Agenda…? No.

I’m always overwhelmed with emails. Most of them are wonderful. Some are not.

But, for the past few weeks, friends & fans have been concerned about how the Mandela Effect (and my role at this website) have been portrayed. And, they’ve sent wonderful, caring messages to me.

I’m grateful for your friendship. Never think I take your interest & support for granted.

But the email volume is at “tidal wave” level now, and I’m unable to keep up with it.

Here’s the message I’m posting at a few sites, hoping it will reach my many friends, fans, and fellow researchers…

This is getting silly. The Mandela Effect is science, opinions, and (perhaps fanciful) speculation. It was intended to be a fun topic of discussion.
It’s not magic, nothing spiritual, and my site was never intended as a disinformation site.
It’s okay to call the Mandela Effect “sci-fi.” If you don’t share any of these memories, it’s fine to think we’re making it up. Or delusional. (Generally, I don’t think we are, but I’m willing to be wrong.)
My initial plan (back in 2011) was to see if anyone else recalled Nelson Mandela’s funeral in the very late 1980s (or so). I’d met a few others who remembered it (or thought they did), and it seemed like an interesting & quirky topic for a book.
I had no other agenda, then or now. From the very beginning, the site was mostly a hobby for me. But, it may yet become a book.
At the moment, I have too many other projects to focus on. Like redesigning Hollow Hill. Editing & updating my ghost hunting books. Reading lots & lots of emails, as best I can. And so on.
At, might people have left fake comments…?
Yes, but I have no idea how likely that is. didn’t attract much attention for years, so I trust the earliest reports & comments.
Later ones, especially after the Berenstain/Berenstein Bears issue attracted a tidal wave of attention…? Not so much. I’m pretty sure some comments were left to see how gullible I might be.
Bad news for them: I’m skeptical of almost everything. The more I research “haunted” sites, the more I raise an eyebrow at anything too “out there.”
In general, I default to science, but I also listen to the context of what people tell me.
I believe people’s paranormal experiences are real. I don’t think they’re “just making it up.”
I’m less certain of how we label and categorize those experiences. That’s where context comes in. And history. And science.
I study everything for normal explanations and easy-to-mistake glitches. I always want to rule them out, first, especially when people are frightened.
But, I DO recall the 20th century funeral of Nelson Mandela. Several of my real-life (and very credible) friends still insist they saw Billy Graham’s 20th century funeral, as well. And then there’s the Berenstein Bears issue, which speaks for itself.
My own, very personal answers tend to focus on quantum studies and parallel realities influencing (or intersecting with) our own. Is that THE answer…? I have no idea.
Trying to portray my research as anything other than curiosity (albeit quirky) is laughable. For me, the Mandela Effect started out as “ooh, shiny!” and became “wow!”
I appreciate the emails about how I’m being portrayed, but please, ignore the trolls who want to stir up controversy. At this point, I don’t need (or want) to hear about them.
They’re playing silly games. If you don’t play along by choosing a “side” in their arguments, they’ll find something else to do. They’ll find another person to annoy, or topic to sneer at.
Then, I’ll have fewer upset emails to read, and more time for interesting projects. Like finally updating the “alternate memories” list at this website, and improving navigation at it.

Shazaam, Sinbad, Genies, and Seriousness

It appears that the Sinbad/genie/Shazaam topic has reached critical mass and journalists are covering it as “new” news.

For long-time Mandela Effect readers, that topic isn’t new. (There are over 110 comments in our related conversation that started in 2015.)

Tug of WarYes, I was tempted to say rude words as I read the New Statesman article about the Shazaam movie and the Mandela Effect.

I wanted to explain (talking at my computer monitor, which doesn’t care one way or the other) that, no, I don’t “fervently believe that Nelson Mandela died while in prison.”

For me, it’s a fact. Whether or not anyone else shares that memory, I know that I saw his funeral on the TV in the 1980s. And, many elements of what I recall match what others report.

To me, it looks like some journalists are missing the point of this site. Or, they think we take this topic — and ourselves — far more seriously than we do.

I thought the many interacting worlds concept finally gave our conversations a possible foundation, at the very least. I thought I could finally stop defending this concept.

