acting like a scientist in one of the books and calling himself BerEinstein also never happened.

    Two things have been bothering me lately, one extremely specific and one extremely vague:

    I was flipping through an app on my phone the other day which included screenshots of comical text conversations. For context, all content is user generated from hundreds of thousands of participants. Going through them at random, I found one of them that went something like this:

    “Where are you exactly?”
    “*Some specific street address*, USA, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Heliocentric Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Northern Quadrant, Universe A.”
    “Smart Ass.”

    This messed with me. I know for a fact I texted this exact same thing to someone a couple years ago, granted with a different local address, but the extended universal address was verbatim what I remembered writing.

    Providing an unnecessarily long address for comedy could definitely have, and likely has, occurred to someone else, but you might recognize the end of the address as complete nonsense, making me think it unlikely that someone else came up with it. And as I mentioned, it is verbatim how I remember writing it.

    In typical ME fashion, I can’t remember who I sent it to and I recently got a new phone. I’ve searched around the web to see if I could find somewhere I might have stolen the quote from, but no beans. I realize the person I sent it to could’ve reused it in later conversations, and it could just be a remarkable coincidence that it found its way back to me, but the most frustrating part is I doubt I’ll ever know what exactly went down here.

    Did I ever write that? I know the answer, but the evidence says otherwise.

    The other thing I’ve been writing off as some sort of retroactive deja vu or potentially good old fashioned brain damage is a sort of leapfrog recall. Basically, every now and then for a couple years now, I’ll learn something new and interesting. Then a couple days later, I’ll recall this bit of info, and begin to suspect I knew all about it before the time when I actually learned it.

    This is obviously impossible to prove or disprove, but it sometimes feels like I’m being retroactively fed information at points in time and space occurring prior to actually acquiring the knowledge. Like regular old deja vu, it’s damn near impossible to quantify or properly articulate, but it sure is disorienting.

    Did I learn it? Or did I know it? And what’s the difference?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Great musings, Flick. Well-articulated, too. This subject can seem pretty tangled — lots of “chicken or the egg” involved — and you’ve conveyed several dilemmas very well.

  212. Andrew Murrell

    My experience with this phenomenon is rather specific and technical, but I think that its specificity might help its credibility. I’m in school to get degrees in CS and Physics at an unnamed university in the Midwest. I was writing a shell last year which involved the dup2 system call which copies one file descriptor to another. I remember exactly the syntax differing from what seemed natural to me at the time, being rather angry at the syntax and even helping some other students who were using it to get the ordering correct (the way which felt natural to me was dup2(source, destination) but the actual ordering was dup2(destination, source)). I even remember having to change the ordering on multiple occasions to fix my own mistakes with writing them the wrong way. A few days before the assignment was due, I looked at my file and noticed that all my calls were backwards again! I checked the man-page and low and behold the actual syntax of dup2 had changed along with my code. Even today the dup2 system call remains changed to dup2(source, destination), which is the way I think it should be, but not the way it was when I was first working with it. This is also contrary to most of the other section 3 system calls, having more in common with those from section 1 (which upon reflection is absurd).

  213. JM

    I had a weird Personal Sync while watching the film The Double Life of Veronique tonight.

    I lit my cigarette backwards during the marionette scene, and then in the next scene Veronique lights her cigarette backwards while driving. I smoke a lot and almost never light them backwards.

    The Film also has a Mandela Effect theme going on in it too. Freaky film.

