Major Site Changes

For the past week or so, I’ve been wrestling with a dilemma: Whether or not to make sweeping changes at the website. It’s not a new issue, but — after a nearly a year of indecision — I can’t compromise my research time, moderating comments. It’s not just the time spent weeding out “you’re just confused” insults… Read More »

Question: Does Accepting the Mandela Effect Increase Slides?

In discussions with friends, a question has been raised: When someone accepts the idea that the Mandela Effect is real, does this reduce one’s resistance to it? And, does this result in more frequent slides from one reality to another? Instead of a subconscious effort not to slide, are we mentally “catching the wave” and riding it to… Read More »

Comments with an Agenda?

Since I don’t visit forums very often — and I don’t think I’ve even found time for Facebook in the past year or so — I rely on friends to note social media posts about the Mandela Effect. I’m grateful for those friends’ insights, because they’ve put a recent problem into a broader context. I thought the issue… Read More »

Latest Memories – 11 Apr 2016

At the start of 2016, I asked people to use the Contact form to let me know about alternate memories they didn’t see in articles or on my Memories list and related Comments pages. Recently reported memories Jonny Quest or Johnny Quest? As you can see from the DVD set from the first season — illustrated at right… Read More »

Visual Cues and the Mandela Effect

This week, visitor Mike H. shared a couple of video links with me. (I rarely have time for YouTube, even for topics that interest me.) I’ve posted those videos, below.  Because this is a busy week, I haven’t watched either video, in full, but — skimming the second one — I realized something that’s important. Well, it’s… Read More »

Marker or Memory Trigger?

This week, multiple reports related to Mother Teresa (or Mother Theresa) included additional, seemingly unrelated memories. It’s not unusual for people to use one topic to report others, as a matter of convenience for them. However, this week’s reports and comments have been different. People were talking about additional alternate memories highlighted within days of recalling an alternate… Read More »

Mother Teresa – A Saint Once Again?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910 – 1997) will be canonized as a saint on September 4th, 2016. From comments and email, it’s clear that many Mandela Effect readers recall Mother Teresa (also remembered as Mother Theresa) being declared a saint prior to 2016. Some recall her being named a saint in the 1990s. Some are sure she was… Read More »

DiCaprio Wins… Again?

Several people have said — in comments or via the Contact form — that they recall the Oscar ceremony where Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor award. They recall a similar acceptance speech, as well. However, they recall it happening in the past. (And no, they’re not confusing it with the BAFTA ceremony in February. Some of them… Read More »

Different Strokes or Diff’rent Strokes?

Thanks to Mike H. for bringing this to my attention: the change between the TV series “Different Strokes” and “Diff’rent Strokes.” Until Mike mentioned it, I thought it was Different Strokes. However, I never watched the TV series, so I can’t state — with confidence — that the show name has changed.  Maybe I wasn’t paying close attention… Read More »

Is Time Travel Part of the Mandela Effect?

Time travel. If it’s real — and many physicists insist that time travel has to be — does it explain some of the Mandela Effect?   I’m reading The Yoga of Time Travel, by physicist Fred Alan Wolf.  In the Introduction of that book, he reminds us, “… a scientific basis for time travel was established more than… Read More »