(Really, I’m ready for lighter, more interesting and speculative “what if…?” discussions.)

Instead, I see new articles labeling the Mandela Effect as “false memories,” with the same tired arguments that this is entirely confusion or a mental disorder.

So, because I need to say this, and speaking only for myself and those I discuss this topic with in real life…

Most of us do fact-check our own memories and what others report. We’re looking for something we may have misunderstood.

We don’t insist that Mandela died in the 1980s, or any time other than the 2013 date he passed from this world. (If we did, this would be a very different kind of website, and include conversations about conspiracies.)

Some people (including me) remember Mandela’s funeral long before 2013.

Others don’t.

My theories include the idea that some events happen in different time spans for different people.

And really, some of the iconic artists we lost in 2016… I’d love to find out they’re alive & well and continuing their creative projects, in this reality or another one I can access.

We’re not “Berenstein ‘truthers’.” We know that a casual browse of any public library’s shelves (or Amazon’s book lists) will show Berenstain.

Well… mostly. Typos happen. Amazon has been correcting most of them at their site, ever since George Takei mentioned the Berenstein/Berenstain topic. (He remembers “Berenstein,” too.)

Some people recall Shazaam (or a movie with Sinbad as a genie). Others don’t. That’s normal for these alternate memories. I don’t know anyone who claims to recall — with certainty — 100% of the memories on the main list.

We accept that some of our memories may be flawed, faulty, or downright wrong. That’s normal for anyone and everyone.

Maybe our source was wrong. Maybe we misinterpreted something, in passing (no pun intended). Maybe we just forgot. Human errors happen.

What we agree upon:

  1. Many of us share unorthodox memories.
  2. Something odd (and fascinating) might be happening.

From my side of the dashboard, some of these “alternate memories” are eerily consistent, even when I didn’t publish the earliest reports. That’s intriguing.

Most of us don’t think this is a conspiracy.

It’s just something we can’t explain, yet. Sort of like how gravity works. And some aspects of lightning. And whatever Einstein meant by his incomplete time-space theories. Or even why, in some countries, cars stop at green traffic lights.

(But, hey, it might be a conspiracy. Or there may be some media manipulation involved. I haven’t a clue.)

The Mandela Effect is quirky. It’s weird. It’s fun, if you step away from the topic and look at it intellectually. (I’m trying not to seem insensitive to those who feel traumatized by this subject. I’m also mindful of the anxieties of those convinced this is a conspiracy.)

This site has been based in, “Okay, what if alternate memories are mostly accurate? What if alternate realities exist, and we can interact with them? Then what…?”

As I see it, Mandela Effect is poised at a cool, kind-of-unsettling seesaw fulcrum, between sci-fi/fantasy and physics.

I’m not saying that anyone is making this up. Those who have those memories — including me — we’re relieved to find others with the exact same memories, or at least memories that match on too many points to be “coincidence.”

But, I’ll admit that anything we might deliberately do with what we’ve learned from our conversations… that takes us into speculative areas that aren’t as well-grounded as the memories we share. I want to make that distinction clear.

At this point:

The Mandela Effect is recognized as something real, independent of how the individual explains it. (That includes everything from snarky skepticism to fervent belief.)

The topic of parallel realities — and their possible interactions — is becoming more credible. And, that data has been provided by people who (mostly) don’t care one way or the other about the Mandela Effect.

It’s time for me to have fun with this topic, instead of defending it or trying to moderate conversations best held at Reddit. (Reddit provides a far better home for active conversations about individual memories, and for correlation of them.)

So, I wish you a very happy holiday season… whichever of the 50+ seasonal holidays you celebrate. (Or none of them, if that’s your choice.)

In 2017, let’s take this topic beyond individual Mandela Effect incidents.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. Let’s examine more of the speculative, “what if…?” sides of this topic.

And, let’s see where this takes us.

Happy new year!

2016 – The Tipping Point

For several months, I deliberately stepped back from this website.

blue and pink nebula
Image courtesy

Part of it was the crazy workload. Moderating comments required five to six hours per day, seven days a week.

In addition, around April 2016, I was more-or-less asked to stop discussing the Mandela Effect topic. The general message was: my articles & conversations might be influencing the outcome of experiments that were at a critical point.