  214. Amy

    I don’t know if this counts but my mum was watching this documentary the other day about relics or something and the beginning of it showed a mural and it was talking about it and I said to my mum that she’s already seen this because I remember the beginning and it’s not something that I would choose to watch so she’s definitely seen it. We ended up having an argument about it because I didn’t want to rewatch something that I’ve already seen but she insisted that she’s never seen it before and that it’s a new programme. I was really confused because I had definitely remembered seeing it with her but it was live TV and it wasn’t a repeat. I knew the scene word for word and that’s why I was confused because the memory of seeing it before was really vivid. Also, I have a memory of David Attenborough dying (and I’m not confused with his brother) and shortly after he died, I remember seeing an advert on TV where they were showing his best documentaries and things like that, you know what they usually do when a famous person dies, and I know it was definitely him because he’s considered a ‘national treasure’ in this country and it was definitely on the news for quite a while afterwards. This happened earlier on in the year but just a couple of days ago, I saw an advert for a new show that he’s doing and I asked my mum because I knew that he had already died but she told me that he hadn’t. I’m really creeped out because this keeps happening and I’m starting to question my entire existence. After going on this blog, I saw the thing about New Zealand and I realised that I thought the same thing, until I was about 15 (I’m 17 now), I always thought that New Zealand was somewhere in Europe and that’s just not just because I don’t know geography. I remember seeing it on maps and TV programmes and I definitely remember it being somewhere in Europe, it was only since my friends took GCSE geography and we had a massive discussion about it and I was proved wrong but I have really clear images in my head of geography lessons earlier on in secondary school where we looked at maps and things and I remember New Zealand being in Europe. I mean, I know it’s not in Europe itself but I know that it was definitely somewhere near Europe, far away from where my friends told me it was.

  215. Jane

    I have always been bothered by chartreuse not being a maroon color. It is NOT yellow-green, just no, that drives me crazy every time somebody mentions it! When I was younger, I would have sworn it was deep red/purple.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Jane, I’m on the same page as you, and with a very solid context. My mother was an artist… went to university for art, graduated, taught art, and so on. I grew up surrounded by color wheels, tubes of paint, and all the crayon colors Crayola ever made. (My mother was very keen on me becoming an artist, too.)

      So, I know chartreuse was a reddish color. In fact, it was one of my favorite colors, and it still is… as a purplish-red, that is.

      Then, one day when I was in my late teens or early 20s, I was describing something sort of magenta to my mother, and I said, “You know, kind of magenta-chartreuse.”

      And, she looked at me and blinked. Then she asked how something could be yellow-green and a reddish-purple at the same time.

      It’s a memory that stayed with me, and I had no explanation until I stumbled onto the Mandela Effect, and the topic of chartreuse was raised.

      Among all the Mandela Effect memories, this one stands out as the most surprising when other people share that memory, too.

      Thanks for your comment… and for comments by everyone who has this memory. It’s startling but also affirming.


      1. jma

        I remember a while back (maybe 12-15 years ago? I’m pushing 40 now) I was driving my car, describing something to my friend in the passenger seat and I used the word “chartreuse” . She was surprised and we ended up getting into a debate about the definition of chartreuse. I was shocked to learn that it was the color it is now (that yellow-green-aqua color)… and had to “eat-crow”, so to speak. BUT I had forgotten the color I previously thought it was, since I’ve known the “official” definition for so long. Upon reading your post, I realize the reddish color you describe is exactly the color I used to think it was.

  216. JM

    Yeah the whole color changing business is a weird one.

    Like people remembering the Primary Colors as Red Yellow Blue from Elementary School Art Class, and now in the age of computers we have Red Green Blue for dealing with light. Light and Paint use different primary colors apparently, but nobody mentioned this back in the day.

    I also learned that the color Pink does not exist apparently. Not in the light spectrum anyway. There’s a video about it on Youtube by MinutePhysics.

      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Yes, children were taught red, yellow, and blue in art classes. That’s because — back then — pigment was the assumed medium for most artwork. In pigment, the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.

        However, as we moved into digital realms, it became important to teach the primary colors of light or optics. They’re red, blue, and green, if you’re adding colors to make white. They’re magenta, cyan, and yellow if you’re working in the subtractive direction. (Ref: )

        So, there is a “normal” explanation for the different curricula in schools, now. The variations come in as we examine when children were taught the primary colors. Unless someone was in a school with heavy science orientation, learning the alternate primary colors could be an anomaly. I’m not sure. I did go to a school with an emphasis on science, so I learned the primary colors of pigment and of light (courtesy of regular field trips to the local museum, where they used lights to demonstrate optical primary colors), long before most schools taught that.


