This website is a project of Fiona Broome. That’s me. For more decades than I’ll admit to, I’ve been a paranormal investigator with somewhat renegade ideas.

The “Mandela Effect” concept emerged from one of those quirky ideas.

As I see it, the Mandela Effect is about people’s alternate memories. We recall events and history that seem not to have happened in this reality.

The odd thing is: Many of us — mostly total strangers — remember the exact same events with the exact same details. However, our memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, and we’re not talking about “false memories.” Many of us speculate that parallel realities exist, and we’ve been “sliding” between them without realizing it.

At this website, we discuss our memories and possible explanations for this phenomenon.

But, for anyone who’s new to this concept — and slightly overwhelmed, recognizing many items on the “major memories” list — it’s okay to feel unsteady. Things will improve. After all, you’ve become accustomed to the sky being slightly different (colors, cloud formations, etc.) every day.

Your world is still safe. It’s simply changing in more, different ways than you’d realized… but mostly small ways related to history, and few (if any) that affect us on a daily basis.

Here’s how this website began:

About ten years ago, I was one of the two people who coined the phrase “Mandela Effect.” (The other was Shadow, then a Dragon Con security manager.)

I think this started in 2006, during a conversation in Dragon Con’s “green room.” (I’m not certain of the exact year. Our annual get-togethers have always been odd and interesting, and involve weird topics like this. When we arrive the following year, the conversations often pick up right where we left them, previously.)

I was at Dragon Con as a Guest and speaker, so I had access to the event’s green room. During one of my breaks in that lounge, security manager Shadow mentioned that others (besides me) remembered Nelson Mandela dying in prison.

I remember doing a literal double-take. Until that moment, I’d thought Mandela’s death was an odd, erroneous memory, and unique to me.

Apparently, others in the green room shared that memory.

For hours after that, a group of us — mostly authors — discussed our memories of Mandela’s death. Soon, the conversation included other events that don’t match the timestream we’re in now.

After that, I researched the concept and — with my publisher’s support — started this website. I thought it was an interesting fringe topic (and potential book topic) for my spare time.

The Mandela Effect is not a conspiracy theory.  It’s related to alternate history and parallel realities.

Exploring the quantum / “Sliders” concept further, I discovered an entire world of shifting realities that people try to reconcile daily.

Though some of these may be false memories and other issues of mental health, or simply erroneous news reports, the sheer volume and consistency of them raise deeper and more intriguing questions.

So, for the past ten (or so) years, I’ve been collecting notes for a book I’d intended to call The Mandela Effect. Every time I think I’m ready to write it, a new facet of this study emerges.

Will I ever write that book? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s possible. The wealth of material is almost overwhelming. My publisher is encouraging me to put virtual pen to paper, but I’m not ready to write this.

In the meantime, this website chronicles some of my research and discoveries, and it’s a hub of discussions about related topics.

If you also remember Mandela dying in prison, or have similar “alternate memories,” I hope you’ll share them in comments. The major topics are listed at Major Memories, with links to the comment threads.

Thanks for visiting this website!