Even if those contacting me seemed official/credible — and I wasn’t sure that they were — those requests sounded… odd. Illogical.

To be honest, I’m still skeptical of that request. Then & now, I felt that the genie was already out of the bottle. Reddit and other forums were running wild with Mandela Effect speculation. The toothpaste isn’t going back into that tube.

Trying to silence any topic on the Internet…? I’m not sure if that’s hilariously funny or utterly sad.

(Btw, I’m not at Reddit. I really do have other work to do, daily.)

But, as I’ve said, the moderation thing… it had become onerous. I didn’t need a lot of convincing to close comments, but leave the archives here.

At some point in the past year (2016), even more people realized that they shared memories that don’t fit the current, accepted version of reality.

The “tipping point” was achieved.

And now, it’s official. As of late November 2016, from mainstream media to tabloids, the concept is exploding.

There are other realities. And, they’re interacting with us. (Or,we’re interacting with them… same result.)


Express: There ARE parallel universes: Physicists state multiverses are INTERACTING

Forbes: Is There Another ‘You’ Out There In A Parallel Universe?

The West Australian: Time travel possible with multiverses interacting with one another, scientists theorise

AOL News: Scientists say time travel is possible

The Inquisitr: Parallel Universes Are Real And They Are Interacting With Our Universe, Scientists Say

The Sun: QUANTUM LEAPS – Time travellers could use parallel dimensions to visit the past, scientists claim

Over six years ago, when I started this website and our conversations began, I had no idea we’d reach this point.

But… well, here we are.

I don’t even know what to call this. A movement? An awakening? Something else altogether…?

Whatever label you want to use, the Mandela Effect is part of it, and you are, too.

At this point, I’m not sure we have to prove anything about our alternate memories. Sure, trite explanations (like “it’s all confabulation”) can be acknowledged, but now we have science on our side.

Not all of the dots connect. I realize that.

But, with the broad scale announcement that parallel realities appear to be real, and they seem to be influencing each other… we have enough confirmation to say we’re not making this up.

In the near future, I’ll have a lot more to say about this.

But, for now, I want to pause and celebrate. You should, as well. I feel as if everyone who’s talked about the Mandela Effect and shared alternate memories — online and off- — has been part of the tipping point that happened in 2016.

That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Site Restored

Last week, a traffic spike put my hosting account at risk. As a temporary fix for the weekend, I removed this site’s content.

It’s possible the traffic was the result of an article at Snopes, followed by mentions at popular YouTube channels and several large, relevant websites.

However, some markers suggested more mundane issues. For all I know, a bunch of bored people routinely see a new article at Snopes, and that’s their bots’ target du jour. (If that’s confusing, don’t worry. It’s nothing sinister.)

The problem is: If this issue resumes and my hosting service is suspended, I’ll need to move this website. (I’ve already identified different hosting better able to handle this kind of service issue.)

If that happens, this site may be offline for days. So, short term, I’m setting up a mirror site:

Two things you need to know:

  • To avoid visitor confusion, I’ve asked to discourage search engine indexing on the site. (I will add it to my list of websites.)
  • Most internal links at the mirror site are broken. They must be manually changed, one-by-one, and that will take days (or longer). However, nearly all of the content at the mirror site is identical to what was here, as of 5 Aug 2016. If you have patience, you can find what you’re looking for, at that mirror.

Snopes’ Summary

People have asked about my reaction to the Snopes article.

Simply, it’s Snopes. Of course the article is skeptical. That’s what they do, and I appreciate Snopes as a resource.

I just don’t agree with them on all points, regarding the Mandela Effect, but that’s okay. They gave a surprisingly detailed explanation of this theory, and I’m pleased with that.

I’ve never insisted that my explanation for alternate memories is the only one, or even the correct one. It’s a theory, not a dogma.

I’m happy to let people say whatever they like at Reddit, at YouTube, and so on. When a topic is as odd as the Mandela Effect, it’s vital to consider every possible explanation.

What I’m Working On

A few people have asked why I really closed comments at this site, and went relatively silence.

It’s no secret. Really. As I explained in my previous article, the popularity of this website had outgrown my ability to moderate comments and still pursue my “day job.”