  217. Tee

    I asked a friend of mine, what color she remembers Chartreuse being and she remembers it as always being the yellow/green color, but she also remembers it as being part of a series of colors spanning yellow/green to red/pink/purple, which is very interesting. I myself remember it being the red/pink/purple color only and not the yellow/green that it is now(that looks and sounds way off) nor as part of a series of colors that are in different color groupings.

  218. JM

    Yes, Most people remember the Movie Interview with A Vampire
    Now it has been ‘changed’ to Interview with The Vampire

    Proof: Typing “Interview with” into Google brings up With A Vampire first in the auto fill search. Try it in Google quick before they adjust it. Works on Bing too.

    I’m not sure who they are, it may even be us. I dunno.

    1. Tee

      Greetings JM. Regarding the now “Interview With the Vampire”, I’ve mentioned somewhere on here before that the release date for the movie has changed along with the title, at least for me anyways. The new release date is now November 1994. I recall “Interview with A Vampire” being released sometime in 1992 not close to 1995 which would make it’s release more mid-90’s instead of early 90’s. Was the release date 92′ or 94′ for you? Or maybe a different year altogether……

  219. JM

    If it was THE it would be

    German: Inteview mit dem Vampir
    French: inteview avec le vampire

    But It’s not look on and

  220. Riah

    I remember clearly learning in school that Mars had no moons. I remember it absolutely–but now apparently it has two moons? I KNOW I’m not remembering wrongly, and at least one other classmate has corroborated learning about no moons around Mars, but it seems there are.

  221. Mike Piper

    OK this is odd… I learned just this past week on reddit of the changes to Sex IN/AND the City and Interview with A/THE Vampire so I came to the site to report on this if they were not already mentioned. Note that I first came to this site back in July and I read every single comment on every page, TWICE. I also posted a comment at the time and I even made a PDF archive of the entire website.

    So I come to this particular page because it has the most comments and I do a search to see if these changes were already mentioned. Sex “and” the City was first mentioned in October, so that’s ok. But imagine my surprise when I see that Interview with THE Vampire was mentioned back in May of 2014, a few months before my first complete read-through! I know I WOULD have noticed that one, it struck me as much as BerenstAin did and my spouse was also quite surprised, having read the book as well as seen the movie a few times. I am certain the comments referring to Interview were NOT here back n July, at least in whatever timeline I was in at the time, or I would have noticed.

    I also checked my PDF file and, sure enough, the comments are also in there. Have I changed to yet another timeline between July and today, coming from one in which is was still Interview with A Vampire and there was no mention of this on this page?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Mike, that’s very useful. Thanks for saving the site as a PDF and checking it against the current version. It’s been a question I’ve wondered about: whether we take pieces of our prior reality with us, when we slide from one reality to another.

      Of course, a one-time example isn’t exactly a case study. We’d need many more tests to conclude anything about this, but still… this is intriguing. This is the first time someone has made this kind of comment, so I’m very grateful that you thought to check this.

      Offline, a few of us are noting “slides” as they happen. We seem to be traveling together in many (but not all) cases. One of us will point out something that seems to have changed (beyond the normal “I didn’t notice that before”) and others will comment about their related memories. Personally, I’m seeing no pattern to the slides. Not frequency or locations where they happen. Not so far, anyway, but this is too small a sampling to mean anything yet.

      Thanks again!


      1. Vivek narain

        There are various accounts of teleporting objects and cats,in gitm/reddit,if you count them as slides,we have some very substantial data to probe the tangibility of this intrigue.Mandela Effect may improve its perspective if this phenomena is included in the broad definition of sliding and a new topic of “teleporters” is created.

