Fiona BroomeThis website is a project of Fiona Broome. That’s my photo, at right.

My research began in 2005, after someone in Dragon*Con’s “green room” mentioned that others (besides me) remembered Nelson Mandela dying in prison.  A lengthy conversation followed.  For hours, a group of us — mostly authors — discussed our own memories of that event, as well as other events that don’t match the timestream we’re in now.

That’s not a conspiracy theory.  It’s related to alternate history and parallel realities.

Exploring the quantum / “Sliders” concept further, I discovered an entire world of shifting realities that people try to reconcile daily.

Though some of these may be false memories and other issues of mental health, or simply erroneous news reports, the sheer volume and consistency of them raise deeper and more intriguing questions.

My book, The Mandela Effect, is one of my ongoing projects.  I keep thinking I’ll complete the book, and then new and important information emerges.  It’s fascinating!

In the meantime, this website chronicles some of my research and discoveries.

If you also remember Mandela dying in prison, or share similar “alternate memories” such as Billy Graham’s funeral, etc., I hope you’ll comment at the article/s related to your own memories.

If you have completely different memories, not mentioned at this site, please let me know.