I’m self-employed. My income is from my books, related products, and the occasional speaking gig. Simply, my “day job” involves researching and writing about unexplained phenomena, mostly ghost-related. (And, to be clear, if you’re not familiar with my other research: I’m at least 80% skeptical of ghost stories, at least at face value. I believe odd things occur at “haunted” sites, but I’m not convinced they’re all caused by ghosts or spirits.)

While I appreciate the lofty and creative explanations some people have suggested, my work really is what I say it is. I’m just someone who’s fascinated by “what if…?” questions, and I throw articles (and sometimes complete websites) online, to share my thoughts and collect insights from other people. My only goal is to find better answers to my sometimes-quirky questions about “blips” in accepted reality, and share my discoveries with you.

Media Requests

I’ve received requests to be on TV shows, on radio shows, and in documentaries. In fact, I can’t reply to all the requests individually, so here’s my answer: No, thank you. I’m flattered by the invitations, but I’m a very private — and busy — person. I’ve never wanted a TV show. I don’t have time for radio right now. A documentary might be a good idea, later, but not at this point in the research.

What’s Next

Right now, I’m updating my ghost-related books (some of them hideously outdated) and freebies so they’re ready for “ghost season,” aka Halloween.

Also, I’m still compiling, analyzing, and evaluating the more than 10,000 comments at this website (and thousands of fresh reports via email), to see patterns in them — what they have in common, and where they’re wildly different. That analysis might help explain what’s going on… at least part of it.

Mostly, I appreciate your interest in the Mandela Effect, and I’m doing my best to keep this website online, and add more insights as I find them.

Major Site Changes

Same or change?For the past week or so, I’ve been wrestling with a dilemma: Whether or not to make sweeping changes at the website.

It’s not a new issue, but — after a nearly a year of indecision — I can’t compromise my research time, moderating comments.

It’s not just the time spent weeding out “you’re just confused” insults — currently about 50% of daily comments. I’m also looking at the hours spent double-checking topics & references, before approving sincere and helpful comments.

Also, in some respects, this site has become redundant. Many comments are mere summaries of what’s been said about this topic, at active and vibrant forums including Reddit and AboveTopSecret.  (I applaud their work. They have far more resources than I do, to host and encourage discussions.)

And finally, I’ve been trying to create time in my schedule, so I can analyze over 11,000 helpful comments at this website. Almost all of them include useful data points that could reveal more about the Mandela Effect. This is a massive project, and requires intense focus.

Since late 2015, I’ve mentioned these concerns. For a few months, things seemed to simmer to a manageable level. But then, in the past ten days, a fresh flurry of unpublishable comments moved this decision to the forefront again. I can’t remain undecided, indefinitely.

So, effective this morning, I’ve closed comments at this site. It will take me a couple of days to make changes across this site, reflecting this.

This many seem harsh to regular visitors from the past six years, as well as people who’ve just now discovered the Mandela Effect.  I apologize.

This website will continue to be a resource for information and insights.

In fact, my next big project is to add more links across this site, connecting major threads about specific memories. (Long-time visitors are probably aware that some of the most useful conversations haven’t been linked to one another. Even comments about Nelson Mandela and the Berenstein Bears appear randomly — and without linked connections — in multiple threads on many pages at this site.)

Also, I’d like to add more news (science) updates that could help explain the Mandela Effect, and give more depth to our understanding of it.

In general, I want to make this website more useful and unique.

For now, I want to thank everyone who’s made this website fascinating. (If you’re reading this, that includes you.)

To each of you who’ve shared insights and memories, and to everyone who’s been following our conversations and telling others about the Mandela Effect, thank you.

I am sincerely grateful for each of you, and you are important to me.

Question: Does Accepting the Mandela Effect Increase Slides?

attic lightIn discussions with friends, a question has been raised: When someone accepts the idea that the Mandela Effect is real, does this reduce one’s resistance to it? And, does this result in more frequent slides from one reality to another?

Instead of a subconscious effort not to slide, are we mentally “catching the wave” and riding it to the next, cooler, alternate experience?

I’m interested in whether you feel that — since looking at the Mandela Effect concept, and deciding that it might be real — you’re seeing an increasing number of changes.