    2. Brian

      Had a.similar experience with the Interview With A (the) Vampire topic on this site and related comments. Im relatively new to the site. When i first read it, there was no discussion of the subject. And then fairly recently (maybe 3 weeks ago?), there it was in the middle of comments and such.

  222. Natalie

    I’m shocked that chartreuse is now suddenly a shade of green. I always thought it was a reddy/purple colour too. I have a vague recollection of thinking that chartreuse sounded french, like a red wine, so it made sense. And now it’s green? WEIRD! The mind boggles.

  223. Snork

    Things I remember:
    – The Henry VIII painting. This one is the one that really got me. I wasn’t aware it didn’t exist anymore until I found this website. Not being able to find it felt like being punched in the gut. I can see it vividly in my mind’s eye, I was certain my family must remember it too because it had been in history textbooks at school. They insist they have no recollection of it. I remember it being a very well known painting. Everyone associated Henry VIII with chicken legs. It seems ridiculous know but I know as a child it was true! I saw him in various cartoons with them. It was almost like his trademark, because of that painting.
    – New Zealand being in a different place. My aunt used to live there and it was NOT off the East coast of Australia. I actually remember it being ATTACHED to Aus, does anybody else?
    – Tank boy dying – there were gifs all over the internet! Never forgot because they were horribly gruesome. Spent ages trying to find them to no avail.
    – Nelson Mandela was dead, without a doubt.
    – There were 52 states.

    Other than these more popular ones, there’ve been two times in my life I’ve already seen movies that have apparently just come out and already knew everything that happened in them. It’s always a bit confusing to me whether that’s a mandela effect thing or just a precognition thing, because I have had precognitive dreams for most of my life. Reality has always been a bit of a blurry thing for me, I’ve never seen how most people believe it’s so concrete and solid. It clearly isn’t. Science proves that more and more every year. I suspect people just don’t want to acknowledge any of this stuff because at first it can be quite unsettling.

    I’m wondering, do any of you have a sense of all of this strange-ness becoming more and more pronounced recently? Anomalies showing up thick and fast? It’s burning my biscuits trying to figure out whether it all actually is speeding up or I’m just becoming more aware of it and noticing more. I am sure I saw something from Bashar about timelines colliding more, last year or 2012 maybe? I didn’t listen to much of it at the time but I’ll see if I can find it now because it’s definitely relevant to the mandela effect.

    Also I didn’t read through this whole page so apologies if I’m repeating too much!

    1. Vivek narain

      Perhaps some of my musings may be helpful,i remember that life was compartmentalised rather than seamless that it now is.A picnic was an event of a lifetime not a daily routine,big money had its utility.A pair of shoes that cost 100$ can now be had for 20$,a 30$ nokia phone is as sophisticated as 300$ nokia phone.The whole concept of capitalism vs communism has lost its meaning,the craze for big money was a driving force that created entrepeuners.J.H.Chase brilliantly churned out crime literature based on this craze and became an industry by himself.Bourgeois,once a coveted lifestyle has become abhorrent,a blend of urban nomad and convenience has resulted in apartment culture.Mark Girland’s lifestyle has become the in thing,ruthless efficieny and killer instinct.All this has taken its toll on the collective psyche,a totally laid back and nonchalant attitude has become an impossibility.If the brain fries up in these changed times,it is to be expected.

  224. Rebecca

    I most definitely remember chartreuse as being a dark purplish pink colour. My mum laughed at me when she realised that was what I thought. I was astonished to find it’s actually a yellow-green.

    I remember it as being similar to the crayon marked “scarlet red” in this image:

    Could it be something to do with them being in the same collection? The similarities of the words “chartreuse” and “cerise”?

  225. Fiona Broome Post author

    This comment marks where I acquired new WordPress software and started moving topic-specific comments to (existing) related articles.

    Everything that remains at this post is about a topic I haven’t written an article about (yet) or the comment covers multiple topics.

