Berenstein or Berenstain Bears?

berenstainberensteinbearsMany people who visit the Mandela Effect website have fond memories of the Berenstein Bears books. They read them as children, or family members read them aloud. It’s a cherished childhood memory.

However, the books in this timestream are Berenstain Bears. A, not E, in last syllable.

That’s not what most visitors seem to remember. The following are among the many memories people have shared, sometimes as part of longer comments.  The vast majority recall the books as Berenstein Bears.

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Accelerating Changes, Increasing Denials

Now and then, patterns seem to change. Perhaps it’s a coordinated ripple in our social consciousness. I’m not sure.  The following thoughts may seem philosophical, but they’re not. I’m talking about cultural studies and real events.

I’m not sure if they’re relevant to the Mandela Effect — either in cause or effect terms — but they’re worth considering when we’re talking about unexpected changes.

Highclear Castle, aka Downton AbbeyThese broad scale shifts have happened many times. For example, around the time of the first Industrial Revolution, England lost the American colonies but gained Ireland. Luddite protests were a reaction to widespread job losses. Enclosures Acts literally changed the landscape. The Napoleonic Wars were part of major political transformations in Europe, as well.

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