I don’t mean “Whoa, when did that change?” moments.  I mean times when you look at something and know it was different yesterday, or in a time since you stumbled onto the Mandela Effect.

I’m not looking for a list of shifting memories.

Mostly, I’m interested in your theories about what’s going on, and if you’re seeing more changes since you considered the Mandela Effect, and decided it’s not only possible, but okay. To use an old phrase, now that you know about the Mandela Effect, are you happy (or at least somewhat content) to “go with the flow”?

Comments with an Agenda?

Since I don’t visit forums very often — and I don’t think I’ve even found time for Facebook in the past year or so — I rely on friends to note social media posts about the Mandela Effect.

rubbishI’m grateful for those friends’ insights, because they’ve put a recent problem into a broader context. I thought the issue was only at this website, but now it seems more widespread.

Here’s what’s going on:

Lately, I’ve seen an increase in odd, shallow comments left at this website. I usually send them to the Trash.

According to a few friends, similar comments are appearing at Reddit and other discussion sites.

Those comments are posted under a variety of usernames and IP numbers. Other than that, they’re remarkably consistent.

  • Most — not all — open with an almost apologetic line like, “This is going to sound crazy, but…”
  • Then, the comment wanders into easily dismissed topics of religion or conspiracies, or both. A few bring UFOs into the mix.
  • Finally, each comment usually includes a link to YouTube, generally to a video that’s supposedly related to the Mandela Effect.  (The few I checked were only loosely Mandela Effect-ish. One mentioned “Mandela Effect” in a single sentence; that was all.)

The odd part is, the phrasing of those comments is consistent. The use of language — words and phrases — follows a specific pattern. Ordinarily, I’d attribute the writing to a single person, even if they’re trying to sound different. (Most people can’t conceal their natural speech patterns in writing, no matter how they try.)

It may be a single person with a specific agenda, hiring several workers at Fiverr or Mr. Turk, or services like them. It’s possible. I’m not sure that it matters.

The tactic isn’t very clever, but — if you’re not familiar with this technique for flooding forums, etc., to discredit a topic — you might take some of those comments seriously. That does matter, if this is an effort to dilute important Mandela Effect comments.

Or, this might be the natural progression of the Diffusion of Innovations curve, related to this topic.

Or, it could be both… or something else, altogether. (For all I know, it’s someone hoping to get lots of YouTube views to earn advertising commissions.)

If you’ve seen an increase in vapid, nonsensical, and extreme comments on this topic: It’s not a fair representation of those serious about the Mandela Effect. The less attention paid to those comments, the better. And please, don’t waste your time on their YouTube efforts.

[UPDATE: Since posting this article, the comments I described have come to an abrupt halt. Not even one claiming to be “different” or “sincere,” which is unusual, after I speak up on this kind of issue. So, I think it’s safe to assume those comments had an agenda. I don’t know (or care) what it was; I’m just relieved they’ve stopped.]

Latest Memories – 11 Apr 2016

At the start of 2016, I asked people to use the Contact form to let me know about alternate memories they didn’t see in articles or on my Memories list and related Comments pages.