    Until I reduced the volume of threads (by sorting them to their respective articles), I didn’t grasp the number of comments related to a few major topics. Chatreuse (the color) is one of them. Dilemma/dilemna may be another. Interview with a/the Vampire and the thunderbird-related topic may be, too. They’re topics I’ll write articles about, soon.

    Interestingly, as I was working on this, I mentioned the chartreuse issue to my husband. He’s a computer graphics guy who can name fonts and colors at 20 paces. (If you’ve seen packaging for Coke or Pepsi products, you’ve seen his work. He’s the guy who tweaked those designs before they went to the company that prints them.)

    So, I was amazed when he said he’d thought chartreuse was a reddish-purple, and not something yellow-green.

    I don’t know why it still surprises me when people (besides me) have consistent alternate memories, but it does. Really, when I started this adventure, I thought Mandela’s death was the only major issue.

    Anyway, as time permits, I’ll refine how comments are sorted and organized. Meanwhile, if you find anything out of place at any article other than the Nelson Mandela one (a long list of comments I’ll filter, later), let me know.



  226. Eliza

    In 2008, I read a Shirley Temple biography for a school project. I don’t recall how it said she died but I think I remember reading about it. I can’t remember the title of this book but I’ll ask my brother to go to school and track it down. Anyone else read it?

  227. Dia Holly Hemlock

    I have meories of Wyclef Jean’s death in Honduras. I heard the announcement of his death on the radio, in the following days I over-heard several conversations in public of people discussing the impact that Wyclef’s songs had on their life and their sadness at his passing, and images on the news of candlelight vigils where Fugees songs were playing, specifically Wyclef’s version of “No Woman No Cry.” Several months later his name popped up in the celebrity features on the news. My immediate thought was deep confusion because my memories were from various sources over several days and I knew I was not mistaken. I googled for the info that I remembered and found out that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of the group TLC had died in Honduras and Wyclef was still alive.

  228. Vivek narain

    A mandela effect moment,i had always known jason statham as a tall guy,a yr ago i had googled about his attributes which indicated about 6’3″.Now imdb says 5’10” and in a forum people say he is 5’8.5″

  229. Gurluas

    Hello again.

    Once again, this is not a memory.
    But the case of Elisa Lam is extremely intriguing.

    The video the police released of her taken from the Cecil Hotel elevator was odd, and even odder was how she was found dead in the hotel’s water tank later.

      1. Gurluas

        It isn’t exactly, no, but it is still worth adding to the research of alternate realities.

        While the Mandela effect is the primary research thread we have atm, it is important not to forget other possible threads that could link us with these strange worlds.

  230. Julia

    Me again. I read this alternate memory on another website and it resonated with me. The capital of Tennessee, since 1843, is not what I thought it was. I memorized all the state capitol at the late age of 18. I might not have remembered this one, but I DON’T remember it being what it actually is. Weird.

  231. Julia

    I think I have the year wrong on the current capital of Tennessee, but anyway, it’s been the capital for over 100 years.

    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Julia, that’s a good one. At the grammar school I attended, we had at least one annual test where we had to label all US states and their capitals, all major European countries, all major oceans, and all of the continents. So, I didn’t think twice about the capital of Tennessee. When I read your first comment about this, I did a quick double-check… but only “just in case.”

      Then, seeing what it really is (not a city that’s spelling used to challenge me, as a kid), I thought, “Oh, they must have changed it recently.” No big deal.

      But then I saw your second comment about this, and I’m kind of stunned. I’m going to ask my husband what he thinks the capital of Tennessee is, too; his aunt is from there, and we always look forward to visiting her… just outside what is apparently the real capital of Tennessee.

      Some state capitals can seem surprising, like Sacramento (CA) and Augusta (ME). But Tennessee’s…? That one has never surprised me or confused me, until now. Definitely a Mandela Effect moment for me.

      Thanks for that find!


      1. Fiona Broome Post author

        Julia, in reply to your “in confidence” question, the answer is no. However, when I asked my husband what he thought the capital of Tennessee was, he said what you did. It was his instant answer and then, when he thought about it, he was pretty sure he was right.

