Commenting Has Changed

mail-toomuchUpdate 18 Apr 2016:

Commenting at this site is now closed. That aspect of this website had become redundant, and — by phasing out comments — I’ll have more time for unique projects and fresh articles. Details: Major Site Changes.

Update 20 Jan 2016:

Most of the behind-the-scenes changes are complete. The commenting system has changed, too.

And, I’ve had time for two new articles. This is a victory!

Work continues, but changes will be minor, compared with what’s happened over the past month or so.

Update 18 Jan 2016:

This week, I’m completely revising and redesigning this website. At times, this will look messy.

I have re-opened comments, but — in keeping with site changes — they’re limited to new posts, and articles related to scientific discussions.

(If you have a new alternate memory to report, or you have some important additional information about an alternate memory, use the form at Comments page 15, formerly the “new alternate memories” page.)

See the Comments page for details of what’s ahead, and the Site News page for lesser updates.

Here’s some background:

Part of my original post, “Comments Closed Temporarily” :

Comments are temporarily closed at this site, and I’ve disabled the Contact form. Here’s why:

Early yesterday (Monday, 11 Jan 2016), all Hades broke loose in comments as well as in emails. The volume of comments were overwhelming.

A flood of people wanted to talk about about David Bowie’s death, and — whether or not they believed it was a “hoax death” —  relate it to the Mandela Effect. Many insisted that he’d died earlier, in a parallel reality, and that’s why the “hoax” gained such traction in this reality.

The sad fact is, Bowie’s January 2016 death was not a hoax. (By now, most people realize that, but — on Monday and early Tuesday — rumors were still rampant.)

Several sites explain why so many people were (reasonably) confused. (The Mirror article includes screenshots, starting with the BBC-related misstatement.)

Yesterday, I didn’t even try to weed through comments.  Between the impact of Bowie’s passing and the volume of work I was facing… well, I turned off the computer and took a “personal day.”

Especially during the past busy-busy year, I lost my focus.

More importantly, I lost touch with the sense of wonder that makes this kind of research fun.

So, for the next week, I’m closing all comments. I’ll post a new article when this is sorted.

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss the Mandela Effect with others, I recommend Reddit. Clearly, they’re dealing with the same topic-specific moderation issues as I do, but they have more resources, and Reddit is a social site.

Also, I want to thank everyone who’s contributed anecdotes, insights, and support for this website. You are greatly appreciated.