Jonny Quest - first season videos

Recently reported memories

  • Jonny Quest or Johnny Quest? As you can see from the DVD set from the first season — illustrated at right — it’s Jonny. No H. This is one of the first spelling alterations we’ve seen that’s not a vowel. (Note: Johnny Test is a different program.)
  • Oxiclean or Oxyclean? It’s Oxiclean in this reality.
  • Several Australians have reported a strong memory of an alternate Australian flag. The issues seem related to the number of stars and relative sizes of them. Several specifically talk about seeing the “new” flag behind the Australian Prime Minister during a speech in mid-late March 2016.
  • Days of Heaven movie: At the big confrontation, did Sam Shepard hold a pitchfork or a gun? (I haven’t seen the film, but people say it’s a gun in this reality.)
  • This may not be a Mandela Effect issue: A few people are reporting that US Mail (USPS) trucks (jeep style) now have steering wheels on the left side of the car, similar to most US automobiles. I only recall seeing the steering wheel on the right side of USPS vehicles, the same as cars in England. Does anyone have insights about a design change?
  • Not Mandela Effect:  “E.T. phone home” was said in the movie, E.T. I’m not sure who started claiming it was only “E.T. home phone,” but that’s just one line in the film; the rest say “…phone home.”
  • Not Mandela Effect, as far as I know: In at least one episode of Fringe, the New York borough of Manhattan is spelled Manhatan. That’s deliberate, to cue viewers that the show is set in an alternate reality.
  • Those reporting a dual memory of the borough as “Manhatten”… that might be Mandela Effect. (It should be “Manhattan.” According to, 76% of the misspellings are consistently “Manhatten.” Contrast that with the 63% who misspell the word “misspell.”) I’m not sure whether the focused frequency of a misspelled word indicates Mandela Effect, and if we can claim a certain percentage as a marker.
  • Several people think the added forward-slash (/) is part of spelling at this website, and it’s a Mandela Effect. It’s not. The apparent typo is due to a software glitch I haven’t been able to resolve… and I don’t have time to go through comments and delete all those extra characters.
  • Another simple misspelling: the word is “whoa,” not “woah.” The frequency of this misspelling in recent years raises the question of whether it’s based in the Mandela Effect, but I’m not sure. (It shows up 71% of the time, as a misspelling.) If you’re fairly sure it’s a Mandela Effect issue, let me know.
  • Another confusing spelling topic: Several people recall being taught “suprise” instead of “surprise.” says 62% misspell “surprise” without the first R. (That could be a contagion from a typo in a spelling book, or some other teaching-related mistake.) However, that word seems to have a higher-than-average number of variations among misspellings. The number of variations is anomalous.
  • Misquotation or Mandela Effect? It seems as if “Hello, Clarice” doesn’t appear in Silence of the Lambs. It’s “Good evening, Clarice.” (I can’t vouch for this because I’ve never seen the film and never will, on principle. But, enough people have contacted me about the quote, I’m including it in this list.)
  • In the Matrix, when Neo opens his book, does a word appear — probably on the right-side page of the book, opposite the page headed “On Nihilism” — near the top of an otherwise-white page? So far, no one can recall the actual word, but all say it was there when they first saw the movie… and now it’s gone.

If you have new memories to add, use the “New Memories” form at the Contact page.

Marker or Memory Trigger?

This week, multiple reports related to Mother Teresa (or Mother Theresa) included additional, seemingly unrelated memories.

Domino Effect
Photo courtesy

It’s not unusual for people to use one topic to report others, as a matter of convenience for them. However, this week’s reports and comments have been different. People were talking about additional alternate memories highlighted within days of recalling an alternate history for Mother Teresa or her canonization.

Among the most vivid was AL’s report. In close proximity to the Mother Teresa report, AL saw Michael Crawford on TV, when AL has memories connected to Crawford’s earlier death. In addition, a Sky News report seemed an exact repeat of a news story AL had seen about six months ago.

So, I’m interested in whether you’re noticing a dramatic uptick in your own emerging, credible alternate memories in the past week or so. (Meaning: Somehow connected to the announcement of Mother Teresa’s canonization – either the announcement triggered memories, or something released them around mid-March 2016.)

If so, leave a brief comment.

What to include

  • Briefly list those memories. Not extended details, just the memory, headline-style (such as “John Doe still alive but I recall death in 2008”).
  • For each, say whether (for you) a media event (TV, radio, Internet) was related to that discovery.
  • Let us know if you only recently realized you had these memories, or if they’ve been confusing to you for some time, and
  • Whether or not you also have alternate Mother Teresa memories. (If they’re dual memories, let me know that, too.)

Important: This is not intended as a free-for-all listing of alternate memories, similar to the previous Comments Lists. Lists of memories including more than headline-style brevity will not be approved. (As of 5 Apr 2016, over a dozen comments could not be approved, due to lengthy personal information and memories explained in detail. If you have new memories to report, share them via the Contact form, Memories list, or Re: Comments page. That’s the only way I can aggregate them and see which are gaining traction.)

Why this poll?

I’m wondering if some events — such as Mother Teresa’s canonization…

  1. Trigger more awareness of additional, alternate memories that were already there, OR
  2. Mark a collective shift by multiple people into the current reality.

Leave your comments below. Thanks!

(As usual, comments will be open for 45 days from the date of this post. Comments close 2 May 2016.)