        And, since his family roots are deep in TN, and he’s been there often, I’d take give his response more credence than mine.

        I’m trying to think of a hint to tell you what my answer was, but I can’t think of one that won’t point to it, obviously.

        Cheerfully, Fiona

        1. Fiona Broome Post author

          Julia, Your guess (after my hint) was correct. And my husband — always a little skeptical — was kind of taken aback by his apparent error. I didn’t know that about the haunted location, since we haven’t done much ghost hunting in TN, but I may make that a priority next time we visit my husband’s aunt. Thanks!

  232. JVC

    Back when Amy Winehouse died I had the distinct memory of TV, internet and newspaper reporting Whitney Houston had died. It wasn’t until a few months later when I was told I was wrong by my sister and damn near flipped out on my family when they didn’t believe me.
    I eventually gave up on it but it still doesnt sit right when I think about it.
    I distinctly remember berenstein bears as well.
    But the ken that got me the most was dilemma.
    I’m an author, the title of one of my poems was “The Damnation Dilemna” I specifically chose those words for the alliteration and reputation of the “mn” sound. A few months ago when I had decided to publish my poetry I was typing up each one when I came across “The Damnation Dilemna” with the new spelling “The Damnation Dilemma” I got so frustrated with myself and my memory that I changed the name to “My Damnation Creation” before publishing.

  233. Shannon

    Interesting topic. I have often wondered about the number of states in recent years as I swore there were at least 51, maybe 52. Also it is definitely (and yes I usually spell that as ‘definAtely’ first), ‘Interview with A Vampire’ I only heard it called ‘The’ recently and that was because someone referenced this site. I even found my copy ( a copy of the original) on which I wrote the title as ‘Interview with A Vampire’ (now I need to see what happens when I try to play it!). Also I remembered Berenstein Bears, but you know I don’t remember when it was, I came across one of those books a few years back spelled with the ‘AIN’ ending and I was really confused, thought I had just misremembered it, but it felt strange fore sure.

    [deleted content]

    AND I am sure it was ‘Sex IN the city’ which is funny because I remember seeing the title later as ‘Sex AND the city’ and I just thought to myself ‘Huh, funny, guess I remembered that one wrong.’ Funny how often we assume we remembered incorrectly, instead of thinking something may have been changed. We all tend to not trust our memories and more and more we feel unable to as memory itself slips from our grasp with all of the microwave radiation blasting at us from cell phones and towers, wifi and smart meters, 24/7..

    [deleted content]

  234. Mike

    Puzzled by the ‘Interview with THE Vampire’ film title – it might seem such a minor thing to most but it’s always been Interview with A Vampire for me and now that it’s THE Vampire it just seems like a whole different perspective as to the nature of the film?
    What’s worse is that when I first became aware of this discrepancy I was gobsmacked BUT it had only just been on the TV a couple of days before and I apparently hadn’t noticed on the TV guide or film itself???
    Even if there’s a logical explanation for these false memories then that itself would make a fascinating documentary.
    But Quantum science itself is currently in such a quandary that no sceptic can now easily dismiss what may have previously seemed outlandish theories.
    Most Quantum physicists today accept (some try not to think about it) that the world around us is just not how it seems. Their experiments and calculations show otherwise – ‘local’ reality and classical physics can’t explain what they see happening at the tiny quantum basic building blocks of absolutely everything in our universe.
    In a way it’s almost a little bit like a ‘Matrix’ film situation at present, where we think we live in a solid, reliable reality but scientists are now saying, ‘wait a minute, this doesn’t add up, there’s something weird going on here…’


    1. Fiona Broome Post author

      Mike, I’m not sure what to do with your comment.

      What you said is very good. I’ve approved the comment, but without your link blurb.

      The issue is… your link. The site looks commercial. Also, say you’re open to an offer for the domain name. So, this also looks like a classic backlink tactic, and I’m knee-deep in those. Most are filtered by Akismet and sent to the spam folder. (And, to be fair: they’re not as annoying as the troll-type comments.)

