Lindbergh Baby – Alternate History

This topic keeps recurring in comments, so I’m creating this post for discussions of alternate memories of the Lindbergh baby’s kidnapping. A few guidelines: Please review the facts before posting here. I won’t pretend that Wikipedia is the final word on any topic, or even reliable, but it’s a good place to start. [Link] Also… Read More »

Music – Alternate Memories

With an increasing interest in alternate memories related to music, I’m creating this post to focus those comments in one location. These threads relate to: Music recordings (audio and video) that people recall, but never seemed to exist in this reality. Music recordings people are certain they heard — and the recordings were popular —… Read More »

T-Shirts (etc) News Moved

(This post will be removed in a few days.) If you’re interested in Mandela Effect-related t-shirts and hoodies (and whatever else we add, later), I’ve moved that information to the navbar (site navigation bar) beneath the header on this website. For now, I’ve called it “Swag News,” because that fills a narrow space; I may… Read More »

Missing and Changed Books?

Bibliophiles (including me) can be frustrated when a book seems to vanish, completely. I don’t mean that it’s difficult to find… I mean that it’s missing, never seemed to exist, and absolutely no searches presented so much as a hint of a similar book. Note: Before commenting, check the following. And, if you’re using a… Read More »

Tinnitus, Revisited

In an earlier article, Tinnitus and Mandela Effect… a Connection?, I mentioned a possible link between the Mandela Effect and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). About 5% to 10% of the population have tinnitus, but over 20% of Mandela Effect visitors reported it in a recent poll. Was that a one-time anomaly, or should we… Read More »