      On the other hand, it looks like you registered your domain name in 2011. Also, Wayback shows you were talking about the dilemma/dilemna issue early in 2012, long before I did. Good for you!

      So, I’m on the fence. Current content (at your site) with a link back to this website would tilt the scales in favor of including your comment’s link. Then, it’s more of a dialogue.

      Otherwise, while this might be a simple blunder, I’m uneasy enough to remove the backlink.

      The comment itself is very good, and appreciated.


  235. Tyler

    I remember the movie Bolt having a scene where Bolt and the cat are running around in a field with hay bales (it was part of the “traveling through America” segment).

  236. Satoshi

    I know this isn’t anywhere to be found on this article, but I can swear up and down on my soul that DreamWorks released a “Shrek” movie entitled “Shrek The Final Chapter”. Only to find out days later that the movies’ name was ACTUALLY “Shrek The Third”. And NOBODY but me remembered this movie’s name being Shrek The Final Chapter. This dazed and confused me so much to the point where I had to research it more than a year (or two) later.

    I also have vivid memories of reading “BerenSTEIN Bears” books. Look, even my IPad says it’s the incorrect spelling and insists it Berenstain.

    What a crazy world we live in.

  237. Mshelle

    I have been noticing the changes for some time. I check this site often for things that other people mention that I might have missed.

    I came here today because I had noticed the “Interview With The Vampire” and remembered it being “Interview With A Vampire” as well.

    I Also noticed in the original movie Gremlins that the main bad gremlin is Stripe, I remembered it being Spike.

    The Lindbergh Baby story is something that changed for me, I remember the baby was never found and they executed one man for the crime and had one other suspect.

    Several songs seem to have different words, look up traditional songs you know well, it is surprising.

    Thanks to all that post, it really helps me keep up with things in this world.

  238. Julia

    I don’t know how common this is, and I’m wondering if it IS common. When I dream of a place I know – usually where I live currently, or my parent’s house (where I lived once) or the house I lived in until I was 11 or even just some area in my town, there are often small differences between the dream and my current reality. For instance, I live in a ground floor condo in a two story building and once I dreamed I was in the same condo, everything oriented the same way, except that I live on the second floor and there is a third floor above me. Or sometimes I look out the sliding glass door of my living room and the view is different. Or a street in town has different buildings. The places are similar enough to be recognized but have small differences, often realistic, though occasionally totally fanciful – i.e. my parents house is in the middle of what looks likes sand dunes instead of a neighborhood.
    I don’t really believe I am visiting other realities in my dreams – usually there are two many fanciful elements in the narratives of the dream and I am aware that I am dreaming, yet I wonder about the slight differences and if my mind is really creating them or tapping into something else…

  239. Erik

    I definitely it BerenstEin Bears, as I was never sure whether to say “steen” or “stine.”
    To debunk the Justice League (potentially), their roster is constantly changing in the comics. There have been numerous incarnations of the JL, just like their have Avengers. Unless a specific character has disappeared from the DC comics altogether, this one is probably not too worrisome.
    Two things movie-wise have bothered me for a while. I clearly remember seeing the movie Billy Elliot on tv before in came out in theaters. I remember seeing ads for it as a kid and wondering why they were putting it back in theaters. I also remember seeing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone twice in theaters, and the second time a scene was missing. I can’t remember the scene sadly, but I remember being very thrown off and later looking for it in the deleted scenes to no avail.

  240. JM

    Thanks for the great post Emily,

    I also recall the Koreas being exactly where you said, south of China, but north of Vietnam. In the current Guangxi area. This is where I’ve always pictured them. I also remember Taiwan used to be farther south and much smaller. Hong Kong and Taiwan have swapped locations for me.

    Also for Fiona, the posts on this site aren’t in date/time order for me, the new ones are at random places. Dunno if it’s the same for you?

    1. Fiona Broome Post author


      Thanks for the additional info. Very interesting about the Asian references.

      Also, thanks for noticing the comments issue. To keep the site running smoothly — despite crazy-busy traffic, some days — I switched to Twenty-Twelve, a fairly “plain vanilla” WordPress theme from itself. So, it shouldn’t have many glitches. (There can be a lag in updates if they’ve rushed a critical security update to WP itself, and then update the themes.)

      In this case, I think the problem was the levels of comments I’d selected. I’d gone with the default of five levels. Due to the complexity of our discussions, I’ve increased that to ten. That seems to have relieved the problem. However, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I need to look into plugins that will allow even more nested layers.

      Meanwhile, thanks for catching that problem. I want people to have a great experience, browsing the diverse comments here.


  241. Andrew Murrell

    Mongolia has existed at least since I learned about it in 2009. I would really like to get some definite time stamps on when people noticed different Mandela Effects. There could be some sort of significance.

  242. Fiona Broome Post author


    I’d love to know that, as well. I know when I first realized it exists, during a 2005 conversation at Dragon*Con when someone else brought up memories of Mandela’s death.

    However, if my chartreuse “memory” really is part of this, my earliest experience with the Mandela Effect was decades ago.

    I’m not sure if I might find some early, similar references in Spiritualist literature in the 19th century. They talked about all kinds of odd and interesting things.

    Other than that, I’m not sure where to start looking, but I might wander over to MIT and see if I can chat with anyone in the Physics department, or maybe even Philosophy. Quirky topics are kind of the norm there.


  243. Omer

    Some dates (in parentheses after ME):

    – I know Mandela was dead already, and I remember the news of his recent death being SO weird. (Learned he died in 2003-4)
    – I know chartreuse was a pinkish color; I was watching a Modern Marvels episode on firefighting and they were talking about how some fire trucks are starting to be painted in chartreuse instead of red because of the increased visibility. I was curious what a chartreuse firetruck would look like so I went looking for pictures online, at which point I found out that chartreuse was basically neon yellow. I distinctly remember how weird this experience was for me, especially because I had never before heard someone refer to “neon yellow” as “chartreuse”. (I was watching this sometime in 2005, so I learned about chartreuse sometime before then)
    – I know New Zealand was in a different place. I used to love The Looney Tunes growing up and my best friend through high school was a total Looney Tunes freak. When I found out the Tasmanian Devil was a real animal I went to look up where Tasmania was in my mom’s atlas, and I distinctly remember it being completely in line with New Zealand, North to South. I also distinctly remember them both on the western side of Australia. (Checked the atlas sometime around 2002, found out new location about a week ago)
    – In the same vein, I know Australia was farther away, especially because one of my good friends from high school took a trip to Australia over the summer between junior and senior year and he would NOT shut up about that damned trip. This resulted in plenty of conversations about Australia. I wanted to get a visual of why his flight was so long, given that we live on the West Coast, and I distinctly remember it being much farther south. I also remember always thinking that Risk boards were really weird because of how close they placed Australia to everything else. I was really into Risk through high school so this thought came up pretty often. (2009 was the last time I saw Australia far away)
    – Also in the same vein, I was pretty damned sure it was “Looney Toons”. I just now found out it wasn’t when my browser’s spell check corrected me. Like I said, I was a big fan growing up. (Haven’t seen the show since 2008ish)
    – Come on, there was never an “a” in Berenstein Bears. I’m a joker about pronouncing things the way they’re spelled and this totally would have made it into my humor at some point. (1999 or thereabouts was the last time I saw the show)
    – Tank boy died. It influenced my whole outlook on China. Also, “Tank Man”? Since when? (2003-2004 or 2007-2008, one of my world history classes, is when I learned about this)

  244. Vivek narain

    False memory is too pallid and anaemic a theory to account for ME,but it isn’t our job to establish or make unstuck any law of physics.Nature will find its own pattern of unraveling the intrigue.


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